Tuesday, October 27, 2015

More Pictures From Our "Trip"

Montana road

Yellowstone National Park

Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park

Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park

Pictures From Our Campsite in Pocatello, Idaho

Pocatello Idaho KOA

Some farm animals or maybe a petting zoo across the way- a fence separate us though. There 
was also a lama I saw here as well. We could actually hear the donkey making noise a few times yesterday evening.

Coming Back Home- And Here`s Why

We`ve had to cut the trip short and coming back home- after 5 days of driving to get there- and still with another 4-5 days drive it would have been to get to Tucson.

Where do I start- well things aren't always like you think they`ll be sometimes.
Why are we turning around and coming back to snow after driving half way- well here`s the reasons:
-80% of it is due to RV issues. Although our RV is a 2006, we`ve already spent a ton of money on everything from new batteries to tires to a rad to now Gerry says looks like we may need a wheel alignment as another tire is wearing out. The roads have also been hard on the RV from tabs breaking on blinds, closet doors, the roof is having issues, the floor Gerry now says is buckling in kitchen...and I could go on and on...as well as he says it lacks power in higher elevations or on hills.

- Exchange rate- 35% extra on every dollar adds up. Yes, we knew that going in but its different when you actually see the propane fees you are paying, the gas fees at a $100 a fill, etc..

-We were also rushed to get to Tucson where we were flying out from to get to Orlando to see Ria...
thinking we`d get to Tucson in 4 days was not how it was turning out. 5 days of driving and it looked like we still were looking at another 4-5 more days to go still. This was cutting it very close to making it on time for our flight out.

-We actually left too late in the season as well. Not alot of campgrounds were left to choose from, and as well we did need electrical sites every day- more expensive too- to have the furnace on for the evenings. Gerry said if we were to try it again, he would leave earlier in October.

What we lost:
- $300 of our Orlando timeshare booking fee
- Get a credit for our flights but must be used within a year and on United flights only. And we pay a $500 penalty fee. Flights were $960 though for the two of us to fly to Orlando. It was a good thing I hadnt yet booked our car rental.
-I would also say we lost a bit of money for the 5 days of camping and gas and propane that we did spend to get this far- Pocatello, Idaho- and the possibly close to the same amount to get back- although Gerry wants to drive more hours to get back sooner than the days it took us to get this far.

In the end what would we change and would we do it again:
Have a bigger and newer RV- as really if your going to be living in your RV for a few months you really need more space, as well as more comforts of home. Some call this glamping and say its not really camping and that is true it isnt primitive camping but we dont want primitive camping anyhow. We really only wanted to get away from the cold and long northern winter we have back home.

As well perhaps  have a US account to have money saved for when the dollar is at a better rate and buy and save it then. So not take such a hit with the exchange.

As sad as we are for having to disappoint our daughter not seeing her in Orlando, and heading back home to Winter, we feel it was something we had to do. At least for now and at least this Winter.

I also need to take care of my low iron issue- probably meaning a trip to the city to start with IV injections once we get back.