Spice World Brand Celebrates 75th Anniversary with Recipe Road Trip

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Spice World is proud to celebrate its 75-year anniversary as America’s Favorite Garlic and fresh flavorings Company with a Recipe Roadtrip this summer (May 28-August 11). The company is sharing the legacy of Andy “Pops” Caneza founding the company in 1949 after his return from European duty during WWII and the brand’s significant journey over 75 years of bringing flavors without boundaries.


Spice World will spend this milestone summer inspiring consumers with meal ideas from ten flourishing U.S. regions. And in honor of the 75th anniversary, Spice World will donate $75,000 to Feeding America and other local charities focused on addressing food insecurity.

Stop by the central landing page for the Spice World Recipe Roadtrip -- -- and enter for a chance to win an experiential vacation to New Orleans, where Spice World was born. Each week of the ten-week campaign will feature a new region with facts, history and great cooking ideas.  By simply voting on a favorite meal idea each week, consumers will be entered for a chance to win. Additionally, participants will receive an e-Cookbook of the most voted, preferred meals and get the meal inspiration they seek in August with the e-Cookbook emailed directly to them.


Spice World, Inc. is promoting its Recipe Roadtrip and sharing great historical milestones on InstagramFacebookPinterest and LinkedIn including hashtags #reciperoadtrip, #75yearsofspiceworld and #spiceworldinc.


Follow Spice World on TikTok and YouTube for even more flavorful meal inspiration. Favorite recipes ranging from a cheesy garlic pull apart bread, garlic cheddar biscuits to garlic avocado toast to garlic and lemon dill salmon can be found on the Spice World Inc. website.


About Spice World

Established in 1949, Spice World is dedicated to helping consumers elevate the way they eat by delivering innovative flavors that remove the common obstacles of prep time, seasonality, and clean-up. The wide variety of Spice World products allow home cooks to easily create rich, flavorful dishes for the entire family to savor. Anchored by the fresh bold flavor of garlic, Spice World’s offerings also include zesty ginger, Easy Onion, and hearty shallots, offered in ready-to-use, peeled and squeezable versions to help make meal prep and cooking more convenient. The Spice World line-up also includes fresh, ready-to-use seasoning blends. For more information about Spice World, please visit

Father's Day Gift Guide 2024

Thursday, May 23, 2024

With Father's Day just around the corner, we've put together a gift guide featuring some great gift ideas from our friends.

Fairytale Brownies Father’s Day Sampler-

An assortment of fudgy brownies in three sizes, chewy cookies, and buttery blondies. The gift is wrapped in a newly designed Happy Father’s Day gift band featuring illustrated mountain peaks highlighted in gold. It’s a gift for the man who’s move mountains for you. Order by June 11 with standard shipping in time for Father’s Day arrival.   

NEVEN Eyewear -

With NEVEN Eyewear’s buy one pair of sunglasses and get two more for free deal, you can buy dad multiple pairs for an affordable price. NEVEN is a revolutionary eyewear company disrupting the industry with its unique blend of customer satisfaction, affordability and quality.

With complimentary nationwide shipping on every order, NEVEN makes finding the perfect gift for that special father figure easier. With each purchase made every Saturday and Sunday, shoppers get a free surprise gift with purchase.

Here are five perfect options to spoil Dad with this Father’s Day: 


  • HUDSON: GOOSE ($75) – Dad will make a statement with these bad boys. Offering polarized lenses and UV400 protection, these glasses will protect Dad from the sun while looking stylish. *Available in 5 colors.
  • TOMBSTONE: LOWRIDER ($75)— Inspired by the laidback LA lowrider culture and Harley Davidson's classic Lowrider bikes, these shades fuse rebellious edge with retro Americana vibes. *Available in 7 colors.
  • LEGEND: NOMADS ($75)—The blue and purple rainbow polarized uni-lens come with a stainless steel signature logo found only on the Legend series. Equipped with upgraded 5-barrel hinges, the Nomads will most certainly add to dad’s swag. *Available in 20 colors. 
  • SLATER: PUMPZ ($75)—As the sun hangs low on the horizon, casting a warm glow across the shoreline, PUMPZ sunglasses with their orange lenses take on an even more enchanting role. The beach ambiance transforms into a golden paradise, and these lenses act as Dad’s personal sun-drenched filter, intensifying the hues of the setting sun. *Available in 7 colors.
  • COSMIC: LFG ($80) — The neon yellow nose pad isn’t just a pop of color; it's an electric shock of pure adrenaline straight to dad’s style. Crafted for the unstoppable, LFG sunglasses offer unparalleled comfort and wraparound coverage, fueling Dad’s passion for going harder, faster, and stronger. *Available in 6 colors.

You can view the entire shop – here 


Getting dad ready for Father's Day with some great ideas from Tovolo.

·       Tovolo Grill Marinade Trays 

For your grill master, this two-piece tray set makes it easy and convenient to marinate and safely transport raw and cooked foods to and from the grill to help prevent cross-contamination.

·       Tovolo Mini Ice Cylinder

Help dad make America’s favorite “nugget” or “chewy” ice at home in this easy and compact mini ice mold.

**Watch for more great gifts for dad/ fathers.. coming soon..

Get Ready For The Lemax 2024 Spooky Town Halloween Village Collection

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Are you ready for a spine-chilling adventure? Look no further than Lemax’s latest release: the 2024 NEW Spooky Town Collection! This year, they have a haunting array of new additions to their popular Spooky Town series. 
From  haunted houses to  ghosts and ghouls, this collection will make you most welcoming of Halloween.

Welcome to Spooky Town, the world's most frightfully fun Halloween Village.  A "spooktacular" collection of finely crafted lighted buildings, animated accessories, detailed / landscaping and ghoulish figurines to help you celebrate this popular holiday.

*** Join Lemax Collectors Club, the on-line community of people who love Lemax collectibles. Share your ideas and villages with them!

$5 Breakfast Deal: Wendy’s Adds Sausage Bacon Deluxe to Its Menu

Friday, May 17, 2024

Wendy’s Canada is expanding its breakfast offerings with the introduction of the Sausage Bacon Deluxe, a new sandwich launched to mark the restaurant’s second anniversary of its breakfast menu.

The Sausage Bacon Deluxe features a grilled square sausage patty, Applewood-smoked bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise, all served on a toasted bun. This new addition draws inspiration from Wendy’s Junior Bacon Cheeseburger.

If you order through the Wendy’s app, you can earn Wendy’s Rewards™ points to score free food!*** To browse the menu or find a restaurant nearby, visit  

These offers are valid during breakfast hours from 6:30 to 10:30 a.m., though availability may vary by location.

*** See our giveaway for a $20 Canadian Wendy's Gift Card, to be drawn May 25, 2024 on our Instagram page.

Happy Mothers Day!

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Happy Mother's Day everyone! Hope you all enjoy your day today- whatever you may be doing. 

Your Journey Towards a Healthier, Trimmer You, Begins with Trim 7

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Introducing to you,  Trim 7, your ultimate ally in the journey towards a healthier, fitter you! Packed with natural plant extracts and powerful antioxidants, Trim 7 is more than just a weight loss supplement—it's a comprehensive solution designed to elevate your metabolism, protect its function, and revitalize your energy levels.

Here's why Trim 7 stands out:

1. Metabolism Booster: With its unique blend of natural plant extracts, Trim 7 gives your metabolism a temporary boost, helping your body burn through excess fat more efficiently. Say goodbye to sluggish metabolism and hello to a more vibrant, energetic you!

2. Metabolism Protection: Dieting can sometimes wreak havoc on your metabolism, leading to a sluggish rate that hampers weight loss efforts. But fear not! Trim 7 contains potent antioxidants that shield your metabolism from damage caused by dieting or carrying extra body fat, ensuring it stays robust and effective.

3. Elevated Energy Levels: Tired of feeling worn out and fatigued throughout the day? Trim 7 has got you covered. By temporarily reducing fatigue and promoting alertness, it helps you stay focused, energized, and ready to tackle whatever life throws your way.

Don't let excess weight hold you back any longer. With Trim 7, you have the power to kickstart your metabolism, protect its function, and reclaim your vitality. Embrace a brighter, healthier future with Trim 7—because you deserve to feel your absolute best!

The Promise of a Blissful Sleep For Your Child - With CloudBox

Say goodbye to dusty storybooks and hello to the promise of blissful sleep for your child. CloudBox™ transforms bedtime into a magical experience, allowing your child to embark on 36 adventures alongside our 9 charming characters, each brimming with personality. 

With synchronized light projections, your child falls asleep in a new fantasy land every night. And with your little one peacefully asleep, moms can finally rest easy too, making bedtime everyone’s favorite time of the day.

The CloudBox™ will take the spot as your home’s new bedtime storyteller! Combining enchanting sounds and mesmerizing light projections, you get to experience 36 original tales featuring 9 endearing characters across four luminous universes all while personalizing your experience with the recording function. No more long, restless nights this summer thanks to the CloudBox™’s patented technology!

For two decades, Cloud b has led the way in creating products aimed at promoting children’s well-being and ensuring restful sleep. Every Cloud b item undergoes rigorous screenings by experts including pediatricians, family therapists, parents, and sleep specialists to ensure your child’s best interest!

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