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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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Iams' Dr. Amy Dicke Answers Pet Health Questions

"I had the opportunity to submit questions about my dog's health to Iam's Dr. Amy Dicke and here are her responses. I hope these answer any questions you might have had about your own dog's health"

My 1 year old Yorkie suffers from separation anxiety-he got it from the previous owners. What happens when I go out even for an hour is he gets into things he's not suppose to. We've closed all the doors and doggy proofed as much as we can but he always finds something to get into. What can we do- we are thinking of having to crate him.  We walk him 3 times a day, he sleeps with us and gets a lot of attention but hates being left alone.

Dogs are social animals and enjoy being with their humans, so it is not too surprising that some dogs become anxious when separated from their owner. However, severe anxiety is an abnormal behavior and can lead to destructive actions and sometimes self-inflicted harm. Changing the behavior can be challenging and requires patience and dedication. Part of the cure is to give your Yorkie confidence to act independent from you. The following may be helpful:
·         Have your pet take breaks at different times of the day and different places in the home where they are separated (from you) while you are in the house. Sleeping in the bed should cease as that is another act that drives dependence on you.
·         When leaving give your dog a chew toy or treat to achieve a positive association with goodbye.
·         Let your dog listen to music or other familiar background noise to calm and distract.
·         Do not give into your dog’s whimpering. Be firm when saying goodbye and when you return do not acknowledge the whimpering. Wait until your pet has calmed down and then reward him.
·         Crating your dog in a roomy area may help him feel safe and secure during the day. Start him off slowly in the crate and then increase the time as he gets more comfortable.

If the undesirable behavior continues consider enlisting the help of a behaviorial specialist.

 I found one flea on my dog after I had seen him scratching.  He still scratches around his neck but I have not seen any more fleas. I flea bathed him too. He has no dry skin.  Why is he always scratching?

Your dog might be itchy due to allergies. We aren’t the only ones affected by allergies. Like you, your dog can suffer from allergic reactions to any number of things — pollen, grasses, food ingredients, and fleas. In fact some flea allergic dogs can scratch for up to a month after being bitten by a flea. Allergies should be diagnosed and treated by your veterinarian. Visit for common signs and symptoms related to dog allergies.

DISCLAIMER:  The information provided is for informational and educational purposes only.  This information should not be substituted for the guidance and advice of your veterinarian or animal behavior professional. For nutritional information please visit or contact the Iams Consumer Care Nutrition Specialists toll free at 1-800-675-3849.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

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Halloween Treats and Rice Krispies

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Review by: Ria

Had a silly time making the Halloween-Themed Rice Krispie Treats with my boyfriend Chris last night. We had gotten the supplies over a week ago but I had been busy and putting off making them. I thought tonight will be the night for fun and a potential mess! The kit includes a box of Rice Krispies, marshmallows and assorted Halloween candies such as bones, gummy eyes, jelly beans and chocolates. It also came with 2 tubes of icing to decorate with and cookie cutters of a bat and pumpkin. 

We followed the recipe on the marshmallow bag and decided that we wanted to try and add food coloring to some of it. We used separate bowls to make orange and green Rice Krispie mix. And then the race was on! It was very fun digging in the bowl of gooey-treat-mix (with washed hands of course!) and shaping them into Halloween-y objects. I recommend using spray Pam - LOTS of it! We sprayed our hands throughout the whole creative process and it kept the mix from sticking to our hands and fingers. We used the Rice Krispie website for some of the ideas and the rest we invented on our own. And if you messed up or didn't like how something was turning out, you could squish it up and start again! This would be a great/inexpensive way to kill the afternoon with your kids!

We were able to be able to make about 12 different designs plus had some to snack on while we were creating! Check out our cool treats! 

Review and Giveaway: Magic Moves Electronic Wand

Monday, October 22, 2012

With the winter just around the corner many parents are not looking forward to having high energy kids mostly trapped in the house for several months. 

Welcome, Magic Moves Electronic Wand, which is all about moving in fun and exciting ways. It has ninety physical commands that are going to be very exciting for young children. Who wouldn’t want to stomp like an elephant, or swoop like an owl, among dozens of others. With some fantastic music, and a twinkling light show, this is a great way for your kids to move, exercise and boost their imagination and listening skills.This fun toy is available from Educational Insights.

Educational Insights is also hosting a contest for a quest to get 50,000 Facebook fans . Every 1,000 fans – they will choose one lucky winner to win a prize pack worth $500! When they hit 50,000 fans, they will reward ALL of our fans!

As well, they are giving away one of the above Magic Moves Electronic Wands to one lucky winner from Canada or the USA.
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Pink Taffy Designs Giveaway

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Many parents delight in dressing up their babies and toddlers in adorable children’s outfits. However, shopping with a baby is never easy and it can be often very difficult to find fun, fashionable baby and children outfits in a conventional store.

Pink Taffy Designs offers a Baby Boutique of adorable children’s clothing and accessories, including the hard to find head bows, tutus and petticoats for little girls. Baby boys can delight in little man ties and beanies. There is also a great variety for shirts to match any occasion including birthday with a very special birthday boutique. For the little fashionista there is also a special designer sections featuring well known and loved brands such as Airflow, Joe Ella, Bumble Bags, Oi oi and Caden Lane.

Pink Daffy designs is also the ideal destination for personalized baby gift items, fabulous and unique baby shower gifts, gift baskets, and holiday gift ideas. There are even great gifts that are sure to please the parents and can be wonderful additions for Mother’s day and Father’s day celebrations, or even be stylish additions to the parents baby toting lifestyle. Since decorating the baby’s room can allow the parents personality to shine through, Pink Taffy Designs offers stylish room, decor for both babies and children.

Right now, Pink Taffy Designs has a special contest to win a free set of fabulous wall letters which can spell out the child’s name and add that special personalized touch to the room. 

Crate Training with Pet Smart

Friday, October 19, 2012

Most, if not all pet owners, can tell stories of their dog’s adventures, when they have left them along for a few hours, or even a few minutes. These tales often involve shredding of valuable objects or furniture, scratching at doors and digging up plants. Pet parents can hardly believe how their lovable pooh who is well behaved when they are home, can cause so much destruction.

With our dog, Jake, we had to “puppy proof” the entire house, otherwise he would get into trouble. Upon researching, we discovered that a crate could be an ideal solution to our dilemma. 

Stores such as Pet Smart carry crates in various styles and sizes so that can fit your dog’s needs and the design of your home.

A crate should be large enough to allow the dog to stand up and turn around it. Crate training allows the dog to have a place where they feel safe in; this feeling of security will lead them to actually to enjoy spending time in it.

Travel carriers allow you to easily travel with your pet and have a safe spot for them wherever you are. There are various crate liners that are available which can make a crate a comfortable cozy nook for your dog.

Once your dog is used to the crate it makes life just so much easier as you don’t have to worry about the state of your house or that your pet may have consumed something harmful when you were gone.

Easy Halloween Recipes to Make for School

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween is just around the corner and there are few holidays that kids love making treats for as much as this one. With all the spooky, gross and cute ways to create fun treats for school, all types of kids will find the joy of making spooky ghosts, which hats and spider pizzas to surprise their friends.

Frozen Ghosts!
This one is extremely easy and can be a ton of fun with the kids. Cut bananas in half and stick them onto Popsicle sticks. Melt some white chocolate and dip them into it to the point that the banana is completely covered. Use semi-sweet chocolate chips for eyes and let them freeze overnight.

Booger Pretzels
This one is perfect for the gross out factor. Simply melt some Cheese-Wiz with green food coloring and keep going until you find that perfect booger color. Pour it into a bowl with some pretzel sticks next to it. This is the one time kids should be eating their snot.

Severed Fingers
This one requires very little work and can be a huge heat at any party. Besides, they are also the healthiest treat your kid can gross his friends out with. First peel some carrots and put some cream cheese on the tip where a fingernail would go. This cream cheese will act as glue for slivered almonds which should be shaped like finger nails. Getting ready for a Halloween party couldn’t be much easier, or healthier.

Mummified Juice
This idea requires a few items but no baking. Buy some juice boxes and wrap them with white electrical tape. Make sure the tape gives them the look of a mummy. Get some adhesive googly eyes and pop them on however you like. Make sure you make a little area for the straw to punch through the tape and hole so the kids don’t have to fight with the box to drink it.

This one will certainly be a big hit but is probably the most complicated of all of the recipes here. Find a head sized watermelon and start peeling the rind off until just the white part is left on the fruit inside. Do this all the way around the watermelon until you have removed the outer rind completely. Next you’ll use a paring knife and a large knife to start cutting the zig-zags that make the watermelon look like a brain. Because the outside will still be white and the inside will be red, it will give the illusion of a bloody brain just inside of someone’s skull.

Meaty Fingers
We already covered carrot based fingers, but these are actually much creepier. Use something about the width and length of a finger, a pretzel, or celery stick or carrot to form your base. Then wrap some deli meat around it leaving a small opening at the top. Add a slice of almond for a fingernail and the fingers will look as though they are rotting. You can get even more creative with this if you like, so take any of these recipes and let your kids go crazy with ideas.

Janice F. is a writer for If you are a stay at home parent, and you want to learn more about earning a degree from home, take a look at this site today! Is Accepting New Bloggers is owned and operated by a mom blogger and places work with the best blog for the job according to niche. Jobs such as guest post placements, sponsored posts, product reviews and group giveaways are placed with bloggers through this site. Working bloggers are paid no later than 7 days after their work has been turned in and approved.
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Halloween with Pet Smart

Is your pet a real carpet shark, always chasing you by your ankles? Or are they more of a sleeping beauty perched on top of pillows on your bed, or maybe a bandit as they steal the last slice of cheese in the house and hide.

Well, Halloween is a great time to let your pet’s personality shine through with some fantastic, charming and often hilarious pet costumes from Pet Smart.

Whether you do a full costume or just a festive and spooky bandana there are many options to choose from that should suit every family’s budget. If costumes spend more time on your floor than on your pet, a fun Halloween pet toy such as a quality stuffed bat or pirate toy, may be the ideal solution to keep your pet occupied as the trick or treater’s come knocking on the door. 

 This Halloween let your pet’s true nature shine.

Happy Halloween from Pet Smart!

30% Off Old Navy- Today Only (Canada)

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Canadian Students 13 +

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My daughter is entering a contest and needs other students to enter as well, using her link as a referral to the contest.
If you have children 13+ please enter.
Thank you for your help.

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Saving Money on Electric Heating

As fall gets into full swing and temperatures all across the country begin to drop in preparation for winter, homeowners are turning on their heating systems in an attempt to battle the impinging cold weather. Those of us who use electronic heating systems will know that we are in for bigger bills than those who use gas in the latter half of the year but electric heating is often cheaper than people realize.


Most electricity companies offer a variety of tariffs and this allows home owners to pick an option that saves them money. A popular tariff for people who use electric heating is cheap night rates. These night-time tariffs were designed with storage heaters in mind and if you use storage heaters (large electric radiators that store heat in ceramic bricks and release it slowly throughout the day) then these tariffs can indeed be a money saver. The problem is though; fewer and fewer people use storage heaters these days because they are bulky, heavy and not very pretty. Electric radiators are far more common and these radiators use the same amount of electricity regardless of the time of day; so people who have changed their heater but not their tariff will be paying too much for their electricity during the day. If you use radiators make sure you are on a standard tariff or a tariff that offers savings when you are most likely to be in your home.


The radiator you choose can also have a massive effect on how economical your heating can be.

Infographic supplied by The Economy Radiator Company

The material your radiator is made from will affect how quickly it can disperse heat. Reaching an optimum temperature quickly allows the radiators thermostat to start economizing electricity use faster. This makes the radiator more economical overall. One of the best metals for conducting heat is aluminium.

The power of your radiator will also determine how economical it is. If you buy a heater that is too weak you will need to run it more often and if you buy a heater that is too powerful you will waste electricity. To figure out how powerful your radiator needs to be simply multiply the length, width and height of your room in metres and divide this number by 14; the number you are left with is how powerful your radiator will need to be in kw (kilowatts). This is because 1kw of electricity will heat 14 cubic metres of space to a comfortable temperature of 22°C.

Lastly, the thermostat in an electric heater is important because this is the only way one electric heater or electric radiator can be more economical than the next. Electric heaters convert 100% of the energy they use into heat; so the more effective the thermostat, the less electricity the heater will use and the more economical the heater will be. Heaters with poor or no thermostat will use the same amount of electricity constantly providing an inconsistent heat and producing higher electricity bills.

By choosing the correct tariff and the correct heater you can heat your home electronically and still save money. 

It Works!

Monday, October 15, 2012

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How to Save at Halloween

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ask any kid what their favorite holiday celebrations are and you can bet high on the list is Halloween. What other time of year do you get a big bag of candy to hoard all to yourself? Even Christmas doesn’t come close when it comes to a candy fest!

 If you are planning a Halloween celebration, likelihood is you are considering the expense given that we’re just a couple of months away from the festive season. Costumes, decorations, food, it all adds up. Here are a few tips for a thriftier Halloween.

·      Costumes – Costume swaps are THE way to save money and recycle your old costumes. Costume swaps have been popping up in most towns and cities this year organised by community centres and parenting groups. It’s as simple as arriving at the event with your old costumes and going home with something new!

·       Shop Early or Shop Late – If you really want to grab a bargain, hit the stores late on the 31st October or early on 1st November before the goodies go back into the store’s storage units. You can expect up to 75% off at these times.

·        Homemade – If you have the time and skill, make your own costumes and decorations. Last year I sent my youngest to daycare as a Roman – I cut a hole in a pillow case and wove leather, gold string and fake ivy around his waist and legs. Ask your friends what they’ve done in other years and look for homemade inspiration online.

·         Candy – Buy in bulk and buy generic brands which are much cheaper than household name brands. A good tip is to hand out the candy yourself as little hands tend to take much bigger grabs of the goodies!

·         Decorations – Again, reuse and swap. Let’s face it, Halloween decorations are usually made of plastic, a material you can reuse year in and year out. Buy decorations you like.

·         Thrift Stores – Thrift store usually have aisles and aisles of Halloween costumes and accessories, especially for kids who outgrow their costumes year in year out. Heading to the thrift store in early October should ensure some great bargain hunting.

·         Play Dead – If you really don’t want to pay for a new Halloween costume, dress up in your usual clothes and play dead! All you will need is white make up and some fake blood. Do you have a business suit? Dead business man! Sports gear? Dead tennis player! You get the picture!

Halloween doesn’t need to be an expensive occasion but if you are not careful the costs can add up. Setting a budget is another good way to prevent blowing the bank when it comes to d├ęcor, costumes and other ghoulish goodies!

About the Author:  Amanda Brooks is a ski instructor and writer who loves Halloween (and saving money!) Amanda teaches ski lessons and snowboard lessons all over Europe and North America.

Paying Off Store Cards

Friday, October 12, 2012

You arrive at the checkout to pay for your purchases and the cashier offers you a store card. “No thank you.” you reply politely. But here comes the sales trap: “But you could save 20% on today's purchases... and 10% on all spending for the next three months... as well as receiving this free gift!”  Is this a familiar scenario? And have you been persuaded to take on another persuaded wallet-sized rectangle of plastic?

Store cards are very similar to credit cards as they operate by allowing you to borrow money, but this credit can only be spent in a particular store. Unlike loyalty cards, however, store cards are not designed to award you fidelity points. As a form of personal loan, they accumulate interest and are designed to ensure that you shop only in the named store.

Store cards also come with a much higher price tag than credit cards. Around two thirds of the major store cards currently offered in the UK charge interest rates of more than 25% APR; quite an extraordinary rate. It would seem logical that shopping in that particular store would become cheaper for customers holding a store card, but in fact the opposite can often be true. Plus, signing up to multiple store cards could have an adverse effect on your credit rating.

It is clear, therefore, that there is a definite advantage to paying off store cards as quickly as possible. If you find yourself with multiple store card balances to pay then the ideal scenario would be to pay them off in full. If you choose to do this then it is wise to start with the smallest balance first, making the maximum payments you can afford, whilst making the minimum repayments on the other cards you have, until the debt on the card with the smallest balance is repaid in full. Simply repeat this process with your other store cards. There is a good reason for starting with the smallest balance first; getting out of debt is about changing your mind-set with regards to debt and slogging away at the biggest balance will only lead to discouragement. Starting with the smallest and having a “one down, x amount to go” attitude will refuel your enthusiasm and keep you motivated.

In some cases, such as when the interest rates are crippling your ability to pay back, simply paying off your debt slowly over time is not an option. Other possibilities exist though. One is to take out a credit card with an introductory interest free period and transfer your store card balances to this card. This awards you several months where no interest will be added to the amount that you owe.  Another option is a debt consolidation loan: This is where a company essentially pays off your store cards debts and offers you a payment plan with them at much lower rate of interest.

In essence, paying off store cards is a necessary evil. Once completed, however, the sense of freedom from debt is priceless. Even if the process of paying off these loans one by one takes longer than anticipated, do not give up. There is only one way out of store card debt, and one day you will be glad that you made the commitment to be debt free once and for all.

Amy Henderson writes financial advice on behalf of Norton Finance

How To Carve a Pumpkin

Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to Carve a Pumpkin
Vampire Kid
The time of year is growing near; children will prowl the streets dressed up in an assortment of different witch, Spiderman and scarecrow costumes provided by mums – armed to the teeth with the cutest smiles ready to charm their way into your candy collection….
Of course, this time of year is Halloween!
However, are you fully prepared? In essence, have you laid the foundations of what every household requires every time October 31st rolls around….a Pumpkin! And now, let’s be honest. Do you really know how to carve a killer looking pumpkin? Or do you buy one every year and hope it will eventually carve itself!? Alton Towers Breaks sent us this handy guide to get your carve on…

Pumpkin carving
Pumpkin Carving is a great activity you can do with the children. The beauty of doing pumpkin carving with little ones is that you can be creative as possible; the kids will be so excited you will have thought they have already eaten all the candy in the house already!
So, all you need to do is grab your children and their friends, play the ‘Monster Mash’ in the background, follow these instructions and let your children’s imagination drive your creative pumpkin carving process!
1)      Buy a pumpkin. Select one without any cuts or marks and which sits flat on a table without rolling around.
2)      Grab the necessary tools, these consist of:
  • Boning Knife
  • Paring Knife
  • Ice Cream Scoop (for the pumpkin insides…not ice cream for the kids!)
  • Bowl
  • Erasable Marker
  • Newspaper
  • Kitchen Towel          
3) Don an apron, cover the work surface with the newspaper and start to get cracking. Use the marker pen to highlight a circle around the stem of the pumpkin (about 2/3s of the pumpkin diameter). TIP – for different shapes, instead of cutting a circle try a pentagon, star or hexagon. Dig the knife into the pumpkin and cut along the lines at a forty-five degree angle – the parents should deal with this part of the process! After this, the lid should be easily removable; so take it off and scrape off the pump on the inside of it.
4) Now for the mucky bit….Scooping the inside of the pumpkin! Now, we all know that children love to get as dirty as possible; so this part of the process is definitely for small hands! Get the children to get stuck into the pumpkin, pulling away all the pulp and seeds and putting them in a separate bowl. Give one of the little ones an ice cream scoop and let them get to work, scraping at the pumpkins inner surface. The more you scrape, the more the pumpkin will light up!
5) Now here’s the really creative part. Have a special pumpkin meeting with the children and discuss what kind of face you want to carve out. Here are some potential ideas.
Pumpkin design 1
Pumpkin design 2
Pumpkin design 3
After discussing, help the children draw the face on the pumpkin. After the drawing is done, the adult should cut into the markings with the paring knife. After you have done that, push the pumpkin through and your face should be nicely cut out! With the left over chunks, don’t check them away! Utilise them for ears, eyebrows and noses using toothpicks to hold them in place.
6) You’re nearly finished! Place a small candle inside the pumpkin head – and then light up when the time is near with the lid placed on top over it! Viola! A lovely looking pumpkin.
What to do with the Pumpkin Remnants?
Did you know that when it comes to pumpkins that pretty much every part of the pumpkin can be eaten? Save all the scooped out pumpkin and make a delicious pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pumpkin pancakes or even pumpkin enchiladas! The list goes on. For a few incredible recipes, head over to this site!

Dealing With Negative Online Reviews

While maintaining a good online reputation generally does not take too much effort, repairing a bad one can be time-consuming, complicated, and frustrating. Thankfully, we have a few tips for repairing your damaged online reputation and reviews.

The first thing you'l need to do is to set up metrics. Repairing a poor reputation can often take a long time, and day to day improvements might not be visible at first. By setting up a consistent set of metrics by which you can take stock of your online reputation, you'll be better able to see how your image improves over time. 

Set up Google alert keywords for the worst offenders and keep a weekly count of negative versus positive posts. Note which bad sites are listed on the first page of Google search results for your business name. 

Your main goals are to increase the ratio of new good online postings to new bad online postings and to push all negative mentions on Google to at least the second page of search results on major search terms for your business.

Once you have metrics set up, it's time to start repairing your reputation. Get in the habit of responding quickly to online complaints; do your best to resolve issues before other people see the original complaint. This will prove to the community that you're actively trying to improve, and will garner goodwill among those who look closely at review sites.

Set up online profiles at several high ranking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, or YouTube. (Just be aware that editing your own Wikipedia company profile is frowned upon.) While this step does entail some risk that users will use these sites to further damage your reputation, so long as you continue to respond quickly and fairly to all complaints, it should be straightforward to keep things under control. 

The important thing here is to have as many sites as possible that come up as search results for your business name. Since only the first ten results show up on the first page of Google search results, it is in your best interest to hold as many of those top ten spots as you possibly can. Every one you hold is one that naysayers don't.

After you get in the habit of being vigilant with customer responsiveness and ensuring that negative results don't come up high in Google searches for your company, you will be well on your way to repairing your damaged online reputation and reviews. Further action can be taken if you go through a professional, but these initial steps will be more than enough to get you started.

MARS Canada Helps Save Community Hockey Rinks In Canada Plus a Giveaway-Canada Only

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

With an NHL lockout facing the nation, it’s safe to say we as Canadians are preparing ourselves for a winter deprived of our most beloved sport, hockey. But Mars® Canada is well prepared to use this time, energizing the country from coast-to-coast and encouraging you to get involved in a side of hockey that truly makes a difference.

Every community has their local hockey rink. Often, this is a place where people come together and a where we can feel at home. But it isn’t always easy to maintain a rink so it remains an enjoyable space. Actually, a recent survey conducted by Leger Marketing and commissioned by the Mars® brand revealed that while more than 90% of Canadians live near an ice rink, and value the positive impact a rink has on a community, most are surprisingly unaware of the current physical state of their facilities.

This is where Mars® has stepped in to help out. After the successful renovation of a rink in Grand Manan, N.B., Mars® has further identified five local rinks within Canada that could use a bit of a facelift.

 Now, by purchasing a specially marked Mars® and entering the PIN code contained inside the wrapper at, Canadians will activate a $5 CDN contribution , up to a maximum of $ 100,000 CDN in 2012, to be shared amongst the participating community rinks in need of renovations.

Canadians, roll up your sleeves and make a positive impact on local communities by helping out hockey rinks in need.

Mars Canada would love to give away  $50 Mars prize pack to one lucky Canadian reader of The One Income Dollar.A random draw will be made by on October 25, 2012 from all Canadian entries received.

To Enter:
Please leave us your email and  Mars Canada a comment about this promotion.

Extra Entries:
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Wanted:Someone To Do Site Work

Monday, October 8, 2012

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***Update- I have found someone to help.

Sources Wanted-

Hi Everyone-
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2 U.S. Coupons To Give Away -UPDATE #3!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I have 2 free Di Giorno coupons to give away to first person who comments that they want them.
Good for one free rising crust pizza each coupon.
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