Father's Day Event-Review and Giveaway: Our sponser: Crystallize It!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Crystallize It  is the hottest news in 3D.
You send them a photo either by mail or preferably digital , and they transform it into a crystal block, complete with it's own stand.It's beautiful and makes a great Fathers Day gift for dad, or hubby.Crystallize It offers only the finest using authentic ‘CI’ micro-laser technology.
Photos are transformed and the end result,is amazing.
Check out their full line of products for dad.
Crystallize It Inc. employs the latest in micro-laser technology to offer personalized imaging in fine optic crystal. Their technology is unparalleled and their roots are proudly Canadian.

Find a great gift for dad with Crystallize It !
Thank you to our sponser!

The great folks at Crystallize It would love to offer one lucky reader a chance to recieve their very own special crystal.
Entrants from US or Canada may enter and a random draw will be made by on June 20,2010

To Enter:

Enter with email-it's that simple!

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Good luck to all!

Freebies Are Fun- A Great Web Site for Free Stuff

“Why buy it when you can get it for free”? We have heard that many times and in this economy we all looking for a little something extra. Companies want to give you a free sample, free trial, and sometimes full size product so you will try what they have to offer and hopefully buy it or at least tell your friends (word of mouth marketing). When Freebies are Fun  say free we mean free. If they post free samples, free trials, or anything else that is free you can be sure it will be 100% free for you, no strings attached.

Sometimes they find great offers that do require a purchase or they are free when you pay for shipping. They like to pass these along to their readers as well. These offers will always indicate if a purchase if required so you will know they are not 100% free.

They don’t actually send you the freebies and samples you see listed on their site. They scour the web to find free stuff for you and put them all in one place on Freebies Are Fun so you don't have to do the work of finding them.



Today's Winner!

Today's winner for the Food Should Taste Good giveaway


***Winner has been contacted and has 7 days to reply before a new winner is chosen.

Thank you to all who took the time to enter.

Love Entering Sweepstakes? Sending for Freebies? Visit Contest Girl

I came across a great new sweepstakes and contest site: Contest Girl
Linda currently has over 3,000 contests available to enter, at time of posting.
Contests are separated into USA and Canada- as well as single, daily, weekly, etc., entries.
Linda shares some great tips on how to win as well.
Maybe you like freebies too? There are tons of offers great for US and Canada.
Happy entering!

36 Butcher's Suggestions For Cutting Meat Bills

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Butcher's Suggestions For Cutting Meat Bills:

1. Buy a good cookbook. Familiarize yourself with

cheaper meat cuts.

2. Have at least one meatless day each week - serve


3. Trade budget-stretching meat recipes with friends,

neighbors, relatives.

4. Avoid expensive canned and frozen "convenience"


5. Watch ads & stock up on genuine meat bargains. Keep

your freezer full.

6. Buy meats in economy "family-packs" when possible.

Divide and freeze for specific uses.

7. Stretch hamburger meat by adding bread crumbs,

chopped onion, egg and seasonings. Shape into patties and


8. Buy beef by the "half" or "quarter". Have it

professionally cut and store in your freezer. Sell or

trade excess with your neighbors.

9. To avoid excessive shrinkage and waste, cook

long-cooking meat over low or moderate heat or in 325

degree oven.

10. Use a meat thermometer to determine doneness. This

prevents overcooking, shrinkage and drying out of meat.

11. Well trimmed meat weights less, costs less. Shop

around and find the markets that do the best trimming job.

12. Extend meat loaf and other ground-beef dishes with

mixed vegetables, mashed white or sweet potatoes, rice or


13. Reduce amount of meat in such recipes as stews,

casseroles, chili and spaghetti sauce. Increase sauce and


14. For freshest meats, shop early on days when stores

are busy - generally mid to end of week. Avoid mornings

after long weekends.

15. Stir-frying stretches meat and it's fast too. To cut

into thinnest slices, partially freeze the meat. Use

round and flank steaks.

16. Use "chunky" style soups over potatoes or pasta in

place of meat.

17. Substitute small bone chuck steak for sirloin or top

round. Sprinkle with meat tenderizer before broiling or


18. Rush purchased meat to refrigerator or freezer to

avoid spoilage.

19. To avoid wasting hamburger, freeze as patties instead

of as a chunk.

20. Save tough rinds from ham, bacon or hocks. Tuck into

potato, rice or noodle casseroles & bake for meaty flavor.

Discard before serving.

21. Unless you want the bone for soup, a boneless ham

usually costs less.

22. Save & freeze all meat bones and trimmings. Use in

soups and stews.

23. Buy large cuts of meat (chuck & pork roasts; thick

steaks & ham), when on sale and cut up for a variety of


24. Marinate, tenderize or braise less tender cuts of

meat before cooking.

25. Try less expensive "organ" meats: liver, heart,

brains, kidney, tripe.

26. Buy luncheon meats unsliced in a chunk. Slice them

yourself & save.

27. Buy bacon ends in economy sizes; divide and freeze.

Cook, then combine with scrambled eggs - much cheaper than

perfectly sliced bacon.

28. Get acquainted with your market's meat cutter. He

can alert you to unadvertised specials and give you good

cooking and saving tips.

29. Slice roasts and ham thin. Two thin slices look like

more on the place than one thick one.

30. You require less ground-meat mixture per serving if

you use it to stuff tomatoes, green peppers, cabbage

leaves and any type of squashes.

31. To avoid "freezer burn", which dries out and toughens

meat, rewrap all market-packaged meats in airtight freezer


32. Save cooking liquid from New England boiled dinner,

smoked pork shoulder or brisket. Use for lentil, pea,

potato or barley soup.

33. Save all scraps of meat leftovers. Then grind or

chop them & mix with salad dressing, relish, celery &

onion for sandwich spreads and dips.

34. Make gravy from drippings. Serve on biscuits, toast,

pasta, rice, etc.

35. Dice cooked meat leftovers, mix with barbecue sauce &

serve in buns.

36. Save on "outdated" meats, but freeze or serve as soon

as possible.

Fathers Day Event- Review Only- : Gary West Smoked Meats


A great gift idea for any man is food! But not any food- meat- and not any meat- beef jerky- specially packaged and wrapped for dad on Fathers Day.
One Dozen Long-Stemmed Steak Strips, wrapped decoratively in red tissue and delivered in a traditional flower box.
Send in love, thanks, well wishes or just because you feel like it.
Gary West also has other great gift ideas for dad, and you can check out other great meats in their online store.

Visit their Jerky Factory & Tasting Room at 690 North 5th St. in Jacksonville, Oregon and sample many of Oregon's finest products, if you live in the area.

Happy Father's Day from Gary West and staff!

Fathers's Day Event -Sponser:

Show your dad, boyfriend or hubby how much you care this year with something great to wear from Fibers.
Fibers offers t-shirts, sweatshirts and clothing for dad with great designs.
And,if you can't find what you are looking for you can always create your own dad t-shirts, hoodies and more great clothing! is confident you will be satisfied with your purchase for dad.They offer all customers a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason they are unhappy with their purchase.

Currently they are running a great Fathers Day contest as well:
Design & create a new champion that celebrates dads and fatherhood. Anything goes! All are welcome to participate! No design skills necessary. Contest ends June 9th.

The great folks at Fibers would love to offer a $25 gift certificate for one winner from the US or Canada, towards your choosing of an item from their web site.

A random draw will be made on June 20, 2010 from all entries recieved, by

To Enter:

Tell me who you are spending Fathers Day with: hubby , dad or both?

Extra Entries:

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Best of luck to all!

We have a Winner!

We have a winner for today's giveaway from Hatley:
is our winner.

Winner has been contacted and has 7 days to reply before a new winner is chosen.

Thank you to all who entered!

Discounts: Coupon Codes and Savings

Saturday, May 29, 2010

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Sephra Belgian Dark Semi-Sweet Fondue Chocolate - Use Coupon Code 'SEPHRACF' for 10% Off on 4lb Box

Hughes Net Service includes Free Standard Installation when Leasing. Order Now!

Review products and services and GET PAID!

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Discounts: Coupon Codes and Savings

Special Offer - Buy Your Adirondack Chair Now and Get Free Shipping!

Suffering from high blood pressure?
Get your free trial of Alistrol BP NOW!

Free Shipping On Most Orders At!
Expire: 2010-12-31

30-70% off Pool Supplies

Winemaking Kit - Special

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Discounts: Coupon Codes and Savings-Travel

I have been coming across some great savings and will be posting them in a section called : discounts.
Please feel free to pass them along or list them on your sites as well:

Save up to 60% - Top Memorial Day Weekend Getaways
Expires: 2010-05-31

Save up to 50% in Hawaii
Expires: 2010-06-30

Save Up to 50% on 5-Star Las Vegas Hotels
Expires: 2010-06-30

*** Please feel free to use these discounts on your site or pass them along.

57 Ways to Reduce Housing and Home Expenses

Friday, May 28, 2010

1. Consider buying an old, inexpensive house &

modernizing it yourself.

2. Check firms that build the house's exterior and you

do the inside work.

3. Give thought to living in a mobile home or modular


4. You can save substantially by learning how to

conserve home energy.

5. Insulate your home yourself & you may be entitled to

a large tax credit.

6. Use solar energy in your home & reduce conventional

energy expenses.

7. Pay property insurance premiums annually for

substantial savings.

8. Moving costs may be tax deductible, if it was done

for business reasons.

9. If necessary, add extra rooms instead of looking for

a larger house.

10. Keep your home in good condition. It will insure top

money when selling.

How to save on home repair bills......

11. Practice preventable maintenance. Take good care of

what you have.

12. Get an illustrated manual & learn to repair most

common problems yourself.

13. When needed, ask friends & neighbors whom they

recommend for repair work.

14. Always get competitive bids for larger repair jobs.

15. Before hiring a firm, ask for names of their

customers you can contact.

16. If a loan is required for repairs, shop round for

lowest interest rates.

17. Borrow money for the shortest period possible.

18. Use reputable firms. Check with Better Business

Bureau if necessary.

19. Establish a good trusting relationship with a

reliable repair service.

20. Get a signed cost estimate before repair work is


Where to find the best home bargains.....

21. Discount stores.

22. Auctions.

23. Catalog stores.

24. Garage sales.

25. Flea markets.

26. Thrift stores.

27. Classified ads. (You'll get a better bargain from

private owner, than from a store).

28. Sales and clearances of reputable stores.

29. Look for "floor samples" and "demonstrator's models

30. Shop for discontinued models and "slightly damaged"


31. Buy "unclaimed" and "repossessed" furniture at

warehouse sales.

32. Buy unpainted furniture and finish it yourself.

33. Try to buy wholesale. Some manufacturers have

"wholesale outlets".

34. Consider working a swap with friends, relatives,


How to buy furniture, appliances, furnishings


35. Before you buy, ask yourself, "Do I really need it?"

36. Shop around before you decide. Become an expert

comparison shopper.

37. Ask around. Talk to others and ask their

experiences, suggestions.

38. Go to the local library and read. Check out recent

articles on the subject.

39. Is the merchant reliable in case you have any

problems later?

40. Never sign contracts or agreements until you know

what you are signing.

41. If you buy on credit, keep a written record of your

spending in your wallet.

42. Use charge cards only if you pay bills before

interest is added.

43. Buy only low-energy, high efficiency appliances.

44. See if you can "make do" with what you have.

45. When ordering carpeting, ask for broadloom remnants

and save about half.

46. Make some items yourself, such as curtains,

draperies, bedspreads, etc.

47. Buy radios and TV's during January & May sales.

48. February & June are good times to buy bedding, floor

covering, furniture.

49. Shop March & July for good buys on washers and


50. Buy rugs during August and October sales.

51. Stock up on household linens during the months of

January, May & August.

52. March is a good month to buy a house, right after

school vacation starts.

53. Buy a kitchen range, paint & wallpaper during April


54. March is a good month to select a new air


55. January sales are good for buying small appliances,

blankets, quilts.

56. Buy housewares in Feb., Sept.; china & glassware in

March & Sept.

57. Buy fabrics in Jan. & October; storm windows in June

& July.

We Have a Winner!

I realized today that I had not did the draw for our Joy of Soap giveaway on May 22th.
Sorry about that.
It was made tonight though and the winner has been contacted:

Thank you to all who entered!


Father’s Day :T-Shirt Design Challenge: Win a 16GB iPad and over $150 in prizes!

Unseat the “#1 Dad” t-shirt as the reigning champ of Father’s Day T-Shirts.

Design & create a new champion that celebrates dads and fatherhood. Anything goes! All are welcome to participate! No design skills necessary. Contest begins May 26th and ends June 9th.

Vote for your favorite design below or submit your own Father’s Day design for a chance to win an iPad and over $150 prizes! Proceeds of winning designs benefit National Fatherhood Initiative.

See rules: challenge ends: June 9, 2010

**Not alot of entries or votes so great odds!

Dad T-Shirts

Custom T-Shirts

Review and Giveaway: Book: This is Why Your Fat by Jackie Warner

Eat More, Cheat More and keep off the weight- doesn't that sound like a great thing?
I have always been a person who has made time daily for exercising,but not always the healthiest of eaters, until I started having digestive problems more so, a few months back. Healthy eating really does make a difference and is a great lifestyle to keep your body healthy.
I enjoyed reading this book- it was simple reading, and made sense.

Jackie Warner shows you what makes you fat and how easy it is to make changes to stay thin always.
She features a 2 week jump start program where no food is off limits.
She allows you to eat clean for 5 days then indulge on the weekend.
She shows us how to control our sugar cravings as sugar is what make us fat!
She shares simple exercises that you can do in 20 minutes a day.
She makes it easy to lose weight and keep it off.

Hachette Books would love to give away 3 copies of this book to 3 lucky readers from Canada or the USA.
A random draw will be made on June 12, 2010 by

To Enter:

Enter with your email address-that easy!

Extra Entries:

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Good Luck to all!

Review and Giveaway: Fairytale Brownies

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Was I excited today when I recieved my box of Fairytale brownies! I couldn't wait till the rest of the "gang" got home and we could all ooh and aww over them! They came specially delivered and kept cool. A wonderful catalog came with the box of brownies and I thought: "Wow- this is a great business these folks have. You doesn't love brownies?"
And although they aren't allergy free, and I have this silly lactose intolerance thing, I took my pill and chose the Mint Chocolate- I wasn't missing out! And actually , no tummy rumbles, no nothing- and what a taste! We all dove in!

Their brownies include - rich, dark Callebaut Belgian chocolate blended with pure creamery butter and farm fresh eggs. All-natural Fairytale Brownies are certified kosher and free of trans fats, hydrogenated oils, preservatives and artificial colors.

I recieved the Fairytale dozen which included:
 1 each of all 12 delicious Fairytale flavors — Original, Caramel, Chocolate Chip, Cream Cheese, Espresso Nib, Mint Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Pecan, Raspberry Swirl, Toffee Crunch, Walnut and White Chocolate.

Currently they offer brownies in bulk,(the perfect solution for family, office and class parties, social gatherings and picnics),custom gifts , and a great blog.

Bonus: Save 20% on your order of $40 or more-expiring 8/31/10 with code: GY39

We give Fairytale Brownies and their great staff, a big thumbs up!

And a even bigger thumbs up because they want to give away a box of their delicious brownies to one lucky winner in Canada or the USA.
A random draw will be made on June 11, 2010 from from all entries recieved.

To Enter:
Tell me, which of the following would be your favorite flavour of brownie?
Original, Caramel, Chocolate Chip, Cream Cheese, Espresso Nib, Mint Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Pecan, Raspberry Swirl, Toffee Crunch, Walnut and White Chocolate.

Extra Entries:
Follow me in Google Follower
Subscribe by email
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Good luck to all!

Review- World of Green-Stationery and more!

I recieved a very nice blank  card from World of Green, from their card collection- it was a Mothers Day card so I will have to save this now till next year. It was printed on sustainably harvested wood.Much like the card pictured here:

World of Green provides a large selection of items that are eco-conscious and they present them in a inspiring way to consumers.

Currently you have a chance to win a iSol Plus Solar Charger, but must be a member of the World of Green Community to enter.

So if you love green living this site has all you need and more- please pay them a visit.

Review and Giveaway! Montagne Jeunesse

You may have seen the face masks, foot scrubs and hair care packages by Montagne Jeunesse at your local drugstore or Walmart. They are small beauty pockets with built in spa treatments! The cost is so little: most sell for under $2.25 a package, so little to pay for a bit of pampering.Montagne Jeunesse offers face masks, facial tonics,foot and leg treatments, shower and bath treatments, hair care, body care and a small amount of products for the man of the house.
I recieved a few of these packets to sample- and sample we did- me and my girls. We loved the smells that radiated from the packets once we opened them, and how they made us feel pampered. I did however find that there was a generous amount in each packet and we didn't need all that much for one treatment. I had to store mine in a ziploc baggie for another use.
If you would like to shop for these packets online and they are not available locally, you can do so on the online shop.

Treat yourself to a beauty-boosting facial.

Pump up the volume on limp lifeless hair.

Soak away stress-induced body aches and pains.

Soothe those weary legs and feet.

Be caressed with cool, rejuvenating dead sea mud.

Soften up with rich, moisturizing double-thick cream.

All are packaged individually.

All are researched, developed & formulated using natural plants, essences & extracts.

All are Vegetarian Society approved & cruelty free
Montagne Jeunesse is kindly offering 3 lucky winners from the USA or Canada, their own 7 packet prize pack!
A random draw will be made on June 10, 2010 from all entrants by
To Enter:
Join their Beauty panel -( added bonus of winning some free stuff)
Extra Entries:
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Good luck to all!

49 Ways For A Handy Person To Make Money

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


1. Building shelves

2. Stripping furniture

3. Floor refinishing

4. Making stereo cabinets

5. Making two-way pet doors

6. Designing closets

7. Refinishing and rebuilding furniture

8. Building patios

9. Building fences

10. Building secret compartments

11. Framing pictures

12. Making knives

13. Caning chairs


14. Painting houses

15. Whitewashing

16. Hanging wallpaper

17. Wall decorating with rollerwall


18. Graffiti removal

19. Janitorial service

20. Window-washing service

21. Fish tank cleaning service

22. Carpet cleaning service

23. Chimney sweep service

24. Door-to-door car wash service

25. Mini-blind cleaning/ installation

26. Exterminator service


27. Glass etching

28. Weather stripping

29. Repairing vinyl

30. Recycling tires

31. Gym and locker maintenance

32. Pool maintenance service

33. Upholstering

34. Building barbecues

35. Grocery cart maintenance

36. Golf club renewal service

37. Curb - painting house numbers

38. Garden statue repair service

39. Auto parking service

40. Parking lot striping service

41. Driveway sealing service

42. Spray painting cars and trucks

43. Doll hospital

44. Screen and storm window service

45. Building carports

46. Changing patios into porches

47. Dog cleaning and clipping service

48. Boarding kennel for pets

49. Cemetery maintenance service

Get Targeted Traffic To Your Web Site

What can you do to get your website on the cyber-map? Don't waste time and effort on fly-by-night schemes to bring visitors to your site. will do all the traffic-generating work for you, and GUARANTEES that you'll get the traffic you want. Depending upon your needs, you can choose any amount of highly targeted visitors who will be directed to your site easily and effectively, with less effort (and cost) than you ever imagined.

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When you place your order, you're not just a customer; you become a Member and gain access to business resources including:

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Visit Revisitors now to jumpstart you're Internet SUCCESS!

Father's Day Event Sponser: Burts Bees ( Canada only)

I've been a Burt's Bees fan since I first started reviewing their products.
I recently recieved their new Burt's Bees rejuvenating lip balm with acai berry.
I will be honest- I normally only use another brand of lip protectant for my lips, and am pretty loyal, although as soon as I tried this, it was like -wow-
I loved it! It smelled like grapes, was a nice thick quality, that glided on my lips like a petroleum jelly.
I now find myself keeping it at the computer with me and using it regularily throughout the day.
You may pay a bit more for Burts Bees lip balm but it makes your lips feel great!
The lip balm contains acai berry oils, sunflower seed oil,coconut oil, and castor seed oil. 100% natural ingrediants.

Burts Bees is a part of Father's Day Event, and will be offering one lucky dad from Canada, a few of their men's line products.

A random draw will be made on June 20, 2010 from all entries recieved.

To Enter:

Join The Hive-enter your email at this page and keep up to date with Burts Bees.

Extra Entries:

-Tweet about this post on Twitter
-Sign up as an email follower
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-Grab my site's button
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-Grab the Dream Big button

Best of luck to all Canadian entrants.

Need Cash? Selling Your Hair for Money

Did you know you can make money by selling your hair?

I came across an interesting subject- that you can make money by selling your hair.

There are people making hundreds of dollars by cutting their hair and selling it. It seems like there's money to be made with anything nowadays.
The Hair Trader allows you to buy, sell, and connect with other who want to do exactly this- buy and sell hair. One head of long hair sold for $3600 on this site, in just 16 days!
Another site: Hairwork will buy hair as well.
Be sure to read more on why they buy it and how you can sell yours.
Another great way to make money.....
Personally, mine is dyed and not enough there to sell- but it may be an idea for someone.


Feature: Giving to Charity-The Smile Train

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sometimes one keeps seeing the same thing over and over, and has to wonder if it's a sign of some sort. Everytime I have been opening magazines lately, I come across the ads for the charity :The Smile Train.
 I give regular to charities- I do it because I get a good sense of doing good, and I also feel, that if you help others, in turn goodness will be returned to you.

We recieved a $600 credit on our year end propane bill today. The money came in handy as we were waiting for 4 more days till payday and not enough money to cover all the bills and we needed some groceries. I believe the money came to us in our time of need as the money we give for others in their time of need.

I would regularily like to feature a charity we will be making a donation to- and hoping others will find it in their hearts to donate to our feature charity as well. - Saving money, debt reduction, and living a frugal life

When I come across a great site, I like to share.
Today I found PT Taylor shares his own money  experiences with successfully managing his money, and  connect with others who are heading in the same direction as him and his family.

Enjoy: 52 Ways to Make Extra Money and 104 Ways to Save Extra Money- both make for great tips!

Frugal Travelling with Family

Money is tight these days. Everyone is stressed from the pressures of penny pinching. Summer is coming. It’s the perfect time for a family vacation, but you’re watching every dime. No problem. Here are 5 tips to keep your family vacation frugal, but fun.

Skip the hotel pool. While it seems almost every hotel offers a pool nowadays, this simply means that those that don’t may be more affordable. If you’re kids love to swim, scout out the local beaches at your destination. Most are free. Besides, hotel pools tend to blend together, while days at the beach create lasting memories and offer a true vacation atmosphere.

Take the long way. The kids may gripe and whine about being trapped in the car, but sometimes going off the beaten path is the best way to discover new things and provide stories for years to come. You can plan most of your trip around the drive rather than around specific to-do’s, which will save money. Remember to keep an open mind, the camera ready, and maybe just this once allow the kids to listen to their mp3 players endlessly or watch a DVD or two on the drive.

Take the train. Taking the train can get you to the far off destination you’ve been dreaming of for half the price of flying and half the headache of driving. Riding on the train is an opportune time to gaze out the window and daydream about the countryside rolling by, to catch-up on that novel you’ve been meaning to finish, or to play cards with the kids.

Visit the Farmer’s Market. While you probably won’t be cooking up a gourmet meal with fresh ingredients on the road, farmer’s markets often offer freshly baked pastries for minimal prices. Not only does your family get to experience the local cuisine, but each family member can enjoy something different and tasty for breakfast one morning.

Find a local playground. I’m sure you didn’t save up all your money and travel a great distance just to go to a park, but this option might create more memories then you think. Young children love playgrounds and probably would rather run, jump, swing, and slide than stay cooped up in a car all day or ride in a crowded airplane for hours on end. Visiting a park on vacation can be a completely different experience then visiting one while at home. In most cases, no one has to take that work call or return that text message. The entire family can be present and give one another their full attention. Taking this time to slow down and enjoy each other will make going to a playground on vacation may feel like a mini-vacation in itself. Don’t forget to bring and enjoy a picnic lunch too!
Thank you to our guest writer:
T├ęsa Nicolanti
2 Wired 2 Tired -

Review and Giveaway: Traditions All Purpose Household Cleaner and Coconut freebies

I love reviewing cleaners. Traditions is a great company that cares about your health. They make non toxic cleaners that won't harm your health.Their all purpose cleaner is an all natural cleaner and degreaser suited for so many cleaning projects.From everyday kitchen, bathroom and laundry cleaning to cleaning your tires and engine on your car.It truly is multi purpose.

There are important reasons to consider using nontoxic cleaning products such as those available from Household Traditions:

Protect children and pets from accidental poisoning

Protect yourself (or the primary cleaner of the house) from contact with these ingredients

Protect your home’s indoor air quality
As well, Traditions carries a great line of products called Tropical Traditions, and currently offering a complimentary copy of their Virgin Coconut Oil book by taking part in their Referral Program:
When you choose “Referred by a Friend” and enter your User ID: 6135377 on your first online order, the book will be automatically added to your order .
Free Coconut Recipe website found here: At this website you will see the many different ways coconut can be used in cooking!
Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.

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5 Ways to Save Money on Your Child’s Car Seat

Monday, May 24, 2010

Everyday living is an expensive thing, we all know that. Therefore, when we can find a discount, use a coupon or even by used, we’re going to take that opportunity and use it to our advantage. Although, what’s even more expensive is when we add on to our family and start having children.

Not only do we need to take care of ourselves, but we also need to look out for our little ones. If you’re expecting a baby in the near future you want to make sure you’re ready, and one way you can do this is by making sure you have a car seat for your child. These are a must and are against the law not to have. The only problem is they can be somewhat pricey. If you’re on a tight budget and you’re looking to find ways to save money on one, continue reading below to make sure you get the best price!

Shop online: I find that I save the most money when I shop online. Buying online is usually cheaper due to the costs of running a store online compared to a store in your town. There is no stocking shelves, ringing people up and no rent that is being charged. Therefore, online prices are a lot more competitive than your mom and pop shop up the road. So, to find the best deal compare prices online!

Use coupons: Going to stores like Babies R’ Us is also another great way to save. They often have sales and some great coupons you can use. Buying on sale and using a coupon can be just as cheap if not cheaper than online.

Buy on sale: Always make sure you buy on sale. Whenever you need something, it will eventually go on sale. Whether it’s this week, next week, or the week after that, you will see it for a cheaper price than the original. Sometimes to save a penny you need to be patient!

Ignore brands: You will find that there are some brands that are very costly. Yet, there are some brands that seem reasonable. Ignore the “high status” names and get what is safe and convenient for you and your little one. Sometimes the most expensive items aren’t the best, and the least expensive ones are.

Consider features: Another thing you will come across is the features. Find a car seat that has good safety ratings and all the features to keep them safe and comfortable. You don’t need everything from two cup holders, to body pillows and custom designs. Find what works, what is affordable and what makes your child happy.

Shopping for a car seat can be quite time consuming, especially if you’re a new parent. So, I suggest that you see what your friends are buying for their children and what the best car seats are according to reviews online!

This is a guest post written by Lauren Dzuris. Lauren runs FindMyCarSeat, a baby car seat website that helps soon to be parents find the perfect car seat for their child, while giving them tips and advice on everything from pregnancy to caring for your baby.

Have You Heard of The Big Oven?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Have you heard of the web site: The Big Oven?
This site is a great recipe site that has a special section on leftovers.
You can enter up to 3 ingrediants of what you may wish to use up in your fridge or pantry. It will help you search for recipes using these items.It will work with less than 3 ingrediants as well.
As of April 2010, BigOven had more than 800,000 registered members and millions of monthly unique users- so there are alot of users all sharing and susmitting recipes.
If you love to cook, bake and would like some creative ways to use up your leftovers, this site may be for you.

Healthy Eating At No Extra Cost

Eating healthy on a budget is really no more difficult than eating any other way (unless you’re eating out every day). But for those of us who plan and cook our own meals the majority of the time, it’s very simple to eat healthy without breaking the bank. The real difficulty lies in divorcing yourself of your bad habits and accepting healthy alternatives that are just as cheap.

You turn to junk food because it’s easy, but I’ll tell you right now, it’s not necessarily less expensive. Many people who think healthy food is expensive have somehow gotten it into their heads that they have to eat organic to be healthy. This is simply not true (although organic foods can be very healthy, albeit higher in price). And while fresh fruits and vegetables may cost you slightly more than chips and soda (and you really can’t get coupons for them), you can try shopping your local farmers market to cut the cost on these nutritious necessities.

As for ways to save on healthy foods at the market, consider some alternative to processed foods. Beans, rice, and pasta are all easy to prepare, easy to enhance, and best of all, they’re easy on your wallet. If you have room in your pantry to buy in bulk, you can save even more on these dry goods. You can also grab soup for a quick and easy meal, just be sure to check the sodium content. Most brands will offer a lower sodium option.

And don’t pass up meats, either. You may pay a little more for the leaner version, but if you ask at your local market, there’s a good chance you can take advantage of discounts in this area on days when new shipments come in (this is when older offerings get marked down). And if you’re looking to incorporate the lean protein of fish into your diet without the exorbitant cost ($10 a pound for halibut?!), try a return to your childhood with a can of tuna (the healthiest option is canned in water, not oil). And let’s not forget that a nutritious diet starts with water, so avoid the high prices of bottled brands by opting instead for a filtrations system, either on your faucet, your fridge, or the pitcher variety.

Other good money saving tips when it comes to food are just common sense. Use coupons when you can (look online for coupons for your favorite products), buy generic, and make enough for leftovers. Eating healthy starts at home and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With less time and effort than you think, you can really make your food work for you.

Guest Post by: Sarah Leonard at the Nursing Degree Website.

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Ways to Save on Your Next Vacation

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Vacations can be expensive if you don’t plan ahead of time. What I find that a lot of my friends do is that they just start booking any trip that they find online without doing any research! This is probably one of the worst things that you can do. Not only are you not going to save money, you’re going to find that the vacation is just going to break your wallet.

I wanted to give you a few pointers that I have used when planning a trip. It’s really not that hard to save on your vacation if you try hard enough.

#1 Try and drive – If you have a family of 4 or more, you’re going to find that it’s going to be a lot easier to drive, rather than fly. It’s going to save you a lot of money and it’s going to be more convenient for the kids as well. In today’s economy, a plane ticket can easily cost $300 per person.

#2 Name your own price – Priceline has the coolest feature where you can name your own price. This is great for those that want be on a strict budget. What you’re going to do is tell Priceline where you want to stay, as well as what you want to spend for a hotel. You can also tell them what kind of star rated hotel you want as well.

#3 Try and buy in packages – If you do decide that you want to fly, you’re going to want to make sure that you look into package deals. You’re more than likely going to need a rental car, hotel, and more. When you combine all of them, you can save.

#4 Get free breakfast – If you can do it, get a hotel with free breakfast. This is going to save a few bucks each morning for your family.

#5 Cook food as well – You don’t need to eat out every night when you’re on vacation. If you can land a condo, or a room with a small kitchen, make small meals for lunch and breakfast. There is no reason to eat out 3-4 times a day.

#6 Buy tickets ahead of time – If you’re going to go to an amusement park or something that requires a ticket, try to purchase them online. You will find that you can always save at least 20% by doing so.

#7 Watch the location – You don’t have to be in the middle of it all. You’re going to find that if you get a place outside of the hotspots, you can save a few bucks here. You can always use a taxi or walk to get to where everyone is at.

Another thing that I have found is that when you use cash, you’re going to spend less, so this is another thing to think of. The list can go on and on. Just make sure that you don’t buy a vacation spur of the moment.

This is a guest post written by Tom T. Tom runs FindCashBackCards, a cash back credit card site helping those find the best card that gives the best rewards!

The Baby Formula Budget-Ways to Save

Friday, May 21, 2010

Although my girls are older now, I still remember the high cost of baby formula.( I wasn't a breast feeder- and if you aren't either and would like to save money on the baby formula budget, read on.)
I know a few times my girls were sick with the baby formula they tried, so the cans I did have left over either were returned to the store if I kept the receipt or turned over to the food bank.

-This gives one the option of trying Freecyle. Search for baby formula unusable to someone or put in your request. Maybe someone has had a baby and can't use the formula they originally bought,anymore. It's worth a try to advertise.

-Evaporated milk is a cheaper option and is used alot by the aboriginal people of the north, where I live. I know it was used back in the day as well, before formula came into the picture. A cheaper option.

-Check with drugstores or supermarkets to see if they have a Baby Club. You might sign up to recieve coupons, discounts or free samples.

-Call the # on the can you already have. Ask if they have coupons they can send you on a regular basis- be added to their mailing list.
                                                                                        - Check the prices with the prices may be cheaper if you buy from there and you may be able to qualify for free shipping depending on the size of your order.

                                                                                         - Ask your doctor or free clinic for samples. Ask and you shall recieve.

                                                                                         -Buy store brand.It's worth it if your saving money, baby likes it, and it meets the FDA guidelines.
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