Monday, January 16, 2017

January 20 is National Coffee Break Day With Felix #Jams Plus a #Giveaway (USA)

Here’s a great excuse to slow down and savor the moment: January 20th is National Coffee Break Day. In Sweden the traditional coffee break, called a fika, is a treasured daily ritual, a time to spend time with friends and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee with a delicious pastry.

Felix Jams, the most popular lingonberry jam in Sweden and the USA, is marking the occasion by inviting you to try a special recipe for Lingonberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake. Rich with cinnamon, pecans and tart sweet lingonberries, it’s the perfect fika treat and a great excuse to take some time out.

Felix Jams are made of simple, pure ingredients: wild hand-picked berries, pure sugar and fresh water in a time-tested recipe.  Visit for more information and recipes, and on Instagram at  and share photos and recipes with #felixjam. And look for Felix recipes on Pinterest!

Lingonberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake

For the Streusel Topping
1 cup light brown sugar
1-1/2 teaspoons cinnamon
Salt to taste
1-1/2 sticks cold unsalted butter cut into small pieces
1-1/2 cups chopped pecans (optional)
For the Cake
1 ½ cup of flour
1 stick butter
1-1/4 teaspoons baking powder
½ teaspoon baking soda
¼ teaspoon Salt
1 cup sugar
2 large eggs
1-1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup sour cream
1 cup Lingonberry Jam
1 cup confectioner’s sugar
2 Tablespoons whole milk
1 Tablespoon Lingonberry Jam

Preheat oven to 350.
Mix all ingredients for topping. Put in refrigerator.
Mix all ingredients for cake and pour into greased 9”x9” pan. Top with Streusel topping and bake for 50 minutes.
Drizzle glaze over warm cake.

Felix Jams would love to give away a prize pack of 2 of their jams, lunch bag and spreader ( $35 value) to one lucky winner in the USA through our draw to be held January 30, 2017 from all USA entries received.

To Enter:
Leave a comment for Felix Jams on how you would use their jam if you won this giveaway- plus a way we can contact you.

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Best of luck to all!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Bill Williams River, #Arizona

On our way home from Lake Havasu, stopped at this road pull off for wonderful scenic pictures with the Bill Williams River in the background.


Missed The #Balloons Again!

So today was the last day of the Lake Havasu Balloon Festival. We thought we would try to head out again this morning, but guess we never got there early enough. So by the time we got to the grounds, the 2 tethered balloons that were up for rides, were deflated. It was quite disappointing, but not alot we could do. We werent going to hang around there all day waiting for the slight winds to diminish, so we left, but not before once again seeing the skydivers coming in- much closer this time. They come in quite fast but land quite nicely.


Saturday, January 14, 2017

London Bridge- Lake Havasu City, #Arizona

Got to see the famous London Bridge of Lake Havasu City today.
Recontsructed in the 1960's, this bridge was brought over from London, England. It's now one of Arizona's biggest attractions.

Were suppose to go to the Balloon Festival but it was a very rainy, and gloomy day today so we did some shopping @ Goodwill, .99 Store and Walmart and went to see the bridge and the English Village. Last day for the Balloon Festival so hopefully we may see what the weather will bring tomorrow.

                      Mohave Mountain Range of Lake Havasu City Arizona


Stop Paying For #Plastic #Bags!

If you've had the unfortunate experience of shopping without your own bags recently, you've probably noticed that fees for disposable bags are starting to add up. In fact, for an average family of four, those fees can amount to $10 a month! With Urban Market Bags, they not only pay for themselves in under four months, but they protect you from those pesky—and embarrassing—fees forever.

No matter who you are, everyone needs reusable bags. That’s why those in the know have sought out Urban Market Bags® -- the only bag system designed for everyone. 

Four reasons why everyone loves Urban Market Bags:
·          3 or 6 bags per drawstring pack (a real solution)
·          Contemporary colors (look great)
·          High quality, durable, and machine washable (truly reusable)
·          Fits in a handbag or the cupholder of your car (so you’ll never forget)

From soccer field to the gym, grocery store to the hardware store, and everywhere in between, these bags have you covered, in style.

$28 for the 3-pack and $40 for the 6-pack. Check out their color sets here

Friday, January 13, 2017

Where Are the #Hot #Air #Balloons??

We dropped Jakey off this morning at the Novak Animal Care Centre in Lake Havasu- and were quite excited to go to our first hot air balloon festival. But when we got to the grounds we heard it was too windy to safely fill the balloons. Even the ground one, that people could walk inside, while on the ground, wasnt available. Admission was $15 a person to get in, so hoping to go back tomorrow and see some balloons!

Here are some photos from the day of some other things that were on the grounds, such as a Dog Agility Course,Classic Cars, Vendor booths, and even parachuters! But no balloons was a disappointment.


Holiday Ideas for #Multigenerational #Families

Choosing a holiday that suits the whole family can be tricky. When you’ve got young children to please, older kids to keep entertained and Grandma and Grandad want to come along too, picking the perfect destination can be a nightmare. To try and make the selection process easier for you, we’ve narrowed down the best holiday types for multigenerational families.

Private Villa

When it comes to finding accommodation for everyone, sometimes hiring a private villa can be the best solution. Many villas have several bedrooms, a private pool, kitchen facilities and a sitting room area, so it’s basically like a home from home. A villa means that if grandma and grandad want to stay inside in the shade and enjoy a cup of tea, you can still be outside playing in the pool with the kids, so it’s the best of both worlds and everyone can still enjoy being on holiday together. There are private villas in most areas of the world from Florida to Majorca, so you’ll be sure to find a destination that suits all.

A Cruise

A cruising holiday is one that certainly has something for everyone. From the huge variety of on board activities, including everything from rock climbing to a spa and gym, to all of the different ports you’ll be stopping in, a cruise has something that family members of all ages will enjoy. With a range of cruises available to all different areas of the world with the Bolsover Cruise Club, you’ll be able to find one heading to destinations you’ll all love exploring together.

Log Cabin

If you’re a family who loves the great outdoors and want a relaxing break too, going on a holiday to stay in a log cabin could be ideal for you. There are many UK based log cabins, complete with outdoor, hot tubs, multiple rooms and an abundance of outdoor activities to enjoy. Older family members can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet when you head out on a bike ride, then you can all enjoy a late afternoon dip in the hot tub before heading out to cosy country pub for dinner.
With all these different types of holiday ideas for multigenerational families and more, get together with your family to find out what types of holiday everyone is hoping for and select the perfect one for you. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

#Birthdays On A #Budget: How To Get The Right Gift Without Breaking The Bank

You know the trouble with birthdays? The come around every year! And every year, no matter what, it never seems to get easier to find someone the perfect gift! Even if you know them better than anyone else in the world, it can still be a challenge. This is made even more difficult by the fact that you could well need to find something that isn't going to cost you an arm or a leg. I'm sure you'd love to get them a solid gold statue of themselves, but it's not really possible for most of us! But don't worry, there are ways to find the ideal gift, you've just got to be willing to get creative! With that in mind, here are three ways that you can find someone the perfect birthday gift while on a budget.

Look in unusual places

One of the main reasons people have so much trouble finding the right gifts is that they always look in the same boring places. The same big chain stores and the same online retailers. And that's fine if you're looking for something obvious. But if you want something more unusual and unique then you'll need to start looking in some slightly more unusual places. A lot of people are nervous about buying from thrift stores because they don't want to be seen to be cheap. But thrift stores can often have some amazing, borderline antique gifts that you'd never find anywhere else. And they're often pretty cheap too. If you're shopping online then try to do the same. Find smaller independent companies to buy from. You should make sure to look internationally as well. Companies like Skypax offer a forwarding service that allows you to purchase items even when the seller doesn't ship internationally.

Make them something

Now, don't worry. You don't need to be particularly crafty or artistic to make something that you can give as a wonderful gift. The internet is filled with ideas for simple and easy projects that make incredibly thoughtful presents. Why not create a photo collage of time that you've spent together. Or find an old wooden box and fill it with mementos, letters, and inside jokes; anything that has meaning to the both of you! Whoever you give it to is sure to feel just how much love and thought went into it.

Give them the gift of an experience

Sometimes a present does need to be a physical item at all. Why not give them an experience instead? It could be a trip to a play they've always wanted to see, or it could even be something as simple as setting up a scavenger hunt in your local woods. In fact, you could even combine this with the previous suggestion. Leave them clues that will lead them to different hidden mementos of your lives. Each one can contain a clue to where the next one is hidden. That way they get a thoughtful gift and they receive it in a way that they're going to remember forever.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

#j.skinner - Modern #Artisan #Baking - Danish Review

When the j.skinner company says they are devoted to delicious, they aren't kidding.

We've been reviewing their artisan baking for a few months already and they do not disappoint.

Since Gerry loves danish- he was the reviewer of their premium danish coffee cakes. His review doesnt go much beyond; "mmmm" and another "mmmm" . He says wow they are sooo good. 

He says they smell so good. The pastry is light, and airy. Cream cheese adds another great flavor to tickle the taste buds.What more can we say...they rock!

And while he'll be enjoying these for after lunch and supper desert, I'll have a chocolate sweet rolls of theirs! My favorite!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2017 Valentines Day Gift Guide for Her

Valentine's Day is around the corner and it's time to find that special gift for your other half. Looking for something that will sweep her off her feet? Look no further! Our Valentine's Day gifts for her  is full of wonderful gift ideas we know she'll love.

Luxe by Mr. Bubble-

Mr. Bubble is living the Luxe life these days. For more than 55 years, the nation’s best-selling bubble bath has made bath time fun for generations of kids and their parents. Now, Mr. Bubble is all grown up with the introduction ofLuxe by Mr. Bubble at Target —  two spa-like products for women everywhere just in time for Valentine’s Day. And don’t worry, not only do these new introductions have the same great original Mr. Bubble scent, but also a new fragrance Sweet & Clean.

Wrapped in  retro cool signature Mr. Bubble pink and seafoam green reusable packaging to match each fragrance, fans can indulge in Bubble the Day Away Powdered Bubble Bath (back by popular demand and in a reusable tin), and Bubbletini Bath Bombs, served in a martini shaker should soakers need to whip up a cocktail while relaxing in luxurious suds.

Every woman needs a ‘timeout’ once in a while. Luxe by Mr. Bubble allows her to pamper herself and enjoy a relaxing escape. She’ll love you for gifting her this affodable, nostalgic retreat.

**Watch this spot for more gift ideas..