Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Have You Heard of #Thrive? Want To Get Your Own For #Free??

So I had heard about Thrive and wanted to give it a try . Tried some samples, then decided to buy a one month supply. But I paid full price and wanted to know how I could get it cheaper? Was there a way? To get it cheap or free?? You bet! Sign up for FREE as a customer and  Just refer 2 people!

Le-Vel has a fantastic customer referral program. When you refer two friends to me, through our auto-ship program, you are eligible to receive your Thrive for free each & every month as long as they continue their auto-ship. You will receive Le-Vel credit equal to the average of the two highest orders. EASY!!


**Learn more about the Thrive Experience and what it can do for you.

Review: The #Spa Dress

Going to the spa, on a cruise, or even the backyard, The Spa Dress is a perfect piece to have in your wardrobe. I love my new Spa Dress. It comes currently in limited sizing, but in white, black and pink, with more colors coming soon.

It's great to be worn so many ways. Great for overnight stays and quick getaways that take you from steam rooms and saunas to boats and beaches around the world. It's also a very easy slip on an off.

The Spa Dress® is a multi-use wardrobe item for the practical female traveler who prefers to pack lightly and/or expeditiously. Rolls up, is easily packable in the tiniest of getaway bags. Versatile as:

  • A Body-Enhancing Cover-Up Wearable UNDER resort robes. Cotton-blend 80-20% spandex adapts to curves. Stretchy top provides light support.
  • A Slip-On Towel Soft, lush terry locks in moisture. Doesn’t fall when you need a towel to stay up. Reduces public displays of ‘towel dropping syndrome.’
  • A Dress-Before-You-Dress Text message and primp as you wear. Comfy walk-around attire. Dries as you dress. Leaves hands free for everyday errands. 
  • A Sundress or Skirt Practical for the sauna but wearable on the beach, by the pool or anywhere your spa excursion takes you, at home or away.

Gets rid of the problem of ‘towel dropping syndrome’ at spas, health clubs and in particular, hotel rooms opening doors for room service.

I personally will wear it outdoors till I get myself on another getaway! I like that the string ties can be worn up or down, tucked into the dress front, so maybe now I can get rid of some tan lines from sitting outdoors in my shorts and tank tops most of the summer.