Sunday, January 20, 2019

01/19 Lunar Eclipse

How many of you were watching the lunar eclipse tonight?
Unfortunately, I don't have the best camera to take night photos with when it had turned red, but we did see it being "vaguely a red color."
Here's what I did get anyhow:

Apache Junction- Lost Dutchman State Park, Az.

Have you been thinking of seeing the Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction, Az? Hiking the trails of the Superstition Mountains, doing some photography of the mountains  or seeing the Apache Junction Museum, or Goldfield Ghost Town? Then you have to stay at the Lost Dutchman State Park, Az.. The Lost Dutchman State Park was actually named after the tale of the fabled lost gold mine, and is located in the Sonoran Desert, 40 miles from the busy city of Phoenix. What a nice change of pace for anyone in that area to get away for the weekend as well.

This state park is close to everything, making it very convenient. The staff that work here are awesome, the park is clean and has an abundance of Arizona plants and cactus at each site. Lots of privacy, lots of walking paths and trails to take the dog out too.

They also have an informative visitor center which has a nice gift shop as well, and the park includes picnic sites too for day use. For those wanting to camp and have no camper, well as long as you can supply your own bedding, they have cabins too, at the foot of the beautiful Superstition Mountains.

The Lost Dutchman State Park Campground has 72 single family campsites, dump station, clean restrooms- the staff is always seen cleaning them!- hot showers, and two group camping areas.There are 35 sites with water and electric- you'll want these! But there is also 35 non hook up sites for tents and rvs- if your watching those dollars and need to budget this stay. 

I also had very good Verizon service on the internet for blogging! Bonus! Good cell phone service too. Some parks that can be an issue but very good here.
There is a nice variety too of birds in the area that are always singing and wonderful to listen to. Even Jakey liked the ones that made squeaking noises, much like his squeaky toys! We were asking him- "Is that squeaky toy?" Haha..
Lots of families, lots of friendly folks all around- just can't say enough good about the place. If we're ever in the area again, we will for sure be stopping back.

One last story though to tell.. 
when we were at the ranger station the other day, a lady came in and said she had lost a Birkenstock sandal. Not sure how that really happened but anyhow, today when we were hiking on one of the many trails what do you think we found? Yup- the sandal she lost! So we took it to the ranger station and I left my name and # as the ranger wasn't sure but thought that lady was still here. I do hope she gets her sandal and will update this post if I do hear from her!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Things To Do In Apache Junction, Arizona

Things to do in Apache Junction, Arizona -
If your in the area, be sure to see:
Staying at the Lost Dutchman State Park up the road about 5 minutes, ( like we did) will make it a real close drive, and you can see those beautiful mountains and be in nature every day you stay.

The Lost Dutchman Museum is non profit, but collects a small admission fee. They collect and preserve the history and legends of the Superstition Mountains and surrounding areas.

On the 15 acre museum grounds, besides the museum, you will find 2 original buildings from the  Apacheland Movie Ranch, which include the Elvis Memorial Chapel where the movie Charro was filmed and the Apacheland Barn.

Also on the grounds is a restored 20-stamp ore mill, a labelled nature trail, Boot Hill and an extensive model railroad display. 

We enjoyed seeing the goats and the donkeys, which the donkey gives rides for donations and the animals can also be fed with feed from the quarter machines at their location.

Lots of history here and volunteers on site to answer any of your questions.

Things to do in Apache Junction, Arizona will also continue with another location called the Goldfield Ghost Town. Admission is free to come on in and look around- and there are free gunfights at the top of every hour, Saturday and Sundays.

The Bordello was $11 for the two of us. A 15 minute guided tour. It was interesting but costly. 

Lots of merchants as well to browse or spend some money at. We had to make a stop and get the latest fudge flavour samples and some fudge of our own at the Mother Lode Mercantile. 

We went to the gunfight, the Bordello and the Mystery Shack. All of the attractions in the Ghost Town are fee based. 
We did find the Mystery Shack too much $$ for the what we saw. 

It was crowded and only some people got to experience what the guide was showing. Save your money on this one! 
Things to do in Apache Junction came to an end today after the stop at the Goldfield Ghost Town. If you have time to only do one stop- and passing through. Save some money and just walk through the Goldfield Ghost Town, take a few pictures, and browse some shops and get some yummy fudge. The Lost Dutchman Museum  will cost you alot less and you'll get better value for your money. Plus they have scheduled gunfights there too.

Friday, January 18, 2019

A Few Things To Do In Mesa This Weekend

If your looking for a few things to do in Mesa this weekend you can look no further than a morning visit to the Mesa Market Place Swap Meet. Over 1600 shop spaces and more than 1.4 miles of shopping! Food court and snack bars. Free parking and admission.

We stopped for an hour, did some shopping and that was good for us. So many neat and useful things that we didn't want to spend more than we had already. What a great spot to shop though!

Another of our few things to do in Mesa this weekend will include an afternoon show of The Duttons.

In case you may not know, they were semi-finalists in the 208th episode when they performed La Bamba. Piers Morgan buzzed their act but they still received enough votes to come back and be in the top 10 the following week. And look where they are now- making a name for themselves!

The whole family performs a genre of songs from bluegrass to classical music in Mesa and in Branson. The show is worth a see alone to watch Amy and Rudy play their violins. Amazing!

And these are just a few things to do in Mesa this weekend.

Affording Being On The Road

If you are thinking about having some kind of a road trip, whether long or short, you will probably be keen to ensure that it doesn’t bankrupt you. But this is one of those things which can often be surprisingly difficult to do cheaply, and you will find that it requires a certain amount of planning and preparation to make sure that you do do it as inexpensively as you possibly can. As it turns out, it is easy enough to be on the road for cheap, but you need to be aware of a number of things, and those are what we are going to take a look at today in this post. What follows is a few ideas about making your next road trip as cheap as possible, no matter where you are planning to go or who with.

Your Means Of Transport

Going on a road trip can mean many things, and it might not be exactly what you initially think. If you are keen to save money, in fact, you might not decide to go for the traditional family saloon car way of getting around, as these tend to not be the most efficient fuel-wise. Instead, you might prefer to take a coach - if there are enough of you - so that you can save a little money that way. You’ll be surprised how cheaply you can hire a coach, or a minibus if that is more suitable for your purposes. If you are going alone or with one other, then you might instead choose to go by motorcycle, which is even more efficient still - and has that added advantage of meaning you can more easily put the miles behind you. If you do go down this route, be sure to check out the likes of Solomotoparts first and make sure that you have all the safety gear you really need to get going. Being clever with your means of transport, as you can see, can be a great way of affording your road trip more easily.

Driving Efficiently

It is also of course possible to drive in a manner which is more efficient, and which will therefore save you a lot of money in the long run, and make the road trip considerably cheaper overall. As it happens, learning to drive in this way does not take much and is not all that hard, as in fact it is just about knowing a few key things which you can take on board. For instance, you will want to make sure that you decelerate rather than brake wherever possible, as braking actually uses more fuel overall. Similarly, if you change gears at exactly two and a half thousand revs, you will use less fuel too. And you should make use of any downhills you have by putting the clutch down throughout them, so that you break transmission and just allow gravity to carry you wherever possible. All of this, while being small changes, will add up to make your entire road trip considerably cheaper overall, and yet it is so easy to do.

Planning Meals

Food is going to be one of the most important things, and the better that you plan for what you are going to eat, the less that you are going to spend on the whole. This is because many of the places that are easiest to stop for a bite to eat on the road are considerably more expensive for that very reason. It is much better to have some food packed which you can eat, and to know about some places you can go to eat which are cheaper than service stations, even if that means going slightly off track from time to time. The important thing is that you are planning ahead, as by doing that you can make sure you are going to save time and money as much as possible. If you fail to plan ahead, conversely, then there is no reason to think that you are going to save money on the food and drink. This is something which is so easy to do, and yet so easy to overlook, so you need to remind yourself of it to make it happen and make it worthwhile.

As you can see, you can easily make a road trip considerably easier to afford so long as you follow some of these basic rules of thumb. Do these, and you will find that your money goes further, which in turn means that your road trip will be much more enjoyable.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Worth a Look- Bass Pro Shops, Mesa

Worth a look in Mesa, is the Bass Pro Shops

We wanted to give them a shout out because they graciously allow overnight parking on their lot as we were passing through the city with our RV.
The store offers so much more than shopping. Anyone would love the amount they have in store for those that love the outdoors. Its worth a look to come in to see the giant aquarium, all the taxidermy wildlife,indoor water fall, and of course the indoor shooting range ( bucket list) . Gerry and I played and he beat me twice of the two games we played. Haha we had fun..and for .50 you get 25 shots.

If in Mesa or passing through, drop in and see them. You'll be glad you did.

Foodie Spots In Mesa

If your looking to kill two birds with one stone, and looking for some foodie spots in Mesa to check out, look no further than North Val Vista Drive, just off of the 202.

We were pleasantly surprised to go to the famous outdoor bbq joint called Jalapeno Bucks- known for its awesome pulled pork, brisket and ribs. This is a busy place and yummy food! Order up at the window and seating outdoors.

Right next door, added another one of the foodies spot in Mesa, the B&B Farms Citrus Store- and so much more!
We got to see orange groves growing right around the two buildings. I bought a tangelo inside and it was to die for!

Seriously the fruit tastes so much better here than what I buy in the store.
There were bees making honey right in the store, 

as well as fresh honey, preserves, nuts, homemade candy.. and more.

Loved the place...and in the next day or two we'll be sure to continue with looking for foodie spots in Mesa and area.