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Top 5 Health Insurance Shopping Secrets

Don’t Buy Immediately
If you want to see the state of the healthcare industry today, check – less-out-of-pocket healthcare costs are hard to come by, but they’re not impossible; according to the site: “Yearly out-of-pocket healthcare costs have more than doubled in the last ten years; luckily, there are things consumers can do to lower their healthcare spending.”

One of those things involves a strategic approach which considers all the angles and makes a choice that is informed, and not fraught with panic, or stilted by convenience. With that in mind, following are several considerable tips.

1: Talk To Your Doctor
Many doctors are paid through insurance companies and special-interest groups. In fact, this is more likely to be the case than not. That means if you don’t have money, but you can fit under a program’s offerings, the doctor still gets paid. Ergo it is within his best interests to get you coverage of some variety, and he’s more familiar with such resources than anybody else.

2: Shop Around
If you’re buying an apartment, you shop around. If you’re buying a car, you shop around. If you’re buying a home, you shop around. The point here is that you need to do some personal research into the market and see what’s available. If you don’t do a little searching, you won’t see where there are surprising deals available—like Medi-Share, a solution that can cut your monthly healthcare budget in half under the right conditions.

3: Stay Healthy
You can’t predict the future. Maybe you’ll never get hit by a car, maybe some drunk crashes through your living room at two in the morning and breaks your leg. Well, in that instance, the driver’s insurance ought to cover you, unless they’re an illegal alien or something. The point is, if you eat right and exercise, you’re likely to avoid most pernicious situations requiring healthcare. And if you can’t, the costs will be diminished because your body will be more able to take the pain.

4: Negotiation And Error Identification
Sometimes, when all else fails, you’re still stuck with a hefty expense and you’ve got no way around it—except, perhaps, negotiation. You may be able to find payment programs that won’t have too much interest.

You may additionally look for medical billing errors that are common and do a Google search to reveal the applicable ones. Catch duplicate billing, and know the fees beforehand so you can call foul if someone tries to trick you, or accidentally charges you too much. You may have more latitude than you realize.

5: Seek Newly Available Solutions
There is a healthcare industry today characterized by exponential growth in terms of costs, but also in terms of innovation; like telecommuting healthcare, as an example. Technology makes it possible for some practices to examine you remotely at a diminished cost. Seek out trends like this, and always keep your ear to the ground for new developments in healthcare.

Saving Money And Remaining Healthy

If you negotiate, seek the newest solutions, remember to remain healthy, shop around, and consult with your primary physician regarding budgets, you’re likely to conserve the money you need to.

2017 Holiday Gift Guide For Men

Ready for Christmas  and gift buying? Often we find it hard to buy that special gift for the man in our lives. Whether it is big or small the gift should show how much you care .

We've found some great ideas- like:

Monthly Watch Club-

Monthly Watch Club is unique because it gives the customer options to what they will wear when accessorizing.
They know having a new watch gives you that boost of confidence.
Not only is it affordable but all their watches are backed by a 100-day warranty so you can buy with confidence!
This is a perfect gift to treat yourself or treat others.
Their site is and their socials are @MonthlyWatchCA on everything!

Thirty-One Gifts-

Thirty-One Gifts’ Deluxe Utility Tote is a slightly bigger and sturdier version of their best-selling Large Utility Tote. It’s able to hold up to 60 lbs. of groceries, picnic food, camping supplies, sports equipment or whatever else you need to carry. A hard bottom gives the Deluxe Utility Tote stability, while top and side webbed handles add additional strength for heavier contents. The tote also is designed to hold several of Thirty-One’s other totes, thermal bags and file holders. There’s even three exterior pockets for additional storage. Add a Deluxe Top-A-Tote lid to secure contents, and an extra pocket with the Pocket-A-Tote. The tote retails for $50, and the top and pocket are $10 (U.S.). The tote may be personalized with a phrase, initials, icon and many other choices too. To see all eight of the pattern options visit their website.

Xootr Scooters-

Xootr scooters are high quality adult kick scooters, often used for commuting, exercise, and fun riding alongside kids. They have very sturdy construction - many of their customers have owned their Xootrs for 20 years - and a smooth long roll. They can handle over 800 lbs of weight, fold down in seconds, and the wide platform models allow 2 adult feet to ride side by side. They are designed by MIT mechanical engineers and award-winning Lunar Design - Steve Jobs had one! They are also hand assembled in the USA. The MG is their most popular model, and would make a wonderful holiday gift!

Custom Crafted Wines Inspired by Popular Investigation Discovery Shows. Perfect Crime & Wine Holiday Gift Package.
Ages: 21+ | SRP: $65.00


QuietWear Fat Cap is a must for this season.
Its thin and lightweight design make it the perfect pocket afterthought,
easily storing in a jacket or backpack.
Thick, 100% acrylic knit traps heat in and keeps cold weather out
while still remaining breathable and soft.
This cap is his outdoor go-to-cap, whether going for a walk,
on a long hunt, or doing chores outside,
this outdoor accessory is a must!

T-Rex® Tape -

There are some products that all men need in their tool arsenal... and a high-quality, extra-thick, weather-resistant tape, like T-Rex®Tape is one of them!

Perfect for the outdoors man, DIYer or handyman in your life, T-Rex® Tape is the ideal tape for any project – where only the best will suffice. Whether it’s simple, around-the-house fixes, or extreme industrial repairs on a work site, there’s no project too big or too small for this hard-hitting tape. Featuring a double-thick, super-aggressive adhesive allows the tape to offer superior hold on more surfaces than other ordinary tapes – including rougher and dirtier surfaces in a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels.

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Her

We've rounded up our favorite holiday gift ideas of 2017 that are perfect for many of the women on your holiday gift list this year.

Monthly Watch Club-

Monthly Watch Club is unique because it gives the customer options to what they will wear when accessorizing.
We think having a new watch will give her that boost of confidence.
Not only is it affordable but all our watches are backed by a 100-day warranty so you can buy with confidence!
This is a perfect gift to treat yourself or treat others.
Our site is and our socials are @MonthlyWatchCA on everything!

Created by financial expert and New York Times best-selling author Rachel Cruze, this high quality leather wallet is both stylish and practical. Featuring an updated concept to the envelope system for budgeting- this wallet features 5 colored clips that offer a more compact way of keeping up with your cash. It offers a designer look without the designer price! The wallet comes in either tan or black and retails for $39.99 at or Amazon.

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide For Kids

Children's gifts are the easiest and the funnest to buy for during the holidays. I personally love seeing all the new things out every year just for kids! Most kids too are happy with just about any new toy or gadget. Gift buying for kids is fun! Here are some favorite picks for the kids on your holiday gifting list this year.

 Barbie 7’ Tablet Powered by Nabi-

The Barbie 7’ Tablet Powered by Nabi features dozens of Barbie apps, games, and video content, including Barbie comic strips and create your own Barbie Fashion.  The tablet comes with a custom pink bumper and fun Barbie sound effects that come alive as kids unlock the tablet. 
Price: $79.99

Retailers: nabi Shop, Best Buy, Toys R Us

Wonder Crew Buddies-

Wonder Crew® Buddies, the toy line for boys designed to empower boys to connect, nurture and build empathy through friendship, imagination and adventure.  Combining the adventure of an action figure with the emotional connection of a stuffed animal, PlayMonster LLC's Wonder Crew includes four diverse Buddies. Available separately, Will, Marco, James and Erik, each come dressed in superhero gear, complete with matching mask and cape for kids.

My Fairy Garden – Bean Blossom-

A new seed sprouts in Play Monster’s popular My Fairy Garden® line with Bean Blossom; a brightly-colored watering can and includes soil and beans to grow plants inside the top area! And what children grow is magical—it’s a plant with a message! The beans have words on them that appear in the greenery when the plant sprouts and grows tall along the trellis! Children’s beans could have messages such as DREAM, SMILE, AMAZING, and more.   As children grow their plant, they can also play in their fairy world! The set includes Misty, a beautiful fairy, and her frog friend FiFi. Misty can sit on the included swing, or she can tend to her plant with the included gardening tool. The watering can also feature a door than opens to a small hidden room for the fairy to play in!

Wicked Cool Toys -Egg Babies-

Kids love the element of surprise as proven by the popularity of the blind bag and the excitement it stirs revealing the contents inside. This holiday season, Wicked Cool Toys will take the blind bag craze to a whole new level with Egg Babies™, colorful Styrofoam eggs with a “FUR”endly surprise inside that’s waiting to hatch! Simply crack the egg open to reveal one of six adorable, soft and cuddly characters, each with a unique personality!

Characters include: Turtellini, an out-going and caring turtle who loves to share treats; Patches, an energetic and active pup who’s mastered the art of true sportsmanship; Bubble Gum, a confident little bunny who expresses herself through music; Kiwi, an extrovert and drama chick who loves the spotlight; Snowflake, the sweet and lovable kitty who makes new friends wherever she goes; and Hamlet, a cheeky and mischievous pig who’s known for stirring up a little trouble. Kids as young as 3-years can easily crack the Egg Babies open to enjoy the “eggcitement” of what’s inside, and at an affordable price, young collectors are sure to add more than just one to their holiday wish lists. Each egg measures 6”H x 4.25”W and the plush character is approximately 3.5”W x 4”H.

Cabbage Patch Kids Little Sprouts-

The Little Sprouts world is bustling with neighborhood pals and big-time fun! Skip along the friend-filled streets, snuggle with lovable furry pets, and help sweet babies stay healthy and grow–there’s so much to do, see…and cuddle! But when the school bell rings, it’s time to dash to class to discover, learn, and play. Collect all 120 Little Sprouts kid, baby, and pet figures and set off on an exciting new adventure every day! 

Little Sprouts figure offerings are available 4 Pack and 8 Pack Friends Sets as well as Blind Boxes. All sets include a mix of kids, babies, pets, accessories and even surprise limited edition pets! 


Multiple building options for endless play. Zip lining action, working lift, and large elephant with sound and mechanical action make up the Safari Treehouse Playset. Only Available at Toys R Us
Ages 5+ | SRP: $39.99


The View-Master® has a classic, retro look and now offers even more 3D fun with bigger and brighter images! See science come to life through awesome, eye-popping 3D images! Includes one viewer and two Discovery™ reels. Choose from Age of Dinosaurs, Marine Life, Safari Adventures or Space Discovery.

Ages 3+ | SRP: $9.99

i See Me!  Personalized Christmas Story Book-

Give a personalized storybook overflowing with Christmas spirit this holiday, that is based on your child’s name! Santa and his friends at the North Pole decide to decorate their tree with the name of a child who represents the spirit of Christmas, and celebrate the child's special qualities. Make your child feel unique and special this holiday with a personalized gift set that comes with an ornament for the Christmas tree.

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2017 Christmas Treats- Salty and Sweet

Dancing Deer Baking Company-

The Dancing Deer Baking Co. is a leading national company brand of delicious, scratch-baked cookies and brownies as well as gourmet food gifts. They have a special holiday and Christmas collection that can offer gift baskets, towers, tins,boxes and so much more. All holiday collections come beautifully wrapped for a wonderful presentation of their delectable cookies and/ or brownies. We personally LOVE the Dancing Deer Baking Company- everything arrives so fresh and just like home baked! 

Funky Chunky-

Funky Chunky®, LLC, the gourmet snack featuring buttery caramel popcorn drizzled with different types of chocolate with added combinations of pretzels and nuts, features more than a dozen flavors all of which come pre-packeged and ready to gift — making it perfect stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, teacher gifts, and gifts for Moms, sisters and anyone who loves a decadent snack.

Part of Funky Chunky’s allure is the combination of sweet and salty in surprisingly unexpected combination. With funky, fun flavors like Chip-Zel-Pop (potato chips, pretzels and popcorn), Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn (popcorn, peanuts and peanut butter cups) Sweetheart Mix (cinnamon flavored caramel popcorn with red hot cinnamon pieces) and Chocolate Pretzels , each bite reveals a slightly nuanced flavor palette. You simply cannot stop yourself from having a second, third, fourth (and so on) bite.
Order online @ Funky

Mars Wrigley Confectionery-

Mars Wrigley is delivering good tidings of treats this Christmas with a jolly and delicious array of innovative new items and returning seasonal favorites. From decorating, snacking and gifting to stuffing stockings, baking and more, consumers will unwrap iconic brands -- M&M’S®, SNICKERS®, SKITTLES®, TWIX®, MILKY WAY®, DOVE®, 3 MUSKETEERS®, MALTESERS®, LIFE SAVERS® and CELEBRATIONS® – to brighten their holiday traditions.

**Watch this spot for more holiday sweet and salty treat ideas- coming soon!

Pics From Our New Site @ Craggy Wash in Havasu

We've been back at Craggy Wash for a few days and moved 3 times to get the right spot!

The first spot we had was nice and private, but we had such a big rock/ mountain beside us that we couldn't get any sun there, and that's not good for the solar panels, plus it was sooo cool there.

So we moved. Moved around the bend, BUT then we were right on the people walking by seemed right beside our RV and we were getting more dust, so we moved again, a bit further up. Now we're back in a spot we had when we first got here about a month ago.

Added a privacy wall too on one side- for campers that pull up behind us! Love it!

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Today's Winner

We were a bit behind on our Kellogg draw - but we do have a winner!
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Today's Winner

Today's winner:

Anonymous said...
I have chronic neck pain so I could really use this pillow.
Donna L.

Thank you to all who entered!
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Create A One-of-a-Kind with

Review by Cynthia

Everyone knows that I love sending mail to my loved ones and there is no better way to share the spirit of the season than by sending someone a funny holiday card. If there is one time of the year that needs funny and bright it’s Christmas time. Leading the way with funny, one-of-a-kind personalized greeting cards this year is Specializing in funny cards and photo cards, guarantees a smile this holiday season. 

All CardFool cards are printed on premium cardstock. So whether you’re looking for a Christmas photo card of your family or Christmas cartoon folded cards, has the funniest cards to easily personalize with your own photo and message. offers free postage and all folded cards are only $3.99. Photo cards are as low as $1.29 each.

For someone like me who is on the go constantly has the perfect card to match any personality in my family. All of CardFool’s cards can be personalized and sent directly to the recipient. And trust me when I say, they will make you LOL! 

All You Need To Know About Buying Your Teen Their First Car For Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, there’s not much time to find a perfect gift for your teen. So, if you’ve considered treating them to their first ever car, now is the time to kick those plans into top gear. Before you do, though, it’s imperative to weigh up the pros and cons.
A car is far from being the only option, and this gift guide should provide some alternative ideas. Still, if a vehicle is on the agenda, here are the factors that matter most.

Christmas Tree, Christmas, Christmas Motif
Is Your Teen Ready For The Road?
Receiving a car is sure to produce unrivalled excitement from your teen. However, that enthusiasm may soon fade if they are yet to acquire their license. While having a vehicle may offer an extra impetus, the frustration of not being able to drive may make things even harder.
So, if your son or daughter still needs to learn how to drive, booking lessons may be a better solution. After all, the car will only depreciate in value between now and when they eventually pass. From a financial perspective, it would certainly make more sense to buy once they are a qualified driver. Of course, this can change a little if the vehicle is to be shared.
What Type Of Car Is Best For Your Child?
When buying a car for your teen, there are a number of items to keep on your checklist. Only a vehicle that ticks all the boxes is worth the investment. Here are the items to consider:
Safety – Drivers are more likely to encounter road accidents within the first 12 months of driving. As such, checking the safety rating of potential models is an imperative first step. You cannot put a price on your child’s well-being behind the wheel. Therefore, getting this right will bring major rewards for young motorist and parent alike.

leather red consumption money auto market wallet brand product cash textile luxury purse banking credit expensive thrift savings rent finance profit benefit assets interest save money financing loan bank note borrow auto financing public finance consumption value residual value fuel costs monetary system the car industry automotive industry loan agreement
Cost – The first car is unlikely to stay for too many years. Therefore, it’s imperative to find a model that doesn’t break the bank. It’s not just a case of thinking about the initial outlay, either. Finding the right car coverage can reduce the overall overheads. Meanwhile, choosing a vehicle with a smaller engine size can help keep the running costs down.
Fun – A vehicle’s primary function is to get the driver from A to B. Nonetheless, it certainly helps when your child can enjoy the ride. These cars are deemed suitable and fun for first-time drivers, but there are many others out there. Ensuring that the car boasts the necessary tech, without causing distractions, can have a telling impact too.
You will be required to think about other issues, such as whether the car is suited to your child’s life. A city driver has different requirements compared to one who completes daily off-road travels. There’s still time to sit down and write a list of priorities before buying in time for Christmas. But you’ll want to do it first.
Where Is The Best Place To Buy?
Cars depreciate rapidly, particularly when buying a new vehicle. Besides, your son or daughter will be excited regardless of whether the car is new or used. As such, the used marketplace is often the best solution. If nothing else, this saves the fun of buying a brand new motor for their second car.   
There are hundreds of reputable dealerships across the country. This is why private buying off the internet is ill-advised unless you are a genuine petrol head. Moreover, you’ll need to test drive any vehicle to confirm that it seems right. Likewise, any good dealer will be happy for you to have the car checked by a mechanic.
Many people take another option by purchasing an old vehicle from a friend or relative. This can be a good idea, but you must be careful. If a problem surfaces soon after buying the car, it could lead to some disagreements.
Adding A Little Personality
Of course, if you have a sizeable budget, you may buy a new car with a personalized number plate. For most people, though, the unique tweaks come from smaller gestures. Never fear; these can be equally significant.
Steering wheel covers and little dashboard accessories can work wonders. Just be careful not to block too much of their view through those items. Improving the music system on older cars may be a suitable option too.

Buying a vehicle for your teen is a wonderful thing to do, whether it’s at Christmas or anytime other time. Go the extra mile to get it right, and it’ll go down as the greatest present ever.