Monday, April 22, 2019

Before and After RV Kitchen Sink and Tap Replacement

The before: Older taps and an acrylic sink that was so hard to keep clean.

      The after: Stainless steel sink we got at RV scrap yard and cleaned it up, for $20. New faucet. So much better!

Instagram Giveaway! ( Canada )

                                    We're having an Instagram giveaway
                    Your chance to win a $50 Starbucks gift card- (Canada) 

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter!

               However you spend your Easter Sunday today- enjoy your day. As well remembering the true meaning of Easter .

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Spring Time Car Maintenance Tips

Now that springtime has arrived, you are probably thinking of taking an adventure to some far off and forbidden land or maybe just impressing your friends around the corner. Taking a road trip and following the ambitions of your heart can lead you to the world of pleasures that you are seeking (if your car is mechanically fit for the trip that is). But, even if you are stuck at home and taking a staycation, there are many reasons to polish your car into a brilliant luster, inside and out. No matter what you have in mind, you will thank yourself if you are careful to follow the springtime car maintenance tips, below.

Tip #1: Check Your Battery

The battery is the heart of your automobile. If it is weak, you will not get a clean crisp spark and will start to wear out the brushes on your alternator. The alternator will be forced to work overtime if the battery is not holding a good charge. Use a multi meter to check the DC voltage at the terminals when the car is off, idling, and after revving the engine a few times into the higher RPMs. A good battery will hold a charge over 12v and fluctuate up to about 13v when the alternator kicks in after the revving.

Tip #2: Wash Your Car

Spring is the perfect season to roll out the garden hose for a spring cleaning. To wash like a pro, you should buy an authentic car wash shampoo instead of using dish soap. Find a formula that will gently strip away any wax and residue so that you can apply a fresh coat of Carnauba wax or sealant. Use a wash mitt and have an extra bucket handy to rinse the soap off the mitt between sections. Always start from the top and work your way down to the hood, trunk, doors, and finally the front and rear fascias. Clean the wheels and tires separately with a brush to prevent contamination of your wash mitt.

Tip #3: Clean the Interior

You should first remove any clutter and consider purchasing a trunk organizer to store the things you really need. Once the car is decluttered, you can vacuum and sprinkle baking soda on the carpets to remove any odors. You may wish to then shampoo the carpets to remove all the built-up grime and odors that accumulated over the winter. You can use a few drops of essential oils on the dash to freshen up the scent instead of chemical air fresheners. Use products with enzymes like Febreze to eliminate the organic microbial odors in the upholstery and carpets.

This is also the perfect time to invest in new floor mats. You can go to many auto parts stores and have laser-measured floor mats manufactured and installed the same day. You should also consider investing in a set of quality seat covers if you want to protect your interior from stains, spills, grime, and odors.

Tip #5: Upgrade Your Air Filter

Now is the perfect time to add some performance flair to your vehicle. The simplest upgrade that you can make is installing a high-flow air intake filter. This will allow your engine to breathe better and improve your acceleration response dramatically. Best of all, the top performance air filters made by K&N last forever and need only be cleaned every 50,000 miles. You will appreciate the new life that this air filter adds to your engine and will benefit from more efficient combustion as well.

Tip #6: Replace Your Coolant Temperature Sensor

You should also replace your coolant temperature sensor if your vehicle is more than 5 years old. Because coolant temperature sensors are inexpensive, easy to install, and critical to proper engine performance, it is better to just replace them every 5 years or so than to bother testing them. They build up internal resistance and can throw misleading signals that don't illuminate your Check Engine light. These sensors typically screw right in or are held in place with a retainer that is easily pried off with a screwdriver. The only important thing to remember is that the repair should be done only after the vehicle has been sitting cold overnight. Otherwise, the pressurized coolant will jet out when you remove the sensor.

You should also replace your fuel filter if it hasn't been replaced in a few years. A clogged fuel filter can cause a no-start issue and leave you stranded. It will also reduce the performance of your engine and cause it to sputter, chug, and stall if it is badly clogged. And if your vehicle has over 100,000 miles on it, it is probably time to replace the fuel injectors even if they are working to ensure that the fuel is being atomized optimally. Replacing these key items can make your engine run like new again.

Tip #8: Replace or Check Spark Plugs

Spark plugs typically last for as much as 100,000 miles these days if you have platinum or iridium plugs. Yet, many still prefer cheaper copper plugs because copper is a better conductor. No matter what, you should still remove plugs and check them every 30,000 miles just to keep them from seizing in the head. When you check plugs, however, you need some special tools these days to remove the coil packs or plug wires. If you don't get these tools and just tug on the wires, you could damage them internally. You must also obtain the torque specs. and a torque wrench to reinstall them correctly.

Springtime Traveling Tips For Canadians

Now that your vehicle is all ready for a road trip, you can start planning out where you want to travel. Because so many Canadian communities are close to the US border, the US is a popular tourist destination for its convenience, luxurious accommodations, and the interesting products that you may not readily find in Canada. When you are traveling, you should always check the currency exchange rates of the Canadian dollar to plan a realistic budget of how much you'd like to spend each day. Vacationing in the USA can be very expensive because the property taxes are high on hotels and other places of accommodation. For better currency exchange rates, you may want to consider a trip to Europe, Latin America, or Asia.

Popular U.S. Destinations


Many Canadians like to travel to Vermont in the springtime because it is nearby to Quebec, Montreal, and Ontario. The water park at Jay Peak is a popular destination for families to have fun when it is hot out. People also like to go to the spring-fed lake called Lake Willoughby. It offers exceptional hiking trails, a nudist beach, and calm crystal-clear waters that you can peer through right to the bottom. It is located in the Northeast Kingdom and worth the stop when it is hot out.

Burlington, Vermont, is also a popular tourist destination for many Canadians. The Church Street Marketplace and cozy waterfront attracts thousands of tourists a month. You can shop in quaint little cafes or visit the City Market to buy the latest non-GMO organic foods from local Vermont farms. Be sure to try the creamies ice cream if you are there and the coveted Lake Champlain chocolates.

If you are in Burlington, it is only a few hours drive down to New York City. Why not plan an event by booking a nice AirBnB rental instead of paying top dollar for overpriced hotels? You can find some great deals on accommodations and get the inside scoop on what spots are hot in the city. Be sure to visit Brooklyn to find a piece of Israel tucked away in peaceful residential neighborhoods like Coney Island. There, you will find a combination of Russian and Jewish cultures combined with Asian. But, for the best pizza, you may want to stop by the Grand Central station to pick up the slices that move fresh and fast.

There are so many things to see and places to go in New York City that it is hard to take it all in over just a few days. The Statute of Liberty is a premier destination. Everyone needs to experience walking the distance and proving their stamina to conquer this queen. Although the subway trains can seem tenuous to step on at first, you will quickly find your way.

Driving a car around New York City can be problematic because parking is impossible in some areas. It is best to park your car and take a train if you are lucky enough to find a free spot. Pay attention to the street sweeping signs though because you might get a fine if you don't move on the days when sweeping is done.


If you are feeling adventurous and want to take a train from NYC to Orlando, Florida, you are in for a treat. Disney World is a premier destination that has something to offer for the whole family. It will create memories that enchant your children for a lifetime. Parents will be impressed with the quality of the cuisine. Everyone will enjoy the bright sun and tropical weather, a stark change from the cold Canadian temperatures. Florida also has unique infrastructure such as the monorail and is a world of wonder for people to explore swamps and feel like they are on a safari. It is an escape from the ordinary that pays off grandly in rich experiences.

If you are a fan of live music, and you like to drink beer, Nashville,Tennessee, just might be in your future. Although it is a long drive from Canada, you can usually find inexpensive flights. The Nashville international airport is regarded as one of the best in the country. This is where all the top celebrity music stars fly in to make an appearance from time to time. And Nashville is a constant party, from the motorized beer bikes to the honkey tonks that offer no entry fees and constant live music all night long. You will have the time of your life mixing and mingling with the finest southerners on the planet.


Since you are already down in the deep south, you'd might as well cross the border. Although some areas in Mexico are unsafe for travelers, the popular tourist destinations like Tijuana and Acapulco are sure to stretch your budget and offer you an exclusive experience. In Mexico, your tourist dollars are better appreciated. You will be able to live grandly and enjoy the experience of a different culture.

Whether you pass your time in a festive Mexican cantina or simply soak up the sun at a nearby beach, Mexico has a lot to offer. Just be sure to get your cholera vaccine before you travel to avoid Montezuma's revenge. Traveler's diarrhea can ruin an otherwise pleasant vacation and leave you high and dry, literally dehydrated. Oh, and avoid the salads, water, ice. You get the picture.

15 Budget Friendly Ways to Go Green Just in Time for Earth Day

Going green is about more than recycling and reducing your use of single-use plastic. Truly going green requires a shift in mindset towards a minimalistic lifestyle, which means only buying things you truly need. Thankfully, going green and adopting minimalism is easy on your wallet as well as the planet. Our world is fueled by consumerism, constantly telling us that we need more to be happy, when in reality it's simply a sales tactic used by big corporations to sell us more products. Rethinking your consumption habits and participating in no-spend challenges can help break the cycle of consumerism and save you money in the long run. took a look at categories such as shopping, pets, household products, food, technology and many others to provide cost-effective and useful tips to help you save green by going green. For example, did you know that energy saving power strips can save you up to $100 a year by automatically powering down items not in use? Or that if the entire U.S. population participated in Meatless Mondays, it would be the same as taking 7.4 million cars off the road? Check out the IG below for some energy saving tips and check out's blog post on Going Green on a Budget for more information. 

10 Ways the Average Person Can Improve Their Job Security

Job security is always going to be an important concern for those of us with regular jobs. The last thing we want is to completely lose our main source of income, so it’s vital that we find ways to keep our position or at least improve our chances at finding a new job should our employer collapse or experience financial difficulties. So in this article, we’re going to look at 10 ways that the average person can improve their job security in order to stay financially stable.

Source: Unsplash

1. Become essential to your business

If there’s one thing that will help you keep your job regardless of your industry, it’s when you become an indispensable part of it. Most employers won’t fire someone or let them go if they’ve become a crucial part of the business. This could be because their role is incredibly important and they fill it well, or because the knowledge they possess is something that nobody else has. There are plenty of unique ways to become essential in the workplace and it often depends on the type of office you work in. The simplest way to approach this is to consider what skills or knowledge you possess that no one else in the office has.

2. Put in the extra effort

Going the extra mile at work not only makes you a more productive member of the workplace but also helps you stand out from your peers and makes you a more valuable member of the office. This will help to give you a shield against being fired or let go for financial or productivity reasons and is often a great way to get bonuses at work too. Of course, you may also be taken advantage of by your employer, so it’s a good idea to moderate just how much extra effort you put into your work.

3. Adapt to changes in your workplace

If there are changes taking place in the workplace then you need to learn to adapt to them. For instance, if there’s a new branch opening or a new type of product or service, then you could potentially expand your horizons by adapting to those changes and offering your employer a completely new set of skills that can help them expand the business. An example of this is if your employer has decided to switch from a traditional system to one that uses more technology. If you can adapt to those technological changes faster then others then it could land you senior position.

4. Learn how to communicate effectively

Whether it’s communicating with your boss or speaking to your peers, effective communication helps you become more productive in the workplace and helps to solve miscellaneous issues in the office. If you improve your social skills in the office and learn to communicate more effectively then you can drastically improve your job security.

5. Go beyond your role in the workplace

If you’re capable of going beyond your role and learn new skills to help others in their department, then you’re going to appear far more indispensable and will be unlikely to ever lose your job. In fact, it could land you a promotion in the future as a senior member of staff that is capable of managing or assisting multiple aspects of the business. However, this does require you to be very vocal and also learn new skills that are useful in multiple parts of the business.

Source: Unsplash

6. Seek the services of third parties

Sometimes, keeping your job doesn’t really involve learning new skills, being more vocal or even working at all. Sometimes, keeping your job involves speaking to third-party professionals such as oilfield injury lawyers that can help you get back into your position after an accident at work or even attorneys that can help you deal with harassment and other related issues in the workplace.

7. Learn new skills and apply them to your workplace

There are plenty of ways to learn new skills in your own time in order to provide yourself with a better chance of getting promoted and keeping your employment position. You could ask your manager or a senior member of staff about undergoing courses to pick up new skills and become a more valuable member of the team, or you could consider learning yourself at home and develop new skills that can be applied to your position in the workplace. Employers like to see their staff developing new skills that can improve the business and make them more productive.

8. Help your co-workers

Helping your co-workers can earn you favor not only with your employer but also with other employees that you work with. This ties in with the idea of becoming an essential member of the team and providing you with some protection against being let off or fired. A member of staff that provides assistance to everyone else is essentially a senior manager in the making and it’s a great way to show your boss that you’re serious about your position in the office.

9. Become an expert in your respective field

In order to become indispensable, it’s often important to think of yourself as more of a consultant and adviser than just an employee. If you’ve got the knowledge and skills to be doing more in the business than what you’re currently doing, then showing off a little bit and establishing yourself as an expert can help you find more employment and growth opportunities that will help you keep your job.

10. Be honest with yourself

Sometimes, our line of work might not be the most interesting or enjoyable thing to take part in and it can usually lower our motivation and make us think twice about ever wanting to put in extra effort to help our employer. If you’re not motivated at all to improve your skills and play a bigger role in the workplace, then perhaps a new job is what you need to ensure your job security instead.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

2019 Mothers Day Gift Guide

Birth moms or adopted ones, they all have a place in our hearts. Even gammas are remembered on Mothers Day, special aunts, etc.. Remember them all this year, and tell them how much you love and appreciate them in your lives. If your looking for some great ideas for mom this Mother's Day, we have some great brands that have some nice ideas for you, to make shopping a bit easier. 


Their Everywhere blanket is a perfect Mother's Day gift, because the blanket is made by their good family friends in Otavalo who hand-craft each blanket as a representation of their culture, artisanship, and family unity. Mainly using recycled textile fibers, the artisans craft each blanket with the greatest respect for the environment. With its vibrant colors, generous size, and soft texture, their Everywhere blanket is meant to be used anywhere and everywhere, whether cuddling with your mom on a winter night while watching your favorite movie, enjoying a picnic outside under the warm sun, or seeking out new adventure while hiking through a deep forest. Where will your Everywhere Blanket take you?

Their ponchos, also hand-crafted by the artisans in Otavalo, are a wonderful addition to everyday life and festive occasions. The ponchos are non-allergenic, super soft, comfortable to wear and handmade in Ecuador entirely of recycled textile fibers. When they first discovered the ponchos, they immediately brought them home and shared them with their friends, who also fell in love with them at first sight!

The infinity scarves are unlike any other scarves the brand has ever discovered. Cozy but lightweight, each soft knit scarf is touchable and oh-so-soft. We, ourselves, love wearing our scarves everywhere we go either on cold winter days or cool summer nights, both for their comfort and for the many compliments we get wherever we go with them. 

Around Town Tote with Rubie Mini:

Give Mom a casual style with a sophisticated feel with Thirty-One Gifts’ big, beautiful Around Town Tote ($78 US)! Whether she’s out shopping, heading to the office, trekking to class or taking off for a fabulous weekend, this tote is the perfect carryall. There’s lots of great pocket space inside and a hidden cell phone pocket outside so she can take what she needs along with her wherever she goes. Available in neutral shades and bright colors to suit Mom’s personal sense of style. Choose a matching or complimentary Rubie Mini pouch to hold extras too ($22). 

JK by Thirty-One Jewelry:

JK by Thirty-One jewelry lets Mom tell her story with icon charms and personalized round, silver-tone charms personalized with a family photo or a colorful option featuring a design, initial, monogram or Celebration Birthstone Charm. Creating beautiful custom jewelry for Mom has never been so easy! Add them to your choice of chain necklaces with matching earrings.  

Close to Home Collection from Thirty-One Gifts:

Thirty-One’s home Close to Home accessories include beautiful rustic style, food-safe trays and caddies that are perfect for home d├ęcor, dinner parties, holiday gatherings, family get-togethers or just snack time. Made of natural mango wood with iron handles for carrying and a padded base, they clean easily with a damp cloth. Have your tray or caddy personalized with one of many design options, a phrase or name for an unforgettable gift for Mom. 

The Contentment Journal -

Releasing April 2, 2019, The Contentment Journal is the perfect gift for mom. Rachel Cruze, #1 New York Times best-selling author and Ramsey Personality, guides readers through 90 day journaling plan to help them live a life of contentment in a world full of constant comparison. The Contentment Journal is divided into 30-day increments:

    • The first 30 days focus on gratitude and recognizing the blessings in your life.
    • The next 30 days focus on humility and thinking of others more and of yourself a little less
    • The final 30 days focus on contentment and learning to be happy for others and not wanting what they have.

    The Contentment Journal retails for $19.99 at

    As host of The Rachel Cruze Show, and The Rachel Cruze Show podcast, Rachel helps people learn the proper ways to handle money and stay out of debt. She’s authored three best-selling books, including Love Your Life, Not Theirs and Smart Money Smart Kids, which she co-wrote with her father, Dave Ramsey. Mom's going love this!

    If there's one line of skincare I really love to say good things about, it's Patchology. I just LOVE their products! Their skincare works! Products contain peptides, vitamins, aloe vera, green tea and more. Mom will love their products- guaranteed.. she'll be a fan for sure..just like me!
    So many products to choose from, including their illuminating eye gels and hand masks. 
    So be sure to spoil mom this Mothers Day with Patchology!

    Charmed Crates Insulated Love Wine Tumbler with Straw-

    Mom will love sipping her hot or cold beverage in this specially designed Love Wine Insulated Tumbler. It's shatter proof, portable, BPA Free and Eco Friendly. Eye catching and stainless steel.. she'll be thinking of you every time she uses it.

    For the mom on the go

    This palette includes blush, highlighter, and bronzer! It is perfect for moms on the go that need to apply their makeup quickly without having to use multiple products.

    For the mom that needs pampering

    Want to show mom she needs a little extra “me” time? This charcoal mask is the perfect way to pamper your skin. The charcoal removes dirt and oil so your skin and mom feel refreshed! JOAH’s Foundation Makeup Brush will help with a smooth, easy application.

    For the mom with a sweet tooth

    Give the gift of bold, lasting color with JOAH’s KISS-A-HOLIC Lip Kit ($14.40). This kit includes JOAH’s three-best selling shades of Smack-a-ron Velvet Matte Lipstick in pie bites, Red Velvet and Cherry Cheesecake. Yum!

    For the glam mom

    JOAH’s Be My Everything Cream Contour Palette ($10.80) is the perfect gift for the mom that likes to get super glam! This multi-use cream contour palette includes 11 blendable shades to smooth, sculpt, brighten, color correct, and conceal.

     Add a little bit of luxury to your mom's bath-time relaxation with this cherry-scented bath milk, which gently foams to leave her skin soft and smooth.

     This light cream cools and relaxes the skin, combining the refreshing effect of Chinese peppermint with the nourishing properties of yi yi ren. A gentle massage relieves stress and tiredness, and the small tube makes it portable and perfect for unwinding no matter where you are.

    This Mother's Day give the gift of inner harmony. Rebalance body, mind & soul with this small gift set containing a foaming shower gel, shower oil, body cream and dry body oil: all enriched with harmonizing Indian rose and sweet almond oil. The gift set comes wrapped in a luxurious, eco-friendly keepsake box to store your favorite things.

    ***Watch this spot for more upcoming gift ideas.

    Make Every Day a Birthday w/ NEW Gluten-Free Confetti Buttermilk Pancake Mix

    This week Krusteaz launched four new gluten-free products, including the Confetti Buttermilk Pancake Mix –  a fun idea for parents to help make every day a birthday! The other three new mixes are gluten-free versions of the classic flavors consumers crave the most: the Yellow Cake Mix, Chocolate Cake Mix, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix.

    The new confetti filled mix is not only an incredibly Instagram-worthy, delicious gluten-free option, but it is a “piece of cake” to make! Prepared by just adding water, kids (or kids at heart) can help make and enjoy this fun breakfast or birthday treat, in a matter of minutes. The mix can also be made by adding eggs and milk for extra protein.

    All four new mixes have an SRP of $3.98 and can be found now in the baking aisle at Walmart and online at

    ·      Funfetti Pancake Cookies: The fun doesn’t have to stop at pancakes! Use the mix to make birthday cookies, perfect for entertaining at birthday parties so even your gluten-free guests can enjoy.

    ·      Sheet Pan Pancakes: The closest thing to a birthday cake you can find! With flipping required and baked on a sheet pan, you can have these fun rainbow pancakes ready for a large crowd in no time.