Friday, November 17, 2017

Fairytale Brownies- A Time To Give- Gooey Gourmet Brownies

The Mission Statement of Fairytale Brownies is to simplify gift giving and spread joy through gourmet chocolate brownies, and they Do Do that indeed. We have been personally been reviewing Fairytale Brownies since 2010 in our first Fairytale Brownie review. They seriously are the best- made with rich, quality ingredients like imported Belgian chocolate, fluffy cake flour, farm fresh eggs and real creamery butter- and that secret family recipe too!  And each treat is individually wrapped for freshness and certified kosher.

So if your looking for great gifts for the holidays or even some treats to treat you and/ or the family, and you haven't tried Fairytale Brownies, we're giving you a gift code to use that you can't refuse. Go to  and score 25% off a special selection of fan-selected favorites! Code:ABIGDEAL 

Oh yes- and bonus: FREE SHIPPING on all orders!

Be sure to learn more about the Top 25 Fairytale Brownie Facts that fans must know. Their goal is to be the #1 and best tasting brand of brownies in the world and we really do believe they are.. they have us coming back time after time. 

Boon Docking Outside of Lake Havasu City, Az.

We had to find another spot to camp- as we are only allowed 14 days on the last spot of land we were at. It was Craggy Wash- much nicer than where we are at now, but since we are staying in the city for the summer, and don't want to pay campground fees of $35+ a day, we have to stay on BLM land and move back and forth between areas every 2 weeks.

This is more of an open area, maybe an old gravel pit.. a fair number out here too.

We'll be happy to get back to Craggy Wash though.
Today was warm but overcast @ 76 degrees.