Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back To School Must Haves For Teens

Ever year brings with it new excitement and challenges, along with some back to school must haves. It is always fun to try something new this season at the start of the brand new school year. Our teens will love these "Must Have Ideas" to start the school year with.

Products like:

Sanuks for Guys:

The Sanuk Drewby shoe is from Sanuks Sidewalk Surfer line; one of the most popular styles that Sanuk carries. The lightweight material and Happy U sponge rubber heel makes it a great shoe for everyday wear while the lace ads a bit more style and formality. For men looking for comfort, quality and style this is the perfect everyday shoe. 

Details: Textured textile lace up with contrast heel counter and dot print lining. High rebound, moulded EVA footbed featuring AEGIS antimicrobial additive. Happy U spronge rubber outsole. Vegan and vegetarian.

Sanuks for Gals:

The women’s Castaway shoe was boat shoe- inspired in terms of the canvas lining and lace detailing yet fashionable for everyday wear. The comfort of these shoes comes from the molded EVA footbed making these super soft and rubber heeled shoes enjoyable to wear at all times.

Details: Overdyed striped textile, overlap upper with boat shoe inspired lace detail and printed canvas lining. Super soft, high rebound molded EVA footbed featuring AEIS anti- microbial additive. Happy U sponge rubber outsole. Vegan and vegetarian.

** Watch this spot for more back to school ideas for teens.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Wild Blueberry Muffins

With all the blueberries Gerry got last weekend, I thought it was about time I started looking through recipes and finding something to bake and freeze. Found a new recipe that turned out to be a hit: Crosby Molasses  Blueberry Muffins. This past weekend with our trip out of town, daughter in town, and some work to get caught up, he never got a chance to head out to the patch again on the quad, but may this weekend.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Duck In The Truck!

Just wanted to share this picture of daughter Ria ( right) and co worker, with duck in the truck- from the petting zoo.


Sunday August 17

This past Thursday left for Prince Albert- 4 hour drive and took Jakey in for a much needed dental cleaning. He stayed in the kennels over night and we picked him up next morning. Although his dental work was only an hour and half, he did have to get put out, so we "ran" to Saskatoon while he was at the vet's ( an hour away), and did a bit of bargain shopping as well as looking at rv's- since we're trying to trade off ours or sell and buy another. With a cleaning and one molar having to be pulled it was $320. Cheaper than our vet charges here, by half, and cheaper than in most cities I called about to inquire. Most vets wanted a consult as well done, or xrays, plus dental cleanings and extractions were also near double of what we paid. 


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Beauty on a Budget

b-leve offers an assortment of cutting-edge, multi-benefit skincare, hair care and body care products, as well as high quality beauty tools, all at a price that everyone can afford.  The line utilizes natural elements and advanced technologies for a superior and luxurious experience.
·         b-leve Facial Care products are formulated using proprietary grape stem cell technology, which provides immediate and long term anti-aging benefits.
·         b-leve Body Care products are formulated using a ground-breaking, moisturization technology- Oleofirm™.  Oleofirm™ utilizes oleosomes, which are derived from tiny micro-seeds found within oil bearing plant seeds, to provide unparalleled moisturizing benefits that leave skin soft, smooth and ultra nourished.
·         b-leve Hair Care products are formulated using advanced Cationic Chemistries, the leading technology in high performance hair care.  Each specific line – b∙colorful, b∙hydrated, and b∙voluptuous — features tailored formulations that target specific hair care needs.
·         b-leve accessories range from tweezers to bath accessories. These premium professional-grade tools provide a salon-quality experience for the at-home user.
Availability: Fine grocers nationwide and www.b-leve.com


RAMY Beauty Therapy is a leading skincare and color cosmetics collection developed on the principle of “Minimum Makeup, Maximum Impact.” Founded in 1997 by makeup artist and brow expert, Ramy Gafni, RAMY products are formulated to be universally flattering and multi-purpose to add “no-brainer” convenience to daily beauty routines. This full face range of products is comprised of beneficial ingredients including anti-acne and anti-aging properties, antioxidants and skin-enhancing vitamins such as A, D and E.
RAMY products are well-known throughout the cosmetics industry, among everyday women and Hollywood A-listers alike. Celebrity fans include Rihanna, Michelle Williams, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Juliana Margulies, and Naomi Campbell. RAMY Beauty Therapy has been featured in numerous respected publications including Allure, Essence, SELF, InStyle, Life & Style, and Martha Stewart Living, in addition to appearing on CBS, ABC, Bravo, and NBC's “The Today Show.”

Availability: The RAMY collection is currently sold in 45 deluxe LOOK Boutiques in Duane Reade and Walgreens stores. Women and men wishing to achieve the “Fully Actualized Eyebrow” – one that is not too thin, short, or far apart – can visit Ramy-certified and trained eyebrow specialists in LOOK Boutiques nationwide. Ramy Gafni himself works at an appointment-only private makeup and brow styling studio in New York City. To purchase RAMY Beauty Therapy online, please visit www.ramy.com.


When it comes to makeup that meets the standards and vast color needs of professional artists Mehron is the undisputed industry leader. Proudly made in the USA for over 80 years, Mehron represents an artisanal approach to creating quality cosmetics that are high-impact and versatile. Mehron’s beauty products  can be found in the makeup kits of artists working on fashion shows and shoots, theatrical productions, movies, special effects and most importantly, in real life on real women with a variety of color and coverage needs. Performers such as the Black Eyed Peas, Hilary Duff, and Pink are brand fans as are prominent beauty industry professionals including Nick Barose, James Vincent, Danessa Myricks and hairstylist, Oribe, who calls Mehron's products "beautiful, colorful and easy to use." Mehron products have been used in some of the most dramatic and visual productions including Black Swan, Phantom of the Opera, Shrek the Musical, The Lion King, New York City Ballet and Cirque de Soliel.
Availability: Mehron.com


EyesLipsFace (e.l.f.) Cosmetics was created in the belief that innovative technology, quality ingredients and superb delivery systems should not be limited to prestige retailers, and every woman should have the opportunity to experience luxury cosmetics without sacrificing her budget. Since the brand’s introduction over six years ago, the e.l.f. Cosmetics website (www.eyeslipsface.com) has grown to include over 2.2 million members and has become a global source for savvy beauty consumers looking for superior quality cosmetics, professional expert tips and valuable feedback.
Availability: Drugstores and eyeslipsface.com

Thursday, August 14, 2014

10 Tips To Help Feed Your Family On A Budget

1.     Budget.
 Make sure to really have a budget. It ing may not sound exciting, but it is the best way to keep spending in check. Learn to create and use a simple budget that includes categories for basic areas of spending. Before you shop, determine what your monthly allocation is for groceries, make a list, and THEN go to the store. If you buy in bulk, realize that you might spend two months’ worth of budget for some items. Just make sure to allocate appropriately in your budget so you don’t overspend next month.

2.     Go local.
 Explore what local foods you can find. You’ll also save up to 15 percent by buying fruits and vegetables that are in season – think about beets, Brussels sprouts, squash and broccoli in the fall and winter, for instance. Or find a quick refrigerator pickle recipe for locally grown cucumbers or bell peppers instead of buying prepackaged. For meat, check out local farms (try your local natural foods market or visit localharvest.org to locate farmers).

3.       Think beyond meat. 
Incorporating plenty of vegetables is good for the body as well as the budget. Get creative and try some interesting recipes that don’t include meat.

4.     Take it easy on the drinks. 
If beer or wine are on the list, look into locally crafted items. Go with tap water instead of bottled water; make it more interesting with lemon, lime, cucumber (or other fruits and vegetables). For juices, lemonades and sodas, remember that their plastic packaging adds to the cost. Instead, think about buying powdered mixes and making your own at home. You can also use a seltzer maker to make your own cola and seltzer water.

5.     Do more prep at home.
 For food items, remember that the convenience of bagged lettuce, pre-cut fruit and veggies, and shredded cheese comes with a higher cost. It only takes a few extra minutes to rinse lettuce and tear it by hand or to shred a block of cheese. Skip the more expensive, single-serving packages, too. Buy the bigger size and dole out smaller portions into sandwich bags or smaller containers.

6.     Join a club. 
If you’re not already a member of a warehouse club, this is a great time to become one. Smaller families may overlook it, thinking everything comes only in bulk. In reality, many things don't come in large quantities and don’t perish easily, and there are many "individual" items, ranging from grocery items to gifts, books and automobile tires. Or team up with friends, neighbors, or family members to split large purchases.

7.     Leave credit cards at home. 
Paying with cash (or a debit card) helps ensure you stay within your budget. Studies show that people who pay with cash spend 15-20 percent less than those paying with credit cards. And, if you use a credit card and cannot pay off the balance in full each month, you run the risk of paying up to 15 percent interest on your grocery purchases.

8.     Find online coupons. 
Go online to find coupons, and print them from your computer. A few sites to visit include Coupons.com and TheGroceryGame.com.

9.     Pay attention to unit pricing.
 Ounce-for-ounce, bigger packages often provide the most value for your dollar -- but not always. Look beyond the price per box. Check the unit pricing displayed on tags on store shelves. Mid-size packages sometimes will be the best purchases.

10.  Think outside the box for bulk buying.
 Many types of specialty retail stores (think liquor, fabric, pet) often have bulk/volume pricing available. Farms, orchards and farmers’ markets are great places to find excellent prices and savings, especially on large quantities (think bushels of fruit). If you don’t need perfect-looking fruit (maybe it’s for baking, cooking, canning or just eating), ask about “B” fruit or bruised boxes. “B” doesn't mean sub-par in taste or vitamins. These “B” or bruised fruits can be up to half off and taste just as good. Finally, retailers of any kind often will provide bulk pricing upon request for certain items. 

*The above tips were provided   from national consumer finance expert Kevin Gallegos, vice president of Phoenix operations for Freedom Financial Network.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Today's Quick Tip

Recipes calling for milk? Replace half the milk with water. Chances are you won't notice a difference in the recipe's taste.

Example: I have done this with boxed pudding mixes in the past. Recipe called for 3 cups milk- yikes! Used half milk/ half water with 1% milk.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Today's Quick Tip

Did you know you can thicken gravy in stews by adding bread crumbs? I tried this today actually. Works much better than me trying to make gravy with flour and it being all lumpy! Sprinkle in little bits till you are happy with the thickness.

Sunday, August 10th

Wow- where is the time going? August 10th already. Already seems like it's cooling down here. Temps drop quite a bit at night and air cooler. The raspberries have come out though in full force for the year, and was able to pick another bowl full from our 2 smaller bushes we have in the yard. gave that bowl to Ria today when she dropped over.

Gerry went with the quad today blueberry picking . Nice to have all those berries frozen so when I do come across some recipes I can just pull them from the freezer. 

Been baking alot though - made some Pudding Cookies today- simple recipe but rich with a cup of butter in them. Made a white chipit macadamia nut.

Yesterday we made some money- sold some beer glasses I had won, for $10 and also a utility trailer for $150. We have a local Buy and Sell on Facebook so nice to sell things on there but not everything always sells...harder to sell clothes and books. Alot of those things end up going to the second hand store. Have a couple of boxes to possibly take there tomorrow. With Ria moving down to Honduras again in 2 weeks, she has been adding to the boxes as well, her things that she hasn't been able to sell online.

What Gerry thought were mice in this hole in the corner that he since covered in, was actually a bee nest in the insulation in the skirting, under the trailer. Sure don't want bees or wasps around! He's since gotten rid of it.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Update Of Our Trip To Montana's Glacier National Park

Won't be a long post- just wanted to update on our trip to Montana.

- was hard to keep up with regular posts- although I started out well. Very limited as was told  no cell service in Glacier National Park.East to West the park is about a 90 minute drive. The West side is definitely the nicer side, and more fuller of trees and dense. The East side was beautiful with it's more Switzerland type look and the Continental Divide.  
                                East Glacier National Park

                             Camping in field- by ourselves :) Other campers in distance.

                             Jakey and I loved the fields of buffalo, cows and horses we came across.

                                    East Glacier National Park

- we had RV problems too with the air conditioning so that made me cranky, especially when it was so hot, plus it left us with not being able to leave Jakey at all in the RV and really go see anything. 
-Gerry did all the driving. We had RV issues such as the brakes as well- things just got too hot with the RV and it didn't have the power for the mountains. We are possibly looking at getting something bigger and with more power. We did do a few nights free camping, ( where we just parked in a parking lot or along the road with other truckers, but that tens to be loud). One place there were kids purposely setting off fireworks near us and other campers in a parking lot, and honking their horns, which made us leave- especially twice in one night and as late as 2:30 in the morning!

-We think it would have worked better to:
#1 have a working well RV, #2 bigger RV,#3 pulling a small car to get us around while we were there- as alot of places are just to small to accommodate a big RV, and #4 been able to leave Jakey at times at a day kennel so we could do a few things.
It was a bit tough, and alot of driving too. Did the trip in 6 days- think Gerry said 1400 miles one way.
We did find though that with all the expenses figured out and comparisons, we still did save about $1300 in the long run, over doing the same trip, flying there, renting a car, etc..
Lessons learned.
Currently our RV is up for sale.
Still was nice to see what we did, but had a long drive to get there.

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