A Sugar Free Easter With Fun Toys And Games

Thursday, March 31, 2022


With Easter right around the corner, it's not all Easter baskets full of sugary treats. We also have some great ideas for a sugar free Easter, with a variety of toys and games from our brand friends!

To encourage fun, quality time with loved ones, check out the games below. Whether you’re looking for a fun, 15 minute activity with your smaller kids or a lengthier game of strategy with your adult friends, there is always a great game to be had. Check out these great games ...


MONKI is a push-your-luck game where you must collect enough fruit to become king. You could opt to collect multiple fruits during your turn, but beware: if you discover two identical fruits, you won’t collect anything this turn!

To win, collect 8 regular fruits or 4 Golden fruits.

Take risks, but beware, gluttony could be your downfall!

Beautifully painted Monki figurines.

4 modular boards allow for scalable difficulty.

This multilingual edition includes: English & French

Bureau of Investigations-

Welcome to the Bureau of Investigation, agents. Here are five more lovecraftian cases. Team up and follow the clues, read newspapers, analyze the scenes and, according to your instinct, investigate the suspects sneakily or question them face to face. Be careful out there, you're heading to Arkham and that's always strange! Grab your badge and go!

Investigate troubling cases and mysterious affairs in this game inspired by H.P Lovecraft’s books.

Discover 5 Lovecraftian cases set in the USA during the 20’s.

A perfect fit for experienced SHCD fans looking for a new challenge and a change of setting...but also for beginners!

A standalone game based on the popular series of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective games.


Will you be able to reveal the most Flowers without ever revealing a deadly Skull? Skull is a quick and tense bluffing game that subtly mixes risk-taking and tactical decisions. Be bold, take risks! Try to get rid of your Skull by hiding it in the Flowers, but don’t get caught. With its simple rules, original design, and fun-filled gameplay, Skull will quickly become a staple of your game nights.

Win two challenges to win the game…easier said than done

Simple to learn but dangerously difficult to win

A quick, yet tense, bluffing game

An original and streamlined design

This multilingual edition includes: English & French

Stop the Robots-

Stop the Robots will put your observation, critical thinking, and speed to the test! Your mission: alone, or with friends; identify the robots using clues given by your virtual partner! Together, solve puzzles to deactivate the robots who are threatening the city. Hurry up, time is running out!

-Alert! A robot has been spotted! Deactivate it before time runs out! Communicate with your virtual partner who can help you complete the entire mission.

-Search your cards to find out which robot you’re dealing with, then solve tricky puzzles in order to tell your virtual partner which wires to cut to deactivate the robot.

-36 missions, alone or as a team. Quick, the clock is ticking!

-Ready for a new mission? There are 9 levels to unlock!

-This Multilingual edition includes: English & French

and these great toys too!

Fisher-Price® Thomas & Friends™ Muddy Thomas

  • This battery-powered Thomas is covered in 'mud' but ready for fun! When cows get loose across Sodor, Thomas travels around with a wobbly Troublesome Truck to collect the moo-vers and deliver them back to McColl's farm.

  • For preschool conductors ages 3 years and older.

Fisher-Price® Thomas & Friends™ Party Train Percy

  • This battery-powered Percy is ready to celebrate music festivals across Sodor by making his own music while pulling his drum car along the track. Percy’s cargo door also flips over to reveal Percy’s mail car! Young conductors can push the switch on top of the engine to send Percy racing into super musical adventures along any Thomas & Friends™ track, except wood.

  • For preschool conductors 3 years and older.

Laugh & Learn® Smart Stages™ Puppy and Laugh & Learn® Smart Stages™ Sis

  • Say hello to your baby's first best friend! Laugh & Learn® Smart Stages™ Puppy & Sis are soft, cuddly, and ready to make sure learning fun never ends. These musical plush toys respond to your baby's touch with exciting songs, sounds, and phrases that introduce more than 100 first words including parts of the body, colours, shapes and more! And because every baby develops at their own pace, they come with Smart Stages™ technology, so you can choose the learning level that's best for your child. 

  • Age: 6-12 months

Fisher-Price® Little People® Big ABC Animal Train

  • Toddlers can embark on wild railway adventures with the Little People® Big ABC Animal Train from Fisher-Price®. This large push-along toy train comes with 6 Little People® figures to ride the rails and features lights, sounds, music and phrases. As little conductors send their exotic passengers chugging around the living room, the Smart Stages® learning content introduces the alphabet, counting, colours and more.
  • Age: 1-5 years

Review: Pet Safe Cozy Up Folding Pet Stairs

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

If your dog is struggling with getting on or off the bed or couch due to aging and limited mobility issues, the Pet Safe Cozy Up Folding Stairs may just be what he/ she needs.

We were looking for something to make it easier for Jake to get on and off the bed, as he often pauses before he will want to jump up on the bed or couch. Wanting assistance.  The affordable, Pet Safe Cozy Up Folding Stairs are great cause they are an exact height for the couch and bed, have slip resistant stair treads, non slip feet, and light weight - which makes it easy for folding up and storing away if need be.  Sturdy as well- great for any small or medium size dog. Dog hair, etc can also be wiped off  as they are easy clean. Because as well they are sturdy, and don't move around, your dog will feel confident with going up and down them. 

I wouldn't hesitate to says these are perfect for the home, or camper, for those traveling with fur babies!

Today's Random Thoughts

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Oh I am sooo tired of snow! Its seems like it just starts to melt and we get hit again with another dump. We both are waiting to get out of town for our mental health, and appts we need for health that we have had to keep postponing. At this pint I'm not even thinking of the price of gas! Our daughter is moving tomorrow and we can't wait to go see the small city she is moving to. Medicine Hat, Alberta

Gerry recently found out he had some shares through an old insurance policy. The company changed hands and he found out he has shares worth close to $13,000. So he cashed them out and used towards a newer truck for us. Still trying to sell the other one though.

See some good news in politics. Would be good news for us anyhow, as we don't have any prescription or dental insurance and looks like two of the political parties want to merge so we could get those free in the next 1-2 years. It sure would be a nice help- especially for the dental.

Got myself to start drinking orange juice with calcium and vitamin D- not sure it will help, but with aging bones and our lack of sun here, I sure hope it does something good. How many others drink orange juice and do you drink a fortified one?

Gerry painted the inside of one of our storage closets and took the popcorn off the ceiling. It was a green for a long time and we painted a grey to match the rest of the place. He wanted to get it done as we are thinking of moving in the next year or two, and would look nicer being done.

And for those having some aches and pains, I'd like to share some info on a doTerra product I tried called Deep Blue Rub

Its a  topical cream formulated with Deep Blue Soothing Blend of CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade™ essential oils, natural plant extracts, and additional helpful ingredients that provides a comforting sensation of cooling and warmth to problem areas. It does have a menthol smell as well so I like to put mine on in the evening once I am home from running errands for the day. If I don't go out I use it at home. The tube is a generous 4 ounce and not alot is needed when you apply. I love it!

In closing - enjoy the weekend - and these great 99 great ways to save

Quick Tip

Saturday, March 26, 2022

I recently had my hair cut without getting a style with the cut, so my hairdresser just charged me for the price of a men's hair cut.

Well worth asking about if you don't need the complete styling after your cut. Was close to a $10 savings for me!

2022 Easter Sweet Treats

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Satisfy any sweet tooth this Easter by checking out the sweet treats our friends below have for you this Easter.


Crafted by expert chocolatiers at ChocXO, the Coconut Almond Butter Cups are made with organic 70% cacao and offer a tasty spin on its beloved Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups with shredded coconut mixed in and a touch of shredded coconut sprinkled on top. The 70% Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are a better-for-you peanut butter cup option complemented with certified organic chocolate and creamy organic peanut butter. Both the almond and peanut butter cups contain only 3g of net carbs and 3g of sugar per serving. ChocXO’s chocolate products don’t have any substitute sweeteners or natural flavor enhancements. They use organic ingredients and a small amount of organic sugar.

Sweet Escape Candy-

Sweet Escape Candy is a locally owned and operated in Tanger Outlets Ottawa, by a mother/daughter team! If you are between the ages of 2 and 132, have a sweet tooth or know someone with a sweet tooth, you’ve come to the perfect place! Offering hard to find treats from over the decades (1920-1990), 48 individual Jelly Belly flavours, fun toys with candy, international treats, 72+ sweet and sour bulk options, 50+ Cotton Candy flavours, loot bags, custom candy baskets and much, much more. With Easter right around the corner spoil your loved ones and Make Their Escape Sweet!!

**Watch this spot for more Easter Sweet Treat ideas!

Ensure Safe and Comfortable Pet Travel with New PetSafe® Happy Ride® Collapsible Travel Crate

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

PetSafe® brand, a global leader in pet product solutions, has made traveling with your pet even easier with the addition of the Happy Ride® Collapsible Travel Crate to its robust line of travel products. The new portable travel crate safely contains a dog in the backseat while heading to the next adventure.

Pet travel companions are safely contained, but not restrained in the Happy Ride® Collapsible Travel Crate. The large mesh front and sides allow dogs to see outside the car window and make it easy for pet parents to peek into the backseat to check on them. Inside the travel crate is a pad with a washable fleece cover for pets to feel extra snug on the road.

Pets and people can spend quality time together from anywhere with our expansive line of travel products, and with the addition of the collapsible travel crate, the journey is just as fun as the destination," says Mandie Sweetnam, PetSafe® Category Manager for Travel and Access. "Dogs can enjoy the ride and pet parents can feel peace of mind knowing their pet is secure and comfortable."

The Happy Ride® Collapsible Travel Crate is easy to install and stays in place using the backseat safety belt and a strap around the front-seat headrest. The crate has two zip-open side doors that make it simple for pets to get in and out of the car between trips, and the drawstring openings on the crate are perfect for passing toys and treats without unzipping the door. The portable crate also has two storage pockets for pet travel essentials.

The crate easily folds down for storage when the trip is over, and the outer shell can be removed and tossed in the washing machine after messy adventures. The PetSafe® Happy Ride® Collapsible Travel Crate is available for purchase at and all major online pet retailers.

Looking For A New, Family Friendly Game For Game Night?

Monday, March 14, 2022

Looking for a new cool and thrilling game to play for those unpredictable cold or rainy days leading into Spring? Asmodee Canada is introducing a hot new release that can be played with family or friends on those days and nights spent indoors. It's called Voices In My Head.

In Voices In My Head, players step into the courtroom and into the mind of a man on trial for robbing a bank. One player takes on the role of the prosecutor who is trying to convict the defendant, Guy, and send him to prison; everyone else takes on aspects of Guy's personality, such as Honesty or Selfishness, and attempts to influence the trial. To win the game, each player must achieve their hidden goal.

Each round, the prosecutor plays a trial card to present evidence, call witnesses, or grill Guy on the stand. Players then try to control Guy's actions by deploying control markers to a three-dimensional game board representing his brain. These actions will sway the jury in different ways and ultimately determine whether Guy goes free or is sent to prison.

Voices in My Head can be played with 3-6 players of ages 12 and up. A single game can take one to two hours to complete. This is the second major project by Unexpected Games, a follow-up to their 90s-inspired cosmic horror comic book board game, The Initiative, which happened courtesy of a partnership with tabletop publishing giant, Asmodee.

Today's Random Thoughts

Saturday, March 5, 2022

How has everyone been doing?

My anxiety really has been a challenge over this Winter with so much going on with both Gerry and myself's health. Then add to a winter past of more Covid rules, price increases with everything and now what is happening in the Ukraine. So unbelievable what is happening can be happening- I never thought in this day and age one man could control so much with so little being done to stop this madness.  (I am of Ukrainian nationality and Gerry is Polish.) We pray for peace and an end to all the despair and loss of lives.

The troubles with my pulled back muscles I had all winter seemed to have been replaced with very painful Costochondritis (kos-toe-kon-DRY-tis). Problem is- its been hard to get in to see a good doctor with only maybe 5 of them in town. I thought I was seeing one that was good till he dropped the ball and just wanted to run more tests and have me wait longer. Despite me telling him I have had this before. Then one drops a doctor and has to wait a few more weeks to see another and self medicate in the meantime. From having the back problems to this, my anxiety has still been running high, but I am trying my hardest to stay away from doctor prescribed medication. Aches and pains are handled with heat or ice packs, and over the counter medicines. Been doing breathing relaxation for the anxiety and trying to keep it at bay. Gerry is doing better and hoping to get off some medications that he was taking for his heart.  ( He was given the wrong medication this past Fall and it really messed him up). Both of us will have health tests to start getting once the snow roads are clear. We are very isolated where we live and its 5 hour+ drive ( more so with the RV) to the city. Even Jakey has had a long hard winter. He is 11 this year and I hear him groaning sometimes so I know he could use that sun sooner than later as well. He used to love laying on the deck first thing in the morning. We would both go sit outside in the morning. It always felt so good to feel the sun.

I started my Spring Cleaning last weekend, and with always being on top of most things around the house won't be long before I get it all done. Some things like windows, screens, etc will all wait till its warmer.  (We still have a ton of snow here!) Its seems like winter never ends when you live in the north. I think a move is in the near future for us. 

Food prices and gas prices on the rise! Wow- we didn't travel for the last two years, and now that Spring is around the corner - well sorta- the gas goes sky high. It's alot worst here in Canada than in the USA. So we won't be doing much driving around through Canada once we do start going anywhere. I could use some dental work too, but with no coverage, it costs a small fortune here. Things to ponder though.

Nectar Bath Treats Introduces NEW Sweet Dreams Collection for Better Sleep- Just in Time For Daylight Savings

Wednesday, March 2, 2022


Nectar Bath Treats is making sleep-care a primary part of self-care with their new Sweet Dreams Collection of bath and body treats. The new bath bombs, body scrubs, body butters, and pillow mists are handmade in Las Vegas, Nevada with simple and effective plant-based ingredients and relaxing scents to engage in a soothing self-care routine to help you unwind before your head even hits the pillow.

According to the CDC, about 70 million Americans suffer from sleep issues. We all need quality rest, and it seems more challenging to get the sleep we need to be our best. Great sleep is more than just a treat, it's a necessity!

The Sweet Dreams collection is crafted thoughtfully with botanicals like lavender and chamomile to promote rest and relaxation. Lavender has been shown to calm the nervous system while chamomile prompts drowsiness and tranquility. Great sleep helps you consolidate memories, process emotions, and interpret daily life more effectively.

The collection includes eight products that can be paired in different ways for the most relaxing routine. Nectar encourages carving out quiet time to connect with your body and mind while engaging in the sensory experience of using the new bath treats. The brand is providing added value through meditation and mindful movement guides led by certified kundalini life coach, Rebecca of Be Naturally Fit.

The Sweet Dreams collection is available online at, or available to shop in-store at any of Nectar Bath Treats' ten international relation locations. It retails between $8 and $35 and is also available in premium, gifting-ready sets. Visit Nectar in person in Las Vegas, Nevada, Southern California, or abroad in Poland. In 2022, Nectar Bath Treats is opening additional stores in Minnesota, Florida, Hawaii, and the United Arab Emirates.

** I had my own collection of these and truly love them!


Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Exciting news! Duncan Hines a brand of Conagra Brands, Inc. has launched a new line of Southern-inspired desserts with beloved GRAMMY Award-winning artist, noted philanthropist and international icon, Dolly Parton. This new line includes cake mixes and frostings inspired by some of Dolly's favorite family recipes like Coconut Cake and Banana Puddin' Cake.

"I have always loved to cook and, growing up in the South, I especially love that authentic Mom and Pop kind of cooking," said Dolly Parton. "I am excited to launch my own line of cake mixes and frostings with Duncan Hines, bringing that sweet, Southern-style baking experience I enjoy to others."

Beginning this month- March, the Duncan Hines Dolly Parton's line up of cakes mixes and frostings can be found in the baking section of grocery stores in the USA and mass retailers. The cake mixes have a suggested retail price (SRP) of $2.19; the frostings have an SRP of $2.09.

"Duncan Hines is beyond thrilled to partner with Dolly Parton, one of the most revered and beloved women in the world, on a new line of products that are steeped in Southern comfort and inspired by Dolly's family recipes," said Audrey Ingersoll, Duncan Hines brand director. "We are excited to see this partnership – facilitated by Dolly's licensing agency, IMG – evolve for years to come."

Visit to learn more about the Dolly Parton line of cake mixes and frostings and what the brand will bake up next with Dolly Parton, as well as the full line of Duncan Hines baking mixes and frostings. To stay up-to-date on the latest news from Duncan Hines, follow along on InstagramFacebook and

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