4 Reasons Why It's Good To Have Insurance

Thursday, February 28, 2013

In life we like to protect what we have, whether it is our life, our home, or our car. Generally, people protect what is important to them by purchasing insurance. While sometimes having insurance is an elective on the part of the client, while other times it is the law. For example, in Canada, in order to own a car you need car insurance, the consequences of not having insurance are licence suspension and vehicle impoundment. Different insurance brokers can offer different types of insurance at different prices, and it pays to compare. For auto or really any type of insurance it is best to go online to obtain free quotes. For example in Ontario, a  great resource that pools this information for you and saves you some busy work is My Insurance Shopper. Although we are all aware that we need to have insurance, we are not always clear as to why we need it.

It is the law: Provincial laws dictate that car owners have car insurance. This not only protects their asset “the car” but it also protects them if they are found at fault in an accident causing injury or death. Without insurance they could be found liable for medical costs or loses. While not all insurance is mandated by law, it’s good to always have it and ironically never to use it.

It protects your property: Often a person’s house and its content is the single biggest investment that we do in our lives. If something happened to your house tomorrow, think how much it would cost you to replace your house and its contents on your own. Home insurance can pay for the big expenses you may not afford on your own such as fire damage. However it can also cover relatively smaller damages such as those due to theft, water damage or many more.

Helps you sleep at night: You know how sometimes when you are on vacation, and unable to return home for a bit of time, you grow concerned whether you remembered to lock the front door or turn the stove off? That one thought can plague you thought your entire holiday, dampening the fun. Now imagine having that thought everyday of your life. What if something unforeseen happens to you or your loved ones or your home? Will you be able to cope? Having insurance gives you that little piece of mid that makes everyday functioning just that little bit easier.

It helps your finances: It is often difficult to prepare to an impending disaster. Emergencies often come unannounced with a hefty price tag attached. It would be very difficult to save up money for all the potential pitfalls, after all, where would you even start? By paying your relatively small insurance premiums, you actually end up saving money in the long run, because you do not have that money saved away. It helps create a balanced budget to get you to run an efficient household.

There are many insurance options available to you make sure to find one that fits your needs, location and budget.

Review and Giveaway- King’s Hawaiian Bakery (US only)

At the tail end of winter, many of us dream of a Hawaiian escape. Well if you cannot get to Hawaii, you can bring the taste of the islands to you with King’s Hawaiian bakery products. The products have some great Hawaiian tastes and traditions baked into every bite.

The bakery specialized in their bread products including round bread, dinner rolls, a huge variety of sweet breads, which are baked with select milled flours, artisan yeasts and creamy butter. Our family had the chance to review the original sweet rolls and the round bread. Both are baked through Hawaiian tradition. The taste is unique, and for some people it may be something to acquire a taste for. Both Gerry and my daughter loved the breads, and we are all extremely impressed with the amazing freshness and quality of this product, it is something that cannot be beat. These breads are great to eat on their own or as an ingredient in some recipes like French toast.
As the official coffee connoisseur Gerry tried this King Hawaiian Toasted Coconut Moloka’I Whole Bean Coffee and liked it. The coffee itself is the delicious and accented with a splash of toasted coconut crème, that if you close your eyes, you can almost imagine yourself on the islands.
Say ‘aloha’ to these products and you may not need that getaway.

King's Hawaiian Bakery would love to give away an assortment of their products to one lucky USA reader of our site.A random draw will be made by March 16, 2013 from all entries received.

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Oneida-No Ordinary Dinnerware

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Every host likes to have a great sleek dinner set to pull out at dinner parties, it is even better if that same set was versatile enough for everyday use.

Oneida is a company that produces some beautiful dinnerware at affordable prices. The dinnerware comes in a great variety of colors and styles including sleek white, chili red, blue sage and many more. For special occasions, such as Christmas, they also feature some festive sets to choose from. You can express your personality not only through the colors available but the shapes as well some of which are very unique yet practical. Since many of us like dining outdoors as well, Oneida features a beautiful clear outdoor collection. So whether you are looking for a fine set that you can pass through generations or something for everyday use, you can find what you need to suit your style.

Recently my daughter Erika reviewed Oneida’s Adriatic Blue Square set. She liked the modern and unique design, beautiful colors and interesting texture. The pieces were very sturdy and strong - also, easy to clean and good size and perfect for everyday use or entertaining. However eating from a square bowl took some getting used to!

Tips For Creating Fun And Healthy Easter Baskets

This Easter, why not make baskets filled with fun Easter gifts instead of chocolate bunnies and sugary treats. Chocolate is gone quickly, leaving kids with nothing but a tummy ache and adults with a few extra pounds. Gifts, however, can be enjoyed long after Easter is over. 

Easter eggs are traditional, and no basket is complete without eggs. They can be hard-boiled dyed or decorated, or plastic eggs with a small toy inside. Small toys are appropriate for children over age three, so the toy will not present a choking hazard. Small toys or gifts that easily fit inside plastic eggs include:

• Coins – real or plastic
• Pencil erasers
• Temporary tattoos
• Small plastic figures
• Small balls
• Toy cars
• Plastic jewellry
• Stickers

To decorate hard-boiled eggs easily, dye the eggs one solid color, glue small plastic squiggly eyes from the craft store on the egg and let kids ad a funny mouth, nose and eyebrows with markers.

For children who will be attending family Easter dinners, church services, or having Easter pictures taken, clothing, jewellry or accessories make ideal Easter gifts. For boys, a tie or a watch makes a great gift for them to show off. For girls, an Easter hat, purse, or jewellry will be a treasured gift.

Other good gifts for Easter baskets include books about Easter, plush bunnies, play dough, colored chalk, bubbles, coloring books or anything small enough to fit in the basket. There are plenty of inexpensive Easter themed toys, games and movies available that kids will enjoy long after their friends have eaten their last pieces of chocolate.

As fun as toys are, kids still enjoy treats. Carrot sticks, yogurt covered raisins and trail mix wrapped in bright cellophane look festive in Easter baskets. For a special treat, make Rice Krispy treats or popcorn balls and shape into egg and bunny shapes.

For kids and adults who cannot stand the thought of Easter without jellybeans, try sugar-free jellybeans. They are usually found in the diabetic or diet section of grocery stores. Most kids will never notice the difference. Strawberries or pretzel rods dipped in chocolate offer the chocolate everyone loves, just in smaller amounts.

Make Easter a day of fun instead of a day of gorging on candy and kids will learn that not all holidays have to involve chocolate. The
best Easter gifts
are those that are shared with others. Craft kits that make tote bags, jewellry, mugs, or hats are readily available. Give each child a craft kit in his or her basket and let them invite friends over to create their own Easter masterpieces. Include Easter themed games to play, like pin the tail on the bunny; serve any sugar-free orange drinks and tell the kids it is carrot juice for bunnies. Add a carrot for garnish and use your imagination to create healthy snacks in fun Easter shapes.

Parents shouldn't worry abut their kids missing chocolate. There will always be friends and relatives who cannot resist slipping the little ones a basket of sugary sweets for Easter. 

A Great Catch With Blue Water Seafood and a Giveaway (Canada only)

It is well known that eating seafood twice a week is very beneficial for your health. Seafood is an excellent source of lean protein and many beneficial vitamins and minerals, best yet, it tastes great. Fish and seafood are filled with omega-3 fatty acids which promote good health and reduce the risk of chronic disease.
Recently Blue Water seafood “reeled” me in with a chance to review some of their products in a recipe. I chose to make Grilled Gluten Free Flat Bread, with Blue Water’s Pacific grilled salmon.Only I made a gluten free pizza dough crust instead of a thinner bread.
I thought that the salmon had a nice and succulent taste change compared to other products, and when paired with a pizza crust, it was delicious.

Blue Water offers many products including grilled or breaded fish, classic battered seafood, shrimp and pan seared products. You can find something to fit even the most discriminating taste buds
Blue Water seafood is based out of the beautiful St. Lawrence River in Quebec. Through their commitment to sustainability by protecting and enhancing seafood resources and partaking in the trusted catch program, they can provide your family as well as future generations with delicious and nutritious seafood products. No matter where Blue Water obtains their product from they are all caught in a sustainable and socially responsible way.
To make it easier for you to get all the great benefits for adding seafood to your diet, Blue Water will give one lucky Canadian reader the prize of free seafood for the month (in form of 8 free full value product coupons), plus a great sling bag so you can take your ‘catch’ home. ( A $59 value)
A random draw will be held by on March 9,2013 from all Canadian entries received.

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Vidal Sassoon's Color Collection

Monday, February 25, 2013

They say that the invention of hair dye is one of the good things to happen to women in the past century. Women now have the power to change their appearance with a quick trip to a hairstylist or even from a box at home. They can now cover up the visible signs of aging and prevent all the common misconceptions about grey hair. However, hair dying can be very damaging to your hair. Luckily the trusted brand Vidal Sassoon has the Vidal Sassoon Color Collection with the following products
· Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Color Protect Shampoo
· Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Color Protect Conditioner
· Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Color Protect Spray
· Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Color Gloss Crème
This now available collection is especially designed to protect color treated hair and bring out the color in all its glory. Your hair will also be protected from styling damage while maintaining that glossy shine that makes your hair appear healthy and vibrant. I color my hair so really liked using these products on my hair.
Don’t let your hair get damaged from coloring; protect it with the specifically designed Vidal Sassoon line.

Review: A Better Cup of Coffee with Kienna Coffee

Sunday, February 24, 2013

While some people drink their morning coffee quite simply for the caffeine boost,  for others their morning cup o’ joe is serious business. People will search high and low to find the type of coffee that they love, for them coffee is not a necessity; it is a form of art.

A Calgary coffee roaster makes one seriously good cup of locally roasted coffee. These days, single serve coffee pods are all the rage in various households. With the easy and convenience of simply popping in a coffee pod, many people are switching from their regular drip system. Unfortunately, the pods can create quite a bit of extra waste. This is why we were excited to find out that Kienna coffee, offers their amazing coffee in a biodegradable KiennaCUP, with a Keurig coffee adapter. The plastic adapter has a lifespan of about 5000 cups of coffee-or as some might say one stressful month. The coffee comes in biodegradable satchels, which look almost like tea bags, after you are done with your coffee you can simply throw your used coffee baggie into the compost, creating no additional waste.

The coffee drinker in our family, Gerry, reviewed these for with our Keurig machine.

He said the pod adapter he received was easy to use and with the bags of coffees similar to tea bags.They were environmentally friendly and offered a better cup of coffee than regular pods you buy as the coffee seeped through and offered a very robust coffee flavor. Also, they are cheaper to buy this way than the plastic cups you buy in stores- which is always a plus.
The coffee is available at numerous retailers as well as online, so although you may be tempted to stock up, you don’t have to.

Fans can choose to follow on Facebook or Twitter.

Daughter Looking For Your Comments For Contest!

Friday, February 22, 2013


Thanks for your support!


PetSmart Shares Some Great Cat Products For This Season

Thursday, February 21, 2013

At PetSmart, toys and pet entertainment has NOT gone to the dogs. As a cat lover, you know cats deserve some fun too! This spring, Pet Smart is launching two great lines of purrrfect cat products from artist Laurel Burch and fashion icon Martha Stewart.

Laurel Burch: 

Artist Laurel Burch is known for fun, colorful paintings and jewelry. Now, her famous artwork of colorful cats can be seen on cat food bowls, feeding mats and more.These products are available Feb – May on and in-store.

Martha Stewart Pets:

From little catnip-filled mice to feathery fun, Martha Stewart Pets™ has launched a full line of cat products this just for spring, including a Caterpillar Pom Pom Dangler, a Stretchy Cat Toy and an assortment of crinkle toys! All toys come in an assortment of shapes, sizes and bright spring colors that will keep your cats entertained for hours. These products are available January – March on and in-store.

Save your furniture and inspire your cat to scratch and claw with the KONG Cat Track Scratcher. Fibrous and durable sisal covering is perfect for conditioning nails. Sturdy base eliminates wobbling.

With 5 cats in the house, my mom really needs to keep her cats busy and out of trouble. 
PetSmart is the perfect place to come to or  to shop online for all their pet needs!

Bingo Party Fun!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Have you online bingo fans caught on to the latest craze?  You don’t always have to hit the bingo sites for fun and frolics - people all over the UK in particular are starting to print out their very own tickets and hold bingo parties!  In fact, I hear that even super-glam Catherine Zeta Jones is partial to a bingo party – and if it’s good enough for Catherine its good enough for me.  I recently held by own party, printing off tickets and filling them out myself for my chums to dab off.  Of course I had to think about some little nibbles and yummy treats to serve up, and one of the goodies I served that my guests loved was mini hot dogs!

 I wanted to incorporate a fun and silly theme into my bingo night, after all – bingo is one of the most fun games to play online and off!  So I stuck with a carnival theme, offering my mini hot dogs, popcorn and ice cream cones – it all went down a treat.  If you fancy throwing a bingo party, try my recipe!  Its quick and easy and a whole lot healthier than ordering a takeout.  Obviously I wanted to impress, so I couldn't just cut up some hot dogs and throw them on a plate!  I bought some  tinned mini-hot dogs, but for something a little more special I flattened out some ready-made pastry and rolled my mini hot dogs in them!  They took just 13 minutes to bake and looked all golden brown and lovely!  It couldn't be easier – I served them with ketchup and mustard for the ultimate hot dog experience and my guests literally ate them up. 

My night was such a hit that I really suggest you throw your own bingo party night.  You could do what I did and print off the tickets – for which I had little prizes like wine and bath treats – but you could even log on and play bingo online to see who wins the most!  There are loads of variations you could throw in to make your night unique, and the guest are gone, and you still want to play bingoVisit this site and find the best new bingo sites for more action!

Kellogg Canada Debuts New Products! Plus a Giveaway (Canada only)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Be sure to look for these new Kellogg's products on your next trip to the grocery store!

-All Bran Cranberries & Clusters
-Mini Wheats Centres Raspberry Flavour Cereal
-Nutri-Grain Soft Bakes-Blueberry Muffin and Banana Bread
-Special K Granola Bars
-Special K Cracker Chips-new flavours: Bar-B-Q and Zesty Southwest

Chips, granola bars and soft bakes are great for snacking anytime, or coffee breaks.
Cereals will help with your digestive system and add something new to your morning cereal routine.

Check out Kellogg Canada on Facebook too!

Kellogg Canada is giving away one product coupon sheet that includes six free product coupons for one flavor of their newest products. The coupons are redeemable in Canada only at any retail store selling the specified product. The total value of all of the free product coupons is $30.

A random draw by will be made on February 28, 2013 from all Canadian entries received.
Please leave your email. One entry per household.

The Pink Palace- Memphis

While in Memphis, Gerry and I are excited to see some of the city's great premier attractions.
Highly recommended is the Pink Palace Museum which is a major science and history museum featuring a wide range of fascinating exhibits. This museum is part of a larger family of museums in the Pink Palace Family of Museums.

The Pink Palace, features some great exhibits which relate directly to the history of Memphis. One of the exhibits is an exact replica of a Piggly Wiggly, the very first self-serve supermarket which opened in 1916. It will be interesting to see how much things have or have not changed in over a hundred years. 

The museum is also filled with exhibits featuring social change as well as archaeological findings.

The Pink Palace is also the home of the only IMAX theatre,( which I love) in the mid-south as well as the Sharpe Planetarium.The planetarium is a large theatre in which you can take a journey through the galaxy projected onto the ceiling in a spectacular fashion that is both entertaining and educational at the same time.
With a great variety of exhibitions and attractions the Pink Palace is definitely not to be missed when we are exploring Memphis.

A Different Kind of Art- The Metal Museum, Memphis

Our trip to Memphis is quickly approaching and Gerry and I have been busy filling our planning schedule with exiting and unusual things to see and do. Among our more unusual places to visit we will be going to The Metal Museum, which is the only institution in the United States devoted to the advancement of the art and craft of fine metalwork. 
The museum recognizes and promotes the careers of metal smiths and is not like your typical museum. True there are plenty of beautiful and exciting exhibitions, collections and restoration efforts, but the museum offers other services such as consulting services, internship opportunities, glasses, apprenticeships and residence programs and does many of their artwork on site as well.
The exhibits typically feature traditional and contemporary work by national and international smiths.

With this museum the art is not only on display but it is taught as well, this is a fundamental facility and training ground for new artists to learn new practices. Often the museum goers will have the opportunity to see the artists in action, a rare opportunity in many other institutions. You can see typical everyday objects such as fireplace screens and gates become works of art before your eyes. 
Something to look forward to!

Happy Family Day Canada

What is everyone's plans today?
Although alot of businesses and stores are closed, there are still those that are open.
Gerry has to work today, so kinda bummed out on that one.
I believe it may also be a US holiday- President's Day? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Happy Valentine's Day

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sending Valentine's Day wishes to all my readers for a wonderful   Valentine's Day.
These are the beautiful flowers I got this year from Gerry. He's getting flowers and chocolates from me today at his work. Love all around!
Flowers are so nice this time of year to have in the house when all we see is snow all around, in my neck of the woods.

4 Types Of Insurance Everyone Needs

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Life is filled with ‘what if’s’. As much as we like to be prepared for all possibilities in life, sometimes that is not possible. However, we can be protected from many difficulties by thinking ahead. As they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The following are the types of insurances that every adult should have.
Car Insurance: 
In many countries you need car insurance in order to drive a car. This type of insurance protects you from financial risk if you are ever involved in a car accident. This is more than replacing a damage vehicle; the insurance can cover third-party liability or property damage. Accidental benefits coverage can help you with expenses that occurred due to your accident, such as a broken leg.
Life Insurance: 
The need for life insurance becomes increasingly apparent when you have a family. Many parents are worried as what should happen to their children, if they were to pass away. There are numerous companies such as CTLife which offer this type of insurance. The best part is you and your family can use it any way you like, such as supplement lost income, pay off your home or fund your children’s education. This does not have to be expensive, you can get free life insurance quotes and options such as term life insurance may be a great for those who want a fixed rate over a specified period of time-such as till you reach retirement.
Home Insurance:
Every home owner should have home insurance. Accidents do happen, and you do not want to lose what is often the biggest investment in life to a fire or a flood. Home insurance can protect you when damage occurs on your property (for which you can be liable) or to your property. Home insurance often protects the contents of your home from damage or theft.
Health Insurance: 
Many bankruptcies occur as a result of health related expenses. Even if you are living in a country with free health care such as Canada, there are other medical expenses-such as prescriptions, densities, optometrist and others that cost you out of pocket. When you get sick those expenses can quickly add up, and a time when you should be focusing on getting better the last thing you need to worry about are bill collectors
Getting the right insurance can give you a piece of mind, when you live in a world that you can't always control.

Saskatoon's Four Points Sheraton

When you live quite a ways away from the nearest airport, you have to make some alternative arrangements. After we return from Memphis, Gerry and I have chosen not to embark right away on a six hour drive home,. We'll be getting in later that day and relaxing is what we'll want to be doing. We will be gathering our strength and recouping from our vacation for one night at Four Points Sheraton Saskatoon
Four Points Sheraton hotel is in a great location, in the beautiful Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. There is a 24 hour front desk, which is pretty convenient for those arriving late or departing early. The facility also includes a fitness center for those trying to stay healthy while travelling. The pool facility even offers a salt water pool, a hot tub and a water slide.

There are so many things in this hotel that make your travel experience just a little bit better. For example there is ample free parking as well as complimentary high speed internet connection in all the guest rooms. Speaking of guest rooms, comfort, relaxing atmosphere and cleanliness are some of our top priorities when travelling. The rooms at Four Points Sheraton are pristine offering a new white linen standard and have some amenities that are important to all travels, after all who packs a hairdryer these days. There are also two restaurants in the hotel and many popular restaurants in close proximity. 
After a night’s rest there we will be able to tackle our drive back home. We are looking forward to our visit with you Four Points Sheraton Saskatoon!

Sheraton Cavalier- Saskatoon Hotel

Travelling can be a little bit stressful at the best of times. Since, Gerry and I live 6 hours away from the airport in Saskatoon that we usually fly from, we have to make special arrangements to spend the night before in town, so that we do not miss our flight.
This year, before we officially travel to Memphis we will be spending the night at the Sheraton Cavalier Saskatoon Hotel. It is our first time staying at this hotel and we could not be more excited. The hotel is downtown which is very convenient and overlooks the South Saskatchewan River, which has some majestic views. Located next to some great trails it offers a nice relaxing atmosphere which is just what you need before heading out to the airport. The hotel has a great fitness facility, internet (a must for me), meeting rooms and a free shuttle to the airport. Interestingly, it also features a water park, which is a great attraction for families who are staying within it. 
There are also several restaurants in the Sheraton Cavalier including a steakhouse, and a coffee shop among others.

Arguably the most important feature in a hotel is the room. The Sheraton Cavalier offers peaceful, quiet and most importantly clean rooms, which are essential for us when we travel. All the rooms offer modern hotel amenities that we have come to love and need on your vacation. We are very excited to begin our journey to Memphis with a stop at the Cavalier; hopefully we will be all relaxed for the flight.
Be sure to as well check for any great offers the hotel has, for those who are looking for added value.We'll see you soon Sheraton Cavalier Saskatoon!

An Easier Way To Grow Your Small Business

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

When starting your small business there are many things to consider. Often by thinking and planning ahead you can save yourself a lot of trouble in the future. One of the primary things that any business needs, apart from merchandise of course, is a point-of-sale system, investing in the right system from the beginning can save you a lot of headaches in the future.

Instead of making your point of sale stationary in one spot, consider software that may be applicable to mobile devices such as tablets. Then no one has to crowd around a cash register, but can freely move around the establishment, calculating orders and even printing receipts.

Many times business owners may forget that your receipt may be one of the best advertisements available for almost no cost. So instead of having the same old generic receipt why not have one featuring your interesting logo that will stay in the memory (and wallets of your customers). Remember that every business is different, so the one size fits all sales category does not work for everyone. Try to create your own sales categories that best exemplify your business. This will allow you for better tracking of what are your biggest sellers and thus help you grow your business.

There is nothing that retail establishments dread more than doing inventory; therefore it is essential that you invest in good inventory management software from the very beginning. This will help you keep track of what you have and what you need. Shoe boxes full of post it notes do not count as an inventory system.

Finally your POS should be easy to understand and visually appealing. If the system nice to look at and easy to work with you are more likely to use it. There are so many things to worry about in business; software should not be one of them.

Discover NEW Yummy Lip Gloss and Eau de Toilette Ranges From The Body Shop!

With spring just around the corner, The Body Shop is thrilled to introduce their NEW yummy range of Lip Glosses and delicious Eau de Toilettes!

Say hello to luscious lips with The Body Shop Lip Glosses! They've got 11 super-glossy, mouth-watering shades to choose from, each with a succulent fruity flavor to lift your mood. 

Your lips are left moisturized smooth and kissably soft thanks to their new formula enriched with vitamins E and B5 and Community Fair Trade organic virgin coconut oil. Perfect for a dewy spring look! 

The Body Shop Lip Gloss collection ($10 each) is available in-store and online now.

Now you can spritz on your favorite ingredient! The Body Shop  has captured the scents of your best-loved ingredients in a collectible new range of Eau de Toilettes.

Choose from eight addictive fragrances: Strawberry, Moringa, Coconut, Mango, Shea, Satsuma, Pink Grapefruit and Vanilla, each featuring extracts from nature. Simply spritz on your pulse points for a targeted burst of light and wearable scent. Be proud to wear your fave – day and night!

The Body Shop Eau de Toilette range ($14 each) is available in-store and online March 2013.

The Stars Are Shining At Sun Studio- Memphis

Friday, February 8, 2013

No tour of Memphis would be complete without a visit to Sun Studio. It is the shrine of country music recording; some of the greats such as Elvis, who recorded his first song there, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis have recorded there in the past.

Today the studio still records artists such as U2 and John Mellencamp, but it also serves as a museum, it is even recognized as a National Historic Landmark.

Sun Studio is one of the best reviewed Memphis attractions and attracts music lovers from around the globe. For many people a visit to Sun Studios is an emotional experience and the tour guides can get everyone excited about the place. 

This is a chance to learn a lot about history and get swept away in memory lane.

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