Thursday, September 18, 2014

Day 3 and 4- Our Trip To Jasper

Since it is another late night of getting all settled, I will be combining my Day 3 and Day 4 of our trip in this post. Since we have been travelling through the National Park of Jasper, unfortunately, we had no Wi-Fi or Internet service. It's something I like when I am travelling- to blog and to stay connected to the outside world. So finally, we are in Lake Louise, Alberta for the night and was able to get a connection. Not sure how, as we are in the woods camping, but I have one. 

Our Day 3 went like this though:

Left the Battlefords - at 9 am it was 5 degrees but feeling more like 2
Drove through Lloydminster at 1 pm, but stopped at Canadian Tire first and Gerry was able to pick up his RV cover-$95- and that included the taxes. Back at home, the same item was out of stock but was more- $129 plus taxes! Gerry still isn't sure why one place would be less than the other. But glad now that it was out of stock back home.

Made a special in Vegreville to see the Worlds Largest Pasanka

We drove on to Jasper and never arrived till late- about 10- 11 pm.. ate late and went to bed.

Staying in Jasper National Park costed us $20 for the park entry fee. An electrical site was $32.50.

Stayed at Whistlers Campground. We were told when we arrived that there had been bears roaming here and also that the elk were mating and that we were to stay away from them- geesh- it was a good thing we didn't see any. But out in the bush camping, Gerry would take Jakey out for his pee breaks just close to the RV and back.

Day 4 :

We left our campground and were suppose to go on the Jasper Skytram, but the day was rainy and we did go there but were showed on the web cam that at the top, it was a zero visibility. So looked basically you were in the clouds, so we had to forgo it. Disappointed but we were heading down the highway to the Columbia Ice Fields an hour away and didn't want to come back. As it was, once we were further up the road they were doing blasting of rock, and there were half hour waits just to go through. Long line ups on the highway. Was nice to have our own washroom!

From the Jasper Skytram spot, we headed to the Athabasca Falls,

 then the Sunwapata Falls,

 and ended our day going on the Glacier Skywalk, (which I must say was scary for me since I'm afraid of heights and could see the canyon below as we walked over the glass, but nonetheless, a MUST SEE!).

After that we headed  to the Columbia Ice Fields, where we just parked in the parking lot and walked about 10 minutes up the hill...a very steep climb, that left us both gasping for breaths- possibly because of the altitude. We were lucky that there was a nice couple up there that offered to take our photo for taking theirs as well. If you would like to see the glacier up close to actually walk on it, there is also available, the Glacier Adventure, which is 80 minutes, start to finish.

Tomorrow we head through Banff and then on to Calgary to see Erika and Jon for a quick stop, before driving along and heading towards home, but still not getting home till at least Sunday.

We've been very happy with Jakey as well this trip, he has been a great dog to have along, and with no issues travelling with him.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Day 3- View From Our Window

View from our RV window this morning- 

9 am- 5 degrees and feels like 2  but suppose to get to 20 and sunny today here. Would be surprised to see that! Almost looks like it could snow this morning. Will see how far we can drive today. 


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day 1 and 2- Our Trip To Jasper

Stopped for the evening in The Battlefords, Sask..
Day 1 we left home at 6 pm. Gerry had to work till 5, then we grabbed something to eat and a quick check of our place and off we went. Arrived Saskatoon, Sask., yesterday evening at 12:30 pm, and just "camped out" in the Walmart parking lot. But never had the generator on and it got cold last night. At 7 am Gerry turned the generator on and had to put a big quilt on the bed.

Day 2- Saskatoon. Even though it got quite cold last night, it was 25 degrees by 3 pm today.
We left Saskatoon at 4:30, after doing some city errands, and as well we had to take the RV in to the dealer's . Still on warranty, we  got a new awning in and some shocks ordered.

Drove on to The Battlefords, arrived at 7 pm and staying at a nice spot called the Eiling Kramer Campground.( $30 for electrical site plus paid another $5 for Wi-Fi since I am having troubles with my Bell turbo stick - and have another on order).

It's 9 pm now and although I love the heat, it was nice to have it cool off for the day. The RV does get warm! Ideally when RVing you don't want it to be too hot.

Took  a few pictures today when we arrived in North Battleford.

The buffalo sculpture is actually made out of barb wire.

And tomorrow is another day!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday September 14

The day slipped away today- again. Meant to get this done earlier, but really wasn't on here alot today.

Made cookies and muffins to freeze, did some packing of the RV for the trip (finishing that tomorrow), and just had the usual things to do around the house. 

Some of you may have noticed that I had started, very briefly selling a lifestyle health product, but after doing some posting locally, realized it just wasn't going to work, BUT I did like the product personally. I'm still wanting to try a home business though and have my sights set on something else that will be more to my liking I think and a bit more of something I may like better- so will fill you all in soon! It will also be an opportunity for many of you to try your own home business for FREE without any sign up fees or kits to buy!

We still have our skidoo listed on the Buy and Sell locally but still no sale.So not sure if it's the price at this point or cause there isn't any snow yet. Also listed our truck. 

I told Gerry it is such a big expense for payments and insurance that we definitely could use that money towards something else to get out of debt faster. So the plan is sell the truck and buy something of lesser value, but still reliable. Sold some bricks from one of our elevated flower beds, that really was getting over grown by trees and flowers also just weren't doing too well in it. Gerry said there were tons and tons of ants in it. 

He'll be taking it down soon, and just adding more trees in that spot. The trees in the yard are nice- nice for privacy and just the general look of the yard.We have quite a few in the back. The fence that goes all around the yard is getting older but it's so costly to replace that, so Ria had an idea that rather than sink money or bonus money into replacing it, just fix what needs to be replaced, and really, she has a point. My frugal-er than me daughter!

Well, must rush off.. still some computer stuff to do before I go to bed. We'll be on the road later tomorrow, once Gerry is off work. I'll spend part of the day tomorrow just getting the rest of what we need to take, all packed up. I must say I do prefer this way of travelling than having to contend with airports, customs and some air plane seats!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Remembering 9/11

Back To School Must Haves For Teens

Ever year brings with it new excitement and challenges, along with some back to school must haves. It is always fun to try something new this season at the start of the brand new school year. Our teens will love these "Must Have Ideas" to start the school year with.

Products like:

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TimeShaker™ Micro-
the perfect companion to start your day with. This compact alarm clock allows you to choose from multiple alarm options, including a unique shaker that fits under your pillow and vibrates to wake you up without disturbing anyone else in the room. Powerful stereo speakers allow you to enjoy your favorite radio stations or stream music from your phone via Bluetooth® in full, rich sound. Additional convenient features such as a dual alarm option, a positive LCD display and a USB charging port make TimeShaker™ Micro the only wake up call you’ll ever need.

Astro mini (available pink, blue, black and silver)-

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    Comes in a variety of colors – pink, blue, black and silver – so there is a Mini fit for any teenager’s style.
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Plantronics BackBeat FIT-

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Sanuks for Guys:

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Details: Textured textile lace up with contrast heel counter and dot print lining. High rebound, moulded EVA footbed featuring AEGIS antimicrobial additive. Happy U spronge rubber outsole. Vegan and vegetarian.

Sanuks for Gals:

The women’s Castaway shoe was boat shoe- inspired in terms of the canvas lining and lace detailing yet fashionable for everyday wear. The comfort of these shoes comes from the molded EVA footbed making these super soft and rubber heeled shoes enjoyable to wear at all times.

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** Watch this spot for more back to school ideas for teens.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Snow in Calgary

Wanted to share the picture my daughter Erika sent this morning from her front window.. yuck-snow!
We're heading west next week but looks like that should all be gone according to the weather reports.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Some Updates: Saturday- September 6

We've had second thoughts on going to Jasper this week because of the weather turning colder and snow in the forecast. So now we're going to go the following week. Temperatures look much better as well as evening/overnight as well.

The RV is very nice, and have put most of our things in it- the basics- but Monday will finish loading. I'll have to get you all some pictures of the inside soon. We just have enough space in the back for it- it's 34'. (That's the neighbor's tree behind it and one of their trucks)

We were at the Habitat Re-Store today looking for something else, and I spotted a lounge chair I was able to make a deal on for $6 ( tax included). I was quite happy with this! Gerry scrubbed it, hosed it off and now it's just drying outside.

Sold all my stepping stones today too from the rock garden. Next year we'll be just putting grass there. Sold some sheets from the old RV, and a comfort set and hamburger press today. That $$ went towards the new comforter set for the RV. Still short $20 to break even on that "trade off".

We also cut back on our daily Winnipeg Free Press that Gerry was getting home delivered- was costing us $30 a month. Just going to keep the Saturday paper now. He would read the daily papers before work each day before, but the weekend paper has enough in it that he can separate it to use for the week to read. I like the coupons that most Saturday papers have- but don't read the paper. Do get the daily town paper though 3 days a week for a dollar a day. Mom and dad get it after me.

Next year I think I am going to get Quicken. It will help me keep more track of expenses and see things in front of me better, rather than just in the cheque book. It looks like good budgeting software. Does anyone else use it or ever use it?

Washed all Jakey's toys this week. He doesn't play with them like he used to but does get playful with them from time to time. 

Gerry has to buy 1 or 2 more months insurance on the RV this week, our trailer insurance needs another $229 this quarter for insurance, and his truck needs it's package policy renewed, so looks like insurance will be getting a big portion of our $$ this week.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend though. I wish the sun had more heat in it and  I didn't have to have the furnace on already but other than that, we're doing good here. 


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