Friday, March 23, 2018


Community Coffee has added a new coffee to their line up of already great tastes- the new Sugar-Dusted Beignet Coffee.  This wonderful French dough flavored coffee is  lightly dusted with powdered sugar for a delightful finish and made with 100% select Arabica coffee beans.

Gerry ( hubby) loves his coffee and has 3 cups a day. Me, not a coffee drinker.
He also loves to try new coffees.  His day cannot start without that first cup, followed by the second, in the morning. Then afternoon, comes the third cup.

He loved reviewing the  Sugar-Dusted Beignet. Said it had a smooth flavor and did not have a bitter after taste like some can have. It's a light roast coffee. And for those liking more a dark roast, try their Signature Blend Dark Roast.

For a limited time, the all-new Sugar-Dusted Beignet coffee from the family-owned and operated coffee brand will be available in 12-ounce bags, 12-count single-serve boxes and 18-count single-serve boxes online, as well as across select markets in the Southern United States.

Community® Coffee can be found in grocery and convenience stores, offices, hotels, and many of the best restaurants throughout the Southeast, and is available worldwide through

Looking For Soft, Smooth Skin For Spring Break OR For That Mature, Sun Drenched Skin?

Whether you’re hitting the beach or the slopes, there’s one thing we’re all looking for this Spring Break – soft, smooth skin! Now even if it's not for that reason, I personally LOVE exfoliating body scrubs.  I just "got into" using them. I have read how alot of movie stars use them on their skin!  And with me spending time in the sun all winter in Arizona, with 50+ skin, you bet! I need all the help I can to replenish my skin of moisture.

NEW Dove Exfoliating Body Polish is the first body scrub from Dove that exfoliates and nourishes for soft, smooth skin. Formulated with the brand’s signature ¼ moisturizing cream, Dove Exfoliating Body Polish nourishes skin as you exfoliate. 

Gerry and I love the Dove brand - from their skin to hair care products, they are a product line we totally believe in and use ourselves and wanted to share info on their new body polish, so look for it in stores now!

Making The Most Of The Tenant's Life

If you have not yet managed to get to the point where you own your own home, don’t worry. It will surely happen one day, and until then the best thing you can do is make sure that you make the best of the situation you’re in. Being a tenant can be tough, and particularly on the financial side of things it can be hard to make sure that you are really getting everything you can out of the situation. But there are many ways in which you can make the most of living as a tenant, and that is what we are going to look at in this post. Bear the following in mind, and you should find that you are able to improve the life of being a tenant a surprising amount.

The Importance Of Protecting Yourself

There are many ways in which you can find yourself in financial trouble as a tenant. If anything goes wrong with the home, or with its furnishings or contents, then it could easily mean that you are personally going to be out of pocket. It is therefore hugely important to make sure that you are protecting yourself as best as possible, in any way that you can think of doing so. One of the most important ways to do this is to make sure that you have got some home insurance as a tenant for the place you are living in; in some tenancy agreements, a home insurance policy will be stipulated anyway. Going for something like lemonade renters insurance will ensure that you are able to protect your finances a lot better - and that will make you feel much safer on the whole about the entire situation.

Don’t Settle For Less Than What You Deserve

So many people are so used to the idea of tenants not getting much that they consider it the absolute norm. While it may well be in many cases, it is also true that you should make sure you are not settling for less than what you deserve when you are looking for the right place to live. Make sure you shop around, as it were, and find somewhere that you can truly be happy with paying rent for. You should likewise ensure that the amount of rent you are paying is at least a little fair, and if it is not you should be sure to move on as soon as you can afford to. There is no reason not to allow yourself everything that you deserve. If you know what you deserve, then you know what you should not be settling for, and that is the most important thing of all here.

As long as you know how to make the most of the tenant’s life, you will be able to ensure that it is not so financially draining. That will help you to keep your head above water on a financial level, and so to get closer to owning your own home in the near future.