Glasses Are Not Your Only Option

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Whenever someone receives their first eyeglasses prescription, they go through a series of steps. First there is the denial, the argument that you do not need the glasses followed by the eventual acceptation. These days there is not a lot of stigma attached to wearing your spectacles; in fact many people embrace the concept of having “four eyes”. Many people have a love hate relationship with their glasses, and it is that relationship that leads many to try out wearing contacts for the first time. Often, they fall in love with them from the very start. If you are not yet convinced about the virtue of contacts, check out these few reasons why you should consider them.

They make napping easier: 
Who does not love a good afternoon nap? Although you shouldn't wear your contacts to sleep, many of us have involuntarily fallen asleep on the couch while watching television, or in the car. If you wear glasses and have an accidental nap, you will spend a considerable amount of time searching for them afterward only to find them tangled up in your hair. Besides, the arms of glasses making difficult to fall asleep in public transportation as they put constant pressure on your temples.

You enjoy sunlight again
True, they make prescription sunglasses these days, but for someone who constantly loses their sunglasses, contacts are fantastic. You no longer have to switch your glasses between indoor and outdoor use. How often have you tried to put your sunglasses on top of your existing glasses while driving in the car against sunlight? It’s awkward. With contact lenses you simply slip on your sunglasses and you no longer have to drive with one hand while blocking out the sun with another.

They are convenient:
These days getting and wearing contact lenses is super convenient. You no longer have to order through your optometrist, but can easily order contacts online and they are delivered right to your door. Contacts are also designed to fit your needs. You can choose daily contacts that are designed for sensitive eyes and that you can simply throw out at the end of the day. There are also weekly and monthly contact lenses options. With a great variety to choose from, so you will always have something to suit your eyes.

They do not ‘date’you:
Glasses are wonderful, and you can find some super funky frames to suit your face and make you look stylish. The problem is when you look back on photos you can usually tell what decade it was by the type of glasses that the photo subject is wearing. So for big occasions such as graduations or weddings, even the most devoted glasses wearers opt to put in the contacts so that their pictures do not look older before their time. By simply putting in contact lenses you avoid playing ‘which decade is this’ game with your grandchildren.

Do not let bad vision get you down; glasses are not your only option on the road to 20/20 vision.

Kitchen Update

Well, we've been doing some kitchen updates- and trying not to spend too much in the process for a new look. But here is some of what we did so far:

-Going to resell the old microwave
                                                ( OLD MICROWAVE/EXHAUST- ABOVE STOVE)

                                                        ( OLD MICROWAVE OUT)

                                                   (NEW RANGE HOOD WITH NEWLY CONSTRUCTED CUPBOARD FROM OLDER CUPBOARDS)
Gerry still needs to fix up wall and add handles onto the doors this weekend)


It Works! Wraps By Monique: Review and Giveaway: Tibolli Mini Touch Up Hair St...

Monday, January 28, 2013

It Works! Wraps By Monique: Review and Giveaway: Tibolli Mini Touch Up Hair St...: The Tibolli Mini Touch Up is the perfect addition for purse ready styling! This full powered iron is so small it can fit in th...

Choosing A Family Friendly Vacation

Friday, January 25, 2013

Many people are trying to incorporate their children in their vacation plans. After all it is difficult to find childcare for that period of time, and spending time as a family in a new location is a fantastic learning experience as well as a bonding experience. However, traveling with your children is not the same as travelling alone, as there are additional considerations to take into account. By following these few guidelines, you and your family can have a great and hassle free vacation.
Choose a family friendly destination:
Try to choose a destination that can be enjoyed by all members of the family. Not all the activities have to be geared towards children, but there should be some things that the child can look forward to through the day. If, for example the adults want to do something through the day, the child can choose the restaurant to eat at dinner. By giving everyone an opportunity to be involved in decision making, they will all enjoy the trip more. If you are not sure of kid friendly options, be aware that some travels providers, such as Thomas Cook offer special vacation packages for families with kids.
Have some extra time:
Sure, we would all love to see everything there is to see at our destination. But family vacations cannot be go, go, go. Give yourself extra time when catching transportation such as trains or planes. It is better to arrive early then to be rushing through different airport terminals with your child. While at your holiday remember to have some down time every day. This will keep people from getting too tired and grumpy. It may be a good idea to decide that after dinner everyone just relaxes in the hotel, or make the morning more relaxing.
Look for deals:
Travelling with a family can be very expensive. Therefore it is vital to look for deals before you head out the door. Why not save money on breakfast, by choosing a hotel which includes breakfast in the price of the room? Many hotels have rooms large enough that the parents can stay with the kids and save a lot of money that way. There are also numerous attractions throughout the world that have family days with discounted admission or even free admission on certain days. By researching ahead, you can try to organize your days to see these sites on the cheaper days.
Keep them busy:
Travel often involves a lot of wait times. You wait in the airport, you wait on the plane, and you wait in lines at attractions. Not all kids can handle all that very well. This is why many parents choose to carry small books with them, or small video game devices which will keep the child occupied during those awkward times. Carrying extra snacks is a good idea, as it is not always possible to grab food on the go, and no one is very happy while, hungry, especially kids.
By taking a few precautions everyone can have a great family trip.

Today's Winner!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Today's Giveaway:
and our winner:

** Winner has been contacted and has 7 days to reply before a new winner is selected.
Thanks to all who entered.

Enter now for your chance to win Lindt Chocolate!

Enter now for your chance to win Lindt Chocolate!: I just entered to win Lindt Chocolate, and you can too!

Credit Cards – What You Need To Know

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Credit cards are a pre-approved way for you to access money from your bank. When you use your credit card, you can spend up to your maximum credit limit, then you repay the money over time. Usually the terms of credit will be that you need to make a minimum repayment each month, and you will be charged interest on the remaining balance. If you pay the full amount owed by the due date each month, you will not be charged interest. 

Purchasing power

A credit card allows you to pay for purchases at your leisure. You can use it to grab that bargain when you see it without having to enter into a hire purchase or layby agreement, and because the card is pre-approved you know exactly how much you can spend. On holidays, a credit card means you don’t have to carry a lot of cash or travellers cheques, and you can load the card up with money before you leave, so you’re spending your own money rather than borrowing it. If you overspend your budget – and we all do sometimes - you can use your card and pay it off at your convenience later.


While a credit card lets you buy without having to save first, that is exactly where it can become a problem! If you have trouble saving in the first place, you may have trouble making regular repayments to a credit card. You should have a serious conversation about what repayments you can afford, and what your credit limit should be, before taking on any credit facility. Missing repayments can affect your credit rating, which means problems for future borrowing. Your banker will be able to guide you in this – the bank doesn’t want you to get into financial trouble any more than you do! Online sites like can also help your decision making.

Watch that interest

The interest and fees on a credit card varies on the type of card. Every bank will have a variety of cards on offer. Low interest cards with higher fees may suit you if you are unable to pay the full amount each month. Higher interest cards, which have lower fees, are fine if you can pay them off in full by the due date.  Reward schemes are attached to many cards nowadays; talk to your banker to decide which is best for you.

Quick Tips

  • Base your credit limit on what you can afford to repay. If your card is maxed out, can you afford the monthly repayments?
  • Don’t use your credit card for cash withdrawals. You pay interest on cash withdrawals from the day they are made.
  • Watch that your credit limit is not increased or your card upgraded without your approval. Higher credit limits can potentially mean higher repayments!
  • Your credit card should be an aid to smoother management of your finances. Talk to your bank about how to make it work for you; they are there to help.

Nicky Taylor is a Christchurch-based writer and illustrator. As a long-term consumer of banking services, she is aware of the issues and concerns people may have around financial management.

Pizza Hut Travels Back in Time Offering $10 Pizzas

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Remember when the Blue Jays won the World Series, Jurassic Park hit the theatres and Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You was at the top of the Billboard charts? Well,Pizza Hut wants you to reminisce, take a short trip back in time and enjoy its new hand-tossed style pizza at its original price in 1993, for only $10.

Pizza Hut is now offering a medium hand-tossed style pizza with any three toppings for just $10 at Pizza Hut Delivery and Carry Out locations across Canada.

No holds barred when it comes to this $10 deal-customers can choose from any of Pizza Hut’s pizza toppings, including: spicy Italian sausage, pepperoni, basil pesto marinated tomatoes and roasted red pepper.

About Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is one of Canada’s largest pizza restaurant chains with over 320 franchised restaurants across Canada offering dine-in, delivery, carry out and online ordering experiences. In addition to $10 hand-tossed style pizzas, Pizza Hut boasts a number of other trademark offerings including WingStreet Wings, PANormous Pizza and a line of pizzas made with multigrain crust that are part of the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Health Check™ program. With more than 12,800 locations in 100 countries, Pizza Hut is the world's largest pizza restaurant company.

Money Saving Tips for the Purchase of Healthy Meals

Monday, January 21, 2013

                                         Photo Source

Healthy food tends to be relatively expensive, especially if you stick to the organic varieties of products and to the highest quality. Shopping for healthy food on a budget is possible but you will have to do some planning and research.

Every grocery store has its prices and policies. The stores that you choose and the way in which you shop will be determining for the success of your endeavors.

Spend Less on Restaurants: 

The first thing you will have to do in order to cut down your food expenditure is to stop eating out. Restaurant food is much more expensive than the meals you will be capable of preparing at home.

You can still enjoy your favorite restaurant every once in a while but try to turn that into special occasion rather than in the routine. Takeaway food is something else that you should consume in smaller quantities. You will be surprised by the amount of money you will save this way.

Cut All Junk Food: 

To have more money for healthy food, you need to stop spending on junk food. Although relatively inexpensive, the junk food will affect your budget.

Be very strict about the products and items that you and your family need. Stop buying pre-cooked meals and all types of delicious treats that you used to have in the past. You can cook everything from scratch. Once you get into the habit, the preparation of food will take up very little time.

Always Have a Grocery List: 

Put an end to impulsive grocery shopping. The best thing to do is to prepare a grocery list before you leave home.

Buy only the items that you include in the grocery list. You may also try to come up with a price estimate. Take that approximate amount of money, rather than a lot of cash. Having a credit card may also tempt you into buying more than what you need.

If you do use your credit card to make food purchases, you should check the monthly report on a regular basis. Try to figure out what your shopping pattern is and whether something has been overpriced. To find out more about credit card safety
visit website of forthsonline.

Look for Discounts and Promotions: 

Internet is a very valuable source of information for the individual that is shopping on a budget.

Most supermarkets and large grocery stores have websites where you can learn more about the prices and the discounts that the store is offering.

Companies are struggling to attract loyal customers and they will be willing to offer excellent shopping conditions. Coupons and discounts are two options you can make use of to decrease the cost of food. Some stores have shopping cards for their loyal customers that provide additional discounts.

Shop in Bulk: 

Shopping in bulk will be challenging in the beginning, especially if you have never done it before. Yet, this is one of the best ways to decrease the cost of healthy food.

Try to come up with weekly or bi-weekly meal plans. They will help you determine the ingredients you will need and their quantities. Going to the grocery store two times per month will enable you to buy products in bulk and to benefit from the lowest possible prices.

Seasonal Products: 

Follow a simple shopping logic to decrease the price of healthy foods even further – products that are in season tend to be less expensive.

Sticking to local products will benefit the economy and the family budget.
 The locally produced foods are less expensive than imported items. Additionally, they tend to be healthier because of the shorter transportation and storage time.

Imported, exotic fruits and vegetables can be tempting but they will usually be relatively expensive. You can enjoy such treats every once in a while but local products are the healthiest and thriftiest option.

Buying healthy food requires a bit of change in mentality and shopping habits. Once you get used to planning and cooking such meals for your family, you will begin enjoying the shopping process without spending a fortune on it.

Guest Post written by Adam Stevenson.

Product Review: Curb Waste With Soda Stream

Friday, January 18, 2013

People always seem to dread buying pop at the grocery store, not only is the very heavy to lug around with you, but also it produces so much waste in form of plastic bottles or aluminum waste. Recently, Gerry and I had tried a more eco-friendly alternative in form of Genesis Deluxe Soda Stream. The idea behind these machines is that you can make your own carbonated beverage in flavors such as cola, fruits, iced tea and many more, through flavored syrups and a CO2 canister.

There is a little bit of a learning curve involved in operating the machine, but once you get a hang of it there are a lot of benefits. For example you can make your own combinations of drinks by deciding how much syrup to add. Secondly, there is hardly any waste, because when the pop goes flat (as it often does) you can re boost it with another shot of CO2. Best yet, our recycling containers are not overflowing with empty pop bottles. It tastes just like regular pop but is much more economical and healthier for your body. Gerry is a big pop drinker so he loves it. I drink alot of water but also, the lemon-lime flavor we had got has sucralose in it, something my tummy doesn't tolerate well.But I did try a bit of a glass and didn't find much of a difference from what one buys in the store. Gerry thought it was much like Walmart's Great Value drinks in taste.

Soda Stream is better for the body than traditional sodas and good for the environment, and it can be a lot of fun to use.

Lego City: A Toy That Grows With The Kids

Lego seems to have been around forever but with good reason – it can keep the kids quiet for hours and can grow with them. The Lego City series is probably the most recognizable of the franchise as it brings to life everyday goings on and offers a wealth of possibilities for your child’s imagination.

Encapsulating all of the various sets that represent what is found in a real city – a fire department, police station, train, airport, and even a mine – your kid’s Lego City can grow one step at a time into a bustling metropolis.

One of the real advantages of Lego City is that it offers kids a puzzle as well as a toy. They learn how to follow instructions to construct their kit and become absorbed for hours, learning valuable techniques and developing cognitive skills, which will be useful as they grow.

There are still hours of fun after they assemble the kit because most of the sets come with impressive movable parts that make it easy for kids to weave stories together about life in the city. For example, the mining set comes complete with a spinning drill for digging up rubble and the police station has an evidence room, sliding cell doors, and a kennel for the police pooches that are also included in the unit.

Recommended for kids over the age of six, boys and girls alike will love customizing their cities and letting their imaginations take over.

NEW -The Body Shop Scents of the World!

To kick off the year, The Body Shop is thrilled to introduce a beautiful new fragrance collection, inspired by international aromas. Spritz on a world fragrance and transport yourself to a far away place with NEW The Body Shop Scents of the World!

Experience an international voyage with five new scents including: Madagascan Vanilla Flower, Amazonian Wild Lily, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Indian Night Jasmine and Atlas Mountain Rose. This range is the first The Body Shop fragrance collection containing 100% organic alcohol and globally sourced natural extracts.

Available in-stores and online January 28, 2013 in two formats: Eau De Toilette ($25) and Perfume Oil ($16).

Surviving Blue Monday

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Did you know that Monday January 21 is, according to scientists, the most depressing day of the year? The date is calculated on using many factors such as weather, debt level, failing New Year’s resolutions, low motivation levels and time since Christmas.

Let’s not let Blue Monday get us down, true we may not want to venture outside and get some vitamin D, but there are still ways to show Monday who is boss. If you are looking for something to do that still keeps you warm and toasty, check out  this post for a fun, free entertainment idea to pass the time. Alternatively, this might be a good day to buy to do a little bit of online, just because it is a depressing day, you never know if you get lucky.

Spend this day with your family, friends or if the mood suits you just enjoy it on your own doing something that you love but you never seem to have time for, such as read a good book with a glass of wine, or try a new recipe. You may even decide to brave the cold and go for a walk around the neighbourhood, who knows maybe you will even run into people whom you have not seen since the snow first hit the ground. Whatever you choose to do just be happy

Just because this is the most horrible of all Mondays do not let it get you down, remember spring is just around the corner.

Thursday- January 17

Ever heard the one where " the joke's on you?" Well, it sort of happened to me yesterday.
I was getting a microwave, ( last one on the shelf and out of the box). We had a gift card and are replacing our old one that is above the stove. The one I saw on the store shelf had a scratch by the door so I asked for a discount and got it for $10 off but the manager had the cashier write : "final sale" on the receipt. I wasn't too worried. When I got home to show Gerry the "scratch"- he rubbed it and it wasn't a scratch but a dirt mark.Well, I thought- I really did get a deal, until we plugged it in and set it up. The turntable doesn't work! 

Gerry is going to try to take the lid off today and see if any of the connectors are perhaps not connected.The service centre said it could be that or the motor itself. At this point they weren't sure. And of course we don't live near the service centre. I will be sure to update you all. Gerry thinks I should still see if the store will take it back, but I said I doubt it when it's final sale. Will see if he can find the problem later.

On another note,guess we're off to Memphis in March! Gerry has to go for a few days for work training  and I can come along as long as I pay for my plane ticket. His meals will be reimbursed, his plane ticket paid, and hotel for a few days, but we will still be staying a couple of days past his training, so we can see some sites, so that will be our own bill. Also will need to leave Jake at the kennels, and get a rental car when there. It will be close to our other trip, which will be in April, to Phili and Atlantic City. We have our timeshare visit to use, so have decided to go there for a week. Always hate leaving Jake as he is such a mommy's boy. He loves to be sitting on our laps all the time, in the bed or anywhere close.But we can't not travel because we have a pet. 

It's been so cold here that I dread going outdoors. Been in the high -30's with the windchill.
Hope the weather is warmer where you are! Brrrr!!!

** Update on the microwave: Gerry came home, and took it apart, to find that the electrical wires were not connected properly to the turntable.Of two wires, only one was connected.


Another Great Giveaway- Canada Only

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Ozeri Gen II Digital Bath Scale Review and Giveaway (Canada only)

Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite

Friday, January 11, 2013

Ahhhh, after a long journey on the plane, many hours awake and one incredibly long taxi ride to the hotel, you slip between the white crisp sheets lay your head on the pillow and fall blissfully asleep….only to be awaken by itching and scratching. Bed bugs!
Lately we have heard a lot about them and how an infestation can occur from a single insect. Worse yet- you can take them with you in your luggage or clothing. Anxious about these insects, I have tried Buggy Beds- a bed bug detection system that I saw on Shark Tank. You place the monitors on the underneath of your mattress and it attracts bed bugs and other pests, which become stuck to it. Once you know there is a problem you can fix it by calling an exterminator or in case of travel switching hotel rooms. Luckily, there were no bed bugs in our bed, except maybe for our dog Jake! 
This little system will be a must have for when we travel, so that we don’t bring home any little hitchhikers. It will be interesting to use in hotels. Of course we really don't want to find anything, but this is a must for travelling.
By checking ahead you can save yourself an itch you cannot scratch.

The Future Of At Home Entertainment

In the past families have gathered around the television on a certain time and day of the week to watch their favorite television show. Many people would have their television schedule memorized and know on which day to watch which shows. On Friday night people would wander the video store looking for the newest release, only to forget to return it the following night.
Today, it seems that no one has the time to plan their schedule around a television shows. Between work obligations and family commitments, it is very difficult to be home at the same time, all of the time. This is why many people are using television services such as Rogers, to watch their favorite television shows and movies whenever they want. Streaming offers a vast array of channels featuring numerous television shows. The same shows that you get on your cable box you can now watch at your own convenience. It was certainly changed the way that people watch television. For example, now you can watch your favorite show while you are doing some household tasks. While ironing, dusting or washing dishes, I often have a show or a movie in the background, which makes my work so go by so much faster!
Many people can watch television while they work out. Best yet, the commercial time on an on demand service is minimal, your time is never wasted. There are often a few past episodes available at the same time, and there is nothing better than having a mini TV marathon from time to time catching up on television. There isn’t that panic that you have missed a show and you will have to buy the DVD to catch up, since shows are available for several weeks you can make it fit your schedule.

In the past few years I have noticed the sharp decline in the neighborhood video store. It is really difficult to rent a move “the old fashion way”, and the cost of a movie ticket these days is really prohibitive to indulge in the cinematic pursuits. Watching movies on demand appears to be the way of the future. The price is similar to the video store and best yet you can simply order the movie with your remote or computer from your own couch. No need to put on the shoes and parka to go out to shovel out the car! Priceless! After the usual two day rental period the movie returns itself, so you never get stuck with the sometimes astronomical late fees. As life gets in the way you can stop, pause and restart your movie as many times you would like within your rental period, for the ultimate convenience.
Streaming and on demand services have revolutionized at home entertainment. People can watch a film with their lap top in bed, follow a recipe with their favorite celebrity chef or catch up on their television show while working on a project. Forget the good old days; I will take convenience any day.

We're Cracking Up!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our addition in the trailer is cracking all over.The area in which we live is very unstable as we basically live in a swamp. The area used to be swamp and then was filled in years ago. 
The addition is just my exercise room now and used to be Erika's bedroom. 
The cracks are all over the walls in there.
Gerry said the only way to correct the issue is to drive piles down to get below the frost line and have the addition sitting on piles. The area under the addition appears to be be worse than the trailer as the addition cracks more.
He has found over the years owning the property that the area from the back deck to the back yard is more stable than the area in which the addition is on. If we were going to do anything, he said he would look at moving the addition to the back of the trailer rather than where it is.
All that involves $$ though.
Next year with his company bonus we are planning on re-siding the trailer and the workshop he built a year or two ago.

Endangered Species Chocolate- Review and Giveaway

When was the last time that you felt good about what you ate?

Recently, we reviewed some great  chocolate bars from Endangered Species Chocolate.

The company buys cacao from small family-owned properties which helps the local community. The farms must meet rigorous social and environmental standards set forth by Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) which ensures that the farming practices are not harmful to the environment. 

With each chocolate bar sold, Endangered Species Chocolate donates 10% of profits to support species and habitat preservation and humanitarian efforts. Every three years the company chooses new partnerships to ensure that money is able to support a variety of efforts.

All this great work leads to some great quality chocolate. The dark chocolate we tried was very rich,dark and delicious, and a small portion was enough to satisfy the sweet tooth and keep the New Year’s resolution. The company offers chocolate bars in various sizes and fun flavors such as chocolate and orange or chocolate and peanut butter. They also offer chocolate confections with fruits, nuts and toffees drenched in chocolate. In addition there also are seasonal selections as well as some beautiful gift collections.

This was a time when we enjoyed eating our chocolate while thinking of all the good that came along with it.

Endangered Species Chocolate would love to give away an assortment of their chocolates valued at $20. Winner can be from the USA or Canada. A random draw will be held by on January 24, 2013 from all entries received.

To Enter:
Leave you email and a comment for Endangered Species Chocolate

Good luck to all!

5 Ideas For A Home Business

It doesn’t take a lot to realize that we are now in a global recession. Many people cannot find meaningful work, or find themselves to be underemployed. Those that find themselves struggling financially or just looking for another stream of income are turning to starting a home business. In such an endeavor your income is only limited by your potential and by working for yourself your hours can fit your needs. The following five ideas for a home based business.
As any parent knows finding good reliable child care can be a problem. Stay at home moms (or dads) or people with flexible schedules can look after children while the parent is at work. If you are looking for a more occasional schedule you can offer your babysitting services in the evenings, for example to offer relief to a couple while they have a much needed date night or have to attend a work function.
Many people these days do their shopping online, they can easily find what they need and have it delivered to their door. Try finding your own selling niche and  design your own website with 123 reg to sell your product online;you could make a healthy profit if your product is popular. A good website is a great calling card for your business and is the best way to receive orders. Who knows maybe a little at home bakery is in your future, or perhaps a handmade design will turn into profit. An online presence is a must for any business.
Handyman Service:
If you are handy this is a great venture for you. Many times people are encountering a problem in their house that they have no idea how to fix, but don’t have the money to hire an expensive professional. You can use your skills to earn a little money on the side and help a neighbor.
There is a lot of seasonal work that you can do at work. For example you can make flyers about snow shovelling or leaf raking during the fall and winter months. Some people are great at designing and creating unique centerpieces and ornaments which can become very popular at Christmas.
Sell your Skill:
It is the ultimate dream to do what you are good at. If you have a green thumb, why not offer your gardening advice or your services for those who need it? Are you athletic? Many people are looking for a cheaper option to those expensive personal trainers that we see at the gym. Your education can work to your advantage with struggling students. You can simply offer your tutoring services in an area that you are knowledge off and earn back some of that hard spend tuition money.
There are many great ideas to having a successful business. Get the word out any way you can. A strong online presence is a great way to get more customers and to showcase your service or your product. Do not let the struggling economy dictate your earning potential. Work at home and make money your way.

6 Of The Cheapest Ways To Travel Around The UK

Traveling is one of the greatest joys is life. It is said that by spending money on travel, you only grow richer in experience. However, many of us would like to grow richer in experience while also keeping money in our wallet. Due to its great culture and fascinating history, the United Kingdom is considered one of the top travel destinations. Whether you are from UK or from abroad, consider these ways to travel across the country on a shoestring budget.
Train: Train is one of the most popular modes of transportation in Europe. It is the staple of backpackers as well as the rich and famous. With train travel you can get to your destination in comfort and if you are not staring out the window watching the changing scenery you can also take a nap along the way. You can buy tickets at your departure point, in advance and even save money by buying passes.
Car: Driving a car in the UK is on many foreign travelers’ bucket list, if only to have the experience of traveling on the other side of the road. These days car rentals are relatively inexpensive and you can often pick up your car at one location and drop it of in another. When you travel by car you can choose destinations which may be off the beaten path.
Cara vanning: To avoid the high price of hotels and to have a lot more flexibility in travel many people are choosing a cara vanning travel experience across the UK. There are many different types of caravans available which are sure to fit the needs of your travel companions and family. These are a great idea for longer holidays and for those looking for an adventure. One thing to keep in mind is to get your caravan and get caravan insurance, which is thankfully very easy through places such as Caravan Club.
Canal boats: If you want to get away from the hustle and the bustle of the busy roadways, consider using canal boats as a way of transportation. These can be very inexpensive and can take you through some terrific countryside and a show you the scenery that you will never be able to see out of a speeding car window. This will be a very relaxing as well as very memorable travel experience.
Cycling: United Kingdom is one the world’s most premiere places to see by bike. It is also one of the cheapest and the healthiest ways to travel. The United Kingdom is very bike friendly and while some of the rolling hills can provide a fun challenge for some, there is enough flat terrain to keep the novice interested.
Domestic Flights: Domestic flight can be a cheap alternative for those looking to cross vast distances in a short amount of time. By looking for last minute sales and choosing smaller airports, many people can save a lot of money on their travel ticket
There are many cheap ways to travel the United Kingdom, so do not let finances stop you from having a great experience.

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