The Holidays- Came and Went

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

The holidays came and went for us. Quiet. I hope all my readers had a peaceful holiday season.

We are glad we came home from the USA early actually. ( Normally we are gone for the whole winter- this year we only did 3 weeks). The weather has been so bad all over, and I'm not sure how much we would have been warming up down south. Here in southern Alberta its been warmer than where we used to live, but rain and snow, and living in a hilly city, the last part of this week haven't been the greatest.

The front of our place looked like a skating rink on the road the other day. You would not want to be walking on it! We had to buy some ice melt today for our fine folks who do the deliveries- Amazon, flyers, etc. I hope they are being watched over to keep them safe.

Keeping eyes peeled for those after Christmas sales. Could use some lights for outdoors for next year and a few other odds and ends but will wait till the sales hit 75% ! Those are THE best!

I did buy myself a new Windows 11 computer tower during Boxing Day. My old one was a Windows 7 and had slowed down so so much that it was refusing to do much of anything. We will have to get rid of the hard drive and recycle the rest. New one that was a floor model - costed me $422 with taxes. I also have a lap top- more so use it for travel or when I need to be in another room where I can easily move it around.

Had Jake at the vet over the last week- he had x-rays to check on his breathing and found the collapsed trachea and an enlarged heart. ( he is a 12 year old Yorkie). Ended up he needed medication. Then ended up medication was too strong and he was either too tired from it or not himself. Now we are on trying him on the lowest dose for his heart, with the water pill. If that doesn't agree we will look at something else or just leave it. Will work with the vet to see what is the best for him.

Been busy still renovating. So much to do. Well lots for Gerry to do. Waiting on a rebate cheque too which we will use to finish the plumbing in the washroom off our bedroom, and to get carpet and underlay at the discount carpet store. There was alot of cigarette smoke damage in here too. Alot of yellowing...and took at least a month is not longer to get the smell out. It's nice though seeing it all come together. Nice too that Gerry can do most of the work too. Saves us alot .

5 Ways to Save Money for the Holidays

Friday, December 23, 2022

Now that the holiday season is here, you don’t want to feel like the Grinch. However, with the economy in the doldrums, overspending could do more harm than good, leaving you to pick up the pieces in 2023. 

This year, holiday spending on gifts is predicted to fall by more than half vs. year-ago levels due to the challenging economic environment. The clothing and footwear categories are expected to see the biggest declines as consumers show more reluctance to part with their hard-earned money. This is for a reason.  

Fortunately, there’s a way to strike a balance and defend your finances against the common traps that so easily ensnare people. Here are five ways to help you save money this holiday season. 

1.     Put Yourself First 

No matter how long your holiday list is this year, be sure and include yourself at the top. While it may be the season of giving, you’re not doing yourself any favors if you struggle to pay your bills or fail to sock away any savings for a rainy day. Contrary to popular belief, taking care of your personal finances first is unselfish. It is one of the most generous things you can do for yourself and your future before giving to others. 

2.      Don’t Buy What You Can’t Afford 

A book that sums it up entitled “Don’t Buy What You Can’t Afford” sums it up. It details how debt has become a way of life in America, with millions of households saddled with credit card debt and expensive loans. It’s a quick read that the author, James Obvious, suggests is short enough to finish while your coffee is brewing but powerful enough to place you on the path to financial freedom. 

If you don’t buy what you can’t afford, you can help break the cycle of debt in your life — even during the holidays. You might even want to get this mini-book as a stocking stuffer for those on your list. 

3.       Give What They Need 

With prices soaring and interest rates rising, many people are feeling the pinch this year. That’s why it is the perfect time to give those on your holiday list something they need instead of what they want.  Consider giving practical gifts that save you money and go a long way for people who may be hurting financially, such as a gift card to a grocery store or do-it-yourself home improvement retailer. 

4.     Give Your Time

Speaking of DIY retailers, you might offer your time to help a friend or loved one finish a project in their home or garage. Or you could volunteer to watch the kids or do some pet sitting to make their lives easier. Time is still a valuable commodity that could go further than spending money on a gift.

5.    Cash Is Still King  

If you have trouble keeping track of your spending, choose one payment method this holiday season: cash. By allocating a set amount of funds, say $500, available to spend for the holidays, you won’t have to worry about breaking your budget. When the cash runs out, so too should your spending. To shop online, purchase a prepaid card at a big-box retailer for a designated amount and pay for it in cash. 


With the clock winding down in 2022, create a strategy for your holiday spending this year. Otherwise, you could find yourself falling for one of the many traps out there designed to get you to open your wallet wider than you had planned.

Where Does the Time Go?

Saturday, December 10, 2022

I have honestly been meaning to write what's been happening around here for a while already.  I have always told Gerry you have to be in the right mind set too to just sit down and write. Since I do alot of my writings out in the family room on the PC, at times Gerry is watching tv and it can be hard to focus on writing. Sometimes a person is just lazy too, but in the back of your mind your thinking- " are my readers wondering where I'm at?"

We have been busy here with life, and renovations now that we are back home . As most of you know we came back from the USA early and decided not to stay the winter. Did get the trip all paid off. Have the big RV for sale but amd sure it won't be looked at till Spring at least when people are thinking of camping and getting on those road trips again- and then we'll downsize. Something for less money and not as hard on gas.

Since we are renovating we're unsure we will be putting up a tree this year. We did some decor outside but inside there is just too much going on to start decorating.

We have been taking in a few holiday outings such as lights, CP Holiday Train and events the city has had to offer over the holiday season. We didn't find this much was happening when we were living in our small town, so it's been nice to come to the city to take advantage of so much more ...

All-New CLIF Thins Will Pick You Up Without Weighing You Down!

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Whether you're heading out for a hike, outdoor workout, or are a busy professional trying to get through the day, grabbing a snack that is both fulfilling and tasty will fuel you! Packed with essential calories and nutrients, all-new CLIF® Thins are the perfect addition to your bag or pantry.


The latest launch from the leading maker of nutritious snacks, CLIF Thins are a crispy, crunchy take on the original CLIF BAR, intended for everyday snacking. Will be available nationwide at Canadian retailers, this snack is made with plant-based ingredients and has only 100 calories and 5 grams of sugar per pack. With flavours like Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Peanut Brownie and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, you won’t resist grabbing these snacks for a quick bite before tackling whatever your day brings.

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