It's Official- We're Heading to Wyoming and Montana Next Month!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Well, it's official, we've booked our travel for a short 5 day trip to Bozeman,West Yellowstone, Yellowstone and that area for the beginning of June.We can't wait to visit Montana and Wyoming!

We can't wait to see the beauty of it all and wanted to go visit before the park gets too busy. Would love to hear from anyone who has visited these areas with "must sees" and tips for other readers who have plans on visiting as well. We both love animals and nature and thought this would be the perfect place to visit!

*** Update: May 13-Gerry is still having troubles with his sprained ankle and what doctors had told him weeks ago was also a bone chip in the ankle.Going for x-rays again tommorow to see where we are at and what is happening with the ankle.

*** Update:May 31- Leaving tommorow to Saskatoon,( 6 hours from us), and flying out Saturday. Have the girls house sitting.Will post an update once we arrival in Bozeman on Saturday night.Will be flying over Denver: with a layover there. Always turbulence through that area I have found.


$7 for a Sample Pack from Procter & Gamble (Plus over $30 in Coupon Savings) - Shipping Included (Canada)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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    MACHINE GUN PREACHER-Available June 5 on Blu-Ray and DVD

    Tuesday, May 29, 2012

    If you are looking for a feel good story while watching movies, be sure to check out Machine Gun Preacher, a true story of Sam Childers, a former criminal who finds his calling as a saviour of kidnapped and orphaned children.

    Gerard Butler delivers an amazing performance as Childers, the founder of Angels of East Africa. Entering deeply in the dangerous world of child kidnapping, Childers changes and saves the lives of countless children including, eventually, his own. 

    This explosive real-life tale has been getting rave reviews and is definitely a powerful and eye opening must see film this year.

    MACHINE GUN PREACHER will be available on Blu-ray and DVD June 5 and was theatrically-released by Relativity Media.

    TEMPTATIONS® Review and KittyCat Hijack Giveaway (Canada only)

    Monday, May 28, 2012

    With 6 cats that love to eat and love their treats, my mom was quite happy to review TEMPTATIONS cat treats. With TEMPTATIONS treats,she shakes the bag and they come running! An irresistible treat your cat will love with a Shake, Shake,Shake of the bag.

    TEMPTATIONS introduces KittyCat Hijack — an app that allows playful cats to take over any web page; including photos, copy and background when you shake a virtual bag of TEMPTATIONS treats. All you have to do is drag a virtual bag of the TEMPTATIONS treats into your bookmarks bar and before you know it playful cats will be taking over your screen.

    If this isn’t exciting enough, to celebrate the love owners have for their cats, the makers of TEMPTATIONS are also offering Canadians a chance to win $100,000 by entering a 12-digit PIN code found on the bottom of specially marked packages of TEMPTATIONS treats online at By entering the code, you have the opportunity to be an Instant-Win Game prize winner!

    TEMPTATIONS would love to give away to one lucky Canadian reader, a  prize pack valued at $50. A random draw will be made by from all entries received, on June 9, 2012.

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    *** Disclaimer- I received product in exchange for my review and opinion.

    Preview of a New Coupon Site!

    Coupon sites have been around for a while now and have helped many of us to save money on everything from groceries to vacations; and that’s why we love them! You probably have your favourite site that you go back to time and time again whether it to be to see the latest deals or to look for a coupon on a product you are going to buy anyway; that has to be the best feeling!

    Most sites are pretty similar in their format and delivery of the coupons, discounts and deals. However, a new site is going to revolutionise the way people browse for the latest codes on the internet. Using its incredible software that no-one other than them will ever understand, they will know what products you are likely to want to save some money on and also show you the best deal or discount for that product rather than just the one last added to the database.

    This new site, a name that is very easy to remember as well! They are building a global coupon code site that will automatically suggest codes to people that are relevant to the country they are in. This is particularly helpful for the frugal Canadians among us; we no longer have to filter through sites to find the section that applies to us, instead the codes will find us as we land on the site! This solves one of the biggest complaints many people have about coupon and discount sides, the fact that they can be difficult to navigate show you products, services, stores or even whole industry’s that you would never even consider purchasing in! Relevance and usability has to be the unique selling point of My Deals that differentiates them from the crowd.

    The coupon industry has grown hugely since the 2008 economic downturn that still rumbles on today and as a result, lots of sites and code sharing networks have been set up. The trend on the use of coupon sites is most definitely upwards and it is likely that the ‘credit crunch’ and subsequent recession has actually changed consumer behaviour in a way that will mean people are likely will naturally go to find a discount before they shop even when the economy has fully recovered. The bottom line is that for as long as retailers are benefiting from people like you and me using coupons, they will offer them and we can all save!

    What would you like to see from coupon sites that would help you when you are browsing for codes? Any thoughts on the future of this industry? If you want a sneek preview of the My Deals site before it goes fully live to the public, click here.

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    NEW- The Request Page

    I've decided to make a new entry for your requests. My mom had this idea, so mom, this one is for you.
    If there is anything you are looking for- perhaps a recipe, coupons for cat food, books,etc., you can post here in the comments what you are looking for.
    Please be sure to list your email address and first name so that readers can email you directly.

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    -Always ask for discount or a deal. Especially when buying bigger tickets items, but even on smaller items if you notice a snag or a mark on clothing you buy, you can ask the cashier for a discount.

    Step Into Summer with Flawless Smooth Legs

    Thursday, May 24, 2012

    Step Into Summer with Flawless Smooth Legs

    Fashion Runway Coach and BIC® Soleil® Fabulous Legs Expert shares her tips and tricks on how to confidently step out in style
    The temperature rising and trendy shorts, skirts and dresses making their debut can only mean one thing…summer is here! Canadian women are getting their bodies ready for summer and that includes getting their legs in flawlessly smooth shape.
    To help women confidently wear this summer’s trendy fashion, BIC® Soleil® — the premium disposable shaver available with 3 or 4 flexible blades to give you an ultra smooth shave — is calling all Canadian women to celebrate self-confidence and set their fabulous legs free for summer.
    “When I coach and prepare fashion models for the Canadian Catwalk, it’s essential they portray confidence and having smooth, clean legs that feel great is key when they walk the runway,” says Drea Vujovic, Project Runway Canada Model and one of Toronto’s most in demand Runway Coach’s. “Sleek, smooth legs paired with the summer’s trendiest footwear will provide shapely, strong and irresistibly beautiful legs all season long.”

    Step Out in Style
    To help women feel fabulous for less, Drea shares her insight on how different shoes influence the shape of your legs and offers advice on how to walk confidently into the summer season!

    Fabulous Legs Tip # 1: The Heel
    “My best kept secret for long, lean beautiful legs is a good pair of heels! Heels dramatically elongate your legs by creating the illusion of a beautiful continuous line — a front platform can also add height and comfort. Additionally, your leg muscles will appear more toned and defined because you’re working them out with every step!”

    Fabulous Legs Tip # 2: The Wedge
    “Soaring heels may not be suitable for everyone, so a good pair of high wedge shoes are a great solution. They’re super easy to walk in and a big trend for Summer!”
    “Always remember to walk in wedges with a three step plan: heel, ball, toe. Also, don’t be afraid to stride. Whatever the length or shape of your legs, a bit of a longer step shows off your confidence and gives the illusion of longer legs.”

    Fabulous Legs Tip # 3: The Skirt
    “When it comes to skirts, go mini! A higher waist-line skirt with a belt will add inches to your legs when paired with any shoe, even a cute flat! Just remember to keep your legs smooth and fresh before showing them off.”

    Savvy Summer Legs
    BIC knows that having smooth skin that feels great helps women feel and look their best. With the help of BIC® Soleil® razors, including the new BIC® Soleil® Savvy™ that features a disposable handle and four refill cartridges, women can complement their lifestyle, without compromising beautiful skin. From the bustle of a pantyhose-free day at the office, to a relaxing afternoon on the beach and everything in between, BIC® Soleil® helps women feel confident and fabulous all summer long. BIC® Soleil® razors are available at most major drug stores and department stores across Canada ($5.99 - $7.99).

    Avoiding Tax Fraud

    Now that the tax season has officially ended for many of us it is the furthest thing from our mind. However, if you have failed to file your income tax or under represented your earnings, you could be facing some serious consequences which include criminal tax investigation which could result in criminal indictment and incarnation.

    U.S tax fraud laws state that any person attempting to evade tax can be fined up to $250 000 dollars and face up to 5 years in prison. The same laws state that providing a fraudulent return may result in up to 3 years of incarceration and/or $250 000 fine. There are several related charges that can also be associated with income tax evasion. If you are faced with a criminal tax investigation it is best to hire professionals such as Fried & Rosefelt, LLC, which can help you understand your rights. 

    Tax fraud is typically investigated by the Internal Revenue Services, Criminal Investigations Division. These are federal agents trained in law enforcement techniques; many are also Certified Professional Accountants. They will conduct an extensive investigation which will include the interviews of family, friends and business associates, as well as thorough review of your financial pages. Once the investigation is completed the special agent in charge can recommend prosecution at which time two more levels of review are conducted by the IRS before the case is forwarded to the United States Department of Justice Tax Division in Washington, D.C., where it is reviewed by federal prosecutors specializing in criminal tax violations, before it goes to trial. Throughout this extensive review process you and your lawyer have several opportunities to avoid criminal proceedings. At each stage your lawyer will have an opportunity to meet with government lawyers and try to convince them not to have a criminal case. Many times a lawyer can convince that it was just an innocent mistake. It is therefore extremely important to have an experienced council by your site as you navigate the water of tax fraud and tax evasion charges.

    An experienced lawyer can make the difference between freedom and federal penitentiary.

    This post was sponsored by About Dollar ( a financial information resource with articles on topics ranging from personal savings to corporate accounting

    Photos To Share

    Wanted to share the photos I took yesterday of our driveway we fixed up with new limestone. Took Gerry a little over 2 hours to spread completely with the quad and then rake.

    Wednesday-May 23

    Wednesday, May 23, 2012

    I seemed to have lost touch again with personal posts .Only takes a minute but sometimes other things are prioritizing me I guess.

    We're getting anxious about our trip next Friday. Will be alot of sightseeing more than entertainment of this trip.

    This past weekend was May long weekend here in Canada,( for those readers not living in Canada).We don't camp but around here, its all about the camping and fishing once the season starts warming up. Wait! It didn't warm up this past weekend. As a matter of a fact I still have had my furnace on.I do have the clothes line up outdoors though ,( Gerry takes it down every winter), so at least I'm saving some power there and can hang on the line. I should mention our washing machine and dryer stays busy all year long, as neither of our girls have a washing machine or dryer at their apts., nor does my gramma, so everyone does their laundry here. For granny, who is 90 this year, I pick up and delivery her laundry when it's done.

    Weather hasn't been the greatest but when its not too windy or calling for rain, I'm out walking.

    I'm having problems with my stomach inflammation again, but only because I stopped taking my pills for a few days. I was feeling better with taking them, but after being on them 3 months, I was ready to say;" see ya". Well, that caused some problems, so now now I'm back on them again, and going back to the doctor to make an appt to at least talk with the doctor who does the endoscopes. If anyone has had one of these done, please drop me a line- I'd love to discuss it with you.

    We had a load of limestone delivered today.$115 with taxes for 5 yards I believe.Using it to build up the front driveway and put some in the back yard too. Now that Gerry has a quad with a blade, it will be easy for him to spread it.

    Bought some plywood, etc. this past weekend as we are starting to replace skirting around the trailer. What we have on there now is getting rotten in spots and bent out of shape in other spots.Also getting some estimates done for our roof. Gerry is hoping to buy the materials on his own and just hire someone for the labour.They are curling up there so need to be replaced we were told. With bonus money he got from the company a few months ago, it can allow us to do a few of these things.

    Also looking at putting in a small kitchen window by the sink and moving the cupboards around. We need some extra light in there. Gets darker in the kitchen with little natural light in there, in the winter. We'll have to see what we can get done. So many plans though, and want to keep costs at minimum- as always.

    2012 Father's Day Gift Guide

    There are few people in our world that shape our lives as much as our fathers. From teaching kids to ride their first bike, to putting together cheap furniture on your first day at college, fathers are always there to mend skinned knees and give fatherly advice.

    So this Father’s day on Sunday, June 17, why not give your dad something more meaningful and special than just another tie? There are plenty of great gift ideas for the man that often seems to have everything. Whether your dad likes adventure, sports, cars or just relaxing, make sure to show him you care this Father’s day.

    We have some great ideas below:

    The Madelaine Chocolate Company-
    Established in 1949, The Madelaine Chocolate Company has dedicated themselves to perfecting the superior taste and quality of their chocolate and want you to pass their great tasting chocolate to the men in your lives this Father's Day. With fun chocolates such as  their  chocolate golf balls, chocolate cigars, and high roller mint chocolate poker chips, you'll be sure to delite any dad this Fathers Day.

    Char Crust® Dry-Rub Seasonings-

    Dad will love using Char Crust® dry-rub seasonings on the grill this summer. Char Crust® consists of premium herb blends, spices and other natural ingredients that, when simply rubbed onto the surface of uncooked meat or fish, or sprinkled over raw vegetables, forms a beautiful crust that “Seals In The Juices®” for restaurant quality BBQ.

    Nicobella Organics-

     Finally, delicious chocolate without the guilt for dad this Father's Day!

    Omega Munch:Nicobella Organics created Omega Munch as a wholesome snack that is rich in protein, fiber, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and lignans. Organic and Fair Trade 75% dark chocolate is blended with crunchy candied walnuts, and toasted flax to combine rich flavor with healthy ingredients. This decadent yet wholesome treat is the perfect blend of crunchy chocolately goodness.
    Coco-Nut Munch

    Coco-Nut Munch is a scrumptious healthy snack made with organic, Fair Trade 75% dark chocolate, unsweetened toasted coconut and whole roasted almonds. Trust us, you will not want to share a piece of this wholesome treat!

    Maple Nut Munch:

    Maple-Nut Munch is a savory healthy snack made with organic, Fair Trade 75% dark chocolate, maple coated roasted pecans and just a touch of sea salt. Do your taste buds love sweet & salty? Then you will love our Maple-Nut Munch!

    Uncommon Goods-
    Check out UncommonGoods for unique Fathers Day Gifts in 2012.They have the perfect collection for dad who enjoys more creative and thoughtful gifts. From beer making kits to man candles to bbq gadgets, they have an amazing curated assortment.

    Maximum Family Games-

    Perfect for the gamer in dad: Nintendos 3DS

    In Deer Drive: Legends players will embark on hunting expeditions around the world, taking on big game such as bears, antelope, moose, elk, deer, and mountain lions, as well as prehistoric species such as the saber-toothed tiger, T-Rex, and Gastornis. For hunting enthusiasts, the game combines the usual thrill of hunting prized animals found across the earth with the fantasy of claiming a trophy never before seen by the human eye!

    Get Creative This Grilling Season

    Tuesday, May 22, 2012

    Summer has arrived, and with it brings cool drinks and hot eats.

    Instead of firing up that new BBQ for the same old burgers and hot dogs, the start of summer is the ideal time to try a meal idea and get creative with your grilling recipes. Try some out of the ordinary BBQ ideas, such as a BBQ pizza which comes out better than many wood burning ovens, with the crust that is out of this world.

    Instead of the regular boring old shish kabobs why not try a kielbasa and fruit shish kabob which taste will instantly transport you to a tropical summer locale. There are a number of fruits that taste great on the grill including, peaches, bananas, grapes or even apples.

    For dessert, you don’t need a campfire to roast some smores, simply stack the ingredients in aluminum foil and throw it on the grill. This summer set your grilling creativity ablaze.

    Disclosure: I am part of the Life Made Delicious Blogger program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

    Discover the world of Lindt Lindt & Sprüngli, Maître chocolatier suisse depuis 1845

    Discover the world of Lindt Lindt & Sprüngli, Maître chocolatier suisse depuis 1845

    Awwww! Photo Moment

    Monday, May 21, 2012

    Wanted to share some photos I took yesterday of some foxes in the uptown area, about 3 miles from where we live.

    They have made their home in a culvert near the mining complex.Too cute!

    Getting Extra Money on the Side During College

    Ironically, the years that students spend working toward that coveted college degree that will hopefully be their ticket to a career that pays well, are the years when it is hardest to make ends meet. Because students must spend most of their time in class, in the library, studying, or doing internships, they have little time to devote to a paying job. But fortunately, for students who are motivated and willing to think outside the box, there are plenty of legal ways to make extra money quickly.

    There are part-time jobs out there that are tailor-made to students and that offer flexible schedules. Working at a fast-food joint may not be an ideal situation, but many of these places are open around the clock – which means a starving student could work late at night or early in the morning after their classes and studies are finished. One bonus of working at a restaurant is that employees often get free food – which is certainly a welcome perk for a starving college student! The down side of working at a fast-food job, though, is that you have to commit to a minimum number of hours on the job. And, the pay is usually just minimum wage.

    If the restaurant industry is not your cup of tea, perhaps you are interested in making some extra cash while helping to benefit the greater societal good. Every day, thousands of people in hospitals across the country receive plasma infusions into their bodies. Without plasma, they would likely die. Have you ever wondered where the plasma comes from? It comes from donors who go to plasma banks, consent to having their blood drawn, and are paid for doing so. That is right, you can earn extra money by selling plasma. The benefits are that it is quick, and the pay is decent for the small amount of time it takes. It is also something that you can do on a regular basis.

    Another creative way for a college student to earn extra dollars is to sign up to participate in a Utah research study. There are companies in Utah that are always looking for volunteers willing to participate in studies such as testing out new drugs or vaccines. There are many benefits to students who choose to go the research-study route to earn extra money.

    First, participating in a research study usually does not take much time. Often, in addition to the compensation for being in the study, the companies that are conducting the studies will offer to pay for extras such as the expense of the gas you use to drive to the research facility. Another benefit of making money this way is that the studies usually take very little time commitment, and they are very easy. Often, all you do is take a pill and then answer a list of questions. Some research studies are conducted to test drugs that may one day be used to cure serious illnesses, so you are helping society.

    Is it Safe to Participate in Drug Trials?

    For many people, controlled drug trials are an easy way to make a little extra money with little to no effort needed on your part, but it may be of use to note the potential risks involved. Before we discuss the safety of participating, it's advantageous to fully understand exactly what a clinical trial entails.

     By definition, a clinical trial is the controlled testing of a new medicinal compound, which takes note of the safety and efficacy of its use in the wider public. Without these, there would be no way to tell if a chemical is going to be a useful cure, or a dangerous medicine which could cause a lot of harm to unsuspecting imbibers.

     It's very important to realise that when you take part in a drug trial, it has already undergone rigorous standards checking. To be able to legally induct participants, the Research Ethics Committee must first decide whether the agreed test is ethical for the proposed research. Their job is to ensure the safety of all trialists, and are responsible for the decision making process that takes place when deciding on the methodology and efficacy of the trial.

     After that, the proposal is passed on to the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency), who will check that the medicines involves are of a standard that will not endanger any of the active parties. If a drug has an unusually high risk of causing damage, it will be scrapped at this stage and won't make it out of the research laboratory.

     With this in mind, it's clear that your safety is of the utmost importance to all of the responsible bodies. The lengthy process of legal, ethical, and risk testing is in place to ensure that: not only will the results be helpful to the doctors involved, but also that any potential exposure to hazardous chemicals are absolutely minimised.

     Through precise criterion in the testing phase and highly skilled research scientists, they have perfected a method of providing willing contributors with a way to advance medical science, and massively decreased the risk of harm. In today's world, it is absolutely safe (and recommended) to participate in drug trials.

     You can find more information about participating in medical trials at Parexel.

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    Sunday, May 20, 2012

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    Top 5 Tip List For Dishwasher Use and Care Plus a Giveaway(Canada only)

    Saturday, May 19, 2012

    Having a dishwasher is a great time-saver for us in our home. Below please find ways we have learnt to get the most out of our dishwasher:
    Proper loading: Load distribution is important, avoid nesting dishes and make sure the soiled side faces the bottom.

    Hot Water: Enzymes in today’s dishwashing liquids require a hot temperature of around 122F to work and break up stains. Certain bleach additives require even higher temperatures.

    Right Detergent: Bleach and activators in detergents can oxidize certain hard to remove stains (such as tea and coffee) and make them easier to remove.

    Rinse Agent: A rinse agent will cause the water to evaporate quickly from your dishes, increasing shine and preventing streaks. 

    Cleaner: Make sure to clean your dishwasher with a dishwasher cleaner from time to time. Factors such as hard or soft water can have a serious impact on its performance.

    With these five tips your dishes will come out cleaner and your dishwasher will last longer.

    Finish Canada would also love to give away 2 boxes of their 20ct tabs to one lucky reader of ours. A random draw will be made by on May 28, 2012 from all entries received. Only one entry per household.

    To Enter:

    Leave your comment and email.

    “Disclosure: I am part of the Finish Blogger Program by Mom Central. I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

    Book Review: "I Am Hutterite" by Mary-Ann Kirkby

    Book review:  "I Am Hutterite" by Mary-Ann Kirkby 
    Review by: Cynthia ( my mom)

    I first saw a write up and photo of Mary-Ann Kirkby in the Winnipeg Free Press. I immediately wanted to read the book after reading a summary about her life. I have always had a keen interest in the different religious colonies. I had always pictured them to be hard working, very religious, and having a very strict and structured life. I also grew up and went to school in an era where teachers were in charge, kids could be strapped, parents were strict, you did what you were told or else. I did however have a good childhood, and grew up without tv or computers. Books were my friends along with different kids in the neighbourhood.

    My grandparents were Ukrainian and came from overseas, so there was a different kind of upbringing that I was used to, but it did have an effect on how we did things. One cannot escape their ancestors. A different language, a different culture than the one taught in school, but I was taught English from day one, and nothing else. My husband grew up in a large family of 11 children and only spoke Ukrainian until he went to school It was hard for him and his siblings. I am sure when one is slightly different it is hard as a child, regardless of your culture. Sometimes kids just like to bully other kids because they are insecure or want attention. I can understand more or less what Mary-Ann had to go through, life was different when I was growing up than it is now.

    I love to read and write short articles so this book appealed to me. Mary-Ann also lives only four hours from me, making her almost seem like a neighour. From glancing through this book the author appears to be a woman whom most of us can relate with, we all have our needs and wants, and most important want to be accepted by those around us no matter where we came from, and what year we were born. We also crave freedom of some kind and when we are suppressed we aren't our true selves. We tend to carry guilt so easy if we have been told certain things are wrong from childhood. I know I still harbour guilt feelings when I do something entirely different from what I was told in childhood.

    I know this book will be an interesting and touching read. Although Mary-Ann Kirkby is close to my children's ages, she had lived in a colony and it was like living in the past. How many of us have lived such a life as she has?

    Updated comments on book:05/19/2012

    I found the award winning book, "I Am Hutterite", to be an excellent book to read, it held my interest the entire time, and I was disappointed to finish it as I felt I could read on and on. It is a true story about a woman's past, of growing up in a Hutterite colony. I found it to be very detailed and informative on life in a Hutterite Community.
    Mary Ann Kirkby is an excellent writer, she holds you spell bound with her childhood events, her family and others in the colony. I could almost feel her "pain" when she was teased by other children in school. It must have been so difficult to adapt to a modern world.
    Mary Ann has a deep love of family no matter where she was living. She never forgot her little brother who died when he was very little. Her life was one of hard work, and religion. Everyone had their part in the colony, young or old.
    If you ever wondered about the Hutterites, now is the time to find out, a beautiful book to read.

    Mary-Ann Kirkby is a best-selling Canadian author of I Am Hutterite. Since its release in June, 2007, the self published book sold 75,000 copies in bookstores, retail outlets and through her website. In November, 2007, her memoir received the Best Non-fiction award at the Saskatchewan Book Awards and was also short-listed for Best First Book. With her special brand of humour she delights audiences with candid descriptions of life on and off the colony.

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    Survey Says!

    I have added a new feature to the site in the top upper right hand corner- or at least for now it will be there.I'd love to know your opinions on various topics and questions I may have. I do hope you can all take a moment and submit your anonymous vote.If you have a question you would like added to our polls, please feel free to send it to me.  Thank you!


    Factors To Consider When Searching For Home Insurance

    Wednesday, May 16, 2012

    A home is the most treasured investment for most people, so protecting this investment is exceptionally important. Although price is usually the most significant factor for many homeowners, it is not the only factor that should be considered when looking for home insurance. Buying a lower priced home insurance coverage may not be worth it and may not stretch to covering the claim. Additional factors include the type of coverage, amount of coverage, the insurance company's reputation, the cost of the deductible and any discounts.

    Amount of Coverage

    The amount of coverage a homeowner needs is dependent on a variety of factors, but the coverage should at least be for the amount that the owner still owes on the mortgage. Otherwise, if the house is destroyed by a natural disaster or by fire, the homeowner will owe the remaining balance on the loan after the amount insured is applied. Hazard and liability coverage limits can also affect the price of the homeowners' insurance policy, but may be worth the additional cost to ensure the home is adequately insured.

    Type of Coverage

    The type of coverage that a home insurance company offers can vary between each company and region. Some insurance companies do not include flood coverage or hurricane coverage, while on the other hand other companies roll these types of coverage into one policy. Also, a homeowner may need protection against theft or liability coverage in case someone is injured on the property. It is important to compare the coverage that different insurance companies offer before making your decision.


    Another factor to consider is the price of the deductible. Most forms of insurance charge a lower premium if their customer has to pay a higher deductible. Same as the premium is likely to be higher if the consumer is only required to pay a low deductible. If you can keep funds readily available in case of an emergency, paying a lower premium can be a reasonable option, as the money for a higher deductible will be available in the event of an emergency.


    Insurance companies are not controlled by a governmental agency. In consequence, some insurance companies are run by con artists who do not pay when insurance claims are submitted. Consider using a well-established home insurance company instead of a cheaper unknown one to avoid this problem and protect yourself against a fraudulent company. Another option is to get recommendations from trusted friends or relatives.


    Home insurance companies compete against each other in numerous ways. One visible way is for insurance companies to offer discounts for a number of reasons. Each individual discount may not have a large impact on the homeowners' insurance policy, but as the discounts accumulate, they can significantly lower the price of the policy. Some available discounts may be discounts for multiple policies, such as giving a discount if a customer has homeowners and auto insurance, and loyalty programs that allow the customer to receive a reduced price for each year that the customer continues his policy with the company. These discounts may not seem
    a lot but they can really save you money in the long-run.

    Gluten Free Lay’s

    Tuesday, May 15, 2012

    Following dietary restrictions can be a large challenge.

    People with gluten intolerance have to be ever mindful of the presence of gluten in their food products.

    Certified “Gluten free”products can take the guess work out of grocery shopping.

    Lay’s potato chips have been officially certified as gluten free indicating that they meet the requirements of the Canadian Celiac Association’s Gluten –Free Certification Program. They are the first food to be certified by this program and the label is visible on the packaging.

    The best part is that there is absolutely no difference in the great taste, as most Lay’s potato chips have always been and will continue to be gluten free. The official certification is to provide Canadians with more dietary options to choose from and to try to make their lives a little less complicated.

    Celiac disease carries with it enough complications; stressful grocery shopping should not be one of them.

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    How Grocery Stores Are Making It Even Easier to Save

    Feeding your family can be quite expensive, whether you are on a budget or not, giving your loved ones those healthy home cooked meals can take a toll on your bank account.  Luckily there are a few ways that those big business grocery stores are giving back and trying to make the task a little easier on you and your checkbook.
    Smart phones

    Many of the larger chain grocery stores are supplying data concerning prices and discounts to different applications available on your smart phone.  With this readily available information, you are better equipped to do your price comparisons, and without having to drive all over town.  There are apps  to help with math and price and where the best discounts are available.  By providing the data, grocery stores are taking the guess work out of shopping on a budget and putting the answers at your finger tips.

    Grocery stores offer free coupons for you to use to increase your savings.  You can find these little gems in your local newspaper, at the store itself or all over the internet.  There are multiple websites offering discounts and tips on the best ways to use them.  Take the time to sort through and organize your store coupons. Use your knowledge of each stores advertised sales to shop strategically. By matching coupons with ongoing sales, you can considerably reduce your grocery bill.  Make sure to pay attention to which stores have policies that allow for the value of your coupons to be doubled or tripled and shop during these times for increased savings.

    Customer Rewards
    Most anywhere you shop these days you are being asked if you would like to become a member of the customer rewards program.  Grocery stores are no different.  Many corporate markets offer programs where for a certain amount spent you will receive rewards ranging from cash back to coupons specifically selected for you based on the items that you buy most often.  When you purchase your groceries and scan your rewards card, the company is tracking your purchases.  If you buy a fair amount of tea, the next time you check out, your receipt may come with coupons for those products.

    Manager’s Specials
    Sometimes an item may become slightly damaged in transit or while stocking or have an expiration date that is fast approaching.  Often these items will be placed in a special area and will be offered at a considerably discounted rate.  Stores offer these items up as “specials” because they APPEAR less desirable, but more often than not the products are perfectly fine and an excellent means to saving a considerable amount on items that you need.

    The bottom line is that grocery stores want your business and they are offering incentives to cut your costs and keep your business.  If you pay attention to what your local market has to offer and plan your next shopping trip tactically, you can save money.

    George Gallagher works to help people find not-for-profit student loan consolidation options. He works with credit unions to find the best solutions for people suffering from debt problems. He also loves to find new ways to save money and write about personal finance.
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