Special Tax Season Survival Tips: ADP Canada

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tax season is here and for many, that signals the start of longer workdays, increased stress and sleepless nights. It’s important to recognize the signs of burnout and take measures to protect your health and wellness during this incredibly busy season.

To ensure that all accounting, payroll and financial professionals survive and thrive this tax season, ADP Canada has created series of tips to help them endure the next few months.

Tip #1: Have a plan
Just like outdoor survival, you need a plan to succeed. When things get extremely busy it’s hard to stay organized. A simple list that details which tasks to conquer first helps you stay organized, maintain control and alleviate stress – even when your workload feels overwhelming.

Tip #2: Seek shelter
Your work space is your home away from home during tax season – it should be welcoming and comfortable. What steps can you take to ensure your work space is ergonomically sound? When facing longer days in the office, try working at a standing desk or using an exercise ball for a few hours at a time to help reduce the stiffness and pain associated with prolonged sitting.

Tip #3: Stay hydrated
You may be tempted to reach for that third cup of coffee, but hydration is key to staying mentally alert. Staying hydrated allows the body to maintain peak levels of productivity and helps increase energy, focus and brain power. In addition, getting up to refill your water bottle forces you to take much-needed breaks throughout the day.

Tip #4: Keep calm
Remember, tax season is only temporary. Take time for yourself and schedule social events throughout tax season. Taking a post-tax season vacation can give you something to look forward to after several months of hard work.  And remind yourself that there’s light at the end of the tunnel and it’s important to reward yourself during this incredibly demanding time.

Tip #5: Find a friend
Pair up with a colleague and hold each other accountable for breaks and meals. Going for 15-minute walks with a friend can help reduce stress and restore mental clarity. When times are tough, lean on each other for support.

Additional Tip: Don’t be a hero
Planning all your client meetings in one day sounds great, but it will leave you exhausted. Try to break up your week, if possible, and be honest with your clients about expectations and timelines.

Some Parting Thoughts
Tax season may seem intimidating, but the more detail-oriented and organized you are from the start, the less stressful it will be.
As you get into gear this busy season, it’s important to keep your work in perspective and remember to prioritize your health and well being.

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Be More Charitable This Year!

Friday, March 27, 2020

Giving to charity is an amazing way to make a difference to people's lives without having to exert too much out of your day. Whether it is a few pounds every now and then, or a lump sum donation to the charity of your choice, or just volunteering in your local park to litter pick. All of these small actions collectively make a huge difference to those affected by these charities. If you are looking for more ways to be charitable this year, keep reading for great tips!


If you are looking for a way to give back and also be actively involved in the charity you want to help, then volunteering is the best way. Volunteering is very accessible, with no money needed to volunteer. Most charities are looking for people to help them carry out the activities they need completing in order to stay open to help those in need. Activities you can do whilst volunteering are very broad. It could be litter picking in the local area, keeping it clean and tidy. It could be visiting older folk to speak to them for a little bit, and provide them with much needed company. It is a very flexible and active way in giving back, and with no contract, you can choose and fit it around your schedule to volunteer and help others.

Donate your Skills

Similar to volunteering, another flexible way to give back is by donating your skills to the charity. Something often forgotten is that charities are structured very much like businesses. They need to create marketing, manage the money that gets donated to them, manage admin and present / pitch for government funding to keep them running. If you have a specialism, like marketing or accounting, then maybe a weekend or two helping the charity with their accounts or marketing department can be a great way to give back. If you have some free time why not? The reward will be worth the work put in!

Charities Abroad or Domestic?

This is a subjective choice and completely a personal one too. There are many charities domestically that need your help, and many abroad. It is always best to engage in charities that mean something to you. If you have children than maybe Youth Villages is the best to help, or if you know someone impacted by cancer in some way, then a cancer charity would be best. Regardless of whether they are domestic or international, just helping a charity of some kind is such an amazing act that means so much to those who need it.

How can I Do This on a Day to Day Basis?

There are many ways! More and more regularly businesses and big brands are starting to offer products that donate a percentage of their proceeds to charity. Some big chain coffee shops have cookies and more, customised for the charity and when one is bought, proceeds to go to the charity. The same can be said for food chains too! So when you are out and about, be vigilant and look for these places, as small donations here and there or rounding up the rest of your bill, really makes a huge difference in the long run!

What is Baccarat and What Do you Need To Know

Gambling is a huge industry. There are a number of interesting games that require intelligence and luck. There are offline brick-and-mortar casinos and online gambling portals where you can try your luck on a daily basis. One of the most famous games that gamblers like to play is baccarat. Even though baccarat is a rather simple game with a simple objective, learning baccarat and then playing it online helps you a lot to ensure a quick win and some well-deserved money in the bank. Baccarat needs you to bet on either the Banker or the player, and if you bet on the winning hand, you win. No matter how simple and obvious it seems, baccarat requires quite an amount of skill to ace. You could either use betting algorithms or predict the winner based on previous rounds. Here are the top Baccarat Rules you need to know.
       The Banker’s Hand
Two cards are dealt with the Banker’s hand, and no subsequent cards are dealt with if the total equals 7, 8, or 9. There are a few other numerical calculations involved which you do not actually need to memorize. A lot of professionals consider the Banker’s hand to be the better hand to bet on, since it has a slightly higher chance of winning, considering it is dealt second. However, that cannot be said certainly because it usually has a lower house edge. Even so, it does come with a 5% commission, and you might need to do some mental math before you bet.
       The Player’s Hand
This is the hand that is dealt with first. The number of cards is the same as the Banker, and if the total is 5 or less, another card is dealt with. Once again, there are a lot of numerical calculations involved which you do not need to remember. One good thing about betting on the Player’s Hand is the fact that it has a higher house edge, and there is no commission involved.
       Card Drawing Rules
Here comes the mathematical part. There are certain rules regarding the two-card total in each of the players or the Banker’s hand. If the total on either hand is 8 or 9, then both stand. The player stands if they have a total of 7 or 6. If the player gets up to 5, the Banker gives the player a card, while if the player stands, the Banker gets a maximum of 5. If the player gets a third card, the Banker can draw one too. Now there are a few more rules here which are not that important.
       Spotting the Pattern
Now one of the most important rules to be followed if you want to win is spotting the pattern. A lot of people believe that one can guess the outcome of the game by following the previous rounds, something which is perfectly legal and might help.

Now there are a lot more intricate rules when it comes to playing baccarat, and these バカラ ルール can be slightly complicated. However, like all other games, one should play baccarat to have a good time. While rules are important, it is also necessary to focus on having fun while playing. So have fun with playing Baccarat.

Ingenious Ways to Travel Europe on a Budget!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Although you may be thinking that travelling through Europe is expensive, the truth is that it doesn’t have to be. There are so many ways that you can save money while visiting, we have put together our tips that has allowed us to visit over 21 countries in the past two years! Using these you are able to experience the cities and towns you visit more like the locals do.

Book All of Your Tours in Advance

As much as possible, you should book big tours and activities in advance. Fortunately, buying tickets for seeing things like the London Eye is something you can do online. This will not only ensure that you will be able to get your tickets, but it will also save you time since you can cut the line, and you’ll save money since you’re not risking paying for transportation there only to not be able to go.

Forget About Paying for Accommodation

If you might find that one of the  biggest expensive is accommodation. House sitting is a really good alternative. In exchange for caring for someone's home and/or pets you can have a lovely home to yourself. Eating can be fun on holiday but sometimes you might just want to pick up some local produce and cook at home, this can also help reduce costs. Having a home to still allow for cooking as well as keeping on top of your washing without spending the day looking for a laundrette. You also get to be immersed in local culture as you get to genuinely live like the locals.

Travel During the Low Season

You’ll be surprised at how much prices go up throughout Europe during the summer months simply because there are more tourists coming through. To avoid these high prices, travel during the down season instead. The best times to travel to Europe are April, May, August, and September. You’ll also find more locals and less tourists, making your experience more authentic.

Save Money by Getting a City Pass

There are a number of cities throughout Europe that offer a city pass or city card. This pass will give you huge discounts on a number of popular tourist attractions in the city as well as restaurants. Most of them also allow you unlimited free public transportation so you don’t have to worry about getting around. If you’re going to be somewhere for a few days, this will save you a ton of money.

Look for Local Attractions

Think about the things that you normally enjoy in your hometown, and look for similar activities in whatever town you’re visiting in Europe. Chances are, there are plenty of pubs, free concerts, and other community events going on that you can join in on to really enjoy your time together. Since most of these local attractions are free or cheap, you’ll be able to save a lot of money.

Bring a Filtered Water Bottle

Although chances are good that anywhere you go in Europe will have safe drinking water, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. When you travel with a filtered water bottle, you can save money by being able to avoid buying plastic water bottles, which also helps protect the environment. Instead of paying for water, you’ll be able to fill up your bottle pretty much anywhere, and for free!

Eat Your Main Meal at Lunchtime

To get the most bang for your buck when eating out at restaurants, head in during the lunch hours and pick from one of their lunch specials. These will almost always be cheaper than dinner options, saving you money and giving you an authentic taste of local culture. Always ask locals where they eat, as the small family-owned eateries are also cheaper and generally offer amazing home-cooked meals.

Save Money be Heading to the Farmer’s Market

An even better way to save money while traveling in Europe is to head to the local Farmer’s Market or even a grocery store to pick up fresh local foods. Then, cook it yourself and you’ve just saved yourself a lot of money! If you’re staying in a hostel, then you’ll almost always have access to a shared kitchen you can use, but if you’re house sitting, you’ll have the whole kitchen to yourself.

Save on Transportation by Taking the Train

There are a number of ways to get around Europe if you’re hopping from city to city or country to country. Although flying is fastest, the way to save money is to travel by train. You can save the most money by taking the night trains, but if you’re willing to spend a little more, then you can also take in the countryside by traveling during the day. It can be a great way to see more of Europe for less money.

Visit Portugal

Portugal is one of the best places to visit in Europe if you want to save money without missing out on amazing experiences. Porto, Portugal is easily one of the most underrated cities in Europe, making it the perfect budget travel destination. Seafood is cheap yet absolutely delicious, old-world charm can be found everywhere, and you can’t miss their incredible festivals.

Preparing Your Home For The Summer

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

As the warmer months roll around, many of us are probably in our homes right now, thinking of what we can do to improve our properties. And like anything issues we face as a nation or as a world for that matter, it’s important to always look forward and plan ahead. There are lots of things that you could be doing for your home to make sure it’s ready for the warm weather. Here are some tips for preparing your home for the summer.

Pest-Proof Your Home
Firstly, you want to ensure that after months of weather conditions that might not have been so kind on your home, that you’re secure both inside and out from pests. It’s worth getting in Mosquito Control if you’re an area that’s quite common to mosquitos being a regular and annoying occurrence. As with any pests, they can carry germs, bacteria and even diseases, none of which you want to have in your home. Make sure that you have been around your property to check whether there are any current locations that might have gaps or cracks within the foundations. These can be ideal points to which pests can get in, and if you’ve not been looking after the tidiness of your home or leaving food out, for example, this can provide them with even more of a reason to set up shop in your home. You want to reduce these at all costs, so make sure you’re putting in the preventative measures to help with keeping those pests away. Keep your home clean and tidy, making sure to keep any easily opened food, locked away and out of sight. 

Check Your Air Conditioning Units
Air conditioning can be a life-saver in certain states, and when it comes to the warm air, it can have an impact on everything we do in our daily lives at home. And should you get to a point where half-way through the glorious summer weather, the air conditioning units break down, you might be kicking yourself for not getting them checked sooner or ignoring the need to get them checked on an annual basis. Filters can get clogged up, and older models can end up running to the end of their service at the most inappropriate of times. Therefore, make sure you check on your air conditioning units and look out for any signs that might suggest it’s in need of some maintenance. You should be aware of what a healthy unit sounds like, and if not, it’s worth checking in with whoever provided you with the units in the first place.

Do A Deep Clean
During the summer, it’s likely that you’ll spend less time in your house and more time socializing outdoors and with friends and family. However, you’re still going to get plenty of time in your home and a new season can be a good excuse to have a proper clear out. We end up hoarding so much just as individuals, let alone as households and you might have a lot of stuff in and around your home that could do with chucking out. When it comes to doing a deep clean, it’s something that you might not do very often to your home, and there are often certain areas in particular that get avoided in any general cleans that you do throughout the year. A deep clean once per year is good to do, and this is best done just before the summer months hit. That way, you can enjoy a fresh and clean home for the rest of the year. 

Start by creating a list of things that need doing and list them by room. Try to get the whole household involved where you can so that it’s a group effort and not simply one person doing all of the work. Seeing as you all share the space together, the responsibility of keeping everything clean should be done collectively. It also speeds up the process so you can spend less time cleaning and more time having fun and enjoying the sunshine.

Marie Kondo Your Wardrobe
Marie Kondo, for those of you who aren’t aware of her book or Netflix series, is someone who has made a career out of the way she cleans and tidies her home. She’s influenced many households to find joy in the things they own and to get rid of stuff they no longer find value in. When it comes to your wardrobe, it’s a thing you need to address at the start of every season. Fashion changes, but so does temperature and it can be annoying to have a mixture of all your clothes together. It can often make for a stressful time in trying to pick out your outfit for the day.

Marie Kondo’s method is to take out all of your clothing and pop it on the bed. Then you can go through each item and check if it something you enjoy wearing or if it’s something you’ve not worn in months. There might be outfits that only suit special or specific occasions, but at the same time, there’s going to be clothing that you just never wear. Keep what sparks joy and throw out what doesn’t.

Tend To Your Outdoor Space
Your outdoor space is an important area to pay attention to because it can easily be ignored and dismissed as being something that doesn’t need any care. However, on the contrary, you’re likely going to spend more time outdoors, and so it’s even more important to tend to your outdoor space, whatever that might be. Be sure to trim back any hedges or trees that might be overhanging or looking a little bit untamed. Your outdoor space is something that can also attract a lot of wildlife, and as mentioned previously, that includes pests. By keeping your outdoor space maintained as best that you can, you can help prevent any unwanted wildlife from getting into your home and making a mess of your backyard.

If you have a decking area, you might also want to focus on protecting that where you can. Try to do a bit of a clean up by brushing it down and giving it a wash. You might then want to find a protectant that will provide additional coverage for the decking over the summer to stop it from fading in colour but to also keep it going for the next year and throughout the colder months too. 

Do Paint Touch-Ups
As it’s warm outside, you’re likely to have your windows open for a lot of that time. It’s, therefore, a perfect opportunity to do some painting and any touch-ups that might have been caused through bumps or scratches on your part. This general wear and tear is something that’s always likely to happen, but it can end up making your property look quite aged and tired. So try getting the same paint that was used originally as well as the method in which it was applied. You could always go for a complete change and try a different colour of paint or wallpaper. This is the perfect time of year to do it though because otherwise, painting in the winter and having to leave your windows open, is not a good idea.

Preparing your home for the summer is important because you don’t really want to be bothering with it when you have all of the social activities to enjoy and take advantage of. So get it done now if you can!

A Silver Bullet Against Human Corona-virus , Common Flu and Other Germs

Pure Hard Surface® disinfectant, is an environmentally friendly, hospital grade disinfectant that carries the lowest toxicity rating available from the United States Environmental Protection Agency. 

Pure®, powered by a patented silver ion-citric acid molecules, works in about 30 seconds and remains active on hard surfaces for up to 24 hours. Pure is available to individuals through its website. It is available in 3-ounce TSA-approved travel-size bottles, as well as quart, gallon and 2.5-gallon containers for home and commercial use.

Ready to help you fight the battle on germs!

How to Survive Social Distancing with Online Entertainment

Monday, March 23, 2020

Social distancing, the term used to denote the keeping of a minimum distance between human beings to spread any infection, in today's time, the corona pandemic. It is very crucial that we abide by the laws at this time of the global crisis. Since we are social beings, it is a tough time to stay indoors completely. Thus, here are a few ways you can spend your time during social distancing:
Online Casinos: The quarantine period is an extremely hard time to pass for passionate betters who spend hours in casinos. All the オンラインカジノof king significant popularity for the last few decades people still travel to casino shops for meeting new friends. However, the situation now is beyond control, and it is impossible to even get out of the house without risking one's own life. Thus, online casinos are the best option for not only passionate players but even for bored people who want to play betting as a form of time pass.
Online Entertainment: Online entertainment knows no boundaries. There are service providers like Netflix, Amazon prime, hot star, etc. that keep in store updated and exciting collections of thousands of movies and TV series to keep you entertained for at least two years. Joking, but one should try to watch new things and explore the world of cinema since there isn't much you can do without proper entertainment. Also, for people who do not want to spend money on entertainment, we all know how to use torrents and other free movie sites to enjoy whatever we like.
Online Games: Apart from casinos, all betting games are millions of games of various genres that one can find online. Many of these can be played even offline once installed. These are really addictive and can keep you hooked up for a very long period of time. There are trivia games, mind games, puzzles, simulations, escape games, shooting games, games that you can play with your family, games that you can play with people who are thousands of miles away, obviously without meeting them physically and that's amazing.
Online Reading: All games and nothing constructive is not suitable for Jack either. There is so much one can learn, so much one individual knows. There are no boundaries for educating oneself, especially during a pandemic that has got the whole world locked up for an indefinite period. There is obviously, Wikipedia to explain you anything and everything. There are also sites where you can receive and gain specialized knowledge. Apart from knowledge reading, one can indulge themselves in entertainment reading, as in reading short stories, poems, novels, comics, and so on.

Social distancing is tiring and often takes up a toll on our mental health. But all of these tickles the innovative artsy side of your brain that was previously locked up due to work and daily life pressure. Explore these and enjoy the time you have got for yourself. Use the time judiciously and do everything you wanted to but couldn't.

Spring Cleaning Bundle Giveaway (Canada only)

Sunday, March 22, 2020

I’ve teamed up with my daughter, @exclusivelyerika to give one lucky follower a chance to win a @welldotca cleaning bundle of their choice, valued at up to $50!!

Please be sure to stop over to our Instagram pages and learn more there. @oneincomedollar

Entry only on Instagram...Good Luck! Giveaway Closes April 5, 2020.

Exploring Willard Bay State Park, Utah

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Here's the scenario....
So like us, your travelling, and you just drove through Salt Lake City ,things are still staying busy on the highway, and your through Ogden, but you need a break. You want to get off the road, away from the city. Back to nature! But where do you go??

Well, you head off the I-15 and onto Exit 357. You head a bit west and to Willard Bay State Park. You can take a chance to get a spot or book ahead on their web site. Before you hit the park, if you need, there is a Flying J, Subway and convenience store located right near the park. The Flying J has RV lanes and propane sales.

The campsites are paved, are available with full hook ups, and have a cement padded picnic table area with covered shade structures and fire pits.

At first glance when you get to the campsite and look around there doesn't "appear" to be alot to do, but we made sure to get out after supper and quickly found a wonderful nature trail, biking and walking areas around the campground, beautiful mountain scenery, cabins, kids play area, two marinas, beaches and more...

I loved the fact too that my Verizon 4G worked wonderful and hubby liked that he was able to connect to his satellite tv! 

We've been to a few state parks in Utah already, and they are all unique. Be sure to check them out under our categories tag Utah . And be sure to order your FREE guide to Utah. Visit soon.

A Virtual Reality Experience- Or Two

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Last week we went to a couple of these- Virtual Reality experiences at the Linq on the strip, in Vegas. The “experiences” were ok but thought for the time in it, picture quality, the $$ we spent , we wouldn’t do it again 😔 Only are 9 minutes or less... and you pay between $25 - $40 for 2 people. And our dollar is only like 70 cents..or less. 

We both said we feel that an IMAX experience would be a better value for the money and would have lasted longer. But now we can say- "Been there- done that!"

Keep Your Business Looking The Part

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

There are many different elements that contribute towards creating a successful business, including, of course, the strength of the original idea and how well it is implemented by the CEO and the staff. But then there are some more subtle forces that influence business success. One such example of this is the appearance of your work space. This influences how other people see your business, how your staff see your business, and how well everyone in the workspace is able to work (productivity-wise). In this blog, we’re going to take a look at a few useful tips that’ll ensure that your business always looks the part. 

Regular Updates

Your work site might have once looked all fresh and new, but it’s not going to stay that way forever. Over time, things will begin to feel and look a little dated -- and anyone who sees this from the outside will come to believe that you’ve lost some of your touch. As such, it’s important that you’re taking steps to stay on top of your business decor, and that you’re making changes every now and again. Even a fresh lick of paint can do wonders for the appearance! 

Protective Measures

There’ll be a lot of activity at your business, and, as such, it’s important that you’re taking steps to proactively protect the appearance. If your work site sees a lot of action, then look at adding a metal corner trim to the high-risk areas of your space; it’ll help to protect the walls from damage. Additionally, it’s also recommended that you look at the spaces that could be vulnerable to the elements. You’ll face serious problems if your roof allows water to pass through, for example. Essentially, it’s all about thinking of what could be an issue in the future and taking steps to prevent them from becoming a reality.

Clean and Spacious

Your work site is primarily a place of, well, work, but it’s also important that you’re not letting things get out of hand, mess-wise. There are a lot of advantages to ensuring that your premises are always clean and spacious, including boosting your productivity and all-around making your office a more enjoyable place to be. If you don’t have the time to handle the task yourself, look at handing the cleaning responsibilities over to a third-party company. You can also help to keep things spacious by having a good organizational system in place.

Fix Problems Straight Away

When you’re trying to grow a business, it’s easy to overlook any small problems that may have occurred at your work site. Yet, while it might not impact your day to day operations, it can have a negative impact on your business. It just doesn’t look good if, say, the sign outside of your business is missing a letter or two. When you notice something, it’ll be easier just to handle the issue straight away; if you don’t, then you’ll only forget. Ultimately, the aim is to have a space that doesn’t have any obvious problems or issues. 
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