Sunday, August 20, 2017

The "What They Need This Year For Back To School" Guide

Back to School  Wondering whats new and hot for Back to School this year? Grades k-9? We've gathered some great ideas- starting with:

Bobbi-Toads  -

The most creative and innovative shoes out there. Unique & customizable kids' shoes that can be decorated! These shoes make an awesome fashion statement! Paintable and light-up shoes- sure to please her! 

***Watch this spot for more Back To School Must Have's!

Nutritional Gaps?

Is this you? Nutritional gaps? It's time to Thrive!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

#Tired?? Thrive Mini #Experiences For Sale

I now have the THRIVE 2, 3 and 7 day mini experiences for sale! $15, $25 and $50. This will include your capsules, lifestyle mix and DFT's! 

Email me @ and I can get your info to get you started!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Thinking About #Investing? Here's How to Take It Slow

Investments are often seen as expensive things. For instance, investing in a house or an apartment to sell can cost you an incredible amount of money. Not only that, but it takes a lot of time and dedication in order to fully utilise your investments, and there’s often a need for an external service to help you such as a financial manager and it may incur fees.

As a result, investing can be costly and unless you’re willing to put in time, money and effort to make it work, your investment only serves to deepen the pockets of the rich and wealthy while at the same time making yourself bankrupt. It’s not the most promising idea, which is why we need to look towards cheaper methods to build up your experience with investing.

Source: Pexels

Why it’s important to start slow

One of the most important concepts in investing is cutting your losses. It’s also an important idea in any kind of business, but the general rule of thumb is that you only invest in things that are a safe bet and you learn to cut your losses when something is taking a bad turn. It’s a delicate balancing act, sadly, because you need to consider the possibility that something is simply experiencing a slight drop in value. These are known as volatile markets and the price of something can fluctuate wildly during the day.

It’s important that you understand the difference between cutting losses and also holding yourself back from a panic sale. This only comes with experience and knowledge in an industry, which is why you need to practice and learn to tell the signs. It’s not a skill that can simply be taught, which is why it’s recommended to start slow with your investments and work your way up when you can handle both failure and losses.

Source: Pexels

Do your research

If you plan to invest, then it’s a good idea to research. It’s possible to make money with Bitcoin, day trading, Forex and even private loans, but you have to understand their concepts, how they work and learn how to get into those markets in the first place. Bitcoins, for instance, are a type of cryptocurrency that doesn’t require a license or much setup time at all. It’s also something that can be traded over a long period of time or just a short one, making it a fantastic investment to practice with at both low and high values.


With enough practice and skill, you can make a living and turn trading and investing into a day job. However, it’s important to take it slow and easy so you can learn as you go along. Don’t make the mistake of trying to jump into the deep end with investments. Do your research, learn the jargon and give yourself some time to grow. Don’t expect huge profits within the first month, and expect to lose money more than you gain a profit as you build up the experience needed to be an investor.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

How To Thrive For #Energy and Your #Health!

How to Thrive ðŸ‘‡
Step 1: Take 2 premium lifestyle capsules on an empty stomach with water every morning before your feet hit the floor!

Step 2: 20 minutes later mix up a super delicious pack of our premium lifestyle mix and enjoy ðŸ‘Œ

Step 3: Apply DFT the only wearable nutrition and the final step in feeling amazing everyday ðŸ™Œ


Trendy Birthday Gifts for Kids Under 12

Sometimes it may be hard to keep up with what is popular with today's kids. These things seem to be forever changing. What was in three month ago, may be out now.

When looking for fun, educational or  trendy gifts for kids, for gift giving, consider these suggestions below, that are sure to get a smile out of them.

When it’s raining outside, Lottie is quick to pull on her raincoat and boots and go on a muddy adventure. She loves the sound of the squelch of her boots in the mud, and it is great fun to find the deepest, muddiest puddle and jump up and down in it. Lottie also likes puddle jumping with her friends and having a competition to see who can make the biggest splash.

Birthday Girl Sophia is Lottie's younger sister - with the same long blonde hair as her sister, but styled differently. She is another welcome addition to the Lottie family! She loves celebrating her birthday - sharing cake and treats with her friend and family, and playing lots of games! She is dressed to impress in her silver tutu and sparkly bag, and comes with an invitation, birthday card and a thank you card!

Lottie loves to be out in the countryside riding her pony, Sirius. A Welsh Mountain Pony, Sirius is strong-willed, excitable and very determined. Like Lottie's other pony, Seren, Sirius's name is also star-themed. Sirius is the brightest star in the Earth's night sky.

Why are Lottie, Finn & Friends the perfect Birthday Gift?

“Lottie, Finn & Friends are the perfect gift for your little one - Lottie Dolls are Inspired by Real Kids and have been created with childhood in mind! We want all kids to embrace childhood, have some amazing adventures, and most of all, to have lots of fun!

We believe that childhood should be an inclusive place where every child belongs regardless of gender, ethnicity or ability and aim to reflect that in our collection. Lottie, Finn & Friends are based on nine-year-old children and the dolls are relatable to all the elements of childhood – Lottie’s motto is Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You!”

To shop the collection, or to find out more visit our Website here:
You can also find us on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube & Pinterest!

Mo’s Nose series by Margaret Hyde-

The entire Mo’s Nose series by Margaret Hyde follows a rescued dog named Mo on several journeys as he discovers the beauty and wonder of colors through his sense of smell. The series invites readers of all ages to explore and use their many senses while reading stories that celebrate discovery, organic play and inspire feelings of compassion, service and stewardship. In Mo Smells the Ballpark, the newest book in the series set to come out in May, Mo and his friends experience all of the sights, sounds and SMELLS of the big game.  The charitable elements, charming illustrations and scent-tastic sense of adventure make Mo’s Nose the perfect birthday gift for a special little one! The series is available through, and select brick-and-mortar booksellers nationwide.

Barbie® Potty Training Taffy: Barbie Doll and Pet Playset-

·         Barbie® doll shows how much she loves her pets by taking good care of them

·         With the Barbie Potty Training Taffy set, you can help Barbie doll feed and clean up after her pets

·         Taffy® dog actually poops — just push her tail!

·         Barbie® doll looks adorable in casually cool capri pants and print t-shirt

·         Animal accessories include a dog food-toting backpack (attached to Taffy® dog), a doggie food dish with treats, a pooper scooper, “poop,” and a trash can!

Global Groove-

Fun hand-felted bag for your young fashionista!  Moss-green bag featuring mushroom scene, with flower and lady bugs.  A perfect garden scene for any little girl!  Made in Nepal. **Your purchase helps a certified fair trade organization that works with women, supporting and developing artisan co-ops in Thailand and Nepal.

With this extensive set you can compose a total fleet! Build a bulldozer, a fire truck, a forklift, a tow truck, a pick-up truck or a van! The cockpits, cabins, scoops, wheels and other attachments can be easily clicked onto the bars. All parts can be combined with all existing SMARTMAX® sets. Together with the bars and metal balls, you can create an endless range of possibilities.

All SmartMax vehicle sets compliment and work with the SmartMax construction sets. 

A cordless and battery-free, the boozik (bamboo + music) synergizes nature with the age of technology. Being both sturdy, compact and light, the boozik is perfect for amplifying on-the-go music, videos and phone calls. 
Watch the video- this is too cool!

** Watch this spot for more trendy birthday gift ideas!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Why NOT #Thrive?

Ask yourself, do you REALLY want to feel this way? Because you absolutely DON'T have to! Do your body a favor and go check it out how to Thrive ! And then contact me to start today!!

Friday, August 11, 2017


In honor of National S’mores Day, homeowners across North America have the chance to win a Belgard fire pit to enhance their outdoor living spaces through Belgard, the leader in outdoor living essentials for the patio and beyond. The National S’mores Day giveaway, that started yesterday, continues through 5 p.m. ET on Thursday, Aug. 31. ( US residents only)

To enter, homeowners can visit and submit their favorite s’mores recipe or story for a chance to win a Belgard Fire Pit Kit

“With summer ending and the fall season kicking off at the end of this month, now is the best time for homeowners to add an outdoor fire feature to their outdoor living space,” explains Cristina Porter, senior brand marketing manager at Belgard. “Fire pits extend the outdoor living experience beyond summer, allowing for more outdoor quiet nights, chances to entertain friends and family and, of course, a place to create s’mores treats for years to come. This giveaway allows us to provide a homeowner with a centerpiece for their outdoor living area to build memories year-round.”

Belgard’s fire pit kits feature a clean, contemporary look, is easy to maintain and create a natural space for friends and family to congregate. The winner of the National S’mores Day giveaway will receive a fire pit to enhance their outdoor living space this Fall.

About Belgard® 
Belgard, part of Oldcastle® Architectural, offers a complete collection of paver and wall products for outdoor living spaces, walkways, driveways, parking areas and retaining walls. Available in a range of styles, premium Belgard products have been found in America’s finest homes and award-winning commercial and retail properties since 1995. For more information or a complimentary Idea Book, visit or call 1-877-Belgard (235-4273). Find more inspiring outdoor space ideas at

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Review: Dynasteam

The Dynasteam is such an interesting and innovative product. We had a chance to review one. One of the many thing it does is it allows you to control weeds around your home with simply water; and no harsh chemicals or pesticides.

The Dynamsteam requires only requires water that will heat up to 300F, it gets pressurized in the unit and it will tell you when it’s ready to use, and so simple in fact that it allows you to zap your weeds with a 5 second blast of steam;  the manufacture says it’s easier to use than an iron and certain this is very true.  The Dyansteam comes with three tools making it ideal to kill weeds; the Triple Root Spikes allows you to penetrate the soil around the weed and steam it dead at the root, while the Speed Weeding cone is great for large areas and lastly, the Power Jet Tip is great for walkways, patio stones and sidewalks where the weeks mysteriously like to grow.

Gerry is really enjoying the Dynasteam, he’s managed to rid our lawn of alot of weeds. Once they get zapped with a blast of steam it takes about 24 to 48 hrs for them to die; it’s just that easy.

But we need to mention that the Dynasteam can also be used for all indoor and outdoor cleaning projects as there is an Optional Accessory Kit that has attachments that will clean windows, metal objects like stoves and BBQ grills, flooring and so much more- even steaming your clothes to get those wrinkles out!

The Dynasteam is really an amazing product that leaves your exterior and interior spotless, weed free and best of all safe and non toxic.