A Week of Menus

Monday, November 30, 2009

I thought I would share a weekly meal plan with everyone.I'm sure you have those days that your wondering what to make for supper.So here's some ideas to get you through the week:

-Monday: Chicken,( whole or pieces),cucumbers with onions and vinegar,mashed potatoes, gravy and waxed beans

Tuesday: Club house sandwich,( turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomato), with fries, (frozen or homemade), gravy or not,pickles on the side

Wednesday: Ham , macaroni, ( either KD or pasta), cucumbers, tomatoes and baked potato

Thursday: Ham and cheese sandwiches

Friday: Pizza, ( Homemade or frozen) and perogies, ( homemade or frozen)

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Today's winner for our book giveaway was: Wendy-

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I love getting your emails. I love the fact it is Canadian. I am a older single mom who just started going too ComuCollege after 30 years of being out of school. I would like to see more freebies as well as meals that can be stretched. As a student I need all the help I can get!! Have a Blessed Day ! Wendy

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The Food Reviews: McCain Garlic Fingers

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tonight's supper was spagetti and meat sauce. So we decided to serve it with McCain's Garlic Fingers.What we liked about this bread was that it was a change from your regular, thick french breads -that are so thick, that you fill up on bread more than the meal itself.The flavour of this bread was nice and not too powerful with garlic-and had a nice hint of a cheese taste to it.We also all liked the thin crust. There were 2 pieces per box, so this will be useful for another meal at another time.
We give McCain's Garlic Fingers- a thumbs up!

The Food Reviews- Terry's Chocolate Orange minis

Gerry and I  recently tried Terry's Chocolate Orange mini segments. Terry's Chocolate Orange is a popular chocolate product.These come in 5 varieties within the package.The box is a 200g size.
Although I have tried their single oranges, I really liked this box with the assortment of smaller pieces that it carried.It includes an assortment of: milk chocolate pieces with crispy puffed rice,or cornflakes, as well as milk chocolates with honey bits, milk chocolate with orange and dark chocolate.
Each piece has a very smooth flavour with just a hint of orange.
What I missed seeing in this box was a mint flavour, like the mint Terry balls they had last year.
We  give Terry's Chocolate Orange Minis the thumbs up!

Do-it-Yourself Vehicle Maintenance Check List

A car or auto maintenance check consists of a list of regular, simple inspections that are carried out to insure that a vehicle operates smoothly and at ultimate capacity. It is important to maintain a vehicle properly and detect difficulties as soon as possible. The quicker a problem can be prevented or fixed, the less damage needs fixing and the cheaper the repair will cost.

Routine car maintenance should be done at regular intervals and will depend on where you live and what season it is. It really makes a difference if you are driving the rough country gravel roads regularly, or are commuting to the city every day, especially if you often get stuck in highway traffic. Add some bad weather conditions and you will soon notice your car’s performance changes.

Monthly check:

Oil levels: check for leaks and add more if needed.


Hoses and belts: replace them if they show signs of extreme wear and tear.


Air filter: replace if dirty or clogged.


Tires: add more air if the pressure is low. Also check for leaks, damage, bulges, or uneven wear.


Coolant or antifreeze -- add more if low and check for leaks.

Three month check:

*Oil and oil filter: change every 5,000 kilometers/3,000 miles.


Windshield washer fluid: add fluid if low.

Brake and transmission fluid: add fluid if low.

Battery and power steering fluid: add fluid if low.

Battery terminals and cables: clean them if they are corroded.

Six month check:

*Wiper blades: replace if worn out or brittle.


Headlights, brake lights, and turn signals: check if they work properly. Replace bulbs if needed.


Horn: test your horn if you have not used it in a while.

Brakes: inspect for wear and tear or "slippage."


Tires: rotate tires and balance wheels every10,000 kilometers/6,000 miles.


Spare tire: make sure it is still fully inflated.


Exhaust system: inspect for rust, damage, or loose parts.

Shock absorbers: inspect for oil seepage or wear.

Note: Modify this guideline according to your personal driving conditions and the type of vehicle you are driving.

Author: Robert Palmer

Getting into the "Spirit of Christmas"- A List of Things to Do For the Holidays

Friday, November 27, 2009

We still have yet to decorate the inside of the house for Christmas- Gerry has had the outdoor lights strung since last month, when it was warmer. Around my neck of the woods, it gets cold fast, and you don't want to be hanging lights when it does.Alot of the neighbours have their lights turned on as well, I noticed this when I drove up the street the other evening. We'll leave ours till at least the 1st of December- along with the inside decorating as well.Although it's nice to have outdoor lights and such, I hate the thought of the extra $$ on the power bill to have them on any earlier than they have to be.

Are you getting into the spririt of Christmas yet ? I've listed a few things here to help you if your not quite yet-

-Watch Christmas movies-rent or borrow
-Do Christmas baking
-Send out ecards or snail mail cards,( the ones you get from charitable organizations, ones you make, or from last years Boxing Day  blowout).
-Drive the town/neighbourhoods, looking at Christmas lights.
-Attend Christmas service at the church of your choice-perhaps take an elderly neighbour or grandparent along
-Take the kids or a niece or nephew to see Santa, go for one of those "Skate with Santa" outings, photos with Santa, time with Santa.
-Make a gingerbread house
-Serve at a homeless shelter or help out at your local food bank
-Attend a local school Christmas concert, or perhaps a town's choir performance
-Have your children invite their friends over- make Christmas wrap and Christmas tags.

For more great ideas,101 of them, visit The Youth Online Club....lots of great ideas....or just add your own to the comments.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all My American Friends-and some Rambling

Thursday, November 26, 2009

As some of the regular followers know, I live in Canada, so we had our Thanksgiving in October, but I did want to wish each one of you a day of enjoying your families, being thankful and no doubt , plenty of great food. We've been getting our fair share over the past few days with our Santa's Choice packs that arrived.It's nice to have the bounty when the bank account is low.It's payday though tommorow, and so starts the cycle again, of the money in and money out.

I am looking at taking a course, possibly in child care. I am lucky enough to say that if I take a distance education course, I do have a sponser.This will simply mean that I can do the courses at home and someone else will foot the bill. It does pay to look into these things if you are planning on taking any courses or going back to school.I am looking at possibly doing home visits for families. There are still things I need to look at- like whether if I take the course with institute "A" would they reconize it as much as insitute "B", it's all in the planning stages for now.

I sent one of my books off to Google today as well- they have a Google Books thing where they will list your book within their pages and help authors out with promoting of their books and such.So, will see how that goes.

Gerry was away yesterday on business in the city, ( flew to Winnipeg,Manitoba), but is home tonight- will be nice to have him back.It was a good time to ramble- all quiet in the house. Erika is at work and it's just the pets and I.Time to feed my zoo,( dog and the 4 guinea pigs), though and put the dog out.

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving......

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Free Report-5 Ways To Make Money Breeding Animals, Birds, Fish, Insects And Worms

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We're giving you another free report: "25 Ways To Make Money Breeding Animals, Birds, Fish, Insects And Worms". This report will tell you which animals to breed to make some $$.
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Homebuyers Tax Credit Extension

If you’ve been wanting to take advantage of the low mortgage rates and housing prices currently available, now is definitely a good time to do so. For those unaware, the popular first-time homebuyers tax credit has been recently extended by Congress until April 30, 2010. The extension spells very good news for the national housing market and overall economy as the first two versions of the credit had a positive impact on the housing market. The National Association of Realtors reported that as many as 1.2 million new and resale homes were completed so far this year because of the tax credit.

With the program, first-time home buyers are eligible for $8,000 on the tax credit which can now also be used as a down payment on a home mortgage depending on the type. The expanded credit also contains a provision that provides a new credit of $6,500 to homeowners that have lived in their homes for at least five years and are looking to relocate. Income limits for the program were also increased, further expanding the number of Americans that qualify for the credit. In order to qualify as a first-time buyer you now must make under $125,000 if single and $250,000 if married. However, single homeowners that earn between $125,000 and $145,000 and married couples earning between $225,000 and $245,000 are eligible to receive a partial credit.

Homes that cost more than $800,000 are not eligible for the credit. Additionally, you cannot have owned a primary home within the past three years and are required to stay in your current home for at least three years. If you decide to sell your property within three years of the purchase date than you are required to return the full amount of the credit that you received.

Applying for the tax credit is very straightforward. All that you have to do is claim the amount you are eligible for on your tax return. No additional forms or evaluations are needed. If you are like most people and have already filed your return, you can file an amended return for 2008 to claim the credit or simply wait until you file your 2009 return.

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Today's Ramblings

I was happy yesterday to recieve part of my Santa's Choice food order,( am hoping the rest will arrive today)! It's nice to be able to fill a bit of the cupboards once again and plug the apartment sized freezer back in and add to it.( We don't buy/have enough to use the freezer all year but will plug it in around this time of year to add the Santa's Choice freezer items and Christmas baking I do).We have ordered again for next November, but have ordered more for next year. A person doesn't miss the money too much when  a small amount comes out of their account every week. If I can refer you at all, just let me know.I recieve a small commission for new orders I pass along to the company.( Canada only).

Speaking of Christmas baking, I really should be going through the recipes and see what I am making this year,( I do have my favorites but still like looking at the recipe books).I make small boxes as well for everyone in the family- usually with 1-2 of everything I bake.I enjoy it.

I have been looking for some part time work, but nothing has come up as of yet. Not alot of work in a small town, and I'm fussy. I don't want to be doing something I dread.We should be almost ready as well with set up of our American bank account, so once that is finished, and we get our bank card and #  and  I can set up an account with Amazon and start listing the book on there as well.I really need to boost the sales.
Am still doing some mystery shopping, and am looking at selling travel again online- if only I can get the company to get back in touch with me! So, will keep you all up to date when that happens.

Have a great day everyone!

Breakfast Clubs of Canada

Breakfast Clubs of Canada is a national organization dedicated to providing services and funding for community-based school breakfast programs.Donate, become a partner or start a club in your area. -Canada-Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off

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Also, a contest to win a trip for 2 to see Bon Jovi live in New Jersey!
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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Still looking for links to be added for American freebie sites.
Please post at the following link, in the comment section.
Thank you for your help.

Know the Effect of Bankruptcy on Your Ability to Buy a Home

A lot of people go through the same thing, that is, when they are behind for a couple of months on their home, they just want to walk away and declare bankruptcy. What they do not know is that they will be very much affected by bankruptcy if they decide to buy a home again the next time they think they are able again. When you declare bankruptcy, it would take at least two or four years on a case to case basis.

If it was for a medical emergency or something like of hardship, they might take it about two years or even longer from a lending standpoint. Bankruptcy remains for about to two to four years.

If the reason was because of overspending or mismanagement of funds the lending rules at least about four years. But if what one should do is that if he is working the first thing he should do is communicate with his mortgage company and tell him what is going on so that he can still salvage the house.

Remember that disregarding this responsibility and declaring bankruptcy will affect his credit. And even if he wants to go and rent they will discover his credit report and demand of him a substantial security deposit and may even turn him down. Declaring bankruptcy has an effect when he tries looking for another job or even taking on an insurance policy.

To avoid even thinking of declaring bankruptcy one must know the truth about it. As already said, people who are not able to pay up for a couple of months on their home always consider of bankruptcy so that they walk away from it. The misinformation out there is that they can only be helped only if they are current which is not true. The fact is that if you are current, you have a good chance of getting helped, whereas if you are behind then you will even have to worry about legal fees and penalties.

The best thing to do in such situation is to call your and call your lender and tell the truth so that they can work with you. Keep in mind that the first person you talk is not always the person who will help you through your ordeal. You have to keep on looking up to the real person who will be able to assist you in this regard.

Although some would say that declaring bankruptcy may have a positive effect, that is, you are able to evade paying off your debts, thus giving you freedom. It also creates freedom in a sense that you are no longer ran after by lending agencies and forcing you to pay up. That may be the case, but the effect of bankruptcy somehow dictates how establishments will view your credit standing when you are already trying to make a good life for yourself. Also, they will judge you as to what kind of person you are. Knowing he effect of bankruptcy on one’s capability to buy a home for himself is important to consider first before making that decision.

If you appreciate Arizona’s wide-open spaces, check out Apache Junction Real Estate

and Homes for Sale in Apache Junction blog.
Author: clavinee

New Giveaway! Free Membership To

Monday, November 23, 2009 offers a growing selection of animated, artistic ecards with tasteful music. Incorporating hand-painted elements, the characters take on a life of their own to delight with music, dance and animation for something truly unique.

Carefully selected beautiful eCards with personal messages can express one's sincerity as much as the paper cards. Many of our eCards allow you to include a photo along with the message. eCards are environment friendly. And it is great for the current economic downturn as well.

The great folks at Ojolie have offered a 1 year membership to their beautiful e-card web site, to one lucky reader.

I had a chance to review this site- and the music as well as the card designs are absolutely beautiful! A fresh new look from a great artist.

View some great designs on their site at

The draw for the giveaway will be held  November 30th at noon CST from Random. org from all entries recieved up until that date.

To enter this giveaway, please visit Ojolie and leave a comment back here on your favorite  looking Christmas e-card  of theirs.

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Free Copy-Helping Your Child - Be Healthy and Fit

Sunday, November 22, 2009

For our readers- 39 pages of great recipes and ideas to help our children stay healthy and fit.
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Baking for This and That

Since Erika is graduating next year, fundraising has already begun. Part of which will include a bake sale at our town's Festival of Trees, this upcoming Saturday. I baked 4 dozen bake sale items, and then will be volunteering some time selling.Also had told myself I would start our Christmas baking after I had finished baking for her bake sale. Although I made some easy Marshmallow Puffs today, ( which I include every year in my Christmas baking boxes),Erika wanted me to keep them for now and not save these ones for Christmas.So I did. It always happens around here. It's almost like trying to keep everyone out of the Halloween candy! Last year when I baked, and froze what I needed to complete all the baking boxes, Ria was over and getting into the frozen baking...grrrr.Does this happen at your house too? You have to keep guard on what you freeze for the holidays?

Free Copy-Chocolate Treats for Chocolate Lovers!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Today I am offering my readers a free 24 page ebook on "Chocolate Treats for Chocolate Lovers".
To recieve your copy by email- please send an email to with "Chocolate Treats" in the Subject line.

Win A Box Of Fun From Pink Cherry!

Our friends over at Bargain Moose are running a giveaway open to all Canadian residents,( sorry no US).
For more details on entering, please head over to Bargain Moose!


•The contest will end on the 4th December 2009.

•Canadian entrants only.

•Must complete the email verification process when signing up to email updates.

Good luck everyone!

Free Recipe-How To Make Your Own Cheap, Play-Doh

Friday, November 20, 2009

We are offering a free "recipe" for play-doh.
Please email with "Free Play Doh recipe" in the subject line.

Playtime for the Kids

 Remember when you kids were little, you just loved playing in those big boxes for hours,( perhaps you can approach a furniture store for a big box from a washer, dryer, fridge or stove), hang up a blanket for a door, use some of them as your bus. Kids can enjoy a "free" toy just as much as an expensive one when they are little.

*** Tip from my mom.Thanks!

Profits In Re-finishing Furniture

Thursday, November 19, 2009

If you or your partner are handy with woodworking projects, one way you might consider to bring money into the house is by re-finishing furniture: everything from baby furniture to bedroom sets.
You'll want to look for bargains or possibly items that people are just giving away.You can advertise that you are looking for giveaway furniture that just needs to be hauled away.Be careful before you do pick an item up that it's not badly broken and a waste of your time.
You'll be stripping, repainting,possibly changing knobs and modernizing.Once you are done, you can re-sell these items for more. You can also advertise that you will re-do furniture pieces that others may already have that need some TLC. It's a easy little business for you, but requires a bit of space.
In time your little business should grow and you'll find yourself quite busy.

Fun Things To Do and My Daily Rambling

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I was looking through the entries today for the book giveaway,( and yes there's still time to enter!)
(, and I noticed one of the entrants was looking for fun things to do without spending alot of, or no money.It reminded me of a site I had visited in the past called: Discover Fun.There are soooo many great ideas here for having fun- that you really are going to thank me for posting, if you haven't been to this site before.
I was out today doing a few mystery shops as well as Christmas shopping.I'm not a big shopper. I actually hate shopping if I am aimlessly wandering. I like to know what I am going for, getting it, and getting out. I DO LOVE double coupon days though, but they happen only at our local drugstore and are few and far between-every 4-6 weeks I would guess.
I also spent some time baking today.I have a bake sale to bake 4 dozen items for, by next week. My daughter Erika is graduating next year, so the fund raising begins.Once that will be done, I will have to start thinking of my own ,Christmas baking.
If you have  Christmas recipes you would like to share, please feel free to post with links to your favorites.

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Chloe (Blue Heeler Mix)

Our dog Chloe is in the mix for votes!
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10 Ways To Cut Your Electric Bill

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One of the major concerns in the world today is depletion of energy. As concerned citizens all of us must make a concerted effort to be conscious citizens and save electricity. Electricity has become integral to life but imagine having to live without power.

Conservation of electricity benefits you personally as you will pay lower bills. Consider:

1. Doing an energy audit. This will tell you how and when you use energy and where the wastage lies. You will be able to make an "energy savings plan" by pinpointing exactly how you can cut back on energy consumption. Some ideas may be as simple as don't leave the coffee machine on at all times.

2. Think about resetting the thermostat ten degrees lower during the night. If you can do this for say approximately eight hours a day you will save 10% on electricity without sacrificing comfort. Insulate the home in winter by drawing shut the drapes.

3. Check all insulation in the house. If you increase attic insulation to around 12 inches the electricity consumption will reduce by 20 percent.

4. Plant more trees around the house these will cool the house in summer and insulate the house in winter. Studies show that a green cover benefits in many ways.

5. Have all electricity wires and outlets checked for leakage. Check all fuses and appliances.

6. Fluorescent light bulbs are energy efficient. They use 75% less energy than ordinary light bulbs. These have a longer life and contribute to great savings.

7. Use energy efficient appliances. These use less energy and believe it or not a high efficiency refrigerator uses less electricity than a light bulb.

8. When you are away even for a few hours or days you should turn off and unplug all electrical appliances and turn settings on the thermostat, water heater, and refrigerator to the lowest setting.

9. Ensure that you use a water-saving shower head. Water heating costs for a family can be lowered by at least US$ 250 a year.

10. Weatherize your home. This helps reduce heating bills by 20% and cooling by at least 10 percent. Even when building a home or decorating it use weather friendly materials�those that are not good conductors of heat and cold. Install windows and glass panes in the roof in such away that you use sunlight to light up the rooms during day light hours. Make an effort to switch off lights and fans when leaving a room. Ensure that the filters in air conditioners and heaters are always cleaned and free of clog and dust.

If you live an energy efficient lifestyle you will see the numbers on the energy bill actually reducing. The power to cut energy costs is well within your control. It is as simple as only washing full loads and that to in cold water. Use the hot wash option only for very dirty clothes. Cook food only just before you are ready to eat that way you can save reheating costs as well as refrigerating costs of storing the food. Turn the thermostat of the refrigerator to minimum in cold or cool weather. Switch off freezers if they are not in use. Small contributions can all add up to significant amounts of power saved. And, power saved means money in the bank.

About the Author: Paul Wilson is a freelance writer for
 the premier REVENUE SHARING discussion forum for Home Improvement including topics on exterior home improvement, gardening, decorating, buying and selling, electrical home improvement and more. He also freelances for the premier Mortgage site


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Free -Coca Cola Recipes

Monday, November 16, 2009

Do you have Coca Cola that has lost it's fizz and you don't want to dump it out?Perhaps you'd like to try some recipes using coca cola? Once again, I'm giving away a free 9 page e-booklet: Coca Cola Recipes.
Just send me an email with Coca Cola Recipes in the "Subject line" and I'll get that right over to you.
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Still Time to Enter

I Parent By Nature

There are many reasons to and advantages to using cloth diapers. First of all, cloth diapers are less abrasive against your baby’s soft, sensitive skin which causes fewer rashes than disposable diapers. Cloth is more economical because you wash and reuse the diapers instead of throwing them away after one use like how disposable ones are designed. Diapers can be very expensive if you have to keep buying them, and cloth is a onetime investment that gets multiple uses. They are also better for the environment because disposable diapers are often times not biodegradable and cloth isn’t meant to be thrown away.

The greatest advantage that a lot of parents are experiencing with the use of cloth diapers is that their babies potty train earlier than most kids that wear disposables. Babies that are wearing cloth will potty train up to six months earlier than expected -which have been proven in studies about potty training. Talking to parents who have used cloth on their babies will prove they are potty training way soon than those wearing the disposables. Cloth diapers also make potty training easier in addition to happening faster. Babies that are wearing disposable diapers cannot feel as well that they are wet. This is not such a good advantage . It is important when the babies are being potty trained that they feel the wetness. It is thought that babies want to potty train earlier because they are not liking the wet feeling from cloth. Your baby will know when to go to the bathroom because they can feel when the diaper is wet.

There is going to be a lot of accidents with babies when they are potty training- this is natural. It will be a new feeling that they have to learn to understand when they need to go to the bathroom. A great advantage of using cloth during potty training is that you’ll save a lot of money. Instead of having to buy disposable diapers after each accident, you can just wash the cloth ones and reuse them. Cloth diapers have come a long way to what they used to be like. The older style diapers were the big white pieces of flannel that looked like they could drape a small table. Today, there are so many nice colors. There are ones that are fitted and ones that have Velcro. Wow- not like it used to be. It is also so nice to not have to use pins anymore. Because of the newer features of cloth diapers that are fitted, it makes them easy to use during potty training. There are so many great leaps and bounds with the new age diaper.

Cloth diapers should be used during potty training, and before as well, because of the advantages they offer to both the parents and babies. They are convenient, more economical, better for your babies’ skin, better for the environment, and most important they will make your baby potty train earlier and easier.

How You Can Make Your Own Pet Food-Free Report

Sunday, November 15, 2009

As a pet owner, no doubt you want to give your dog or cat the

best care possible. And caring for your pet means feeding him

the best diet you can. Email me for your free 5 page report-
with "Make Your Own Pet Food" in the subject line.

This photo came from one of our readers who tells me:
Thank you in advance for the recipe.

"I have made my own pet food for years, and many dogs later. Even before it was considered the only way to feed a healthy pet.
I now feed 7 large to giant dogs, including 3, 8 month old pups."
Thank you again for sharing,
Sabrina & Gus, Amber, Buster, Veronica, George, Harriett, and Lucas

Another Use for Pill Containers

Don't throw away your pill containers, they make good storage for broken or bent machine needles, bent straight pins, old blades, hand sewing needles, etc, when the container is full just throw in the garbage. It saves getting pricked or poked through the plastic garage bag. Also if you break glass, better to throw it into an empty plastic container.....the garbage man will appreciate your good gesture.

From my mom- thanks mom!

Yesterday's Ramblings

I didn't get time yesterday to write as I wanted to on here. We had left for The Pas,Mb in the morning,( which is about an hour south of here)- I had some mystery shopping to do there so we made a day of it. One shop paid me quite well there as I was compensated above and beyond for my gas/mileage.Gerry and I also took Ria along,( my oldest daughter). I didn't buy much- a new bra, and a stop at Tim Horton's...besides the shops that I did.We had lunch at Burger King and I used  a free burger coupon there.
Once we got back home after supper, we stopped over at the grocery store and picked up a few things- stuff for slow cooker and some 50% off deals.I was quite surprized with some of the regular costs of the 50% off items.A Stouffers Skillet Sensations were regular priced at $8.19 a bag and McCains' Garlic Fingers were $6.89! Crazy, crazy! Gerry said even the 1/2 price amount was high for the Skillet Sensation- and I agreed, but we took it anyhow. When I told the cashier this was expensive at regular price, she said: "Oh, but it's got meat in it". I told her" yeah, but it's still high priced. " The bag is suppose to feed 2 people but Gerry can eat the whole bag himself!
Once we dropped Ria off at her place, we came home to relax, eat and for me to do my mystery shop reports.
I must run for now- laundry to get to. Ria does not have a washer or dryer at her place, and comes by on Sunday to do her 2 loads usually. I need to get mine looked after before she drops over.As well, being in The Pas yesterday, I didn't get to do my Saturday's full house clean and will have to do that today- along with a dozen other things...
Have a great day everyone!

Free Copy-51 Christmas Decorating Ideas

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Giving away free for the asking, your own 21  page ebook of 51 Christmas Decorating Ideas.
Please email me at with "51 Christmas Decorating Ideas" in the subject line.

The Many Uses of Fragrance Oils

Using fragrances or perfumes for a variety of uses dates back 4,000 years. One of the oldest written pieces of information on the use of fragrances is from the 9th century; a book written by an Arabian chemist, which contained more than a hundred recipes for fragrant oils, salves, aromatic waters and substitutes or imitations of costly drugs.

The number of fragrances available on the market today are numerous. People from all over the world are taking advantage of bringing their favorite scents into their homes and utilizing them in many ways, just as the ancients. Before you start making your own fragrant products, you should understand some of the basics of fragrance. This way you can search out your favorite smell or mix and blend your own.

To start, in the perfume industry, fragrance is described in a musical metaphor as having three sets of 'notes', which make up a harmonious scent. These notes unfold over time, with the immediate impression of the top note leading to the deeper middle notes, and the base notes gradually appearing as the final stage. First are the Top Notes, which consist of small, light molecules that evaporate quickly. These are also called the head notes. Next are the Middle Notes, the scent of a perfume that emerges just prior to when the top notes dissipate. The middle note compounds form the "heart" or main body of a perfume and act to mask the often unpleasant initial impressions of base notes, which become more pleasant with time. Last are the Base Notes. This is the scent that appears close to the departure of the middle notes. The base and middle notes together are the main theme of a perfume. Base notes bring depth and solidity to a perfume. Compounds of this class of scents are typically rich and "deep" and are usually not perceived until 30 minutes after application.

Understanding the background of perfume is one thing, knowing how different fragrances make you feel is another. Because fragrance has such a powerful effect on our mood, it can be highly beneficial to choose a scent that is congruent to a goal or for a specific time of day. A person may want to avoid soaking in a lemon/lime bath before bed because the citrus scent may have too much of an energizing effect while lavender is more of a sedative. Musky fragrances like sandalwood and amber have a more sensual effect and Vanilla and Ylang-ylang can reduce stress.

What are some ways you can use your favorite fragrant oils? How about these:

1. Aroma Lamps - There are two types of aroma lamps, the first keeps the water hot with a lit candle under it and the second is electric and uses a small light bulb to keep the water hot. For aroma lamps, place a few drops of oil in the dish with steaming HOT tap water. Keep the water hot, the oils will release their scent in the hot water and the aroma vapors will fill the house.

2. Potpourri - For potpourri, just add a few drops to freshen the worn out potpourri or sachets

3. Room and Car Diffusers - Room and car diffusers or hanging air fresheners will slowly release a fragrance. They work great for a small area like the car or a bathroom. Do not put too much oil in them as a few drops will do and last a long time.

4. Air Freshener - In a spray bottle place your favorite fragrance and use it to get rid of bad odors. For medicinal use, try lavender, it is known to keep the mosquitoes away or to relax with.

5. Laundry - Add a few drops of oil to your rinse cycle or on a used fabric softener sheet in the dryer to give your clothes the fragrance you desire.

6. Make Your Own Soap - Making soap isn't as difficult as it may seem and with all the different fragrances to choose from you can make as many varieties as you desire. There are different ways to make soap, if you are adding fragrance to cold process soap, mix the fragrance oil with a carrier oil. Blending the fragrance oil with a carrier tends to buffer the reaction when it hits the raw soap.

7. Make Your Own Candles - Candle making is fun and you can enjoy infusing your candles with a variety of fragrances. While the wax is hot and after you have added your colorant, slowly pour your favorite fragrance oil into the melted wax. When the fragrance hits the melted wax, it may cause a bit of wax to solidify briefly. Don't worry, it will remelt when you stir. Stir the wax to blend the fragrance into the melted wax. All waxes will only hold a maximum of anywhere from 4% to 10% (up to 1 1/2 ounce) of fragrance oil before you start having problems. Fragrance oils will have a much better scent throw after curing in soy wax for at least 3 to 15 days. The longer the cure, the better the throw.

You are now set with a handful of ways both quick and easy as well as fun and creative in bringing your favorite fragrance oils into your home.Elements Bath and Body supplies wholesale soap making supplies and toiletry supplies. When you're formulating your own soap, body lotion, lip balm, bath salts, or perhaps a special flax seed pillow, we have the supplies you need at wholesale prices. Visit us at for more information.

Author: Robert Bell

FREE-Year Round Income From Your Firewood Business

Friday, November 13, 2009

If you would like the 5 page article on how to get year round income from a firewood business, please send an email to
I'd be happy to send it to you.

Canadian Freebie Sites

Please feel free to add all site links here, to great Canadian freebie sites.

Please make sure the sites contain actual freebies and not sites where you have to fill out surveys or pay a handling or shipping fee to get your freebie.

Some of my favorites:
-Smart Canucks
-Canada Samples
-Bargain Moose

You Asked... and I Heard. You Want Freebies!

Well, it seems like alot of you are interested in freebies, great deals and the like.I know we have Americans and Canadians that follow the blog too, so would like to help with everyone's wants. What I'd like everyone to do is to send in their links to great US and great Canadian freebie sites.You will need to refer to the side bar from time to time to check for any newly added sites.I will add a few of my own that I follow to start- together we can grow!
Go to the side bar now and click on Canadian Freebie sites or US Freebie sites

The Many Uses of Dish Liquid

While I was throwing a load of laundry in the other day, my mind had a flash back to times when I didn't always use laundry soap for every wash. Back in my pre-divorce days, we had little money at times for groceries so I had to come up with other ways for other things.When I ran out of laundry soap, I would use dish liquid, and at times add some baking soda to the wash. We changed clothes every day to every second day so they weren't dirty.
While thinking of the laundry and dish liquid, I thought dish liquid really does have alot of multi purposes, as I also had used it in tougher times to clean  floors and do general cleaning.
If it's antibacterial, it makes a good hand washer as well.
It cleans the car, windows,takes grease stains out of laundry,and so much more.
It serves itself well as a cheaper do all.

Apple Crisp

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My sister had passed me up some Gala apples that were just sitting in our fridge. I like my sour apples such as Grannies and Macs , otherwise I would have eaten them.
Gerry and Erika don't eat alot of fruit.
I decided to make apple crisp with them.With this recipe you really don't need alot of fancy ingrediants.I actually got the oatmeal though from my mom, as we don't eat or use it here.
I saved the apple peels and cores for our guinea pigs instead of throwing them away.
This was a recipe from Betty Crocker.

Your Opinion Counts/Today's Mail/Phone Calls

Monday, November 9, 2009

I haven't done a post in this catagory for a while, so thought I would do a small one.
Called ConAgra Foods today- on their new frozen dinner, Healthy Choice- complimenting them on a product that actually looks the same in the box as what's on the box.
Called Nestle as well, as Ria had gotten some Halloween Kit Kat bars that had no wafer in the center- just all chocolate.It's good for the company to know -they send over comments to their quality control departments for evaluating.And us in return, recieve a free product coupon for our comments.

How to Alleviate Your Credit Card Debt

With today’s economy, there are millions of people in the United States and in many other countries who are struggling with debt. It is easy to become overwhelmed with debt, with credit cards being the major factor of debt.

Credit cards are tempting to people because they almost view credit cards as free money, until they receive the bill. Most people don’t take the high interest rates that come along with credit cards into consideration when they begin using them.

When used responsibly, credit cards are not a bad thing. However, they can make or break the credit score of individuals depending on the manor in which they are used.

When you’re in debt, it may be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, alleviating your debt is simple if you start elimination credit cards and credit card debt

so you are left with one credit card that will be used for emergencies.

In order to eliminate credit cards, one should start paying them off.

When paying off credit card debt, you should focus on paying off the credit card that contains has the smallest amount of debt. Than eliminate the cards with the highest percentage rate of interest. This is important because the interest rates increase your
debt tremendously.

The steps to eliminate credit cards are:

The most important step is to stop using your credit cards altogether, pay only in cash.
Pay as much as you can to your credit card account each month and start a system of paying off credit cards so you will be left with only one credit card.

Pay all balances due on your credit cards. Pay as much as you can. Pay off the credit cards with the smallest amount due or those with the highest interest rates first.

Once you have paid off a balance on a credit card, you should close out the account to avoid allowing yourself to get back into the same situation in the future and avoid having credit card debt.

Keep one credit card for emergencies; be sure to keep the card with the most favorable terms, such as the card with the lowest interest rate and a lower spending limit. A lower spending limit will keep you from using the card frequently, and allow you to reserve the available balance.

Start using cash instead of credit cards.

It is very easy to buy with a credit card; you do NOT feel like you are spending money when you sign for your purchases. A signature does not register in our minds as actual money but it adds up to your credit card debt.

But when you are paying for things with cash (real money), you feel like you are actually spending money (because you are!). You can count the money and see right away how much is left in your wallet. As a result, you limit yourself to what you can afford and you spend only the money you have.

If you wish never to have any credit card debt, eliminate all your credit cards and open a Debit account.

A debit card is a good alternative to credit card. Debit card is similar to cash; you can spend only the money you have in your account, thereby preventing you from getting into debt and specially credit card debt.

About the Author:

Edna Ferman is a Personal Finance expert and coach and residing in Sydney Australia. The creator of The EKG Money Method, Eliminate Debt, Keep your goals in sight and Get out of Debt. Edna has created this method, using her experience and expertise in managing her business, her business finances and her personal finances. With this knowledge and using this method herself, Edna has been advising and helping many people in enabling them to reach their financial freedom and will show you how to have a passionate love affair with your money.

Free Copy -37 Instant Moneymaking Part Time Businesses

For your free copy of 37 Instant Moneymaking Part Time Businesses, please send an email to: with 37 Moneymakers in the Subject line.
This includes 37 great ways to be your own boss.

Beware of 50% off Stickers

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mom and I made a trip out today to the supermarket- wanted to check out the Halloween sales. I never got a chance to look the other day when I was there. Never picked up any decorations and most candy was gone already, but we did end up getting some.I didn't have much left from Halloween and who can pass up a good sale on chocolate! I always like going through the 50% off bins too. Although, the supermarket is not like Walmart and doesn't have a price checker, so a person is unsure of the original price.I found this out the other day when we picked up a small can of barley soup for 50% off. The soup scaned at 1.99- meaning it was $3.99 regular. Gerry and I said that was alot for a small can of soup-even with the 50% off.So one never knows. The reduced price can end up costing you more than a sale price. You just have to watch.
I also remembered today that the assistant manager had told mom and I that the Halloween candy we got would be an additional 50% off at the till- and it dawned on me later, we should have said something at the till, becuase we didn't get the additional 50% off.. I just wasn't thinking.
Sometimes we get sidetracked at the grocery store- start talking, or packing our groceries and not watching the scanner. It can happen.
Has it happened to you?

Saving Money over the Christmas Period

Christmas is one of the busiest times of year. There are so many things to think of. People have usually got family or friends visiting, the Christmas meal to cook, gifts to buy and wrap and decorations to put up. It can also be a very expensive time of year. Many people report huge regrets every January when they have over spent on Christmas presents and all the related costs.

If you are worried about finances this Christmas, or want to cut down a little on expenses there are a few simple money saving tips you can take.

Secret Santa

First of all there are gifts. Depending on the size of your family you may spend a lot of money on gifts over the Christmas period. One of the things you might consider doing is arranging a secret Santa. These are a great way to cut down on gift costs and can also be a lot of fun. How it works is you get a group of friends or family members together and put everyone's name in a hat. Then you each pick a name from the hat at random. This is the person you buy a present for. The game guarantees that everyone gets a present while at the same time meaning that you only have to buy one present. You can keep the gifts anonymous or not depending on your preference.

Another thing you can look at doing this Christmas if you want to save some money is consider making gifts. You can bake cookies or cakes, or make gifts using some craft you are good at or enjoy such as knitting, cross-stitching or patch working. You can also make your own Christmas cards. This can be fun and many people will appreciate the personal touch.

Debt Consolidation
Christmas shouldn't be all about saving money, but it shouldn't be about falling into debt either. It is generous to give but no one expects you to give more than you can afford. If you are having trouble with debts then you shouldn't be over spending this Christmas. There are many things you can do to get debts back under control. One option would be debt consolidation. This means taking out a loan to pay off all your existing debts. The interest rates will be far lower than those on other debts such as credit cards and the savings will give you the chance you need to get your finances back under control.

Joseph Kenny is the webmaster of the UK credit card comparison site, where you can find a selection of interest free credit cards. For US visitors there is also the comparison site
 for all US interest free offers.

The Credenza

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gerry picked up a free credenza they were throwing away at his work place. It was cracked on one of the doors, but he had it all apart in his shop today and fixed it up good as new. Now the computer room with his credenza looks more like his office from work.I have a little space in the living room with my computer- on a card table. Erika has her own lap top. We all have our own little corners.
The credenza is quite impressive but was very bulky and the wood was quite heavy.
The final result was a less cluttered area.

Beat The Stay At Home Mom Blues

Friday, November 6, 2009

Screaming kids, never ending laundry, lack of sleep, a hot meal, what's that? Those along with many other perks that go along with being a stay at home mom, (yes that's sarcasm), can sometimes leave us feeling overwhelmed, moody; having the blues.

An issue that often comes up is not feeling appreciated as a stay at home mom. We don't get yearly reviews hearing about what a wonderful job we are doing; a paycheck isn't handed to us for our hard work. What we do get are hugs and kisses, hearing the words I love you or thanks mom. We get to be a kid again, finger paint in the afternoon. All of those perks make me smile and feel happy.

There are many ways to beat the stay at home mom blues. Finding time for yourself is a MUST! Bring out the crayons and coloring books, while they color, go into your room for some quiet, private time. If your child naps, close your eyes too for a while, or take a warm bath or shower. Put in a mid afternoon movie for them and pick up that book or magazine you can't seem to find time for.

Feel good about your choice to stay at home with your kids. Appreciate yourself for all the hard work you put into your job at home. Positive thinking and knowing what a wonderful job you are doing can help keep those blues away. Another way to beat the blues is to have interaction with other moms. Look into finding, or even starting, a group for stay at home moms. The computer is a great resource for researching for your area. Set up play dates, go to the park and start up a conversation with another mom. No one understands what a stay at home mom goes through like another stay at home mom.

Only you can beat the stay at home mom blues. If you really think about it, you have the best job in the world.

Author: Cori Sachais Swidorsky
Reside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Work at home mom/stay at home mom. Owner of the Informing Women Newsletter and website Writes an advice column for a community newsletter, have an inspirational piece being published in Chicken Soup For The Recovering Soul, and have articles published on many work at home, home based business, tips and hints, and parenting websites.

How To Clean Your Home The Natural Way

Thursday, November 5, 2009

When it comes to cleaning and freshening your home, natural products can be just as effective as man made solutions. They're better for the environment, and they can help you avoid many of the nasty man-made toxins found in air fresheners, abrasive cleaners and sprays.

Take a look what a simple lemon can do....

Chopping boards

To get rid of smells and kill off any stubborn germs, rub your board all over with the cut side of half a lemon.. Give it a really good scrub. Let the juice dry, then rinse off with water.

Kitchen cabinets

To keep your cabinets clean and grease-free, just mix 1/4 of a cup of juice with a mug of hot water, and wipe the surfaces down as required.

Plastic containers

Rub half a lemon over the insides and let it sit in the sun for a day. The sun and the lemon juice will bleach out all the stains and make the container look as good as new.

Lime scale

Use a half lemon to clean the lime scale off a sink or faucet. Rub the cut end over the crusty spot and rinse away.

Air freshener

Use lemon to freshen the air by making a mixture of equal parts lemon juice and water and putting it in a spray bottle.

Bad Smelling Bins

If your kitchen bin is starting to pong a bit, just stick some lemon peel in it. Likewise, if you have a waste disposal unit, toss the peel down the drain .


Most people use basic supermarket bleach to remove stains, but there's a problem with this. The chemicals can lift the iron content from the water and deposit them as stains in the fabric. So if you want to remove marks on clothes, try soaking them in a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda for at least half an hour before washing normally.

Sweat stains

You can remove unsightly underarm stains from shirts and blouses simply by scrubbing them with a mixture of equal parts lemon juice and water.

Powerful clothes wash

Lemon juice has enough clout to lift stains like rust and mineral discolorations. Pour 1 cup of lemon juice into the washer during the wash cycle. The natural bleaching action of the juice will zap the stains and leave the clothes smelling fresh.


To get rid of mildew on clothes, make a paste of lemon juice and salt and rub it on the offending area, then dry the clothes in sunlight. Repeat the process until the stain is gone.

Make your whites whiter!

Simply add some juice to your wash, and the bleaching effect of the citrus will whiten your whites. Add more or less depending on how much whitening you want to do.

Window cleaning

Simply cut a lemon into quarters and rub a section over your windows, squeezing the lemon as you go. As soon as you've finished, wipe the glass with a damp cloth, then with a dry one.

Microwave cleaning

To clean a microwave, place half a lemon in water and cook on high for about 5 minutes. This loosens and stubborn burnt on foods, making them easy to wipe away with a damp cloth.

Fridge odours

To keep your fridge odour free, cut a lemon in half and put it on a saucer right near the back of your fridge. The lemon will happily sit there and suck up any rotten smells coming from your fridge, so when you come to clean it out it won't be such a disgusting job.

Air freshener

Stick an enamel cast-iron pot or bowl on your hob. Fill with water and add lemon peels, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and apple skins. Bring the water to a simmer and let the vapour drift through the house, freshening the place as it goes.

Cat litter smells

Cut a handful of lemons in half, and leave them face up on a plate in the room. The lemon flesh will soak up the smell, and replace it with the soft scent of lemon groves instead.

These are just a few of the remedies you can discover if you go to:

Ray Collins is the author of 'The Lemon Book: Mother Nature's Cure All For Everyday Problems'.
Author: Phil Monk

Unemployed and Selling a Book

Well, it's official.....the little bit of unemployment insurance I was bringing in, is now done.
I will still have some mystery/secret shop money coming in.
I enjoy being home though.If something comes along that makes me happy, fine,and if not, fine.We manage.
The book is what I am working on promoting right now.
I had a bigger book store turn it down though since the name wasn't on the spine of the book.As well, they said because we showed photos of older bills, people may consider it not a new book-geesh!
I am hoping to list it with as soon as I get word back from a US bank we signed up with.
In order to list the book on, we have to have a US bank account. We live in Canada.
So you may ask, why not list it with Good question. The reason is because the book is not in their catalogue and therefore I am not able to list it.With I will have to set up an account and input the book into their system...I am really hoping all this works once we get the bank account setting up all done. Ebay has not worked like I would have wanted it to.
Writing the book was easy-sort of-but the selling is tougher.
Anyone with any tips that has written a book- I'd love to hear from you.

5 Frugal Tips for Xmas Toy Shopping

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This Christmas parents are looking for the hot toy that their kids will be clamoring for. The problem is that they also don’t want to spend too much money or waste it on something that won’t last before Christmas. This can be tricky; however here are some great suggestions to help parents as they hunt down the trendiest toy on a budget.

Read the consumer news and the business section of the newspaper in print and online. This is a great source of information on industry trends for toys and other gifts. You should also look at the toy store publications to see the toys they are showcasing. Pay attention to the price and look to see if there are any sales and what the discounts to be. This is information that will help you decide what to get and how much you can afford to spend.

Make purchases with lasting value. It can be easy sometimes to be suckered into buying the latest toy only to find it is a piece of junk that doesn’t last past the end of Christmas day. Since times are lean you want to make sure that the toys you get your kids can at the very least entertain them until next Christmas. Some parents are going the educational route for their younger children. They are buying learning toys that are fun and also teach their kids important skills that they need for school. It is also a good idea to buy a toy that looks durable. Toys made of recycled plastics normally fit the bill. They are also generally quite affordable.

Look for toys that make the most of your kids’ imagination. The biggest problem you can have as a parent doing holiday shopping is to get a toy that your child gets tired of pretty quickly. A good idea is to get toys that allow kids to be creative. For example getting Lego sets for your kids is a great idea because they can build anything they want. There are also some great toys coming out that allow your kids to make their own music or even video games. They are part of the Radica Ucreate line and they are reasonably priced at under $50.

Try to buy accessories to toys your children already own. This is a great way to save money and extend the enjoyment of toys from previous Christmases. For girls try getting doll houses or cars sets for their Barbie or Bratz Doll. For boys it might mean a fortress set for their GI Joe or a race track for their Hot Wheels and Match Box cars. For video game consoles it is a great idea to buy new accessories and games for the system. These are great purchases that will satisfy your kids and spare your wallet in the process.

Something else you can do is having your kids receive a letter from Santa along with their gifts. You can order the letter online for authenticity and you will be able to include what they did well this year and some of the things they wanted for Christmas. This is a great idea for children who wrote to Santa Clause. This is a great way to validate their belief in Santa and add a touching and magical finish to the Holidays.

By: Aaron Hu
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