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Monday, August 31, 2020

Using cardboard egg cartons as fire starters works so well ! Give it a try. Gerry started using them this year in the shop's wood stove, and is quite happy how easy they are to light and to catch!

Top Ways To Earn Money Online

The world's economy is going through a major transformation, and more and more people are looking for ways to supplement their income. The internet presents a myriad of opportunities for people to develop a subsidiary source of income. Regardless of what your passion, profession, skill sets, and interests are, rest assured you can convert it into a full-time or a part-time careeronline through the various online venues and marketplaces.
Global companies as well as individual entrepreneurs hire professionals online for various jobs that you can partake in. Also, there are businesses that you can try your luck with, and who knows your business may end up becoming the next Amazon or Google.
If you're unsure of how to get started with making money online, in this article, we will discuss some of the ways for you to start making money.

Online Casinos
If you love to gamble with your friends during summer weekends or are good at Blackjack or other wagering games, then trying your luck on online casinos can be a good idea. The online casino deposit bonuses would help you bet for more without investing a ton of money. However, do keep a check on your bankroll and build a strategy to increase your profits and avoid unnecessary losses. Reputed online casinos offer huge cash prizes and are fair in their game-play, so rest assured your experience of wagering online would be rewarding and exciting.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing has become highly popular among the people who are internet-savvy and love to spend a lot of time online. It needs dedication and commitment as it takes a little time to materialize. There is a learning curve to it that needs your time and commitment like in any other business. It is all about promoting the products of vendors and creators online through the website, videos, and other means. Affiliate marketers are paid generous commissions on every sale that occurs through their marketing efforts or, in other words, through their links.

Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing is getting huge, especially in today's date, where the companies are trying new and unique methods to reach out to their potential audience. If you have a good following on social media or can build a huge network on social media platforms, you can approach the companies to market/promote their products by collaborating with you. Influencers earn handsomely by using their social media platforms to advertise the products of their clients. The trick here is to know your audience well and engaging with them in a way that promotes trust-building and a connection. Offer value to your audience, and they would trust your word when you promote something.  

Financial Planning Services

If you are finance professional or have good experience in banking or financial industry, you can offer financial planning tips and other related advice/recommendation to your audience through your website. Many people who are earning well are unable to save enough due to financial mismanagement. In sites like, you can get financial tips as well as find ways to increase savings and reduce financial stress. You can choose to just start a blog and monetize your blog or even offer customized services to potential clients.

These are the few ways you can start earning money online. Even though the list of ways to make money online is huge, these are the few methods that you might want to consider. The trick here is to align your passion and interests with your financial goals and add commitment and hard work to the mix.

Also be sure to check out the great review of Wikibuy- a free browser add-on that helps save you money by automatically comparing prices, applying promo codes, and alerting you to better deals while you shop.

Weekend Camping and a Community Garden Find on our Walk

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Left town for a few days to do some shopping and get out of town.
Usually stay a few days at a nice little campground outside of city limits- the Gordie Howe Campground in Saskatoon.

Took Jakey out for a walk and found this nice community garden just beyond the campground.

3 Myths About Warranties That Are Costing You Money

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Warranties are not a sexy topic, but the promise of protecting your most favorite stuff can be an attractive proposition.

Are warranties really worth it? And, are all warranties the same?

Consumers are outfitting their homes, which now also function as classrooms, office space and gyms, with the latest and greatest personal electronics, equipment and devices to keep life moving in our “new normal.” But here’s the problem: a lot of big box retailers are pushing customers to buy overinflated warranties on things like iPhones, laptops and Pelotons. These retail warranties are often not a very good deal for consumers.

If you’re not careful, you could end up paying too much for a warranty that won’t really help you if something breaks.

Here are 3 myths about warranties that may be costing you more money, with advice on how to save.

Myth #1: Buying a warranty from the retailer is your best choice.

Truth: Big box retailers are making big profits off of warranties. Did you know that the average retailer marks up warranties up to 900%? We’ve all been there, especially if you’re in a big box retail showroom, it seems like the sales people know just how to put the pressure on you to sign up for the extended warranty - especially at the point of purchase.

But don’t do it! You don’t have to sign up for the big box retailer’s warranty - nor do you have to purchase a warranty the day you purchase the product. There are other options like Upsie that offers lower-cost extended warranties on products like laptops, iPhones and more. They even offer the same protection as Apple Care but their deductibles are cheaper, resulting in much less overall cost - and will cover things like accidental pool plunges as we enjoy our final dog days of summer, toilet mishaps, used devices and more.

Myth #2: You cannot buy a warranty for refurbished or used products.

Truth: Buying a previously owned product does not mean you are not eligible for a warranty. In economic hard times like now, it can be a smart money move to buy used or refurbished and doing so does not mean that you cannot get coverage you need.

For example, as kids ease into e-learning, opt for a refurbished laptop which can provide you hundreds of dollars of savings. There are great options that are kind to your pocketbook while giving you much needed peace of mind. Just look for warranties that cover used and refurbished products beyond the more costly manufacturer protection options.

Myth #3: Free isn’t always free.

Truth: Always be skeptical of free protection. After all, free isn’t always free. For example, some credit card companies will give you built-in extended warranties for free if you use their card to buy certain products. However, pay close attention to the fine print as there may be limitations of your card’s coverage. For example, some credit cards won't cover used or antique items, computer software or items purchased for resale. Or, your purchase won’t be covered at all.

In short, don’t fall for these common warranty myths. Know the facts and make a well-informed decision when you make a purchase.  In the end, you will save money and still get the protection you need. 

Today's Quick Tip

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Today's quick tip comes from my own bit of experiences and lessons to be learned.

When adding too much soap to anything that causes an overage of bubbles in your sink, tub, etc., sprinkle with salt and rinse with water- they will dissipate much quicker with the salt sprinkled .

Tik Tok Scams in 2020

Photo credit: Image by Nitish Gupta from Pixabay
The latest Tik Tok Scam and how to stay protected in 2020
Tik Tok Scams Threatens Millions of Users’ Personal Information
A new Tik Tok scam that has recently surfaced threatens millions of users. A clone app called “Tik Tok Pro” was developed by scammers with the intention to steal users’ personal information.

The Indian government has recently put measures in place to ban the popular Chinese video sharing platform. This comes in addition to bans on 58 other Chinese apps amid increasing tensions between the neighboring countries.

Over the last few years, Tik Tok has picked up remarkable momentum among its Indian fans. With around 200 million users, Tik Tok is one of the most downloaded apps on Google Play and the App Store.Attempts by hackers and scammers to infiltrate and steal users’ personal information have grown significantly following this ban. And this latest malware scam is no different. Read a similar article we wrote about phishing scams here.
Tik Tok: is it a Scam?
A number of social media users reported that they had received similar messages via text and WhatsApp. The messages requested that users download the new Tik Tok Pro app that supposedly replaces the previous version of Tik Tok.

“Enjoy Tiktok Videos and also make Creative Videos again. Now Tiktok is only Available in (Tiktok pro) So Download from Below.” A link follows the message that directs the recipient to download the Tiktok Pro APK file when clicked.

Once the “app” is downloaded, recipients are prompted to add their personal information and permit the app to access their phone’s images, cameras and microphones. The unofficial app, which mimics the official Tik Tok app, has no real function and only acts as malware. It is designed simply to steal the user’s personal information so it can be later used for purposes of fraud.
Tik Tok Scams and Malware Scams: Is there a way to protect yourself?

The best way to protect against Tik Tok scams and malware scams is to stay sharp and treat everything as a potential threat. Some additional points to consider to stay protected:

Don’t open attachments or click on links received in emails, social media, text and WhatsApp messages received from a strange number
Check for spelling and grammatical errors in the text
Don’t download any app or APK that claims to be similar to recent apps that have been banned by your government
Be cautious of free downloads on unofficial websites that may install harmful malware without your knowledge
Ensure your computer and phone security is kept up-to-date with a reputable anti-virus application and anti-spyware software
Ensure you have a solid firewall set up
Run virus scans on a daily basis to make sure you have not downloaded or installed any threatening software

If you are the victim of the most recent Tik Tok scam or any other type of malware scam, contact MyChargeBack today for a free consultation. We are an American fund recovery firm with a global reach. Working with over 700 banks, we have assisted clients on every continent recover millions of dollars in assets that they thought they lost for good.

Review: PeachSkin Sheets (A New Favorite!)

Monday, August 24, 2020

I have always liked to sleep and be warm, until I hit menopause. Then I didn't want to have heavy bedding on me. I wanted to be comfortable. With summer here too, we're all heating up and want to sleep cooler.

But as well, not everyone that does heat up when they sleep, is menopausal age. I have a daughter in her late 20's that has always been warm when she sleeps.

Another daughter lives on a boat in Central America and it's hot there and on the boat- so she NEEDS sheets too that are not going to cause her to overheat.
I heard about a brand called PeachSkin Sheets that sounded like something that just might be worth trying.

Both girls will be adding their opinions to this post once they get back home from a visit with mom- because they too have sheets to review! Stay tuned!

Our own opinion of the sheets ? Awesome! Everything you can want in a set of sheets! Soft, breathable, and love the generous fit of the sheets and full all around elastic that makes it so easy to get the sheets onto your bed without having to fight to pull them over the corners! Bonus!

Sheets are wrinkle free, (but they also have the wrinkle look bed sheets if you like that look better!) I prefer the non-wrinkles though , as well as the girls.

The Original PeachSkinSheets® is based out of Atlanta, Georgia and features breathable, ultra-soft comfort bed sheets made from a high performance fabric with a PeachSkin finish. Great for hot sleepers due to its thermal control and moisture wicking properties, they also are anti-pill and wrinkle free. They pride themselves on being a quality company with a quality product, and going the extra mile for their customers. We know that you will LOVE sleeping on The Original PeachSkinSheets® Softness!

*** Erika says: 
I was very impressed with my sheet set from PeachSkinSheets - they are soft, lightweight & breathable! I usually get hot while I’m sleeping, especially in the summer but these sheets regulated my body temperature and kept me cool throughout the night.

Gift Ideas For Grandparents Day- Sept 13

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Do you know Grandparent's Day is September 13th?

I wish my granny was still alive, ( seen here on the left with her sister before she died a few years ago.) She was the BEST granny ever!
Treasure your grandparents always.
Give your grandparents a gift they'll always remember this Grandparents Day.
We have a few great ideas from our friends @

Stackpole Books, Lyons Press, Falcon Guides-

Grandparents are near and dear to the hearts of their grandchildren. Show them how much they're loved and appreciated. Books are the ultimate gift. Giving someone a book is a wonderful gift to give.

Seed Shrine-

Audrey Hepburn said, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”, and no one has higher hopes for the future than The Seed Shrine founder, Liz Miles. Her company gives home gardeners access to a variety of unique commercial-grade seeds. The annual and monthly seed subscriptions are a well-timed gift for anyone looking to forego the grocery store and expand or pioneer a backyard garden.

Individual and bulk orders also available as well as thematic gifts including:

-          Fiesta Pack, giving recipients cilantro, onion, cabbage seeds to dress their tacos
-          Power Greensfor homegrown greens to create the perfect green juice or smoothie

All include free shipping and are packaged in handmade, compo-stable seed envelopes from repurposed brown grocery bags, which give a personal touch.

Growing one’s own produce is the hobby du jour. Seed suppliers are hustling to keep up with demand as green thumbs crop up all over the country. It’s a fresh activity that’s kid-friendly, battles boredom, and limits food insecurity. But continuous access to fresh produce isn’t the only benefit. Studies show gardening also nurtures mind and body, encouraging exercise and elevating the mood.

Gifted seed packs are ideal for grandparents, this Grandparent's Day!

**Watch this spot for more upcoming gift giving ideas.

All Set For Travel with Michelin's 2021 Road Atlas -Featuring Driving Tours for Summer and Fall Getaways

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Michelin has debuted a new road atlas for travelers in North America. The 2021 Road Atlas: USA CANADA MEXICO featuring exclusive driving tours from the popular Green Guide collection.

Travelers will enjoy nearly 30 scenic drives across the U.S., from Alaska's glaciers to Arizona's deserts all the way to Maine's coast. Driving tours guide travelers around North America with stops in national and state parks along the way. Six drives across Canada take travelers from the otherworldly Alberta Badlands to the Canadian Rockies, with a stop at stunning Banff National Park.

The 2021 Road Atlas also includes 1,000 travel center locations for easy pit stops. A unique format with a flip-of-the-page navigation enables you to easily select a destination from the main map. You will also find 245 inset city maps and GPS coordinates to more than 2,500 parks in this new spiral-bound edition.

Being RVers/ Snowbirds for the past 5-6 years, having a paper copy and hands on road atlas has always been a must for us.

Gerry likes to keep the smaller formatted one, up front with him in the RV, where I like to keep the larger formatted one for myself, mapping out our course, and seeing where we will be passing through, as to not miss any road side must sees! I especially love the large format inside- very nice and not teeny weenie! Love it!

Now it's time to get back on the road and do some traveling so we can put them to use!

Travelers may purchase the 2021 Road Atlas on Amazon or through their local bookstore (ISBN: 9782067244566).

We Saved Money With DIY Rotor/ Brake Pad RV Replacement

Having the RV has definitely over the years costed us bigger dollars when it comes to any repairs for it. And anytime I hear Gerry say- " I have some bad news", I cringe.

Well, we had to change the brake pads on it and he was going to do that himself, and when he took them off he saw that the rotors on both sides were also cracked. The total for replacing both in the shop/ garage with labor was going to cost $1,100.

Thank the heavens he is so good with doing alot of his own repairs around the home and with the vehicles.

Because now with him doing the repairs himself, it eliminates the labor cost, and we are getting the parts from 2 "parts dealers" that are new- costing us a total of $390! A far cry from the $1100.

Big savings if you can do it yourself!

The Rich Mindset: Venture on Stock Market Investment

The economy is the core of a country. Corporate business fuels the economy. Investments stimulate the expansion of these businesses. It’s an indefinite cycle of trade between agents having a common interest in earning profit.

Going over known millionaires’ biography in books could mobilize you to take an effort towards filling your bank accounts with multi fold cash. Being able to acquire a luxurious car and a house in an expensive villa is a fantasy we would love to come true.

Everything could be feasible if you dare to take the risk. Engaging in investments is one way to realize those dreams. However, your emotions should not be too overwhelming. Take a venture at your own risk; that's how it goes.

What the mind perceives could influence our decisions. As we prompt sound judgments, we should keep the balance between our feelings and rationalization. The proportion between these two makes up an exceptional investor.

Return of Investment

Though some deals could sound too good to be true, it’s always a game of withdrawal of faith and staking your trust. There are forecasts on the stock market, but the digits projected are still labeled indefinite unless the economy is eternally stabilized—which is not going to happen in this capitalist world.

Investing in the stock market is a fickle game. Value might plummet in this hour and skyrocket by the next day. You can’t just tell what will be the result of your stock portfolio at the end of the year.

If you are now asking about the annual return rate in an average condition, then you're following this article well. It will be 5.5-6 % considering the shaky stock chart. If your price fits the range or even exceeds it, then you are getting extra.

No Setbacks

Investment is ceaseless. It offers an inclusive opportunity for you to get rich at any day, at any moment of the year. You might be asking what’s the best part of the year where you could buy stocks.

The answer is it’s up to you. There is no record justifying a peak season for this undertaking. As long as you have guts to pursue this, then you'll have to do it right away.

You might be in doubt when the market is lying low. Eliminate your fear because it’s no serious problem for the stock market investment industry. As already mentioned, this kind of business is timeless.

If you feel that something’s off with the market, purchase more stocks! Now, you’re probably asking why. It’s because stocks’ prices are low and you are now able to afford one which you only dreamed of buying yesterday.

Do not get hauled by your emotions. Think of sound decisions. Please don’t sell your shares because its value might boost the next day. Inconsistent, right? Think of this feature as a silver lining of the crisis.

Security Upon Retirement

If you want to immerse yourself in a one-time big-time gain, this one is not for you. To win in this business, you'll have to be tolerant and composed since anytime could make you sentimental over the funds you have capitalized.

It’s both a test of time and faith. If you have decided to seize the chance, consider it as a long-term deal. There’s no turning back because withdrawal could cause you a fortune. Go straight ahead and confront reversals.

Twenty years later, you'll presumably be preparing for your retirement. Since you had financed your fortune years ago, it’s time for your payout! You'll never have to worry for the rest of your life. It indeed directs you to a fulfilled existence in this temporal world.

Source of Capital

You must be thinking about where you are going to earn the capital. You could apply for a loan using your employment at present. Think of third-party credit brokers you could trust today. It’s relieving knowing that you have someone you believe in.

You could pay it through your earnings, which wouldn't sting so much, depending on the terms you choose. Be wise in pledging unless you know that party well. Always check on their company’s reputation and their agent’s disposition.

Bad credit broker might get excessive in charging you with commissions or declared fees. Turn them down immediately upon noticing mischief and baits during dialogues. Be smarter than they are.


Stock market investment is a choice one has to snatch. Chances are scarce, and courage could come out naturally or by propensity. Begin now and end with a safe and steady life even after retirement.

Risks are components of this endeavor. If you decide to take on the challenge today, you are already bracing your future with fortune and determination. It’s a journey of steep, sleek, and bumpy roads. Hold onto the steering wheel and don’t let go, you're about to arrive in your happy destination soon.

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