Asmodee Canada Keeps You Entertained During the Cold Winter Months

Tuesday, January 31, 2023


During the colder months, it can be difficult to find ways to stay active and have fun. But have no fear, Asmodee Canada offers a variety of board games to suit any age and interest that will keep us entertained and occupied on those chilly winter days.

CATAN: Dawn of Humankind (MSRP:$96.99, 3-4 Players, Ages:14+) 

Embark on humankind's greatest journey! Guide your branch of the human family tree to gather resources, migrate, and settle across the globe all while advancing their technologies and cultures.  This fresh and vibrant reboot of the original game Settlers of the Stone Age is rooted in the classic CATAN gameplay system with plenty of new mechanics, strategies, and adventures to discover.  A standalone game in the CATAN universe.


7 Wonders (MSRP:$69.99, 3-7 Players, Ages: 10+) 


Lead one of the seven great cities of the Ancient world. Exploit the natural resources of your lands, take part in the eternal march of progress, develop your commercial relationships, and assert your military might. Leave your mark in the history of civilization by building an architectural marvel that will transcend the ages to come.  A new extension, 7 Wonders: Edifice, will be available in stores on February 24th.


Spot it!/Dobble Pixar (MSRP:$19.99, 2-5 Players, Ages: 4+) 

This new version of Spot It! combines different characters from Disney Pixar animation with one of the most emblematic family games. Players try to spot the single matching symbol between 2 cards in a playful battle of speedy observation, featuring some of the most iconic Pixar characters: Nemo, Merida, Sheriff Woody and more!


Patchwork - Valentine Edition (MSRP:$39.99, 2 Players, Ages: 8+) 

February 14, Valentine’s Day – a special day for all love birds: it is time to show your affection with small (and large) gifts. Maybe a candlelight dinner, a flower bouquet, or – like in this game – a big box of chocolates? Patchwork Valentine is based on the popular mechanics of the classic Patchwork game. Are you in for this “lovely” challenge of putting together the most marvelous box of chocolates for your darling?

Thinking Ahead to Spring

Thursday, January 19, 2023

We saw some vegetable seeds the other day at Giant Tiger so we decided to grab some sooner than later.

We love the fact that we had a greenhouse came with the home we bought last September. We left the strawberry plants in there, which will carry forward to this year, and the rest was a mess, so looking forward to starting a new grow in it. Fruits and vegetables. The hanging flower baskets that were in there before we have emptied and those will be great for all things on vines. I had some flower seeds but I am passing them along to another friend as with Jake outdoors, the risk will be greater for wasps being around with flowers. So will keep those to a minimum to none. We also want to put grass in all around the the greenhouse and back yard this year, and minimize the concrete blocks. Will think we would sell most of those.

Since we live in a warm Canadian area, Spring will come early I am sure, and so will bugs. Last year there seemed to be an over abundance here of wasps and spiders, so I will be looking for ways to keep those all under control as well, and reading the tips online. What insects do you have in your area that you don't like?

The Sweetest Day of the Year and The Sweets That Go With It

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

It will be that time before you know it.

Valentine's Day- the Sweetest Day of the Year! And we literally have the "sweetest" sweets for you to gift, share, or just treat yourself with this year!

MarieBelle New York-

There is no better way to commemorate the most romantic day of the year than with chocolates from woman owned MarieBelle New York; a world-renowned luxurious global chocolate company their fine art edibles have retail locations throughout New York City and Japan. 

The 2023 collection is elegantly presented in a romantic, Rococo-inspired painting boxes with each ganache decorated with a unique Valentine’s Day design that tells a beautiful love story. A few flavors in the collection include cherry, Madagascar, espresso, and lemon.

Produced in a Brooklyn factory MarieBelle’s flagship store in New York’s famous Soho District offers chocolate lovers a sumptuous shopping experience. For over two decades, MarieBelle New York has been tantalizing both the eyes and the palate with sophisticated chocolate expressions.  Whether it is the signature, artisanal ganache, the lavish truffles and bars, or the incomparable Aztec Hot Chocolate (featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things) – the name MarieBelle is synonymous with everything that is refined, beautifully designed and decadent.

Fairytale Brownies-

Why not switch things up this year and send brownies instead of candy? 

Fairytale Brownies Valentine Sprite 16 will have them in love the moment they lay eyes on them!

16 fudgy, Belgian dark chocolate brownies! Includes an assortment of every Fairytale Brownie flavor, baked to perfection.

Arrives ready to delight in an elegant Happy Valentine's Day gift band and each brownie is individually wrapped. oh Yum!

**Watch for more sweet treat ideas- coming soon!

Home Renovations Continue and Something For Jake

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Loving this new window stand Gerry built for Jake. Back at our old place in Saskatchewan, we had a lower window in the front room and an ottoman of sorts that Jake could jump up on and look out the window. This home the windows are higher, and pets do love to look out the window, so Gerry built him this stand. He used leftover carpet pieces from our bedroom, and wood from the walls we redid in the trailer. A few pieces on the railing were leftovers from the walls he rebuilt.  We didn't have alot of insulation on the outside walls, and although there were some new windows in here, behind the windows he found there was no spray foam around the outer sides of them, leaving big gaps behind the walls for the cold air to get in.

We have plumber set for next Thursday to install some new plumbing to a 1/2 bathroom we built off our bedroom.  Soon this room will be a real working 1/2 bathroom! Woo Hoo- no more walking across the living room and through the kitchen anymore! With back issues still, it will be nice to have it closer. 

Jake  has been on medications for his enlarged heart and a water pill for a couple of weeks but he still hasn't been taking too well to them . We actually didn't even know he had an enlarged heart till he had xrays for his trachea. We have lessened the dose as much as we can and are trying every second day now.. and will see how that goes. The vet said it's important for him to have a good quality of life though so unsure we will be keeping him on the meds long term. He is 13 years old this year- where does the time go!

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