O'Keefe's Works Hard For You

Friday, June 26, 2020

Dear Readers : I'd love to share my love for O'Keefe's with you-

I recently switched my foot lotion brand.. wanted to try something different- something less greasy and something that maybe would work a bit better for dry feet. I found it with O'Keefe's Healthy Feet Exfoliating. My previous foot cream I found I was needing to use it daily to keep my feet not so dried out..but with O'Keefe's I found I can go days before I see that I may need to use some cream again. Thank you O'Keefe's! I'm a fan now!

Also, decided to try some of their other products, since when your an over 50 (menopausal) female, well ladies you know, your skin starts drying out! I have been quite pleased with my collection of great products and wanted to share with my readers. But hey, these products are for you men too !

O'Keefe's is a great go to product for your hands, feet, lips and body!
And although they have a 100% money back guarantee, I'd be surprised if you need to use it!

Enjoy a Sustainable Picnic or BBQ This Summer Season

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Although we are heading into a "new normal" this summer, the good news is that you can still enjoy a summer picnic or barbecue while social distancing.

Rather than grilling meat or packing your picnic basket with food that's packaged in plastic, you can easily reduce your carbon footprint by enjoying homemade snacks and meat alternatives instead. Incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet this summer can have great positive environmental impacts. In fact, the average meat alternatives produce 10 times less greenhouse gas emissions than beef!
Here are some of World Centric Zero Waste Manager Lauren Olson’s tips for keeping your summer picnics and barbecues sustainable this summer:

Sustainable Picnic Tips:
  • Walk instead of drive to a local park or picnic spot
  • Bring a compo-stable bag to collect waste
  • Pack organic, local food
  • Avoid individually packaged products
  • Use reusable containers with bulk snacks, cut vegetables/fruit
  • Use natural and non-toxic sunscreens and bug repellent
  • Use reusables or World Centric compostables
  • Up-cycle an old sheet or towel into a picnic blanket

Sustainable BBQ Tips:
  • Grill veggies and plant-based meat alternatives
  • If you grill meat, make sure it’s organic and locally sourced
  • Buy less food than you think you’ll need to avoid food waste
  • Get bulk beverages rather than individual bottles and cans
  • Use reusables or World Centric compostables
  • Compost your food scraps

Tips for a socially-distanced picnic with friends:
  • Don't go to a crowded public park
  • Try a backyard picnic
  • Bring a mask, hand sanitizer, gloves
  • Setup blankets to be 6+ feet apart
  • Bring your own food and supplies, don’t share
  • Play a game like charades, rather than Frisbee
  • Always clean up after yourself

RV Living Upgrade with Carefree of Colorado

As half-timers with the RV lifestyle for over 5 years, we do know you spend time indoors as well as outside your RV quite a bit. 

One thing you do want to have when you are outside is a nice mat to have down, like the Dura Mats from Carefree of Colorado. We love the quality of their outdoors mats, which come in various sizes and colors to match your unit. 
We also have their Sunblocker, which comes in very handy when we have been anywhere hot to help give us and Jake some shade. At the same time it helps with keeping the inside of the RV cool, while cutting the sun's glare, but not blocking any views. It easily slides into the awning roller tubes and comes with stakes and cords to secure it.

Our Sideblocker is equally as functional as the Sunblocker, providing  the same comfort and can be easily installed on either end your awning. This also is available in multiple colors.

Sun and weather continue to play havoc with canopies over your slide outs. Carefree of Colorado can provide a Canopy Replacement to match the size of your slide out in a number of colors.

You can see by our own photos shown above a Before and After of what a difference these pieces all can make.

Online Transactions - Huge in the World Today

Online transactions have become a huge phenomenon in the world today. With the advent of services like PayPal, Venmo, and others, it is now easier than ever to process payments without going to the bank or opening your checkbook. Paper checks, however, are still very popular. Many businesses use them to make payments, and it is still preferred by many in the financial world. As a business, it is important to have your own checks to make payments wherever necessary. While you can rely on your bank for your checks, the internet has also made it easier than ever to customize your checks. There are several companies that do it for much less than your bank will charge. 

Can I Print My Checks On My Own?

The short answer is yes, you can. You can use any printer to do it, and you can print in any colors or designs that you want. The important information you have to keep in mind is that there is some critical information that is absolutely necessary to include in your design. They are:
  • Your account number 
  • Your bank routing number
  • The number of the check 
  • Your name and address
  • Contact information for your bank 
Additionally, you have to make sure that you use magnetic ink to print the check, use MICR font, and make sure you use special check stock paper. This ensures that no one can misuse your checks in any way, and ensures your checks are secure and safe for use. While you can do this, it is not the easiest thing to do. When managing a business, it rarely makes sense to add on another task to the ever-growing list when you can get it done easily and more cost-effectively online. 

Okay, That’s a Lot. I Want to Buy Online to Save Myself the Hassle. Where Should I Buy It From?

There is no set place for you to buy your checks. Depending on your location, you should research good companies that are reliable and trustworthy. You can use some parameters to make a judgment call that is right for your unique situation.

Information Asked For 

Your checks need to have some of your personal information. Your name, address, account number, bank routing number, and contact information for your bank are what should be asked for. If there are other people signed on to the account, their information may be asked for. No other information is needed. If a company is asking for more information - beware! It is not necessary and they may be trying to defraud you. 


Ask the local business community if they have had any interactions or experiences with your chosen company. If choosing a national company, ask on various online forums, and take a look at all reviews on business listing websites. Check for recent reviews and if any are negative. If they are, see if the company has responded and tried to resolve the situation with the reviewer. Buying bank checks online for business has become a very large market, and you want to ensure you’re choosing the best of the best from the many options available. 

Software Compatibility

Most businesses use some form of software to help with accounting. Not every check is compatible with every accounting software there is as there is no universal standard. Thus, when you are searching for the right printing company, make sure that they have the option of printing checks that are compatible with the software you are using, otherwise, it’s all money down the drain as you have to reprint your order. 

Small Details 

When looking for a good deal online, you have to keep an eye out for small details. For example, company A might offer to print a pack of 2 checkbooks for $10 while company B offers a 2-pack for $20. You choose company A, and when your order gets here, you see that each checkbook has only 50 leaves! Checking online, you can see company B’s offer is actually $20 for 200 leaves, which is a much better deal. Shipping is also another small detail you should keep an eye out for. The prices differ between companies, and it adds to the total. You might find a great deal for $20, and find out they charge another $10 for shipping. While it may not seem like much, but the costs definitely add up. 

Thus, while printing checks seems like an easy, no-brainer process with all the options available online, there are actually several factors you need to take into account. This makes the process safe for you and your business! 

Tips on Creating a Passive Income from Home

Friday, June 19, 2020

Having multiple sources of income can do wonders for your finances. Spending your free time doing something constructive can help increase your investments, pay all your debts, and do things that you wouldn’t have been able to do with just one source of income. You might have heard about diversifying your investments, but diversifying the income sources is also very important, especially during these tough times. 

If you have been wondering what you can do to increase your income, here are some easy ways that require only a little investment or no investment at first. Remember, you need to pick something that best fits your personality and interest. While some may need certain skills, others do not require you to have any specific skills. Here are some ideas that you can try – 
·         Make YouTube Videos – This trend is growing rapidly. If you have certain skills in an area such as comedy, opinions, music, reviews, tutorials, and others, you can create videos on them and then upload them on YouTube. You can market your videos and attach Google AdSense so that you can earn income from it. Make sure that your videos are interesting and compelling to attract viewers. 
·         Earn Passive Income through Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is great for those who have a number of websites and blogs. You can pick up different products or services that you need to promote. For every sale you make, you earn a certain amount of commission, which can be either a flat fee or a percentage of the total cost of the product you are selling. 
·         Try Gambling – There are plenty of gamblingsites in India that allow you to earn money a second income while having fun. The best thing about this avenue of income is that you do not need any skills. You can easily try a few times for free and then start playing with your money to earn a considerable income.
·         Work as a Freelance Writer – If you have a knack for writing, you can create your own blogs or write for other established websites. These offer you a steady income to write for them on different topics. All you have to do is apply to these websites as a freelance writer and start working for them during your free time.
·         Teach Students Online – If you are great on certain subjects, you can teach students online. Online classes are fast gaining popularity, and there is always a demand for good teachers. So, if you have specific skills on a particular subject, you can easily try online classes to earn extra income during your free time.
Even though a lot of these ideas may take you a little time, but the results would be massive. So, take some time to consider what type of work would be best for you and then work towards making it a success. Remember that there is definitely something for you out there. All you need to do is consider your skills and interests and match them with the work you take up.

Work From Home- Lawn Maintenance

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Being retired doesn't mean you have nothing to do. Gerry can tell you he has more than enough to always keep busy with around our place, helping out my parents, and keeping up with my "projects" for him -LOL

He was working for someone for a few years cutting lawns but found he could make more money by having his own business. He mostly cuts for seniors that still like to be in their own homes but he also cuts for others who don't want to cut their own lawns or have health issues.

He just bought a ride on mower for $1700 and they are $3400 new. Only has 140 hours on it. Has to buy a blade for $80 and bought ramps for $200. Still needs a trailer to haul everything but using the neighbors in the meantime. 

It's a business where he has had to turn down alot of people that want cutting done because as far as he knows only 1-2 other people in town do this.
He started out with just a mower or two and does the business on his own, but it's a great work from home for someone else to try! Busy, busy!

Things To Consider When Buying A Home

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Buying a home is a big life event, and one that should always be taken seriously and with caution. Hunting for a property can be different each time but if you’re buying a property for the first time, then here are some things to consider before jumping straight in. 

Know Your Limit
When it comes to buying a property, money, of course, is the first thing that is considered, like anything in life. Buying a property is a big expense and not only do you have to think about the actual cost of a property, but there are fees and other additional costs that you need to factor into your budget. For example, if you’re buying a property for the first time, it’s likely you’ll need furniture. You’ll want to have available funds for any additional house fees, including the legal ones. So most importantly, you want to know your limit. What is the top amount that you can pay for a property? There’s really no point in starting off your search before deciding this and also if you end up looking at properties that are way out of your price point, then it can be disappointing for you to get your hopes up on properties you’ve already been looking at online. To save everyone’s time, do your budget or financial research before doing anything else.

Think About What You Need Rather Than Want
Every property is different, and you’ll have an idea of what you want in the property you buy, but sadly it’s very rare that it’s going to have pretty much everything you need. Being realistic is something that you’ll have to factor in your search for a property. It doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice anything that you want but it might be that you have to rethink what it is you need. It’s good to want something, but instead, you should focus on what it is you need as a household. How many bedrooms do you require? Perhaps you need a study or office space if one of you works from home. A garden or parking space might be needed if you own a car. All these questions need to be decided on so that you have an idea of what you’re looking at and what to tell to the real estate agent responsible for finding you a property.

Look At The Property’s Location
The location of your property will likely be of importance to you. You may have requested a place that had a reasonable commuting time to your workplace or was nearby to a school for your children or for any future children that you may have. So when you visit a property, don’t forget to pay attention to its location. These golf course homes, for example, are quite attractive but it’s all about what works for you and what you require. Take a day out to take a look around the local area so that you can see what it’s like during the day and also during the evening. A place can show it’s true colors as it gets dark and your opinion may change, so it’s good to notice this before signing on the dotted line.

What Does The Market Look Like?
The housing market is one area that you’ll need to pay close attention to when it comes to buying property because even if you’re ready to buy, it might not be the ideal time. The market changes and fluctuates depending on the economic and political climates of the country you’re in. So look at what’s selling or being brought in the area that you’re looking at buying to see how well it’s all doing. You may find that the properties you’re after, very rarely appear or they could be valued too high for what you can afford. It’s frustrating, but it’s worth taking advantage of the market where possible.

Don’t Let Emotions Control You
We can very often let our emotions get the best of us and although it can be easy to run away with our heart when property hunting, it’s good to be level-headed when it comes to buying a property. There’s a lot of money on the table, and you can’t allow yourself to be swayed and end up paying too much money or committing to a mortgage that ends up locking you into paying it back for longer than you anticipated. Your gut is the most reliable, along with your head when it comes to making decisions. If you’re buying with a partner, have a game plan so that you are both on the same page.

Ask Questions When Viewing
When viewing a property, questions are important. You want to gather as much information as possible about the property that you see so that you can make an informed decision on whether it’s right for you or not. No matter how insignificant the questions may seem, they will all be important, even if you asked because an online article about buying a property told you to ask that question. When you’re viewing a property, also take a look around and really get interactive with everything, testing water pressure in the taps, open windows and inspecting furnishings up close and personal. 

Another question you need to ask when moving house is whether it is eco-friendly. Nowadays, it is very expensive to run a home that isn’t designed to be green and environmentally kind. There are many reasons why going green can help sell homes faster and this should be one of your top priorities when looking for a new house. Whether the house has solar panels, what is saving techniques or energy efficient installations you definitely need to ask what kind of green features your new property might have.

Negotiate And Be Confident
And finally, when it comes to the negotiation stages, have confidence. Even if you’re stepping into the unfamiliar ground when it comes to negotiating prices for a property, stay calm. There will likely be a pressure from the agent to push you for decisions quickly, but it’s important that you take your time and to know that you do hold some power of the decision-making too. Of course, the seller may have multiple offers, but then again, yours might be the only one they’ve had in a while, so keep those cards close to your chest.

Buying a property, although stressful, is exciting. Relish the experience and enjoy living in your new home and building memories that will last a lifetime.

Review: Neora ProLuxe Hair Care

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Neora, a leader in science-based skincare and wellness products, is proud to introduce a first-of-its-kind hair care line: the ProLuxe Hair Care! 

I had the opportunity to review their hair care and really love it..
A few things really that are first to make me a fan- the smell, love it, so fresh! Plus,these products offer you salon quality products to use at home. I love Neora!

My hair really gets a good clean from the shampoo and their conditioner is great for my thick hair. I also love their scalp treatment and hair mask in this set. 

Being over 50, this brand is really great.

Time to fight back on aging!  

Neora’s ProLuxe line contains these four steps for your hair:

ProLuxe Rebalancing Shampoo: A daily, scalp-balancing shampoo that cleanses and strengthens. The Rebalancing Shampoo is rich in powerful protein blends that help fight the signs of aging and damaged hair.
ProLuxe Rebalancing Conditioner: A nutrient-dense daily conditioner that deeply nourishes while working to restore your hair’s soft, smooth, radiant appearance and youthful feel and movement.

ProLuxe Scalp Treatment: A state-of-the-art, daily leave-in treatment that works to create the ideal environment for producing the appearance of stronger, thicker, younger-looking hair.

ProLuxe Hair Mask: An intensive weekly treatment that finds and repairs almost every kind of damage done to the hair shaft.

This four-step ProLuxe system is available on Neora’s website for $194.25

 #LoveYourHairAgain #NeoraProLuxe #YoungerLookingHair

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Las Vegas

Even though the USA has a number of cities that tourists flock to, Las Vegas, Nevada, is one city that has always stood out. It has the perfect balance between natural beauty and man-made attractions. People have visited Las Vegas for decades to visit the beautiful Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam, or to take a trip around the Nevada Desert. However, the real attractions that make Las Vegas as famous as it is are inside the city limits and mostly man-made. Here are the top reasons why people visit Las Vegas:
It goes without saying that Las Vegas and gambling are almost synonymous. Shiny Casinos and sparkling hotels are the city's trademark. Being one of the very few cities in the country where gambling is legal, Las Vegas sees millions of gamblers from all over the world every year. There is no dearth of casinos in the city either. However, given the lock down due to COVID-19, all casinos are closed in Las Vegas. Even so, you can still go on the internet and play online roulette and other gambling games, just like in Vegas.
       The Las Vegas Boulevard
The Las Vegas Boulevard is the street of dreams. Being home to the most famous casinos, hotels, and attractions in the city, the 2.5-mile long area is a colorful paradise. There you will find everything from street entertainers to volcanoes and fountains and pirates. Las Vegas certainly knows how to entertain its visitors.
       An Aerial Your
Even though Las Vegas is breathtakingly beautiful on the ground, nothing captures the true essence of the city like an aerial tour at night. You can take a helicopter tour of the entire skyline or even have a more romantic evening on the huge High Roller Ferris wheel. While the helicopter ride lets you appreciate the wonderful buildings and attractions up-close, the Ferris Wheel ride promises to be a much more serene experience. You can also take a small plane and fly over the Nevada Desert and the Grand Canyon along with the city.
       The Nightlife
One of the things that makes Las Vegas the sought-after destination that it is is its nightlife. Las Vegas has the most beautiful nightlife one could imagine. Las Vegas sees celebrities and performers from all over the world perform at its innumerable venues . From musical performances to magic acts, Las Vegas has it all.
       The Rich History
For someone interested in American Pop history, Las Vegas is just the place to visit. For decades, the city has been a melting pot of celebrities, glamour and the mafia. The Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum and the Mob Museum pay homage to the rich and vibrant history of the city.

Las Vegas is one city that has something for everybody. Plus if you already live here, you may be able to get cash for vegas house there . No one can ever visit Las Vegas and not be enthralled by the vibrant colors, the sheer volume of attractions, and the rich history. Las Vegas is a lot more than just a gamblers' paradise, and these were a few of Las Vegas' best attractions.

Pay off Debt and a Vegas trip can be a great reward for you to treat yourself too!

2020 Father's Day Gift Guide

Celebrate Father's Day June 21st, 2020! Find the perfect gift for Father's Day but checking out some of the brands we're partnering with this year.

doTERRA DIY Beard Oil

The Cedarwood, Melaleuca and Rosemary oils, combined with vitamin oils and a variety of moisturizing ingredients, provides an all-natural, leave-in conditioner that nourishes and moisturizes beards. It stops dryness, tangles, and frizz while bringing out your beard's natural luster. Recipe, instructions and oil uses can be found here. 

doTERRAVolo Onyx Diffuser- 

The Volo has a handcrafted polyresin stone top with a custom diamond pattern and multiple light settings. Combine the Volo with some man-cave-worthy essential oils and dad is set!  Volo Onyx Diffuser Uses and Benefits 

Letsfit T126L Sleep Machine-

This affordable sleep machine is great for any Dads looking to relax and catch a bit of shut eye (which is even tougher with the kids home). The sleep machine includes up to to 14 natural sounds to help Dad quickly drift off to sleep and get the rest he deserves. When selecting from the sound menu, I personally enjoy the Dryer Setting. Additionally, the sleep machine provides touch control, a soothing warm light, and a timer feature that allows Dad to get a nap in without missing a beat! 

Underdog Games-

Trekking the National Parks brings the fun and challenge of modern family board games to your table. The game was specially designed to be both entertaining and educational. Every park card features an interesting fact and gorgeous photograph that will inspire players to explore the protected natural wonders of America. Each game also begins with a unique setup that alters the play experience in surprising ways, allowing for endless replayability. Trekking the National Parks is the perfect gift to anyone who loves the outdoors and board games.

Banana Republic -

We are holding our loved ones close during these tough times and whether we are with them virtually or in-person, this Father’s Day is a great way to celebrate, appreciate and honor the dad’s in our lives. With Tie-Dye must-haves, sustainable Traveler Jeans, moisture-wicking Core Temp chinos, versatile backpacks, stylish sneakers and more – Banana Republic offers a wide selection of on-trend, summer ready pieces and accessories perfect for any father-figure, even if they’re celebrating inside!

Our pick: Banana Republic’s Dry Indigo© Traveler Denim – a collection of men’s denim made using 99% less water than traditional dyeing methods and Banana Republic’s most sustainable jeans yet! The Dry Indigo© Traveler Denim is offered in four washes in a slim fit and is a great comfortable, everyday jean for the father-figure in your life.

Dearfoams Slippers -

For the dad who spends a lot of time on his feet these comfortable, cushioning slippers will be the perfect fit. Offered in a variety of styles all under $100, each pair of Dearfoams slippers are equipped with the brand’s extensively tested memory foam insoles and are lined with cozy fabrics such as genuine Australian sheepskin, giving them all the elements needed to make all dad’s feel good around the house.

In addition, for every pair of slippers purchased on, the brand will donate a pair to a healthcare worker on the front lines amid the COVID-19 pandemic as part of their “buy one, give one” program until 6/15.

Timbre & Style-

Father’s Day is the opportunity to celebrate our dads which usually sneaks up on us as we are still congratulating ourselves for having aced Mother’s Day. Gift ideas that are both useful and affordable do not always come easy. When time is of the essence, however, nothing at all may come to mind. Drawing conclusions from recent purchases of your dad may not work either: between juggling chores at home and tackling competing priorities in their jobs, dads may not find the time to shop for themselves. So, what do you give to a person who seemingly has everything they ever wanted? Considering how your dad spends his few moments of free time may be a straight-forward way to finding a gift that he is actually going to enjoy.

Timbre & Style is a new apparel company that has been challenging state-of-the-art processes of graphic design. The designs focus on topics people are passionate about, and they are slightly abstract which makes them look engaging for a long time: people deeply involved in the topic will “connect the dots”, while others may only see geometric shapes. All Timbre & Style t-shirts are printed on high-quality and ultra-comfortable fabrics. You can find them at as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

goSili’s Travel Mug-

Dad will love his morning coffee or favorite beverage in goSili’s Travel Mug, the only silicone coffee cup on the market without a plastic lid. GoSili travel mugs are 100% platinum European grade silicone and 100% plastic-free with an embedded stainless steel ring that makes them strong enough to grip without collapsing. It's microwaveable, it's stylish, and it'll fit in dad’s cup holder!

Rad Dad Crop•Ex Coffee Gift Set-

Rad Dad Crop•Ex Coffee Gift Set
includes $10 discount to use on future orders

$25 with free shipping (over $45 value)

The perfect gift for the father in your life who appreciates a hint of exotic in their morning cup of Joe. This Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Co. Father's Day gift set includes two 12-ounce bags of Crop•Ex single origin coffee. The Costa Rica Tarrazu is a medium-dark roast with hints of dark chocolate and orange peel. The Ethiopia Guji Hambela is a medium-light roast with hints of caramel and lime. Order online.

While best known for its delectable flavored coffees, Barnie’s also sells Crop•Ex, a premium line of single-origin, small batch roasts. Each Crop Ex specialty coffee can be traced back to its literal roots in family farms around the globe. On the day it’s roasted, each bag is hand-signed and dated to validate its authenticity.

**Watch this spot for more gift ideas coming soon!
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