Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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Candy Alternatives for Easter- New Rickland Orchards Yogurt Bites in New Blueberry Flavor Plus a Giveaway ( USA only)

It’s easy to overload on candy during Easter, but there are some other options for kids that even look like little eggs from the Easter Bunny himself. Rickland Orchards Greek on the go! Yogurt Bites in Strawberry, Caramel and the newest addition Blueberry, all of which are available in individual snack-size bags.

These delicious, chewy bites offer big taste and are made with authentic, European-sourced Greek yogurt and other high-quality ingredients. Other flavors include almond, pretzel and granola. So, for those that want to get away from the traditional sugary Easter treats, add Rickland Orchards Yogurt Bites to their treat baskets.

Rickland Orchards would love to spread some Easter love by giving away a box of one of their Rickland Orchards CLVR Pomegranate Mulberry Amaranth Bars to one USA reader. (Valued at $24)
  •  — Made with cashews, almonds, raisins, pumpkin seeds and raspberry and pomegranate bits combined with dried mulberries, amaranth, and whole grain brown rice
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Branson, Missouri- May!

Excited to be planning our new trip to- Branson, Missouri!
We've already got our RCI timeshare booked there for the week, and will be driving down with the RV, before May long weekend so hoping we won't have any troubles finding some spots to camp before most campgrounds are open here in Canada. Taking Jakey as well- but he'll be staying at the kennel while there.. but at least we can stop in to see him if we want. He's not allowed in the condo. Gerry said should take us about 3 days to get there. Haven't been to Missouri before but Branson I hear is a big entertainment hub so don't think I'll have any troubles filling most of our week. If anyone has been here before I'd love to hear from you. 

Stay tuned for upcoming Branson posts!


Monday, March 30, 2015

Review and Giveaway: Old Orchard Black Cherry Cranberry Juice - (USA/Canada)

Established in 1985, Sparta, Michigan-based Old Orchard Brands is one of the fastest-growing fruit juice brands in the United States. Now Old Orchard is Expanding it’s 100% juice line to include Black Cherry Cranberry.

This new flavor will provide a boost of Antioxidants and 100% daily Vitamin C. Each 8 oz. glass also counts as two fruit servings. Black Cherry Cranberry is now available in stores, and can be purchased in ready to drink 64 oz. bottles. Suggested retail price is $2.99 per bottle.

Fans of Old Orchard 100% juice love the real fruit nutrition, and the variety of delicious flavors. Families are sure to love the new Black Cherry Cranberry flavor too! Gerry and I really liked this juice because it's natural and not too sweet, and you really can taste the flavor in it.

Old Orchard Brands would like to give away 5 FREE product coupons for their 64oz juices, to one lucky reader. Please note: these are USA only coupons so you would have to redeem in the USA.

A random draw will be made by Random.org on April 8, 2015 from all entries received.

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UFile Guaranteed Refund Contest Plus a Giveaway ( Canada only)

Guaranteed Refund Contest by UFile

1. UFile wants to ensure Canadians receive the maximum tax refund this year.  With the Guaranteed Refund Contest, UFile is taking this one step further and offering one lucky family $10,000 in guaranteed cash at tax time!

2. Simply visit ufile.ca/contest to enter.

3. The winner will be chosen at random after the contest closes on May 1.

For your chance to win one of 2  UFile online voucher codes to file your taxes this year for free, enter the contest! A random draw will be made by Random.org from all entries received by April 7, 2015.

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2015 UFile Pricing:


$15.95            Single person (includes any dependants)

$19.99            UFile for Mac (includes a voucher valid for returns for a couple and dependants)

$25.95            Couple (includes unlimited dependants)

UFile ONLINE offers more free returns than any other major online tax software. UFile ONLINE is free for: first-time filers, new Canadians, Canadians with a total income under $20,000, all post-secondary students (regardless of their income), seniors receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement and all dependants.


-  Tax Software Leader, UFile, Shares Need-to-Know Tips for Pain Free DIY Filing   -

For many Canadians, tax season brings on feelings of stress around the organization of T4 slips, RRSP contribution receipts, expenses and other “paperwork”. With tuition transfers, capital gains/losses, and the new family income splitting tax credit, allocating amounts and determining how to maximize the family’s refund can seem daunting. Many families struggle with how to go about filing taxes, whether it’s seeking professional help, filing on their own or deciding how much money to spend.

According to the CRA, 40 per cent of Canadians file their own taxes and 83 per cent of all returns filed for the 2013 tax year (whether personally or by a professional) were filed online. For those who are still on the fence when it comes to online filing, UFile, with 14 years of experience providing tax software to Canadians, can shed light on some common misconceptions and offer tips on what every Canadian family needs to know about filing their taxes online.

DIY Online Tax Filing Tips for Families:

1.     According to the CRA, one in four Canadians will wait until the final week before the April 30th deadline to file their taxes. Don’t leave money with the government any longer than you have to. You can file online from the comfort of your own home and get your money in the bank faster than filing a paper return.

2.     Filing tax returns for your entire family doesn’t have to be prohibitively time consuming. UFile allows you to create one complete family “unit” within the same user file allowing for ease of navigation and entering of information.

3.    Once you’ve prepared your family’s return through your tax software program, you can submit your return directly to the CRA through NETFILE. No need to waste paper or spend time travelling to the post office.

4.     In NETFILE’S early days, submitting your .tax file was cumbersome and required a web access code that could be complicated to obtain. Now, not only is the web access code not needed, there is no need to save the .tax file to your desktop and upload it to the CRA. Simply click a button within your tax software program to NETFILE your return and receive your confirmation number.

5.     If you owe money after filing, the CRA makes it easy to pay through Internet banking or with your credit card through online payment provider Plastiq. With Internet banking, you can even postdate your payment for April 30th.

6.     Filing online for the first time, especially for those with limited computer skills, can be intimidating. Set up like a virtual interview with an accountant, UFile’s logical, step-by-step question stream makes it pretty hard to forget a slip or receipt as you are prompted for all the required information each step of the way. Also, if a slip comes in later than the rest, it’s easy to enter it quickly without retracing your steps.

7.     If you’re like many Canadians, preparing your taxes can feel like riding the streetcar – a lot of starts and stops. Not everyone has the organizational foresight to have all the necessary paperwork in one spot. Don’t worry about completing your online return in one sitting. The software will save your information and you can log in and out as many times as you need to.

8.    Allocating deductions, tuition transfers and income splitting amounts is confusing and can affect your family’s tax refund (or amount owing). Remember, not all tax software are created equal; while some programs make you do the guesswork, UFile automatically applies these tax saving credits and deductions, eliminating the hassle of trying to figure out what’s right for your family. 

9.     Although tax software programs use the same security as banks use for Internet banking, some Canadians are still unsure about the safety of submitting confidential information online. The leading tax software programs have a web-based platform and a desktop software version for those who may still be hesitant to input personal information over the Internet.

10.  Hiring an accountant can be expensive. For under $26, a family can file their returns online with UFile and, because UFile can prepare any kind of tax return, there are never any surprise costs. Moreover, if you are a post-secondary student, new to Canada, or a senior receiving the guaranteed income supplement, filing online is free! 


About UFile  
UFile is the Canadian consumer tax program from Thomson Reuters, located in Montréal, Québec.  It is a leading provider of tax preparation products and has served the professional tax community with personal and corporate tax products for more than 25 years. UFile products include UFile ONLINE (online tax software), UFile and UFile PRO. For more information, visit www.ufile.ca or join the conversation @UFile, #filesmart or at facebook.com/UFile