Sunday, March 23, 2014

Guest Room-Floor Done!

Gerry spent most of the day, (except when I dragged him out to get groceries), putting down the new floor in the guest room. ( He just went over top of the lino we had in there).

We liked the flooring we got so much from Home Depot a few months back, when we did most of the trailer that we decided to pick up more flooring this last visit to the city, and do the guest room as well, (which shares the addition with our porch). A job well done!


Update on the Bathroom

Gerry spent a better part of yesterday afternoon fixing up the washroom off our bedroom.

You may remember me telling you not long ago, about our frozen line. Which cause an over flow a few times with the duel flush toilet and wrecked our washroom floor.

Gerry replaced that flooring yesterday, and also the toilet, with a regular flush. Sold the old toilet for $30.

My mouth is getting better after going to the dentist last week- am on penicillin and ibuprofen for infection. have an appt. this week to have it re-looked at to see what things better.

Found out last week if I do win my case on my portion of pension from ex husband, I won't be able to claim any of it till I'm at least 55, and only then a percentage. In the meantime, still going through a long process.

Gerry and I have been talking more of motor homes. May look at some closer to home next time we are looking. We looked last time while in Calgary. Gerry seems to think it would be better to get something that is newer and buy now while he is still working, to make payments on it. I agree it would be nice to have now as well, but wanted to get out of debt with our mortgage and truck payment first, ( which have about another 4 years left). I also would like to spend less, to see if it's something we really want. It would be easier to sell then afterwards if it isn't something that costs too much for something else to buy. Renting them is very expensive.

Gerry was talking of selling his snowmobile the other day- says he doesn't use it much. I only go out with him when it's warmer, and not much really. Even he doesn't make alot of trips out during the winter. So there are a few things to think on right now.

Have a good day everyone....