Review and Discount Code-Glasses USA

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 says that "Seeing properly shouldn’t be a luxury – it should be a necessity."

It had been 10 years since my last eye exam, and really,I don't know where the time had went. I'm not sure about what you have to pay where you live, but when your over 18 years old here, we have to pay $70 for an eye exam. Erika just turned 19 this year and made sure she had her eye exam before she had to start paying.Add to that the cost of new glasses at optometrist prices and you can really end up paying too much.

I knew one of my eyes was weaker than another, and with spending alot of time on the computer, no doubt have some eye strain. I did have prescription glasses already, but they WERE 10 years old, outdated in looks and I wasn't too sure that my eyes hadn't changed in the past 10 years.When I went in for my exam, I was told my one eye had changed slightly in the past 10 years.

I was glad I had heard about and checked out though. is the premier place to order glasses at discount prices.The glasses I chose are in the photo above and they are stylish.Buying eyeglasses online really is more affordable.I would have had to pay double or triple for these same glasses at the local optometrist.

My old glasses were turned in to the Lions Eye Bank, where they will be recycled for use for someone who also needs them.

Stylish and affordable- sunglasses and eyeglasses.Online. ¸is offering my readers 10% off any order of eyeglasses with the code: Blog10
As well, atke $25 off any order of glasses with Transitions lenses. Code: Trans25

A Delicious Way to Raise ‘Dough’ for Canadian Families and a Great Giveaway ( Canada Only)

Back-to-school can be a stressful and hectic time and taking the family out for dinner can be an extra special treat for parents and kids alike.

For the month of September Boston Pizza is selling its popular Kids Cards in support of the Boston Pizza Foundation.

How does the Kids Card help you and other Canadian Families at the same time? The five dollars you pay for your BP Kids Card goes directly to the Boston Pizza Foundation who uses these funds to support Canadian charities and families in need and at the same time you and your family get 5 FREE kids’ meals – an equivalent value of up to ***$35!

***The cards are worth up to $35, that’s correct. The only stipulation is that, to use the card, the bill has to be $14 or more (from an adult entrée, for example).

The money raised from the sales of these cards will go directly towards the Boston Pizza Foundation’s fund raising efforts to support charities across Canada, including Kids Help Phone, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.

Since its inception in 1990, the Boston Pizza Foundation has raised more than $12.1 million through various fundraising initiatives.

The Giveaway:

Boston Pizza is offering 3 Boston Pizza Gift Cards to give to our Canadian readers of Stretching the One Income Dollar as their way of spreading the word that buying a Boston Pizza Gift Card will help people in need.

A random draw will be held by on September 10, 2011 from all Canadian entries recieved. And once again, there will be 3 winners!

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Best of luck to all!

The Complete Idiot’s Guide For Dummies Challenge Plus a Reader Discount Code

You may be familiar with both the bright orange covered how-to idiot’s guides books as well as the yellow dummies, but have you ever compared them?

Well, I had the opportunity to read 2 books on the same subject, from each. The subject was on the glycemic index diet.

How did I compare these? Besides the covers, I really found not much of a difference towards contents of these books, ease of reading, format, etc..

The one thing that would have made me buy one from the other?
The cover of The Complete Idiot's Guide caught my eye more so than the Dummies book.
The woman with a small waist line and tape measure definately sold me.
Both were even very similiar priced and I always buy soft cover books for the lower price of the book over hard.

I wish I could say one is different than the other but in my own opinion, both were very much equal.Both offered me a wealth of information.I recieved one of each of these books for review and the opinion expressed here is my own.

The folks at The Complete Idiot's Guide are offering our readers a coupon code CIGBlog11 . This code allows for 50% off of one order of regularly priced books from The discount is effective immediately and runs through October 31.

Have a Berry Happy End of Summer

Before all the berries are gone, at least until next summer, it is time to think sweet easy recipes using berries.

So many delicious desserts and other great dishes can be made with berries. From cobblers to pies to salads to delectable frozen treats the skies the limit to the number of berry dishes you can enjoy. Additionally, do not forget about those more obscure but equally delicious berries such as huckleberries and blackberries. And after you have made all the berry dishes your family can handle this summer, consider freezing any left over berries to use in the fall or winter.

Unfortunately, summer is coming to a close, but you can always have one berry happy end of summer with some tasty treats.

Protecting your Home or Business from Flood Emergencies

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Through recent natural events, floods have become such a prevalent topic for home owners whether they live in high-risk areas or not. While most disasters are tough to predict, bracing for such an event can go a long way into mitigating the damage of your property from water damage.
Flood sensors can help alert different water levels in your property for immediate attention. They can be easily placed in main rooms, basements, kitchen, bathrooms and laundry rooms where appliances using a water line reside.

Additionally, property owners are facing the common problem of water leakage due to faulty systems. Ask anyone who has experienced a water leakage problem in their home or business and they will tell you that the first warning signs are crucial. In the event that an appliance overflows, these flood sensors will alert residents to the source of the problem. Serving as a watchdog in high-risk areas in your property, determining the source of the problem can help you race against time to minimize risk in your property.

The Sonin Water Alarm detects leaks and sounds an alarm during the first signs of a leakage. Its low battery setting also alerts users to change the battery over time. Different settings are available to monitor different rooms throughout a house or business for potential leaks.

The FS1 1/4-NPT FloodStop System for water heaters can alert property owners of a leaky water heater. This device shuts down the water supply to the heater and sounds an alarm. This FloodStop system is powered by an AC adaptor or batteries and is compatible with home automation or auto dialer systems. There are also FloodStop systems for dishwasher or toilets that connect to the water supply line. This system works as a valve and forces the closure of the line until problem is attended to and the system is reset. The FloodStop FS 3/8 C automatically shuts off water supply to the unit whether it is caused by a leak, broken part, overflow or a ruptured supply line. Property owners can consolidate their alarms through a relay output that can be connected to alarm panels throughout the home.

Additional things you can do to prepare for a possible flood is to make sure your rain gutters are free from debris or any buildup that accumulates over time.

A great tip for families who live in high-risk areas is to practice drills and decide on a meeting place (preferably higher ground) in the event of an emergency. Groups should be assigned so members can be accountable for other members and an emergency grab bag should be easy and accessible in the event that your property becomes uninhabitable.

Lastly, property owners should review their insurance policy in the event of a flood. Many insurance plans in America do not include floods as part of their coverage. There is no doubt that flood damage can be costly, can ruin your property and take years to repair. Becoming proactive in protecting your investment can greatly minimize the risk of catastrophic damage. For similar home security equipment and alarm systems, Home Security Store has everything you need to protect your home or business.

Guest post submitted by: Mike Webster

Review-Wendy Paul's Gourmet Baking Recipe Books

I love to bake. I love looking through baking cookbooks, and have more of those than cookbooks for meals. I love nice colorful pictures in cookbooks too and to see what my final product is suppose to look like.It makes me want to start baking even more.

Well, not long ago,I heard about a lady named Wendy Paul.I heard she had wonderful gourmet baking books and I had to see for myself, so I searched for her name and up came a collection of these gourmet baking books:

-101 Gourmet Cookies

-101 Gourmet Cake Bites,( which are new to me and have cake in the oven right now to make my first cake bites recipe)

-101 Gourmet Cupcakes

Wendy's motto is "There's Always a Reason To Bake", and how true. From everyday recipes to recipes for special occassions, and holiday treats.The books are hard covered, spiral books and an absolute must have to anyone who enjoys baking.

Today's Winner

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*** Winner has been contacted and has 7 days to reply before a new winner is selected.
Thank you to all that entered!

Back To School With Visa and a $50 Gift Card Giveaway (Canada only)

As you know, back to school is always a stressful time and the shopping experience can sometimes almost mirror those dreaded Holiday season line-ups. What’s interesting is that VISA Canada has done a fascinating study on back to school spending and found that many shoppers are choosing to shop at online stores.

According to their survey,over 93% of back to school shoppers are looking for sales and special offers online and with Canadians spending an average of $240 online for back to school – anything you can do to stretch those dollars helps.

Back-to-school shoppers cited two main reasons why they dislike in-store purchasing –crowds and expense (58% combined).I agree. I much prefer online shopping.

Visa would love to offer one of my CANADIAN readers a $50 prepaid VISA gift card! The gift cards can be used at any retail outlet that accepts VISA payments- even on VISA’s deal website to get discounts on a super helpful stuff like new shoes from SoftMoc, some fall fresh fashions from Gap Kids and school supplies from Scholar’s Choice.

A random draw will be made on September 6, 2011 by from all Canadian entries recieved.

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Update- Our Wedding

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I've got the cruise booked for the wedding as well as the wedding- October 28th.

We will have to stop at the courthouse in Key West the same day of and get our papers all filled out and made a note to remember to bring our rings as well. With packing for a trip one always has to remember not to forget this and that.

We will be getting married on Smather's Beach in Key West. My dream wedding. ( Still have to find a wedding song).

I have hired a photographer as well. Cost of wedding cermemony, our flowers and pictures- $504.A video would have been nice but at $300+, we'll have to pass.

Cruise with balcony, on Carnival-$1,032.( includes all meals and entertainment)

We are looking at air right now but the flights into Miami from here are not what we like, so we may look at flying out of another airport. I could find more of what I want if I want to pay more- but who wants to pay more??

I still have to find a dress and would love to review a wedding dress.Something simple. The ceremony is only to be 10-15 minutes with the photos taking another half hour+.
Gerry has clothes already he can wear.

I will be reviewing a pair of wedding flip flops too and can't wait till they arrive. I'll tell you all about them!

Has anyone else been married on a beach?

Some Great Second Hand Deals

Friday, August 26, 2011

I wanted to share some great savings I got on my exercise equipment for our spare room.

I bought a treadmill last night from a lady who was asking $50,( I got it for $40). She paid over $1,000 for it. She said it was about 10 years old but she didn't use it alot and it IS in great shape.
I couldn't even imagine paying that for a treadmill.

The exercise bike I got last summer or the summer before, I only paid $20 for. I got it at a yard sale and I believe they were asking more but I asked if they would take lower and they did.

People that are selling things want to get rid of them, so unless they have alot of interested people in what they are selling, more than likely they will be willing to "wheel and deal" with you.

Creating an Effective Budget Via Frugality

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Creating a well-planned budget can help you reach your goals of frugal living and it is essential in keeping finances in check. The following are a variety of useful tips when making a budget:

1.Add Up Your Total Monthly Earnings

Calculate the total amount of money you pull in every month, including income, investments, and residual income. Gather financial statements and keep them organized.

2.Evaluate Your Monthly Expenses

Create a list of all your regularly monthly expenses including mortgage or rent payments, car payments, insurance, utilities, groceries, and minimum payments toward debt. Also include amounts you spend on niceties such as entertainment, eating out, and hobbies.

3.Divide Expenses into Fixed and Variable Categories

Fixed expenses are items that typically stay the same every month and are necessary for your way of life. Examples include mortgage or rent, car payments, utilities, and debt payments. Variable expenses are items that will change on a monthly basis such as groceries, gas, entertainment, and dining out.

4.Deduct Expenses From Earnings

Try out the effectiveness of your current budget by deducting monthly expenses from earnings to see if you have any money left over at the month’s end.

5.Create a Plan for a New Budget

If your current budget ends in a negative amount, rework the numbers by looking over every area and determining where to make cuts.

6.Assess Your Budget

At the end of every month, look over expenses and see if they are matching up to the budget. If they are over, determine if you need to rework the budget or if you need to work harder to reduce unnecessary spending.

Employing a variety of saving strategies on a monthly basis can help you maintain your budget and be on your way to a more fulfilling and thrifty lifestyle. Here are five great ways to stretch the dollar.

Frugal Saving Tips

•Conserve Energy

Check your home and determine if you are wasting energy. Make sure to check windows and weather stripping and turn off lights and electronic equipment when not in use.

•Pay Bills Online

Whenever possible, pay your bills online to reduce the costs of stamps and checks. Online bill pay also reduces the incidence of late fees.

•Clip Coupons

Subscribe to the Sunday paper and take the time to clip coupons for items you use on a regular basis. Many coupon inserts also feature coupons for restaurants, clothing items, and portrait sessions.

•Eat Out Less

Eating out cost much more than eating at home and set up a goal to eat out less or limit it to once a month. A fun alternative is planning theme nights such as breakfast, Mexican, and Italian.

•Recycle Printer Ink Cartridges

When your ink cartridges have run out, recycle them to receive store credit or coupons to be used toward new cartridges. Various stores such as Office Max and Staples offer rewards programs for customers who recycle their used printer cartridges.

•Look for Freebies

Research a variety of online websites to find an array of free offers and samples.

•Become a Library Member

Regularly buying books and movies can get very expensive and an effective solution is checking out books and movies from your local library free of charge.

•Buy Generic Printer Ink and Toner

Many retailers offer a variety of generic ink and toner products such as toner cartridges copier toners, and many different types of printer ink.

•Use Cash
Many studies have shown that when people use cash to make every day purchases they save more than 15 percent versus using a credit or debit card.

Back To School Savings and Big Giveaway From Duracell (Canada only)

A new Duracell Back-to-School survey illustrates how education-related costs are clearly on the minds of many parents as the new school year approaches. With more than half of parents surveyed (56%) said they expect to spend over $250 on back-to-school shopping. Clothes make up the largest overall share of back-to-school spending at 40%, while school supplies, books and electronics account for 51% of anticipated expenses.

This September, Duracell wants to make your back to school shopping a little easier with this backpack full of great Duracell products to keep your kids charged up for the school year.( Total value of the Duracell back-to-school backpack = $240.00)


1. Duracell Instant, Powerhouse and Pocket USB chargers

2. Duracell Mini charger

3. A selection of rechargeable batteries to power up for the school year

Of course, there’s more to school than supplies. To help students everywhere power up for success Duracell Canada is making a donation of $10,000 to Schools Without Borders. Visit the Duracell Canada Facebook page for more details.

This great giveaway is open to Canadian residents only. Random .org will make the draw for this on September 2,2011 from all entries recieved.

To Enter:

Leave a comment about the giveaway and your email.

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Cutting Out the Carbs

There has been a buzz for quite some time now about low carb diets. Just about everyone has tried one or knows someone who has, and many have found out these diets actually work.Please visit our friends who practise the low carb way of eating to learn more about low carb eating.

-Atkins-A lifestyle that wards off light-night cravings and energy crashes, the Atkins Nutritional Approach includes a wide variety of whole foods including lean protein, vegetables, fruits and whole grains to keep you satiated longer. The plan eliminates the simple sugars and simple carbohydrates that cause blood sugar to spike.

How to Become A Handyman

If you’re good with your hands and don’t know the meaning of “DIY” disaster, you might be able to turn your skills to more than just goosing up your own home. There are a lot of people out there who are useless with what seem to be the simplest of household repair tasks and those with the know-how to help them out stand to reap the rewards. Handyman jobs are never in short supply and the great thing about most of them is they don’t require you to have in-depth knowledge of every possible repair you might come across – it’s enough to be a “jack of all trades”!

Becoming a handyman is a low cost and easy way to earn some extra money on the side or can even be turned into a fulltime job. All you need to get started is your own transport and a toolbox of basic equipment – you set your own hours and you can also decide what you are and aren’t happy to do within your job: if you have particular skill with decorating jobs, for example, you might want to add this to your roster of “jobs done”, and if you’re a skilled carpenter you could look into building porches, balconies, bird houses and other features for customers’ homes. If you have any plumbing skill this can be a massive money spinner, as plumbers tend to set their prices high for even the smallest task – you can afford to undercut most of them to make a tidy profit.

So you have your vehicle, your tools and your skills to hand, now all you need is to get your name out there. Most handymen work with a regular list of customers they have built up over the years, but as a beginner you won’t have this. You should look to build up regular customers by advertising in local publications, handing out flyers, or advertising yourself on online classifieds sites for your area.

Once you get your name out there you should find it very easy to turn your hobby into a money making job!

Kellogg's* Wake Up to a FREE Breakfast Promotion - Wave 2 (Canada)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Now you can Wake up to a FREE Breakfast by collecting 5 FREE product coupons inside specially marked packages of Kellogg's* products. Offer is good till 09/30/11.

One coupon is printed inside each specially marked box of Kellogg's* cereal and consists of the following:

- FREE Kellogg's* Eggo* Waffles: Redeem towards 1 box of Kellogg's* Eggo* 8 count Waffles up to a maximum value of $2.99. Offer excludes Family Pack and Jumbo Sizes.
- FREE Nescafé® Taster's Choice: Redeem towards 1 box of Nescafé Taster's Choice Classic or Decaf (6 x 2.3g package) up to a maximum value of $4.99. Should this product not be in stores, coupon can be redeemed towards a package of Nescafé Cappuccino or Latte.
- FREE Minute Maid® Frozen Juice: Redeem towards (1) 355 ml Minute Maid® Frozen Concentrate up to a maximum value of $1.99.
- FREE Danone® Yogurt: Redeem towards a Danone® Activia probiotic yogurt tub (650 g), Silhouette 0+ yogurt tub (650 g), Crush (8 x 100 g) or Coolision (6 x 60 g). Up to $4.99 value.
- FREE Bananas: Redeem towards up to 2 lbs of bananas up to a maximum value of $1.69.

Book Review: Living Gluten-Free For Dummies ( 2nd Edition)

Those that follow my blog on a regular basis know that I have food intolerances and what doctors have labelled IBS .The good thing about these "intolerances" is that they aren't food allergies,and just cause me more stomache problems than anything else.I get bothered by alot of foods though and still am trying to figure it all out.

I read alot of books on digestive problems and food.

My latest book has been another in the Dummy series.They are just so well written and I love their books.This book is called: Gluten-Free Living For Dummies.
Anyone that thinks they may have gluten intolerance or do, will want to get this book.The book covers alot of useful chapters.

“More and more families are learning to go the gluten-free route, and it’s not just for those who suffer from the increasingly common celiac disease.” “Families everywhere are facing wheat allergies, gluten intolerance, and even autism—all diseases that are linked to the gluten we get from the food we consume. And more and more, people are taking the gluten-free plunge in the hopes of getting their families on the road to healthier eating.” The trick, author Danna Korn says, is learning how to substitute for a few staple ingredients in your kitchen. If you’re tempted to experiment with making your favorite recipes gluten-free, there are some savvy substitutions for a few of your favorite ingredients.

A great and helpful book to have for any family with a member with gluten intolerance, or for those with questions about it.

The Time Is Right for Refinancing

With bank interest rates being at an all time low there’s really no better time to refinance then right now. Just about everyone has heard of mortgage loan refinancing, but most are unsure of how to go about it and if it is right for them. In the most basic of terms refinancing is taking a loan that is under certain conditions and then taking that same loan and negotiating new terms and conditions. The borrower would then start to repay their loan under the new conditions, which will most likely save them money.

The best way to learn about how to refinance and if it might be the right move for you is to contact your lender. Your lender can inform you of the process, any fees that may in ensue, and as to whether or not refinancing your home loan will save you money. Once you understand the costs and process of a refinancing you can then determine if it is a route you want to pursue.

Additionally, many people think the only reason to refinance is because bank interest rates are low, while this is a great reason it most certainly is not the only reason. When you refinance your home loan, you will be given the opportunity to consolidate any other outstanding loans into the same loan and probably with a better interest rate.

Another reason to refinance would be to decrease monthly payments, which would most likely mean extending the period of time in which the loan is to be paid back. If you decide to refinance you will also be given to option to alter your loan, an example of this would be a variable rate to a fixed rate. Finally, refinancing may allow you to free up some extra cash for other expenses.

It should be considered that every loan situation is different and should be handled as such. While refinancing can most likely save you money, it is pertinent to discuss such matters in detail with your lender and others who are well versed in the banking industry.

Just When You Think Your Getting Ahead

Monday, August 22, 2011

I got in my car,( a 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue) yesterday and this is what I saw. I had no idea how it happened, but upon Gerry's closer inspection, he said there was a rock chip at the top of the crack.One we hadn't seen before and now the chip is a big crack.

Although we have car insurance, getting glass coverage is separate and more money monthly. Since my deductible is 5-7 hundred, and the cost of a new windshield is something of the same, I made some calls and inquiries.

I found out from the insurance company that I could call the car junk yard here and that they might have one for my car. So, that's what I did and found out they had one I could get for $125. A mobile auto glass guy I called said he's on holidays till the end of the month but will check when he gets back into town, as he said with installation, it would more than likely cost me under $300.

It's still alot of money,and would have rather it been spent on something else, but something to consider. Used car parts!It can save you money.



Sunday, August 21, 2011

I have just joined the Yazkezie Alexa ranking challenge.I want to help other members with promoting their financial sites as well as have others learn more about my site and tell their friends about my site. Together we can all spread the news about one another's sites and share our money saving ideas and tips with so many more.

Update- Our Garden

Wanted to see if there were potatoes in the garden yet to make for supper today. Gerry dug up a few of the plants and all we had was no more than 2 under each plant.Not sure what happened there. He said it may have been the soil or the potato seed themselves. It's most frustrating.

The carrots are small and I don't think we'll see tomatoes. We had started them indoors this year but then we had storm and it killed them, so we bought more plants at Walmart after that-and they just haven't done anything.

A few green onions we have as well, some leaf lettuce that I've fed to the guinea pigs and we have peas.

I would love to hear from any avid gardeners out there on why plants may be small or why we got so little potatoes from our plants.


Supermarket Loyalty Cards: Are They Worth it?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Years ago, super markets hit upon a now classic idea: requiring customers to display a card in order to receive a special discount. In terms of advertising and branding, it was a success. The concept hits all the important consumer notes... it rewards the loyal customers with discounts above and beyond other shoppers, because card holders were likely to keep the card on them at all times either in their purse or wallet it acts as continual brand re-enforcement, and it's non-obtrusive nature allows non-cardholders to carry on their business.

With technologies pioneered by the credit card industry, the cards took on new life. Customers could quietly accumulate points and additional earnings, stored in some unknown off-site location. In practice, it was similar to the punch cards that give you a free item after 10 purchases, but with the ease of a scan or a swipe, transaction times were reduced.

Now, stores have many different uses for the customer loyalty cards. Some stores can allow customers to "pre-load" coupon savings into the cards and thus avoiding the pain of printing or clipping, while others use the cards to incentivize shopping in certain fields by, for example, giving customers additional bonuses for purchasing gift cards.

What Can I Really Save?
The savings will depend on the store. As stated previously, some stores use the cards to encourage repeat purchases of certain items. Getting one free holiday card after purchasing 10 is like getting a 10 percent discount. Others use the cards to trigger advertised sales, so that without a card, customers cannot take advantage of a buy one get one free sale. Some stores allow you to scan your card at special kiosks to receive additional coupons.

Some stores have gone even farther with their programs. Take the Price Chopper franchise in the Northeast United States. Spending $50 at the store, and using your card, entitles you to a discount of 10 cents off each gallon of gas you purchase at participating gas stations. A family spending $150 a week in groceries can save $1.20 on each gallon of gas they purchase at the end of the month, or 30 cents each week. Periodically, additional savings are allowed with the purchase of certain combinations of items, or a certain amount of products by one manufacturer. Depending on the size of your gas tank, the savings vary, but would be roughly one and a half percent.

When stacking of a promotion is allowed, the savings can be considerable. In the situation above, the purchase of gift cards counts toward gas discounts. Using your card to buy only store items that qualify for buy one get one free sales, and paid for with a previously purchased store gift card, will result in significant savings. In addition to the fifty percent savings with a "BOGO" sale, you received a 1.5% savings through the gas purchase incentive program, added to the 1.5% savings from purchasing the card that paid for the present transaction.

What Are the Downsides?
The most notable downside is consumer privacy. The cards often require consumer information, such as address and name, and tally up information about purchase trends, interests and other potentially sensitive consumer data. The thought of having a third party harvesting and collecting information about the frequency and types of purchases you make can be unsettling. By following the frequency and types of diapers a parent purchases, this third party can track your child's age and tailor advertisements specifically to your demographic.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to having a supermarket loyalty card, however the trade off some benefits is supplying retailers with demographic data and other somewhat private information.

Miles Walker is a freelance writer and blogger who usually looks at car insurance quotes over at CarinsuranceComparison.Org. His most recent review looked at the best Alabama car insurance.

Back To School With A Better Breakfast and a Giveaway From Malt-O-Meal (US Only)

September is upon us and is Better Breakfast Month, and with back-to-school time right around the corner, it’s a great time to start the school year off on the right foot by rethinking the way you eat breakfast.

The obvious reason why it is necessary to start your day with breakfast is because of the nutritional benefits. A balanced breakfast with fruit, protein, and whole grains, such as Malt-O-Meal’s NEW Blueberry Mini Spooners (providing 44g) can help kids develop learning skills, improve memory, and prevent the hunger that leads to snacking. If you’re looking for an all-natural variety, Three Sisters or Bear River Valley have no added saturated fat, or hydrogenated oils.

Malt-O-Meal also wants you to think even more broadly about your breakfast this year, and that includes thinking about your planet and how the things you purchase, such as cereal in a BOX, affects the environment. Each year the United States produces 2.3 billion cereal boxes, which is enough paperboard to build three great pyramids! By eliminating the box and producing cereal in a bag, Malt-O-Meal has reduced the amount of packaging that consumers have to dispose of by 75 percent!

Consider Malt-O-Meal cereal for your next breakfast choice.

Malt-O-Meal would like to give away a collection of their cereals to one of our US readers in this Back to School giveaway.

A random draw will be made on August 30, 2011 from all entries recieved, by our random entry selector-

To Enter:

Tell me what your kids eat for a typical breakfast.

Extra Entries:

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Best of luck to all!

It's Official- The Wedding Date is October 28th And We're Going Cruising!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I just completed our booking today with a Calvin, over at Cruise Adventure Travel .He has been such a big help with all my questions and getting us a great rate, as well as making sure we have that good old insurance protection.

Booked a Carnival 4 Day Western Caribbean cruise with balcony.We will be leaving out of Miami on the 27th, with stops in Key West,( where we will be getting married on the beach), and over to Cozumel,Mexico. Our wedding date will be the 28th of October, and Gerry's birthday is the following day.So needless to say, there are travel plans to be made and wedding plans to be made.And we didn't want to take too long of a cruise as we have never did this before and not sure if we will like it or how wobbly we will feel out there on the ocean.

If anyone has taken this cruise, I would love to hear from you. We have a long journey as we will be leaving from our home to the city, ( 6 hours away to catch our flight), then a 6 hour flight at the least I believe. Lots of travelling but I'm sure it will be well worth it.

In Key West, we have found a great place that will be also helping us with our wedding once we dock there for part of the day.They will be a big part of having alot ready for us, but will still need to look for a dress,etc..

Will keep you all up to date.


Eddie Bauer- Save Up to 75% Off ( Summer Clearance)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Huge summer clearance and hundreds of styles for men or women!
Save up to 75% Off - so hurry while selection is still great.

Win 1 of 25 Cruises For 2 ( Canada/USA)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Enter to win 1 of 25 FREE cruises to the sun-soaked Bahamas onboard one of Royal Caribbean International’s spectacular ships.

Winners will get to discover the Nation of Why Not as they enjoy a wide variety of activities, exciting dining options, and beautiful vistas all while sailing towards the white sandy beaches of the Bahamas.

25 Prizes will be awarded over 25 days and include:

•A 4 day cruise for two to the Bahamas with Royal Caribbean International
•Most onboard dining, entertainment, activities and non-stop fun

***See full contest rules for more details.

Fun and Delicious Camping Meals

Friday, August 12, 2011

Although camping is a time when you head outdoors as a family to enjoy the simplicity of nature, it doesn’t mean your meal options are limited. Instead of eating that stale can of beans and roasting boring hot dogs, think outside the box with these fun family camping meals.


Egg Burritos

Although eggs are a staple of breakfast, egg burritos can actually be served at any time. Crack some eggs in a greased frying pan over the fire, throw in some onions and green peppers and stir it around. Once it’s done, grab a tortilla, fill it with eggs and roll it up. This is the kind of fun and simple hands-on meal kids love.

Macaroni and Cheese

Everyone loves the simplicity and ease of Macaroni and Cheese. This is a fast and fun meal that’s easily whipped up at any campsite. Start off with some pre-cooked macaroni pasta and an aluminum bowl. Then mix in grated cheddar cheese, milk and butter. Cook for a few minutes and it’s ready to eat.


Pig in a Blanket

Put a twist on the classic camping meal by turning the hot dog into a Pig in a Blanket. Instead of a hot dog, take a mouth-watering sausage and affix it to the end of a stick. Get dough (preferably something like the crescent rolls from Pillsbury) and wrap it completely around the sausage. Then, cook the pig’s blanket over the fire until you’re satisfied and eat up.


Embrace the outdoors by making this simple, but delicious snack over the campfire. Pour some tortilla chips in an aluminum bowl, let the kids pick their favorite toppings and sprinkle cheese all over. Then hold the bowl over the fire for a few minutes to get a creamy creation your kids will love.


Banana Boat

If your kids are tired of making the same old campfire S’mores, treat them to a new idea that utilizes similar ingredients with an added twist. Simply cut a slit in a sealed banana, stuff chocolate chips and marshmallows in the slit, wrap in aluminum foil and bake over the campfire. After a few minutes, take it off, put the peeled banana in a bowl and taste an unforgettable camping dessert.

Baked Apples

Another fun camping dessert that’s much healthier is the baked apple. To make these, you carefully cut the core out or make four slices halfway through the top. Then, put whatever you like (i.e. brown sugar, walnuts, raisins, cinnamon) inside the apple. Wrap it in greased aluminum foil and place in the campfire for about 20 minutes to cook. Once it’s cooled down, you’re treated to a great outdoor dessert.

Timothy Martinez Jr. is a freelance writer and contributes to a number of blogs, including the official blog of Camping Gear Outlet.

(Canada) Chapman's Ice Cream $5 Coupon

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chapman's ice cream will send you a $5 off coupon by filling out their online form and requesting the coupon.
Offer good in Canada only.

(Canada) Save An Additional 50% Off At Warehouse One

From Friday to Sunday, take 50% off all sale and clearance items throughout the store. Hurry in for the best selection!

An End of Summer Checklist

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I found a great check list from Homemakers Magazine, called End of Summer Checklist.

Summer will be ending in a few short weeks for most of us. So be sure to head outdoors and check off as many of these summer activities on the list as you can.

Print off the check list and see how many of these fun things you have done this summer, and how many you would still like to do.

Review: CoverMate Stretch-to-Fit Covers

Monday, August 8, 2011

CoverMate food covers help me in the kitchen.They are great cover ups made to fit all sizes of containers, bowls,pans, platters and so much more.I like them because they are reusable, dishwasher safe and great for covering and saving my leftovers in the fridge.

I can even reheat my food in the microwave and have a splatter free microwave. Their corner vents allow for the steam to escape when microwaving so I don't have to worry about getting burnt when my food comes out of the microwave either.

Available in many sizes, these really are a handy product.

Another Reno-Complete!

Our spare room has been completed.
Gerry made this room smaller by making the closet a walk in closet for more storage.
He repainted the walls from grey to light brown.
We had grey carpet in here before that he took out and replaced with our "clearance sale" tiles.
It has such a clean look now and blends more with the rest of the rooms in the trailer.
We still will be replacing the light fixture though once there is a sale, as I find it a bit "dated".
Also want to eventually change out alot of the door knobs on our doors- taking out the gold and brass colors in here and changing them to silver.

Looking For: Crouton Recipe

I was wondering if anyone can help me out? I made some buns that turned out rather hard and would like to cut them up for croutons. Anyone have a recipe they use that's tasty and simple?
Thank you-


Today Only- (Canada) Save 25% Off Your Old Navy Oline Purchases

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Join The Dairy Queen Blizzard Fan Club (US/Canada)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sign up now for the Blizzard Fan Cub and recieve a blizzard treat coupon and their latest news!

Become an Arby's Extra Member (Canada/USA)

Become an Arby's Extra Member and recieve free food, special offers and members only coupons and promotions.
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Book Review: Point, Click and Save by Rachel Singer Gordon

Friday, August 5, 2011

I just finished reading Rachel Singer Gordon's book: Point, Click and Save, and have to say, it would have been the most perfect book if only more of it would have had more Canadian links and sites I could use. I loved this book but found it more American orientated.

However, this is such a resourceful book on making and saving money and alot of tips are general for anyone. The book shows you how to shop so that your saving a ton of money,using online useful resources, and saving big time on your food bill. Plus there are many more useful chapters on making money at home,getting freebies,and so much more. You really have to get this book. You won't be disappointed.

Rachel also has a great web site called Mashup Mom and invites all you money savers to drop over.

8 Great Ways to Celebrate Your First Anniversary Together

Congratulations! You’ve made it through your first year together. That’s a big accomplishment, and one that’s to be celebrated to the hilt. From couples on a budget to pairs with bucks to spare, here are 8 great ways to celebrate your first anniversary!


1. Pen a tune – It’s not too often someone has a song written about them (if ever, right?), so putting pen to paper and letting your feelings flow into song form is the perfect way to show your affections. From silly to sappy, you can wrap your entire relationship into a neat little two-minute package. Have the paper framed or roll it up to store - just be sure to revisit your tune each anniversary for a little tug on the heartstrings.

2. Follow your inner Emeril – Cooking your sweetie a fabulous meal is a great way to show your love. Send out an actual invitation stating the place (your kitchen), time (early enough to have time for other stuff later, wink wink) and dress code (fancy, casual, themed, etc.) Then, get planning. Make lists of all ingredients and recipes so you’re not caught off-guard on game day. When your guest of honor arrives, turn on the charm and reap the rewards (just don’t make the dinner so filling that you’ll be too tired for any after-dinner activities!)

3. Affirm and boogie – On the night of your anniversary, take a moment to renew your vows to each other, reflecting over the past year and dreaming of years to come. Then, bust out a CD of the song you first danced to at your reception and twirl, sway or dance the night away. After all, there’s nothing like reliving a beautiful memory to bring a couple closer.

Middle of the Road

4. Get schooled – Ever want to learn something new? This is the perfect anniversary gift to yourselves. Enroll in a cooking, wine tasting or chocolatier class. Or if you’re sporty, take a dance class (ballroom is romantic, hip hop is super fun), or partake in golf lessons. The choices here are endless and classes catering to couples are all the rage. No doubt you’ll find the right one for you.

5. Twinkle, twinkle – Remember when you first met, you’d look up at the stars at night, wondering what the other was thinking or dreaming? Now that you’re a bona-fide couple, you can actually have a star (or pair of stars) named after you. How romantic will it be fifty years from now to look up at the sky and see “your” stars? Very, of course!

6. Ride into the sunset – Sure, it may seem a little clichéd, but even the most romantic fairytale couples know that horse-drawn carriage rides equal weak-in-the-knees goodness. Almost every geographical area offers some type of carriage ride, so you’re sure to find something nearby. And if you’re celebrating in the winter, a sleigh ride is just as swoon-worthy (plus you’ll have an extra excuse to huddle very close together).

Pricey…and Priceless

7. Bejeweled – Yes, you just laid out some big coin for a wedding and/or engagement ring, but why stop there? Head to a local jeweler to pick out an amazing necklace, bracelet, charm, ring or watch to commemorate your first year together. Pick the piece together; doing so will make the bling that much more memorable and personal. You may even want to start an add-a-pearl necklace or charm bracelet that you can enhance each year.

8. Bon voyage – Did you love your honeymoon destination? Go back. Did you skip the honeymoon in lieu of a down payment on a house or a great new couch? Go now. When the sky is the limit, plan a trip to the most fabulous destination the two of you can imagine. Dine, shop and pamper yourselves silly. Let the world know you’re in love and that you value your relationship enough to treat yourselves to the swankiest or most adventurous time you can fathom. Enjoy and focus on each other – once children enter the picture, this all may change!

Protect Your Home Appliances

If you do not already have a home warranty system in place, you may want to consider a home warranty inspection. By purchasing a home warranty you can save large amount of money overtime. It is a fact that appliances break, and repair or replacement is almost always costly. However, by hiring a company, such as American Home Shield, you can protect your appliances and your wallet.

A home warranty company charges a nominal monthly fee to protect your appliances. If and when one of your home appliances goes on the fritz, you simple call American Home Shield and they set up an analysis appointment for you. The initial appointment will cost you money, however once that fee is paid it is free to get the appliance fixed or replaced. The fee is usually reasonable, much less than it would cost to replace your oven or heating system.

There are two plans in which you can pick from. One that covers the basics from built in microwave ovens to water heaters, and the other that will cost you a bit more but covers central air conditioning units and refrigerators. It all depends on what you want to protect, or what appliances you feel you cannot live without. Overall, by paying a monthly fee you will save money in the long run when you do not have to shell out a couple grand for a new furnace. It will also give you piece of mind, since you will no long have to worry about what you will do if an appliance breaks.

(UK) Get Your Solar PV Installation Booked Before It’s Too Late!

As you may know, the UK coalition government is cutting the generous Feed-In Tariff rates with effect from the 31st March 2011. This is the latest in a long line of cuts and modifications to services in order to help get the country back on its feet as it recovers from the effects of the global recession.

This is why it’s really important to get your solar panels installed as soon as you can in order to still be able to benefit from the current rates before they are reduced.

First of all, what is the Feed-In Tariff Scheme?

The Feed-In Tariff Scheme was brought in by the soon-to-be-ousted Labour government in April 2011. What it does is make sure that people that generate their own solar energy get rewarded financially. Eligible installations net cash payments for the surplus energy generated by solar panels which is sold back to the National Grid.
If you also consider that solar panels could increase the value of your home and give you excellent savings on your electricity bills, getting a solar PV installation is very financially sound.

What cuts are being made?

No one knows as of yet. With things like this however, it is safe to assume that the cuts will be significant.

When do the cuts to the Feed-In Tariff come into effect?

As said, the cuts come into effect on the 31st March 2011. You can find an excellent real time countdown at

What should I do?

Contact The Energy Conservation Group now for a quote. The Energy Conservation Group is unrivalled with regards to both the quality and cost effectiveness of their installations and their exemplary customer service.

They have thousands of installations to their name and thousands of happy customers all over the UK.

Contact them now by going to

Why Sell Silver for Cash?

You might not know that silver, once seen as the poor man’s gold, has been steadily increasing in price and investment value in the last few months.

It recently jumped to an impressive $40 per ounce and is set to climb another twenty percent very soon. This means that now has never been a better time to have a look around your house, in forgotten about drawers, cupboards, jewellery boxes and attics to see what cash could be tied up in your old jewellery.

Why has the price of silver risen?

Silver has risen in price along with gold due to the fact that the global recession is still being felt very keenly around the world. Early predictions that 2011 would be a year of recovery have been unfounded – with recovery taking far longer than originally thought.

Because paper money can be seen as a subjective asset and precious metals are a more concrete investment, demand for precious metals like gold and silver has gone up which has in turn, pushed prices up.

Why sell silver now?

Price rises are set to stabilise and then reverse very soon as the world finds its feet financially again.

The onus is on you to make the most of current high prices and sell silver while you can still get an excellent price for it.

However, it’s also important to find a great gold buyer who will make sure you benefit from high prices as much as possible. That gold buyer is is an excellent gold buyer paying amazing prices for gold and silver. Selling silver for cash could not be easier or more profitable with

They pay for the postage, packaging and insurance on the gold and silver you send in and guarantee a competitive cash payment and an exemplary customer service.

Go on, contact now!

I Just Bought A Breadmaker and Looking For Gluten Free Recipes

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yippee! I just bought myself a breadmaker for $25! The lady only used it once or twice.

It's been something I've been thinking about getting for some time now.I really made the decision today though after I bought my second loaf of gluten free bread and had to pay almost $8 for it! I've been having gluten intolerance problems and with me being a big bread eater, I felt like I should maybe start trying to eat more gluten free. Thing is, living in a small town, only one grocery store carries it and it's so costly.So, I put my foot down, spent the $25 birthday money my sister gave me,( my birthday's on Sunday), and bought a bread maker from our Facebook's online buy and sell.So happy!

I am looking for any good and simple, bread machine gluten free recipes to try though. For breads or loaves, so please send me anything you have.If you have site links, please feel free to add them in the comments.
Thank you!

Back to School Savings

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This week ushers in the month of August. Summertime is winding down and vacations will be coming to an end. Back-to-school time is near! It's a time that many children eagerly anticipate - catching up with old friends, making new ones and settling into a new daily routine. Parents and children alike scan the newspapers and websites looking for sales to shop for a multitude of school supplies and the latest clothing fads and essentials.

According to the Census Bureau, $7.2 billion was spent at family clothing stores in August 2009. Only in December do retailers see significantly higher sales. With economic times still tight for most American families, consumer money resource gathered this short and simple list for those looking to stay on budget and not break the bank while back-to-school shopping.

Early sales season:

Many stores are suffering from less than anticipated consumer spending over the last few months, and are planning major sales to clean out inventory in advance of Fall shipments. This first week is key to getting a jump on sales by shopping before the early part of back-to-school season. Look for clothes, technology, dorm furniture, and more on major discount over the coming weeks at major retailers. Times are still tough and deals can be found.

Shop in unlikely spots:

Grocery store aisles and thrift stores are a great place to find new or slightly used school supplies. Clothing exchange stores are also a great place to make sure your fashion forward teen or college student has great threads at affordable prices.

Crunch lunch numbers:

Don't let convenience trump good dollar sense. If your family is on a budget and dollars are more important than minutes, crunch the numbers to make sure school lunches are as economical as packing a lunchbox. And if you are packing a lunch, be smart in the grocery aisle - sandwich fixings might add up to much more than some prepackaged healthy lunch options. Those families in bad economic circumstances can often apply for assisted or free lunches through some school programs. Take the time to do the math and research your options.


Take advantage of recycled clothes and supplies on both ends. Look to eBay, Craiglist and thrift stores for school supplies like calculators, lunchboxes, notebooks and more. Many uniform schools hold used clothing sales before and after school sessions. And school bookstores or college textbook companies will also sell used books. But don't just buy recycled goods - sell your own. At the end of each school year, fashion season, or growth spurt; be sure to sell the items you no longer need at garage sales, on eBay, or to official recyclers to help jumpstart next year's budget.

Plan meals for all:

Plan home cooked meals that result in leftovers or ready-made secondary meals for kids and parents' lunches. By planning ahead and avoiding takeout at the end of an exhausting day, families can eat healthier, save money, and find time to connect at the end of each day. and The One Income Dollar want to be sure you think through the steps you'll need to follow in order to have stress free and organized back-to-school season.

Late Draw/Giveaway

Looks like I forgot about a draw I was to make at the end of July... but made that draw this morning everyone, and we have a winner:

*** Winner has been contacted and has 7 days to reply before a new winner is selected.
Thank you to all who entered!

Christmas In July Winners

Monday, August 1, 2011

Today's winners of the book : Stretching the One Income Dollar, from the Christmas In July Blog Hop are:
epblack at zoominternet dot net
dorcontest at gmail dot com

** Winners have been contacted and have 7 days to reply before a new winner is selected.
Thank you to all who entered and are now new followers of our site as well.Welcome!
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