Renovating Continues and Finding Fen Shui Interesting

Monday, February 20, 2023

It's nice that we had got a rebate/share from our grocery store back home when we moved here to Alberta. The rebate helped alot with renovations for sure. We have also sold items from this home that we didn't need and that too helped with extra money. If there's a will there's a way so they say. Buying used from Facebook Marketplace too has helped save. It being the city, it's been a bit harder I have found to sell . Back home there was little places to shop and Amazon didn't deliver to certain areas, so people were quick to buy what you had for sale. The city's different because there is just so much here- and everyone wants a deal -LOL

Gerry tore the main bathroom apart where the tub was. The finish was all gone off it and it was quite high off the floor. Behind the tile walls was an old window and water had leaked in through the siding that covered that window, and behind the wall! No wonder I thought I smelled mildew. Gerry has found alot of shoddy workmanship while doing renos. Pretty much we are re-doing the whole place.

We will be possibly re-doing the vanity but a new one would be too much. Also getting rid of the cupboard on the wall. Everything is "dated". Trying to do the renos without spending an arm and a leg. The lumber has been the biggest of expenses though- lumber and drywall, etc., for rebuilding walls.

I got a great book I have started reading from Amazon on plain and simple Fen Shui by Sarah Bartlett. It's really interesting how to bring more positive energy into your home and I like that! Who loves reading about the Fen Shui way?

Why Do People Play Online Games?

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Online games have a tendency to be viewed in a negative light, and that just isn't fair at all. Of course, there is a point where you may be playing too many online games – but people are free to live their lives as they please. People play online games for an abundance of different reasons, but how obvious are they? You may need to dig deeper than you are used to, but that's okay; this article is going to act as a guide. Online games have been growing in popularity ever since they were released. It started off as gamers coming together for LAN parties, which is where they all connect their computers to one network in a physical sense. 

Online gaming allows the social aspect to continue on, as it would with a LAN party, except you no longer need to be in the same room. Online gaming has become of the more advanced industries to be considered as of today, and that's because people absolutely love them. Life can be tough at times, and what better to escape the harshness of reality than with an amazing online game?

Competitive Nature

Being competitive is just in our blood as humans, it's something that we've been doing for a long (long) time. If you feel like you need an outlet for your competitive aggression, there's no better route to take than the online game one. Some online games are free, while others can be played for real money. If you’re looking for the latter, check out the Norwegian list of the best nye casino, or for European users, take a look at Rivalo. Online games will match you up with people that couldn't tell their toes from their fingers, but you'll also come across individuals that test your will. That's the best part about online games! You'll get to compete against people from all over the world, and for the most part, none of them are going to have any mercy.

It's all in good fun, and there is no risk of breaking an arm or leg. For nor, at least, who knows what the future of virtual reality gaming has prepared for us. If you aren't the most competitive person on the planet, not to worry – there are other reasons why people play online games.

Staying Connected
A lot of people can turn to online games for some good fun, but others have solid friends that are on the other side of the screen. Plenty of people develop solid friendships through online games, and it helps out in many instances – for example, if somebody is housebound due to physical limitations, they can still interact with people they enjoy spending time with. Of course, this requires a good, stable internet connection in order to facilitate this, and some may even run a speed test every so often to make sure they are getting what they are paying for so that they will be able to game and talk to their friends without having to worry about their internet cutting them off. 

                                            Great Time Killer!

Finding games that will allow you to effectively kill some time can be tough. If you haven't tried out online gaming in order to cure your boredom, you haven't tried hard enough. Give online gaming a shot! You'll probably have more than your fair share of reasons behind your online gaming habits.

The number of titles to choose from can be staggering at first, but you'll eventually fall into a category that you can call your own. At that point, you can play as you please.

Does Anyone Else Find the Days Just Zip By?

Friday, February 10, 2023

Does anyone else just find the days seem to zip by? I swear when I was in school I watched the clock and it just dragged. Oh and that also would happen when I was at work- now since long retired and do my blogging from home. More enjoying life. The days do seem to zip by though. Perhaps I am spending too much time scrolling Instagram LOL

We have very much liked moving to the city . More opportunities for better deals for sure at multiple grocery stores and I would say the food hasn't gotten cheaper, but more stores to compare from. I also love going onto Facebook marketplace to look for deals and sell online, but do find it's harder to sell in the city than back home in a smaller town. People really want that great deal and to pay less. It's a bit of a longer process to take to sell an item I find. I used to like going to the thrift stores too before Covid as well but most don't have change rooms now since Covid, and I would much rather not be having to run an item back to the store again, so haven't gone for some time. 

The weather has also been super nicer here in the southern part of the province than when we lived up north, so liking that. Easier on Jakey for getting out too when it's not so cold and we get alot of chinooks here living not far from the mountains. Still doing home renos as well.

Gerry had a couple of questionable growths removed from his neck a few weeks ago and just went to have the stitches removed. His doctor suggested in case they could turn cancerous,  best to get them removed. One turned out to be a birth mark, another a mole and another.. an age spot. I am sure he will be happy to still have them gone though and not have to worry at all about the one that was raised.

Almost lunch hour.. so will sign off... have a great weekend everyone! Thanks for following and be sure to check us out on our other socials as well.

Sleeping Like Royalty With The Royal Comfort Mattress From Surplus Furniture

Tuesday, February 7, 2023


Our daughter has had the same mattress for her bed for the last 20 years so we felt it was time to get her a new mattress. 

We went with Surplus Furniture when choosing one as they have always been a place we bought all of our own furniture from. It's really the most affordable place to shop when your on a budget. The Royal Comfort Mattress we found was one we chose for the following reasons:

220 Gram Knitted Polyester Ticking – Strong durable hypoallergenic fabric that doesn’t absorb moisture or wrinkle.

½” Comfort Foam – this is luxury foam that provide comfort and support throughout the night.

1” Build Foam – support foam provides additional support and comfort while preventing components from entering the springs.

7” Bonnel Coils – High profile durable hourglass designed springs that provide support and strength to the mattress. 13.5 gauge springs.

Edge Guard – Protects against edge breakdown while maximizing the sleeping surface.

No Flip Design – Rotate only mattress so no heavy lifting is required while rotating the mattress.

20 Year Warranty –20-year pro-rated warranty. Replacement value is calculated based on the amount of time remaining on the warranty item.

Surplus Furniture is great for anyone who wants a Best Price Guarantee as well, because they will beat any local competitor's in stock price by 5%.

They will also offer same day delivery on all in stock mattresses- although we picked ours up because we have a truck and muscles! LOL. Well Gerry has muscles. With hurting my back last year I was more of someone to take the other end but it was very nice that it wasn't heavy!

Want the mattress but maybe waiting on that tax refund? Well, there is financing available and you don't have to pay for up to one year. So if you see that sale on the one you want, grab it now and you can pay later... The financing also is great because there is 100% free layaway with no interest fees to pay AND no credit checks. So guess what? No hassle way to get what you need, and helpful salespeople in store!

Someone is starting their great sleep tonight!

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