Monday, March 5, 2018

Are You Ready For Women's History Month?

Change is in the air. 2017 was a historic year for women, and 2018 is shaping up to be equally impactful for women, girls, and making a difference.This March, in honor of Women’s History Month and the International Day of Women, Quarto Knows presents, The Power of Women—How Will You Make History, highlighting our female authors and illustrators, as well as books about historic women across a myriad of industries.
Some great books to read from  Women’s History Month books include titles featured @ Edelweiss.
Please take a look at these books - they will share Women's history and the study of the role that women have played in history and the methods required to do so.

Review: A Pleasant Night's Sleep With Brooklyn Bedding

I think I can speak for all of us when I say a good night's sleep is important and at the end of the day when we're ready for bed, we want to climb into a comfy bed. Well, we have seriously found a great company that has these awesome comfy sheets! Brooklyn Bedding has these super soft and breathable sheets we had an opportunity to review and let you all know about.

Since we're still traveling, we chose sheets for the RV, in a silver coloring, queen size. Their bamboo sateen sheets are soooo soft and comfy! What we noticed about them first when putting them on the bed was how lightweight and silky they were. I could not wait to try them out that evening.

Night comes, and climb into bed- ooohh and awww- so nice. Soft, lightweight, and different from the cotton sheets that are heavier and you'll feel warm with on a warmer evening. These are PERFECT for those warmer evenings, or if your one of these people are hot in your sleep. We both love them so much!

If you in the market for new sheets keep in mind too they have free shipping and returns so how can you go wrong with trying them PLUS a one year warranty and 120 night trial.

Easter's Sweet Treats

Easter is just around the corner, and with Easter comes the multitude of sweet treats, candy eggs, and chocolate bunnies! 
Enjoy the sweetness of a candy coated Easter!

Corso's Cookies -

Wish a Happy Easter to your favorite peeps with this deliciously decorated shortbread cookie bouquet featuring  colorful chick and blue egg cookies. Choose from a 6 cookie arrangement for $49.99 or upgrade to a 9 cookie arrangement for only $10 more and receive 50% more cookies. The ultimate surprise for your loved ones on Easter day! 

It's no secret what makes their cookies so good…Corso Cookies are passionate about their cookies. From perfecting their cookie recipe, to the detail that goes into hand-decorating each cookie and packaging each gift with the utmost care, they understand that they are creating special gifts and do everything they can to ensure that you are completely satisfied. Their customer service team is always here to help, whether you email, call or stop by one of their retail locations, you can always expect to be in good hands. Their buttery shortbread cookies are made with high-quality ingredients, and baked fresh every day. They always add a little extra love to ensure that every cookie is an edible work of art, making each gift extra special.


Starburst Original Fruit chews in jellybeans and minis & beans  make for a great spring treat. Perfect for Easter baskets, Easter egg hunts, gifts, crafts, parties, or simply for sharing.

M&M’S Caramel Chocolate Candies-

M&M’S Caramel Chocolate Candies feature a smooth caramel center covered in delicious M&M’S Brand Milk Chocolate and coated in a colorful candy shell – offering the ultimate combination of flavors in every bite-sized piece. The chocolate candy is filled with a soft caramel center, providing a perfect smooth texture in every piece. M&M’S® Carmel Chocolate Candies hit shelves in May 2017 at retailers nationwide in Singles (1.41 oz.), Sharing Size (2.83 oz.) and Sharing Size Stand Up Pouch (9.6 oz.). 

DOVE  – Chocolate Covered Dusted Almonds and Cashews – available now and a wonderful addition to any Easter basket or candy dish.

Available at retailers nationwide in March, the experts at DOVE® Chocolate have crafted three bold varieties: Cinnamon Dusted Dark Chocolate Almonds, Sea Salt Dusted Milk Chocolate Cashews and Cocoa Dusted Dark Chocolate Cashews. Each bite is perfectly balanced with the crunch and nutty flavor of cashews or almonds and the silky smooth texture of DOVE® Chocolate that fans know and love. Finished with a kick of spice, these delectable bite size treats will have them reaching for more. Also check out Dove's Easter line of chocolates -a few pictured below: Use them to fill up Easter baskets or hide them in Easter eggs.

Pacific Cookie Company-

If you want to add some wow factor to your gift, then bright, shiny diamonds are sure to do the trick! Pacific Cookie Company's brand new Harlequin cookie gift towers present a metallic diamond design in three vibrant color options. Filled with one dozen 2-ounce gourmet cookies, this gift is sure to satisfy all of your senses. Dazzle your loved ones with a bright gift that's perfect for an Easter celebration!

**We have personally tried these and love them...just like home baked and made with quality ingredients!

**Watch this spot for more Easter sweet treats coming soon!

Ten Ways to Make a #Camping Trip More Fun

Getting out in the wilderness with your sleeping bags, best 4 person tents and campfire food can be an adventure in itself. For many people, waking up to the scent of pines and a majestic view is all they could possibly want from their camping experience. However, for frequent campers or those not as fussed about the beauty of nature, a camping trip might seem like anything other than fun.

For when you’ve convinced your reluctant friend to join you on a weekend hike, or for when your technology-obsessed teenager has made it clear they’d rather be somewhere else - consult this list of easy ways to entertain on a camping trip.

Everyone knows at least one card game or board game that brings out their competitive spirit. Such games are especially appropriate for camping, as a small pack of UNO cards or box of trivial pursuit cards are easily packed. Bigger board games often come in smaller, travel-size variations too. A good game will keep children occupied for hours on end, and can be played both outside or (should weather worsen or night fall) inside the tent. A pack of standard playing cards already gives you hundreds of game varieties without the need for further equipment. If playing a traditional game of poker, you can simply improvise when it comes to chips! Replace them with stones, acorns, twigs or candies and bet with these instead.

Physical sports

Then of course, there are always the more active games for when you’re in the mood for some exercise, or if the kids need to release some energy. Placing a time limit on ‘hide and seek’ will having people running around and checking behind every tree and rock, whilst organizing a treasure hunt will also result in frenzied exploration.  Alternatively, induce some competitiveness with games like Kick the Can or King of the Hill. If you don’t find the equipment too bulky, you could bring a tennis or cricket set.

Cooking and baking

One of the best things about camping is of course the campfire food. Nothing beats the sight of marshmallows turning a golden brown over the campfire, and then using them to make s'mores. Then there’s the sausages to grill and put into hot dog buns at lunch time, or a pot of oatmeal, syrup and berries in the morning. If you’re sharing the campfire with some food lovers, then spice up the trip by getting experimental. You’d be surprised at the number of filling and delicious dishes you can serve up during your camping trip. With the help of some tin foil, you can even reheat burritos or bake muffins over the fire. 

Painting and sketching

For the creative types, painting or drawing is the perfect way to kill time during a camping trip. There’s plenty of artistic inspiration to be found all around you in nature, so there’ll be no shortage of ideas on what to paint or sketch. A mere notepad and some pencils take up very little space in a bag, yet can keep you occupied for hours. Practice capturing the colors of the leaves, or focus on the minuscule details of a piece of bark.


A great activity for children is having them collect things. It keeps them preoccupied with a purpose and allows them to do some exploring in the meanwhile. Kids can collect anything from pine cones to stones of a certain color. You can even make it into a berry picking activity, which will give you plenty of delicious blueberries or raspberries with which to make a pie at a later date. Or else, turn it into a competition - who can find the longest stick? Who can collect the most worms?*** Just note that it is illegal to collect items in a National Park.


Of course, that’s not the only way to get creative in nature. Bring a camera and do some fun photography! These images will make great additions to a scrapbook or Facebook collage.

Storytelling and reading

If you’ll be wanting some peaceful, private time - simply bring some books along. There are few greater luxurious than getting lost in a riveting book, and being amidst tranquil nature makes the feeling twice as cozy. Alternatively, if you’re looking to use stories as a means of keeping other entertained, then take turns telling tales around the campfire at night. To really keep people on their edge, learn to recite some classic horror stories before the trip. Don’t forget to bring a flashlight!

Singing and music

Bringing a little music to your campsite is sure to raise spirits! When practical, it’s always great for a guitarist to bring their instruments. Gather around the campfire and sing some well-known songs - bring a printed copy of the lyrics if necessary. The act of singing has even been scientifically proven to raise moods by helping boost the production of serotonin.  

Movie night

Though some camping fanatics will insist on banishing all technology from the experience, a tent can make for a cozy movie night venue should you have a portable DVD player or laptop with you. Cozy up under some blankets and bring out the popcorn. Just avoid watching the ‘Blair Witch Project’ or anything else which is going to stop you from getting any sleep...

Bird watching

Got a pair of binoculars? Bring along a bird guide and see how many native species you can spot around your camping site! It’s an educational experience for kids, and a relaxing one for adults.

And there you have it! Ten simple activities to introduce to your next camping trip which will surely make for an unforgettably enjoyable experience!