Wednesday, November 22, 2017

2017 Holiday Gift Guide For Men

Ready for Christmas  and gift buying? Often we find it hard to buy that special gift for the man in our lives. Whether it is big or small the gift should show how much you care .

We've found some great ideas- like:

Xootr Scooters-

Xootr scooters are high quality adult kick scooters, often used for commuting, exercise, and fun riding alongside kids. They have very sturdy construction - many of their customers have owned their Xootrs for 20 years - and a smooth long roll. They can handle over 800 lbs of weight, fold down in seconds, and the wide platform models allow 2 adult feet to ride side by side. They are designed by MIT mechanical engineers and award-winning Lunar Design - Steve Jobs had one! They are also hand assembled in the USA. The MG is their most popular model, and would make a wonderful holiday gift!

Custom Crafted Wines Inspired by Popular Investigation Discovery Shows. Perfect Crime & Wine Holiday Gift Package.
Ages: 21+ | SRP: $65.00


QuietWear Fat Cap is a must for this season.
Its thin and lightweight design make it the perfect pocket afterthought,
easily storing in a jacket or backpack.
Thick, 100% acrylic knit traps heat in and keeps cold weather out
while still remaining breathable and soft.
This cap is his outdoor go-to-cap, whether going for a walk,
on a long hunt, or doing chores outside,
this outdoor accessory is a must!

T-Rex® Tape -

There are some products that all men need in their tool arsenal... and a high-quality, extra-thick, weather-resistant tape, like T-Rex®Tape is one of them!

Perfect for the outdoors man, DIYer or handyman in your life, T-Rex® Tape is the ideal tape for any project – where only the best will suffice. Whether it’s simple, around-the-house fixes, or extreme industrial repairs on a work site, there’s no project too big or too small for this hard-hitting tape. Featuring a double-thick, super-aggressive adhesive allows the tape to offer superior hold on more surfaces than other ordinary tapes – including rougher and dirtier surfaces in a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Glad Products Partner With No Kid Hungry

On November 17th in Los Angeles, celebrity chef Ayesha Curry hosted an intimate Friendsgiving dinner for friend and design expert Sabrina Soto. The Friendsgiving dinner included leftovers made by Sabrina’s family on the east coast, which Ayesha transported across the country to surprise her friend. The truck she drove was packed with Sabrina’s family Thanksgiving table – complete with tablescapes, silverware, and a signature Thanksgiving meal preserved with Press’n Seal, in partnership with Glad.

This was inspired by the idea that like Sabrina, many aren’t able to spend Thanksgiving with their extended family. But, this cross-country venture will bring love not only to Sabrina, but also to kids in need. This campaign was in partnership with No Kid Hungry, where Glad donated a dollar for every mile the truck drove – amounting to $5,000. 

Additionally, anyone can donate to the Ayesha Curry No Kid Hungry page, where Glad will match donations up to an additional $5,000. If the $10,000 goal is reached, that will supply 100,000 meals for those in need.

Baking During the Holidays with The Invisible Chef Plus a Giveaway (USA/CANADA)

One thing I enjoy doing is baking. Baking from mixes is especially fun and EASY! The holidays are a time I think when we tend to bake more than usual. Well, most of us perhaps. I bake anytime and all year round as we love having bake stuff for deserts. Some mixes like those from The Invisible Chef can really make you look like a great baker!

With The Invisible Chef, they start by using the very best ingredients, and offer flavor combinations that include classic standbys that everyone loves as well as unique offerings for the sophisticated chef in all of us. Their mixes are so easy to make, each takes a few basic ingredients...from the box to the oven, to the table in just minutes.

                       Just a few great mixes from their collection!

So if your looking for easy and tasty bake mixes for your holiday baking, try The Invisible Chef!

                                        Completed Goodies!!

We have a giveaway for an Engraved Spatula, and two mixes- 
-The Jelly Belly Candy Cane Chocolate Swirl Cake Baking Mix
- Mocha Chocolate Chip Brownie Mix

The entrant can be from Canada or the USA. Random draw from on December 3, 2017.

To Enter:

Tell us what is your favorite baking category- based on the choices of mixes on their site- The Invisible Chef.

Extra Entries:

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Good luck to all entrants!

Monday, November 20, 2017

2017 Holiday Gift Guide For Teens

Do you have any idea what to buy the teenagers on your holiday shopping list this year? Teens are always in search of the latest and greatest products, so here's a short list of items they'll love this holiday season.

Justice League Limited Edition Gift Packs-

Gillette has just the perfect option for that Teen Super Hero in your life- for gals and guys.

In celebration of Gillette’s partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Justice League,” six limited edition Super Hero themed gift packs, are now available at retailers nationwide (and online). Fans and Justice League enthusiasts alike will be able to get their hands on these special limited edition gift packs this holiday season.

With the premiere of the Justice League film – set to be a block office hit this holiday season – just days away, this is a must-have for those who want to shave in Super Hero style. 


A stage where teenagers are looking for something to express their uniqueness and individuality, to be one of a kind and wudlife cases depict just that. Each design is different in its own way which will draw young adults to see themselves and their style in the case. This day and age everything is so mainstream that these cases catch the eyes of our Teen trend setters.

EXIT: The Game-

The hit Escape-Room concept for home use. Award-winning party game for up to 6 players. You must solve a series of riddles and puzzles to escape from a room. Each correct solution brings you to another riddle. How fast can you escape the room? Titles: Pharaoh's Tomb, Secret Lab, Abandoned Cabin, Polar Station, Forgotten Island, Forbidden Castle. MSRP $14.95; ages 12+

Pretty You London-

Pretty You London is  a unique British slipper brand which provides ultra-feminine style combined with an affordable, luxury quality design. Following the brand’s mantra of ‘Glamour and Comfort’ the new Violet, Paris, Venice and Vanna designs are inspired by the classic fairytale i.e. enchanted woods, velvet cloaks and snow queens. The Valentina, Odette and Viola channel the red-carpet style of Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor featuring diamantes and faux fur. Your teen is going to fall in love with their slippers!

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Completed the 12 Ultra Sounds

So while here in Arizona, I saw an ad to get 12 ultra sounds for $70 US/ $10 extra for breast exam and $10 extra for men for testicle exam.. ( of course Gerry wasn't too interested in that one), but I wanted to have the breast one done after feeling some spots being tender at times.

The test for the 2 of us took about half hour and we got a report for each that we can give to our doctors to go over with us.

One good thing I did find out from the ultra sound was that pains in my chest were more than likely caused by my ribs...poor posture at the computer, over exerting with exercises, etc.. Nothing to worry about from he saw. 

We found out a few other little things as well, which we can discuss with our doctors once we return home in the Spring.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Fairytale Brownies- A Time To Give- Gooey Gourmet Brownies

The Mission Statement of Fairytale Brownies is to simplify gift giving and spread joy through gourmet chocolate brownies, and they Do Do that indeed. We have been personally been reviewing Fairytale Brownies since 2010 in our first Fairytale Brownie review. They seriously are the best- made with rich, quality ingredients like imported Belgian chocolate, fluffy cake flour, farm fresh eggs and real creamery butter- and that secret family recipe too!  And each treat is individually wrapped for freshness and certified kosher.

So if your looking for great gifts for the holidays or even some treats to treat you and/ or the family, and you haven't tried Fairytale Brownies, we're giving you a gift code to use that you can't refuse. Go to  and score 25% off a special selection of fan-selected favorites! Code:ABIGDEAL 

Oh yes- and bonus: FREE SHIPPING on all orders!

Be sure to learn more about the Top 25 Fairytale Brownie Facts that fans must know. Their goal is to be the #1 and best tasting brand of brownies in the world and we really do believe they are.. they have us coming back time after time. 

Boon Docking Outside of Lake Havasu City, Az.

We had to find another spot to camp- as we are only allowed 14 days on the last spot of land we were at. It was Craggy Wash- much nicer than where we are at now, but since we are staying in the city for the summer, and don't want to pay campground fees of $35+ a day, we have to stay on BLM land and move back and forth between areas every 2 weeks.

This is more of an open area, maybe an old gravel pit.. a fair number out here too.

We'll be happy to get back to Craggy Wash though.
Today was warm but overcast @ 76 degrees.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

What's Been Happening With Us

We're still waiting to hear on our RV parts- haven't arrived yet. But they seemed to have pre- charged our credit card for the parts already! I am also waiting on a new plastic sink for our kitchen to arrive from another place- been waiting 2 weeks. Previous RV owners didn't look after it and it really needs to be replaced.

We have plans to do a new review soon for our RV shower. We are going to be working with a brand - Extend a Shower. We'll take off the shower doors and will be putting in a rod instead with shower curtain. So stay tuned for that before and after.

On another note for today, looks like we'll have to head out of this area soon. It's BLM land and you are only allowed 14 days in and 14 out. We'll head back to an old area tomorrow, picking up mail, and doing some laundry in town- blankets and sheets- stuff we haven't been able to do in the washer we have in the RV. The washer/ dryer combo has sucked for drying clothes so we've hung out clothes we washed, on our outdoor clothesline. In this heat they dry in about an hour!

Also made an appt for Sunday for Gerry and I to get a 12 ultrasound study done- mine will include breast as well- so will cost $80. His will be $70.

Had a disappointing dentist visit today. We went for check ups and xrays- $49 each. Okay that is fine until they start telling you need this, that, and the other thing and your previous dentist should have done this and that. When I say I want to make dental cleaning appts., they tell me that mine needs more work than Gerry's. His costing $150 and mine.. $600! I said I only want a basic cleaning and they tell me you need more than a basic cleaning and our hygienists do what is needed to be done. Basically meaning a basic cleaning is out! Well, I won't be subject to their fees- we'd need a small lottery win for that! So we'll keep looking and keep phoning around. Someone had recommended a dental school. So we'll see what we can find.

2017 Holiday Gift Guide For Kids

Children's gifts are the easiest and the funnest to buy for during the holidays. I personally love seeing all the new things out every year just for kids! Most kids too are happy with just about any new toy or gadget. Gift buying for kids is fun! Here are some favorite picks for the kids on your holiday gifting list this year.


Multiple building options for endless play. Zip lining action, working lift, and large elephant with sound and mechanical action make up the Safari Treehouse Playset. Only Available at Toys R Us
Ages 5+ | SRP: $39.99


The View-Master® has a classic, retro look and now offers even more 3D fun with bigger and brighter images! See science come to life through awesome, eye-popping 3D images! Includes one viewer and two Discovery™ reels. Choose from Age of Dinosaurs, Marine Life, Safari Adventures or Space Discovery.

Ages 3+ | SRP: $9.99

i See Me!  Personalized Christmas Story Book-

Give a personalized storybook overflowing with Christmas spirit this holiday, that is based on your child’s name! Santa and his friends at the North Pole decide to decorate their tree with the name of a child who represents the spirit of Christmas, and celebrate the child's special qualities. Make your child feel unique and special this holiday with a personalized gift set that comes with an ornament for the Christmas tree.

**Watch this spot for more gift giving ideas...

Truth: You Don’t Have To Spend A Fortune When Moving Home

A less practiced but certainly achievable way of saving some money when moving house is putting your property up for sale privately.  This means that you don't use a real estate agent at all, so won't have to pay their fees.

Of course, it's is a little more work if you go it alone. You will have to get the place into a sellable condition so it will need cleaning, any repairs doing, and some staging as well. To help you do this you can use tricks like filling the home with fresh flowers, or baking cookies and bread as people attend your open house to give it that truly homely feel.

It' also important to ensure that you clear away as much clutter as possible. After all, people want to be able to imagine their own lives in the property and not be distracted by all of your knick-knack and collections.

Reduced agent's fees

Another option that entails a lot less work on your part but also can save you a great deal of money during the moving process is finding someone like Hungry Agents Real Estate Agents to help you with your sale. This is because they allow different agents to bid competitively for the right to sell your home, and creating competition in this way can help to significantly lower the prices that you get charged. All this and you still have an expert to advise you on the process and help coordinate your open house, making it a great way to lower your costs but not add to your stress.

Sell your home without having to pay out unreasonable fees. Image link

Moving costs

Unfortunately, the acute focus on selling your old property and buying a new one can mean that many folks are all but spent out by the time they actually come to move. Of course, this is problematic because the move itself also can cost a significant amount of money.

One of the largest costs is in hiring a removal firm to transport your items for you to the new property. However, you can reduce the amount you pay for this. One way to do this is to cut down on the services that you purchase from them. So instead of having them pack your boxes for you, do this part yourself.

The other way to reduce your moving costs is to skip using a professional firm, hire a truck, and do the heavy lifting yourself. This will definitely cost a lot less and can make moving a lot more reasonable. Although, do be aware that it's not an easy option, especially if you have lots of large pieces that need loading on and off the truck!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Don't Forget the Family Pet This Christmas!

Don't forget the family pet this Christmas! We've found some great places to get gifts for your pet or for the animal-lover in your life this holiday season. We've rounded up a few great ideas that include the following:

New Van Ness Dri-fleece Pet Bedding-

New Van Ness Dri-fleece Pet Bedding. Wicks moisture quick drying. Machine washable & durable. Hypo-allergenic, non- irritating chemical free. Cut to size. Deep pile for heat retention. Nonskid backing synthetic latex. It keeps pets warm and dry. Recommended and used by vets breeders & kennels. Ideal for use in cars or crates on furniture or tile wood floors, for every stage of your pets life ,whelping, puppy, adult senior.

**Watch this spot for more great gifting ideas.

Monday, November 13, 2017

2017 Holiday Gift Guide- Sites With Something For Everyone!

We hope this gift guide, which includes gifts you can buy ONLINE for everyone or almost everyone in the family, –without leaving your house–will help take the stress out of holiday shopping!

 Decor & Style-

Decor & Style is THE site you’ll want to visit for all of your online shopping needs!  Their friendly staff is available to help you with your gift selections via chat pretty much 24/7.  Whether you are shopping for an awesome set of 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets for your mother, wine accessories for your sister the wino or some hunter themed pillow, throw or deer head for your dad – they’ve got it all. Annnnnndddd shipping is a measly $7.50 or FREE for orders over $150. Hurry, stop what you’re doing and go shop!

** Watch this spot for more great gift giving sites for the whole family. 

Searching For the Perfect Hostess Gift This Thanksgiving?

Invited out this year for Thanksgiving supper? Then thank them for having you with a Cran-Apple Cinnamon Loaf from KrusteazWhip up this delicious loaf and you’ll be everyone’s favorite guest!

Cran-Apple Cinnamon Loaf

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour
Servings: 8 slices

  • Heat oven to 350°F. Lightly grease 8x4-inch Loaf Pan. Stir together water, oil, cinnamon, eggs and muffin mix until blended. Gently stir undrained cranberries from the mix into batter.
  • Spread batter into lightly greased loaf pan. Top with sliced apples, sprinkle with sugar and additional cinnamon to taste.
  • Bake 45-50 minutes or until golden brown. Cool 5 minutes; gently loosen loaf from pan.
  • Cut into 1 inch slices. Store cooled bread in airtight container.

Gifts That Give Back This Holiday Season

End the year on a positive note by giving charitable gifts that put a smile on faces and do good for the world.

St Jude-

Every gift sold from the hospital’s Thanks and Giving campaign directly benefits the families and children of St. Jude. This allows for families in need, to never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food – because all a family should worry about is helping their child live.

Starting September through December, holiday shoppers can #GiveThanks for the healthy children in their lives by supporting those in need. 2017 marks the 14th annual St. Jude Thanks and Giving campaign and thanks to the loyal and dedicated people around the nation, the hospital is able to continue their groundbreaking and life-saving treatment and research.


Moshyn is a one-for-one activewear brand dedicated to empowering underprivileged children through wellness of the mind, body and spirit. Moshyn’s purpose is to help the nearly 15 million children in the U.S. who live in households below the poverty line by selling men’s and women’s ethically made activewear. For every item purchased, the company will donate a new gym outfit, including shirt, shorts and socks, to a deserving child in the community. Children who are outfitted by Moshyn also receive a small gift to pass on to someone in their lives, enabling and empowering them to pay-it-forward.

**Watch this spot for more upcoming gift giving ideas for gifts that give back.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Oh What a New Day Brings

Today was eventful. 

Gerry noticed first thing this morning that a small chip bag he had left out last night had chew marks in one corner! Yup- the looks of a possible mouse. Further investigation we found that under the hump/ engine in the front, there was insulation, and yarn of sorts, made out like a nest. He said it looked like it had been there a while. Grrr. Nest destroyed. Going to put some Irish Spring soap bits out and a bowl of water up near the dash tonight and see what happens- if anything. Hopefully it's gone.

Then, we called back the shop where we had taken our RV in the other day, as they had called us to give us their "quote". Gerry said it was $5300 US  and the guy will be ordering the parts. I said after he got off the phone- "call him back!" We are not paying that. Let's see what we must do and what we can wait on or getting a second opinion on. I had a good cry too about it. Gerry said he'll wait and get another opinion on the axle that they said is bent 1/2 " but still needs the two new tires, wheel alignment ,2 leaf springs and 2 back bushings. Cost to ship the 2 springs alone is at our expense of $300-$500. So taking out getting the axle fixed will be maybe $2,000 less. But we still don't have an exact quote and won't till perhaps early next week. Certainly not what we want to deal with!

11/11/17- Update on the mouse- so far no sign of it.. but Gerry did see where it may have been coming in through outside opening under the dash through the engine!

When You Wish Upon A Star- Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando

Review by: Ria

When you wish upon a staaaarr! Woohoo Disney! Thanks to mom for collaboration with Walt Disney World Resort, for Chris and I, who were lucky enough to each get a 1-day Theme Park Ticket with Park Hopper option and we managed to see THREE of the 4 Disney Parks which were included in our ticket. The last time we did Disney as a family, was the summer I turned 16 (16 years ago!) and Chris had never gone before so we were both super excited! We started at Epcot as that was where our free hotel shuttle went to (check with your hotel if you are staying anywhere close by – most of them offer free shuttle service and there were Disney buses everywhere!) We made it to Epcot before the 9:00 AM opening and after stopping at guest services to pick up our passes, went inside the park and headed over to “The Seas with Nemo and Friends”. We rode the “clammobiles” and walked around the beautiful indoor aquariums. This was Chris’s favorite section! As scuba divers, we love the underwater life and saw many interesting animals and critters that we don’t get to see in the waters of Roatan. We also went to “Living with the Land”, “Spaceship Earth” and saw the 3D Pixar Short films. 

Disney has a GREAT transportation system in place to get you comfortably from park to park, which allowed us to see as much as we did on our 1-day pass. Depending on where you start you have the option to take the bus, monorail or ferry – all for free! Lines and wait times averaged about 20 mins between pickups. 

Next stop was Animal Kingdom! 

I have always been an animal lover and after realizing that “Pandora” was out for the day we headed over to “Africa”. I guess the big thing right now at Animal Kingdom is the “Pandora” section of the park, based on the movie Avatar. We had wandered over as soon as we got there only to see that wait times for the 2 main rides were between 70-120 minutes! No thank you! If you want to go – get there early or use your Fast Pass for these rides. I heard comments from other guests who HAD waited in line and they said both were GREAT! We ended up taking the “Wildlife Express Train” over to Conservation Station where we saw “Rafiki” from The Lion King, and wandered around a small petting zoo with sheep, goats and pigs. Then the “Kilimanjaro Safari” where we saw hippos, elephants, giraffes, and lions! 

We ate an early supper of BBQ ribs and watermelon lemonade (sooo good!) at the “Harambe Outdoor CafĂ©” before doing the “Kali River Ride” in Asia. We got soaked! We walked over to “Dinoland USA” and the dinosaur themed carnival games area as well as the “Dinosaur” ride where you go back in time to the Cretaceous period. It was getting dark by this time and we walked back towards “Discovery Island” and admired the “Tree of Life”. Look closely here – the “tree” is carved with all the faces and bodies of the animals in the park! Underneath the tree is “It’s Tough to be a Bug”; a 3-D/animatronic show with the characters from “A Bug’s Life.” The benches you sit on squirted water and it felt like bugs were crawling under your butt! 

Last but certainly not least – Magic Kingdom! We had planned to be there later in the afternoon/evening as I wanted to be there to watch the 9 PM Happily Ever After Fireworks show. From the second we set foot into the park, I was instantly transported and had this euphoric, nostalgic feeling just from being there…. the buildings and the smells and the atmosphere was what can only be accurately described as “magical” and I almost regretted not spending our entire day there. We slowly sauntered down Main Street, taking it all in, dodging the crowds that were already lining the streets for the fireworks. We stopped for frappuccino’s at Starbucks and just stood around taking it all in for a while! We had only about an hour and a half before the fireworks so we did “Haunted Mansion” and “Country Bears Jamboree”, which I remembered going to with my family when I was younger. As we were coming out of the show, the music started blaring (“How Far I’ll Go” from the movie Moana) and the fireworks started going off and I got goosebumps! We walked with our faces turned towards the sky until we got as close to the castle as we could. I do not remember the light show from when I was there previously but they now project scenes from the movies and Disney characters on the sides of the castle, changing it to the songs and this was my favorite part of the entire day! 

I watched and waited for Tinkerbell to come flying down from the castle and we hustled back over to Adventureland to do the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride. Last stop was “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad” – the scariest roller-coaster we had done all day compared to the mostly kid-friendly rides! The ride (and screaming our heads off!) was a great ending to a terrific day and we dawdled back towards the main entrance gate, just after 10 PM, not wanting to leave yet, but needing to make it back to Epcot for our 11 PM hotel shuttle pick up. Thanks Disney for a magical day! 

**A few random facts and advice from our day with Disney: 

Wow all the walking!! I think everyone says this but WEAR GOOD RUNNING SHOES! I had been in Orlando for a SCUBA convention and had only brought my flip-flops. It didn’t take too long before my feet were sore and blistered from all of the walking that you must do to see the parks. Good shoes are a must!

Fast Pass was great and although I am somewhat technology challenged (don’t own one of those fancy smartphones that everyone seems to have attached to their hand) I signed up for the Disney Experience app and was able to use my tablet in the park (free wifi!) to Fast Pass our way through some of the rides. This allows you to pre-book a time slot of one hour which you can use your card to enter the “fast” line for the ride. It really felt great to blow past all the lines of people waiting and go right to the front! You can pick 3 rides/times with this pass.

The employees were all so nice and they must go through some extensive interviews and seem to all genuinely love their jobs. Everyone running the rides, cleaning, greeting, etc was happy and smiling and had nice comments to say to everyone.

We didn’t see any of the Disney characters other than Daisy Duck at Epcot and Rafaki at Animal KIngdom. They do things a bit different from when I was a kid. Instead of just chancing upon a character while walking through the park, they now have “Character Spots”; meeting places set up (mostly indoors) where you can use your pass to get in line to have photos taken with the Disney characters at certain times. I guess this way is more controlled than 100 kids running up to Mickey and mobbing him in the streets!

Bring a backpack/purse with some snacks and water as food is quite expensive in the parks. I had packed granola bars but we did have a few small snacks while we were at each place, mostly cafeteria style places and we bought a few of those 5 dollar Mickey Mouse ice cream bars! I missed out on the Dole Whip (mmmm.. pineapple soft serve goodness….) but found some copy-cat recipes online I will try now that I am home!

As a smoker, I was slightly upset at the lack of designated smoking areas available. Only 2 or so in EACH PARK so it is a lot of walking to have a cigarette break. They are also quite hidden and out of the way, marked only on the paper maps with a small smoking symbol. Chris was very patient with me during all of them (as were most of the kids waiting for their parents!) Plan on smoking less than you usually might while visiting!

All in all we loved Disney and can't wait to come back again!