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Wonderful Family Recipes From The Cookbooks of Barry C. Parsons and a Giveaway! (Canada)

I first learnt of Barry C. Parsons and his cookbooks, through an Instagram picture I came across for a cake recipe. The cake looked so good, catching my eye, that I looked more into info on this recipe and hunted down the web site- Rock Recipes. Soon I was to find even more yummy looking recipes for meals, desserts and snacks. The recipes looked yummy but they also were simple- simple ingredients and easy to fix. I like this! I love recipes that are down to earth, comforting, and recipes that mom or gramma used to make. 

Rock has over 1600 easy and delicious recipes for everyday cooking and baking and more get added every single week. (Sign up for the newsletter on their site!)

Going forward I had the opportunity to review three of his books:
-Rock Recipes The Best Food From My Newfoundland Kitchen
-Rock Recipes Christmas
-Rock Recipes Cookies

I am still going through them, and trying recipes. I made carrot cookies in the photo above. 

The cookbooks are soft cover, and all the recipes have a color photo which it makes it so much nicer. I love seeing what I am making, don't you?

You can go to the web site right now and start checking out some of his great recipes, where you can search by Most Popular, Ingredient, By Category or recipes like the Moose Farts that are Newfoundland Inspired! Be sure to check them out. Cookbooks can be ordered through Amazon.

As well, yes, I kept the best till last, Barry is giving away one copy of Rock Recipes Cookies to one lucky Canadian!

A random draw will be made by from all entries received by end of day May 26, 2019.

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Good luck to all. 

Saturday, May 18, 2019

5 Great Jobs That Allow You To Travel

If you’re a lover of traveling, you’ll know how much the experience can totally change your life. You meet new people, you see beautiful places, and you’re in touch with the world in ways that you couldn’t possibly be before. However, for all of its positive sides, travel does have some downfalls. Primarily, it’s pretty expensive, which can mean that funding it is near impossible.

Working whilst you travel could help you to do this, however, and we’ve noted down 5 jobs that could help you to see the world.

#1: Bartending
Wherever you are in the world, people are going to need bartenders, waiters and waitresses. Hospitality is always a great route to take, so if you have some experience working in bars and restaurants, then see what roles you could secure in the country that you’re traveling to. This is also a great way for you to meet some new people, so it is definitely a worthwhile endeavor.

#2: Nursing
Another thing that every country needs is doctors and nurses, and if you want to experience a different part of the world (or even just your country) then there are many opportunities for you to do so. Get in touch with a travel nurse staffing agency if you’re a qualified healthcare professional, and they can help to find you a placement in the location of your choosing. It’s also rewarding to help out elsewhere!

#3: Blogging
Blogging is one of those things that you can do from anywhere; whether you’re staying at home, or you’re heading further afield. Whether you’re earning money from putting ads on your site, or you’re blogging about hotels and other attractions for cash, there are plenty of ways to earn if you can set up a successful blog. Pick a field that you want to focus on - like travel, perhaps - and get writing!

#4: Teaching
If you want to get out there and see the world, then being a teacher is a good way to do so. Whether you’ve officially qualified in your country, or you’ve done a TEFL course which is recognized in many countries, there are plenty of ways to get into this job. Teaching English is the most common role for travelers, but you could find a more specialist role at a different school if you want to earn more cash.

#5: Cabin crew
For those who are fond of flying (read: those who aren’t terrified when the plane starts to get turbulent), being an air host or hostess could be for you. You have to look immaculate, know all of the safety regulations, and you need to be good with people. However, once you’ve secured yourself the job, you’ll be jetting off to countries around the globe, and you’ll get to stay over and enjoy them, too.

So, if you want to get a job that allows you to travel, then try out one of these 5 options! Enjoy getting out there and seeing the world, whilst earning some cash to keep yourself going, too.

5 Ways To Make Money Through Investment

Investment is one of those things that could end up earning you a lot of money, and it can be much better than leaving your cash to sit in a bank account. However, you have to know what you’re doing here, and it is a gamble; albeit one that usually pays off. Investing your money in the wrong places could be catastrophic, so you do need to get clued up before you do so.

Here are 5 ways that you could make money through investment, for those looking to bag some extra $$$.

#1: Give the stock market a spin
Buying up shares on the stock market is an easy way to make money, if you know what you’re doing. Learn about all of the relevant terminology, read up on the right companies to invest in, and don’t put all of your money into one of them. You really need to learn how the stock market functions, and how to get the most out of it, but when you do, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

#2: Look into Bitcoin mining
A few years ago, Bitcoin took the world by storm, and people have been profiting from it ever since. Whilst you can’t get as much cash out of it as you may have when it first became popular, there is something to be said for investing in Bitcoin mining with a company like QuoteColo. You don’t have to do anything really, and you also don’t have to set it up at your own home anymore, either.

#3: Flip properties
If you have a significant amount of money under your belt, then it’s certainly a good idea to start investing in property. Buy a property that needs some work doing to it, and try to get all of the jobs done pretty cost-efficiently (don’t cut corners, however). You can then sell it on to somebody else, and get a huge profit for doing so; the average is around $65,000, so it’s certainly worthwhile.

#4: Invest in property to rent
If you want to make a consistent, passive income, then buying property to rent out could be beneficial for you. Again, it’s a good idea to buy a house or apartment that is pretty cheap, and then do all of the relevant work on it. After this, you’ll be getting an income each month, and you can get a real estate agent to deal with most of the issues. Pick out a desirable area, and get investing.

#5: Collect art
A less mainstream means of investment is art collecting, and although you need to know where to invest here, too - you can end up making mistakes - it’s something that will almost always retain its value. Look into your options, and ensure that you look after the piece if you want to get your cash back for it in the future. You also get to hang it up in your home, which is a plus!

So, if you want to make money through investment, then try out some of these ways of doing so.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Fighting Your Corner

For most of us life has its ups and downs but we soldier on knowing that while the tough times are indeed tough, the good times are right around the corner. When things are going well, they’re going really well and knowing you have the support of friends and family in your life is so much a part of what keeps you going.
But once in a while we hit a bump in a road that even the best wishes of those nearest and dearest to us can’t solve. When these situations occur we have no choice but to get the professionals involved. This is particularly true when you’re in need of legal advice. Maybe something at work has come up that requires some litigation or perhaps a dispute with a contractor or even a neighbor has gotten out of hand and needs the intervention of a third party.
When this happens you’ll want  advice from the best in the business, a lawyer who is an expert in the field and who will have the matter resolved quickly and effectively, while representing great value for money.
In this guide we take a look at how to find a lawyer that’s going to give you what you need when you need results.
Speak Out
Who in your network has made use of legal services most recently? Talk to your friends, quiz your family members and start gathering names.  Personal recommendations are very often the best place to start and an open door to start communications with a lawyer.
Do your research first by taking a look at their public profile and find out who has the most experience in the field of litigation that you’re looking at. If one particular firm or lawyer jumps out at you start digging a little deeper, check out any testimonials they have on their page and  see if you can find a record online of their trial results and dispute settlements.
You may then want to arrange a meeting to see if your initial assessment is in the right ballpark. Most lawyers will give you somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes to discuss your case before they start charging you, so use that time to make a more solid opinion before you decide to take it any further.
Image from Pexels
Such a key element to any work. The relationship between lawyer and client is one of confidentiality and privilege so your need for great communication must be met. You need to make sure your lawyer is listening to you, taking on board your instructions and gives you the right levels of reassurance without creating unrealistic expectations.
Avoid grandiose gestures and promises of a big win, but instead opt for someone calm, level headed but with the determination, drive and skill to see your case through to the end and in your favor.
If you’re struggling to find someone who ticks all of these boxes, then you should consider contacting a lawyer referral service who should be able to set you up with a good match for your specific legal needs.
Time Is Money
And with a lawyer that time is not cheap. You may need to take a serious look at your finances before you ask a lawyer to act on your behalf. Often they will charge by the hour but in the likelihood of there being financial compensation and the end of the proceedings, they may consider waiting for payment from that compensation.
You’ll want to discuss these arrangements before you make your appointment and talk through your budget limitations with your lawyer. You may also want to consider applying for something like Legal Aid if your circumstances fit the criteria.
The Process
Legal work takes time and can very often be a long and frustrating process. Keep things flowing by having all your documents ready. Create a file for you and your lawyer so you both have access to anything important. It’s important to back up this file electronically and stored, for example, on the Cloud so in the event of lost paperwork or a faulty computer, your backed-up material is easily available. Do this regularly to ensure minimum loss.
It’s highly unlikely you’ll hear from your lawyer on a daily basis, particularly during those early stages of negotiation with the other side. They may instead update you once a week or as and when there is any news.
While there is little to be gained by a daily call, if you do feel you’re being kept out of the loop, call your lawyer. You are, after all, paying the bills and entitled to know how the case is progressing and what work is being carried out on your behalf.
With that in mind, make sure you are always available where possible to avoid your lawyer wasting valuable time tracking you down. Make sure to keep your regular appointments and answer any queries they may have promptly.
One Shot
When you only have one shot at getting it right, you’re looking to have someone on your side who totally gets the complexity of your case, who understands the outcome you want to happen and who will move heaven and earth to make that a reality.
Start your process by getting the basics in place. Think carefully about your budget and if you might prefer working with a large firm with lots of resources or a smaller firm with many years’ experience in your area of litigation need.
Find a lawyer that you feel confident in right from the off. Someone who is great at communicating and explaining the process but someone too, who paints you a realistic picture.

Nobody wants to go through legal proceedings if they can possible help it, but if you’re up against it, then you need someone on your side with the grit, determination and experience to help you win. Life is full of ups and downs so get a lawyer at the top if their game to pull you through this tough time and into a brighter future.

Getting More Business When You Work From Home

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

Working from home provides some great benefits such as the obvious - working from home, in your pajamas if you want, from your comfy sofa or bed and not having to commute. However, you need to have enough work to keep you afloat, and this can be tricky to get if you’re not out and about. However, thanks to technology, there are more ways than ever to work for yourself and to work from home - or from a cafe, the library, the park, wherever you want.

Become A Virtual PA
This job is becoming increasingly popular, and agencies which you can join and get work from are also popping up all over the place. The beauty of it is that you can have clients from all over the world, you don’t have to meet them or go anywhere, as long as you have a good internet connection then you’re away. Also, there is far more work available now than just traditional PA work, so whatever industry you’re in, it’s worth having a look at some of the agencies to see what kinds of tasks are available. A lot of people are looking for data entry, admin, and travel bookings, but others are looking for you to research restaurants in a particular town for them or manage their social media, write their blogs or help them with their CV. There is a wide variety of work available and if you feel that you’re not equipped to do it from home, then have a look online because you’ll be surprised how many free tools there are available which can help you with more significant projects, for example, look at this free project plan template. There’s free software too, so don’t worry that you, on your own, working from home isn’t enough, because it is. This kind of work benefits clients; it keeps their overheads down and means they get the job done there and then. You’ll be interviewed and vetted by the agency before they put you on their books and then tasks come through, and you can choose whether you want to go for them or not. Most of the time as well, if you impress a client, then they will come back to you again for repeat business, and you could end up with regular work to keep you going.

It may take up extra time, but when you’re working from home, then is anyone seeing what you’re doing? You need to show the world the fabulous work you can do and are doing so that you can get more and more business. Whatever it is that you do, get some testimonials from clients, blog about tips and tricks related to what you do to show that you an expert in your industry. Having a blog allows you a space to have a portfolio of work which you can direct people to when you’re telling them about what you do. It’s somewhere to show off or showcase your skills and talent. Don’t keep them hidden at home, put them out online for the world to see. Have social media accounts too, and talk about what you’re doing each day. People love to be nosey and to have an insight into what someone else does all day thrills people, especially people who have never thought about breaking the mold. People who believe that going to work in an office from 9-5 every day is the only option, so showing them an alternative means you could be inspiring people by giving them a sneaky peek into your life but at the same time, getting more business.

Did you know that you could still sit at home (in your pajamas) and network? There’s the obvious way of doing it on LinkedIn, connecting with people, liking their posts, commenting and sharing and sending people messages. However, there are more ways to network and schmooze online too. Start by joining an online community; there are loads, so have a look and see which ones are right for you and get chatting. There will be people who are in the same industry as you or doing a similar job, there will be forums you can participate in, and quite often there are podcasts and training too. They can be handy for expanding your knowledge as well as your network. Be smart about what you post in conversations, try your best to add value to the conversation, recommend services, and show your knowledge and expertise so that people will recommend you too. Finally, take your online connections and suggest you meet offline. For this, you will have to get out of your pajamas, but it will be worth it to put a face to a name and have some face to face contact and see where the relationship can go.

Online Surveys
While this probably won’t bring you more business, it will bring you more money. Just a small amount, but online surveys are quick and easy, and while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil or having a quick sandwich, you could be earning a few extra pennies which all add up, and at the end of the month, you will have some extra spending money in your pocket.

Online Selling
Similarly, this won’t bring you more business, but it’s easy to do at home. It’s essentially killing two birds with one stone because you can be working while people are bidding on or just looking at your items and then as soon as someone commits to buying you can pop it in the post. You can take photos of the product at home, if anyone has any questions, you can answer them there and then, saving yourself time meaning you can sell even more stuff that you don’t want. It’s a great way to declutter too - so more like three birds with one stone.

Set Up A Side Business

Whatever job you do working from home, you could also do another one. Even if you think you don’t have time, there are some ideas for a side hustle that don’t require any extra time. Do you have a spare room? Rent it out. This doesn’t require any extra time, but it does give you a bit of extra income each month. How about getting paid to walk people’s dogs? Everyone needs a break during the day, so going for a walk at lunchtime with a furry friend and getting paid for it is a no brainer. If you have neighbors who are at work all day, offer your services. It will save them a tonne of money on doggy daycare and mean that: one, you look like a good neighbor; two, you get to go for a nice walk which is good for your mind and body; three, if you like dogs then you get to spend some time with one; and four, you get extra money in your pocket for doing something you enjoy. If dogs aren’t your thing, you could offer your ironing and laundry services? If you’re going to be doing yours for your family anyway then what’s a few extras thrown in which you get paid for? You can do it in front of the TV at the end of the day (still in your pajamas if you want). Some people find ironing really therapeutic, whereas others absolutely hate it and will happily pay someone else to do it for them. You could be that someone.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Love My New Reading Glasses From

Over the years my eyes have gotten worst, but mainly for reading. As one ages I had read that you can get age related muscular degeneration. Which is what I believe I have. I know alot of 40-50+ use reading glasses. I have a few pairs from the dollar store, but I am really liking my new ones I got through

I got a pair of readers with a metallic frame for in the house reading and being on the computer. But the ones I am most excited about are the ones that are reading sunglasses! I was only wearing my reading glasses outside before when I was reading and had no protection from the sun. Now with my reading sunglasses, I can safely read outdoors without the squint or worry of sun damage to my eyes. Plus- their stylish! And affordable!

And quite simple the Readers mission is to help people see clearly and enjoy life! offers alot of great glasses on their site but as well so much valuable information on eye health and choosing glasses. Be sure to check out their eye health videos when your visiting their site. Interesting and informative!

Happy Eyes! Happy Wallet!

How to Survive a Personal Financial Crisis

There are numerous factors which can affect your finances, so it’s vital you take steps to protect yourself in the event of markets crashing, environmental disasters and financial institutions folding. With the right planning and preparation, you can ensure you’ll be able to ride out any fiscal difficulties. Try these tips to make sure you’re prepared for a personal financial crisis…

Know Your Budget

When you’ve got extra cash to spend, you might not worry about your budget or how much your essentials cost. However, it’s important to know how much you need to survive each month. Examine your expenditure and calculate how much your essentials, such as rent, insurance and food, come to. Once you know how much you need to survive, you can determine how long your savings would enable you to pay the bills if you suddenly found yourself out of work or in-between jobs.

Build a Side Business

Bringing in an extra source of income can help protect you against financial difficulties. Whether you sell items on online marketplaces, act as a consultant for other firms or take on a second job, building a side business gives you added protection against job losses and pay cuts.

However, it’s important to check any existing employment contracts you’re a party to. Your current employer may have a clause which prevents you from giving competing businesses advice, for example, so don’t let your side business affect your main source of income.

Check for Unclaimed Money

Millions of dollars is lying around in bank accounts, tax departments, pension funds and life insurance firms, and it could all be claimed by individuals like you. It’s getting easier to check whether you have any funds which are unclaimed, and you can seek help from a professional like attorney Andrew Schwing to help you get the job done. Unclaimed money is one of the easiest ways to prepare yourself for a personal financial crisis. As well as claiming what you’re entitled to, accessed unclaimed funds allows you to reduce your debts, add to your savings or invest your cash elsewhere.

Check Your Insurance Policies

The right insurance polices can prevent you from suffering a personal financial crisis, so it’s essential you have the appropriate polices in place. With the right medical insurance, for example, you can ensure that any unexpected medical bills will be covered and that you won’t be hit with costly excess fees to pay. Similarly, a damaged vehicle or property could prevent you getting to work or leave you with nowhere to live, so decent insurance policies are important to protect your assets too.

Reduce Your Debt

If you currently have outstanding debts, such as loans or credit cards, reduce them whenever you can. Paying large amounts of interest can become difficult to maintain, and it could lead to a financial crisis. Switching to better interest rates can be a good way of making the debt more manageable and enabling you to pay it off more quickly.

Today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day With Recipes Shared By Nestle Toll House

To celebrate today's National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, NestlĂ© Toll House’s master baker Meredith Tomason has three specialty recipes to share that are must tries for any chocolate chip cookie lover or aficionado. Meredith’s recipes include:

The Almond Flour Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie:

  • An almond flour dark chocolate chip cookie, perfect for anyone who is gluten free or low/no carb. Not only does the almond flour make for a healthier cookie but a more complex flavor profile and excellent all-purpose flour substitute
Coconut, Curry and Siracha Chocolate Chip Cookies-

Original Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies-

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Endangered Species Day (May 17)

Did you know this Friday is Endangered Species Day? It's an opportunity for people of all ages to learn about the importance of protecting endangered species and everyday actions they can use to help protect them.

Great brands like Endangered Species Chocolate is committed to crafting delicious premium chocolate while supporting species, habitats and humanity, dedicating 10% of their net profits to supporting wildlife conservation. Since 2016, the company has donated over $1.7 M to their Give Back partners. All of their products are made with non-GMO, Fair trade chocolate ingredients that meet strict standards for quality, ethical trade and environmental sustainability.

Let’s Go On Safari!  Kate is the youngest author ever to sign two publishing contracts resulting in the global release of Let's Go On Safari! Kate is just 9 years old. This young girl from Austin, Texas, has one goal: to inspire her entire generation to advocate for animals facing extinction.

                           Let's always remember the animals.

Monday, May 13, 2019

The Black Market For Stolen Art

The art loss register was set up in the 1990s in order to make the tracking and filtering of artworks easier. When it was first set up the register was intended to be a database of artworks: paintings, sculptures, photographs… that kind of thing. Recently, however, it’s opened up a division dealing in watches. Any stolen art that has been reported goes onto the register, and this serves two purposes; to deter criminals, and to protect consumers.

As long as we have placed value on works of art there have been those who seek to steal it, just like any other valuable object, and sell it along for huge profit. As painters became more and more famous, their works gaining value, this kind of crime became more sophisticated. The result has been a huge black market for rare and valuable paintings, sculptures and photographs which, until the 1990s, was very hard to keep in check. These days, however, the black market is getting smaller and harder to operate. Thanks to the art loss registry and the ability of the average buyer to involve an art recovery group it is getting more difficult for criminals to get away with this kind of theft. Nonetheless, the potential value of stolen paintings means that they will continue to try. There are plenty of security companies which offer solutions to protect your art, but it can be hard to safeguard yourself against buying stolen art. Nevertheless, the increasingly close ties between auction houses and the art loss register have increased the level of due diligence shown by all of the large houses and most of the smaller ones. This has also led to an increase in transparency about the condition and origins of paintings, which can only be a good thing for both buyers and the auction houses themselves.

The role of an art recovery group is something that is, understandably, not always known to most people. They do a lot of business, however, and this is only increasing with the popularity of “passion investing”, this being the investment of wealth into artworks. In a sense, they have three main roles, though they can fill many other roles including simply giving advice. The first of their roles is, arguably, researching stolen or missing art. This can mean providing information to auction houses or shops about works already on the register, or even doing independent research regarding works that are suspected to be stolen, but which are not yet registered. Secondly, they can help you to register works that are stolen from you. Thirdly, a recovery company can help you to start and continue the process of reclamation whether you’re the claimant or the new ‘owner’ of the stolen piece. They can even provide experienced mediators, expert in conflict diffusion, in order to facilitate the process in a calm and collected manner. You will still need a defense law firm, though, for criminal proceedings.

If you’re thinking of buying a piece at auction it is key that you check the stolen artwork database as well as looking at the details of the item’s condition which are given to you on the website. If there are few, or no, details about its condition and origin be sure to contact the sellers directly.