Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Lake Havasu State Park, Arizona

Although we've been in Lake Havasu City most times dry camping over the last 2 years, we've never stayed at the Lake Havasu State Park, Arizona. We have driven in quite a few times to dump tanks and filled water,  but decided to spend a couple of nights here. 

Maybe didn't pick such a great time though. The weather has been turning nasty all around us. Snow has been hitting all over the USA, including Arizona. We heard Kingman, which is 1 hour north of Lake Havasu City, is due for snow. Yikes! It's been a cool winter here. 

We have spent 2 nights at the Lake Havasu State Park, Arizona and despite the crappy weather we've made it a good few days. We have a nice roomy, corner camp site, we're near a beautiful beach with white sand, (although it's been too cool to walk on it the last couple days, we have been down near the replica lighthouse- one of the many in Lake Havasu, which also took us near the water.)

The shoreline also offers boat ramps, picnic areas, and the Mohave Sunset Trail- great for hikes for you and hubby or you and the dog!

Check out while your visiting, the Arroyo-Camino Interpretive Garden.  The well maintained garden showcases the life that exist within the park: the wildlife and vegetation. Nice walking paths as well and benches for quiet time are placed throughout. 

Although there is no doggy park, there is a doggy beach, and plenty of walking trails for the both of you. 

A great place always begins with the welcome too I might add, and we are always welcomed as we come and go from the park.

Lake Havasu State Park, Arizona is located in the central part of the city- great proximity to anything you need- shopping, dining, etc.. Reservations at this park can be made online 24/7 @

** Also had great Verizon 4G signal!

Monday, February 18, 2019

Naked- In Public- Well, Face Naked!

I never leave the house without make up on. Well, I actually put make up on every day- even if it's just me and Gerry.  I feel naked without it. Face naked.
So today I did another thing on my bucket list, and that was to go an entire day without make up in public and at home.
Now that may not mean anything for some- but for those who have to put make up on first thing in the morning, you know where I'm coming from!
So end of day and I completed my no make up day but am back to a make up face again tomorrow!

Odd Finds in the Last Two Days

Two odd finds, two different days, two different locations while out walking..

*** Update- found another rock near the post office- next day.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

A Bit Too Close

Finding this a bit too close! Parked at the casino today and a couple come in with a HUGE RV and park right in front of us. Blocking our view and giving us no real privacy.

With them being a bit too close for comfort, we really are hoping they will be on their way in the morning. If not we may be moving.

A bit too close.

Review: Stencil Revolution

Review by: Cynthia

I love, love, to sew, quilt and craft.  I might not be an expert, but I know what I like and the Stencil Revolution stencils I got are absolutely perfect!  There are so many great designs, and different sizes. 

I feel like a kid again in school taking up art. I can't wait to try these great designs on t-shirts with spray paint, fabric markers, roller paints.  I know they will stand out.  Will I add a caption to each?  What colors will I use?  Fun, fun.  I am a senior but I have done stencils on jeans for myself, nothing too big or much, but even for gramma it looks cool. 

I can picture the stencils being used on tea towels, towels, fleece blankets, the list is endless.  My one granddaughter who lives in the tropicals would love something with the shark or beach stencil, perhaps a pair of pillowcases. 

I would highly recommend this site, their designs are the best!   

Friday, February 15, 2019

Enjoying Some Time With the Ducks

Jakey enjoyed some more time today down at the beach. Loves going everyday. We take some crackers and attract all the birds, and he runs up and down the shore...trying to get to them. Always needs a good wash off when we get back to the RV!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day!

What a rainy day today is here in south central Arizona.
Happy Valentines Day everyone! What is everyone doing today for Valentine's Day?

We went to the casino today as we are overnighting for a few days in their parking lot @ the Blue Water Resort & Casino, in Parker, Arizona. We've been here about 3-4 nights. 

It has been nice most days lately to just go for walks around here. Very nice resort and  casino, on the Colorado River. Jakey has also loved walking to the river daily and chasing the ducks and other birds, in the water , running up and down the shore! Today he got a bit too brave and ran in for them not realizing the water was past his knees- ha ha! He's been coming back to the RV daily all sandy and wet and needing to be washed off but he sure has had fun!

We ordered from Pizza Hut online today, their Happy Valentine's Day Bundle.

You get a medium pizza shaped like a heart, and choice of brownies or a jumbo chocolate chip cookie. We chose the brownies and Gerry ordered some honey BBQ wings as well. 

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day.

Today's Winner!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone..
Today's giveaway:
and our winner:

*** Winner has been contacted and has 7 days to reply before a new winner is selected.
Thank you to all who took time to enter.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Planning Your Summer Vacation on a Budget

Vacations and trips are essential. Most of us are stressed out at least some of the time as we take on more and more. We’re working hard, pushing for promotions and advancements. We’re looking after our families and children or caring for older relatives. Many of us also have a side-hustle, or we’re trying to start our own business. On top of all that, we’re facing longer commutes, longer working hours and trying to keep up with exercise and fitness. You might even be trying to fit a social life in or stick to a hobby.

Life is busy, and few of us rest as much as we need to. If you run your own business or work as a freelancer, you might even find that you never take a full day off and that you haven’t been on holiday for as long as you can remember.

Taking some time off to go on vacation gives you a break. Getting away, even for a few days can help you to reduce your stress levels and unwind. It can boost your physical and mental health and improve your mood. It can help you to put your problems in perspective and spot solutions. You might find that you return from your break feeling refreshed and ready to go. It can improve your work performance and your relationships. It’s certainly worth it.

Unfortunately however many of us go on a lot less holidays than we should. One of the biggest reasons for putting off taking a vacation is financial. Trips can be expensive, especially if you’ve got a family. Once you’ve paid for flights and accommodation you still need to worry about spending money, food, clothes, and toiletries, as well as your trip to the airport, parking and any luggage that you might need. Even a short trip can become costly.

If you are desperate to get away but worried about money, don’t be. You can have a fantastic vacation even on a small budget. You just need to be a little more organized and prepared. If you’ve got a good credit score, you might be able to spread the cost of your break, but you won’t always need to. Here are some tips to help you to plan your next vacation on a budget.

Book Early

If you plan to travel later on this year, you should already be looking at deals. You might be able to get a significant discount if you book months in advance. Look at some winter sun trips for the end of the year, or even early next year. This might seem a long time away, but the saving could be significant, it’ll give you plenty of time to save and pay in installments, to buy holiday clothes and essentials and to save spending money Plus, it’s always nice to have a trip booked to look forward to.

Book Late

Alternatively, booking late is another option that can be much cheaper. Hotels and flights never want to be any less than full. So, if they aren’t fully booked, they’ll often offer out cheaper deals and discounts. The savings can be better than if you book early but you won’t have as much choice on where you can go, and you’ll have to be flexible enough to accept whatever dates are available.

Whether you want to book early or late, it’s a good idea to use a site like Skyscanner to set up price alerts if there is somewhere specific you want to travel, or you are tied to set dates.

Fly Midweek

Flying on Saturdays and Sundays can be significantly more expensive than taking a midweek trip. Many people travel for long weekends, so it’s also a good idea to avoid Mondays and Fridays. Tuesday - Thursday flights are often much cheaper. Early morning and late night flights can also be less expensive than those during the day.

Different airlines stagger prices in different ways, so it’s worth shopping around. It’s also worth comparing flights from different airports. Sometimes it’s cheaper to travel to an airport further away, even if you need to buy train tickets for that trip.

Book Things Separately

Package holidays are easy to book, and can sometimes offer great discounts. But, not always. Sometimes, you pay extra for the convenience of the service. Compare package deals to how much you might pay if you booked flights and accommodation separately.

Avoid Peak Trips

During the school holidays, the same flights and hotel can suddenly double in price. In the summer holidays, maybe even more than double. If you’ve got kids and little choice, this can be hard to work into your budget. But, if you’re not tied to school term times, try to travel off-peak.

Shop in Sales

As soon as you know where you are going and when you will know what you need. If you are going somewhere warm, you might need to replenish your summer wardrobe. If you are off on a city break, you’ll need comfortable shoes and suitable clothing for dinners out and city tours. You might need warm layers and specialist equipment if you are hitting the slopes.

Look at what you’ve already got and make a list of everything that you need to buy as soon as you can. Then, take the time to shop the sales. Look for end of season sales, special offers and even closing down sales. It’s also worth looking on auction sites like eBay and at yard and charity sales. Make it your mission not to pay full price for anything.

Save Little and Often

Even if you are going on an all inclusive break, you will need some spending money. Budget for your trip, working out how much you’ll need for each day that you are away. Then, start saving. Put a little aside every week. Try using an app to help you to save. Collect spare change in a pot, or try the $1 savings challenge. Find a savings plan, or a range of plans that work for you, and stick with it. Even saving regular small amounts can add up to a big total before your trip.

Save While You Are There

Make your spending money go further by being careful with it. Cook your own meals or eat in small local cafes instead of large touristy restaurants. Walk places instead of getting buses and trains. Spend time booking days out online, which can be cheaper than paying entry on the day. Look online before you travel in case you can get any discount passes or vouchers.

Take a Road Trip

Remember that you don’t need to cross to the other side of the world to have a relaxing and enjoyable break. If your budget is tight, stay close to home. Take a road trip to save on flights and explore an area closer to home that you’ve never been to before. You could also try camping if you want to save more.

How To Plan A Wedding That Won’t Cost A Bomb

There are always going to be things that will cost you a lot of money in life. Because life is full of big and special occasions that we all have to pay for. Sure, these occasions are enjoyable, but they’re also expensive. From births to vacations to weddings, you know that you’re going to have to pay a lot for them. Even if you’re rich, it can be frustrating to have to spend a lot of money. And not only that, when you’re saving up and planning your own wedding, you won’t always want to go overboard. You’ll be glad to know that, you really don’t have to. In fact, you can plan a wedding on a budget and it still be incredible. You just have to get smart about how you do this. So let’s consider a few options to help you.

Plan It Out First

Now, you know that a wedding is going to cost you money - no matter how frugal you plan on being. But if you’re not prepared, you can find yourself lumped with lots of unexpected costs. So, here, you’re going to want to be aware of everything that you could possibly need to pay for or organise, with something such as as a guide. Then, you can plan out what you do and don’t want from that list.

Set Limits

Now that you’ve got that list in place, you’re then going to want to set limits. Budget for each area and make sure that you stick to it. If things aren’t all that important to you, either miss them out or give them a super low amount.

Invest Where You Want

However, you really don’t have to scrimp and save on everything. If there are things that you do want to invest in, or there are areas that really matter to you, then go ahead. Whether it’s the food or music options such as, do your research and find the best option for you. It’s okay to invest in the areas that will mean something to you, especially if you’re saving money elsewhere.

Ask For Help

Something else that can be great for you here, is favors. We all know someone that knows someone that can help. So any chance that you have to get products or services for free, or you can do them yourself, do it - it’s a great way to make savings!


And finally, you’re then going to want to think about actually negotiating prices. When it comes to anything in life, there’s often room for movement. You won’t always have to take the listed price as gospel. Instead, you can ask for a discount (especially if you’re spending a lot of money, or buying multiple things), or propose a rate you’d like to pay. It never hurts to ask. And if you can save a lot of money this way, it’s always a good thing.