Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide for Beauty Junkies

Do you have a beauty junkie on your holiday gift list? Want to wow them with something great this year? We have some ideas for the "glamour gal" :


HorseOPeace.com is the leader in making the most moisturizing, highest quality all-natural goat milk soaps as it uses only 100% raw goat milk, without the dilutive water often added to other brands, and offers a complete variety of all-natural toxin-free HorseOPeace.com goat milk soaps and Gift Packs designed to be pamper, protect and keep skin healthy.

Elizabeth Sanders, founder of HorseOPeace.com, said, “Our customers across America and the world often increasingly enjoy year-round discounts through the HorseOPeace.com Soap Club, where special pricing is always available. We are always pleased when customers tell us how our goat milk soaps helped their dry or sensitive skin and conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. ”

The array of the world’s best goat milk soaps are available at www.HorseOPeace.com and  milk soap and related products are available online at HorseOPeace.com, Facebook.com/HorseOPeace, Amazon and elsewhere.  

**Watch this spot for more beauty gift ideas!

Monday, December 5, 2016

#Tips to Ensure Efficient #Packing When #Moving

Moving  can be an occasion you remember forever. Make sure it’s for the right reasons.
In this article, we disclose some simple tips that ensure as much efficiency as possible; enabling you to get on with the important job of settling into your new home.

Pack in phases

There’s nothing worse than trying to pack a whole household into cardboard boxes in a couple of days. Equally, it’s horrible to pack too early and spend the last couple of days before you move with no fresh clothes, toothbrushes or razors. You’d be surprised at what people pack away without even thinking about it.

The best way to do it is to start packing two weeks before you move. Work out what you need for the next two weeks and pack non-essentials in easily stackable cardboard boxes. Put these boxes in the garage if it gives you more space.

Account for:

·         Clothes – Including underwear and garments like hats and scarves

·         Books - Keep one beside your bed if you are a reader – anticipate how long reading the book is likely to take. Leave two out if necessary.

·         Makeup – Do you apply a full face of makeup or are you reliant on one eyeliner stick and a lipstick? Keep ONLY the essentials by your mirror in the bathroom, pack the rest away.

·         Utensils and crockery - Do you live as part of a couple? If so only leave out two plates, cups, forks, knives and one each of your essential utensils.

·         Food – Do you have non-perishables, like tins of food that you won’t be consuming for the next two weeks? Pack these away as well.

Use packing experts

One really efficient way of packing cheaply and efficiently is to buy a house moving pack; a house moving pack will typically come with boxes, the right tape and other implements to aid you in your move.

The materials are extra good because everything in the pack is designed specifically to facilitate a house move.

Be prepared

·         Hiring a van or cross country moving companies to move? Sort this out a month before you intend to move, this gives you time to shop around and get the best combination of great service and cost-effectiveness.

·         Notify your utility providers – Do this a month before you move. Don’t be held responsible for council tax/energy bills accrued after your moving out date.

·         Practice your route to work/school/college: Moving slightly further away from work or school? Do the route a couple of times and calculate how long it takes you. Then add ten minutes to this total. This will be the amount of time you need to leave for work/school before you need to be there. Don’t get lost!

Be happy and have fun in your new home

Moving is stressful, but the majority of us are doing it to get something better than what we had before. You get far more out of moving than you lose if you are prepared.

This guest blog has been brought to you by Wessex Packaging, a Salisbury-based packaging manufacturer. Find out more by going to http://www.wessex-packaging-salisbury.co.uk or by calling on 01722 412333. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Review: The Invisible Chef Plus a Giveaway (USA only)

I've loved baking since I was quite young. Mom had me measuring and adding in ingredients to her own baking when  I was little. Then I "graduated" to making the simple mixes where you only added water. I think we all remember the easy snack mix cakes! And as I got a little older I would bake from scratch. I always loved to bake and still do. Although I do know how to bake from scratch, if I can bake with a mix and make things go a little quicker, with an equally as good end result, I'll take the easier way out! 

I found a company online called The Invisible Chef- that offer simple and delicious baking mixes. They offer everything from my favorite - Blondies,Brownies and Bars to other another favorite- Cupcakes.. plus so much more like a Holiday section, and offering bake ware, etc.

They have great recipes too that use their baking mixes, on their site for you to try.

I wanted to share one of their baking mixes I tried of a few I chose with my order: The Jelly Belly Candy Cane Swirl Cake. The Candy Cane flavor is swirled with their rich Chocolate Pudding flavor to create a delicious combo in one that is as pretty to look at as it is to enjoy! Simple to make. Easy to bake and wonderful to eat is all we can say.

The baking mixes are great for beginners OR the seasoned baker. 
I also wanted to add that I baked these mixes in our RV's propane stove and they baked up just awesome. Added about another 5-10 minutes onto the time though.

The Invisible Chef would love to have one of our US readers win their very own Jelly Belly Candy Cane Swirl Cake with an engraved spatula.

A random draw will be made by Random.org on December 11, 2016 from all US entries received.

To Enter:
Leave us a comment- with your contact info- to let us know if you have tried The Invisible Chef baking mixes.

Extra Entries:
Tweet this giveaway. ( One tweet per person)
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Good luck to all!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Our Saturday

We hadn't planned to run out first thing this morning, but I was telling Gerry about a washer/dryer combo on the Quartzsite Buy and Sell, and since we were kinda looking for one- (reasonably priced only), we took a quick drive over to the yard sale, and ended up buying it. It was $75 and we asked if we could get it for less and they said $65 they would take. So We got a Spendide washer / dryer combo for $65 US! Of course now I have lost my cupboard space as well as 2 shelves to house it. Gerry won't be able to hook it up while we are here  since additional plumbing needs to be done, and needs tools to do all that. So guess it won't be this year but at least I have it. These washer/ dryer combos are $1200 new and $300- $500 used...

I bought my first Christmas decoration for the RV today too- a little snowman-LOL. Have to get into the Christmas spirit, which is also why we are planning a trip to Disneyland and Knottsberry Farm the week of Christmas Eve. We have never been to Knottsberry Farm before and both places really overdo themselves for the holidays. What better way to get into the spirit. It's really hard we find getting into Christmas without the snow we are so used to. One thing is for sure- it's hard to believe Christmas is only 3 weeks away!


Today's Winner

Today's winner:
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Thank you to all who entered!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Review: Berkshire Blanket & Home Co.- Tipped Extra Fluffy Throw

In our home, or RV, when traveling, you will always see a throw. I love throws either on the couch or the bed.Although we are in Arizona for the winter, the weather has gotten colder in the last few weeks. When we got here in end of October it was quite hot! Over the last couple of weeks, the weather has cooled and we are running the furnace every evening.Time for a throw!

Personally I think every couch needs a throw for those cooler evenings, or when you just want to cover up when your watching tv, not feeling well, etc..

Berkshire Blanket & Home Co. has absolutely gorgeous blankets and throws! They are all very inviting, especially their Tipped Extra Fluffy Throw. I had the opportunity to review this throw for our readers and really cannot say enough nice things about it- from its presentation when shipped to its soft and most comforting feel.

The 50 x 60  tipped fabric throw features a bold base color with precision dyeing out to the tips giving complexity and flow to their classic feel. This depth of color makes for easier matching in any room and the unique shade looks as good draped as it does wrapped around you for a night in.

Thumbs up!

Palmer's® Cocoa Butter Formula® Hits the Road for Winter Cocoa Tour! ( Selected US Cities)


Join the Palmer's Cocoa Tour and get some Cocoa Butter 
Find out if they are in a city near you today http://bit.ly/cocoatour

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Keep #Healthy This Holiday Season With Purell's Advanced Hand Sanitizer!

It's the season to go shopping, fa, la, la, la, la, la, la.

When December arrives and the Christmas songs are played everywhere, you know it is time to get the Christmas list done.

It is the busiest time of the year for many people, we go out for shopping even though the temperature outside is in negatives. The cold virus gets busy with us, too many people get sick with the cold virus during this season. 
While we are out and about hurriedly finishing our list, going in stores filled with people chances are we carry a virus with us back home. So what do we do that we do not get sick? Washing hands after coming home from outside is a must, but don't forget to carry a Purell Advanced hand sanitizer in your handbag either. They come in really handy when you take a break for coffee or a meal during your shopping.

November's Expenses While Rving

With the US dollar still quite strong to our Canadian dollar, we've been still taking a kicking, but on a positive note, enjoying no snow weather.
We have broken down some of our expenses while we were here for November- 
this does not include all expenses such as the internet, our minutes on our phones, etc but does include expenses that are related to the RV and some others that we like to know for our own knowledge where we're at. Food always seems to be a big one for us, but we always try to challenge ourselves for the next month as well.

Camping: $223 CDN- while we were 3 days in Las Vegas
Parking: $26.22 CDN- which included parking at one of the hotels when in Las Vegas and parking at Mexico parking lot with the RV when we had our dental work done this past week
Laundromat: $34.16 CDN- Go one a week- usually Sunday and do a big load and a dry. The rest of the week I was clothes in a pail and hang out on the line behind the RV
Take out  : $36.20 CDN
RV Gas: $593.60 CDN- this included a trip to Vegas, and Mexico ( for dental) as well as some gas that we needed to run the air conditioner when we had hotter days this past month. Now we've got the furnace on during the evenings. Oh the extremes!
Propane for RV: $43 CDN
SUV Gas: $117.30 CDN- Driving in Las Vegas, trips to and from town, and 20 minutes out to the post office twice a week, etc. We're going to try to do less trips into town though or maybe only do post office runs once a week.
Groceries: $589.17 CDN- sure would like to reduce this one as well!

We'll see how things go this month as we try to watch our dollar/ expenses.
Although a trip to Disney and Knottsberry Farm are in the future for us this month!


2016 Holiday Gift Guide For Teens

Searching for gift ideas for a teenager? My holiday gift guide includes fun suggestions teens will love! 


totallee is a start-up based out of South Pasadena, CA that focuses exclusively on making thin and minimalistic iPhone cases. They offer three different models that range in thinness, and material, to fit your specific protection needs. All their cases are bulk and branding free, and fairly priced at $19. 

The Scarf - At .02" thin and .02 oz light the Scarf is one of the worlds thinnest iPhone cases and is the slimmest in their collection. The Scarf is made from a hard, yet slightly flexible, PP plastic and is currently available in white, black, grey, navy blue and burgundy. 

The Spy- The Spy is a fully transparent case that's perfect for showing off your iPhone's original color and design. Its gummy TPU material adds grip and great everyday protection. 

The Doberman - The Doberman is totallee's most rugged case. Made from a durable, matte-black TPU material, this case will protect your device from scratches, drops and more. It's slim profile and rear circular Apple logo cutout will keep your iPhone looking like an iPhone.  

Each case comes with their simple, yet elegant, kraft packaging and 90-day warranty card, hand signed by the team member who inspected and prepared the package. Perfect for any teen who loves a stylish case!

Maybelline New York Holiday Kits-

Containing everything you need to achieve a full look, with shades exclusive to the palettes. The Up In Smoke palette offers an eye shadow quad with a selection of shades for the perfect smokey eye look, accented with neutral highlighters, a rosey toned blush and onyx liner. Gilded in Gold reveals bronze and nude shades to take you from day to night, with a deep apricot blush and bronzer for an effortlessly #ItGirl finish.

**Watch this spot for more great gift ideas for teens coming soon!