Happy Halloweenie!

Friday, October 31, 2014

The kids trick or treating today are lucky it's a Friday night and our weather isn't too bad. Minimal dusting of snow, so we may have alot of kids. Our girls are grown and no grandchildren, so we don't have to worry about going door to door. Jakey likes going to the door and seeing all the kids, as well as watching everyone walking around the neighborhood back and forth crossing the streets. Not alot of action around here most other times!

Does anyone have kids they are taking out today? What time do trick or treaters start around your place? Around here it's luckily not till about 4- 5 pm. And they no longer do the Unicef boxes here like they did when I was a kid. Are they still doing them where you live?

Happy Halloween everyone!

Thursday October 30

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gerry had the afternoon off work today, so we went to run errands, including a flu shot. I have never gotten one, but Gerry had one last year and swore that was the reason he wasn't sick last winter. I was a bit concerned that I may have side effects with it, but so far only had a bit of a sore neck and arm- which was minimal. Plus I got to talk with the health nurse who shed some light on a few other health issues I had that I need to now approach my doctor about.

Made some brownies this morning that I have to share the recipe with everyone.When I come across a good recipe, easy and not too many ingredients, I do like to tell others.This one being Jane Davis's Brownies. Easy, quick and turned out great!

Erika, ( youngest daughter), was working full time casual, with her job ending soon, so she applied for a job within the company and got on full time as an Assistant Account Manager. More responsibilities, but a steady job for her and good benefits.

Yesterday was Gerry's birthday, so treated him to a show in town: David James and Big River - a Tribute To Johnny Cash. I grew up playing my dad's Johnny Cash records, plus with the Walk The Line movie, was always a big fan. The show was great and David James sure sounds like him- be sure to check out the link above and listen to the UTube video. Anyone else a Johnny Cash fan?

Attend To Your Home Comfort Before the Next Polar Vortex

Last winter’s polar vortex not only affected the majority of Canada with subfreezing temperatures, but it also wreaked havoc on utility bills. According to The Farmers’ Almanac and other weather predictors, a polar vortex is expected to rear its ugly head again this winter.

Now is the time to take simple steps to prepare yourself and your home for the cold, unforgiving season ahead. These simple steps will help ensure your home is comfortable and your favorite place to spend winter!

 • Seal up gaps and cracks: 
Air leakage represents 25 to 40 percent of the heat loss from older homes and is a contributor to escalating heating bills. Even your doors and windows can let warm air out. The good news is that you can fix that with a few simple insulating and winterizing do-it-yourself projects. For example, a product called Great Stuff Gaps & Cracks is a window and door sealant made by  Dow Building Solutions. Fill the gaps and cracks around doors and windows, plus small spaces like electrical outlets and plumbing pipes for a cozy energy-efficient home. A full list of cost-reducing ideas is available at

Keep the critters out: 
Give unwanted vermin a cold reception this winter. While sealing your home, think about using a product that has the added bonus of keeping rodents, spiders and bugs out. Also in the Great Stuff line, a pesticide-free sealant called Pestblock will seal up those entry points and save money on energy bills at the same time. 

Schedule an energy audit:
Hire a professional to conduct an audit of your home to help identify areas of energy loss and the projects that could improve its overall efficiency. For a small investment, homeowners can improve the comfort of their homes and reduce their energy bills. 

Change the rotation direction of your ceiling fan:
Today’s fans have a small switch that changes the rotation direction. During the winter months, turn your fan clockwise so that it sends the warmer air collected near the ceiling back down to your main living space to keep you and your family warm and comfy all the way to spring.

Prepare your fireplace: Before you ignite that warm, crackling fireplace, make sure to put a screen at the top of your chimney to keep out rodents and birds. Hire a chimney sweep to remove soot build-up from last winter.

Additional winterization tips, including information on where to purchase products  can be found online at  

Our 3rd Anniversary

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

It was our 3rd wedding anniversary today- 8 years together though. 
Sent Gerry some flowers at his work- but don't have a picture- 
these are the ones he gave to me. 
He knows how I feel about him spending on flowers- but I can't yell at him too much on our anniversary now can I?


Review: Danze Bathroom Faucet/Taps

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Danze helps people feel better about their homes and about themselves in a multitude of ways. But we found out that not only is Danze great for homes but also RV homes.

Our taps ( in above photo) in the bathroom of our RV started leaking. This tap was actually originally a bright gold and we spray painted it when we got the RV. It looked like something out of Las Vegas washroom.Very flashy! But not long after Gerry noticed it was leaking.

Gerry said it needed replacing so we had to look for something. We came across Danze online, where we found many bathroom styles to review, for faucets/taps. But the one that caught our eye was Reef™-Two Handle Centerset Lavatory Faucet, in the brushed nickel. We love the modern design and the color that also goes well with alot of the other gold coloring we had already in the RV.
As you can see the replacement really is stylish.

On the Danze web site, you'll find more than just shopping though. Creating inspiration, they also offer Design Trends, Tips and Tricks, ideas for Remodelling, and Bonus Ideas. There is a wealth of information on their site, along with great bathroom and kitchen fixtures. 

To learn where you can shop for Danze products, click here.

Saturday, October 25

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Gerry busy today outdoors and me cleaning and puttering indoors. We hear we're suppose to get snow tonight so he's putting up outdoor Christmas lights. He was also cleaning the inside of his truck,(still trying to sell it), and taking pictures to re post on the local Buy and Sell groups on Facebook. Want to sell his truck, and my car to get one vehicle for when he retires next Fall. So hopefully we can sell .

He did some Fall tree trimming, cleaned the bottom side of my iron, we went grocery shopping and he installed some new bathroom taps in the RV and more, on his "honey do" list.

Jake and I had gone to the shop earlier to find him for a "coffee break" and the wood stove was on in there, so I added some more burning materials to the fire and made it toasty warm in there. Sure is a nice heat when we have little sun now, shorter days and even the indoor heat just isn't the same as heat from the wood stove.

Check out the new bed set we got from Sears- sold some things, and bought a much needed set. Donated the other older set to charity.

Ria,( daughter in Honduras) sent us a few pictures of a monkey she was making friends with that she saw on some of her travels in the area. People were telling her not to touch it because it bites. She said the monkey has been tied up for years she heard. She just wanted to give it some love. I think if I was tied up and the monkey, I would bite too. She runs the petting zoo here in the summer, and has worked in the past at a vet office. She has little fear of animals hurting her. She gives them respect and she gets it back. 

Making home made pizza for supper so must run off and get that started! Time does slip away once I get on here !


Jon and Erika Donate Blood

The 2 hour experience was a good one for both Erika (daughter) and Jon today who gave blood for the first time. They even signed up to go back again.
Unfortunately, I'm not sure I would be brave enough, plus my blood is very low in iron. But kudos to them for the good deed they did.
Has anyone else given blood before? Or needed blood?
To learn more on how you can donate, contact Canadian Blood Services.


A&W Canada Gives Canadians What They Want

A&W Food Services of Canada Inc.  continues to respond to Canadians’ desire for simple, great tasting ingredients, farmed with care. Effective October 20, A&W is the first national quick service restaurant in North America to make the groundbreaking move to serve chicken raised without the use of antibiotics.

This move joins a number of other ingredient changes (including beef, eggs, onions, tomatoes & potatoes) as part of A&W's ongoing commitment to serve fast food made with simple, great tasting ingredients that have been farmed with care as well as with the environment in mind.

At A&W, great burgers come first, so it’s only natural that the entire A&W Burger Family® offers 100% pure beef, raised without the use of hormones or steroids, with no additives, preservatives or fillers. 

Love it- healthy fast food! This is great for people like me as well who have digestion and stomach issues. The healthier food can be made, the better. We don't eat alot of fast food but when we do, A&W is right on the top of the list of where to make a stop. We don't have one in our town, so we enjoy the treat when we do travel. Thank you A&W!

A&W Food Services of Canada Inc. is 100 per cent Canadian owned and is one of the strongest brand names in the Canadian food service industry. A&W is the nation’s second largest hamburger restaurant company with 819 locations coast-to-coast.  A&W Restaurants feature famous trade-marked menu items such as The Burger Family®, Chubby Chicken®, and A&W Root Beer®. For more information, please visit

Thursday- October 23

Thursday, October 23, 2014

                            (View across the street out our front window)

Gloomy, gloomy out side but the weather is still holding up- warmer than normal this time of year..but still no sun and no blue sky. Cannot wait till we are able to get away in the winter, and go south to some blue sky, sun and color! Gerry has decided he will be retiring come this next Fall. It will mean he will lose his benefits but he doesn't want to stay there any longer. It would be wrong to keep working for additional years just to qualify for retirement health benefits. We've talked about this and we'll just buy them. He has some days off left to take before the end of the year and since we're not travelling anywhere, he's just going to be taking some Friday afternoons off. Nice. Makes the week that much shorter for him.

We are both talking about getting the flu shot this year. No charge. Gerry had one done last year and credited it to not having a cold all winter. I told him I guess I could get one done too. It's promoted alot around here. It's good to be healthy. I know I'd love to eat more healthier or have more healthier foods always available, but wow is it only me or is the cost of eating healthy crazy expensive? I use coupons when I can- combine with a sale item, but that doesn't usually help with the cost of meat or fresh produce for that matter. Living up North doesn't help either. We know- we've seen how prices vary when we're travelling south and then once we start coming closer towards home. I will only pay certain prices though for food. If it's above what I think is reasonable in my opinion, I just wont' buy it. Who else feel this way? 

On another note, I've been spending more time entering contests online but not winning like my daughter Erika does! She wins almost daily. But she does win alot on Instagram , Twitter parties, province specific, etc., Betters her odds. She wins alot of gift cards which is a big help for those extras, and things she wins she can't use, she sells which also helps them out. 

Till next time-


Sunday October 19th

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Well, this is one that should have been in our Quick Tips- "don't open your Halloween candy before Halloween!" I bought some candy last week and thought it will be fine as long as we don't open it. Well Gerry decided he wanted some Cheetos and I thought okay, well then- I'm eating some of the chocolate bars then, and we let loose-lol. Should have set my foot down.No willpower. Half the box of the mini bars are gone now, so my punishment is me having to replenish what we ate. Normally the money for treats will come out of the household grocery fund but I'll be taking it out of my own personal stash now.
Guess it's best not to have it in the house till the last possible moment before Halloween, OR do not open those boxes. How many others have opened their Halloween treats that they bought for Halloween? If the weather keeps up like it has been though it may not be too bad outside for the kids. Mild but cloudy.

It's on Gerry's to do list as well  to put up Christmas lights before the snow comes. Too cold on the hands once that happens. 

He's been working under the trailer since yesterday. Putting up all the insulation that had fallen down over the years. He said now that it's all up it may help keep the floors warmer.Also checking all the pipe work. A person tends to forget about these things that are "out of site and out of mind", but certainly something everyone should be thinking about and that is getting our homes ready for Winter.


Trick Or Treat Favorites!

Holiday Videos- Time To Get In The Spirit

Some of my favorite Christmas videos/music.
Feel free to add your favorites!

Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas is You
Sean Quigley- Little Drummer Boy
Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta- I Think You Might Like It
Band Aid- Do They Know It's Christmas

Scrapbooking Month- Save During October

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tips To Remember For Mobile Bingo

We all know how British take seriously their game of bingo. The sheer large number of bingo halls and online bingo sites attest to that fact. For past few years, we have noticed an increase of apps in the mobile market, there is app for everything. Bingo surely not to be left behind, catching up on the latest trends, the sites also have come up with their own apps. The secure payment options have helped most to play in their mobile apps.

You could even log into certain sites through the browsers present in your mobile. But can you trust it? Yes you can! We will give you few tips on how to go about playing bingo in mobile. 

Mobile internet connection - always select the service provider who gives you a speedy internet connection. Higher the speed, better is the connection for you. If you could take an unlimited data plan, that’s the best for you.

Anti-virus - if you could install for your computers then you could do the same for your mobiles too. It will prevent hackers trying to nab your confidential details so always try to get anti-virus software for mobiles too.

Remove junk files- get a cleaner installed to remove unwanted cache so as to speed up the game process.

Check for the e-wallets - most of these online bingo sites gives you a secure transaction to process your payments. If you see any other modes of payments that you trust,then you could go ahead playing the same.

The screen size - with the latest mobile phones come up, latest trend is the big screen phones! Nowadays the phones don’t even fit the pockets, so big is the new trend.

Games - most of these sites optimize well that you could easily play, the rooms will be big and clear enough to play in. That sweetens the deal enough.

Chat room - you might not feel the same about these chat rooms as they won’t feel the same as on site. It’s good in its own compact manner.  

Deposit bonus - always choose the best deposit bonus to play, the higher the bonuses are better are your chances to play as well. So make sure you don’t let it miss by you. As you check your mobile for important messages, check the same while you play in these bingo sites. Most sites have special re-deposit bonus plans so that you could enjoy the best games for more.

If you want to try out bingo on your mobile by being safe, play here. Try out playing bingo online if you haven’t given it a chance at all. Make sure you play safe and try out other games in the bingo site, they even offer slots, casino, scratch cards and more. Also, there are good prize draws that you could participate and win some free prizes when you  play in these sites.  

Baby Halloween Costumes- Dressing Up The Little Ones

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Shop Amazon Home and Kitchen

October is National Dental Hygiene Month

Registered Dental Hygienist and Colgate® Enamel Health™ brand ambassador Kristy Menage Bernie, RDH, has shared a few oral health tips to help you assure a white, bright and healthy smile!

The American Dental Hygienists' Association(1) defines optimal oral health as “a standard of health of the oral and related tissues which enable an individual to eat, speak and socialize without active disease, discomfort or embarrassment, and which contribute to general well-being and overall total health.”  Bacteria and cavities can have an impact on your overall health; so make sure to do what you can in between dentist visits to ensure a healthy, beautiful smile!

Kristy suggests the following tips for you to follow at home to help ensure you are doing what you can to maintain optimal oral health!

1.       pH matters in the mouth
Foods and liquids that are acid based can rob your smile of the minerals that maintain smooth, healthy teeth. Sour candies, soda pop, even citrus fruits can lower the pH of the saliva and create an environment that bacteria LOVE! Your best defense is minimizing consumption of acidic foods and brushing at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Acids can also erode the surfaces of teeth, making them look dull. Be kind to your smile and adjust your pH!

2.      Keep it Smooth! 
Everyday life takes a toll on us. Our teeth are no exception. When our enamel isn’t properly maintained, it becomes rough and more susceptible to damage. But your hygienist has the secret to keeping your smile beautiful. By polishing your teeth, he or she can go beyond cleaning to help replenish natural calcium and smooth out your enamel, making germs less likely to stick. And, now you can help maintain the work your hygienist does in between visits everyday with Colgate® Enamel Health™ toothpaste(

3.  Approximately 90% of bad breath  is caused by bacteria residing in the mouth!(2)
 Especially the tongue! Bacteria accumulate on the surface of the tongue and then those bacteria produce smelly gasses, or volatile sulfur compounds, from proteins in the food we eat. Be sure to clean your tongue at least once a day to freshen your breath! There are many toothbrushes now that have a cheek and tongue cleaner built in that can be picked up at your local drug store.

4.       Strengthen your teeth with every brush! 
Fluoride treatments have long been given at your dental appointment to help prevent cavities. Toothpastes can now help you achieve those results at home.  The fluoride in the toothpaste helps replenish natural calcium back into weakened enamel to strengthen teeth in between dental appointments.

“Remember, enamel is the hardest substance known to man, and yet acidic, sugary,  or gooey foods provide a feast for the smallest of bacteria, which cause the enamel to loose precious minerals and can lead to tooth decay and dull looking teeth. Protecting enamel on a daily basis is easy! Be sure to use toothpastes that will replenish minerals and keep bacteria at bay,” states Kristy.

About Kristy Menage Bernie, RDH    
Kristy Menage Bernie, RDH, BS, RYT, is the immediate past President of the American Academy of Dental Hygiene, an international featured speaker on a variety of oral healthcare topics since 1989 and a recent recipient of an appointment as an Assistant Clinical Professor, Oral Epidemiology and Dental Public Heath, Preventive and Restorative Dental Sciences at the University of California, San Francisco.  As a speaker at major dental and dental hygiene conventions Kristy is known for facilitating interactive, fast-paced sessions based on the latest technologies and research with a focus on fresh breath, aesthetic & gum health.  A graduate of the University of Maryland with a BS in dental hygiene, Kristy is also a registered yoga teacher and is currently based out of San Ramon, CA.

About Colgate® Enamel Health™            
Colgate® Enamel Health™ is a new line of products uniquely formulated to replenish and polish teeth for stronger, healthy enamel. The Colgate® Enamel Health™ Toothpaste helps replenish natural calcium and other minerals back into weakened enamel, filling in rough spots, and gently polishes the enamel surface so germs are less likely to stick to teeth.  (Available at local drug stores, suggested retail price: 4.0oz for $3.39)

1.       American Dental Hygienists’ Association Policy Manual, Updated 10.25.13
2.       American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs Report, Vol. 134, February 2003

Today's Quick Tip

This is a great example of it never hurts to ask.

Gerry was noticing that there was issues with our RV starting, so he checked the battery and saw it was a 2007 battery. Needed replacing he said, but we were off our 30 day warranty last month .

The dealership we bought the RV from has been so good to us though, that I thought I would call them and see if anything could be done.

Well, it turned out they could help- and yes, they knew we were off warranty but are still sending us a new battery. Gerry says it will save us at least $100+

So it never hurts to ask.

Update on Our Kitchen Reno

Monday, October 13, 2014

I wanted to share the photos of the kitchen reno we have finished up . Gerry installed a back splash peel and stick tile but grouted it as well. Also repainted the walls. We are quite happy with the new look.

Also got the RV covered up today. Nice thing about this RV cover is that it has bungee cords holding it down by the door so Gerry can still get inside if we need to.Told Gerry this cover reminds me of a giant bread loaf bag. What do you think?


Happy Thanksgiving Fellow Canadians

 Count your blessings, give thanks, and enjoy your turkey dinners everyone!
Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends.

Today's Winner

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Today's draw:
and our winner:

**Winner has been contacted and has 7 days to reply before a new winner is selected.
Thank you to all that entered!

Carving Out Some Time With Your Little Pumpkins

Friday, October 10, 2014

When it comes to spending time with your little trick-or-treaters, there’s no yummier way than making and decorating Kellogg’s Rice Krispies treats together. From pumpkins to bat treats, they have all kinds of kooky, spooky recipe ideas you and your kids can "dress up" for Halloween.

This October, embrace the Halloween spirit by visiting the Yummy Recipes - Special Occasions section on, and the Rice Krispies Canada YouTube channel at for more delicious and fun tricks and treats. 

Happy Halloween!

How To Save Money Hosting Thanksgiving Supper

Ah, Thanksgiving.  Arguably, it is the best time of the year.  The temperatures are dropping, the fall foliage begins to paint the views, and the holidays are here!  Thanksgiving is not only a time to give thanks, but also an opportunity to rekindle with loved ones.  Families come together to feast, drink, and maybe even squeeze in a little football. 

If you are hosting this year’s Thanksgiving meal, it can be a lot of pressure and a tad expensive.  You've most likely been given the task of cooking the main dish – the turkey.  This can be intimidating in itself.  Add the side dishes, desserts, and festive d├ęcor and you may find yourself broke and exhausted.  Luckily, there are three easy ways to not break the bank when hosting Thanksgiving dinner.

Keep it Simple
There is no reason you should feel the need to go over the top.  Keep decorations to a minimum – a pretty fall bouquet in the center of the table goes a long way.  And no one expects you to have a choice of 3 meats, 8 side dishes, and 5 desserts.  Keep it simple.

Mix and Match
If you are expecting more guests that your good china will allow, don’t be afraid to mix it up!  People love the eclectic look of mismatched dishes.  There’s something about it that feels whimsical and unique.

Ask Guests to Help
Preparing the entire holiday meal can be daunting.  Ask your guests to bring one side dish or Thanksgiving dessert.  More often than not, they will love the opportunity to show off their cooking abilities, allowing you to save time and money.

How do YOU save money at Thanksgiving on holiday supper?

Have a lovely ( Canadian) Thanksgiving holiday!

Written by: Brandy, contributing writer for One Income Dollar

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Thursday, October 9, 2014

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Sadly most of us know someone affected by this illness. Whether it is for your mother, daughter, sister or friend, take some time to raise awareness for combating breast cancer. As well support businesses that are raising funds for Breast Cancer Research.

Veza Bands- 

For the month of October, our friends at Veza are running a campaign with the goal of providing $5,000 in donations to LBBC. By donating $3.00 from every purchase of the Pink wristband, Veza is hoping to reach that goal by the end of October and they need your help to build awareness and support! As an added bonus, get Free Shipping for any order of the Pink Veza wristband in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Veza, is a new sporty and stylish line of charity wrist-wear, and  has partnered each of the 12 wristbands in their line with a different charity organization. Veza has partnered their stylish Pink on White awareness bracelet with Living Beyond Breast Cancer. At just $14.99 + Free Shipping, Veza is the ideal gift that gives back.

Review: Ornaments With Love

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

As unbelievable as it may sound, Christmas is right around the corner.  Before we know it, the autumn months will be behind us and the voices of carolers will ring as the holiday approaches.  Have you started Christmas shopping, yet?  If you are looking for a meaningful gift for a special someone, you should check out Ornaments With Love.  This family-owned company offers a wide variety of personalized ornaments such as sports teams, military, pets, family, and many more. Check out the one I got this year for the tree: Ornaments With Love.

Every year I get one- I love them and they are so nice to look back on every year when we decorate the tree.

Aside from their impressive selection, there are many other reasons you will feel satisfied purchasing from Ornaments with Love.  Not only is their order processing and shipping fast and efficient, they also ship to many international destinations.  Aligning with their mission to always offer quality customer service, the personalization is free!  It can’t get much better than that.  Order now, beat the crowd, and take advantage of their free shipping offer!

Sunday October 5th

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Gerry was busy all day yesterday and today moving things in back yard. He had taken down the car port garage, had to move everything out of there, and putting in a new spot in the yard, as he has to move the fence in the back yard to make room for the RV for the winter. He said he's kinda on the back lane a bit with it and will need the room to get the quad out of the shed too. He said he could have stored it somewhere, but we didn't want to pay any storage fees, and a neighbor said they knew someone that had a place for it, but then again, Gerry didnt want it somewhere where he couldn't keep an eye on it. We bought a cover early this year too for it. We're also unsure if we are taking it out come Spring. We have thought about going to Arizona with it for a few weeks but will have to see what we can save between now and then. We've already used up all our travel money for now so we'll be staying put plus Gerry has used up mostly all of his holidays for the year. No income tax refund till March and no company bonus till May so if we save till then, we may be able to do it. Gas of course will be the kicker. Gerry said at least $1500 return.Were hoping to check out the cheap land though where you can boon dock for free in Arizona or $40 for 2 weeks. Was told the weather is great though out west in Canada as well right now.

Will also have to plan our RCI trip this year as we have enough points every two years for a one week stay using our points. Thinking of Branson. Has anyone been there?

Jakey and I are staying in today-so cold out. Calling for possible snow tonight. Hope your all staying warm. 

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