Saturday, June 13, 2015

Review: Caress Forever Collection - A Long-Lasting, Sweet Scent

There is a  new line of products called the Caress Forever Collection. Which includes two lines of products in body washes - the Love Forever and the Adore Forever collection. They are of course geared towards a female to use them.
We always have body wash in the shower- Gerry has his, and I have mine.

These body washes are the  first to use Fragrance Touch Technology. This technology is, once you touch your skin it will release the fragrance for up to 12 hrs. They have Fragrance Release Pearls, which gives you a burst of perfume every time you touch your skin all day long. After using it in the morning, I could smell it on my hands for the longest time whenever I was at the computer here and would rest my hand on my chin.

The Love Forever body wash has a rich floral scent. It is a sweet blend of berries and Scarlet Red Rose. There are also different layers of scents in it including, mandarin orange, peach, peony, freesia, sandalwood, and vanilla too. The Adore Forever body wash is a romantic fragrance. It has touches of honey, vanilla and freshly picked, Angel Face Rose. The other scents in the Adore Forever are raspberry, cassis, muguet and amber. Ria had wanted to try it in the shower before she left to go back to Honduras, but never got the chance... but had tried both on her hands and like me, we both had a preference of Adore Forever. 
It also left a nice soft feeling to my skin once I got out of the shower. 

It's definitely a product I would stand behind saying that it was worthy of buying.

Dentists, Doctors and Health

My mom just found out a few days ago that she has Grave's Disease. Will be needing an operation as well on her thyroid, after local hospital misdiagnosed her for 7 years, with Fibromyalgia. She had multiple doctors over the years, no one  figured it out, till she suggested tests for thyroid, which she said she had thought it may have been over the years, but was never tested. She may have not have had so many problems with her health now, that led to the end result for her. Seems like we all have some sort of problems with health though, no matter how well we think we're taking care of ourselves, by eating healthy or going for daily walks, etc..

Gerry has been having re-occurring ear plugging. I just got back from the city a few days ago after seeing the podiatrist for a bunion problem caused by an old injury. Had to get special shoe inserts to try to relax the toe and stretch it a bit so will see how those work. Also was at the endodontics who told me a molar I was trying to save that had a root canal years ago can't be saved, so I have to make an appt. here to get it pulled. Not something I am looking forward to .

Now I have to as well go see a hematologist. My iron is still dropping and doctor concerned. So another trip to the city whenever that appt. is made.
Unfortunately it's not close. 5 hours+ drive one way. Means gas money and hotel stay too. This last trip with the dentist though was covered by Gerry's work, since they give equivalent bus fare ( $200), if it's a second trip for the same thing, or to the same doctor, and I had been to this endodontist years back for the original root canal. Good thing about going to the city is that they do have good shopping for clothing and a dollar store I love!


And Then She Was Gone

      Daughter Ria, in from Honduras for 2 weeks, left here yesterday and flew out today. Gerry drove her to the airport- 5 hours+ away and just on his way back now. Boy the time went quick and we all miss her already! Even Jakey misses her- used to sleep with her in the guest room and went out with her for "smoke breaks" on the front step.

"Enjoyed your visit Ria- and hope to see you again soon. Sure wish I was as photogenic as you :) You always did take good pictures :) "