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Blogger - Hello-My name is Monique Fullowka. I live in a small Saskatchewan town. We used to travel 6 months out of the year, till COVID hit, now we are spending more time in Canada till things change.
I am married to Gerry, have 2 grown daughters and a great little Yorkie named Jake! 
Blogging  since 2009- Product reviews, service reviews, giveaways, our travels, DIY home projects family life, personal finance, and so much more.
Product pitches welcome - PR friendly.

Client Testimonial: We highly recommend brands collaborate with Monique of Stretching the One Income Dollar.
Monique was pleasant, easy to work with, and maintained an open line of communication throughout our partnership. We worked together for a social media campaign and found that our two audiences aligned very well, which led to increased social media activity and drove clicks through to our site. We hope to partner together again in the future!


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