Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Grand Canyon West, #Arizona

Trip to the Grand Canyon West was amazing today! 

We enjoyed the sights, the Native American Village there, and so much more. I was shocked to see there are no railings anywhere and people can get as close to the edge as they please! I cringed most times! A must see place- and we can't wait now to see the South and North rims to compare them.

Cost: $47.92 each USD - (didn't do the Skywalk though- costs more plus I'm a bit leary on the heights and still remember the Jasper Skywalk with it's glass bottom- yikes!) Jakey stayed in a kennel there- $16.

Joshua Tree Forest- #Arizona

The Joshua tree (Yucca brevifolia) is native to southwestern North America in the states of Arizona, California, Utah and Nevada. The trunk of the Joshua tree is made up of thousands of small fibers and lacks the usual growth rings, making it difficult to determine the tree’s exact age. These trees can live for hundreds of years while surviving the rigors of the desert.

Vacationing on the eastern side of the Lake Mead Recreation Area or traveling east from the city of Dolan Springs to the Grand Canyon West Skywalk, you will pass through this amazing high desert forest of unique Joshua trees. The forest is located 43 miles southeast of the Nevada state line off Arizona highway 93 on Pierce Ferry Road.

We couldn't go walking through the tree area- as there was a fence around it. They were restricting access to walking amongst them due to preservation. Photos were taken outside the fenced area.