2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

This holiday season find the perfect gift for every man on your holiday shopping list- and let us help.

We have some great suggestions- 

The Ultimate Beer Gift Crate- ( Gourmet Gift

If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves hops and lots of them, you've stumbled upon the perfect craft beer lover's collection. Each of the four beers featured in this gift crate represent unique brew styles. Especially interesting is the fruit forward German Radler, certain to be their new favorite! Accompanying these premium brews is teriyaki marinated beef jerky, crunchy munchie snack mix, cheese with a bit of heat and gourmet crackers to accompany them. A perfect gift for the recipient who is ready to kick back and enjoy!

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Be A Safer Driver In 3 Simple Steps

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

If you are quick to anger and you’ve been known to get a little hot under the collar when a driver cuts you up, or you become frustrated when you are following a slower vehicle, it might be time to change up your driving habits. Road rage can cause accidents. And if you find yourself doing a little over the speed limit, you sometimes have to brake a little hard, and your passengers don’t enjoy traveling with you, you need to sort out your driving. Take a look at these simple stereos you can take to become a safer driver.

Be Alert And Aware

Ensure that you focus on the things around you when you hit the road, rather than focusing on yourself. Yes, you might need to get to an appointment or you might be late for work, but it’s better for you to get there a little late than not there at all. Taking too many risks can result in a collision that is your fault, meaning that you will need to rely on car wreck lawyers. Instead, be mindful of any potential hazards around you. This might include pedestrians, other drivers, debris in the road or wildlife. Always think two or three steps ahead and keep your eyes on the road. Don’t allow yourself to become distracted by your car stereo, your satnav or the other driver flashing their lights at you from behind.


To ensure that you have a safe vehicle, you need to maintain it. This means getting it serviced every year, and ensuring that all fluid levels and tire pressures are checked weekly. Doing this means that you will never run low on oil or antifreeze. If your car tires are losing their tread, get them replaced. If you spot an oil leak, get it sorted at your local garage. Maintaining your vehicle also means that your set of wheels will last longer and be more reliable. You will also be the proud owner of a car with a full service history meaning that the resale value will be kept at a maximum.

Stay Legal

When you are driving, make sure that you adhere to all laws. Speed limits are present for a reason and are always in force to prevent accidents and fatalities. When it is raining or the weather is foggy, ensure that you maintain a safe braking distance behind the driver in front. Maintain a two second braking rules in normal conditions and double it in wet weather. If you are driving long distances on a regular basis, take plenty of breaks; at least once every couple of hours. Truck and lorry drivers have to do this by law, so it’s a good safe habit to get into. Ensure that you pull over, have a coffee and maybe even a power nap before you set off again.

Never think that you are above the law or a better driver than anyone else. While you can be as defensive and as safe as possible, you also need to consider the actions and driving habits of those around you. Stay alert and always adhere to the law. By following this guide, you can be a safer and better driver.

2019 Holiday Sweet OR Salty! Treat Guide to the Holidays

Sunday, November 17, 2019

The best way to spread holiday cheer is by giving the people what they want: sweet or salty treats! Everyone has their favorites and we have some great brand ideas we want to share with you.

Klara's Gourmet -

Klara's gift baskets are THE go to cookie gift baskets.
They use their family's recipes to make all their cookies. True taste of home-made baking using all natural ingredients without any fillers or preservatives. They have  had customers who hid their cookies thus they wouldn't have to share. As a result our slogan is "Don't hide them, share them"!

Fairytale BrowniesHoliday Enchanted Bar & Sprite Combo-

Been a fan for years! 
Every treat is individually wrapped for freshness.

Send from-scratch brownies and cookies to your favorite people wrapped in a gorgeous Happy Holidays greeting. During the season of sweet treats, a gift like this is the best possible choice. 

Every treat inside this classic gift box is baked by hand with all-natural ingredients - no preservatives, artificial colors or trans fat. It's what gives them that rich, flavorful, baked-with-love quality! 

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Saturday, November 16, 2019

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                                                     Classic Crumbkins Variety Pack 

                                                       $10 Walmart Gift Card

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for the Family

Friday, November 15, 2019

The holiday season is upon us, and if your looking for the perfect gift idea to gift for a "family" gift, we have some ideas for you:

Half Price Books-

Half Price Books is the nation’s largest family-owned new and used bookstore chain, with 126 stores in 17 states. Our website,, boasts a selection of more than 150 million books, music and movies. Half Price Books offers unique, affordable gifts for everyone in your life, whether it be a solar power robot for a science-loving kid, or a pair of Harry Potter socks for the wizard in your life. Visit our Perfect Gifts page for a variety of fun gifts for the book lover in your life.

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5 Tips For Staying Healthy As You Age

Getting older doesn’t have to be so bad if we try to look after our health as much as possible. Of course, sometimes it’s easier said than done with all those tempting glasses of wines or takeouts! For those looking for a few tips on staying healthy as you age, these five might just make your day.

Get Your Vitamins

As you get older, it’s essential to boost your immune system. Ensure that your diet is rich in Vitamin C by eating plenty of citrus fruit, strawberries, bell peppers, and broccoli. It can be a good idea to take a Vitamin C supplement to get a little extra. Eat lots of tuna, salmon and egg yolks to keep your Vitamin D levels up. For Vitamin E, try almonds, sunflower seeds, and avocados. Your body will be able to tackle illness and fatigue better so long as you’re getting enough vitamins. 

Cognitive Health

As we age, our cognitive health can decline. To combat the effects, it’s essential to keep on challenging our brains. Try games like chess or Sudoku and ensure that you read often too. Lifelong learning has long been praised for increasing our mental health, so learning new things all the time is a great idea! Perhaps there’s always a hobby you’ve always wanted to try? Why not use your elderly years to get into a little creative writing or practice learning a new language? 

Regular Check-Ups

Visit your doctor regularly for a full health check-up. Many health problems are more manageable if they are caught early on, so this is really important. Visit your dentist to ensure that all is well with your teeth. Look out for any early warning signs of gum disease and ensure that you are keeping up with your brushing and flossing. Regular health checks are helpful not just for the body but to improve our mental health too. When you get older, you’ll want to ensure that you have an excellent health insurance plan. Solutions like Medicare Nationwide can be a great option to help seniors find the right health program for them. 

Safety-Proof Your Home

When you get older, the home can be a little harder to navigate. With this in mind, it's a good idea to find some safety proofing solutions. Why not try a stair lift to help you on the stairs? You could also look into a bath lift chair to help you getting in and out of the tub. Ensure that you place all the items that you need in easy to reach cupboards. Doing so will mean that you’re not having to use stepping stools or ladders. You can get a family member to help if need be. 

Stay Active

It can be hard to get around when you’re older, but it’s important to stay active. Even a nice walk or a few gentle yoga stretches can make all the difference to your body and mind. Swimming is another gentle and low impact activity that’s great for working the whole body. To improve our bones and core strength, a good exercise regime is vital. There are plenty of classes out there for seniors, so why not take a look on the internet and see what you can find! 

Lastly, keeping social is important for our mental health as we age. Spend lots of time with your family and friends during the holidays. If you haven’t got your Christmas shopping done yet why not check out a holiday gift guide

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for the Happy Camper

This year I've decided to add a Happy Camper Gift Guide as one of our themes. Being that we ourselves live on the road 6+ months of the year, I thought it would be appropriate and know there are alot of "us" out there! I've collected Christmas gift ideas for families who enjoy tenting, RV camping, and more...

GoSili Silicone Sandwich Bags-

Say goodbye to disposable sandwich bags — these reusable silicone snack bags are 100% BPA-free, microwave and dishwasher safe, a perfect holiday gift for happy campers! Write on them with a washable marker, use them to take along your favorite grab and go snack.

• 100% European-grade silicone
• BPA, BPS, phthalate, PVC, and lead free
• Includes two bags

• Dishwasher and microwave safe
Also available for sale on Amazon

Contigo Luxe Tumbler-

The new Contigo® LUXE Collection is elegantly designed to stop spills. The Luxe Tumbler features a fully sealed lid and straw to guarantee a 100% spill-proof experience. The unique straw has a built-in valve that ensures no spills will occur if accidentally tipped or dropped. Lid and straw come apart for easy and thorough cleaning and is completely dishwasher safe.

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Beauty Deals for Black Monday and Cyber Monday

Thursday, November 14, 2019

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o   BLACK FRIDAY: (11/29) 40% off 3 Piece Hair System (no promo code necessary)
o   Cyber Monday: (12/2) 40% off GrandeLASH Lash Enhancing Serum 4mL (no promo code necessary)

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Not Your Ordinary Greeting Cards: PAPYRUS and Thoughtful Human Announce New Collaboration

Thoughtful Human® founder, Ali O’Grady, and PAPYRUS owner, Dominique Schurman, announced the launch of 80 unique new greeting cards into more than 160 PAPYRUS retail stores throughout North America and online at The first of their kind, these cards will bring awareness, dialogue, and support for many of life’s issues that are often avoided and remain highly stigmatized.

PAPYRUS and Thoughtful Human are bringing products to encourage consumers to broach and embrace difficult and often uncomfortable conversations about cancer, grief, depression, addiction, and strained relationships, as well as other physical and mental health issues.

Thoughtful Human is a zero-waste greeting card company out of Oakland, CA, disrupting the industry with its quirky, sustainable sentiments specifically designed for challenging circumstances.

In addition to the unique sentiments, each card is plastic-free and printed on seed paper that can be planted to grow wildflowers. 

We truly love everything PAPYRUS and Thoughtful Human are all about!

The 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids 12 and Under

If you've got a little one on your list but don't know where to begin, don't worry! We've got you covered with age specific gift ideas for Kids 12 and under....

Baby Shark Melody Walker-

[$39.99, Ages 2+]: Your toddler will love this Baby Shark Melody Walker to walk around or sit and play! When your child stops walking, the Baby Shark song will stop to encourage them to take their next steps. Once they're rolling again, the song will resume. 5 light up buttons each play a different song (including the Baby Shark song) to develop your toddler's gross motor and sensory skills!

Baby Shark Melody Shape Sorter -

[$19.99, Ages 5+]: Your toddler will learn shapes through the fun of music with the Baby Shark Melody shape sorter! In Baby Shark mode, once each character (shape) is placed correctly, it will plays its own song lyric from the Baby Shark song. Place all characters correctly to hear the full-length Baby Shark song! In shape mode, once each shape is placed correctly, the character will name the shape. Place all shapes correctly and Baby Shark will personally congratulate your child!

Air Warriors Mutator-

The Mutator by Buzz Bee Toys offers unparalleled versatility that allows users to expand the barrel, transform the blaster and select distance blasting up to 100 feet or extreme accuracy with PrecisePro darts. [MSRP $34.99, Ages 6+, Available exclusively at Target] Someone is going to be having a ton of fun with this!


Tom’s of Maine-

Silly Strawberry Toothpaste and Mouthwash from Tom’s of Maine. With a great-tasting real fruit flavor that kids love, it’s the perfect present to help keep little smiles healthy and shinning bright while enjoying all your holiday traditions.

  • Silly Strawberry Toothpaste: this long-standing favorite and #1 natural kids toothpaste is made with delicious real fruit flavor that kids love – and with no artificial flavors, dyes, sweeteners…or sparkles.
  • Silly Strawberry Mouthwash: the perfect complement to Silly Strawberry toothpaste, this mouthwash freshens breath and provides cavity protection for a healthy smile

***Watch this spot for more gift ideas coming soon!

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Beauty Lovers

Holiday gift ideas for not only makeup lovers, but also skin-care enthusiasts and hair-care mavens to consider for your holiday 2019 shopping.


Give them a gift that they can pamper themselves with ! Spa day at home!
Give the gift of beauty! The holidays are a special time of gratitude and celebration with family, friends and colleagues. 
Created to make those little imperfections a little more perfect, Patchology creates spot-on solutions for the  most specific skincare concerns! I personally am a big fan of Patchology...their products truly do make a difference.

Barriault Ranch-

NATURAL-HANDCRAFTED-LOCAL Goats milk soaps, lotions & much more

All of their products are handmade with Raw, organic ingredients
produced on their farm. Never any artificial colours or scents to ensure the most natural skin care possible.

Stay tuned for more Holiday Gift ideas- coming soon!

Money Moves Every New Parent Should Make

Becoming a parent is truly a joyful experience. Unfortunately, that won’t make it a cheap one. When a new baby arrives, your expenses are guaranteed to rise. However, most new parents don’t expect the costs to grow quite so high. Between diapers, strollers, and any other baby gear, your finances will surely hurt. When embarking on this new adventure, preparation is crucial. Both before the little one arrives and in the months after, you must be ready for any financial changes. With that in mind, here are ten money moves that every new parent should make. 

1. Live Below Your Means
Any new child will bring new expenses with them. Baby clothes, diapers, and food are just a few costs you’ll have to contend with. Overspending will make these expenses even harder to handle, putting pressure on your finances. Because of this, you should rework your monthly budget to lower household costs. Rather than waste money on non-essential purchases, like meals out, you must live below your means. This will free up money for baby-related costs. 

2. Claim Any Child Benefits
Everyone knows that parenthood is difficult, even the government. That is why there are certain benefits you can claim once you have a child. Having a baby makes you eligible for tax credits that many people aren’t aware of. The amount of that child tax credit will depend on your income, filing status, and number of eligible children. Make sure you also look into any other benefits you might be entitled to, such as maternity pay. Paternity pay is an option for many new dads too. 

3. Start Saving For School
Education is important but doesn’t come for free, especially these days. If your children were to attend college when they’re older, they would have some huge bills to pay. Although they could apply for student loans, these don’t always cover all living costs. Regardless, your children would be in serious debt as a result, which is why many parents lend a hand. Anyone planning to do so should start saving for school now. The longer you put money away, the more help you can offer. 

4. Write Out Your Will
When we pass away, any belongings must be transferred to our heirs. Although many people assume that these automatically go to those we wanted them to, that doesn’t always happen. To make sure that your wishes are fulfilled, you should work with a probate attorney. They will make the probate process as cost-efficient and seamless as possible. Having children means having to decide who would take care of them if you passed on. This must also be included in the will. 

5. Pay Off Any Debt
No one wants to leave debt behind when they pass away. While this isn’t inherited by your children, as many people expect, it could cause problems for them. Having growing piles of debt will also limit your ability to save and put your finances at risk. Because of this, you must pay off your debts while you still can. Starting by clearing any balances with high-interest rates will make the process cheaper. However, if you need motivation, then the snowball method is effective. 

6. Buy The Right Insurance
Everyone needs insurance, particularly parents. If anything were to happen to your home, car, or health, it would cause huge problems for your family, along with unexpected costs. Having protection will avoid all that hassle. For this reason, you must go through your assets and make sure that they are covered by great policies. Insurance can be a tricky subject, so you may want to speak to an expert. With their help, you can ensure that anything important is well protected. 

7. Make A Retirement Plan
Retirement might feel like a long way away, but you shouldn’t ignore it. With so many things to remember about your child, forgetting about yourself is easy. Nonetheless, as they explain on a plane, you must help yourself before helping others, By prioritizing your retirement now, you prepare for the future. This reduces the likelihood of your child having to support you as you grow older. There are many retirement plans to consider, so research the different options available. 

8. Grow An Emergency Fund
Although insurance will cover many different assets, no policy can protect you from all unexpected costs. That is why you must grow an emergency fund too. Without emergency savings, you might have to borrow to cover sudden expenses, which would put you back into debt. Many people rely on an emergency fund when they lose their job unexpectedly. Because it can take months to find new employment, you should save around six month’s worth of costs. 

9. Earn A Second Income
Financial troubles aren’t always the result of overspending. A lack of income can also cause problems. Although an emergency fund could cover you for some time, having a job to fall back on would offer peace of mind too. Thankfully, there are many ways to earn a second income. While some people become entrepreneurs, others work part-time in bars and restaurants. Whatever job you choose, you can use the money to protect your financial present and future. 

10. Speak To One Another
Money is a topic known to cause problems within relationships. If you and your partner don’t agree on financial matters, it can affect family life, along with your finances. For a healthier bank balance and relationship, you must discuss money calmly. Only with cooperation can you achieve a better financial future for yourselves and your children. When you don’t agree on certain money matters, you must work through the issue and come to a compromise together. 

Nothing will change your life like becoming a parent does. Rather than being responsible for only yourself, you suddenly have an entire other person depending on you. Children are amazing, but expensive creatures. To protect your finances, you must prepare them. Hopefully, with the advice above, you can make a better financial future for your family.
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