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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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Candy Alternatives for Easter- New Rickland Orchards Yogurt Bites in New Blueberry Flavor Plus a Giveaway ( USA only)

It’s easy to overload on candy during Easter, but there are some other options for kids that even look like little eggs from the Easter Bunny himself. Rickland Orchards Greek on the go! Yogurt Bites in Strawberry, Caramel and the newest addition Blueberry, all of which are available in individual snack-size bags.

These delicious, chewy bites offer big taste and are made with authentic, European-sourced Greek yogurt and other high-quality ingredients. Other flavors include almond, pretzel and granola. So, for those that want to get away from the traditional sugary Easter treats, add Rickland Orchards Yogurt Bites to their treat baskets.

Rickland Orchards would love to spread some Easter love by giving away a box of one of their Rickland Orchards CLVR Pomegranate Mulberry Amaranth Bars to one USA reader. (Valued at $24)
  •  — Made with cashews, almonds, raisins, pumpkin seeds and raspberry and pomegranate bits combined with dried mulberries, amaranth, and whole grain brown rice
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Branson, Missouri- May!

Excited to be planning our new trip to- Branson, Missouri!
We've already got our RCI timeshare booked there for the week, and will be driving down with the RV, before May long weekend so hoping we won't have any troubles finding some spots to camp before most campgrounds are open here in Canada. Taking Jakey as well- but he'll be staying at the kennel while there.. but at least we can stop in to see him if we want. He's not allowed in the condo. Gerry said should take us about 3 days to get there. Haven't been to Missouri before but Branson I hear is a big entertainment hub so don't think I'll have any troubles filling most of our week. If anyone has been here before I'd love to hear from you. 

Stay tuned for upcoming Branson posts!


Review and Giveaway: Old Orchard Black Cherry Cranberry Juice - (USA/Canada)

Monday, March 30, 2015

Established in 1985, Sparta, Michigan-based Old Orchard Brands is one of the fastest-growing fruit juice brands in the United States. Now Old Orchard is Expanding it’s 100% juice line to include Black Cherry Cranberry.

This new flavor will provide a boost of Antioxidants and 100% daily Vitamin C. Each 8 oz. glass also counts as two fruit servings. Black Cherry Cranberry is now available in stores, and can be purchased in ready to drink 64 oz. bottles. Suggested retail price is $2.99 per bottle.

Fans of Old Orchard 100% juice love the real fruit nutrition, and the variety of delicious flavors. Families are sure to love the new Black Cherry Cranberry flavor too! Gerry and I really liked this juice because it's natural and not too sweet, and you really can taste the flavor in it.

Old Orchard Brands would like to give away 5 FREE product coupons for their 64oz juices, to one lucky reader. Please note: these are USA only coupons so you would have to redeem in the USA.

A random draw will be made by on April 8, 2015 from all entries received.

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Good luck to all!

“Going High Efficiency: Here’s What You Should Know” Tide HE Turbo infographic

Back Home!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

We're home! Arrived yesterday night. Nice to be home. It's melted quite a bit here and even though we were only gone for a week, the weather has warmed up quite a bit. Am hoping to start walking again soon. We flew out of Vegas on Friday- but not before we took in the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.  We really enjoyed this place. It was in the north end of Vegas, and away from the strip. They had a ton of animals from all over the world- actually one of the biggest displays I had ever seen, and alot of cool exhibits. Even live fish! I told Gerry this would be the perfect place for a family to come with their kids too. I could see alot of kids really enjoying the animal and dinosaur displays! As well there are alot of hands on in the museum, so a perfect family outing while in Vegas! 


                                 (This is actually a fish!)

After the museum we stopped to eat at a Jack in the Box- hadn't tried one of those before- fast food- was good- we'd go again! Onto the plane at 6:30 pm, and we had a connector flight with only an hour lay over, but the plane was late getting into Calgary, so going through customs and being about 15 minutes late getting in, we almost missed our flight. There was us and a couple of other people who had to really rush to get onto the next plane. Plus the airports are so big and they don't make it easy for you to get from one gate to have to really cover alot of ground and hussle. But we made it. So we had a 3 hour flight from Vegas to Calgary and then another hour flight from Calgary to Saskatoon. We didn't get into Saskatoon till 1 am and were tired. By the time we got out of the airport it was about 1:30 am, and we were ready for bed!

We had a stay booked at the Sheraton Cavalier in Saskatoon, and was nice to arrive! The room was so clean and the bed was super comfy... loved the duvet on the bed- makes it super comfy- plus multiple, soft and squishy pillows! Be sure when you stay to ask for a river view!

Vegas- Friday March 27

Friday, March 27, 2015

Seemed we got a late start to the day so didn't do much yesterday but laze around, and took a trip to Walmart . Leaving today - and have to have the car back at the airport for 4 pm- but will take in the museum before we go. Have to leave the condo at  noon.Plane leaves at 6:30 and and with a layover in Calgary, we wont be into Saskatoon till about 1 am...

We saw Vegas! The Show yesterday evening, which is in the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, located inside Miracle Mile Shops at the Saxe Theatre. The show is a one of a kind from other shows in Vegas. Vegas The Show is a fun, hour and a half family friendly show. You'll be taken back to a time when Vegas was in it's heyday when names like Frank Sinatra,Elvis and Sammy Davis Jr were headliners, amongst others. Enjoy everything from 40's music through to more recent high acts. We loved the singing- and the dancers. The singers were very good- and as well the dancers. At various points of the show, there were filler acts on the front of the stage while the stage set changed. This changed things up for a bit and kept the audience's attention. We enjoyed these. Acts included a male hoola hooper, acrobats, bird act, a comedy illusion, etc.. We had a great time and would recommend this show to others visiting Vegas.

Spring Clean Your Eating Habits This Nutrition Month

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Nutrition Tips from Lanette Kovachi, Global Dietitian at SUBWAY® Restaurants

Now that winter is officially over, don’t just spring clean your home, spring clean your eating habits! Take advantage of the change in season to dust off your winter blues and kick start yourself into healthier habits that will carry you through till next spring!

To help you start this season off fresh, SUBWAY® Restaurants Global Dietitian, Lanette Kovachi has some simple tips that anyone can incorporate into their daily lives to get started on the path to healthier eating:

Eat a Balanced Breakfast
Making healthy choices begins at breakfast. Eating a balanced breakfast every morning can help promote healthy living. Try to avoid bagels, muffins, and donuts as they are packed with empty calories, loaded with simple carbs and low in protein – the perfect combo to leave you feeling hungry after a short while.

Instead, choose a breakfast that contains a good source of protein and fibre, but not high in calories like an omelette. Try swapping out a regular egg for egg whites in your omelette and pair with whole grain toast, or try a hearty bowl of oatmeal made with protein-packed low fat milk to help you feel full longer.

Snack Smart
Snacking between meals is an important way to keep your body satisfied, so you don’t overeat at lunch and dinner. Smart mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks should be high in fibre, and/or should include protein.

Tip: Try fresh fruit, cut veggies with hummus, whole wheat crackers with light cheese, low fat yogurt, whole grain granola bars, or a handful of nuts.

Go Light at Lunch
Don’t lose your momentum at lunch. Stick to a lunch that is packed with lean meats, fruits, veggies and high fibre grains. Try a SUBWAY® sandwich with lean turkey, chicken or roast beef on 9-grain wheat bread.

·         Swap your regular SUBWAY® sandwich for a SUBWAY® chopped salad. It has all the veggie goodness in a bowl without the bread. Enjoy it as a vegetarian option or add your choice of meat for added protein like SUBWAY® Restaurants grilled, all white meat chicken strips made with no artificial colours or preservatives.

·         In need of a warm up? Try pairing a SUBWAY® chopped salad with the new Tomato Basil soup, available at SUBWAY® Restaurants for a limited time. The Tomato Basil soup is vegetarian (may contain dairy).

Downsize Dinner Portions
By dinner time, you may be feeling good about the choices you’ve made throughout the day and decide to reward yourself with a double-portioned dinner. Don’t do it. Stick to eating sensible portions throughout the entire day.

Tip: When making dinner at home, try to keep your portions down by using a smaller dinner plate. As a general guideline, keep your meat serving to about a quarter of your plate, your starch (i.e. potatoes, rice or pasta) to a quarter and fill the rest of your plate with veggies. Try to eat just enough so you feel satisfied, but not uncomfortable.

Cut Back on Sodium
We all know that sodium is something that we need to be mindful of. Here are some simple ways you can cut back:
·         Making fruits and vegetables the basis of your diet will slash sodium levels. Fresh fruit and vegetables are filling, healthy, and naturally low in sodium or sodium free. And best of all, it will fill your diet with tons of disease fighting-nutrients.

·         Read the nutrition facts on the packaging at the grocery store to evaluate some of the everyday items you buy. For example, look at your sandwich bread and compare it to the other labels – try to pick the bread that has the lowest sodium and the highest fibre.

·         While cooking at home, replace table salt with salt-free seasonings; there is a delicious variety available in the spice aisle of the grocery store.

Be a role model for healthier eating
Making healthier eating choices and leading by example is a great way to influence positive changes in people’s lives, especially children. When you cannot eat together at home, choose a better on-the-go option like SUBWAY® Restaurants. SUBWAY® has a kid specific meal deal called a Kids’ Pak® which comes with a four-inch sandwich, apple slices, Minute Maid Apple Juice and a giveaway such as a toy – just what you need to make eating better easy and fun!

Lanette Kovachi has served as the Corporate Dietitian for the SUBWAY® brand since 2000. In this important role, she oversees the nutritional information for all SUBWAY® menu items and advises the Headquarters team on nutrition and health-related issues.

All Pictures -Gone!

How's this for feeling bad- second last day of our vacation. Gerry doing some screen adjustments on the camera and lost all the pictures. Not sure what he did but poof- all gone!

Vegas- Wednesday March 25

Oh goodness, I hate to say it, but we're back to the room for the evening and it's 10:15 pm Las Vegas time but our time from back home- it's 12:15 am and here we are eating late. No wonder my stomach has been acting up while I've been here. Too much off schedule with everything- the getting up, going to bed and odd eating times. But we are enjoying no snow and the blue sky and sun!

We started our day around 11 am today. Gerry had wanted to go to Camping World here and so we stopped. He bought himself a RV GPS- something he's wanted since he got our RV, and we also signed up for the 2 year Good Sam Club membership - which will give us discount on campgrounds, gas, Camping World merchandise and more.

It seems to take so much of our time just driving for points A-B in the city. But we've had a reliable vehicle getting us around, from National Car Rental-  driving a 2015 Dodge Caravan. Good on gas a great ride. From where we are at, on Las Vegas Blvd South  it takes about 20 minutes to get to the strip and about 45 minutes to an hour to get to the north end when we're reviewing anything at that end.

Lunch today was Olive Garden with gift cards I had.Was my first time to one of those restaurants. We've just been eating toast and fruit for breakfast- nice having the condo, where we're all self contained- even have our own washer and dryer in the condo.

This afternoon we visited the Madame Tussauds' Wax Museum. We had been here years ago, but the displays had changed- there were alot of new ones. And it was so cool to see all the figures. They are so realistic. So if in Vegas you have to see this place. All the celebrities and singers all seemed to be so slim and trim we noticed as well. Once we were amongst the figures, at times we had to do a double take to see who the visitors of the museum were and the wax figures- as the figures were so real looking. And we really liked that the museum was not over crowed. Must see!!

In the evening we went to the Louie Anderson Show. The show is at the Plaza Hotel in the older part of Vegas. A step back in time to the older show rooms, more casual and intimate entertainment. We were front row seating which was nice. Louie had a great guy named Lou Magelowitz warm up the audience, who was great- made us laugh.. then Louie himself came on and did his show. Some of his material is already obviously prepared and he does alot of his jokes about food and eating. But he also converses with the audience and makes jokes off the top of his head. Everyone seemed to have had a good time though. I knew Louie from many tv shows and bit parts. He told us he had his show for 2 years and was going to be done in a few days. Perhaps on to a new tv show. Good luck Louie- we'll be watching for it!

We tried our luck on the slot machines in the Plaza Hotel, but there wasn't alot of people really on the machines, not like in the newer part of Vegas in the bigger hotels and casinos. We weren't lucky at all like we had been in the other newer hotels, which led us to believe that the casino here wasn't paying out the ones on the Strip. 

We had a good day though- the days are sunny and warm but the evenings cool off quite quickly.

Vegas- Tuesday March 24

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gerry and I headed out ** before lunch this morning, to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where we were all excited about our  Richard Petty Drive Along . 

We arrived and were given wrist bands to use to claim our photos of us in the car, afterwards, as well as a  jump drive that recorded out ride along, which we were given the option to purchase afterwards as well. We were then suited in racing suits and helmets, and waited for our ride. We had about a 15 minute wait once we were suited, and waited for others in line to be finished with their rides. It certainly was an experience. Gerry describes it as the "holy crap experience" -lol!! It was different alright and over before we knew it. Gerry went in one car and I in another- doing 3 track laps each, at speeds of up to 160 miles an hour. I can say my stomach felt a bit iffy and the G force definitely plays on the body on the curves, but was still glad we did it- and would recommend others to try it! It was very warm in the car, and I could feel for how it must be for the drivers doing a race with many laps in that heat.

Thank you Richard Petty Drive Along Las Vegas- for an experience we both will always remember! ** (If you are staying on the strip when in the city, please allow at least an hour to get there- as it is in the north end.)

We spent the evening playing some slots, and also went to the Ka Show by Cirque de Soleil. Love their shows! Would recommend seeing any while in Vegas. But I have another late night up- 1 am again , my time .. so off to bed and talk to tomorrow.

Vegas- Monday March 23

Monday, March 23, 2015

After a long day out today, we've finally returned to the condo for the evening. Once again we're eating late- it's midnight back home time, but 10 pm Vegas time zone.

We ended our day today with the Terry Fator Show. This was the second time we had seen Terry's show, over the years, and certainly always a blessing to have the opportunity to see it again when we are in Vegas. ( And I must add that the show does change, for those that do make regular visits to Vegas). This man is one of the best entertainers/singers/comedians that Gerry and I have ever saw- and we're been to a fair amount of shows. He even makes me laugh- and it takes alot to make me laugh! His material is "spot on", staying current with hit songs as well as keeping up with the current celebrity gossip, incorporating them as well into his material for the show. Terry also pays tribute in his show to heroes in our lives, and gives all proceeds of sales of his show's merchandise to worthy causes. It is nice to see in the  show that besides the main stage for viewing, there are also screens on both sides of theater, to see Terry and the puppets up close. Truly a show that we feel everyone has to see when they come to Vegas! 

It was a beautifully sunny day earlier today though , and earlier in the day we made a first time visit to the Springs Preserve. We enjoyed the relax feeling of the preserve and enjoyed viewing all it had to offer.

Our day also included a stop by the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop- as seen on TV, and as well to Count's Kustoms, also seen on TV. Had been to Gold & Silver Pawn on a previous visit to Vegas, but was nice to go back and check out some of what we had missed before. And enjoyed the Count's showroom as well.


We also both had manicures done today at the Mirage, while waiting for the Terry Fator Show, so all in all a nice relaxing day! Just have to try not to get in so late tomorrow night! Getting to bed too late the last couple nights.

Monday, Monday- We've Arrived!

Finally we're here!  Arrived Vegas last night, after a long trip here it seemed like.

Left home yesterday morning around 10:30 am, drove to Prince Albert, and dropped off Jakey at the kennels, ( sorry Jakey- I know you'd love the sun here). Hit bad weather worst than home, from home to Price Albert, and it only got worst coming into Saskatoon. Were able to board the plane though for 5:30 pm and arrived Vegas 3 hours later. Man I hate those flights where you have to regain your sea legs once you get off the plane. Saw another couple from home as well on the plane, travelling with their mother but never got a chance to speak with them, so not sure when they were heading back. 

We're staying at the Grandview Las Vegas (condo)- view from our window this morning. (Pictures taken about 7 am)

Gerry and I both checking emails this morning and such and soon have to hit the shower, get dressed and ready for the day. Weather looks wonderful. Calling for 27 degrees.

Will write more later!


It's Tax Time- With H&R Block Canada- Plus We Have a Giveaway (Canada only)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

It’s tax season, so it’s time to get your taxes prepared. For many years we have gone to H&R Block Canada. We really love using them, because we know our taxes are in good hands there.

H&R Block has been in business a little over 50 years, and in that time they have really grown in Canada. They have more than 1100 offices throughout the country, with a dedicated team of professionals. They use the latest electronic processing and filing technology to prepare all types of returns.

H&R Block guarantees that your tax experience is the best it can be. They will give you year round support and guaranteed pricing. This will make tax time a lot easier.

We love to have our taxes prepared at our locally owned H&R Block office. And you know with the over 10,000 tax professionals trained annually in all the latest tax laws - including new tax breaks for Canadian families, you are in good hands.

Our tax professional this year was Margaret. She has been doing taxes for quite some time, so she really knows how to do her job well. Even in this busy tax season, Margaret helped us get our taxes done quickly. From dropping off to pick up, our taxes were done within a week.

We really like H&R Block Canada and are glad our taxes were done professionally and in such a timely manner. And we are super happy to find out that we will even be getting a refund this year!

H&R Block Canada would like to give away a Gift Certificate for one of our readers towards their tax return this year,  that is good for a standard return (T4).  The value of the certificate is approx. $90 and can be used at any office in Canada.

A random draw will be made by from all entries received by  April 5, 2015.

To Enter:

Leave a comment for H&R Block and your contact email.

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Good Luck to All!

Creating the Perfect Easter Basket with Cadbury Chocolate

Easter is only a few weeks away, so it is a good time to start planning the Easter Baskets for the kids. Instead of buying pre-made Easter Baskets, I think it's  a lot nicer to put together your own.

The quality of the department store baskets is not as nice as ones you could make yourself. That is because the kinds of chocolates they put in them may be a lower quality chocolate, and nothing beats great tasting Cadbury Chocolate! I like to fill the kids baskets with Cadbury Chocolates for sure!

Cadbury has a great selection of chocolates. You can create the perfect Easter Basket with some Cadbury mini-eggs. Or I’m sure the kids would love a Cadbury Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny.

Another favorite to add to the Easter Basket, is the Cadbury Creme Eggs. Kids will be so happy to see these in their Easter baskets. There are many more Cadbury products too, that will help you create the perfect Easter basket. You'll find them in your local grocery, drugstore and big box stores.
Happy Easter from Cadbury!

Welcome "Spring"??

Friday, March 20, 2015

So they say it's the first day of Spring? Well, obviously whomever decided that this would be the first day of Spring has never been to Northern Saskatchewan, where today we have in the -30 degrees with wind chills. And I told myself I wasn't going to put the winter jacket back on but oh I have!

I would still like to wish everyone a Happy First Day of "Spring". Hopefully others are having a much nicer day than we are here in chilly Saskatchewan.


Madame Tussauds- Las Vegas

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sometimes when travelling it's great to revisit old favorites. In our upcoming stay in Vegas we will be visiting Madame Tussauds

Our last time there was in 2006 and we loved it. For those of you who do not know, Madame Tussauds is famous for its wax statues of celebrities, which are very life like. These are divided into different genres so to speak including, sports arena (sport celebrities), TV studio (for all your favorite TV stars), Music Room (for the hottest stars in music). Other exhibits include a tribute to Las Vegas, the Hangover experience (from the hit movie) and something that all kids, as well as kids at heart will love Marvel Superheros- who wouldn't want to stand to a recreation of their favorite crime fighter or villain?

We had a great time there in 2006 and cannot wait to see the newer additions since our last visit.

Twitter: @TussaudsVegas
Instagram: @TussaudsVegas

Las Vegas' Natural History Museum

Next week on our vacation to Las Vegas, one place we want to go to is the Las Vegas Natural History Museum. We can’t wait to visit there, and I am especially interested in the animal displays they have.

The LasVegas Natural History Museum, has many educational exhibits and programs. Going there and viewing them can give you a better understanding of the natural world and of science too.

One exhibit that sounds really interesting is the International Wildlife Gallery. You can see the amazing adaptations of mammal families, and how they have survived because of this. Some of the animals on display are bear families and big cats. 

Another display I am excited to see is The Wild Nevada Gallery. This features animals native to the Mojave Desert in an interactive and fun way. It also has a variety of  plants to show the beauty of the desert. Interesting to us since we'll be snow birding in the area next year.

We can’t wait to check out all the Las Vegas Natural History Museum has to offer on our trip next week. We'll be sure to be blogging all about it.

VEGAS! The Show Saxe Theater at Planet Hollywood- Las Vegas

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

While in Vegas next week, Gerry and I have decided to go see VEGAS! The Show, which tells the story of the most dynamic and exciting entertainers to set foot in Las Vegas, including Elvis, The Rat Pack, Tom Jones and many more. 

They take you on a musical journey to experience all of the glitz, glamour and extravagant costumes that made Vegas… Vegas! This is what Vegas is all about!

The show includes a cast of more than 40 singers, dancers and stunning showgirls in elaborate costumes. With a live big band orchestra, this makes it the “must see” show.

See what Las Vegas has to offer in one show! I know we can't wait for it!

Hellmann's® Makes Up For Lost Mayo With New Squeeze Bottle Designed To Help America Squeeze More Out Plus Easter Recipes!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The shaking, banging and mess that comes from trying to squeeze out the last drops has finally come to an end. Hellmann's is eradicating mayo lovers' frustrations with a new-and-improved squeeze bottle that is designed to squeeze more out with less waste, less mess and more control.

The innovative new bottle comes with three main improvements for a better squeeze experience:

Precision Tip: The angled tip enables more control and better precision so mayonnaise dispenses where you want it.
Clean-lock Cap: With a new customized cap that stays clean, there's no need to worry about messy surprises when opening and closing the bottle.
Sleek, New Design: The improved bottle design offers ease of use with proprietary technology that helps squeeze more mayonnaise out than ever before.

Tired of the same old Easter recipes? Check out a few favorites from Hellmann’s, sure to keep everyone coming back for seconds!

Easter Holiday recipes to choose from include:

Cheesy Potatoes-


·         Their famous Chocolate Mayo Cupcakes ( crowd pleaser)
·         Chive and Honey Biscuits
·         Parmesan Crusted Chicken 
·         Apple Walnut Crumb Pie
·         Caesar Green Bean Casserole
·         Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Wishing Everyone and their Families a Happy Easter!

*The new Hellmann's squeeze bottle is now available at select grocery stores nationwide. Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise, Hellmann's Light Mayonnaise, and Hellmann's with Olive Oil Mayonnaise Dressing are available in 11.5 oz., 20 oz. and 25 oz. bottle options.
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