Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Preparing For The Personal Disasters That Break The Bank

There are times in life when you have to deal with something unexpected. This can be a traumatic, emotionally painful experience but it can also leave you in financial trouble. If you do experience a personal disaster that leaves your finances questionable, you might turn to a number of dangerous options to handle the situation. For instance, you could look towards a short-term loan. If you do this, then you might ultimately be left with even more debt than when you started. As such, you should always avoid a situation like this.

The only way to do that is to make sure that you are completely prepared for some of the worst personal disasters that can and will weaken your finances.

Let’s start by thinking about the danger of a home hardware issue.

Paying The Price Of A Home Fix

There are various issues that can cost a fortune in your home. You need to watch out for damage to things like your boiler, your roof, the foundations of your property and your basement. Anything like this can be a fortune to repair. Appliances such as the washer and dryer may also need expensive repairs, or they could even need replacing. How do you handle issues like this?

Well, first, you need to make sure that you are keeping a check on your home. There are companies that will inspect your home on an annual or six-month basis. The benefit of this is that you will always be aware of a problem long before it starts to grow out of control and becomes a more serious issue. If you get alerted early, it can be the difference between a boiler replacement and a boiler repair.

As well as getting your home regularly inspected, you should also make sure that you are saving money each month for these type of disasters. You won’t be able to pay it with savings completely, but it will make it a little easier to handle.

Dealing With An Injury

There are some major expenses that come with an injury including the cost of medical care and the cost of loss of work. If the injury was severe, you might be unable to work for months even years. It could even permanently impact your financial earnings. That’s why you do need to start by asking yourself whether the injury was caused by something that wasn’t your fault. If you slipped on the floor of a private property, the owner is responsible under premises liability. If you were injured at work, your employer could be accountable. You might think this is money grabbing, but it isn’t if someone really is to blame and can be held liable.

To find out whether you do have a case, you need to contact a lawyer. Remember, our lawyers will do everything in their power to get us the compensation we deserve in the event of a disaster like this. It’s not about getting something for nothing. It’s about making sure that you have the money you need to keep your finances healthy after an accident where you weren’t to blame. If you can’t afford legal help, you should look for a lawyer who will complete the work pro bono and only gets paid if you win.

Dealing With A Lawsuit Against You

Of course, the shoe might be on the opposite foot. You could be sued with someone accusing you of causing them an injury. You’d be amazed who might put a case like this up against you. It could even be a family member and defending yourself could cost a fortune! How do you handle it? Well, first, you need to make sure that they don’t have a case. If they do, it’s best to settle as quickly as possible because this will avoid stretching legal fees to the bring. You could get a free lawyer in this case, but you’d risk the possibility that the person suing you claims a massive amount in damages.

If you can’t settle put forward the best legal defense you can and spare no expense. Then, put forward a counter suit. This will provide you the option of suing the person who dragged you into court. It’s a brilliant way of getting the money back and teaching someone who tried to squeeze money out of you a valuable lesson.

As you can see then, there are a number of personal disasters that could cost you a fortune. But, if you take our advice, you can protect your finances in all of these situations.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tips For Protecting Your Eyes From Disease

If you want to improve the way that you live and the way that you see the world, you will want to make sure that one of the number one things you can for your health is to take care of your eyesight. Eye problems are very likely to happen as we begin to age: in fact, a large percentage of Americans begin to struggle with their vision later in life even if they didn't struggle with it as children.

Eye disease and risk can be increased as we age: in fact, age itself is one of the leading causes of vision beginning to worsen because many of the diseases that occur are brought up with age. These can include macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, and others. Protecting the eyes from disease deserves its own set of tips and can be a strong contributor to the overall quality of your life through all its many stages.

Here are a few tips we have compiled in order to protect eyesight from disease.

1. Eat healthfully
There are certain types of nutrients that your body needs in order to protect the eyes from disease and also to improve vision as opposed to let it degenerate over time. Vitamins A, C, and E as well as zinc minerals, beta carotene antioxidants, and DHA from omega 3 fatty acids can help to reduce the disk of diseases. Many of these nutrients can be derived from a multivitamin, but they can also be obtained from a healthy diet that is full of vegetables (greens are great) and fruits. It is vital to get the right types of nutrients in order to prevent a multitude of difficult eye diseases.

2. Get your eyes checked out
Not sure how you are doing with your eye health? Or, thinking you are up to date with your prescription and you just got checked out a couple years ago? Go get an eye exam regardless because if you do not wear glasses, you need to be checked for eye illnesses that do not necessarily rear their presence on their own. If you do wear glasses or prescription contacts, you at least need to make sure your prescription is up to date as eye sight can change with time as we age. Protect against vision problems by letting your ophthalmologist check out your eyesight every two years.

3. Stop smoking
There are a number of dietary and drug-induced types of influences that can have a negative influence on the eyesight. However, smoking is extremely bad for eyesight as damage to blood vessels and poor circulation only increase the risk for eye sight diseases that can develop over time. Never been susceptible to eye illness? Smoking can increase the risk through constriction and allow for the development of cataracts (for example). Stop smoking today and let your eyes experience a full and happy life of health!

4. Use eye protection
Protecting your eyes is comprised of more than just avoiding flying objects. Although wearing safety glasses while working in manufacturing environments is important and a necessity to avoid any eye injuries, wearing glare-reducing computer glasses while working in front of a computer monitor for long hours would be the key to preventing eyesight from further disease. Fatigue and soreness can develop from digital eye strain symptoms if adequate breaks are not taken from sitting in front of a computer monitor, and computer glare-reducing lenses can help to ease the strain. Avoid the strain of the blue light and make sure your eyes maintain good health for the long haul.

Having great eye health and avoiding disease is not a guaranteed thing over time. In fact, you could practice all of the four tips above and still develop eye illness after some time later in your years. However, getting checked out for eye health, wearing eye protection, avoid cigarettes and smoking, and eating the right foods can give you the best chances for protecting your eyesight from disease in the long-term of things.

If you have other ideas that you would like to add to this list or you are not satisfied with the content of the article, simply leave a comment below and we will begin the discussion of your ideas for protecting your eyesight and keeping the health in your vision so you can be free from disease and eye illness as you age.

Monday, February 19, 2018

DIY- Replacing RV Upper Cabinet Glass Inserts

I got tired of the outdated frosted white glass with it's gold etchings in our RV and was looking for a change.

Gerry priced out black Plexiglas after someone told him that glass would cost more. But upon going to Home Depot and looking at the Plexiglas, he found a yet cheaper option, and that was a piece of black PVC for $8 as opposed $32 for the Plexiglas.

Here's the Before and After pics below.. thanks Gerry!

It took about an hour to take all the glass out- was glued in and had to be all cleaned out ...

Love the new look so much better- what do you think? Still need to do some re-staining of the wood in here- all a work in progress.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Vacation Revelations: Yes, You CAN Afford to go Away This Year!

Family vacations are what memories are made of, and a week or two away is a great time to bond, enjoy each other’s company and have fun. In years to come, it’s these kinds of occasions that you will all look back on fondly, so it’s nice to get away as a family every once in a while. The thing with travel is it can be expensive, and so if you’re living on a budget you might have ruled out a vacation without even really thinking about it on the grounds that you can’t afford it. However there are plenty of money saving tricks and ways that you can get out of your hometown for a while and explore another part of the world. Here are some ideas!

If the money you have coming in right now is just enough to cover what goes out, then you’re not in the best position to save. In this instance, finding ways to earn extra money is the way to go. If everyone in the household pitches in, you could raise a good chunk of cash to use towards a trip. You and your partner could take on some extra hours at work, it could be weekends or overtime during the week. You could look into earning money from home, there are tonnes of freelancing sites these days where you can take on projects from the comfort of your own home. If you have teenage kids, they could get a part time job or do things like babysitting or car washing at the weekends to earn some money. Selling items you no longer use is a good way to raise some cash, most of us have old technology, broken jewellery, old clothes, accessories and more. These can raise a surprising amount of cash online, at boot sales and places like Facebook groups, plus it helps to declutter the house too. Contribute everything you all manage to raise into a pot, by the end of the summer you could have a nice chunk of cash for your trip.

Travelling doesn’t have to be all five star hotels, expensive tourist attractions and gourmet restaurants. It’s quite possible to get away and have a fantastic time without spending a fortune. You could book an all inclusive vacation, that way all of your food and drinks are covered and you know you won’t run out of money and end up stuck by later in the week. Lots of places offer cheap or free child places so it’s worth looking out for deals like this. You could go camping, this would save you on pricey hotel stays, or even consider a road trip in an RV or campervan. That way you have travel and accomodation in one, you can stock up the fridge with food from the grocery store and have a wonderful time without spending much. If you have money leftover, you could use this to book an attraction, shopping trip or fancy meal one night. Whether it’s a South African safari, a London shopping day or a trip up the Eiffel Tower in Paris, you could make this the highlight of your vacation. The other days there are plenty of cheap or free things to do. Parks, museums, art galleries, you could browse markets and sample street food. None of these things would cost much but would give you experiences and memories to last a lifetime.

By raising some extra money and getting smart with the trip that you book, for most people it’s possible to go away this year. So don’t disregard the idea just because you don’t have thousands in the bank.

Could You? Or Question Is- Would You Do Without It?

We're a society who loves our internet, tv and radio shows!
Has anyone gone without TV , internet or radio for a full 24 hours? Gerry and I were talking about that today after reading about a lady who was going to challenge herself to. I know I love being on the internet, and him he likes his TV- so could we, would we do it? Hmmmm - I'd have to say unless there was a power outage, or I'd be stuck on some island, am not sure we'd want to !

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Our Trip To Laughlin and Bullhead City- Nevada/ Arizona Border

Since we had stayed our two weeks @ Craggy Wash BLM, we had to move on to another spot. Decided to go see Laughlin, Nevada/ Bullhead City, Az., which share a border like we do with our Manitoba/ Sask. border back home. The gas costs more on the Laughlin side and they dont have any grocery stores. Shops and about 10 casinos in a smaller Vegas type town, but groceries have to be picked up in Bullhead City.. which was about 10 minute drive. 

  Loved the look of the outside of this hotel- made to look like a riverboat, but online reviews didnt have too much good to say about the inside.

                                         Bullhead City, Az- across the river.

Gerry was quite sick with a cold that's still nagging at him so we didnt do too much while in Laughlin. We did go to a couple casinos though, had some lunch and took some pictures, as well as walked down on the Riverwalk with view of the Colorado River.

               Water taxis, and leisure boat rides available on the Riverwalk

                                     Far end of town-  drove down the road which is a strip of hotels/casinos and the river.

              Even this little old granny in her walker/chair was playing to win!

Really not much else to do in Laughlin for sightseeing - its more about the casinos and the shows I guess. But now we can say we've gone.

            You can park with your RV behind the Tropicana Hotel for $7 a night- providing security, garbage and water/dumps for your RV.

** Photos can be clicked on to enlarge.

How to Get Through Some of Life's Toughest Problems

Sometimes it feels as though life is filled with never-ending disappointment. We all go through pain and hurt throughout our entire lives, and unfortunately, there is no escaping it. Life’s toughest problems are a part of being human. The good news is you are not alone. Whether you need a personal injury lawyer, help with credit repair, or you’re simply trying to fight your way to better health using all the best protein powders and fitness programs that money can buy, there are resources out there for you. But sometimes, the only one who can make the change is you. Everyone has their own demons in life; these demons are some of the darkest moments in one’s life that make them feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. You may even feel like no one gets how you feel, or even cares to listen. If you feel stuck in a certain situation but want to find the relief, you are in the right place. Take comfort in knowing there are millions of others going through the same thing as you. Take a deep breath, and learn how you can get through some of life’s hardest moments in a healthy and all-natural way:

  1. Tend to Your Needs First
Sometimes eating a gallon of ice cream and watching Netflix while nestled into your cozy mattress is the way the mend someone’s aching heart, and that’s okay! It is actually a healthy sign that you are dealing with your emotions and letting them be expressed openly. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself! Whether that is doing something you have never done, blowing your money on clothes you would never normally buy, or eat straight carbs for a week. No one is judging because if there is any moment in life to tend selfishly to your needs, it is the hardest life moments. Do what you need to do in order to make yourself feel better in the moment. However, that can’t become a never-ending cycle, eventually, it has to end. As much as we all want to eat away our problems, it is not the answer.

  1. Accept Reality
The next step to get through life’s hardest problems is not easy. However, accepting reality is the most important thing to do. It will soothe your mind and soul and give you comfort that nothing else can change reality. Acceptance doesn’t necessarily mean agreement, but it is about acknowledging a circumstance from a realistic standpoint. It is also about realizing you are not in control, but you can control yourself and your feelings. Accepting the reality of a hard situation can take anywhere from days to months. There is no timeline, so you aren’t expected to accept reality instantaneously; everyone gets through things on their own time. It all depends on the person and the situation they are in.

  1. Be Productive and Purposeful
Once you have accepted the situation you are in it will help you manage your thoughts and regulate your emotions. This will help keep your behavior productive rather than staying cooped up in your bedroom and letting life slip by. Unproductive behavior is like throwing a pity party, which involves constantly feeling bad for yourself rather than moving forward with life and staying productive. Once you start being productive again, ensure everything you do is purposeful. Sometimes the lowest moments in your life end up being the most fruitful when you apply your energy in a productive way. Maybe it’s time to fix up your home or enhance its value with the installation of artificial grass. No matter how you define productivity, when you add purpose to your actions it will help make your life seem more meaningful again and bring back happy feelings. Sometimes you just have to ask yourself, what can I do to help myself today?  Whether you need to quit your job or move away, just make sure it’s with purpose!

  1. Control Your Upsetting Thoughts
Now you have a good grove back in life, you have accepted your circumstance and now took action on what to do next. There will be days where dark thoughts creep back in to ruin your good progress and they can completely knock the wind out of you. It is important to keep your head strong. Your mind can sometimes be your biggest enemy if you believe your negative thoughts then you're limiting yourself. In times like these, you should either talk to yourself like you would a friend, or confide in a close friend, or resort to something that always makes you happy. Sometimes a certain song can trigger happy thoughts, or even replacing bad thoughts with happy thoughts can cure any negativity. It can also be cathartic to simply distract yourself and release pent-up energy playing online casino games—just make sure you read the reviews first from sites like Casinor to avoid putting yourself in a tight financial spot!

  1. Find Extra Comfort
There is nothing wrong with seeking help. Some of us find comfort in counseling or just finding a peer who you can confide in when times get unbearable. There is a reason why we have shrinks, so there is no shame in visiting one. In addition, maybe you want to invest your time into a belief system or religion you find comfort in. Whatever extra source of comfort you desire, it may be a good support system when these life problems seem to never go away. It is like putting on a brace for a mending broken bone.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Here’s How To Get Free Chobani

In celebration of Chobani’s 10th year anniversary, you can enjoy free Chobani now through March 4! It’s part of a national 10thanniversary celebration to say thanks and pay it forward to the people, employees, and communities who have helped Chobani grow, and welcome new fans to the family!

To receive a free participating Chobani® product:
•             Fans can print a coupon at and visit any participating retail store during the three-week offer period.*
•             The coupon can be redeemed toward any single item of 5.3-oz Chobani® Greek Yogurt, 5.3-oz Flip® yogurt snack, 10-oz Chobani® Greek Yogurt drink or 5.3-oz Chobani® Smooth (2-pack).
•             Chobani is also leveraging a customized Alexa command to give 30 million Amazon Echo users access to their coupon to use on Amazon Fresh and Prime Now Platforms.
•             Chobani is making enough coupons available for all of America where eligible.*

*No purchase necessary to receive free participating product. Quantities limited, while supplies last. Void in NJ & LA. For additional terms and restrictions visit

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Wishing everyone a wonderful day today- sharing days or nights with loved ones- enjoying being pampered with flowers, gifts, Valentine's lunches or suppers. And don't forget those Valentine's Day sales tomorrow! 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Valentine's Day Is About To Get a Little Sweeter

On Valentine’s Day there should be nothing sweeter than the love for your sweetheart. However, if you are looking for that proverbial “cherry on top”, now is the perfect time to indulge in some sweet treats, and since sharing is caring, you will certainly make your Valentine quite happy with any of these sweet treats. Treats like:

Dancing Deer

The Lots of Love Valentine's Day Basket is among the many Valentine's Day sweet treat gift ideas at the Dancing Deer. Award winning, scratch baked,gourmet, tasty and good!
The Lots of Love Valentine's Day Basket includes:

  • 8 Molasses Cookies
  • 8 Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • 4 Chocolate Chunk Brownies
  • 4 Caramel Pecan Brownies
  • 9 Hand-Decorated Heart Cookies in Chocolate and Vanilla
All of these delicious treats are packed in a rich hamper-style gift box with a red grosgrain ribbon. We personally are fans of Dancing Deer and love their baked goods!

 Chocolate Twist-

Chocolate Twist is a Riverside, IL-based artisan chocolate maker offering an assortment of chocolate bars, caramels, marshmallows, caramel sauces and more. Paired with a love for experimenting with delightful flavors and ideas, Chocolate Twist has built a reputation for offering one-of-a-kind treats. This Valentine’s Day Chocolate Twist will be offering Champagne Rose Petal Caramels, ( as pictured in above image) ,Go Fudge Yourself Chocolate Bar (for a passive aggressive gift), and Chocolate Thruple —chocolate cookie base, chocolate-infused caramel, chocolate ganache. Launched in 2011, Chocolate Twist has its roots in founder Kate Coffey’s childhood. Captivated by both of her grandmothers’ love of cooking and baking, Kate knew what she wanted to do with her life from a very early age, and so with a nod to the meandering streets of her hometown, Riverside, Illinois, Chocolate Twist was born.  

Or perhaps make your own cookies with help from a Krusteaz mix! 
Try their Easy Valentine Sandwich Cookies shown here... I know I'm getting me a mix and whipping some up. Arent they pretty??

Also love the G.H Cretors Valentine's Day Snack Mix. More than just a regular bowl of popcorn- G.H Creators livens and sweetens up that plain bowel of popcorn and makes it a sweet and pretty treat to have handy for guests or family this Valentine's Day!

***Watch this spot for more sweet treats, coming soon....