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Thursday, March 31, 2016

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

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The Frank Slide- Frank, Alberta

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The morning of April 29, 1903 the town of Frank, Alberta was the scene of a terrible accident. Frank was a burgeoning mining town of 600 nestled in the Crowsnest Pass in the shadow of the massive Turtle Mountain which rises over 7,000 feet above town.  At 4:10 AM that fateful morning the town and the mountain became one as a 70-million ton wedge of overhanging limestone broke away, shattered into large boulders, crashed 300 feet down the mountain across the valley and 500 feet up the another mountain on the other side of the valley and is known as the Frank Slide.
Here are photos of where the town once was.76 people lost their lives, 23 were injured and 17 miners were trapped inside a mine shaft behind over 100 feet of rubble and stone.

Biggest Truck in the World- Sparwood, B.C.

The Titan - World's Largest Truck 
Sparwood, British Columbia

Photos Through the Columbia River Gorge- Washington and Oregon

Friday, March 25, 2016

A Vist to Multnomah Falls, Oregon

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Stopped today at the beautiful Multnomah Falls, Oregon. Had seen pictures of this place a few times and so glad to be able to see we got to see it. We were able to park in the parking lot, and walk underneath the highway and to the other side. They have food here, a gift shop, and information centre. Alot of people were there taking in the beautiful falls and climbing the walkway to get even that much closer.

Multnomah Falls is a waterfall on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge, located east of Troutdale, between Corbett and Dodson, along the Historic Columbia River Highway, and 30 minutes outside of Portland.


Basic Air Mover Maintenance

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Water damage restoration can be a big job.  Using a commercial air mover in the affected areas in order to dry the area quickly can prevent serious problems, such as warped floorboards, carpet loss, damaged walls and ruined furniture.  This machine is usually the first piece of equipment that anyone performing restoration goes to for that very reason.  You probably want to keep your air blower for a long time and keep it running properly.  In order to do so, there are some basic maintenance steps you can take.

Look Over the Air Mover

Before you even plug in the air mover, inspect the power cord for any signs of cuts or fraying.  This damage can lead to short circuiting or shocks.  Look at the intake and exhaust grills for dust, dirt and any other blockages.  If you find any, clean it off.  Also, be sure to check for any loose screws or other parts.

Listen for Strange Sounds or Vibrations

Turn on the air mover and listen to it.  If you hear any unusual sounds or vibrations, this is a sign that there is a problem.  Turn it off and have a technician take a look at it or replace the malfunctioning part.

Keep the Air Mover Clean

It is important to clean the air mover, especially after each water damage restoration job.  For larger models, wipe down the grills, inside of the air mover and the blades.  Wipe down the outside with a damp cloth.  For smaller units, use a vacuum or air compressor to remove dust, dirt and other debris from the interior.  Wipe the exterior with a damp cloth.  Always allow the air blower to dry completely before using it again.

Lubricate the Motor

Some air mover motors require occasional lubrication.  Consult the owner's manual to see how often this should be done.

Replace Old Parts

Some parts wear faster than others.  In order to keep your machine functioning properly, replace old, worn out parts.  Consult the owner's manual for part numbers to ensure you get the correct ones.

In order to prevent serious damage after a flood, an air blower is a great tool during water damage restoration.  Perform basic maintenance, and you can keep your air mover working in peak condition whenever you need it.

Homeschool Seasonal Breakdown

With homeschooling comes a lot of misconception on how it works for the students that go through it. However, the same type of schedule is kept when it comes to learning from an actual school or whether it is learning online when the student is home schooled. Depending on what exactly the student is taking, and which grade they are in, the curriculum can be different, but having the same breaks and days off as the other schools is something that continues to be done, as well as the hours that they put into the school work that is done with online home school classes.

What is Provided Through eLearning

Through the use of eLearning, the curriculum is approved through the state, so that the child is able to learn the same material that is needed to gain graduation status with their schools. In addition to this, the student will also have to make sure that they pass the tests and put in the required number of hours for the schooling. Online home school is somewhat new to the world, but it is quickly gaining attention since online education is just about as popular as the classroom setting.

Consider making the switch to an online education setting when it comes to your children, and being able to make the most of what it is that they are being provided. As the world changes, you want to make sure you’re choosing the best possible option for them. This is something that you should make the most of, and also make an informed decision.

The seasonal changes that the regular schools go through are the same as what you would find within an online home school classroom, so there is not much change when it comes to being able to learn while at home, and not having to head out in the cold to go to school.

For the best services in online education, visit for more.

Are Adventure Weddings The Next Big Trend?

There is a trend taking off with weddings, having many couples leaving their high heels and tuxedos in the wind and lacing up some sneakers instead. These couples are taking tying the knot to extremes, they are following wedding trends of adventure weddings. These types of weddings tend to be more appealing to many couple’s and their guest’s, catering to their active interests.

Involve the Family in an Adventure

Couples waiting to tie the knot, are looking for different ways to involve their guests and make this special day one that is more memorable to others, especially ones that have paid to bring in a lot of family to share in this day. If a bride and groom spend to bring aunts and uncles in from out of state, why not offer them something exciting to do they will never forget? If a couple feels comfortable having their wedding venue set up on top of a mountain, or in the middle of a football field, they should be able to do so.

Recharge Time

Spending several hours sitting at a reception for many wedding guests can become boring. Why not let them recharge by having them enjoy in a game of beach ball, or participate in classes such as yoga or spinning. There is always time for some rock climbing or bungee jumping for the more daring guests, or have them take in some scuba diving. Weddings no longer have to be normal, with the adventure weddings trending, almost anything is possible.

Joining Together

Of course, every wedding has some guests that are not as adventurous as others, or are unable to be, such as grandpa and grandma. For these guests, there is still the grand get-together where everyone will join, at the banquet halls in Glendale CA

Easter Gift Guide and Basket Fillers For Kids

Easter baskets can be so much fun to put together for your kids! We have some great ideas below from our friends.

Creating Easter basket ideas and gift for kids ,get BIG smiles from the little ones. 

The new Mega Bloks American Girl product line features highly detailed building sets and fully articulated mini figures based on the American Girl’s popular Girl of the Year characters, including past favorites Grace, Isabelle, Saige, McKenna, and Nicki. To extend the playability, the line also includes eight individually packaged American Girl mini friend figures, along with two style collections containing additional figures and mix-and-match accessories girls can use to further explore and expand the Girl of the Year story world. The Mega Bloks American Girl products range in price from $3.99 to $69.99 and are currently available exclusively in-store and online at Toys “R” Us in the U.S. and Canada. On July 1, 2016, the line will expand into other mass retailers in the U.S. and Canada. To learn more, visit

VTech 3-in-1 Care & Learn Stroller-

This Easter, your child can learn about numbers, colors, nutrition and more with the VTech 3-in-1 Care & Learn Stroller. The baby doll fits within the stroller to be pushed along on a walk, and the smart sensor activates sing-along songs that teach your little one about letters, colors, places and animals for learning on the go. When baby gets hungry, the stroller transforms into a high chair where your child can pretend to feed the little one while turning the book page to learn about nutrition and healthy habits. After mealtime is over, the high chair changes into a bassinet for baby to rest as 20 lullabies play. When it's time to play again, your little one can use the number keys and music mode to hear counting and piano sounds.

Age recommendation: 2-5
MSRP: $49.99

Available Spring 2016 only at Toys“R”Us

Shake & Sing ElephantRattle™ by VTech®- 

Your child will love rattling the Shake & Sing Elephant Rattle™ by VTech®. Press the adorable elephant’s light-up button and it will play melodies, songs and fun phrases. Little ones will also build fine motor skills by turning the elephant’s trunk and his soft, textured ears, which are perfect for teething. When they grasp the black and white textured handle and shake the rattle, they will activate the motion sensor and be rewarded with a variety of silly sounds. Shake and play with the elephant!

Age recommendation: 3-36 months
MSRP: $9.99

Zoo Jamz Microphone™ by VTech®-

Sing and learn with the Zoo Jamz Microphone™ by VTech®. Join the jungle jam and use the voice-amplifying microphone to sing along to children's songs with the friendly lion and his friends. Speed up or slow down the tempo and add fun sound effects by turning the ring. Press the six light-up instrument buttons and your little one will learn about each instrument and hear the sound it makes. They can also use the light-up buttons to play ten different melodies note by note. Bring the animal band together by pressing the star-shaped button and hear the lion sing with the zebra from Zoo Jamz Piano™ and the giraffe from Zoo Jamz Guitar™ (each sold separately). Go on an exciting singing safari!

Age recommendation: 18-48 months
MSRP: $14.99

Available Spring 2016 at all major retailers nationwide and at

Dream Buddies Sheep-

These little Dream Buddies Bunny and Sheep are excited for Easter!
·        Projects an actual star constellation
·        Cycles through all three colors automatically: blue, green and amber
·        Collect all 7-inch cuddly characters
·        2 AAA batteries included

Age recommendation: all ages
MSRP: $29.99 each
Available at independent toy, gift and baby stores across Canada

Hugginz Musical Plushies-


•             Best for infants
•             Heirloom style with a classic pull-string mechanism
•             Plays soothing “La Le Lu” lullaby with just one pull
•             Irresistibly huggable and super soft
•             Measures 6 inches tall

Age recommendation: all ages
MSRP: $22.99 each
Available at independent toy, gift and baby stores across Canada

Bratz Sweet Style Doll Asst – 

Bratz enter a deep food coma and have a dream about a froyo shop where all of their creations come to life in the shoppe. Each Bratz comes with her very own sweets themed fashion outfit and shoes. Unique candy accessories such as earrings, necklace, bag, sweet themed pet and more included. (MSRP $16.99)

Bratz Remix Doll Asst – 

OPP for Spring! Everyone loves music, especially Bratz! Give your Bratz a stylish outfit and headset that you can mix and match. Each Bratz comes with her very own fashion outfit and personalized headphones. Headphones are inspired by each of their spirit animals and are interchangeable across all. The package also comes with other unique accessories including each character’s own ‘mp3 player’ and iconic hair brush! (MSRP $12.99)

**Watch this spot for more great ideas .

Happy First Day of Spring? Not So in Lassen National Forest, Ca

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Well it wasn't flowers and sun shining for the first day of Spring while we drove through the mountains today- this was Lassen National Forest at the rest stop this afternoon- at about 5800 ft.
Cold, rainy and wet! Blah!

Our Overnight Stay in Verdi , Nevada

Got into town late last night, so had to find a place to stay-
Verdi, Nevada, just outside of Reno.
Gold Ranch Casino and RV Resort. Very close camping. Like our space more but "beggers can't be choosers" and it was a late night into town. RV Parks and RV Resorts are pretty much like this, and not alot of "campgrounds" open yet for the season.
Here they had water, dumps and laundry available : $1.50 a wash/dry.
$37.50 USD/night
Temperatures already cooling off and seeing more cloudy skies.
Something you'd like to do? You can always check out RV rental prices online to have as much fun RVing and to try the lifestyle, as we do!

Our Overnight in Tonopah, Nevada

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Stayed overnight at highway rest stop outside of Tonopah, Nevada. Was lucky to find this spot. Free!

Plus other campers there as well for the night. This lot filled up a little later on. Saw other campers in the morning walking their dogs like us.
Checked out the town in the morning.

                                                             Bob's Big Boy Orphan

                                                Bear inside the Tonopah Station Hotel 

                                                             Tonopah Old Cemetry

                                                   Clown Motel- name says it all!

                                                               View of town from the hill

                                                         Old Tonopah Mining Park


Thursday, March 17, 2016

There’s a lot to look forward to this Spring at Ovation Brands portfolio of restaurants… with all-new Family Night festivities taking place every Thursday night between March 17th through May 12th. Featuring the ever-popular Amelia Bedelia from children’s literature, kids of all ages are invited to participate in educational yet lighthearted group activities that celebrate words, science, cooking, the seasons, and even this year’s upcoming presidential election.

All Family Night Kids’ Activities are free to all guests at participating Ryan’s®, HomeTown® Buffet, Old Country Buffet® and Country Buffet® locations. Kids simply meet up in the designated activity area, where an adult staff member will be leading the night’s fun-filled experience. Parents are welcome to enjoy a quiet meal in the meantime, or join in with kids as desired. Along with each weekly event, children will also receive “fun sheets” that relate back to each night’s theme.

Upcoming events include:

-         March 17 “St. Patrick’s Day” brings kids along on a magical four-leaf clover hunt with prizes, candies, and free dinner coupons for those that collect the most clovers. Extra clovers will be given to kids who show up wearing green.
-         March 24 “Let’s Run for Office!” teaches kids the basics about election time and how to campaign by making slogans, buttons, and campaign promises before holding their own mini election.
-         March 31 “Spring Selfie” is a great social media photo-booth-style experience the whole family can take part in. Frames, decorations, and mini props will be provided at each location.
-         April 7 “Bake Off!” gets children into the wholesome fun of cooking by baking one of Amelia Bedelia’s favorites – classic Apple Pie.
-         April 14 “Recipes Done Right” helps kids see how important it is to follow instructions – especially when baking – with a fun ‘scramble’ game to see which team can re-create certain recipes.
-         April 21 “Fly a Kite” celebrates one of Springtime’s most popular activities by coloring and assembling a miniature kite for flying or decorating their rooms
-         April 28 “Dream Pie” invites children to explore their imaginations and their appetites with a colorful design-your-own pie creation to share with the group
-         May 5 “The Power of Words That Help Out” features Amelia Bedelia and her silly mix-ups of common phrases as kids discover the multiple meanings of words and phrases during a Simon-Says-style game.
-         May 12 “Magic Words” highlights Amelia Bedelia once again – but this time showing how words can make a difference through manners and also through magic – with multiple magical demonstrations kids can recreate at home.

Families can also save on Family Nights from 3:30PM – Close when kids under age 11 can eat for $1.99. This offer is valid for up to two kids per regular priced adult meal purchase. Families can also enter for a chance to win a 7-night Caribbean cruise for a family of four including air transportation, courtesy of MSC Cruises. For more information about the prize or how to enter, visit

For more information about family-night activities, or to learn more about Ryan’s®, HomeTown Buffet®, Country Buffet® Old Country Buffet®, visit,, and

Enter to win:
To celebrate the promotion as well as the sweepstakes, we want to offer our readers a special prize pack, with an Amelia Bedelia sticker pack, bonnet pack, poster, brochure, and 4 paperback books – Amelia Bedelia’s First Apple Pie, Amelia Bedelia Makes a Friend, Amelia Bedelia, Amelia Bedelia Means Business. $100 Value

One winner will receive the prize pack above. Both Canada or the USA can enter and the draw will be made by on  March 31, 2016

To Enter:
Leave a comment with your contact info if your familiar with Amelia Bedelia books. Limit one entry per household.

Good Luck To All!

Today's Trip Into Mexico

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Since my dentist wasn't going to be available back home when we got there, we decided to make a trip into Los Algodones, Mexico today.

Took us an hour and a half drive south to get there. Went in the RV. Parked in a huge parking lot for $12 for RV's and walked over. It was that simple.

It was an eye opener. So many people selling their wares, people with their kids in tow or sleeping anywhere while their parents peddled fruit, clothing, jewelry, purses, etc. Seems like a hard life, and that sun was so hot today too. It was 91 degrees there. 

We were hounded by people as soon as we got there- especially one trying to sell us dental services, which we were looking for anyhow. We followed the guy as we had seen the same building on YouTube and another traveler had been there before. We were told that check ups and xrays were free.
We both got cleanings for $30 each. 

Gerry was told he could use 3 bridges and would cost $1800 US total.
I was told I actually had no cavities but sensitive teeth which they put a sealant on. And have an issue still with my wisdom tooth that is causing me grief and should come out. Which would mean cutting the gum. Ouch. One I have to think about and not sure I want to get that done by anyone but my family dentist..but let me think on that.

We bought a few things only close by in the area we were in. As we really felt hounded tremendously by street vendors.Even the dentists, drugstores, eye doctors, etc have people outside their stores calling you to their store.
Once we got into the border line to come back across, and it was a LONG line, there were Mexicans there singing for money, selling things, and begging for you to buy what they were selling.

I wish we could have given to everyone as wow it was so hot to be out there.Even seniors sitting on the sidewalk and holding up baskets for change.
I bought a basket of strawberries from an older man selling for $1. Out on the corner of the sidewalk in the hot sun. The strawberries looked just picked and smelled good, but I had to think of how little he really gets for all that he does.
I left Mexico feeling truly blessed . Blessed for the life I have. Blessed for the life we both have.

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