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Monday, February 28, 2011

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

If you find yourself with "leftovers" that no one wants to eat the second day and that are ending up in the garbage,seriously rethink how much you are cooking.
If you do have those leftovers, don't count on others to grab for them.Be creative and incorporate them into the next days lunch or supper menu.

Review and Giveaway: Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half and The Total Money Makeover

I jump at any chance I can to review a book on thrift and was quite happy to read one on cutting my grocery bill in half. Although there is only the two of us at home now,the cost of eating seems like a big expense.I can't imagine how people must struggle with keeping down their food bills with children still at home. Eating is a "right up there" expense, so it's great to be able to read a book on cutting corners in any way possible.

America’s Cheapest Family,Steve and Annette Economides ,show readers how to save up to $3,000 annually on groceries with their proven strategies, tips, tools, and tricks. Learn to save big bucks by:

-spending less time shopping and cooking

-learn how to eat out or eat in and save

-turn your freezer into a money making machine

-using your freezer


as well as building a stronger family bond at meal times

Anyone that is serious about paying off debt should have heard of Dave Ramsey. Dave Ramsey is a personal money-management expert and American financial author, radio host, television personality, and motivational speaker.I was pleased to have the opportunity to read this book. I had always wanted to read it after so many had ranted and raved about this man and his books. This book includes success stories which I enjoyed reading. This book will work as it helps you get to the root of your money problems and how to start solving them.

Both of these books will be given away in 2 separate draws. If you happen to already own one of these books though, please note in your entry that you already have that book.

A winner for each book will be drawn on March 14,2011 by, from all entries recieved.Canada and USA may both enter.

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Sunday's Frugal Web Crawl

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Great sites around the web this week to check out:

-Peanut butter and jelly bars (recipe)

-Save money on clothes

-10 expense you don't need

-10 extra ways to make $$

-Free online tv shows

Review and Giveaway:Books By Becky Hanson

Creative Publishing International

Book Reviews by Cynthia (my mom):

Pattern Free Home Accents and Sewing with Your Serger by Becky Hanson book reviews-

Pattern-Free Home Accents: This is a book that encourages new sewers or any sewer for that matter, to express their creativity by making quick accessories for their home or for gifts. I love the sunny table runner, and the variety of throw pillows. Lots of ways to use up those scraps of fabric. Lots of colorful step by step photos. Great book for getting a head start on those Xmas gifts.

Quick and Easy Sewing With Your Serger :This book teaches readers all about sergers. There are some cute and different projects, each with easy instructions and colorful photos to guide you a long. After years of plain serging, I finally tried the rolled hem. I found it fun to do and so pretty on baby receiving blankets. I used the ordinary serger thread instead of the wooly nylon and had good results. This book encourages sewers to try things they really didn't know a serger could do. If you love sewing you'll love this book.

Both books are published by Creative Publishing international.
Creative Publishing international would love to give away this set of books to one lucky winner from Canada or the USA.
A random draw will be made on March 13,2011 by from all entries recieved.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

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Redecorating Your Living Room on a Budget

Whether you’re feeling the crunch of the ongoing recession or you’re staying afloat just fine, this is no time to be throwing away dough like it’s going out of style. Even if you’re not keeping count of every red cent, you probably still have a budget in mind to keep you from going overboard and unnecessarily blowing through your entire savings. In truth, redecorating your living room is bound to be less expensive than other areas of the house (one huge bonus: no plumbing!). But you could still spend a lot on designer furnishings, hardwood flooring, an overhaul of the fireplace, and some major upgrades to the entertainment center. So if you’re looking to create the living room of your dreams for less, here are a few good ways to get it done under budget.

The place to start is with the flooring and walls. Believe it or not, you can actually get the uber-expensive hardwoods you’ve got your eye on for a fraction of the cost if you can manage to find them reclaimed. There are a lot of vendors who make it their business to harvest hardwood planks in good condition from houses being torn down (or dealers with overstock). They may even refurbish damaged wood to resell. This is a great deal that has the added bonus of less deforestation. Of course, you could also go with one of the many attractive laminates now on the market (less cost plus a warranty). And faux stone is also a great way to get the best for less (or at least the look).

As for a new coat of paint to spice up your space and make a dramatic difference, you can save money here, as well. For one thing, you can probably do the labor yourself and save a bundle. Just about anyone can swing a roller. But if you want to cut back on the cost of materials, simply opt for an all-in-one can that provides the primer right in the paint. You might be thinking that the price of this can is actually more than regular paint, but when you consider that you’d have to get a gallon of primer and a gallon of paint, you’ll see that you’re paying less (and saving a lot of time, to boot, since you can do two coats of all-in-one for the same results as one coat of primer and two coats of paint).

Now that you’ve got the staging installed, it’s time to fill your space. If you only replace one piece of furniture, you should think about getting a new couch. This key element is the centerpiece of your living space, so you need it to be suitable. It should not only fit the needs of your family (comfort, size, durability, etc.), it should also match your personal style and the style of your space since it is the focal point and first impression. Accent pieces (chairs, tables, and accessories) are secondary, so if you’ve got a limited budget, find the right couch or even a leather sectional and leave the rest for later.

Kyle Simpson writes for Sofas and Sectionals where you can find an assortment of high end furniture by brands like Palliser and Berkline.

A Hershey Easter

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Looking for a unique handle on this year’s Easter basket? Hershey may have outdone the Easter Bunny himself with these suggestions. Hershey’s treats aren’t just for tasting. Deck out any door with the ultimate wreath created with Hershey’s Solid Milk Chocolate Eggs. For the big Easter meal, try decorating the table with Hershey’s Pinwheel Party Favors or an edible flower bouquet equipped with multiple treats available for sharing.

Hershey is also partnering with Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment to celebrate the release of Hop, a comedy about the Easter Bunny, starring Russell Brand and James Marsden. Top items for 2011 include the seasonal items in addition to treats inspired by the characters of Hop.

See Your Budget Benefit From A Power Down

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Unfortunately, there's no magic bullet when it comes to budgeting. If you want to make your sure your finances are stable, by cutting your cloth to fit, the solution lies in a whole lot of trimming - across the board. The reason why this can be difficult is that it means changing many ingrained habits, gained over years of consuming and spending. So maybe the best way to get yourself back in budget, without despairing, is to tackle each area of spending in turn. That way you have smaller hurdles to leap, and can build on your success as you go. An easy place to start, with your budget plan, is your energy use.

That's because our energy use is, to be blunt, pretty wasteful. Lights are left blazing in empty rooms, TVs are all too often found blaring with no viewers, whilst computers whir away pointlessly, without a user in sight. This is something that most of us can tackle head on, with just a few simple rules. But the drawback with focusing on power use is that the savings are not exactly visible. You won't see the effect on your bottom line, not until your bill hits next month, or even next quarter.

That's not helpful - if you're putting in, you really want to see what's coming out. One way around that is to become a meter fiend. Keep a track of your daily unit usage, by checking your meter every day, around the same time, and jotting the readings down. These are in kilowatt hours (kWh), and you get charged a lower rate for the first few hundred each month (known as the baseline allowance). It's worth checking your bill to see what your baseline allowance is – if you can get your daily use close to that, you'll make major savings.

Another way of looking at your energy savings is to directly measure the power use of each appliance you have plugged in. You can get an idea of this by looking at the kWh rating, which most appliances have printed on their plug. Or you can measure directly, using a watt-hour meter. These are pretty cheap, and are great for devices that don't drain at a constant rate, like a refrigerator or electric heater. By getting an accurate measure, for all of your household appliances, you can see where you will get the most gain, for the least pain, by conserving use of those appliances.

Now let's look at three simple rules that will quickly get your bill down, and your budget back on track. The first one is to limit your energy use to the room you are in. Only turn lights on, and have power sockets switched on, where ever you are at. If you move from one room to the next, turn off the sockets, and then turn off the lights (importantly in that order!). Turning the sockets off helps, because even devices that are stand-by still consume some power. But more than that, by getting into the habit of switching off, when you leave, there's no chance of things like TVs and PCs humming away merrily by themselves.

The next thing you can do is to turn the dials down (or up). That's to say, in winter, keep you heating thermostat down a notch or two, and in summer, keep the air-con up a couple of degrees. Your body adjusts to different room temperatures pretty quickly, and you'll find you can be comfortable at temperatures much lower (or higher) than you've gotten used to. This can really make a big difference to your power bills.

Finally you need to think efficient. If you have to replace a fridge or a washing machine, don't just go for features or looks. Check out the power use – many devices these days have an Energy-Star rating, to show that they conform to the most energy-efficient technologies. If you progressively replace older power-hungry appliances, with modern efficient ones, your bill will sink progressively lower too. Saving money through saving energy is a no-brainer. It just needs a change of mind-set. And your new habits will not only help your budget - they'll polish up your green credentials too.

Wozniacki is the co-author of an ebook titled Ripped Cut Buff, which offers tips & workout routines on how to get buff naturally.

Review and Giveaway: Jorge Cruise Book Set of The Belly Fat Cure

I like to say that I try to make healthier food choices.I think we're all looking for an easier way to slim down as well. If it could be as easy as making smarter food choices without feeling like you were on a diet, would you feel different about taking the plunge? Of course you would.

Clean eating is good for us- inside and out.

As you may know I have IBS, so I also have food intolerances. This past summer I had digestion problems and had to cut out alot of foods. Sugar was one thing that bothered me and I cut way back on it.By the end of the summer, I had lost weight. One time before I had cut back on sugars and carbs and lost weight again. For this reason I began to see that it may be an over doing of sugars and carbs makes us gain weight.

I was quite excited to read the book by Jorge Cruise, called The Belly Fat Cure and was anxious to review it, once I heard of it. I recieved a 2 book set called The Belly Fat Cure and the Sugar and Carb Counter. I love these books. They are hard to put down once you start looking through them. Easy reading, a clear understanding of what is what and great photos as well.

Jorge Cruise personally struggled with weight as a child and young man. Today he is the #1 online weight loss specialist with over 3 million online clients at

If your serious about changing your eating habits and want to lose weight for this Spring /Summer, these are the books you'll want to get. (Available now, through Hay House.)

Hay House is offering the set of these books in a giveaway to one lucky reader from Canada or the USA.A random draw will be held on March 3,2011 from all entries recieved, by

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Bringing Your Family Together with Coca Cola and Family Night

New year, new beginnings, new opportunities. Most people have the best of intentions when they make their annual resolutions, but a month into 2011, many have fallen off their promises all together. For the millions of parents whose 2011 resolutions include spending more quality time with their families, Coca-Cola is making it easy to establish Family Night rituals, complete with engaging activities and fun prize opportunities.

With expert tips and suggestions designed to inspire family togetherness, a new
Coca-Cola Family Night section found on serves as a resource for parents looking to establish weekly routines. Each week the website offers great new themed ideas to entertain the whole family – and make mom or dad the Family Night hero.

Adding to the fun, the “Play Together” contests, sponsored by various Coca-Cola partners, will reward families throughout the program with weekly themed prizes and two grand-prize trips to the American Idol season finale in May. will feature Coca-Cola Family Night activities centered around a new theme each week, such as:

· Movie Night – Spotlights the classic Family Night activity with a twist: the site will offer families a library of family-friendly films on the Coca-Cola HULU channel.

· Old School Game Night – Encourages families to enjoy classic games together and invites parents to introduce their kids to games they played when they were younger. Families can dust off a favorite board game or try out other suggestions from
Coca-Cola, including a scavenger hunt or “take your pick” card game.

· NASCAR Night – Gets families revved up for a high-octane Family Night with recipes fit for a tailgate party, instructions on how to create a race car from a Coca-Cola family pack and suggestions for holding active, off-track family relay races.

· SingStar Dance Night™ – During this Family Night, the living room becomes a stage! Families can dance and sing together with the SingStar® Dance game on the Sony PlayStation 3®.

“Play Together” Contests

As an extra incentive for parents to establish a Family Night tradition in their homes, each weekly theme also includes “Play Together” contests. For each contest, parents are invited to submit video or photos of their families enjoying weekly Family Night activities for a chance to win a variety of prizes, such as a digital video camera or Live Nation® Concert Cash. Videos or photo submissions can be uploaded directly to the site, and weekly winners will be decided by an ongoing popular vote.

Since some parents already have unique family activities and traditions, the “Play Together” contest in the eighth week of the program invites them to submit their original tips and ideas for holding a Family Night at home by showing the world how their family plays together.

The winning Coca-Cola Family Night submissions for each of the eight weeks will be featured on the website during the second week of March, as part of a competition for two Play Together Contest Grand Prizes – trips for the family to the American Idol season finale. Winning families will be decided by the public’s votes, with voting taking place March 7 – March 13 on

PlayStation® Move Sweepstakes

Visitors to also can keep the family moving together by entering the PlayStation® Move® Sweepstakes for a chance to win a prize pack featuring aPlayStation® 3 system, one DualShock controller, two PlayStation® Move motion controllers, one PlayStation® Eye camera, one SingStar® Dance game and two SingStar® Dace microphones. Fifty prize packs will be given away every week during the eight-week program, and consumers can enter online or by texting FAMILY to 2653 from their mobile phones.

Go City Multi Pass Cards Will Save You And Your Family A Ton of Money!

With our trip to Los Angeles in May, I was quite excited to come across the Go City Multi Pass card from Smart Destinations.

Go City Cards are multi-attraction passes, available in 14 of the top cities (San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco) across the U.S. and Canada. Go City Cards offer admission to an unlimited number of attractions (museums, aquariums, zoos, tours, etc.) in the city of your choice for one low price.

For a family that likes to travel and stay active, like yours, Go City Cards are a great way to save money while getting to see and do more than you normally might at a destination.

Go City Cards offer a ton of family-friendly activities, and they also save you time, letting you jump to the front of the line at each attraction, and you receive discounts and other perks at area restaurants and shops, maximizing your savings.

I am quite excited to have a card offer us so much and can't wait to use it.

Free Recipes and Free Trial Issues

Free recipe newsletters from the #1 cooking magazine in the world!

Choose from 12 tempting newsletters such as recipe of the day,holidays and celebrations, quick dinners, menu savers and many more.

Also check out the free trial issues available on a variety of recipe magazines.

National Clam Chowder Day- Friday, February 25th

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants would like to invite you and your family to celebrate this special day on February 25th, by sharing a Clam Chowder deal you won’t be able to pass up!

In celebration of National Clam Chowder Day, McCormick & Schmick’s locations nationwide will offer bar and dining room guests the option to add a cup of house Chowder to any entrĂ©e for only $1.00 all day long. Further details, as well as a list of participating restaurants, can be found online at”

Review :Sphere-Licious

Chocolate Cake Balls. What are they?The Chocolate Cake Ball is a delicious combination of homemade cake blended with homemade icing and dipped in a rich chocolate coating. Sound good? It is! I have seen these cake balls and their recipes to make them, all over the internet lately, so I was quite happy to have the opportunity to sample them, without having to go to the trouble myself and make them.

My daughter Ria had actually recieved some of the chocolate cake balls for Valentine's Day and bragged to me how good they were- but of course I didn't get to sample any of hers. I was quite happy when Celeste from Sphere-Licious said I could review.

They arrived by mail today and Gerry and I couldn't wait till we were done our lunch to try them. We recieved both the chocolate chocolate and the coconut bar- both of which were equally nummy.We found they were alot like a brownie and very tasty. We had to resist the urge to eat more than a 2 each! Yummy is all we can say!

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Your One Income Story by Pat of Illinois

My wife and I have lived on one income for over 15 years. She finds ways to save using coupons rebates and freebies online. When she was in college she worked in the financial aids office. As our sons approached college she was able to use these skills to search for scholarships for our sons. It worked-7 scholarships for 3 sons.

Recommend to people that if you have a hobby or something you used at a former job to utilize that to earn extra money.

Also we only buy what we absolutely need. We use up food in the pantry and refrigerator and freezer before going to the store.

Always check the clearance aisles of any store you go into to stock up on what you need.

Yesterday found a lawn attachment that was $300 in most stores. It was on sale for $225.00. I asked the manager to give me the sale price from November and was able to get it for $199.00. Don't be afraid to ask for a discount. Be nice but be persistent. Our town has a very high degree of unemployment and most stores are just happy to make a sale.

Review: Flameless Candle

Monday, February 21, 2011

I used to love burning candles, till one day it happened. They started bothering me. I'm not sure what it was that bothered me, but just them burning would start my allergies up, so that out an end to that. I love to see them flickering though in a dim lit room. They have a wonderful calming effect to them.

My daughter Ria had a terrible burn to her hand a few years back. The glass jar that her candle was in exploded when she went to move it. It left her scarred on her hand, as well as fear of burning her own candles for years. Now she is very careful what she buys.

I came across a site that offers flameless candles though. An alternative for those worried about burning candles for the safety issue, or an allergy reason like myself. Flameless candles also go where no other candle can go and can be safely placed anywhere, including near your drapes.Their also very clean and convienient to use. I love this alternative, and they offer a nice assortment of candles to go with any decor.

Today's Quick Tip

Looking to increase your income? Then decrease your spending.
Carefully re-look at all ways you are spending money and then start thinking on how you can go reduce your spending with what your already spending money on. It's a simple formula that works.

Sunday's Frugal Web Crawl

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Great sites around the web this week to check out:

-Vegetable Recipes-Great uses for surplus

-Learn to sew doll clothes

-Water stain removal

-Save money on groceries

-Ways for young kids to make money

Saturday-February 19

Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's not the easiest to see in the photo, but my once white kitchen, is now a light shade of green. Actually it's very "spring looking". It was due for some color and paint was on sale for about $18 for a gallon. Gerry only bought one gallon and still has paint left over. I was sort of hoping it would have been a darker shade, but it is what it is. Our cupboards are very outdated with the gold trim but because of the material they are made from, Gerry said they can't be refinished. By the top two doors on the left side especially, they are blackened and the finish has peeled off.I'm not sure if the cupboards match with the paint color? Any opinions?

The living room is on hold for now. There are bigger expenses involved there such as new carpet, and I'd probably get that out of town anyhow. Living in a small town such as us and you pay too much locally. Go to the city and you save quite alot. I was thinking of someday getting slip covers for the couches. It would be cheaper than a new set but anyone have these and have any opinions about them? I'd also like to replace a wooden book box with a nice ottoman. For now dreaming is free and if I find what we need at the right time, and the right price, we'll consider it.

My daughter Ria has left for Ocho Rios, Jamaica with her boyfriend, and won't be back till the first week of March.Since I love to travel, I'm always envious of anyone who goes. We'll soon have our turn in May, when we head to California. Right now airfare is a good price but Erika is waiting for tickets to the Ellen show to be available and they aren't yet. We also have our wedding that we'd like to get away for later in the year. I've got alot of plans but not alot in the bank, but we're counting on a good income tax refund, and Gerry has a bonus from his company coming in the Spring.Although I do know he also wants to build himself a new shed. I know he'd rather have a garage but the expense would be way too much, so for now, if he gets his new shed built, I'm sure he will be happy.

We've been hunting around looking for a treadmill to buy, and don't want to buy new. Seems everyone wants to buy one.It wouldn't be a hard thing to sell if you had one for sale. May have to look in the city next time we go.I really don't want to pay more than $100 and I'm looking for a motorized one.I'd love to review a treadmill but haven't had any luck with that either.I have an exercise bike but Gerry would like a treadmill I know....and I'd use it to if we had one.I got lucky with a nice exercise bike I got one year at a garage sale- only paid $20.

Well it's time to make supper. Hope you all have a nice weekend...

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How To Get The Best Deals On Laser Eye Surgery

Friday, February 18, 2011

Laser eye surgery has now corrected the eye sight of over 5 million people throughout the world. If you are someone who relies on glasses or contact lenses, then you have probably almost certainly considered having laser vision correction. For some people deciding to have laser eye surgery is based purely on a financial basis, whereas for others they are more concerned with the laser eye surgery risks.

Laser eye surgery is now considered extremely safe and complication rates are at an all time low. When deciding whether laser eye surgery is worth the financial outlay it may be worth calculating your annual spend on glasses and contact lenses. If for example you spend an average of $500 per year on glasses and contact lenses and your laser eye surgery is going to cost you $5000, then you will have recouped the money in 10 years. In addition to this you will have also had the benefit of perfect eye sight during that 10 year period!

Laser eye surgery cost will vary from clinic to clinic and depending on what type of laser eye surgery you are having. The following lists my top 5 tips to help you save money on laser eye surgery:

1. Stick with your glasses or contact lenses: The likelihood is that laser eye surgery will continue to reduce in price over the next 5 years, so you could just stick with your glasses or lenses till then.
2. Go for standard laser eye surgery: For most people the standard laser eye surgery procedure will produce just as good results as the premium options of Intralase and Wavefront. This is especially the case if your prescription is not too high and you have small pupils. Ask the surgeon what your chances are of achieving 20:20 vision with the standard procedure based on your prescription and compare this with the premium treatments. You can then decide whether the additional cost is worth it. Having Intralase and Wavefront could add up to $2000 on to your treatment price.
3. Have multiple laser eye surgery consultations: This will ensure that you can compare the prices from a few different clinics. Tell the clinics that you are having multiple consultations as they will then offer you the best price to try to persuade you to have laser eye surgery with them.
4. Be flexible with surgery dates: If you are able to have surgery at short notice you may get further discount on your treatment price. Clinics like to have a full surgery list as this is most cost effective for them. If someone cancels and they have a spare slot they will be keen to fill it.
5. Don’t agree to surgery straightaway: Never agree to have surgery on the day of your consultation as they are likely to phone you up later to offer you a cheaper price. Tell them on the day that you are going to go away and think about it.

Having offered these tips on saving money it is still worth mentioning that the most important thing when deciding on laser eye surgery is to choose a clinic and surgeon who you feel most comfortable with. Most people would be happy to be an extra few hundred dollars if you felt certain you were getting the best chance of achieving 20:20 vision. Make sure you fully research everything about laser eye surgery before you agree to have the surgery as that way you will be fully prepared.

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Doritos "The End" Contest and Giveaway-( Canada Only)

Doritos® brand marks #the end of traditional consumer engagement with new digital program!

Is it The End, or only the beginning? Canadians are creative, savvy and eager for a piece of the action. They’re ready to be engaged, take control and make important decisions for their favourite brands. The Doritos® brand is ready to take consumer engagement to a new level of awesomeness with its latest epic digital promotion, “The End” which will bring one lucky Doritos fan behind-the-scenes like never before, to actually become a part of one of Canada’s best-loved snack brands.

As part of this great contest,Doritos would love to to giveaway : – a 150$ prize pack for a lucky CDN winner!

I have been approached by Fleishman-Hillard Canada to participate in an online campaign involving Doritos. The following post is a reflection of my own personal thoughts and ideas and do not represent those of the named brand.

A random draw will be held on February 27,2011 from all entries recieved.

To Enter:

Tell me what your favorite flavor of Doritos is.

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Today's Quick Tips-Ways To Make Some $$$

Thursday, February 17, 2011

If your looking for ways to make some money-and hey, aren't we all? Here are a few quick ideas:
-pet sit,( people are looking for exotic or small pet sitters.The animal kennels usually only take dogs and cats.You can expand on that and look after birds, ferrets,hamsters or guinea pigs).
-start a blog- place advertising on your blog and make some $$. Once you get to be more noticed and have more traffic, you may get asked to have advertising on your site, earning you a bit more pocket money
-advertise to clean homes
-offer tutoring services- knowledgeable with math or english?Others may need your help.

California Here We Come!

We are super excited about our upcoming trip to California in May.You may have remembered me saying we are planning an early summer trip there- Gerry, Erika and I.Not only are we looking forward to spending time together, but also excited about exploring different cities throughout the state. Once in California we plan on renting a car from Enterprise Holdings and making our trip a true road adventure. During our visit to the golden state we plan on exploring Los Angeles, Hollywood, Burbank, Long Beach, Anaheim and some other locations.

Our plan is to see many of the different sites in each location, and we welcome suggestions of things to do and places to see from those of you living in the area. Our itinerary is not yet set, but we do know some of the things we want to do and places we want to see.

We are looking forward to going to Disneyland, including California Adventure Park, in Anaheim. How can you go wrong with Mickey Mouse and roller coasters? I have also heard the California Science Center and IMAX Theater in Los Angeles is a must see. We will also not be able to pass up the Hollywood Wax Museum and Guinness World Records Museum in Hollywood. All of which should be entertaining and educational.

In Long Beach we are looking forward to the rich history of the Queen Mary, and the world underwater at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

We would also love to experience a helicopter site seeing tour as well in L.A.. After all, seeing the state from above might be the best way to soak it all in. An LA Sightseeing tour might also be in the mix. Finally, we are trying to get tickets to the humorous Ellen show in Burbank. There is just so much to see and do in California is hard to know where to start, but I am positive we will be enjoying every minute of our trip.

As we travel through the state I will continue to write about our adventure. Hopefully, each day will hold more excitement than the next, and that the weather will be full of sunshine.

M&M’S® Spokescandies Tweet Their Way Across the Country! Need Destination Suggestion, Canada - @mmscanada! and Giveaway:( Canada only)

“This is my first big trip across Canada. I’m excited, but anxious -- what if I forgot to pack something important?? And I hear that Canadians REALLY love their M&M’S® Candies, so maybe preparing for the cold should be the least of my worries!... *Gulp*” - Orange, M&M’S® Spokescandy

It’s not every day that five icons from the candy world decide to drop everything and venture to the Great White North, but their bags are packed, and they’re ready to go! Over the next ten months, Canadians are invited to join M&M’S® Spokescandies Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange and, of course, Miss Green as they criss-cross the nation and follow them on their new Twitter account, @mmscanada. The Spokescandies will tweet their travels, post photos and postcards, and ask Canadians to tell them where they should head to next!

I have a $70 M&M’S Canadiana Prize pack up for grabs to one lucky Canadian winner! To enter, go to the M&M’S – Canada Facebook page and take their Spokescandy Personality Quiz. Tell me which Spokescandy you are like!

For an additional entry Tweet @mmscanada and me (@oneincome) your Canadian suggestion on where the Spokescandies should go.

Come back here and let me know you entered- 1 entry for Tweet and 1 entry for FB


Please note:I have been approached by Fleishman-Hillard Canada to participate in an online campaign involving M&M's. The following post is a reflection of my own personal thoughts and ideas and do not represent those of the named brand.

Review and Giveaway:Thrifty: Living The Frugal Life With Style by Marjorie Harris

I can't get enough of my thrifty living books and was quite happy to add another one to my collection. This one called: Thrifty: Living the Frugal Life with Style, by Marjorie Harris.I love getting on my exercise bike and reading, and it was nice to have this book to read to pass the time away on the bike.

I loved this book as it wasn't only tips for thrifty living, but also a re-collection of the author's life growing up and how she came to be the person who she is.

Bestselling author and national columnist Marjorie Harris offers a timely and entertaining guide to living the richly frugal life. Thrifty is full of simple and savvy tips drawn from Harris's own richly thrifty experience, and those of renowned experts such as bestselling author Margaret Atwood, actor R. H. Thomson, travel writer Sylvia Fraser, and the Globe and Mail Style columnists.

Thrifty is one of those books you will pick up to read, and not put down till you finish. 232 pages full of travel, gardening, home , food,fashion, and other topics to keep you with your nose in the book for hours.I would truly recommend this book for your collection.

We are giving away one of these books to one lucky winner from Canada or the USA, through a random draw by on February 27,2011.

To Enter:

Enter with your email.

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Hidden College Expenses

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Going to college is an exciting time for students and their families. Even the most financially prepared students are met with unexpected college expenses and incidentals that could throw the first year college budget off. The following are a list of possible hidden expenses that could add as much as 10 percent on anticipated college costs.

1. Parking fees are often left off the budget but if the student lives on campus, there will be monthly parking fees in order to store the vehicle. Additionally, daily parking fees could cost as much as five dollars per day. Overall, parking fees could add as much as $1,000 or more to the annual budget.

2. Many colleges and universities have realized the value that can be added by offering online and distance learning course options. In order to take advantage of these courses, many students will realize there is a cost associated with the convenience in the form of technology fees.

3. Many campus dormitories provide access to computers and printers but many students prefer to use their own computers so they can complete assignments within their own timeframe. In order to be fully functional, a computer as well as printer will be needed. In addition to the cost of the computer and printer, the cost of ink cartridges, paper and maintenance should be budgeted.

4. Many campuses include student union fees as part of tuition costs so these fees are often paid within even realizing there is such a fee. However, there may be additional fees associated with events held by the student union and on campus student organizations. Student identification cards are also typically required to enjoy discounts on campus; many retailers in close proximity to the college may also offer deals for students, so a student identification card is a must. Many institutions provide the first student id for free, but charge a nominal fee for replacements.

5. College sports programs can add anywhere from $1000 to $1500 to the college budget. Students who play on college athletic teams are typically required to pay more than students participating in intramural sporting activities. Students who do not play for their college, but would like to show school spirit and support the home team will need to prepare for the expense of attending games. Although discounts are typically offered to students and alumni, tickets to college sporting events can cost as much as $10 or more per game.

6. College sororities and fraternities are a great way for students to be part of a network and build lasting relationships. Joining or pledging a fraternity can have costs associated with it. These expenses, especially if students live at the fraternity or sorority house, can cost as much as $2,000 per school year.

Reducing Stress with Online Poker

After a stressful day at the office or a tiring day at home with the kids, everyone needs a way to unwind and relax. We all have are own ways of dealing with day to day stress, but why not make it fun and try something new? Gambling for free online can be a great way to reduce stress and have some fun. Since, you are doing it for free there is no risk of losing your child’s college fund. After all, gambling your hard earned dollars would probably only bring more stress, but when it is just for fun there is nothing to lose except a little time. An online site such as Poker
can be informative and catch you up on the latest happenings in the wild world of poker. Just do not get sucked into the paying game, even if you think you became an expert poker player overnight.

In addition to being a fun way to escape the troubles of your day, online gambling can turn into a great way to impress your friends. If you become quite the poker connoisseur, you can invite your friends over for poker night. No, this does not have to be your dad’s poker game, but rather a cheap way to spend a great night with friends. Whether you want to spend time with other couples or make it a girls or guys night in, you will only need a deck of card, some poker chips and some yummy snacks to have a great night with friends. Who knows it could even become a monthly tradition.

However, if impressing your friends with your poker skills is not your style, you can still enjoy other online gambling games. Perhaps, keno, bingo or blackjack could be your game of choice. Whatever online games you choose to play just remember to keep your wallet closed. You can still enjoy the excitement without the cost.

Review and Giveaway: Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion

Monday, February 14, 2011

Review by: Cynthia

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion is a hypoallergenic fragrance and colorant free family friendly skin care product . It is great for sensitive skin.It also heals dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.Skin MD Natural is safe for babies and works great on diaper rash and baby's eczema.

My mom reviewed this lotion saying: "I found this lotion to feel like a second invisible skin, I could almost tell I had some kind of "protection" on my dry hands the moment I put it on. It has a very soft pleasant smell, feels nice when you put it on. The lotion isn't thick, so it goes on quickly and is absorbed quickly. You don't need all that much either. I liked it and would keep a bottle around all the time....I am a daily lotion user, for hands, several times a day, and when I get a bath every day. I live in northern Canada where we have long winters, and our skin gets dry. It would be good for anyone, people with skin problems, dry skin, dry climates, after swimming, etc. "

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion would like to give away a full sized bottle to one lucky winner from Canada or the USA.

A random draw will be held by on February 28,2011 from all entries recieved.

To Enter:

Tell me what part of your body you find is the driest at this time of the year.

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Today's Winners

Valentine's Day winners for today:

Draw # 1-


*** Winners have been contacted and have 7 days to reply before a new winner is selected.
Thank you to all who entered!

Happy Valentine's Day

Before the day slips away,( and I find it usually does),I would love to wish every one of my readers a Happy Valentine's Day.

May you enjoy this day of "love" fully with your loved ones!

Sending you all hugs this Valentine's Day- you are all special to me....

P.S You can send free Valentine ecards today through 123 Greetings.


Sunday's Frugal Web Crawl

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some great sites around the web this week to check out:

Stretching Your Dollar Online (Canada)

If you’re a dedicated deal hunter, then you’re probably pretty familiar with using coupons and searching the flyers of your local stores, a tried-and-true way of stretching the buck. But what if you want to buy something online? The deals and coupons are still out there, so it’s a matter of hunting them down and finding the best ones.

When you’re looking for everyday stuff like household items, a few good places to look are Amazon and Sears, which are two of the biggest online superstores in Canada. One of the smaller ones I really love is where you can get pharmacy-type items, including groceries. All of these merchants offer coupons and promotions regularly, which we feature on our site, as well as free shipping (sometimes with a minimum purchase required).

You might be surprised at how often you can find a coupon for what you’re looking to buy online. For example, you can get great deals on electronics at Dell and Newegg, both of which offer coupons. Find coupons by doing a search in Google, visiting the Twitter and Facebook pages of the store you’re looking at, or of course by visiting our website where we bring all of the deals together in one place.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile, take some time to get to know who sells what online, and who offers the best deals. I’m certain you’ll be surprised at what is out there. More and more popular retailers are setting up online outlet stores and offering great discounts and free shipping.

Another fun way to save on “real life” stuff online is checking out the ever-more-popular Groupon-style sites. You can find coupons for local businesses, restaurants and attractions, and sometimes the deals are pretty awesome.

Stretching your dollar online can actually be pretty fun. Happy hunting!

About the author: Wes Walls is the founder of, a new website that makes it easy and fun for Canadians to find online coupons, promotions, freebies and other great deals.

Using Containers To Organize Your Mess

None of us are quite as organized as we’d like to be and often, the clutter in our physical lives can affect our mental state (this is one of the basic tenets of feng shui). In truth, when your space is clean and tidy, it helps to quiet your mind and allows you to focus on more important things (family, work, and so on). So if you find that you’re constantly frazzled and you just can’t seem to find a way to keep your thoughts organized, why not start by getting your space in order? You’ll soon see an improvement in your mental state to match. And the best way to get your home organized is by getting on board with containers. Here’s how they can be used to tidy up any area of your home (and consequently, your entire life).

The best place to start is with the garage and the closets, since both of these areas tend to devolve into disarray sooner or later. Large bins in the garage can help to control some of the sporting equipment and power tools that seem to stretch from hither to yon, and smaller bins can be used for tools, toys, beach stuff, holiday decorations, and pretty much anything else that finds its way to your carport. You can even get containers that have small sections to house loose screws (no pun intended!). As for your closets, consider putting in shelving to better organize your assortment of bins and label them for linens, board games, or whatever else you store so that you can quickly find what you’re looking for each time you open the door.

Bedrooms and bathrooms can benefit from container storage, too. Keep bins on the top shelf of your closet for out-of-season clothes (summer stuff can go in there during the winter and you can swap it out for sweaters and thermal underwear when spring arrives). This will help to keep your personal closet clutter-free. You can also use under-bed storage bins for shoes that you don’t wear all the time to keep your floor clear of the pile that usually resides there. And in your bathroom, use an assortment of bins to keep your makeup items separated as well as stop your lotions and potions from spilling out every time you open a cupboard or drawer.

Of course, the place you can probably use container storage the most is in your family room or office, common areas that are constantly overrun by about a million forms of media used by various members of your household. If you already have shelving units to hold your CDs, DVDs, and video games (not to mention remotes and controllers), simply clean it all up by adding stylish bins to hide everything. Your space will look less cluttered and more pulled together, which should have you breathing a sigh of relief.

You might be worried about the initial cost of purchasing so many bins, but it’s not like you’re hiring a professional organizer to make over your home (which could cost thousands of dollars). By visiting local discount superstores (like Wal-Mart or Target) you can find the variety of sizes and storage solutions you need at a low cost that will work with just about any budget. And if you resolve to go one room at a time, you can spread the cost over several months, ending up this time next year with a house that is free of clutter and totally organized, in keeping with your new outlook on life!

Kyle Simpson writes for Morrison CHS which specializes in feed screws, quick change parts and builds the best products available in the container handling industry.

Free Articles For Your Blog or Web Site

Saturday, February 12, 2011

If you are looking for some free content for your site, I have original articles if you wish to post on your site:

-Health- articles on cancer prevention
-articles on talking online health courses

-Financial-articles on debt relief and credit card debt relief

All are original articles with 1-2 links in them-300-400 words.

You can contact me by emailing:


E-Commerce Cutbacks:Saving Money on Packaging

If you’re running your business entirely online, then the only method your customers have of getting your products is through shipping. While your brick-and-mortar competitors pay less in this area because their buyers walk out with a purchase, packaging is likely one of the biggest expenses you face in your daily operations. And if you’re sending out a lot of goods, you could be spending a large chunk of your profits on getting your wares to a customer’s doorstep. Of course, you don’t want to skimp on the packaging, since it provides the first impression of your company (and you want the items you sell to show up on time, in good shape, and stylishly wrapped). But there are quite a few ways you can cut back on the costs associated with packing up your products and still ensure that you meet all of your goals for customer satisfaction. Here are a few things to consider.

The appearance of the box is the first area to examine. Some companies like to use specialty boxes emblazoned with their logo or other graphics. This is a nice touch, but it can be pretty expensive to print custom boxes. Instead, consider creating sticker sheets so that you can easily stick your logo to any box (at a lot less cost). If you’re really trying to cut back on expenditures, you really don’t need to decorate the outside of the box at all. When you think about it, customers are just going to rip it open to get at what’s inside anyway. And considering how many people like to reuse shipping boxes for their own needs, they might even prefer a generic box.

Size and weight is another issue to consider. You probably can’t do much to change the size and weight of whatever you’re shipping (unless you sell guns, in which case you could decide to offer only lightweight Glocks). In any case, most people selling goods online are kind of stuck with whatever they happen to be selling. However, there are options for you to save money in this area that center on your shipping method. While most shippers charge you by weight, there are some that will take a flat fee based on box size. So if you’re shipping something small but heavy, you can go with a flat-rate box. And if you’re sending something large but light, you can opt for weight-based shipping instead. It pays to know your options for shipping and how the size or type of box your choose could save you money.

Finally, you need to think about packing materials. What goes in the box is even more important than what is on the outside, in most cases. The materials you use to pack your products will keep them protected (or not) during shipping, so they need to provide an adequate buffer against the tossing, dropping, and flipping that occurs in most shipping facilities. Whether you choose Styrofoam peanuts, plastic air pockets, crumpled packing paper, molded foam, or some other material when you pack your goods, you need to make sure it is right for your product. That said, most packing materials are comparable in their ability to cushion items for transport, so unless you’re shipping glassware, you probably don’t need to opt for top of line packing materials. In any case, there are many options to consider, and you need to pick the one that not only fits your aesthetic and marketing goals, but also meets your budgetary need.

Kyle Simpson writes for Plexpack which offers continuous band sealer, shrink packaging machinery and many other items for your e-commerce and other packaging needs.

Re-Draw Winner Announcement

Re-draw made today for the following giveaway:

Winner is:

*** Winner has been contacted and has 7 days to reply before a new winner is selected.

Review-Glow Crazy Distance Doodler Kit

What child wouldn't like to go crazy with Glow-Crazy and draw on the walls? Well, now they can, with mom and dad's approval.
This really is the coolest toy ever!

With this great doodler ,Glow Crazy-everyone in the family can have fun by drawing and writing with light. Let your creativity truly shine with GlowCrazy! With no-mess lightwands, glow-reactive reusable clings and stencils galore, the GlowCrazy Distance Doodler "distance drawing" pack is sure to be a hit with everyone in the family.Great for a night of drawing on the walls!

The GlowCrazy Doodle Magic Lightwand set comes with 10 feet of paper, stencils, and the GlowCrazy Distance Doodler and more. It is available for $24.99 plus shipping. You can order it online at their GlowCrazy website. This is a fun and original toy everyone in the family can enjoy and have hours of fun playing with.

Saturday, February 12

Valentine's Day arrived here early yesterday...Gerry had brought home a card and this beautiful arrangement, but had kept it hidden in the porch for a while, as he came home to hearing me on the phone with some upsetting news. Our daughter Erika(18), who lives in Calgary, going to school there, had something happen to her called spontaneus pneumothorax.I had to call her step mom and let them know what had happened, as well as other members of our family.

She had been having problems breathing over the last few days and pressure on her chest ws bothering her.She thought it was a type of cold or cough.I told her to get some vapor rub for her chest and neck but to see the school nurse about it the next day.She did that and one thing led to the next with x-rays, etc..Next thing we heard, was that basically her lung had partially collapsed, and they needed to put her under and get a tube in her to inflate it. It was a few trying hours with grief and prayers yesterday,but as it is now, she still has the tube in and they are keeping an eye on it.We wish we could be there for her but we are 10-12 hours away and have been keeping in touch with phone calls. She's in good spirits though and currently waiting on more xrays.You can read more on pneumthorax from the above link I provided.

On another note, if there are any bloggers with health related web sites that allow guest postings, I'd love to hear from you since I've been writing some articles on a variety of health topics.

Off to make some lunch as Gerry will be home soon. He went into work for some overtime today and catch-up at the office, and doing some errands.Saturday for me is house cleaning day.

Everyone have a good one....


Saving Bottles and Cans Can Equal Big Money

In states where recycling is mandatory (as in, you put out a recycle bin with the trash bin every week) people seem to have forgotten that you can actually make money off your plastic, aluminum, and glass. And in places where recycling is not required, people may not realize how much money you can make. Of course, not every locale houses a recycling center, so it may not make much sense to spend the gas money getting to the nearest outpost, but if you live in a town that boasts this eco-friendly option, there’s absolutely no excuse for not doing your part for the planet. And you may be pleasantly surprised by the monetary gains that come along with it.

Now, if you don’t necessarily use a lot of bottles and cans in your household, you might think that it’s not worth your effort to save them and take them to be recycled. But you’re not looking at the bigger picture. Even if it takes you six months to fill a couple of trash bags, you could end up with $40 or $50 at the end, which is a nice meal out for you and your spouse (or at least a trip to the pizza joint with the kids). It’s free money and frankly, it’s a return on what you already spent for the soda or water that originally came in those cans and bottles. Plus, won’t you feel better knowing that you’re not contributing to the out-of-control waste that is causing our landfills to overflow?

But you can do more. A single household may not produce enough cans and bottles to make much difference in their daily budget, but a whole block probably does (not to mention a whole town). Unless recycling is mandated by law, you probably have a lot of neighbors who are tossing their cans and bottles in the trash. Why not ask them to save these items for you so you can take them to the recycling center? They won’t have to do much, just keep an extra bin in the garage that you’ll collect once a week. They can feel good about reducing their carbon footprint without having to take the time to drive their recyclables downtown. Of course, they may eventually wise up and realize that they could be making money, but you could always offer to split the profits from their donation with them (so they get a few bucks out of the deal and still avoid the drive).

You could even take it a step further and petition the city to be allowed to set up a recycling drop-off at your home. Your neighbors might not like the look of a large bin in your driveway, so it’s important to get the proper permits for such an undertaking, but it could allow people who otherwise wouldn’t make the trip all the way down to the recycling center a way to keep their cans and bottles out of the trash. Not to mention, it will net you a whole lot more money. Of course, you will probably have to clean all these items to make them eligible for recycling (yuck), but when you start netting a couple hundred dollars a month (or more, depending on the popularity of your operation), it might seem well worth your while.

Kyle Simpson writes for E-PAK Machinery, an industry leading manufacturer of in-line liquid packaging machinery. Whether you are looking for bottle filling equipment or water bottling equipment E-PAK Machinery can tailor a solution to meet your specific needs.
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