Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Beauty Essentials for Your Summer

Do you feel like Summer has passed us by? I have been having days like that, especially since I have seen one of our trees in the yard starting to yellow. But tomorrow is calling for a warmer day again, and in a few months, we'll be leaving the Fall behind and heading south to Arizona where it stays "summery" year round. 

If you haven't had the chance to try some new Summer beauty essentials, there's still time-

We've rounded a few up and wanted to share with you to keep your eye out when shopping next time your out.

To help counteract the effects of pollution, Dove has transferred the impressive credentials of micellar water technology to NEW Dove Anti-Stress Micellar Water Body Wash and Beauty Bar – becoming the first to bring micellar water technology to the mass U.S. Body Wash market.

The NEW Dove Anti-Stress Micellar Water Body Wash and Beauty Bar with mild micellar technology refreshes skin while gently cleansing away pollutants and environmental stressors like dirt and impurities to reveal soft, smooth skin – making it the perfect cleanser as you travel this summer!

We also know that summer can leave your skin feeling sweaty and at times dried out if you frequently use the air conditioner, but Dove DermaSeries has got you covered. Dove DermaSeries is Dove’s newest line of fragrance-free and hypoallergenic products for people with dry skin including dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. 

The DermaSeries line consists of 8 products, from an expert repairing balm to a non-greasy hand cream and gentle cleansing body wash that will soothe and hydrate the skin, leaving it soft and moisturized. Perfect to use all year-round, Dove DermaSeries products will make caring for your skin easy and help you create a summer beauty routine you love.

And no matter if you’re traveling across the country or commuting to work, Beauty Finish Dry Spray Antiperspirant is perfect for beating the summer heat! It provides 48-hour odor and wetness protection and all the care of Dove, while going on instantly dry.

I personally LOVE DOVE products. They never let me down with my beauty routines! Even Gerry loves their men's line too. 

Watch this spot though as we are adding to our product round up very soon!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

My Review of Edye’s Face & Body Butter

In the last year my skin really has been drying out- not sure if it's an age thing or our trips south to Arizona that are contributing, but either way, I need help. I try a number of products for dry skin but they arent all created equally for sure.
I have come across one that's at the top of my list right now, and it's Edye's Face & Body Butter.

I don't use it on my face as I tend to get plugged pores easily, but it can be used on your face. I am really loving it for after my bath and shower, for my whole body.

It's been great for sealing in moisture as well as even long after the bath or shower, my skin feels so soft.  The body butter is made with essential oils and is not only good for dry skin but other skin ailments like stretch marks, scars, rashes,etc.

What I was needing to try it for was crepey skin. My legs really needed help the most and I have seen a difference in a week's use. Well, actually I saw a difference the first day I used it but overtime it did really improve my skin that much more. Even your pets can benefit and babies.

But don't only take my word for it- you can see more reviews of how great it is on their Facebook page!

FYI- ingredient list:
Shea Butter,* Extra Virgin Olive Oil,* Avocado Oil,* Mango Butter,* Coconut Oil,* New Jersey Beeswax, Camellia Oil,* Carrot Seed Oil,* Rosemary Oil,* Sweet Orange Oil,* Himalayan Salt

Sunday, August 5, 2018

What's New With Us

We're having a 2 week break from "daughter" company. Ria had been staying with us for the last 3 weeks, and now off to see a friend in Alberta, before heading to meet her sister in Calgary, and flying to Nfld to see their dad for a week. Then it will be back here, the 2 of them, Erika's boyfriend and the fur-babies, for another week. Since Ria and I both share August birthdays, we'll have cake and all, before she leaves to go back south late August. 

Haven't picked up much for change over the last 2 months- been very "dry". Maybe have .35 so just still letting it add up.

Been doing some sprucing up in the RV and any other things that need doing before we leave this Fall once again. I added some curtains behind our couch in there, to give more of a living room look.

I wanted to change some fixtures in one of the washrooms as they are dated, but have not found anything in our small town, nor online, nor for a price I am willing to pay. We are still keeping a lookout for a shower surround but finding something that fits in the spot we need it tough, so we'll just keep an  eye open still. 

Gerry is down to partial days and hours with the lawn cutting he had started on with this summer. He lost quite a bit of weight with sweating it out, but it got to be too hard on him, and he went to a using a riding mower and only doing the bigger areas, and not mower pushing. It's half the money he was bringing in when he started but easier on him, and nicer for us that he's home by noon rather than gone ALL day.

We decided on no summer getaway this year. The cost of gas is just too much for the RV and we'll only be going in another 2 months or so. It's hard to justify the cost of gas Gerry said, for a week long trip. 

There's been alot of vandalism around our town, and not long ago, it got some media attention, when some racist slurs were made online. Our town is 3 miles to this other town that gets alot of vandalism but we have been lucky that we have been spared so to speak. People are frustated. It's a daily thing and only has gotten worst over the past 2 years.

I am looking for anyone getting rid of cents off coupons for Canada or the USA- If you email me @ oneincomedollar@yahoo.ca I can let you know where you can send any extras too. Can always use them and welcome any you can spare!

Gerry has added another section of the fence to what we were building. Slow and steady so it's not a one time big expense. Our neighbour split the cost of the first section but we are waiting to see if he will help out with anymore, since we share the fence. 

I'm not sure my sunflowers will see head this year before the Fall... they are slow coming- but I may have also planted them too late. Tried my hand at a non - pectin blueberry jam that turned out wonderful! 

The raspberry bushes are doing well- some of them anyhow. Had a few tomatoes on the tomato plant, carrots are also being slow, and rhubarb transplants are also on their way to a good grow. We're not sure about the strawberry plant. It may have had something go wrong with it as the fruit was a nasty bitter taste.. so Gerry planted it instead in the yard in new soil. We'll see what happens.

We're keeping busy though, as always and feeling blessed that we haven't been hit with any of the bad weather/ fires that alot of other areas are seeing. We hope your having a nice summer and that things are doing well with everyone.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

PayPal: Did You Know?

These days there are probably not too many people around who haven't at least heard of PayPal. Although, I guess I'm mainly talking about younger generation, a number of people over 60 might not have found a use for it yet. But PayPal is the leading online payment system founded back in 1998.

Who created it?

Well, you might either love PayPal because of its ease and speed of transactions, or you might hate PayPal because of its enormous fees, but chances are that you kind of love at least one of the guys behind PayPal - Elon Musk. Other founders are Yu Pan, MaxLevchin, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek, Ken Howery. Musk was ousted from the company though when he wanted to move everything from Unix to Microsoft.


Right now in 2018 PayPal has 244 million active user accounts. In second quarter of 2018 there were 2.3 billion transactions totaling 140 billion in payments. PayPal's revenue? $3.86 billion. Net income around $1.795 billion. And the company has around 18,700 employees.

Not right?

PayPal has also managed to get something really wrong during its good run. In 2013 they accidentally credited $92 quadrillion to one account. If PayPal hadn't removed the "money" from the account, the man from Pensylvania said that he would have probably paid down the national debt.

The worst?

In 1999 PayPal was voted one of the 10 worst business ideas. Well, considering they initially gave $20 to everyone who opened an account with them as well as $20 for every referral, I can see why one could see them as the worst company. But then again, this also meant that this 60-70 million dollars they had to spend on it gave them 100 000 customers from day one.

Paying in stores?

While PayPal is mainly an online payment system, nowadays there are also a number of stores with in-store PayPal payments and more are coming soon. Additionally, one can now also participate in PayPal betting, in some countries users can have PayPal debit card, and so on. I remember a friend of mine mentioning me a while back that a homeless person once came to him asking for some change. He didn't have anything on him and the ATM was far away. And then the man asked - do you have a PayPal account? My friend said yes, he did, after which the man took out a PayPal payment system (or however it's called) from his pocket. Welcome to the new world.

Could These Passive Income Solutions Work for You?

The time was when people took a second job in the evenings or at the weekends when money got a bit tight or there was something big to save up for.
Nowadays, however, most people’s first job takes up evenings and weekends all too frequently, so savvy savers and earners have to get even smarter. Many full-time workers have some sort of passive income. A passive income means that they set something up, like an investment or a website, that generates money each month with very little input. For most people, this income stream is there for the extras – an end-of-month treat or a fancy holiday once a year – but for some it can be a real earner.

Here’s some ideas for your own passive income stream-

Investing in precious metals

This is actually the odd one out here, as it’s not really an income stream – you only get your payback when you sell your stash. However, once you’ve decided to invest in silver dollar coins and they’ve arrived and are securely in your safe, all you have to do is sit back and wait for a good time to sell (tip – this is when they’re worth a bit more than you paid for them!).

Join a peer-to-peer lending club

For the community-minded people out there, this is a brilliant solution. Not only are you helping a young (or, indeed, any age) entrepreneur get their invention off the ground by lending them money, but once they start paying the loan back each month, you get the interest on top too!

Start a drop-shipping store

OK, this might be a little time-consuming at the very beginning, but once you’ve got all your products described and listed, had a few good reviews and got into the groove, you just need a couple of hours a week to maintain your online empire. All the picking, packing and posting is handled by a third-party; all you have to do is handle a few customer queries and scout for lucrative new product lines when the spirit moves you.

Sell or license your photos

If you know your way round a camera, or even if you have a few shots in your collection that are worthy of publishing, don’t leave them languishing in oblivion in your cloud storage! They deserve to be seen and you deserve some kind of recognition or recompense, so send your best snaps to a stock photo site. It only takes a few minutes to upload them and then you don’t need to do anything else other than wait for someone to download them and pay for them.

Rent out your equipment

If you have a few expensive-but-handy appliances, like a jet-washer, a high-end lawnmower or a floor sander, then you could make a few hundred dollars a year (or maybe more) by hiring them out to people. You’d have to undercut your local hire shops, which might mean you can’t take a big deposit, or you could just hire out to people in your locale at very low rates.

Monday, July 30, 2018

A Dragon's Tale Quilt

Made from a pattern called 'Dragon's Tale' by Liz Schwartz & Stephen Seifert, our daughter Ria has been visiting us this Summer, and had been busy with creating this lovely pieced quilt.

August Is Back To School Month

Back to School Month in August gears up parents and kids with going back to school .
With shorter days, it’s time to dust off those backpacks,( or maybe get a new one?) fill them up and plan for a new school year. Preparing for the new school year includes everything from checkups, planning schedules and making new friends, but also school

-With “play for a purpose” being a popular buzz phrase within the toy industry, more toy companies are developing games that are engaging and educational, while still being fun. Hoyle is helping drive this trend through their two new card games, Super Me! and Monkey May I?, which help promote emotional intelligence, self-awareness and empathy in children ages 4-6. With simple instructions and fun themes, these games are the perfect back to school activity. The games are available now, giving parents or teachers plenty of time to pick up a few sets before the start of the school year!

*Watch for more Back To School ideas coming soon!

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Review: My Hoa Kai Blanket

Whenever I am sitting on the couch- whether reading or watching tv, I like to be covered up with a blanket. It just feels more comfortable. Now that it's summer and warmer though, my heated throw, even without it being plugged in, is just too warm.

I have a wonderful new blanket though that's perfect for the warmer weather. 

It's a Turkish blanket made in Southeast Turkey from 100% Turkish Cotton. This blanket is so soft and lightweight and stays cool against your body when your warm but equally it can keep you warm, when you double it up. It can be used at the beach, in the camper, for picnics too. Not just for covering up with it on the couch. ( But my favorite choice!)

The Hoa Kai site as well, also sells 100% Turkish Cotton towels, and kids ponchos. They are a brand new Kaua'i based business supporting weaving families in South East Turkey importing and distributing. Shipping is FREE within the USA for all orders over $75 and they offer great rates for worldwide shipping. 

If your looking for a great quality Turkish blanket/ towel that's not mass produced and helps families, Hoa Kai is your go to business.

Friday, July 27, 2018

The Benefits of Opening An Account Online

The internet has made life so much simpler. We can shop and play online and now we can also bank online. From opening the account to tracking our finances, the introduction of online banking has helped millions of people’s lives easier by enabling us to stay connected digitally to our accounts and our funds. 

Doing your research

Before opening an account, you need to know which product suits your needs. The bank’s website should be the first stop for all the information necessary to help make your decision. From the terms and conditions to the main features and benefits of the account, banks such as BBT have a wealth of information on their website that enables you to compare a variety of products. Once you have chosen the right product for you and confirmed that you are eligible, it’s simply a case of clicking apply and starting your new bank account application.

What information will I need to provide?

When opening an account online, the bank is required to carry out some standard checks when reviewing your application. As the process is usually automated, a decision can be provided within minutes but in some cases can take a couple of working days to be processed.  A form of photographic identification will be required, such as a passport or driving licence to verify your identity. Proof of your current address will also be requested, such as a utility bill or credit card statement as well some basic information about yourself and your income. 

What makes this a good way to open an account?

Banking online can be a much more efficient and inclusive way to apply for an account than simply making an appointment to visit a branch. With the vast majority of people leading busy lives, finding the time to get to the branch when it is open can often be challenging. Having the ability to apply online and upload any documents required from the office or at home can be a real time saver. Not only can you apply from a computer but you can upload documents using a tablet or mobile device enabling you to storeyour personal documents securely but also have them on hand wherever you are should you need them.

Managing the new account online

Once you have opened the account, managing it online can be a great option for those who want to stay informed about their finances and track their spending on the go. Online banking details can be used on the bank’s website, on their app through your mobile device and even through the phone should you ever have to call them. These multi-channel credentials make contacting the bank easier and gives you more choice when choosing how to interact with your account. Usually, you will be asked to create a memorablepassword and security number that verifies you as the account holder, keeping logging in simple and secure which is incredibly important when transacting online.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

2018 Back To School Lunch Bag Ideas

It won't be long before the kids are Back to School and we have the Back To School lunch bag ideas for all ages! Great ideas like:

Go Organically Fruit Snacks -

These great snacks are USDA-certified organic, made with real fruit, GMO-free, gluten-free and preservative-free. Tasty AND organic!

Watch this spot for more great lunch bag ideas- coming soon!