Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Dog's Life!

Jakey taking a nap! And me being the unsuspecting photographer!


Hats Off To Samsonite For Great Customer Service

Back in 2012, we reviewed a piece of luggage from Samonsite to review.
This last time we brought the luggage home from one of our trips we noticed the lining was ripped.
By contacting Samsonite on this issue, they replaced my original luggage with another piece at no charge, called the Silhouette Sphere duffle.
This piece is different from our original piece but we're okay with that.

Thank you Samsonite for being willing to go that extra mile to satisfy a customer/blogger!

Fun Spot America- Orlando

When in Orlando, we will be hitting Fun Spot America's Orlando location. This location is Orlando's only family owned theme park as well as the home of Orlando's only wooden roller coaster. There are plenty of other roller coasters to be had, in fact, the park has added three additional ones just last year. Sadly, Gerry and I, do not have the stomach for roller coasters, but we will be taking advantage of the parks other attractions, the biggest one for us, being the go karts, of which there are five different tracks.

There is plenty to see and do. The expansion project of last year has added many attractions to the park including the World's Largest 250' Sky Coaster Arch and 9 family and thrill rides. The park also boasts a 10 000 square foot arcade, and 3500 square foot diner, because you are bound to get hungry while thrill seeking. 

With the park offering free admission, free parking and free WiFi, it is a nice change from the theme parks that we are used to which seems to cost an arm and a leg. In this park you can pay per ride or pay per day, which is perfect for those who want to have a good time and stay on a budget.

 Kissimmee Park (on HWY 192) – Fun Spot America Kissimmee
 Orlando Park (on International Drive) – Fun Spot America Orlando