Ethnical Beauty by Derma-e

Thursday, September 19, 2019

I love beauty products and have so much fun trying new brands, don't you? 
I wanted to share with you all my love for a great line of skincare called Derma-E.
I have used a few of Derma-E brands in the past, and now am using their Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Oil,  Tea Tree and Vitamin E Oil, face masks and their Advanced Peptides & Collagen Serum.
Being 50+ my skin now needs a boost. I am looking for more natural products for my skin and for the environment's sake and looking for products too that contain collagen and vitamins for my skin. 
Currently you can sign up and receive 20% off your first order, through your welcome email. Give them a try- you'll be sure to love the brand!

Be Prepared: Essential Items to Keep in Your Vehicle

Image credit Pixabay CC0 License

Whether you are someone that heads off on long road trips in your vehicle, or you use it once a week to visit the grocery store, it is essential to keep some essential items in it. Being prepared for all eventualities is particularly crucial if you head off across the country on long journeys. No one can know when an accident will happen, or a tire will blow, so it’s best to have everything you need already inside your vehicle ready in case you need it. Having your car packed with all the essentials that you need doesn’t take too long to do, but it is something that you will regret not doing if something happens and you’re not prepared.

What You Need to Keep Inside Your Vehicle

When putting together items that you need to keep inside your vehicle, it is best to keep them neatly stored, so that you don’t have stuff rolling around in your trunk while you drive. Having everything neatly stored will help you to locate the items faster when you need to use them too. A trunk organizer is the best solution for your larger essential items to keep them from escaping each time you make a turn. Other smaller pieces could be kept in your glove compartment instead so that you can access them easily when you require them.

What to Keep in Your Glove Compartment:

Make sure that you car manual is inside your glove compartment, rather than filed away at home. The chances are that the times that you will need to use the manual are when you are out and about, so having somewhere handy will make life much easier if you find that you need to use it.

A small notebook and pen are useful additions to your glove compartment. Hopefully, you won’t need to use them, but if you were involved in an accident, they would come in very useful. The notebook and pen can be used to record your details to give to the other driver, and can also be used to sketch the positions of the cars involved in the accident so that you can pass this information on to your personal injury lawyer and insurance company, should you need to.

Essential Items to Keep in Your Trunk:

To help keep you prepared for whatever happens, it’s useful to have the following items in your vehicle to give you peace of mind on your travels:

First aid kit
Ice scraper
Multi-tool as this is much easier than bringing your whole tool kit everywhere you go
Spare tire
Tire iron 
Tire jack
Jumper cables
Tire pressure gauge
Map (in case your sat nav fails you)
USB charger for your phone in case you are left with no battery power and need to make a call
Water bottle

If you have breakdown assistance cover, ensure you keep your membership details and their phone number with you, so that you can call them when you need them.

The Essential Guide To Starting A Business On A Budget

If you’re keen to launch your very own startup but you don’t have the financial backing to lease a large premises, hire lots of staff and outsource most of your business functions, the chances are you might consider staying in your full time job instead. However, if you are keen to wave goodbye to your employed position and you want to become the master of your own destiny, a self funded venture is the best route for you to take. Not every business needs a ridiculous amount of investment to get it off the ground. Take a look at this guide to launching your startup on a budget.


Don’t assume that you need to veer away from your current job completely to start your own business. You could choose to take your little book of contacts and do your current role but in a self employed capacity. Even if you have dreams of a different sort, this can be achieved in the future. For now, you can set yourself up doing the accounts for IT contractors in the same vein as you have been doing. Only this time, all of the money lines your pockets rather than some faceless corporate blue chip.

Home Office

Forget leasing an office in the city center and paying an extortionate amount of rent. Instead, work from home. While not ideal, you will save a small fortune on overheads. Working from home will also allow you to have a little bit of a lie in each day as you no longer have to worry about an arduous commute. Ensure that you don’t succumb to procrastination or work on the dining room table. Working from home only works if you can find a space distinctly removed from the rest of the house. An office space or even a shed in the back garden is ideal. You can get up, have breakfast with the kids, and then hole yourself away from nine until five in the same way you would if you were working off site. You still need to be disciplined when working from home.


Sometimes you have to spend money rather than save money. Starting a business, even one working from home, does encounter some expenses. If you work in a customer facing role, you must consider your insurances and the legislation that you have to adhere to. Check out a site like and source a custom built legal package specially tailored to your startup. This won’t be some generic template from the Internet, but instead, it’ll help shape your business within a legal framework. This will ensure that your venture doesn’t fall foul of the law. Just because you are setting up your business on a budget doesn’t mean you can cut legislative corners.

Starting a business is not for the faint hearted. You need to be committed, determined and willing to put in the hours to get your venture off the ground. Follow this guide and start your business without breaking the bank.

5 Things We Love About LAX

Whether you are arriving, departing, or having a layover, there are many things you will love about Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). There are times when the experience can be frustrating, such as flight delays and chaos in the counters, but mostly, you can expect a good experience with the amenities available at the airport. Keep on reading and we’ll talk about some of the best things about LAX, which will make you look forward to your flight.

Before we start, check out this infographic for a quick rundown of everything you can expect at LAX. LAX airport infographic

1.      Convenient Parking
If you plan to bring your car as you depart from LAX, no need to worry about your parking spot. You can book LAX parking in advance, which will make it less likely that you will be frustrated when you get there. This is especially important during peak hours. The best thing is that when you return, you can easily go home as your car is already at the airport.

To book your parking spot at LAX, visit

2.      Incredible Shopping
At LAX, you can shop like a star. You will be spoiled for choices, including luxury brands. Whether you are looking for bags, clothes, jewelry, and electronics, among others, there are shops spread across al the terminals. It will remind you of the same upscale shopping experience at Rodeo Drive and Melrose Avenue. Some of the top brands you can see at the airport include Coach, Victoria’s Secret, Porsche Design, Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss, and Bulgari.

3.      Gastronomic Feast 
One of the best ways to kill time at the airport is to get a filling treat. You will have countless options on where to eat. Whether you want to grab something to eat quickly or you like a fine dining experience, there is an option for you. For an unforgettable airport dining experience, some of the best places to check out include Chaya Sushi, The Petrossian Caviar and Champagne Bar, Umami Burger, Planet Hollywood, and Vino Volo, among others.

4.      Artistic Elements
While there are many things to love about LAX, one of our favorites is the art. It isn’t the first airport to incorporate artistic features in its terminals, but its art collection makes the airport stunning. Throughout its terminals, eleven spaces feature regular exhibits. These exhibits feature some of the up and coming artists in Los Angeles. From video installations to paintings to sculptures, there is plenty of art that will be a feast to the eyes.

5.      The Private Suite
For those who don’t mind spending money, The Private Suite is another good reason to fall in love with LAX. This makes flying more comfortable and convenient. It is a private terminal, so no need to deal with long lines and chaos. They have a private building, which is also where they conduct TSA screening. Each suite comes with a luxurious bathroom, pantry, daybed, and an incredible view.

Air travel does not have to be a nightmare, especially when you have an airport as nice as LAX. Make the most out of your experience! Take advantage of the amenities available to make your trip more memorable.

How to Have the Best Wedding Ever

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Your wedding is quite possibly going to be the biggest day of your life. If you want to make the most out of it then it helps to plan every aspect of the event, so that you can make sure that everything goes to plan.
Personalized Program
You’ll need to create a wedding program for the big day. A lot of people opt for a standard, generic template here, but if you want to spice things up then it’s not hard for you to add some interesting details about you and your partner. You might also want to add a breakdown of the proceedings, or if you don’t want photos to be taken.

Welcome Baskets
If your guests have traveled a long way to come to your wedding then why not say thank you by giving them a welcome basket? You could include sweets that are popular or native to the local area, and you might also want to include some snacks or bottles of water. This will help them to settle in and it will also help you to make them feel well and truly welcome.
Greeting your Guests
This may sound obvious, but you do need to make sure that you greet each and every guest personally. Try and mingle as much as possible, and don’t focus on hanging around with one group alone.
Seating Chart
It doesn’t matter whether you are having a buffet or a fully-planned meal because you need to have a quality seating chart. This will help you to ensure that your guests have a good time and it will also help you to group guests who have a similar background or interests together.
Open Bar
Open bars can be expensive but it is possible for you to make it work, even if you are on a budget. Consider having just beer and wine, or even the odd cocktail on offer. This will help everyone to have a good time and it will also go down a treat while you prepare for the evening. Look into bartending services to see if they are able to offer you a better deal than your venue.
Lounge Area
When choosing your venue, it helps to make sure that your guests have somewhere to sit. You need to remember that not every guest will want to dance all night. In fact, some of them won’t want to hit the dance floor at all. One way for you to get around this would be for you to offer a nice seating area. Your guests will love it and it still gives them chance to really enjoy the music.
Ask for Requests

If you want to really get your guests on the dance floor, then you need to take song requests.  This will ensure that everyone gets to hear their favorite track and it will also help to keep the party going into the early hours of the morning too. Remember to take requests in advance, so that you have plenty of time to get the tracks sorted.

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Monday, September 16, 2019

Today's winner:

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Thank you to all who took time to enter!

Malta Has Got Its Unique Positioning in the Clutter of Mediterranean Tourist Location

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Malta offers a wide spectrum of tourist attractions ranging from monuments of historical importance to sun-kissed golden beaches touching the feet of the endless stretch of the deep blue sea. It is a small island country nestled in the central Mediterranean Sea and lies between Sicily and North African shore. Malta lies circumscribed by the exotic tourist destinations comprising of Spain, Italy, and Greece. Malta is an ideal destination for those who want to take the path that is less traveled. Malta is still not prominently featured in the traditional list of the populace holiday destination. You still might have calm and quiet beaches in Malta where you can interact with the sea through all your senses all day without having anyone around to intervene in your interface with the sea.  This is in stark contrast with the overcrowded beaches with tourists pushing each other to make some room to get themselves captured in selfies against the backdrop of a sacred beach, with an objective to post it on social networking sites to garner likes and comments. But Malta can throw upon you a different perspective of life which lies in contrary to the state of being under the limelight of social attention.

You can keep wandering aimlessly the whole day through the maze of narrow lanes and alleys in Malta in order to get lost in the journey of life in the pursuit of rediscovering yourself afresh or you can go on a date with yourself in some unknown coffee shop in order to explore what lies beneath your mind while having refreshing sips from fuming coffee surrounded by a peaceful environment where you can hear your own heartbeats. Spending a vacation in Malta is more like being in a meditation session which will help you unclog your mind to equip you with a clearer perspective of life.

Malta is known for its generosity towards the tourists, who visit the country. You can, in fact, feel the warmth of the hospitality in every single nook and corner of the country. Once you visit Malta, you will start feeling a strong sense of belongingness deep inside your heart towards the ethos of Maltese culture resulting in an urge to take a trip back to Malta. Being hospitable to guests is an intrinsic virtue that is propagated by the values and cultural ethos that Maltese people believe in. Therefore, the indigenous population of Malta inherits the warm welcoming smile ever sparkling in their lips with which they meet and greet the tourist.

Malta has a deep-rooted tradition of offering accommodation to guests at a reasonable price. Hence, tourists are left with a wide pool of options of home stay in different price brackets to choose from. The idea of Homestay is fast picking up the pace in Malta, offering guests an opportunity to indulgence in the homely atmosphere in a typical Maltese locality, which will eventually open the doors for someone to intermingle with the local community in order to know more about their 

lifestyle and behavior from a close quarter. So the act of letting in malta has always seemed like a homecoming for many people who keep coming to the country quite often.

Being in Malta is as domestic an experience as being at home

English is reported to be the second official language of Malta. Therefore, a tourist from typically English speaking countries of Europe or elsewhere will find it to quite comfortable to interact with the locals. One can communicate with Maltese people in English as effortlessly as they communicate on the streets of London. In Malta, one does not need to stumble over the language barrier, which is quite common in a few parts of Spain or Italy where people can only converse either in Spanish or their vernacular language. There is a popular proverb in English which says you are required to be a Spaniard when you are in Spain and Italian when you are in Italy, but you are very much allowed to be true to yourself when you are in Malta.

Moreover, Malta offers a wide array of options to tourists in terms of how they want to spend their vacation. A lot of people may want to spend their vacation simply by laying on the beach and savoring the sight and sound of the sea. Beaches in Malta are quite tranquil in nature. You can listen to the cacophony of the sea while walking down on the beach, leaving your footprints below on the sand. It is the perfect destination for the new couples too.

A sea coupled with a reticent beach with so much calm around you makes for a perfect setting to put things into perspective before embarking on a new journey in life. If you have a knack for revisiting history through the eyes of the present, you can also go for a journey to the past through the rich historical memoir manifested through monuments, architecture, and cathedrals which still stands in witness of the past. So next time you will find yourself in a fix over choosing a destination for the forthcoming vacation, Malta can find a spot at the top of your priority list.                        

Malta: A Tourist’s Paradise

If you are in love with beaches, this archipelago can be your next destination in the bucket list. With Africa and Sicily being its neighbor, Malta is located amidst the Mediterranean Sea and is famous for its several caves located under the sea and eye-catching architectural views of its innumerable temples. Now, let us discuss some of the best places to visit in this island country:

The best places to visit in Malta

·         The city of Valletta - The fortress city of Valetta, is the capital of Malta. The Malta international airport is only 5 km Southwest to Valletta. Since it is Europe's smallest capital city, so it’s perfect for walking around in the hidden streets; no doubt it’s a wonder to enjoy the beautiful architecture. One would get to see a handful of canons across the city, but the Baraka Gardens is a perfect spot where a series of canons are fired at noon, 4 pm, called the "Saluting Battery". Most amazingly, Valletta is studded with almost 300 monuments, so according to UNESCO, it is the most concentrated historical place in the world. Alongside eye tickling experiences it also serves with some fairly good restaurants and hotels for the tourists who arrive at Malta.

 ·         The city of Mdina - Taking a local bus from Valletta or by hiring a car u can get to the previous capital of Malta, i.e., Mdina. This tends to be one of the most beautiful cities of Malta including the St. Paul's Cathedral, which is a great attraction.

·         The Stunning Blue Grotto - One can take a short boat trip to reach the Blue Grotto, which is an absolutely stunning place to visit. It gives u unforgettable views because you would find all the colors on the rocks in the late afternoon, there are also mighty overhanging rocks. The boat trips allow you to venture the most amazing sea caves that would leave u in amazement.

·         Sliema : This is another city located near to the Valletta, which is a lot quieter than Valletta. It is fun to spend time here, and this place is also a lot cheaper.

·         Manoel Theatre – It is an important venue for performing Arts.  It is Europe's Third oldest working theatre.

·         St. Elmo's and St. Angelo's – This is the most renowned museum in Malta, which is a must-watch.

·         Castille Palace - It is an auberge in Valletta and is a huge castle and definitely a great site to visit.

·         Grand Master's Palace - It is officially known as The Palace. It houses currently the office of the president of Malta It is of Mannerist and Baroque type of architectural style hence is a beautiful structure to look at.

·         The National Aquarium - It is a modern Aquarium with local fish species, reptiles, amphibians, and insects. It also houses a gift shop and cafe.

·         Falconry Centre - Several species of birds of prey that are well trained are found here and is an objective to reintroduce the ancient art of falconry in Malta.

·         The Jesus Tree - This tree has a striking resemblance to Christ on the Cross and hence catches the eyes of the tourists, and they eagerly visit this place. It's no wonder it amuses people a lot. According to Maltese, a local tree was hit by a lightning strike long ago, and this structure was formed.

·         Old prison - The walls of the cells and corridors are covered in graffiti, which is the largest known collection of historical Graffiti in on the Maltese islands. These graffiti are fascinating to tourists and make it a tourist spot.

·         Calypso's cave - The Ramla Bay overlooks the glorious red sands of the finest beach of Gozo, which is one of the Maltese islands. And as an astonishingly beautiful beach, it attracts a lot of tourists every year. On the shore, the Calypso's cave is now inaccessible to tourists due to geological movement but can be viewed from a bit far. And the heartwarming views would make you, visit there again.

·         Duck Village of Gzira -  As per the name, we can guess that this village has something related to ducks. The idea originated from FKNK in the hope that there would be more birds for the visitors to see. All kinds of ducks are found in this village, and they are fed and bred for aesthetic and natural purposes.

·         The Victoria Citadel - Last but not least is the Victoria Citadel.  It is also known as the Castello. Along the winding streets, we can find numerous museums like the Cathedral museum, museum of Archaeology The Folklore museum and a lot more. Thus, this place is a tourist hotspot.

The last word

In a nutshell, the Malta archipelago offers you the best possible snaps of historically enriched and peaceful aura that you can get nowhere else in the world. You can also avail of cheap hotels in malta if you make your prior bookings. You can also search online for the best deals and discounts in such hotels. Apart from everything else, Malta also offers you the best climate across Europe and can prove to be the ultimate destination.

Review and Giveaway: Leah Chavie "Age Reverse System" Skincare ( Canada/ USA)

Friday, September 13, 2019

For all of my adult life I have used skincare. Always. I always wanted to be pro- active when it came to how my skin would age. I could also use almost any old skincare and it worked as a moisturizer for my face.

Now that I am 50+ , and in that "aging" age, I have been finding not just any skincare will work. My skin is aging and needs more "love". 

I have recently though, been using Leah Chavie's Skincare . Loving her Age Reverse System.This system has been clinically tested and delivers proven results with a combination of concentrated, medical grade actives and natural ingredients.

This 3 piece system includes:

  • Chamomile Facial Cleanser: Cleanses, soothes and hydrates normal to sensitive skin.  Key Ingredients: Chamomile Essential Oil, Peptides and Brown Algae Extract 2.
  • C-Stem® Serum : Dramatically improves deeper lines, brightness, texture, and pores Key Ingredients: Lilac Stem Cells, Vitamin C, and Marine Extracts 3.
  • Ultra Benefits® Moisturizer : Protects from environmental aging. Visible improved lines, wrinkles, and age spots.  Key Ingredients: Antioxidant Lipochroman®, Peptides, and Brighteners.
I will say I love my set. I love the smell and how the product leaves my face feeling so clean and refreshed after I use it. With continued 4 weeks use, many saw a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines, age spots, and skin texture. 
I continue to use mine twice a day and have found quite the liking for this brand. Very nice.

Leah Chavie would love for one of our readers to win their very own travel sized set of the Age Reverse System. Retail value- $85!

Open to Canada and USA entrants.

To Enter: 
Let us know what you feel is your biggest skincare issue on your face right now.

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Three Things Every Car Owner Should Know

Many of us are owning a car we don’t know much about beyond how to drive it. As a responsible car owner, there are a few things we should all know, like how to react to an accident, some basic repairs and how to look after your vehicle. These are the top things that every driver should know. 

Image - free for commercial use

Basic Maintenance
Knowing how to check and maintain your car yourself will make you a better car owner and help you avoid costly repairs. 

Know how to check your oil levels. This should be done weekly to make sure your engine is being lubricated and cooled properly. If the levels are low, learn how to properly top up the oil too. Remember to go slowly!

Know how to top up your windshield washer fluid so your wipers work effectively to keep your windshield clean and clear. While you’re learning about wipers, learn how to replace the blades too to avoid scratching your windshield. 

Learn how to check your tire pressure. Low tire pressure causes your tires to wear out faster, and a new tire is never cheap. Too much pressure can cause the tire to burst, so be careful. 

Learn some engine jargon, so you can accurately describe a problem to your mechanic, making it faster for them to find the cause. 

Accident Response
There are many guides to exactly what to do after a car accident. The important essentials to remember are to never leave the scene without stopping, to swap insurance details with any other parties, and how to seek help for any injuries or for legal help from someone like

Learn how to change a tire, so you can help yourself if you get a flat tire while driving. Practice a home, so you can do this quickly at the side of the road. 

Jump starting a car is a useful skill to have, but it’s important to know how to do this safely. If your car won’t start due to a flat battery, knowing how to get it started without calling out breakdown recovery could save you a lot of money. 

Driving Safety
Different road and weather conditions can make your car handle in very different ways. For your own safety, learn how to drive on a slippery road service, in the rain, in the snow and through flood water. Always drive carefully and don’t rely on four wheel drive to get through a difficult road. 

Know how to react if your car slides. Sometimes, your brakes can lock in difficult road conditions, causing the car to slide. Take your foot off the break, then slowly reapply it. Repeat until the wheels engage again and you have come to a stop. 

If you live somewhere that gets heavy snow or a lot of mud, learn how to get your car out if it gets stuck. You need to gain traction to get out, so whatever you do, don’t just put your foot down and expect to drive out.

3 Ways To Get On Top Of Your Finances

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Money is a fickle thing. It can be here one minute, and the next it has completely vanished. You can feel as though you have a good relationship with it at times, and be on top of life. And then skip forward a short time, and suddenly your bills, outgoings, and debts all seem to have combined to create an impossible challenge for you, that threatens to cause you a considerable amount of stress and worry. 

If you're struggling with balancing your cash flow, there are ways of getting back on top of the situation. With careful planning, you can create a budget that you can stick to as well as looking at short term solutions to get you back on your feet. 

One thing that is certain though is that if you are struggling with any money related problems, you should never bury your head in the sand with them. This will only lead to you getting more in-depth into difficulties, and potentially resulting in an entirely unmanageable amount of debt. 

Go Through Your Finances

Firstly, you need to go through your finances and work out where you stand. Create a spreadsheet and document all of the outgoings that you have each month starting with the most important, such as your rent or mortgage payments. If you have any debts, include your loan, credit card, or overdraft fees and instalments. Then you should go through all of your bills, such as your utilities and mobile phone bill, then you'll want to determine how much you spend on transportation each month, and how much your average food shop comes in at.

The total outgoings should be lower than your total income. If this is not the case, you will need to look at areas that you can make savings. 

Handling Loans

Sometimes getting a loan can be helpful. You can get payday loans online; instant approval now means that you will get the money when you need it most. It is essential to realize that you will need to pay this back as quickly as possible, as the interest rates can leave you paying several times the value of the loan if you don't repay it promptly. 

You may want to consolidate all of your debt into one lump sum payment. This might be a good idea if you have several loans, or credit card debt spread over a few cards. Make sure you get the lowest interest rates possible and stick to your repayment plan. 

Cut Your Bills

If you want to reduce your living costs to save some money on your outgoings, you should look at changing all of your suppliers and cancelling services that you don't get the full benefit of. 

There are a number of excellent utility switching websites available that will provide you with the latest offers from many companies. You should ensure that you check that all of your financial products, including insurance, are costing you as little as possible. 

Red Heart® and Bernat® Launch New Innovative Yarn Products to Address America’s Love Affair with Crafting and Knitting

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

An estimated 40 million Americans are active knitters and the trend is on the rise with a growing number of Americans trying their hands at a variety of homemade projects. Red Heart® has launched Red Heart Heat Wave™, a heat generating yarn™ that takes wearable tech to warmer temperatures.  Additionally, Bernat® has introduced Bernat® Alize® EZ Wool™, a line of pre-looped, needle-less yarns, which is changing the way consumers approach knitting. Now, millions with varying levels of knitting experience, can create custom, handmade and cozy items and accessories including blankets, throws, pillows, hats, sweaters, gloves and more.

Powered by UV rays, Red Heart® Heatwave™ is heat generating thanks to patented fibers that have the ability to become up to 12-degrees warmer, even on a cloudy day, without having to charge up or plug in thanks to its solar-activated fibers. This new wearable technology, made in the USA, features a classic and versatile color wheel, perfect for updating outdoor gear including hats, gloves, scarves and blankets to help stay warm during daily commutes, sporting events, outdoor activities and even walking the dog.  Red Heart® Heatwave™ provides knitters and crocheters new opportunities to be inspired to stitch. 

Additionally, a brand-new type of yarn is being introduced to lure new consumers to get crafty.  First-time knitters, including men and kids, can explore their creativity with Bernat® Alize® EZ Wool™ that makes handmade yarn projects fast and easy with pre-looped yarn, no needles or hooks required. EZ to use yarn will have consumers knitting in minutes, not days and is so simple anyone can master it. Projects can be completed in half the time of traditional knitting without the years of prior experience necessary, giving anyone the satisfaction and pride of creating a quality, handmade project. EZ Wool™ is perfect for creating those chunky and on-trend sweaters, scarves, blankets, pillows and more. 

Red Heart® Heat Wave™ and Bernat® Alize® EZ Wool™ are both now available in-store and online at JOANN and will be available online for purchase in September at

In chenille and wool blends, the pre-looped yarn is available in a rainbow of colors.

Check out the FREE patterns here.

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