Thursday, April 19, 2018

Supper With Family and Pizza 73

In the city of Calgary, Alberta and visiting with Jon and Erika last night, we decided to do pizza and wing night. Everyone loves pizza and wings right? So I called up a pizza place near Erika and Jon's called Pizza 73. I was able to call to one of their many locations they service, and place our orders for supper.

We each ordered a 12" meal deal that included a 2 topping pizza with 12 wings.
The food was tasty that evening, we had leftovers and had a great visit!

Pizza 73 cooks up 25 varieties of specialty pizzas, offer over 20 different toppings, four styles of crust (Traditional, Super Pan, Sesame Seed and Gluten Free), and seven types of sauce (Traditional, BBQ, Donair, Sriracha Honey Garlic, Pesto, Buffalo and Creamy Garlic) for you to create your own pizza, and prepare eight flavours of wings. They even whip up an assortment of fresh side dishes such as boneless wings, wedgies, dipping sauces and salads daily.

It's a great night for pizza!

The Directions Of Encouragement Lively Teenagers Need

It's only right that children get to be spontaneous and full of energy all the time. They’re young and have the world at their feet. Pretty soon they will be in your shoes or in a similar position where they have to fend for themselves and claw their own way through the world. When they are heading into their late teenage years, now is the perfect time to step in with good solid advice. They need direction and encouragement if they are to succeed in life. They’re at a critical moment in their life when they will choose what kind of path they want to take professionally. The overwhelming majority of children at this age, don’t have hide nor hare about what they want to do in life. You remember back when you were their age, and you wandered aimlessly around from job to job? This shouldn’t be the same for your children if you can help it. Teenagers are lively, and they want action, so here are some jobs you could recommend to them to suit their active personality.

Fire emergency

We sit inside homes that are made out of wood, and yet we forget that fact all the time. Society is always in great need of brave firefighters that attend to any emergency at any time. It's an exhilarating job that requires an attitude of pure dedication and courage. Teenagers have excess bravery at such a young age which they sometimes feel as if they need to prove. The training will be tough but comprehensive as all kinds of body types are allowed into the service. All that matters is that your mental capacity and the ability to think calmly under elevated levels of stress shine through during the selection phase. Anyone can workout and with a good clean diet, pack on lean muscle and be able to do all the physical drills with ease. What cannot be taught is the inner courage that is needed to fight out of control blazes that destroy properties and lives. If your child is lost and wants to direct their energy into something positive you can always introduce them to this line of work and see where it leads them.

Yearning for good policy

For those who are bookworms and love to scrutinize detail, a role in law enforcement could be their ideal suited occupation. Good police policy not only saves lives but money for the taxpayer too. Police work isn’t all just about busting some criminals in the middle of their activities, or saving a cat stuck up a tree; it's so much more complex. Although physical training is very important, the ability to investigate and judge the policies of police forces and indeed the judicial powers in which they operate is incredibly powerful. Policing courses that have modules like human intelligence exploration, which go deeper into criminal behavior and how society is culturally impacted by crime can be accessed online. The courses can be completed in 3-4 years and perhaps give students deeper teaching of theory than they might otherwise get somewhere else.

As parents, we must never see children with high levels of energy as nuisances. In fact, their energy and yearning to prove themselves is a powerful asset to your community as the wider public if you can only just give them the right direction.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Bang for Your Buck- How to Spot the Best Deal on Jewelry

If you are reading this post, there is a good chance that you are a pretty frugal person who does not usually buy jewelry. However, sometimes a special occasion like a proposal, wedding, anniversary, birthday or holiday does come up and you feel the need to get someone a nice piece of jewelry to show them as a token of your appreciation. Or maybe you want to treat yourself to some bling. This is perfectly fine, you only live once, but we know you that you still want to get the best deal. We are here to give you some tips on how to spot the best deal on jewelry.

Avoid Big Brand Names

The big name brands can cost far more than the smaller brands. You are not even paying for quality, you are only paying for the name recognition. No one will even know what brand your ring or necklace is when you are wearing it. It can be a better idea to get a lesser known brand and maybe even spend the extra money on some more diamonds if you so chose to. This is probably the number one thing you can do to get the most bang for your buck. Do this one thing and you’re sure to save a boatload of money right from the start.

Look for a return policy

You just spent a pretty penny on a ring for your favorite person in the world only to find out that they don’t like the ring or the ring does not fit them. Oh no! Good thing you have a return policy, right? Make sure that there is a return policy, so you can always return your jewelry if things don’t go as planned and You do not want to lose a ton of money on your purchase. Any reputable jeweler, like, will  have a return policy. If a jeweler doesn't have a return policy, that is a red flag of how they do business.

Check the warranty

First of all, you want to be buying from a trustworthy jeweler, but with that being said, mistakes can happen. Be prepared in case they do. You do not want to spend all of that money on a necklace to have it fall apart on you. You also do not want to get a piece of jewelry that will have the diamonds fall out either, but if that were to happen, you would be covered with a good warranty. This is security for your investment. Look at the details of the warranty and see whether it covers manufacturer defects, accidents, etc. Also look at the length of the warranty. You ideally want it to last for a year or longer. This will give you the most peace of mind because it provides ample time for something to go wrong.

You now have all of the tools you need to go out there and get started on your jewelry shopping. Shopping for jewelry can be tough for us frugal spenders who want to save money and live well on less money, but there is always a time and place for some of the finer things in life.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Things Are a Bit Different When Your Up Close and Personal

Jakey always barks at the cows when we're driving along on the highway. Things were a bit different though when he got up and personal near a Rest Stop along a Washington Hwy. Didn't seem to have too much to say!

The Oregon Coast Aquarium

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is  nonprofit organization located in Newport, on the beautiful Oregon Coast. With their mission  to create unique and engaging experiences that connect people to the Oregon coast and inspire ocean conservation.

Gerry and I love animals, marine life, and things on that scale, so when we were in the area of Newport, we just had to make a visit to see their aquarium. With a daughter and son in law that spend alot of of their time surrounding an ocean life in another country, this meant even more to us, as we are always told by our daughter how important the ocean is and all that lives in the ocean.

Spending time near the ocean while we have traveled up the coast, will always be memorable to us- despite the mountains we climbed here with our RV and the cliffs and days that poured rained.

We loved our visit- we saw children loving their visits and really this was a great place for the family.

The rain that day did not keep people away!
The Oregon Coast Aquarium welcomes your support in many ways- adopt a marine animal, buy a brick on their walkway, or just make a donation, to name a few.

The Aquarium offers so much- both indoors and out in case it is a rainy day much like we had when we went.
Discounts as well are available- and be sure to check out info on FREE admission on your birthday!
For more on the Oregon Coast Aquarium visit their site today!

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2018

Mother's Day will be here soon, and it's the time to show your mom or mother-figure just how much they mean to you. Although nothing can make up for all the worries, sleepless nights and the vast amounts of love and understanding that moms give us, we can at least try, right? This Mothers Day give your mom a "gift that is straight from the heart" and show her how much you appreciate everything she does for you! 

We have some great gift ideas too to share with you-

What better way to show mom you love her and appreciate everything she does for you than by building a LEGO version of her! This “selfie” kit is the perfect way to show mom some appreciation. The set even comes with enough bricks for your little one to build themselves next to you!

Fuel your creativity by making a LEGO® BrickHeadz version of yourself, friends and family or colleagues with this fun set. Create two BrickHeadz construction characters using the specially selected LEGO bricks for different hairstyles and skin color, plus there are two kinds of glasses, a sticker sheet to personalize your builds, and a brick separator. Display your creations on the buildable baseplates in your home, office or anywhere you like.
• Create 2 unique LEGO® BrickHeadz construction characters with LEGO bricks.
• Also includes a sticker sheet to add different details.
• Comes with 2 buildable baseplates.
• Have fun building your own LEGO® BrickHeadz characters, then share a selfie with your friends, family or colleagues.

• Mash up your own LEGO® BrickHeadz persona with other famous BrickHeadz characters, to create a super-cool hybrid version of yourself.

Fairytale Brownies- Mother’s Day Bar & Sprite Combo-

Nine sweet and buttery Fairytale Bars are paired with 12 enchanting flavors of snack-size Fairytale Sprites, then tucked inside our classic gift box and wrapped in a beautiful Happy Mother's Day gift band. Mom will love these I guarantee- ask a girl who loves them herself- ME!

HomeMedics Deep Soak Duo Footbath with Poweroll Massage-

Treat mom to the HoMedics® Deep Soak Duo Footbath With Poweroll Massage utilizes dual motorized rollers to provide kneading massage to soothe tired arches and soles. The 2-in-1 massager can be used for wet or dry foot massage, while the Heat Boost Power heats cold water in minutes and maintains temperature throughout. Plus the  acu-node surface provides a kneading massage to relax and revitalize her feet. She's going to feel pampered this Mothers Day with her very own home footbath thanks to Y-O-U!

Luxe by Mr. Bubble- 

Continuing to delight Moms every day, but especially on Mother’s Day! Indulge your mom with a guilt-free treat — a  ultra-moisturizing soak with cocoa and shea butter Meltaways Bath Candies. Infused with the delectable scents of Original Bubble or Sweet & Clean and enriched with nourishing vitamins E and C, the affordable bath time luxuries will leave your skin silky smooth and hydrated. A little me time is delicious, so go ahead and melt away. Meltaways retail starting at $8.99 at Target and ULTA Beauty.

And if large bath bombs are your mom’s jam, check out the Glam Bomb in Original Bubble featuring shimmering glitter and a pink color burst inside. Glow gorgeous with a touch of shea butter and blue color burst with the Beauty Bomb in Sweet & Clean. Retailing for $4.99 at Walgreens and, these bath bombs float, spin, swirl and put on a graceful, tub-time show.

Luxe by Mr. Bubble is offering two new gift sets – perfect for yourself or your mom who may be in dire need of a stress break. If one bath bomb won’t suffice, consider the You Are a Bombshell Gift Set. The set features four bombs in the decadent Sweet & Clean scent and retails for $15 at ULTA Beauty and

The Milk & Cookies Tub Time Retreat is another great option for Mom this Mother’s Day. It includes Splish Splash Moisturizing Milk Bubble Bath, which promises tons of moisturizing bubbles, and two nourishing Dunk & Fizz Cocoa & Shea Butter Cookie Bath Bombs. This sweet, three-piece set is available in the fun, signature scent of Original Bubble and retails for $10 at ULTA Beauty and on

**Watch this spot for more great gift giving ideas.

Interesting Spot- The Goodwill Outlet, Portland, Oregon

I do love my looking for bargains- and had heard about the Portland Goodwill Outlet from another blogger. Since we were going to drive through Portland anyhow, we were able to make a stop, and glad we did. 

It's not like your typical Goodwill Store. It's an outlet. Everything is in bins. It's per pound you pay for what you buy. Books are an extra charge though separately from what goes on the scale.
There were many shoppers looking for bargains. 

I quickly learned that alot of the shoppers are waiting for the staff in the back to bring out newly loaded bins. So the blue bins are on wheels, get pushed out and people wait till all 6 bins are out in their spot till they can go through them. And they come and go like that all day.  In and out the back doors of the building.

I think its great as there is always new stock coming out and some people  stay longer just to wait.
Some buy for themselves and some are there bargain shopping to resell the cashier told me.
All in all- interesting. I bought 5 lbs of "things" for $10.38 and a few books for $7

Friday, April 13, 2018

Sea Lion Caves- Near Florence, Oregon

Man was it a cold, wet and windy day! The coast, the ocean, Mother Nature sure can be wicked!
The sea lion cave was amazing.. but hard to get a good photo as it was dark inside the cave, and not too nice outside to get any light. As well, no flash photography.
To learn more about the caves, you can visit their web site at Sea Lion

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Some Photos On The Road!

                                                         Mural- Crescent City, Ca
                                                     Rogue River Bridge, Oregon

                                                                  Oregon Coast

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Redwoods National Park, CA

Check off another National Park from the bucket list! Loved the trees, and even saw the ocean as well, but will see more of that in days to come.

Unfortunately today was a cold, and rainy day. Plus not alot of places we can stop with a big RV either. But we made the best of it- and saw what we could. There was a couple of meadows for elk but none were in them at the time we were there. The trees were amazing, and the scenic byway through the park is a must take road. The road closed in with giant trees, alot of mulch on the ground, thick forest... amazing!

After the National Park, we drove through to Klamath to see the Trees of Mystery but because of the rain and the cold, and being an outdoor thing, we just went to the gift shop and took photos of some neat things in their huge parking lot!

** click photos to enlarge...