June 2023

Monday, June 19, 2023

Summer will soon be officially here...just a few more days. Although here in southern Alberta I feel like we have had summer for a good month + . The weather has been so nice. Much better than the weather we got when we were in northern Saskatchewan. We have had to buy another round of a 3 month tick dose for Jake. Expensive at $82.. but effective, and he has no side effects from what we could see from taking it. He is still also doing well from not being on his heart meds. Goes out for 3 walks daily, and eats and drinks well. He will be 13 in August.

Gerry has still  been busy with inside and outside work to the yard. We have grass in the backyard now. The green house is coming along nicely and everything growing so tall- even planted some sunflowers outdoors- but Gerry noticed  Jake might be vegan cause he's been nibbling at the leaves! 

We want to replace the fence as well and make it from a 5 foot to a 6 foot. More privacy. We planted trees also along the fence but will take them a bit to grow to the nice tall ones we used to have back home. Also put up a screen from the RV we never used on the main covered deck and it helps with privacy, shade, and a great wind blocker.

Which by the way, speaking of the RV- we sold it! We had started out wanting over 50 thousand for it but in the end took 35. Now we are on to looking for another one, but smaller and for alot less so we can keep some money in the bank.

With Gerry doing so much work inside and out, he managed to overdo some muscles in his neck and shoulder, so some things are now on hold. He had been going to physio for a bit but the cost is $60 a visit for treatments, so after three, he took a break and was given some at home stretches to do.

Our daughter Erika found out she is having a baby boy- so now can plan more for the color scheme of things. Due at end of October. Her first and us first time grandparents .

I have still been doing alot more photos and videos on Instagram so if you have that be sure to follow me there. We also have alot of giveaways happening there too.

Mr. Golden Sun, Please Shine Down On Me & These Summer Activities!

Apply some sunscreen and hydrate because this summer brings heat and fun into the mix! Why stay inside when the outdoors has much more to offer with activities like water play, bubble popping, and sand building? The below toy selections encourage joy and imagination to soar so high that kids are almost bound to reach the Mr. Golden Sun!

Below you will find this summer’s hottest outdoor toy selections for toddlers that you can either bring to the beach or keep in the backyard: the miniature Playmobil 1.2.3 Splish Splash Water Park with water vehicles and animals bobbing in the current, Gazillion Bubbles’ Burstin’ Bubble Cloud machine blasting bubbles to challenge kids to pop them before they touch the ground, and Cat Construction’s Dump Truck Sand Set that can dig, shape, and carry sand to help little construction workers build wonderful sand castles as tall as they are!

Playmobil: Aqua 1.2.3 Splish Splash Water Park

All aboard the cheerful water ride! Test out the waters and experiment with turning the crank any which way you choose to produce a current in the water channel. The red elements direct your child to discover various game functions that will spark their creativity! Watch for the fish and baby octopus hiding in the water as they might suddenly reappear on the other side of the stream.

MSRP: $104.99

Availability: and all major toy retailers 

Gazillion Bubbles Burstin’ Bubble Cloud

Head outdoors on a hot summer day for some bubble fun the whole family can enjoy! This amazing bubble machine generates a bubble-popping experience like no other! Simply fill the machine with Gazillion Bubbles’ top secret “super solution,” press start and watch as loads of amazing cloud bubbles appear! Innovative technology creates safe, non-toxic cloud bubbles made from water vapor! If regular bubbles are what you’re looking for, this bubble machine can do that, too! Switch the setting to “regular bubbles”! 

MSRP: $44.98

Availability: and all major toy retailers 

Cat Construction Dump Truck Sand Set

Dig into the fun with the Cat Dump Truck Sand Kit! It includes a freewheeling dump truck vehicle with removable parts that become sand tools. When playtime is over, simply reassemble the dump truck vehicle with its sand tool parts for easy transport and storage. Real Cat machines are known for their high quality, and these toys are no different, built to withstand the elements and perfect for outdoor play under the sun. 

MSRP: $29.98

Availability: and all major toy retailers 

Lemax Gets Ready for Halloween and Christmas

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Attention old and new collectors ! Lemax is all ready for another year of Halloween and Christmas Villages! 

It's a great year to start new collections or update an existing collection. The new collection will feature new Christmas Village houses, and as well as editions to the Santa's Wonderland, Spooky Town, Plymouth Corners, and more.

Lemax products can be purchased in multiple countries and are available in-store and online. The pieces are so fun to collect and display at holiday time. They also make great gift ideas.

This or That? The Web and Social Media

Sunday, June 4, 2023

I have been a blogger for 20 years this year. When I first started blogging not too many people were blogging, doing product reviews, etc.. I also did a bit of Facebook and some Twitter posts. Now there is Instagram, Tik Tok and who knows what else. At times it's like a part time job really.  Creating and managing content, planning for new content, giveaways.... After 20 years of blogging though, I decided to turn in the last year more to Instagram. Now I am struggling with staying with Instagram for my platform or going back to blogging. 

My daughter used to enter ALOT of contests before and was spending ALOT of time online. In the new year she gave alot of it up. She still enters the odd giveaway but not near what she used to. People would say she was lucky that she won so much...but she put the time in. I myself enter the odd giveaways but it's like the lottery tickets.. and its the odd time. I always say if I am meant to win I will win with that one ticket I buy. I don't need 10. What I am saying as we really can spend alot of time on "here".

I have a ton of content on the blog though, almost 6,000 posts done over the years. I do invite you to check out some of my past posts. But no matter how you follow me or have followed me over the last while, I thank you for being around .
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