Monday, October 31, 2016

Budget Cold and Flu Prevention With Softsoap

Softsoap recently launched a new collection of Pure Foaming Hand Soaps, with absolutely no alcohol or dyes. With cold and flu season just around the corner, these budget-friendly formulas are the perfect solution to combat germs. 

We always use pump soap in our bathrooms- and prefer them over messy bar soaps.I personally prefer the foaming ones. I had a dollar store one in our RV washroom but really noticed a difference between the two of them, when I tried the Pure Foam one from Softsoap. It was thicker, and had such a nice refreshing scent.

Thumbs up to Softsoap and a great foaming hand soap!

Arrived Arizona! Plus Our Month's Expenses

Arrived Arizona! Getting settled. Laundry day tomorrow- 9 days on the road! Flannel sheets we had on bed coming here are off and the cotton ones are on- especially with 80 degree + weather.
Expenses for the trip here- (US prices have been converted to Canadian during that portion of the trip.) Period from October 13-31, 2016

Groceries: $129.29
Gas for the SUV- $46.83
Take out food- ( was a bit more than we would normally spend as we were with company a few days)- $61.24
Propane- $95.74
Camping for 6 months at Quartzsite- $241.44
Camping on road here- $12- ( we saved big by staying overnight at Walmarts)
Car wash SUV- $2.68
Gas- $1494.93 . Saved $100 with a gas card we earned on points


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Happy Halloween Everyone!

Happy Halloween Everyone! No trick or treaters for us today as we are all the way out in the desert.

Arrived late last night in Quartzsite, Arizona. We are told we are the 81st camper to arrive for the season here in this area. Just going to get settled with picking up the mail, maybe laundry... been on the road 9 days, since we left home in Canada, and need a rest from being on the road. Gerry said he drove
2, 697 miles! Weather here is warm- suppose to be 27 degrees today!