Thursday, March 5, 2015

2015 Gift Giving Ideas For Children

Find the perfect gifts for kids - every time. We have ideas for kidsgift ideas for birthdays and other special times when you need to gift.

HEXBUG Aquabot 2.0

The HEXBUG® Aquabot 2.0 is perfect for a year-round gift so that kids can experience the fun of having a pet fish collection, without all the messy clean-up!

The new water-born Angelfish and Hammerhead Shark are packed with smart fish technology, added sensors and an inner LED glow that makes them appear more alive than ever before! 
The Aquabot 2.0 swimmers are equipped with hi-tech sensors that enable users to wake a sleeping fish by simply running their fingers through the water, touching the fish or even tapping on the outside of the fish bowl.

Powered by electro-magnetic propulsion and an automatic on and off sensor that activates when submerged in water, these aquatic fish propel around to explore their environment, swimming, diving and changing directions. After five minutes without activity, the Aquabots will go into sleep mode to conserve battery life.

All of its design elements were carefully chosen by our engineers to get children to think about the science behind the robot. 

The HEXBUG Aquabot is compliant with CPSIA standards. 
Ages: 3 years and up. 
Available in ten translucent colors; two button cell batteries are included with each HEXBUG Aquabot 2.0. 
MSRP: Aquabot 2.0 $12.99

The Demarini Voodoo Paradox backpack from Sports Unlimited is a great gift for kids that are into sports, who are looking to take their gear with them everywhere and anywhere. The bag's neoprene bat sleeves with BarrelLock technology provide the bag with superior strength and durability, while maintaining the its lightweight design. The compartments within the bag are large enough to hold your kids' helmet, baseball glove, or any other gear you bring to the game. A few other great features include a fleece lined cell phone compartment to store valuables, as well as a vented shoe compartment for breathable storage. At a price of only $49.95, this bag incorporates the latest technology in sporting equipment at an unbeatable price. You'll be setting yourself up for success with the Demarini Voodoo Paradox backpack from Sports Unlimited. 

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2015 Baby/ Toddler Gifts

Welcoming a baby into the world. Christening the baby. Birthdays. And a whole slew of just-because parties and gatherings for babies and toddlers. In all these occasions, a gift is a must have when attending. Don't know what to buy? Worry no more! Here's a gift guide for the year for babies and toddlers.  

Cloud bCharley the Chameleon-

Charley the Chameleon from Cloud b is great for gifting all year long! He is a premium plush cuddly companion that helps children transition from play time to sleep time with scales that light up to ease fear of the dark and soothing sounds that help make every kid feel safer at night. Children’s imagination lights up as Charley projects a rainbow of LED light colours and plays delightful night sounds. This plush body pillow is the perfect companion for kids that are transitioning from the crib to their own big bed! 
Charley the Chameleon features 2 soothing sounds (Rain Forest and Tropical Tunes) and turns off with an automatic 45-minute sleep timer. 

Age: 0+
MSRP: $39.99
Available at independent toy, gift and baby stores across Canada
Requires 3 AAA batteries (included)  

Skip Hop-

Zoo Storage Bin- 


Whether these versatile storage bins are holding books, shoes or toys, they each add a colorful Zoo personality to any room. Zoo bins are made of sturdy canvas and fold down flat when not in use.

Our adorable Activity Gym features soft linen and patterned arches and includes a matching supportive Tummy Time pillow.
Five hanging toys attach to 13 easy-to-hang loops offering irresistible multi-sensory play for baby at every stage of development. A mirror and built-in sounds and textures on the mat add to the fun.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

2015 Gift Guide For Teens

Finding the right gift for your teen can be tough, so we’ve found some great ideas for birthdays and other special occasions, that we think your teen will love.

These Paint by number kits are ideal for aspiring artists. Kit comes with complete, clear instructions and techniques to guide and inspire your work. Perfect for young adults to practice their craft. High quality acrylic paints, brushes, and pre-printed canvas allow you to create a realistic work of art. These fun, slightly wild designs are great keepsakes and wall hangings.

**Watch this spot for more great gifting ideas for teens.

Save Money the Fun Way- The Joy of Making Your Own Clothes

Making our own clothes seems to be something of a lost art in 2015. Yet, our grandparents and their grandparents had all perfected the art of sewing, needlework, and fabrics. It’s a great way to save money. But, it can also make you shine out a like a star. After all, fashion is incredibly dull. Everyone looks the same. What could be better than creating your own clothes? You’ll stretch that dollar further and look fantastic in the process.

Making Your Own Clothes: It is Easier than What You Think!

Creating your own garments doesn't have to be a painstaking nor difficult task. On the contrary, it’s rather simple to do. You can make your own clothes and look fabulous in the process. However, one killer piece of advice we can give, is that these things take time!

What Do You Want to Make?

Making sense of what you want to make is important. You may want to start off small. So, create a simple t-shirt or skirt. These can be fun to make and simple to do for novices to the world of home sewing. If you’re a newbie to the world of home sewing, it may be best to invest in some cheaper pieces of materials. Check out thrift stores and grab patterns that you love. Avoid expensive materials while you are learning. It’s a sure-fire way of wasting money!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Book Review: Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery Set by Jon Duckett

Review by: Jon

A two-book set for web designers and front-end developers

This two-book set combines the titles HTML & CSS: Designing and Building Web Sites and JavaScript & jQuery: Interactive Front-End Development. Together these two books form an ideal platform for anyone who wants to master HTML and CSS before stepping up to JavaScript and jQuery.

Our reviewer Jon says:

- the books are nicely laid out and easy to read with visual graphics, not a plain text black and white type of writing style
- downloadable code allows you to easily follow along with the examples and tutorials in the book
- price is well worth it
- can be used by a person new to coding working on their very first webpage to people who are working in the industry that have built many websites
- first book will take you through HTML & CSS concepts to build a basic webpage then the second book, Javascript & JQuery, will take you through more advanced concepts to add interactivity to your webpages (as the names suggest)
- if you are looking at building websites as a hobby or career, these 2 books are a must!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Sheraton Cavalier - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Since we do not live close to the airport,when we go for vacations we usually break up our trip by staying a night in a hotel before we depart and after we arrive. It helps break up what would otherwise be a very long trip and makes us fresh for our return home. ( Home being 5 hours from Saskatoon).

When we return from our trip to Vegas we will be staying at the Sheraton Cavalier in Saskatoon. This great 3.5 star hotel in located in the center of town close to several attractions such as the Ukrainian Museum of Canada and Midtown Plaza. Families will love this hotel as it features a water park and water slides, and this is perfect for any kid or just a kid at heart. 

Adults will love the Free WiFi as well as the 24 hour front desk (you never know when you will need them) or the 24 hour business center- there is even a little coffee shop for a little early morning pick me up on our way home.

The rooms are decorated in plush decor and feature all the amenities that you have come to expect from a world class hotel. The hotel is also a Starwood member which goes a long way to making this stay a little more affordable.
And always be sure to check out their fun offers for extra savings!

Make a Reservation at Sheraton

Find rooms and rates at Sheraton Hotels & Resorts. Or, if you prefer, call 800-325-3535 in the United States or Canada, or contact one of their Worldwide Reservations Offices.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

TruVision 4 Life

Tru Vision Rocks! Need help with getting yourself some non jittery energy?  Need some control over snacking ? How about help to lose at least 10 lbs?
Check out more info @ TruVision

* Home business opportunity available- this company is under a year old and a great chance to get in on the ground floor of something new!

Louis Anderson Live @ the Plaza Hotel Las Vegas

When in Las Vegas next month we will be going to the Plaza Hotel and Casino located in the historic downtown Vegas. It has been an iconic Vegas hotel for 40 years and a recent 35 million dollar renovation allows it to retain its Vegas charm but also get a little bit of a 'face-lift' to fit into the future Vegas. With over 1000 spacious and renovated rooms it is a great place to 'hang your hat' when you visit the city

We will be checking out some of the great entertainment offered by the hotel- namely Louis Anderson the Emmy award winning comedian. Louis shares the ups and downs of growing up as one of 11 children in Minnesota. Timed at 7 pm, the show is good for the entire family to come and enjoy. We have always enjoyed Anderson's brand of humor having seen his numerous television appearances as well as sitcom and movie guest starring roles, including the classic “Ferris Buellers Day Off”.

We are very excited to see this show live, it is an example that Vegas has a lot to offer in terms of world class entertainment, and we cannot wait to be a part of it.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Renting With Alamo Car Rental- Las Vegas

When we are travelling, like to our upcoming vacation to Las Vegas, it makes most sense to rent a car when at our destination, after flying in. When in Las Vegas, we will be renting our car from Alamo.

Alamo is the largest car provider to international travelers visiting the United States-just like us. They offer a great service with low prices being offered every day. As you know, good value is very important to us. If you join  the Alamo Insiders you can get 5% off everyday low prices.( Free sign up!) If you prepay your car you can even save more money. Alamo even offers you to check in before you arrive, which is super convenient if you just want to pick up your car and go. With 63 locations in the United States, you can easily find a service close to your destination.

The Alamo website is very user friendly and allows you to view , modify and cancel at a click of the mouse. In fact it was the first to use an online booking service and pioneered an online chick in service. And for the business traveler check out their sister company -National Car Rental

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Book Review: From Middle Class to Millionaire

When life gets busy it is more difficult to find time to read. This is why when I do have time for a book, I like to make sure it is one that I can learn something from.

Recently I read, From Middle Class to Millionaire: The Money Handbook for the Other 99% by David Lester. This book identifies the money obstacles that the everyday Canadian has to deal with as well as helps you build solutions to do just that. The book identifies the challenges of David's four “Ps” that the middle class faces and tries to find ways to re-catch the prosperity of yesteryear.

While I was not much into investing part of the book, I really enjoyed the later chapters and the practical advice given in an non technical language. I love books on saving money, so in the near future, I hope to read the author's first book – “I (heart) money". Be sure to also check out his blog I Heart Money. David offers some great free reading tips on it!