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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Today's mail brought a few coupons- and as well,
called Maple Leaf after trying their new Prime frozen chicken. I had had a $5 coupon good for any Maple Leaf product and this was on sale for $9.49- so we got this for $4.49.They really were tasty.

For my positive comments, the customer service rep said he was sending me a complimentary coupon. Not a bad deal at all.

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Thank you to everyone who left a tip.

 Anonymous said...

Use CFU bulbs instead of regular light bulbs. Pay your bills online and save the cost of postage.


Turning Down a Job

I was offered a casual job yesterday- cleaning.I had applied for the job months ago, once it was posted in the paper as part time and full time positions. The pay was over $18 an hour and was really only thinking of the money side of it.
I turned down this same casual job, yesterday, when it was offered to me.( $12 an hour for casuals). Was I wrong in doing this?I don't know. Gerry is the only one working. We manage paying the bills and having extras on his income.I do some mystery shopping and soon, my book will be ready, so that will bring in some extra income as well.
I don't think we should take a job for the sake of having a job.I have been happy with my writing. I enjoy being home- having my time as I wish it, "keeping house", and looking after the family and the pets. I like not being hurried to work and being rushed with getting back to work or off to work. This is what I like doing.
Gerry and I  are  paying  our debt down towards an early retirement for him, with the help of a banker's advise.
I am always on the lookout for a job opportunity that seems fitting for me, but just haven't come across that "right" job- or it was filled by someone else. Either way, I'm happy with the way things are for us right now, and it works for us.

Product Reviews: Great Value stain remover

I have been using a great product I wanted to tell you about.
It's called : Oxi stain remover- by Great Value- which is a Walmart product. It's  a powder that you add to warm water to dissolve.
It is a natural cleaning poweder with no abrasives, chlorine bleaches, solvents, dyes or perfumes.
It is great for whitening or brightening and really works great after clothes or other items have a bit of a soak.

Highly recommended.

Weather or Not

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm such a wimp when it comes to the cold ...we've turned the furnace on as well already.. it's been cool.At 10am and present, it's only 4 degrees, drizzly and no sun. I've cut out the walk for a few days already.Afternoons are a bit nicer but I find it harder to get motivated in the afternoon.
We have an arena that one can walk at when the temperatures dip, but I prefer my outdoors.This morning however, I jumped on my exercise bike for a bit...
(I've also managed to pick up a bit of a sore throat that I'm trying to fight.)
Gerry was out last night starting with yard preps: covering the air conditioners with wooden boxes and sealing doors with filler.
Now with the cooler weather upon us, it will mean the bills may rise- although we do have our new high efficiency furnace which should give us a break.
To save money on your electric bills, be sure to use the following tips:
-seal drafty doors and windows and inspect any weather stripping
-layer clothing, and put another blanket on the bed as well as a smaller one on the couch for cover ups while watching tv
-make sure your cupboard is stocked with coffees, teas, and hot chocolate for warming up your insides when you may feel chilled, and soups, and stews for warm meals
-in the bedroom, snuggle with your mate, use a hot water bottle or heat pad/electric blanket to keep warm.Flannel sheets on the bed are also nice.I know for myself I can't sleep if I'm shivering and trying to get warm .
-don't go barefoot on cold floors either, wear socks or slippers.

Your Opinion Counts/Today's Mail/Phone Calls

Monday, September 28, 2009

A few things for today- got a $5 Maple Leaf coupon in today's mail, as well as had made a call to the Airwick company. Candle I bought that was suppose to smell like a fruit medley, smelled more like just wax, so called them about that, and they are sending a coupon for a replacement candle.

Book Update

Heard from the publisher last night regarding my book: "Stretching the One Income Dollar."
It has had the ISBN# given to it, and the preview will be ready for me around October 1. After my approval,the book shall be off  to the printers, where it will take between 2-4 weeks.
It's getting close!

The Hockey Stick Storage Box

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ria had collected old and broken hockey sticks from various sources.
Today Gerry put them together to create a storage box from the cut pieces she had made from the whole sticks. Here is their project:

Saving on Groceries

Our feature one income living story this week is by Jennifer- from Little House in the Valley
Please feel free to send in your one income living story- each week we choose one story that will recieve $5 for their submission.( Send stories to:

Saving on Groceries

By Little House
Living on an erratic income has made me budget conscious. So, every few months my husband and I sit down and budget accordingly trying to find places where we can live frugally, but not miserly. We recently reviewed our budget and found a few places to save money. One category where we decided to reduce our spending was on groceries. I always shop the sales and use my store rewards card, but I'm not much of a coupon clipper. Therefore, my husband and I decided to search for alternatives. This is what we came up with:
Shop the 99 cent store for the following items:

For dry and canned goods we can shop at the 99 cent store. Most dry and canned goods last a long time and our local 99 cent store has most of the major brands. It's silly to purchase black beans for $1.00 when I can get 2 or 3 cans for the same price. Also, some 99 cent stores have decent seasonal produce in good condition; it's worth browsing for deals.

Soda and Kool-Aid. Huge 3 liter bottles of soda taste just as good as the 2-liter name brands. For a $1.00, you can't beat that.

Some HBA items. Soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, and bleach are the same no matter what brand you purchase. If you look at the ingredients on mouthwash and toothpaste, they are mostly the same across the board. There's no reason to spend $3.00 on toothpaste when $1.00 tube is just as good.

Some paper goods. Paper towel is one of those items I try not to use too much of. I usually opt for a clean cloth, but when I need to use paper towel, it's silly to spend more than $1.00 for a large roll. Usually, the 99 cent store rolls are larger than the store-bought $1.00 item.

Shop a local Korean market for the following items:

My husband recently did some research on purchasing quality meats for less. His findings suggest we shop our local Korean supermarket for meats. We should find high quality meats, like hamburger and steak, for less than our local brand-name grocery store.

Shop Wal-Mart for the following:

HBA items like deodorant, shampoo, lip-gloss, lotion, hair products, and just about any high dollar item that is overpriced at local grocery stores.

Continue to shop our local brand-name grocery store for the following:

Cheese, milk, and dairy will still be purchased at our local Ralphs. I don't like the selections offered at the 99 cent store and am a bit squeamish about purchasing it at an unknown store.

Frozen meals. I always shop the sale items and there is always a decent variety.

Fresh fruit and veggies that can't be found at discount grocery stores. Sometimes, the best produce is purchased at either chain grocery stores, or a farmers market.

By sticking to this plan, we intend to knock off about $100 a month on our grocery bill. That $100 will be deposited into our savings. I hope that others can use these tips as well.

A Tip By Mom

It is easier to save if you allow yourself a small treat each payday. Either a trip to Macdonald's, a hobby purchase, or even have a family draw: whoever wins gets the treat of their choice. Set aside some money just for you, then saving doesn't seem like you are going without.

Tid Bits and Ramblings

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I headed to The Pas today, ( 1 hour south)- Gerry and I.Had a few opportunities for mystery shops with gas expenses and bonuses paid, so worth my time and the trip. Was a nice way to spend part of my Saturday.
Last night Gerry, Erika and I went to the drive in. This was the second last movie playing for the year, and the only time we went this year.The drive in costs $7 per adult- so not too bad, and we treated ourselves with concession snacks.A nice evening out.
During the day yesterday, I played a radio phone in contest, by guessing a 1980's song, and won a $10 gift certificate to a local restaurant- so that was nice.Had stopped in today in The Pas, for a furniture  store grand opening.We like to look and I knew there would be door prizes- and there was, but we never got a call, so guess we didn't win anything.
Yesterday's mail brought the cable bill. Wasn't too happy about another increase on my bill. They have added another $1.20 per month "contribution fee". They say they have been ordered by the CRTC to contribute to a local programming improvement fund.It's always something. Although the amount is minimal, it's the principle of the nickel and diming that we as consumers have to constantly deal with.

We have a Winner!

Winner of today's draw for the 2 hand made face cloths by Cynthia, is tip # 9 by Random generator
Thank you to all entrants- and please watch for upcoming giveaways!

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Here is our winner:

Gianna said...

Get a tankless water heater and save lots of money heating your water :)

Your "One Income Stories" Wanted-$$$

Stretching the One Income Dollar is looking for your stories of living on one income- your tips, your life as a one income household and your challenges and triumphs.

We will be choosing one story on Saturday of each week and are paying $5 for the story of the week,( pay pal).Stories should be at least 150 words and all stories become the property of Stretching the One Income Dollar.

The chosen story for the week will appear in a Sunday post. Winner's first name and state/province required.

Please send all stories to: and include: My One Income Story in the Subject line.

Mom-What Can I Do To Make Some Money?

Most children at some point will want to make some money of their own.Especially the ones who have parents that don't just dole out money.It's a good way for us as parents as well to show them that we too have to work and earn  the money we have. It teaches them the value of the dollar.
Here are some ideas that you may suggest when Jacob or Mary ask you how they can earn some money.
( and may I suggest that they put the word out with posters and flyers within their own neighbourhood.Don't be sending them anywhere strange, all for the sake of a dollar, unless an older person is with them).
- Pet sit: this can also include walking dogs and looking after any type of pets they are comfortable with while the owner is off at work or out of town.
-Recycle.Cash in cans, bottles,tin- whatever your town/city may offer $$ for on recycled items.
-Give them extra chores. If their wanting to make an extra bit of cash, and can't find anything around the neighbourhood, perhaps you can give them a job around the yard or house.
-Don't forget the good old lemonade/juice stand. This can be anything though- drinks, cookies, popcorn- anything the kids want to sell.
-Babysitting- always a bonus if they have their babysitting course.
-Yard sale- Let them set up a small table to sell their toys perhaps at street/sidewalk edge.

Please feel free to add any more ideas I may have missed.

Product Review: Goo Gone

Friday, September 25, 2009

We recently bought our second bottle of a great product: Goo Gone
Although it doesn't advertise on it that it is for removing tar, my daughter had gotten tar on her car a few times, while heading out on the highways where road work was being done.With her white car, it was quite noticeable. We had tried bug and tar remover unsuccessfully. But this works great!
It also works great for getting glue residue left behind from price stickers or tape.( Which we have also used it for).
We paid $3.99 for a 236ml bottle which lasts for quite a while. It can be found in housewares or automotive.
I highly recommend this product for it's many capabilities.
Rating: *****

Your Opinion Counts/Today's Mail/Phone Calls

Seems like more and more companies are saying they will put your name on a mailing list for coupons. I had made a few calls today for a few products but none had said they would send me out coupons.They did say when I asked for some, that they could add my name to their mailing list, and that I could sign up on their web site for future mailings.
The mailbox however did result in some good coupons:

-a free cake from McCains, and cents off coupons from Miss Vickies and Con Agra Foods.

How To Hold a No Money Swap

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Are you looking to get rid of some leftovers that didn't sell at your garage sale this year? Perhaps your looking to get rid of Annie's last year's clothing that she outgrew and has no one to pass them down to?
You can organize your own no money required swap.Whether this will be amongst friends or a community type thing, you decide.It can be big or small.
-make a list of friends you feel may be interested, if you feel it will be a small friends and family thing.
-find someone who has a garage or basement they can spare the space with for one afternoon or evening.
-make invites and mail out or e-vite- with date, time and place. Either it will be an all clothing swap or perhaps just housewares- or a bit of both- you decide.
-put out a few beverages or snacks....remember, we're trying to save money here so don't go putting on a smorg-hee hee
-let all attendees know that there is no limits to what they take- just that it needs to all go..
-donate leftovers either back to their owners, a charitable thrift store, or save for the next year's garage sale...
and by all means, make it a family affair!

Think of these and Save $$

If your trying to think of more ways to save $$, here you go:
-remember to buy more items in bulk.
-swap and share: movies with friends, car pooling,babysitting,extra baking, to name a few
- use coupons for local food discounts, entertainment, and maybe even swap coupons you don't need for the ones you do, with friends and family
-save money by sending in for rebates and refunds
-remembering to complain.If a service or product doesn't meet up with your standards, call the company or write a letter.

A Recycled Project- But Not Mine

My neighbour's weather vane-
... made from bike tires, 2 litre pop bottles and painted.

***More bleach projects and uses.

Your Opinion Counts/Today's Mail/Phone Calls

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Didn't do any phone calls today...but did get a few good coupons in today's mail.
$5 from Colgate/Palmolive and recipes as well as $5.75 in coupons from Clover Leaf.
And how was your mail today?

How to Save on Your Next Vacation

Although summer is coming to an end in certain parts of the country, others may enjoy year round great weather, and still others will "fly south" so to speak and seek out warmer territory- enjoying a Fall/Winter holiday away from the cold.
What if you don't have alot of money to travel, stay in hotels, etc...Here are some ways to cut back on traveller expenses-( and please feel free to add any of your own) :
- stay with relatives- but don't overstay your welcome
-enter "trip" contests- you never know...bookmark travel contests and enter as often as you can- you could be enjoying an all expense paid trip for a nice Fall/Winter getaway
- tent camp..although we aren't much into camping, not tenting anyhow, others may be
-pack your own cooler with grocery store snacks and other easy to fix quick meals- cheaper than take out, and if you happen to be staying in a hotel room, make sure you get on that offers a continental breakfast and has a microwave in your room.
-along with camping comes some cheap eats: fish,( if your lucky to catch it), and great past times that are easy on the pocketbook-hiking, reading, and just lazing around.
-travel with a few friends- if your travelling by car, everyone could share expenses. This also goes for renting a hotel room- you can rent a 1-2 bedroom condo/house and split the cost. This may be cheaper than the cost of a hotel room for the week.
-use any of your reward points- check balances to see if you have enough points for free gas, hotel , airfare or gas station snacks.

Living in the Country- So To Speak

Living in the country- or living away from the city, ( by over 5 hours for us), has it's disadvantages.
Erika,(youngest daughter) is away in Saskatoon, with a few friends- they went for the Keith Urban concert that's tonight. There was 4 of them that went down, so that split the gas 4 ways and the hotel room,( which I also get at a deal on at my old travel agent rate ).
She told me they ordered a pizza last night and had it delivered to the room. She said :"Mom, I didn't tip the pizza guy".I said: "Wow Erika, your being frugal". She said she didn't mean to though. She said here is this pizza guy standing and looking at her after she gave him the right amount- of $21, and it didn't dawn on her till he left- "that's why he was standing there puzzled and waiting"-she figured he was waiting for a tip.I thought that was cute though.
If we want to go to any concerts, specialist appointments,search for better rates on bigger ticket items, etc., it usually means a trip to the city.
We had already made a trip there a few months ago, as Erika is getting her grad dress from there. She had measurements taken, but the dress she wanted wasn't there at the time, to try on. Now she says the exact dress she wants will be there for a "trunk show" at the end of October. I told her I would let her know if we could afford to go. We probably will, but any trip to the city means gas spent,hotel and meals.
We do have a "travel fund" but after summer holidays and a few trips out of town, it is running low.
We also have an anniversary supper to attend for Gerry's parent's 60th, at the beginning of October, which is another trip south.

Oh -to have unlimited funds to travel.

Sept. 22- The First Day of Fall

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In my neck of the woods,most leaves are still green, although, the birch leaves have begun to yellow and fall.
What comes to mind when you think of Fall? To me, I think of the Canadian geese we have been seeing alot of lately, apples, pumpkins, smells of apple spice,falling leaves, hot chocolate and Halloween, to name a few.
As I sit outdoors on my back deck, ( my favourite spot to write), thoughts turn from the first day of Fall to Winter being around the bend. I don't know where summer went to.
Gerry will soon be getting the backyard ready by putting  away the lounge chair, patio set, and lawn ornaments. He will winterize the trailer on the outside by sealing patio doors, installing insulated boxes over our air conditioning units, shutting off water valves and draining water hoses.
The vehicles will also need their own looking after- including, installing timers for block heater cords, removing summer windshield fluid and installing winter fluid, and checking antifreeze to insure to -40. Oh the good ole north!
What  does Fall mean to you?

A Do It Yourself Project

Gerry wanted me to show you a stand he made for the snow machine last year, saving approx. $69 by being innovative.
He constructed a snowmobile jack out of a few pieces of wood and a hinge.
The jack works great and is easily operated by hand or foot to lift the track off of the ground.
The photos show the manufactured version and the one that Gerry made.

Your Opinion Counts/Today's Mail/Phone Calls

Recieved 2x $2 Kellogg's coupons in today's mail.

Made calls to Schick for my daughter's positive comments on their razor blades- and will recieve cents off coupons from them.
Maple Leaf also recieved my comments for their Simply Fresh product and I'll be recieving a free product coupon.
I called President's Choice as well- they have a satisfaction guaranteed on their products. Picked up scallops the other day-on sale- and wanted to try. Certainly not what was presented on the box and we were not impressed. I splurged with this item and spent $10.99 for a box of 16.Normally I spend less for supper's main meat/fish/chicken.They will be honoring their guarantee however and told me to return the empty box with confirmation # to the store.
You should always be fully satisfied with what you spend your money on-if not, call the manufacturer. There is a reason they have their phone# on the back of the box/package.

My Own Grocery Game

Monday, September 21, 2009

Not too sure how many of you use coupons, but I hope most do and take full advantage of flyer sales and adding an extra coupon to the sale price as well. Buy that same item from a clearance bin and use a coupon, and the savings keep growing.Stacking coupons is another great way to save.Using the flyer coupon and  manufacturer's coupons can grow your savings at the grocery store, as can going to double coupon days.Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupons are also great savers.
I love going through the flyers and playing the "grocery game" where I match up my coupons to "cheap" items that are on sale... sometimes getting them for cheap, next to nothing or free.Example: Walmart has Gilette deodorant on for $2 each. I have a Buy 3 Gillette products coupon and save $5. So this means I buy 3 of the deodorants and only will have to pay $1. Wow- what a deal.
Let family and friends know you are saving coupons and to save you any they don't want, and save them all- as you never know when that one coupon may earn you a free product.
In Canada here, I frequent the following great sites that give me heads up to great flyer deals and coupons to use with them:

Please feel free to add your great coupon saving sites that work for you.

Crafters-Mom's Tips for Your Flannelette Scraps

My mom wanted to share some uses for leftover flannelette scraps-( thanks mom)....

Scraps of flannelette are
great for cleaning eye glasses, they make good "cushions" for chair legs,
that would otherwise leave marks on the floor, good for kids to practise
sewing on, make "samples" of different sewing techniques before you sew,
good for hamster or other rodent bedding throw aways, good for wiping paint
when doing ceramics and stenciling, plus long narrow pieces make good cat
toys that they like to play with,  also for polishing shoes and baby wipes.

Your Opinion Counts/Today's Mail/Phone Calls

Not too exciting a day today with the mail and calls.
Recieved a very small face cream that was delivered to my door special delivery.It would seem a waste of money for them to place in an oversized box and have it shipped this way.Perhaps it's cheaper?I don't know- but it was free for me!
Two out of 4 of my calls to product companies were successful today- both Q-Tips and Ruffles chips are sending out coupons for future purchases.

It's Arrived!

After waiting months and seeing everyone else in town having sunny, yellow heads on their sunflowers, one of mine is finally starting to make an appearance. It's turned the other way and facing our backlane for now, but possibly could swing back the other way, back towards the inside yard.
I was so happy.. we don't have alot of nice days left I'm sure, and I wasn't too sure I was going to see one.
Better late than never though.

We're Looking for a Few More Friends!

If you have a blog that you would like to list among my blogger friends, I would love to trade blog links with you. Please note- your blog should be related to money saving, penny pinching, and simple living.

Yummy Candy Apples

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The leaves are turning yellow here, and falling, in my neck of the woods, which turned me to thoughts of candy apples.
Great for Halloween or any day-

Things Your Gonna Need:

8 medium sized harder apples

8 wooden sticks -  (You can use popcicle sticks )

candy thermometer


baking sheet with lined waxed paper

3 cups white sugar

1 cup water

1/2 cup light corn syrup

1/4 teaspoon red food coloring or orange for a pumpkin type look

Other Topping Ideas:

* candy corn

* shredded coconut

* sprinkles
* M&M's

* chopped nuts

* chocolate chips


#1-Wash and dry the apples. Remove stems and add  sticks. If using popsicle sticks first insert knife into apple where you will be inserting the stick.

#2-Put sugar, corn syrup, water & food coloring in pan and heat over a medium high heat stirring until sugar dissolves. Do not  bring to a boil until after the sugar has dissolved or sugar crystals will form. Once dissolved, bring to a boil until candy thermometer reads between 290 - 300 degrees farenheit. Do not stir once it has started to boil, again to avoid  the sugar crystals. Take off heat.

#3-Holding wooden stick, dip apples into coating . You may need to spoon mixture over apples to coat completely. Try and work quickly as coating will begin to harden. If mixture thickens or cools too much, reheat briefly before proceeding.  Place coated apples with stick pointing up onto baking sheet. Completely cool before  you serve.



Saving Yourself Money at Restaurants

Just because you watch your dollars, doesn't mean you can't eat out every now and again. We eat out I'd say about 1-2 times bi-weekly.It's not a regular thing, but a nice treat from my cooking every now and again.
-Check out your favourite restaurants or food joints online- see if they have any specials, coupons you can print out, mailing lists you can get on and  birthday clubs you can join.
-Become a mystery shopper- a great way to earn a free meal.
-Check with restaurants for frequent diner cards.
-Look for  restaurants that  may be offering as a way to save money, kids eat free promotions, senior discounts, early bird deals,etc..
-You credit card may have some special offerings or if you belong to AAA, there may be offers there as well for cheaper meals.
- Use those coupons you get in the mail- and watch for meal deals in your local paper.
-If your a smaller eater like I, ask if you can order something off the kids menu- I have done this a few times. I find some restaurant portions are just too much for me.It doesn't hurt to ask and saves a bit.Sometimes the kids meal you chose may come with a bonus drink or dessert as well.
-Don't order desserts or split one with your partner.
-Drink water with your meal- most drinks are overpriced at restaurants.

Today's Tip

I see that today's tip did not load properly on the page- to your left-so, here it is again, with the link you may need:

Tip of the Day

Check Local Museums For Free Museum Day In September

Visit the link below to find out which museum nationwide near you is part of the Smithsonian Museum Day on Saturday, September 26, 2000 and has free admission!

By Pamphyila from Los Angeles, CA

The Boob Tube

Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Mom-can you come here?" Erika said this morning."my tv's not working".
I always cringe when I hear somethings not working.It means we may have to spend money on a new "something" or to pay for repairs. We are however, very lucky that Gerry is so handy.More often than not, most things are repaired with no or little cost.
I think Erika's first thought was we'd be getting a new one.This tv that was in her room was won by her in a contest by Christie cookies, 10 years ago. She had won a tv combo for herself as well as one for her school. She also recieved cookies for every child in school and a few cases for ourselves.She figured this tv was on it's last leg.
I immediately got out the tv's product guide and looked up trouble shooting, and we went online for some suggestions from others who had had similiar problems with their tv's.One suggestion was to re-set the reciever , but before we had a chance to do  that, Gerry was switching recievers with the other tv. It worked! Erika's tv worked perfect again. I thought for sure that her reciever would now effect the other tv as it did hers, but ours works just as well as before.

Living on one income, we're not so quick at running out and "buying". Erika said alot of people have flat screened tvs but also realizes that most times, we're not like alot of other people, and that we can settle with being "out of style".

Making a Little Extra Dough

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's always nice to be able to bring in a little bit of cash -even if you are stay at home. Whether it's sewing or baking, mystery shopping or babysitting.  I myself am currently on unemployment insurance benefits from a part time job I was laid off from last year- due to cut backs.I don't get alot so I don't spend alot..I try to save what I can.Soon it will run out. I do mystery shopping for a little extra and I do some surveys.
Gerry brings in the full time income so we depend mostly on that income and are careful with it.
If you are looking for some ways to bring in some extra cash- you may try any of the following:
-Sell your unwanted stuff on ebay, craigslist, consignment stores or at a yard sale.
-Have extra space?- such as garage space, yard space, house space? You may wish to consider renting part of the garage for storage to someone who lives in an apartment and doesn't have much of their own, or a piece of your huge yard to let someone keep a garden, or have extra rooms in the basement or a guest house your not using? You may wish to take in a billet or boarder.
-Have skills? Perhaps you can teach a class locally- sell your skills to the local arts council or recreation centre.
-Get a part time or casual job.. something your not too committed to.Pet sit, house sit, do errands for the elderly.
-If your crafty you can sell at local sales and farmers markets or on Ebay or
-Take surveys on line, mystery shop, join focus groups
-Sell garden produce, berries, jams, crafts and baking at local markets or by word of mouth/bulletin board ads.

If there is something perhaps that I have missed that you are bringing in a little extra money with, I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

We are Giving Away 2 Face Cloths!

I have to giveaway 2 new machine embroidered face cloths, ( as pictured).
These are made by Cynthia,( my mom)-thanks mom-who offered to give them away to one lucky winner!
Cynthia also sells bath towels and wash cloths with your specific colors/themes.If you are interested, you may contact her at :
The draw will be made Saturday -September 26th at noon from all eligible entries.
A random draw will be made using the random selector and the winner will be posted on Saturday-the 26th.
Please make sure to include your first name and email in your comment so that I can contact you if you should win.
***Please post a money saving bathroom tip: examples include: water saving, decorating, beauty, etc.. anything related to savings in the bathroom.

To Garage Sale or Not- That is the Question

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My sister wanted me to garage sale with her this weekend. I'm not much of a garage saler.I like having my own yearly garage sale but not much for driving around to the weekend's list of garage/yard sales.
There isn't really much I need or am looking for on any given occassion.I de-clutter more than I clutter.
I rarely bring anything home if I garage sale-and it's always been on her gas when we do go...which I believe was no more than 3 times this year.
I did have one great find this summer at a community garage/yard sale. I picked up an exercise bike for $20- must have been worth at least $200 and in great shape.
Seems like most sales I do go have very used items-things I feel should have went to the trash or should be in a free pile rather than with a price tag on them.
Perhaps garage sale picks are better in your neck of the woods.I'd much rather go to a thrift store where I know there will be more variety all in one place.

Your Opinion Counts/Today's Mail/Phone Calls

My mailbox has been looking sad lately-sometimes I just get a box full of a whole lot of nothing-catalogs, travel brochures, advertising, etc..I always anticipate a winning contest letter,( as I enter alot of contests), or perhaps a rebate cheque or mystery shop/ survey cheque..not much today.
I did make a few calls to compliment on the products you see pictured here.
Olay is sending me a free product coupon,Proctor and Gamble are also sending a free product coupon,( soft soap), and Catelli just thanked me for my opinion.
I love getting free samples in the mail but we don't have alot of that here in Canada- not enough anyhow-ha ha. I see Ebay has alot of them that people sell, but the extra postage to have sent to Canada really isn't frugal.
Please feel free to comment on any of your own mailbox goodies.

Eat and Run- Breakfast and a Muffin

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just looking through some recipe books today- thinking it's time to make some more muffins for breakfast and freeze them. I see there are many muffins at All -in particular- breakfast muffins.

 My girls had always been the kind that it was easier for them to eat and run with a muffin then have breakfast. A favourite to everyone is Mom's Banana Muffins. I always add a few chipits to mine, but nuts work equally as well. Go with the cheaper nut- at times- peanuts may be a cheaper nut than pecans or walnuts.And most stores always have an abundance of the good old overripe bananas.Other muffin favourites of ours are carrot, blueberry and bran. We have alot of wild blueberries that grow around here. Check your reduced bins at your local grocery store for carrots or any other fixings that would be great in a muffin recipe. Pretty much anything goes.

Mom's Banana Muffins

1 cup sugar
1/2 cup vegetable oil
2 eggs
3 overipe bananas
3 tbsp. sour milk( add 1 tsp.vinegar to regular milk if you don't have sour milk)
1 tsp. Baking soda
2 cups all purpose flour
1/3 cup nuts of your choice or chipits

With an electric mixer, beat oil and sugar.
Add eggs and then bananas. Dissolve soda in sour cream. Turn mixer to low speed and slowly add soda/sour milk to banana mixture. Sift in flour and mix gently. Add nuts or chipits.Blend. Fill muffin cups and bake at 375 degrees for 17-20 minutes.
Makes 12 muffins.

Cynthia's Carrot Muffins:

1cup flour
1tsp baking soda
1 cup brown sugar
1/2tsp salt
1tsp cinnamon

2 eggs
1 tsp baking powder
2/3 cup oil
1 tsp vanilla
1 1/2 cup grated carrots

Mix and bake.Bake at 350 for about 17-20 minutes or more.
-I made these muffins and got 7 out of this if you wish to make more, you may wish to double up on ingrediants or make 2 batches...

Please feel free to add your own yummy breakfast muffin recipes.

There are also more recipe ideas at The Grocery Cart Challenge

Spending Less-Saving More

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Since we have the "furnace guys" over installing the new high effeciency furnace today, I have tried staying out of the way.Gerry has been talking with them and assisting where he can.While I was out of the house this morning, I went for my morning walk,picked up some bread and went "window shopping". I tried on a really cute Fall jacket, but just couldn't bare to buy it- it wasn't on sale, and not necessary.
Here are some easy ways to make more by spending less:
-Think twice about everything you spend money on
-Go over your bills- and cut back where you can
-Get your hair done less often: if you normally get it done every 5 weeks, see if you can go longer- maybe every 6 weeks?
-Cut back on food costs by growing your own food, using coupons, signing up for free samples by mail, make more from scratch,accept more offers to drop over to friends for supper,use the food bank if you need to and qualify
-Clean out your fridge!  Clean out the cupboards! Everyone can save money by using up as much as they can that's in your fridge and your cupboards.Have a leftover night.
-Share transportation-consider car pooling.
-Check rates with other service providers
-Make your own household cleaners
-Tint windows that recieve direct sunlight

Now please feel free to add your own spending less, saving more tips.

New Giveaway!

Monday, September 14, 2009

We have a new giveaway...we are giving away the book: Buy More Pay Less by Corey Sandler

Money-saving tips to negotiate any purchase--from food, entertainment, household items, and office equipment to cars, insurance, real estate, and airplane tickets. Graphs, charts & illustrations.
We will be giving this book away on September 30th.
Deadline for entries is September 29th with the draw being September 30th at noon CST.
One entry will be drawn from all comments through random # selector.
This drawing is open to Canada/USA.Winner will be posted on the site.
Book choice subject to availabilty at time of drawing.
To enter please leave a money saving tip in the comment section , with your name and email.

Your Opinion Counts/Today's Mail/Phone Calls

Today's mail brought a $5 coupon for Glade products and 3x $1 off other Reckitt and Benckiser products.
Calls made today for products posted will all result in cents off coupons- not sure on the McCain- they took my name and address down. We were quite disappointed with these mini cakes. Very small compared to the commercial Erika said and certainly not worth the $$ paid to try them.Will see what happens.

Restaurants and Free Food

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Are you looking for some free restaurant or fast food? It's not impossible. Here are some ways you can get some free food!
-Become a mystery shopper.You initially have to outlay your own money to pay for the meal that is requested that you buy, but usually within less than a month, you will be reimbursed. We have gotten take out food more often than we would normally buy. Sometimes if we are travelling out of town, we can make a deal with the mystery shopping company we are doing the shop for and have gotten full sized pizzas with drinks for three, and other  full meals for all three of us.
-Sign up for birthday clubs. This is another example of free entrees, drinks, ice cream, all on your birthday. Be sure to sign up everyone in the family.
- Be wise to restaurants that offer kids eat free nights and seniors buy one meal get the second half price.
- Write or email restaurants and fast food establishments- commenting good or bad on food or service.Always include your mailing address.
-Look online for printable restaurant offers in your area.
-Do online surveys where you can earn free gift cards

Aren't Gift Cards Great?

I was finally able to use my Matercard $25  gift card I had been trying to use for days at different locations and it wasn't being accepted. After one more call to customer service, they told me to get a gift card for my gift card and that would work- so I did, and it did! I was able to get us a projection clock radio for $20 plus the taxes, from Walmart. This was something we had been talking about for a while.The other clock radio we had was on the headboard and everytime we woke up to see what time it was, we had to actually  get up and look. It is so much nicer to have the time displayed on the wall. We are like kids with a new toy!Ha ha.
Mom took the old one we we kept it in the family.
Yesterday's shop I also was able to use a $10 gift card I had been saving, and used that towards groceries, and had another totally free, pizza coupon. The coupon was for a pizza up to the value of $11. I looked at my reciept afterwards and saw that the cashier gave me the full $11.00 off my total, even the pizza was only $7. Bonus!

Backyard Travels

We're having another nice day here today-the sun is shining and the temperatures are nicer than alot of the days we had earlier in the year- however the sandflies have been terrible. It has been like that for weeks, and not sure why they are so bad- I don't remember them being this bad.The only place that seems to be free of them is down by the lake, on the boardwalk.They certainly are wreaking havoc on what little summer we are having left in the year.
We have dug up all the potatoes that we did plant this year and they have all been eaten.I definately want to plant more next year as we are big potato eaters here, and I was hoping to have shared with the family this year, and it didn't work that way.
Seems like everyone in town that is growing sunflowers as well, has had theirs bloom. I'm still waiting- although you can see they have grown taller since my first post on them.Hope to see a flower though before the weather turns cooler.
I would love to hear about your gardens and what you planted this year.

The other photo I have here is of our main garage/shed. It is full of clutter but most of the stuff in there is the girls. Erika has alot of the stuff on the back wall- containers as well ,full of household items she has been collecting for when she moves out. She keeps most of the her things in Rubbermaid type containers she bought herself- this helps keep everything protected from the weather elements than putting it in cardboard box.
Since Ria lives in an apartment with little storage, she has brought over her  furniture as well that she is trying to sell, but in the meantime remains here. I hate clutter, which is what this looks like, but for now, and until Erika moves away and Ria sells her excess, it's made it's home here.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Friday, September 11, 2009

The two large goldfish I had for a few years are gone now- I have donated them to the daycare that Ria works at. I have gotten to the point in my life where I need to downsize on the pets. We have a dog and 4 guinea pigs as well. Except for the dog, all the pets were ones the kids got and that mom somehow got stuck looking after- feeding and cleaning. The fish food went with the fish,( who have their own huge tank at the daycare- and other fishy friends). Ria is taking the tank and the accessories for her new garter snakes. ( She'll also be taking the coffee table that the tank sat on and re-finishing it as her own). As my pet population dwindles over here, hers grows at her place. She has 3 ferretts, 3 guinea pigs and about 5 small garter snakes, which someone else didn't want.
I look at the fish being gone with a few plus points:
-no more buying fish flakes
-no more cleaning the fish tank
-no more power to run the pump

Ria is my 24 year old daughter.

We have a Winner!

Here are your random numbers:

Timestamp: 2009-09-11

Comment # 11 was the winner today of the Spiritual reading with Anthony.
Congratulations to Claire.Thank you to all who entered with their money saving tips.
Special thank you to Anthony for the prize.

Please stay tuned for more up and coming giveaways.

Your Opinion Counts/Today's Mail/Phone Calls

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today's mail brought a cheque for over $145, which was for 2 secret shops- one that was out of town and I was paid extra for along with the mileage.Woo Hoo..
I have a secret shop for tommorow- get myself an oil change plus get paid $17.50, as well as a food change that I get a free meal and get paid $10.
I made 3 more calls today for comments on the products pictured. Only the Hunts puddings are sending me a free product coupon for my comments.
I tried using my $25 Mastercard gift card again today at another store, and went through the same ordeal I went through yesterday..not being accepted and declined.So, after getting home, I gave the gift card company a call and learnt that since I was trying to use over the amount of the card value, ( which maybe was $2-$3 over), it declined it. Although they did tell me that cashiers at these stores should have debited me for the amount over, and then swiped my card for the remaining $25..grrrr. Oh well, I know now.wish the cashiers would have known.
Our  detour was lifted in town too- so saving some time again and gas, by taking the shorter way to where I need to go.

Tommorow by noon is the last day!

Please, if you want to get in on our first giveway, you'll need to submit your comment before noon CST tommorow.
Also, if you have a product or service you would like to offer for a future giveway, I would love to hear from you.

Gadgets and Gizmos and What's It's -Oh My!

I was looking at one of the local hardware store flyers this morning and thinking- wow-look at all the fancy gadgets they have for this that and the other thing. Is it really all that necessary? It depends I suppose how simple of a person you may find yourself.
Like do I really need a cordless sweeper, or a robot vacumm that zips around my floor picking up dirt-can my broom not do just as good a job?
What about a toaster oven-not for me- my stove will work just fine.Don't need anymore clutter on the counter tops.
Oh I see a cordless jug kettle for $59.99, on half price, but my  simple stove top kettle will work just as good, and a digital blender with a 60 second countdown timer for $30 off the $69.99.
Is it all really necessary? I guess we save money by not falling prey to these ads. I do suppose some of us want the latest gadgets, gizmos and what's it's, but I'll stick to my basic broom, my good ole stove, my simple $10 blender, and my stove top kettle.

Every Little Bit Counts

There are alot of different ways one can make money while staying at home,and little jobs such as mystery shopping, surveys, and home party sales are just a few of them. My mom is a homemaker and likes to sew- she makes pillow cases, towels, children's clothing, etc..she gives alot for gifts.Not too many sources around here for her to sell her wares.
I do the mystery shopping as well  as sell a bit of Avon.Every bit helps.I have also began adding some affiliates to the blog.
If you would like to list your legitimate home business here, for others to look at, please feel free to list in the comment section what you do and a link to your site.In return, a link back to my site on your site would be much appreciated.Any unappropiate material will be deleted.
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