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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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How To Get The Most Loyalty Points

One of the best ways to get more for your buck is to participate in a loyalty program of some kind. There are two main types of loyalty programs that are available to today’s consumer. One is when you receive money back for the product you buy, while another allows you to collect points on purchases which you can save up and redeem at a later date. If you are careful about collecting your points you can earn big rewards fast. Here are some helpful hints to maximize your earnings.

Choose the right card: 
It is not to your advantage to get a loyalty card to a store that you do not frequent. One of the best choices is to get a loyalty card which will allow you to collect points in multiple locations; this is something that has been popularized with reward programs like Air Miles. In such cases you can simply present your card at the participating locations and collect points for purchases.
Partner up with a credit card: 
Often times you can have a reward program that is linked to your credit card. In such cases you can virtually use your loyalty program anywhere to collect points. This is great for people who often forget to present their separate loyalty card, or for those who do not want cards to overcrowd their wallet.
Shop smart:
Many retailers will have special bonus days associated with their loyalty program. You can often figure out the schedule of these, as they can be quite frequent. During that time make sure to purchase the products that offer extra points or bonus points. This is great because for virtually the same purchase you will earn much more points. These bonus days can quickly multiply how many point you have. Get the whole family involved in looking for the best offers, so you can redeem on things that everyone can enjoy.
Have a goal: 
You are much more likely to succeed in collecting loyalty rewards if you have a goal to reach towards. Ideally, make your first goal something smaller that you can earn enough points to redeem for relatively quickly. As soon as you are hooked and you see how fun it is to collect, strive for some bigger items.
Collecting loyalty rewards can be a lot of fun, and if you are a smart collector you can get some fantastic rewards.

2013 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Monday, April 29, 2013

May 12, 2013, many people throughout the world will be celebrating Mother’s day with their moms. Every family will celebrate Mother’s Day a little bit differently. Families with small children might hand craft them something special, other mothers may be treated to a Mother’s Day brunch and a bouquet of flowers. 

Since not everyone lives close to their moms the day is filled with overseas phone calls, flower deliveries, gifts both big and small as well as well wishes. On this day everyone is trying to show their mom exactly how much she means to them in their everyday lives by making her feel extra loved and appreciated on this one day a year. The thing about moms is that they do not care if the gift that you get them is something big or something small, as long as it comes from the heart. Mom’s are just like that.

Please visit some of our friends and see what they are offering for moms everywhere this Mother's Day:

For momFord Warriors in Pink "Courage in the Kitchen" apron, which was recently worn on ABC's show, "The Taste," as a Mother's Day gift.

This limited edition item is $34 and available for sale at, with 100% of the net proceeds going towards one of four charities that consumers can chose from: Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation (DSLRF), The Pink Fund and the Young Survivor’s Coalition (YSC).

A great gift for mom!


Mastrad - a culinary accessories company, who offer a Macaroon Baking Set which will make a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day. As macaroons are so popular right now, the Macaroon Baking Set contains all the proper accessories to make homemade macaroons just like the pros! The set comes with a macaroon cookbook, 1 silicone macaroon baking sheet (small ridge), and a silicone pastry bag with accessories. It’s fun, easy and moms will love it. 
The Macaroon Set comes with a recipe book and it is $49.99. 

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

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Review: Express Yourself With Qwertees

When it comes to fashion, it is important that it represents who you are. Sometimes standing out from the crowd, means seeking out original clothing, that is both stylish and representative of your personality. Recently, Gerry got the Heisenberg Crystal Meth Shirt from Qwertee. The shirt is based on the extremely popular television show Breaking Bad, which is about a high school chemistry teacher, who turned into a meth dealer in order to pay his medical bills.We love this show so it's kinda cool to have the t-shirt too!

Qwertees feature a vast collection of pop culture shirt designs that are certain to please you no matter what genre interest you. It is the chance to be quirky and original in your sense of style, while showcasing some of your eclectic interests. These shirts are not something that you will find at the local mall, which is what makes them such a terrific conversation piece. 

Half the fun is browsing through all the shirts available!

Last Chance For Free Kid’s Glasses

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kids are seldom excited to get a pair of glasses, but you can make them happy if they can get a pair that they love! currently has a special on glasses, that when you buy a pair of glasses you will get a free one from their “kids see free” category. There is nothing better than getting free things that are also excellent quality. Along with the very stylish frames you get prescription poly carbonate durable lenses, UV protection to protect the sensitive skin around the eyes as well as scratch resistant coating, because after all, kids will be kids. There is also anti-reflective coating which will prevent eye strain and tiring of their eyes. 

This is an excellent opportunity to get kids excited about a new pair of glasses, but hurry up because the offer ends Tuesday April 30th and you don't  want to miss out on this chance!

One Last Stop

Friday, April 26, 2013

Well, we're almost back! Got in late last to Saskatoon. A bit of shopping to do first, then head to Prince Albert,( an hour and a bit from Saskatoon), to pick up Jakey at the kennel. Will be good to see the little guy again.

We almost didn't make the plane coming home though. We had 45 minutes before our plane left, once we got to the terminal. Had to get the folks at Hertz to zip us over to the terminal in our rental car, as soon as we arrived there. We had left Atlantic City 2 hours before our car rental needed to be returned in Philadelphia but wow the GPS took us on this long ride through " all kinds of neighborhoods" let me tell you! Philly seems to be a very crowded and busy city, with unreal parking! Or lack of it.

We did make it though, grabbed something to eat at the airport and then made a connection in Minneapolis, before heading to Saskatoon.

Was nice to find the Days Inn on Idylwyld North to stay the night. Easy parking, got checked in fast and see they have free continental breakfast as well. I would definitely suggest the King bed room if travelling alone or with your partner. They are nice and roomy and clean!

Off for breakfast though!


Common Homeowner Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

Thursday, April 25, 2013

So you have brought your dream home, you have started to look at furnishings and you can't wait to move, but have you considered your insurance needs?  Making sure that you have the right insurance for your needs is imperative to not only your financial well being, but also to your mental health; if you are not covered and your home gets damaged, not only will you have to foot the bill, but the stress this causes is immense. To make sure that this isn't the eventuality that you find happening to you, you need to avoid the common mistakes that so many of us make. Here are the top tips for securing your home today!

Make Sure That You Have Everything Insured

It may seem like an obvious statement to make, but many people don't know what their home insurance actually covers. Home Insurance Quotes are the best time to make sure you ask all the right questions: What does the policy cover? What about personal contents? Do I need to add anything on to my policy?

One mistake that many people make is to simply insure their dream home for the mortgage amount. Although this seems reasonable, it is not perfect as the cost of rebuilding your home is going to be greater than that of your mortgage. Your building and contents insurance should cover you for a full rebuild of your home and any damage to your personal property. On top of this basic coverage, you should also look at what add-ons your insurance provider can give you, this can be anything from making sure your bike is insured through to extra fire and flood coverage, perfect if you live near a flood plain etc.

Shop Around For The Right Insurance

When you sign up with your mortgage provider, you will probably find that they offer their own form of buildings insurance that is available for you. This may be the perfect insurance for you, but you can't be sure of this if you haven't done your homework. 

Shopping around for insurance is a great way to get what you need and often works out cheaper than simply going for the first policy you see. Many companies, such as AXAInsurance, offer promotions and deals throughout the year, a great reason to do your homework. This way you can choose the provider that covers your specific needs, insurance is very personal as we all have different risks associated with our homes, so you need to make sure you are prepared for the future. Simply start by searching for buildings and contents quotes to see what is available to you and your home.

Read The Fine Print of Any Policy

As with any financial commitment you make, reading the fine print before you sign up for anything is imperative to making sure you stay financially healthy. You may believe that you have the right policy for you, but without reading the fine print, you may be wrong. It is also important to make sure you know the limitations of your claims. Each insurance provider will have a certain set of limitations for some claims, for example if you have a house fire caused by negligence on your part, you may not be able to claim if you don't have accidental damage insurance.

Once you have read the fine print, you will have a completely open view of what you can and cannot claim against, how much you can claim up to and what you should do to make your claim.

A New Sporting Event To Enjoy This Spring/Summer

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

With the spring here and the summer just around the corner, many of us are trying to make this year extra memorable. One of great ways to feel a part of this year is to participate in events that create summer memories. For example there are numerous sporting events which occur in the spring/summer such as the Kentucky Derby, the Stanley cup playoffs or the start of the baseball season. Alternatively there are parades, fireworks and backyard BBQ which may suit the needs of the less sport inclined.

Summer is a great time to get to know a few new sports. There is so many things that may suit your interest, just a quick glance at ESPN might show you something of interest. It is also the time to explore sports you may be less familiar with; it may be fun to join the office excitement of bet on Kentucky Derby, even if you are only betting because you like the horse’s name. A little bit of friendly rivalry and competition may get you excited about things you would not have even dreamed of.

There are also many traditional summer sports that are great for spectators, with baseball being one of them. For many the highlight of a baseball game is the ballpark hot dog, and there is nothing wrong with that. Soon you will discover that cheering on your team in a live atmosphere with other fans is a fantastic way to spend your afternoon.

Spring and summer evenings are meant to be spent outside. So whether you are playing sports or just enjoying from the sidelines, enjoy the sense of purpose and community that these activities bring into your life. During these evening you will surely make memories that will last a lifetime and get you through the next winter.

Ending Soon

                                     ( View of ocean through glass at Trump Plaza Hotel)

                                                                   (Very windy!)

                                                 (View of Atlantic City Boardwalk)

Well, tomorrow will be the last day here in Atlantic City. 
We could have left days ago actually as we have found there hasn't been alot here to occupy our time. But changing our tickets would have costed us hundreds of dollars.
We're not bar or party people so just been trying to occupy ourselves with any entertainment or site seeing,window shopping and a bit of the casinos.
There has only been the one show that we saw while here- not like Vegas where there are shows all the time. 
The weather also has been terrible- cold, foggy or rainy. So we've been grounded alot.

                  (View from our balcony- too cold to sit outdoors and enjoy )

Today we are going to drive down to the boardwalk and look through some small shops as we still have some souvenir hunting to do. That will be the extent of the day though. Tomorrow we'll get laundry done and get packed up to leave to drive to Phili on Thursday and fly out.


Day 5- Atlantic City and Area

Sunday, April 21, 2013

At the end of our day today, and retiring early- 6 pm. Just finished playing some slots at the Borgata Hotel &Casino, (have not been lucky since we have been here so we are calling it quits this trip- don't want to lose any more money). However, before we left, we stopped at  Fat Burger, in the hotel, and picked up 2 of their delicious burgers. Good food, juicy burgers!

Earlier in the day, we visited the Absecon Lighthouse, climbing 228 winding stairs to the top. Was a bit hard on the legs and kind of tricky walking down. You really can't be moving too fast coming down, as you can see between the stairs and it gets a bit confusing, but we made it. Along the way up as well there are little stop off points where you can rest and look out the window. Don't think I would have made it without those. Once at the top, a guide presented us with cards that said " Congratulations, you just climbed New Jersey's tallest lighthouse, the third tallest lighthouse in the United States!"

We also took a drive out to see Lucy the Elephant, in Margate, NJ. She is six stories high and is listed on the National Park Registry of Historical Landmarks. You can even go inside.In this photo is the entrance way. We got to climb to the top too but the stairwell up in very narrow. Interesting to see,and she has a very long history behind her.

The weather has been very cool here still so it has kept us in more than I'd like to be. Seems like the weather has been wacky all over the US and Canada though.Tomorrow we think may just be a partial day of shopping and browsing.


Review: Sweet Andy's Cookies Plus a Giveaway (USA only)

There are many ways to say “Thank you” but food seems to be one of the more popular ways.

 Recently, Gerry and I had a chance to try out “Sweet Andy’s Cookies” which were born out of one family’s desire to thank their family and friends for helping them out during a hard time.

From its humble origins in a small bakery to being voted New York City’s best cookie of 2012, this business has come a long way in a short amount of time. The cookies we tried were like no other. They were very “meaty”, and delicious.

There is a large variety of cookies that are available to try, from the ever popular chocolate chip to some fantastic sugar cookies, pumpkin, mint chocolate chip as well as many more wonderful varieties. Fresh cookies are a great way to say thanks you or make any occasion just a little bit more special. 

Sweet Andy's would like to offer a giveaway of a big box of 6 varieties of their famous cookies, to one lucky winner in the USA. A random draw will be made by on April 30, 2013 from all entries received.

To Enter:
Leave a comment for Sweet Andy's Cookies and your email.

Good Luck To All!

Spring Cleaning: Streamlining Your Credit Cards

We are now well into 2013 and it is time to start considering "spring cleaning" our finances so that we can lead the stress free, financially happy life we deserve. The first thing we need to do in order to thoroughly spring clean our finances, is to create a monthly budget plan. This is one of the aspects that people find hardest to do for multiple reasons.  Credit cards can be confusing especially when there are multipleinterest rates and a number of 12 month balance transfer offers. Using a comparison site like can make choosing one easier. Once you have a complete budget laid out, with incoming money, outgoing costs, and
debts, you will have taken the first step towards a debt free life!

Firstly, open up your wallet and lay out all your credit cards. Now that you can see all your cards in front of you, here are some top tips for giving them a spring clean this year.

1. Transfer your balances      
This is a great tip for those of us with one card or more, transferring balances can also be used for multiple cards with small amounts of credit. Balance transfer is a great tool for helping you reduce your monthly credit card costs and ultimately reduce your debts as they cut out your interest for a set period of time. One of the major difficulties with credit card debts is that, if you pay the minimum amount every month, then you will find that some, if not most, of your payment is just going towards interest and not touching your debt at all.
Balance transfer credit cards work by taking on your existing credit and then giving you an interest free period of up to 12 months, plenty of time for you to start paying back the credit that you owe. The obvious main benefit is that you will know exactly how much you're cancelling out of your debt each month, but you will also gain consolidation of multiple cards, making it much easier to control your outgoings each month.

2. Clear one card at a time

Having multiple card debts is stressful in itself and often leads many of us to try to pay them all off at the same time. Unless you have the money to pay them off in full in one go, then you will struggle. The best way to ensure that you pay all your card debts off in full is to tackle them one at a time. This needs some planning and could be added to your monthly budget to help you to keep on track.
To start with, you need to know what the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is for each of your cards. Those with the highest need to be your top priority, whilst those with the lowest can wait a while. You will need to start with the highest payment card, this will be your first to clear as it is the most costly; make a plan that will involve you paying more than the minimum on this card and the bare minimum on the others. This may mean you need to cut back in other areas of your life in order to save some money, but it will be worth it in the long run. Once you have paid this card in full, then move on to the next highest interest rate and so on. It may take a while to get them all cleared but it will be worth it in the end.

3. Try to start paying your cards in full

OK, so this point has been touched upon earlier, but it is actually the best way to use your finances to their maximum. You will need to make enough money to cover the full card payment each month, so you should only use the card up to an amount that you can pay back in full. This will take self control, but it will mean that you don't pay any extra for you credit at all. It can also help to rebuild a damaged credit history by proving to the credit companies that you are using your credit responsibly, setting you up for the likelihood of accessible finances in the future.

Day 4- Atlantic City

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Well, the weather outside is frightful...yes, it has been cool here in Atlantic City and dull. Not much for sun for sure.

                                      (Gerry at the Boardwalk)

Went down to the Boardwalk today. Not what I expected. The souvenir shops seemed "sub standard." Older merchandise in alot and very low quality. Hasn't been easy to find nice souvenirs so we may need to go hunting in the next few days. If one loves walking, this is a great place to do it though. The ocean is about quarter mile from the Boardwalk, but we have yet to actually walk down to the shore.Today was just cool and windy.Expect as well to find pan handlers, rolling chair pushers and timeshare promoters that will at times pose an inconvenience by trying to stop you. 

Along the Boardwalk,besides the souvenir shops you can find places to grab a bite and run, and some of the casinos/hotels.Also on this strip is Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum, with over 400 exhibits.Interesting place to see while your on the Boardwalk.

Tonight we were at The Legends in Concert tonight at Ballys and really enjoyed it. Best part of the show we found were the Blues Brothers impersonators, who really seemed to steal the show and made a great ending to the show as well. Could have watched  a whole show of these two! They have shows all over so please be sure to look for a location online near you or a city you may be travelling to.

Be sure to see what we are up to tomorrow!


April 22nd is Earth Day

On Monday April 22nd, the world will be celebrating Earth Day

This is an annual day on which people try to do something to help the wonderful planet that we live on. Too often do we take our rivers, lakes, oceans, forest and all the creatures that live within them for granted. It is these things that make our life on Earth worth it and we should take greater care to preserve them for all the future generations to enjoy. So on Earth Day why not do a small act of kindness to better the health of the world that we live in. Even small things like picking up some litter can make a big difference and show your appreciation. 

Take a moment to bask in nature, by going on a walk and enjoying whatever nature you have around you. We only have one Earth, so let’s take care of it and please support our Earth Day friends:


This Earth Day, celebrate our planet with an organic American Apparel t-shirt from a Redbubble artist.  Redbubble is an online marketplace where 250,000 global, independent artists are selling their designs printed on a range of cool products like t-shirts, hoodies, iPhone and iPad cases.  Choose from a collection  of tree-hugging, planet-friendly designs from around the globe.

Trick Yourself Into Saving Money

Many of us have goals that we are trying to save our money for. It is not easy by any means, and there always seems to be a reason why you should spend money instead of saving it. In order to achieve your goals, whether it is travel or a down payment on a house, you just may have to trick yourself to do it. Here are some ideas how:
Have a designated savings account: 
There are a number of easy access savings accounts that you could consider. Many banks offer accounts that help your money grow, an example is BM savings. You could set up automatic transfers into your savings account, and not look at them till a specific time. Consider the money in these accounts untouchable.
Save your change:
Whenever you have any change in your wallet, simply throw it in a piggy bank or a jar of some kind. Then once or twice a year you can have a rolling party at which you roll your loose change and see how much you can actually save in a year without thinking about it. For example you could use it as spending money on a trip.
Pay yourself:
We all have some things that we simply don’t like to do. So decide on a salary for yourself when you finally clean out the garage, or head back to the gym. It just might be the incentive that you need. That way if you want to buy something frivolous, you know you have to ‘earn’ it, first.

Losing Track of My Days

Well, the day got away from me yesterday and I just didn't seem to get the chance to blog.
We spent about half a day in Philly yesterday and then time to drive to Atlantic City, where we are staying at the Wyndham Skyline Tower.
 By the time we were checked in, I had about an hour on the computer, but with the wind storm they had here last night, it's quite possible it's what killed my connection yesterday evening. Was happy to see that things were running normal again on here today. So, quickly about our day yesterday:
- Philadelphia: wow. We don't know how you all do it that may live in this city. The university area within the city, as well as the city itself, are so busy. No place to park, even if you do see where you'd like to stop,people back and forth across the street, even in heavy traffic, and just crazy busy everywhere. 
Seems like paid parking everywhere as well.
Very fast paced. I was told that New York is 10x busier. Wow. I've always wanted to go to New York but we're not sure we would like it if it was 10x busier than what we saw yesterday in Philly.
I was suppose to do a restaurant review at the A&W in Philly but nowhere to park so had to skip it.

      While in Philly though we did get to see the Eastern State Penn though.Loved it. So old and interesting. This is a must see if you are to visit this area. Paid parking close by, souvenir gift shop on site in the building, and helpful staff everywhere to answer questions.It was quite interesting as well to see Al Capone had his own special jail cell. At least it seemed nicer and you could see there had to have either been some pay offs there.

( I wanted to go down this hall but unfortunately this one we could only stand behind a gate and take a photo, but all others seemed open and we got to see all the old cells)

         It was on to the Adventure Aquarium after that. Parking was $10 and then another $24.95 each to visit. ( We stayed about an hour and a half.) Highlights for me were the hippos and the penguins. Outdoors, there is a nice view of the bridge in the area and a great Philly skyline of skyscrapers- perfect for photo opps.

        On our way out of town, we needed to stop for some groceries so found a Whole Foods on Pennsylvania Avenue in Philadelphia. These grocery stores always seem to stay busy. Friendly staff here, their own little parking lot, and great, healthy food inside. Always nice to be able to buy healthy food when one is travelling. Not just to take on the road but to have for the hotel, condo or your travel trailer.

         We do miss our family back home though and our little dog Jake.
         Today we're going to see how far it is within walking distance down to the Boardwalk and ocean. May need to drive as it looks and feels cool out.
View from our room below.


Day 2- and On To Day 3

Friday, April 19, 2013

Well, travelling, even with a schedule doesn't always work the way you want it to.
Yesterday we flew out of Saskatoon around 3 pm and then into Minneapolis/St Paul for our one hour layover, which turned into much longer, since there was a snow storm there, flights were late and others had to get de-icing before taking off.We were suppose to have left at 7 pm but never left till around 9 pm. 

By the time we got into Philadelphia, got our car, ( which we had another delay waiting for the shuttle to get to the airport), it was after 2 am..We were tired, thirsty and just wanted to get to our hotel, but those plans never worked either. We had a GPS but couldn't find the hotel. We were even driving around out in all "necks of the woods" and I felt like we were going in circles more than anything.At 2:30 I told Gerry let's just grab a name brand hotel on the GPS that seems like a good name and get to bed. So that's what we did.We checked in at the Marriott Philadelphia West and fell asleep at 3 am.. Late start to the day though as we woke at 10 am. Not like us at all. We're usually earlier risers than that.

Check out soon and a long day ahead of us. Day is gloomy out and raining, but very nice countryside around these parts in West Conshohocken,Pa.


Day 1- On Our Way!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spent the night here in Saskatoon, at the Motel 6. Gerry loves the fact that the hotel is right next to a Tim Horton's! Convenient for all day coffee, donuts, and meals.

And with Motel 6 these amenities are available at every  location:
  • Kids Stay Free**
  • Pets Welcome (View Policy)
  • Free Expanded Cable
  • Free Local Phone*
  • Free Morning Coffee
  • Wi-Fi Internet Access*** ( important for any travel blogger!)
* No charge for local calls and no motel service charge for long distance.
** Children 17 and under stay free when occupying the same room with an adult family member.
*** Fee may apply.

We fly out this afternoon, and into Philadelphia, but with an afternoon flight and will not arrive till almost midnight at our hotel, (half hour from the airport.)
Will be doing some last minute shopping here before we leave. Our car will be staying at the airport and usually costs about $80 for a week to leave it here.
There are no flights for us directly into Atlantic City, so decided that Philadelphia would be closest for us, and then we could spend a day there as well. (Philadelphia is an hour's drive to Atlantic City.)
Talk to everyone tomorrow.


On The Road Tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Just been busy staying caught up with emails and we are off on our trip tomorrow.
Will be telling you all about it as we go- day by day.
Off to Philadelphia and Atlantic City.
Tomorrow will be a day of driving and dropping Jake off at the kennels along the way.
We have a 6 hour drive to the major airport we fly out from.
Will be staying tomorrow evening at Motel 6 in Saskatoon - wish us safe travels.

Make Money With Your Spring Cleaning

This time of the year many of us are attempting a spring cleaning of our homes. This is an opportunity to look into those nooks and crannies-as scary as some of them may be. During this time many of us are discovering that we have a lot of ‘stuff’ that we don’t use. Sure you could put it out with the garbage and hope that someone takes it away, but remember that one person’s trash is another’s treasure. Here are some ways to make money from your unwanted things.

Garage sales/Sell online:
Spring and summer are also prime garage sales times. Try to see when the garage sales are set up in your neighborhood and attempt to sell some of your things that way. Garage sales are ideal if you have a lot of things and individual posting on an online sell website such as Kijiji would take forever. If you have a few good quality items such as furniture etc., selling online might be a great option for maximum exposure.
Send it away: 
There are some things such as CDs and DVD that in this MP3 era are harder to sell to individuals. Try a service such as Music Magpie, in which you enter the bar code into the site, get an instant price quote, and send it away for free, and then receive a cheque for your items. Finally, ways to earn money back for those DVDs you never watch
Check consignment shops: 
 Many of us have unwanted clothes that we never wear, or kids outgrow. Instead of donating them, choose some higher quality, gently used or brand name items and try to sell them to a consignment shop. That way you can earn a little bit of money to go towards your child’s next growth spurt.

Thoughts and Prayers

Monday, April 15, 2013

Thoughts and prayers are going out to all of those affected by the Boston tragedy today.

Using Christmas Tree Lights To Decorate Year Round

One of the greatest things about Christmas is all the lights that seem to illuminate the night’s sky. Things just seem more festive when they are light up. From Christmas tree lights to light decorations, they all bring joy into our hearts. Why not have that special feeling all year round?

Christmas tree lights have a lot of uses that you can incorporate into your decoration, outside the holiday season. If you are not sure what types of lights will suits your needs and tastes, click here to check out some options that may suit your budget and style. For example, rope lights can come in a large variety of colors and are great for decorating your deck, hot tub or boat. You can even get lights with blinking or chasing functions. Some great and imaginative lighting ideas have been features in shows on HGTV and in many magazines.
Icicle lights are another popular option, and they do not have to come in the standard white color, why not try something like purple, or green. Although they look great hanging from the house they are also quite lovely as a garland around your deck. A great alternative to traditional Christmas tree lights are LED lights, they produce light in a slightly different way so they do not produce much heat (which could lead to fires) or waste electricity. For many people LED lights are the safer and frugal alternative to traditional lighting. Many people also find the colors to be much more intense than in traditional Christmas tree lights, which can lead to some imaginative creations.
This summer as you ready your back yard for late night BBQ and splashes in the pool, try using these lights to create a mystical atmosphere which will create special memories outside the holiday season.

Sheraton Gateway Hotel-Toronto,Ontario

When flying out on holidays, it is often difficult to choose the most economic and the most convenient flight option. Often, you may have to choose one or the other. My daughter, Erika, will soon be flying to Paris on a holiday. However even before she goes on the final leg of her journey, she will have an 8-9 hour layover in Toronto. Layovers always seem to be too long to hang out at the airport for, yet too short to actually explore the city and napping in the chairs at the gate is never a good idea.
Those flying in or out of Toronto should consider Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Toronto International Airport. It has direct indoor access to Terminal 3 (great for never going outside in Canadian winters) and convenient access to Terminal 1-you can even print your boarding passes in their lobby. High-speed Internet access is available in all rooms and public areas, so staying connected is easy. For those in the area, Sheraton also offers Self-parking facilities which include long term parking, making your travel that much more convenient.

With your room key you also have access to a 24 hour fitness center with state of the art equipment. If you get tired of the airport food, you can check out their Mahogany Grill restaurant for a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. With unforeseen delays, layovers or flight cancellations is great to know that there is a convenient and comfortable option for weary travels to lay down their head.

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Kernels Popcorn Pink Bag Event- Help Show Your Support

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Did you know that breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in Canadian women? Over 20 000 new cases are diagnosed each year and over 5000 women succumb to the disease on a yearly basis. Women have as much as a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer in their lifetime-most of us will know someone affected. Many strides have been made by science to find a cure, and many companies are orchestrating fundraising to help support further research. One such event is Kernels’ Popcorn PINK Bag Event.

Twice yearly Kernels Popcorn turns their iconic blue and white bags pink, during the pink bag event. With every sale of a medium pink bag of popcorn Kernels donates proceeds to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundations which support breast cancer research, education and awareness programs. Kernels popcorn has been partnering with the foundation since 2004, and since then has raised over $275, 000. The program runs from now to May 12th, so go ahead grab a bag of amazing popcorn, and help raise funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Not only do you get a delicious snack, but you also help raise funds and awareness about this devastating disease that affects so many.

** Click HERE to see their You Tube video.

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