Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Palm Springs Is Home to the Oldest Wind Farm in the USA

The wind farms of Palm Springs, built in the 1980s, stand 65 feet high and have 15-foot blades that rotate between 600 and 700 times per minute. ... And there are about 2,700 of them in San Gorgonio Wind Park — the oldest wind farm in the United States.

These were so cool to see!

Our Visit to Palm Springs, Ca - The Art Museum

We really enjoyed our trip to the Palm Springs Art Museum on Tuesday. Gerry and I have never been to an art museum and really thought it was a cool place. Gerry thought it was going to be all paintings and such but we were both in for a surprise. It was mix of a variety of art works and exhibits. We'd highly recommend this as a place to visit.


Dinosaurs in Cabazon, Ca

Took a few days and got out of Quartzsite for a bit. Left Monday and came back today. One stop we made was  in Cabazon, Ca. Wanted to go to the Eddie Baurer outlet store there but also stopped to see the Cabazon Dinosaurs, also referred to as Claude Bell's Dinosaurs. These are enormous, sculptured roadside attractions. Lots of families stopping there and lots of kids! Stopped for a few pictures and on our way again.