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Saturday, March 31, 2012

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Lose Belly Fat With SafSlim- Review and Giveaway

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Unwanted weight gain is an issue that many of us struggle with on a daily basis. The weight gained often distributes itself in least desirable spots such as the stomach. Stomach fat (called omentum fat) is one of the most dangerous fats that we can hold on our body.

A new breakthrough product- SafSlim -helps combat this dangerous fat. The product contains Polyunsaturated linoleic sunflower considered essential fatty acid which is shown to be cardio supportive and beneficial for the metabolism, helping in digestion. With use, SafsSlim promotes the healthy belly fat hormone adiponectin promoting insulin sensitivity, decrease appetite and support regular blood sugar balance. Two tablespoons of SafSlim a day have been scientifically shown to decrease belly fat at an average of 6.3% with no change in diet or exercise. SafSlim is available in two flavours-tangerine cream fusion and berry cream fusion that make the process enjoyable

You can learn more about why experts – including the eminent Dr. Oz – are so excited about it here.
I have been trying SafSlim for the past two weeks at the recommended dosage and I can definitely see a noticeable difference in the flatness of my stomach-all this with absolutely no change to my diet or fitness. Although the scale is not budging, my clothes fit a lot better-and that’s a great feeling.

SafSlim would love to give one of our readers a chance to try SafSlim as well.One lucky reader from Canada or the USA will win 2 bottles of SafSlim™ and the book, "Belly Fat Breakthrough: Smart Science for Transforming Your Body!" by Karlene Karst.

A random draw will be made by on April 6, 2012 from all entries received.

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Wooden Window Treatments: A Budget-Friendly Option For Every Home

Extremely simple to install and not to mention cost-effective - wooden blinds are a great option for any home.

When it comes to installation, simply prepare yourself with the basic tools for any DIY job (screw driver, tape measure, hammer, etc) and you’ll be done in no time. It’s hardly rocket science – let’s put it that way. The job is half done for you in most cases, as you are often provided with all the essential bits and pieces like screws and other parts, as well as diagrams and instructions to talk you through it. This way, you don’t have to spend unnecessary money on tradesmen.

However, before installing new window treatments, it’s important to consider the uses and purposes of a room. For example, rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms will obviously generate more moisture than living rooms and bedrooms. As a result, wooden window treatments are likely to be the best choice as they offer more endurance when it comes to these conditions. Although they aren’t completely immune to wear and tear, they look good even when a little bit worn which means they won’t need replacing any time soon.

Similarly, to ensure they stay at the peak of their condition, regular care and maintenance is essential. Thankfully, this is a relatively simple task and shouldn’t take too long and it can be as simple as a quick wipe of the slats without the use of any specific cleaning fluids. Each wood is different though, so it’s worth spending a few minutes doing your research to make sure there aren’t any specific manufacturer’s recommendations.

There are so many different types of wooden blinds available on the market in this day and age, therefore a bit of research before going shopping will make your job a hell of a lot easier. Certain woods cost more than others, and suit different types of room. Bass wood, faux wood and bamboo are a few options available, all suited well to different windows and rooms. No matter which blinds you go for, you should be able to find something to suit not just your home, but your budget too.

Getting Around Portugal

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The most beautiful and charming country in this world is the country of Portugal. It is one of the exclusive European destinations that provide great reviews by the enthusiasts that have travelled to this country. Always plan a long schedule to this country because if your plan to visit this place for short period this is a guarantee you that you will not be able to feel back to return to your home destinations.

When you are planning a trip to any place make sure of hiring a car in advance to travel the city at your own terms and as per your comfort. Visiting to any place is expensive and that also if you do not do it at your own comfort and affordability then it’s a sheer waste of money. If you arrange of a cheap car hire Portugal you will be able to save money and with that you can enjoy other places which you were not visiting previously. Without any arrangement for the transportation you will have to make a lot of expense for using the transport locally.

Search beforehand visiting the places and book for the cheap car hire to Portugal as fast as you can. Public transport is very inconvenient and it will not take you to the proper destination on time. But if you hire a car on your own then you can visit the places of your choice duly on time and can enjoy the place to make it a memorable destination for your future memories. It has been found out that tourist who do not prepare themselves for the transport beforehand had to wait for the local transport for hours.

People think of so much they will do during their trip, they make so many wishes for the trip but if those wishes are not fulfilled then they that creates a negative impact in their mind.

Enjoy Portugal.

Upcoming Event in Toronto,Ontario

Book authors Andrea Donsky and Randy Boyer will be on hand at Indigo , Yorkdale Shopping Centre,
3401 Dufferin Street, Toronto at 7 pm March 29, 2012.

They will share savvy tips on maintaining a healthy diet while you still enjoy your favorite snacks. For those in the area, this will be a not want to miss event.

March 27th-Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked

Monday, March 26, 2012

What can possibly go wrong when Alvin and the Chipmunks, along with Dave (Jason Lee), board a cruise ship to a tropical paradise?

Find out on March 27, when Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked comes sailing in on DVD and Blu-ray.

Once abroad the high seas, the Chipmunks and the Chipettes, accidently fall overboard and end up shipwrecked in a tropical paradise. Meanwhile, Dave enlists the help of his former boss Ian Hawke (David Cross) to help find the missing Chipmunks. The six chipmunks soon discover that the island is not as deserted as it appears and they are soon ensnarled in hilarious adventures as they attempt to get off the island and reunite with Dave. The Chipmunk movies are always charming and witty, and great for kids and kids at heart.

 So do not miss this opportunity to join the Chipmunks on their tropical holiday and become ‘chipwrecked’ with laughter.

Five Unforeseen Expenses When Starting a Home Business

In today’s struggling economy many people are considering starting a home-based business as a way to bring in income or supplement any income they may already have. The pros of having a home based business are many and include a short commute, more relaxed wardrobe, setting your own schedule, and saving money on things such as childcare, gas, and lunches out. However, having your own at home business is by no means free, make sure to consider these “Five Unforeseen Expenses When Starting a Home Business
1) Trademarking your business names: A good and memorable business name can help you attract clients. However, a business name that is the same as an existing business can not only be a headache but can have legal consequences as well. Make sure to contact a law firm for trademark registration.

2) Technology: It is hard to run any business without the right equipment. Even if your business in not technology based you will still need items such as a computer, faxes, software and printers for day to day operations such as client tracking, advertising, invoicing etc.

3) Energy Costs: Not many people consider the rise in their energy costs when operating a home business. There is an increase in the use of electricity to operate various equipment, keeping the house warm, as well as potential increase in transportation costs as you venture out for business related activities-even if its something as basic as a cheque deposit.

4) Setting up Dedicated Internet Service: Many home business owners find that standard residential internet is insufficient as their business grows. Residential internet services are also prone to security breaches leading to extra hassle and costs. These can be avoided through a dedicated T1 internet for business. After all, why wait for a webpage to load because…..

5) Time is money: Whether you are waiting for an internet connection, running errands, or providing a service, remember that all these tasks are essential to a home based business and have to be calculated into the time it takes to run it. In the end, you want to make sure the business is financially worth it.

Astro Greek Yogurt – The Healthy Alternative Plus Coupon Giveaway (Canada only)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Greek yogurt is the new super food, not only does it tastes great it is packed with double the protein and surpasses regular style yogurt. Astro greek yogourts are made from all natural ingredients, are kosher and contain no gelatin, making them suitable for vegetarians. Astro Greek yogourts come in a variety of flavours as well as in fat free versions. Their smooth and rich consistency makes them amazing to eat on their own, but they are also great to use in recipes as well. Astro Original Greek Yogourt can be substituted for sour cream to make your baked potatoes healthier, as an ingredient in dips or delicious creamy frostings, make fantastic frozen yogourt or even with the addition of vinaigrette and herbs it is a great ingredient in salad dressings. You can even make your breakfast pancakes and muffins healthier by substituting oil for a dollop of Greek yogourt!

Astro Greek Yogourt has won the 2012 Best New Product Award in the Yogourt category. Known for its rich taste and thick, creamy texture, the product is available in three flavours (Plain, Honey and Strawberry) and offers Canadians two times more protein than regular style yogourts.

Astro would love to give away three Astro Greek Yogourt coupons to one Canadian winner of our giveaway.A random draw will be made by on March 30, 2012 from all entries received.

To Enter:

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20 Green Alternatives For Things You Use Everyday

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Whether it’s cleaning products or how you drive your car, there are green alternatives that you can use to have a positive impact on the earth and your pocket book.  Use the following tips as alternatives for the things you use every day. 

·         Get out your bike! Instead of paying for gas, choose to ride your bike to work or other places you need to go. If it is close enough, you can even walk.  Driving your car less is a great green alternative.

·         Make your own laundry detergent. Laundry detergent can be expensive. Making your own can help save the environment and save you money.  Simple ingredients from around your home can be combined to make laundry detergent.

·         Use cold water for washing clothes.  Washing your clothes in cold water will make your energy bill cheaper each month.  Use the warm setting only when washing towels and undergarments.  A green alternative is using cold water for things around your home.

·         Natural cleaning supplies.  Purchase natural cleaning supplies that have the green seal instead of toxic products. Many companies have caught on the “green” attitude and now offer natural cleaning supplies that are good for the environment and your budget.

·         Invest in fans. Installing fans in each room in your house will allow you to set your thermostat on a higher setting. A single fan can make if feel 13 degrees cooler. This adds up to significant savings!

·         Look for the “energy efficient” label. When buying appliances for your home, choose Energy Star appliances that have been tested and confirmed to use less electricity.

·         Green makeup. Even make up can have a green label. Choose to use make up that is made from more natural ingredients.

·         Composting.  Instead of buying compost, choose to make your own.  If you eat fresh fruit and vegetables every day, this is a great way to eliminate the waste.

·         Air freshener.  A green alternative to the air freshener that you spray every day is using scented oils and fresh fruit to scent your home.

·         Drinking tap water. Bottled water is expensive and very harmful for the environment.  A green alternative is to buy a filter and drink tap water. 

·         Growing your own food.  Choose to grow your own food rather than purchasing expensive food from the grocery store. 

·         Change out your light bulbs. New energy efficient light bulbs should be lighting your home for the most savings. This is an easy change that can make a huge impact on the amount of energy that you use each month.

·         Turn off your computer when you aren’t using it.  Instead of keep your computer up and running, turn it off when you aren’t using it.  This can save you money on the things that you use every day.

·         Buy second hand. Gently used clothing are the better option if you are being environmentally conscious and want to add recycling into your daily lifestyle.

·         Fix faucets that leak. Leaky faucets can actually cost you a great deal of money each month.  Fixing leaky faucets is cheap and will be great for saving water.

·         Dry your clothes on a clothes line. Instead of using the dryer, choose to line dry your clothes to help save on your energy bill. 

·         Use cloth napkins. Paper napkins add to the waste problem and can be quite expensive. Save money and have a positive impact on the environment by using cloth napkins.

·         Reduce your showering time.  The less water you use when shower, the cheaper your bill will be and the better impact you can have on the environment.  Reduce your showering time to 5 minutes. 

·         Donate to others. Don’t throw things in the trash. Choose to donate them to people in need.  Homeless people will appreciate an old blanket or clothing that you no longer use.  Donate to Salvation Army or to some other charitable organization.

Listed above are 20 green alternatives for the things that you use every day.  Will you help have a positive impact on the environment by switching to these green alternatives?

Victor is a freelance writer and writes about eco-friendly products like jute rugs, bamboo rugs, seagrass rugs and lot more.

Using It Up With

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Search over 450,000 recipes to help you clean out those cupboards,  and empty the fridge , with enter an item you have on hand in the search box and browse through hundreds of recipe ideas.

Also more to love- their 5 ingrediants or less recipes, ideas for Easter baking, meal ideas and so much more!

Review and Giveaway:LevAqua Fixed Shower Head

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A nice, warm shower can make many problems wash away. However, not all showers are created equal, as a great fixed showerhead can raise the shower experience exponentially.

LevAqua fixed showerheads are designed for an all encompassing indulgence for your senses. 

 Experience that spa-like feeling without leaving the comfort of your home with 10 digitally controlled including relax, energize as well as a full body surround sprays. These showerheads are an excellent choice for those wishing to lower their water usage and carbon footprint as they come with a timer function, maximum flow optimization technology and offer up to 20% water savings.

Some models offer remote control, allowing you to get the shower going even before you step into the bathroom, and with digital controls you are never fighting with the knobs that are common on other adjustable showerheads. 

We love our new LevAqua shower head. There really are no cons about this product. Easy to install, use and it covers more of an area when we shower than our old shower head. Love it!

Enjoy the luxury of a spa-like experience of LevAqua without ever leaving your bathroom.

LevAqua would love to give away one of these shower heads to one lucky winner from Canada or the USA. A random draw will be made by on March 31, 2012 from all entries received.

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Taste Buds Will Tingle Thanks To Canada's Best Sandwich Contest

Put on an apron, slice up your favourite ACE Bakery bread and let your taste buds lead the way! Chef Lynn Crawford and ACE Bakery today announced a search for the most sensational sandwich recipes this country has to offer through Canada’s Best Sandwich Contest. Better yet – the winner will be announced just in time to add the new recipe to your family’s summer menu!

It’s time to put your secret chipotle mayonnaise recipe to the test. Canada’s Best Sandwich Contest will be accepting recipes on the ACE Bakery website ( from now through May 24, 2012. Submissions will then be reviewed by Chef Lynn Crawford and ACE Bakery and scored based on their taste appeal, creativity, innovation and originality.

“Experimenting in the kitchen is one of my all time favourite things to do,” says Linda Haynes, ACE Bakery co-founder, and author of the ACE Bakery cookbooks. “If you’re new to creating recipes, sandwiches are a great place to start – simply choose a combination of fresh ingredients that you love and start building. Also be sure to take risks, you never know what will taste great together"

On June 4, one regional finalist from Western Canada (including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba), Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada (including New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland) will be announced. Each regional winner will be awarded a $1,000 cash prize, as well as a $1,000 donation to their charity of choice.

The regional winners will then be invited to Toronto to participate in the contest finals on June 22, where they will prepare their own recipes in front of a live audience. Chef Lynn Crawford, Linda Haynes, and Marcus Mariathas, ACE Bakery’s master baker, will judge the final creations and decide on the winning recipe. The creator of the winning recipe will be awarded an additional $5,000 cash prize and $5,000 to donate to their charity of choice.

Now one of North America’s leading artisan bakeries, ACE Bakery opened in 1993 as an artisan bakery creating hand-made, European-style rustic breads. The gentle shaping of each loaf, long fermentation periods, and a stone deck oven all work to create exceptionally flavourful bread with a pleasing texture and crisp crust. The breads contain no preservatives and are made with the finest ingredients. ACE Bakery’s baguettes and artisan breads are available at hundreds of restaurants, hotels, caterers, grocery and gourmet food shops across Canada, throughout the United States, and as far away as Bermuda.

Canada It's Here! The Hottest Dinner Tote This Season: KFC Canada Family Dinner Box

Monday, March 19, 2012

Get a handle on dinner with KFC Canada. For the first time in more than 50 years, the Colonel is offering an alternative to KFC’s world famous bucket ¾ a stylish, easy-grip dinner box that serves four.

The new KFC Family Dinner Box arrives in stores today — and caters to the whole family’s taste buds. Now, KFC Canada fans can pick and choose from an array of signature sandwiches and wraps, famous Original Recipe chicken, Mini Breast Fillets and an assortment of sides to create four customized meals all in one box! As an added bonus, the KFC Family Dinner Box is compact, easy to carry, and includes free popcorn chicken for sharing.

Chose from five main items including KFC famous sandwiches, wraps, and Original Recipe® chicken and four classic sides ¾ the dinner combinations are endless! Adventurous flavour seekers can savour a hot and spicy KFC Zinger® chicken sandwich with a side of zesty coleslaw, while purists can enjoy two pieces of Original Recipe® chicken and traditional fries – and the kids can munch on juicy, tender, white meat Mini Breast Fillets.

Only in Canada
The KFC Family Dinner Box is making its first North American debut in Canada – after blockbuster sales and success in Australia, where it was recently introduced. Currently, KFC Family Dinner Box is not available south of the border.

While  the new Family Dinner Box is sure to become a popular menu addition in Canada,  the iconic bucket is still here to stay.

“The bucket is a true classic – it’s original, just like KFC. Nothing pleases a crowd like a bucket of fresh, delicious KFC Original recipe® chicken and KFC’s Family Dinner Box is a new twist on a favourite classics that creates more options for variety and convenience when you have four to feed.”

Bucket Background

Original Recipe® chicken was first perfected and introduced by KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders more than 50 years ago in Corbin, Kentucky. The famous 11 herbs and spices recipe remains a secret to this day, hidden in a high-security, top-secret vault located in Louisville, Kentucky.

When it was first introduced in 1957, the KFC bucket became an instant packaging classic that revolutionized take-out dining. Since then, the trademark red and white KFC bucket has been embraced by countries around the world.

The new KFC Family Dinner Box is available for both takeout and delivery at participating KFC locations across Canada. Visit to find the KFC nearest you.

Today's Winner + St Patty's Day Wishes

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day Everyone!

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Coming March 20th from Universal Studios Home Entertainment: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Friday, March 16, 2012

Gary Oldman leads an all-star cast in this masterful adaptation of John le CarrĂ©’s bestselling novel that redefined the spy thriller.

At the height of the Cold War, a precarious operation goes deadly wrong, and the head of British Intelligence wonders if a double agent is leaking vital secrets. Brought out of retirement to expose the potential mole, master spy George Smiley (Oldman) is the only one who can be trusted to expose one of their own. Or can he? As the emotional and physical tolls mount on the high-ranking suspects, Smiley will be forced into the ultimate international spy game where everyone’s motives are in question.

Filled with stunning performances by Academy Award® winner Colin Firth, Tom Hardy, John Hurt, Toby Jones, Mark Strong, Benedict Cumberbatch and CiarĂ¡n Hinds, it’s the powerful and deeply resonant spy tale that Ebert Presents at the Movies hails as “hands down the best new thriller this year.”

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy on Blu-ray Combo Pack, which includes a Blu-ray, DVD and digital copy of the film, courtesy of Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy comes out on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and On-Demand on March 20th, 2012. What for it!

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Releases The Sitter, Coming to Blu-ray and DVD on March 20th

Jonah Hill Takes You Where No Babysitting Movie Has Gone Before !

From the director of Pineapple Express comes an adventure in babysitting that is definitely not for the entire family as Jonah Hill (21 Jump Street, Moneyball) steps in as THE SITTER, arriving on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download March 20th from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Defiant, vulgar and envelope-pushing, THE SITTER will be available in the “totally irresponsible” edition offering a hilarious and even raunchier unrated cut of the film.

When Noah (Hill), the suburban slacker, is watching the neighbor’s kid he gets a booty call from his girlfriend in the city. To hook up with her, Noah takes to the streets, but his urban adventure spins out of control as he finds himself on the run from the maniacal drug lord. Raunchy laughs and insane action – it’s all in a night’s work for The Sitter.

With hilarious supporting performances from J.B. Smoove (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”), Ari Graynor (What’s Your Number?) and Sam Rockwell (Cowboys & Aliens), THE SITTER “totally irresponsible” edition Blu-ray is loaded with special features including an unrated cut of the film, deleted scenes, a gag reel, outtakes and three behind-the-scenes featurettes. The Blu-ray and DVD will be available for an average retail price of $29.99 and $19.99 respectively.

Arriving on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download March 20th-don't forget!

Give Your Dishes the Royal Treatment

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The worst part of any meal is definitely the cleanup. Many dishwasher detergents are not strong enough to clean the grime, thus requiring the pre-rinsing of dishes or even double washing. My days of pre-scrubbing are over. Saving my hands and my sanity, I have joined the FINISH® Revolution. A forefront leader since 1957, FINISH® through continuous innovation offers a wide variety of products, including a single dose tablets, powder and gels, which are designed to give you amazingly clean dishes and save time in the kitchen. Save your hands, time and money by trying some of the FINISH® line of products.

· FINISH® QuantumTM dishwashing detergent was the Best Rated Detergent by a leading U.S. consumer publication for two years in a row.  Each tab utilizes a breakthrough multi-chamber technology that releases each agent when needed during the cycle:
o Powerful scrubbing micro-bead soften burnt-on food
o Powermax Bleach granules attack tough stains like tea and coffee

· FINISH® JET-DRY® Rinse Agent fights spots and residues for a sparkling shine. With detergents alone, food and chemical residues can redeposit on dishware during the rinse cycle, causingspots and residues to remain. Add FINISH® JET-DRY® Rinse Agent to rinse away leftover food and detergent residues for sparkling dishes, glasses and cutlery.

· FINISH® Dishwasher Cleanerintensively cleans hard to see places in your dishwasher where grease and lime scale build up. A clean dishwasher means amazingly clean dishes.

“Disclosure: I am part of the Finish Blogger Program by Mom Central. I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

Enjoying Easter's Sweet Treats

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Always arriving in the beginning of spring, the Easter holiday is generally considered a time of rebirth. We shed our winter coats and our heavy boots in favour of spring attire. With the sun shining and snow melting many of us are ecstatic to great warmer weather.

Traditionally, Easter completes the cycle of Lent, so a great way to celebrate the end of a season of deprivation than by indulging in chocolates and candy. Easter candies are one of the prettiest treats available all year round, as they are wrapped in beautiful and colourful wrapping and take fun shapes such as chocolate bunnies and treat-filled eggs.

Easter egg hunts are one of the most fun traditions for children, and often colourful baskets have to be used so that the kids can carry of their found treasures.So whether your Easter basket is filled with real or chocolate eggs, make sure to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

Check out this Easter's sweets and treats from our friends below:

-The Madelaine Chocolate Company: Established in 1949, they've dedicated themselves to perfecting the superior taste and quality of chocolate.Using the finest quality chocolate, innovative shapes and unique Italian foils, they're proud to help make every moment special. Easter is one of the many holidays and occassions they have where you can get fine chocolates to fill baskets or to just enjoy a treat for yourself.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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Reno-cation - Prizes

Monday, March 12, 2012

Reno-cation - Prizes


Exciting Canadian News To Share From FINISH

Finish is giving away 50,000 Free Quantum samples starting today, March 12, while supplies last to Facebook users who “Like” the Finish page. The sample includes 3 units of Finish Quantum, plus a coupon for $2 off the retail price!

Finish is also the proud sponsor of the popular Food Network TV show, Top Chef Canada! This season premiers on March 12 and to celebrate this sponsorship, moms can visit their Facebook page to win a catered dinner for up to 6 by one of the Top Chef Canada competitors! Check out the Top Chef Canada tab on the site for more details!

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

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Google Friend Connect-Removed

For anyone who was following through Google Friend Connect, I have removed this from the site, in case you had noticed it was missing from the sidebar.I understand from fellow bloggers that it pretty much done with now.

I do hope you will continue to follow along by email subscribing, Google+, and Twitter.However, you may still receive updates through Google Friend Connect.


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Saturday, March 10, 2012

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Psychic Scams – When Psychic Ability Is Used For The Wrong Reasons

Friday, March 9, 2012

This was contributed by Hollywood Psychics, a group of psychics who are screened and only the most professional talent in the field. When speaking to a live psychic at Hollywood Psychics, you can rest assured that your spiritual advisor won’t trick you try to deceive you.

For everyone who may have the talent of clairvoyance, there are many more trying to manipulate people in times of need through their “gifts.” This, as you well know, has historically given many psychics a bad reputation. Though there have been many claims of people being scammed by psychics, the most well know scam in recent years was that of The Psychic Readers Network. Founded in 1991, they stayed mostly under the radar until they gained household name status with the famous face of their company, Miss Cleo.

Miss Cleo had a demanding presence. She was a sassy, exotic, loud woman with an almost off-putting personality. It wasn’t like any other infomercials happening at the time, and it seemed like she was the perfect fit for the customers  The Psychic Readers Network where trying to pull in. Lonely, confused middle class working Americans eating their popcorn in from of the TV at 2am would feel reassured by her demanding presence, like she knew a secret they didn’t, and like if they called she might let them in on it. She claimed to be from the Caribbean Islands, or like she said, “Trelawney, a little place called Duncan Falls, twenty minutes outside Falmouth.”

After making a midnight TV connection with Miss Cleo, clients would call the line being enticed in by the first 3 minutes being free. Some people would be surprised not to get Miss Cleo at all, but rather a ‘friend’ from the network. They would, after keeping you on the phone for the free three minutes by asking your address and other information for a free tarot card, proceed to ask ‘showing questions,’ then they would draw the tarot cards together from information given to them. The goal was to keep the client on for 19 minutes, or 80 dollars worth of empty predictions and assumptions. People would usually call about love or money, so it wasn’t hard to make set scripts for people to work with.

The scam was eventually up when they showed Miss Cleo’s United States birth certificate. Though she was not sued directly, the company suffered large losses, not only from lawsuit expenses, but also from a now untrusting clientele. For everyone they could have help by just giving them someone to listen to, they sideswiped just as many, causing them to second doubt themselves even more when the clients found out they had been used.

Miss Cleo is just a famous example; there are many fake psychics out there, namely street vendors, who instill fear and doubt into their clients when they’re at a low point in their lives; they use this control over them to pay exorbitant amounts of cash to remove curses, bring lovers back, win the lottery, etc. A real psychic’s goal is to make their client happy and feel positive about moving forward with their life; they don’t want to scare you into giving them money for mundane rituals or trick you into staying on the phone with nothing gained.

Though fake psychics have continued being ousted since Houdini, there are more victims than just the people getting scammed for their money; there are also the people who could possibly have a real clairvoyance, people who may be scared and confused by their gift, being constantly accused of being the next Miss Cleo.

So next time you feel intrigued by that glowing neon sign or alluring 1-800 number, make sure they’re an authentic professional not just in to prey on vulnerable people and take their cash.

Enjoy Life Foods Chewy Bars Plus a Giveaway

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Enjoy Life Foods producers of chewy granola bars in four flavours such as Sunbutter Crunch, Caramel Apple, Coco Loco and Very Berry; have raised the ‘bar’. They have introduced new colourful packaging and tweaked the recipe to make the snacks more in line with portion control in great 1 oz sizes.

Bonus: As always the bars remain gluten free, vegan with no Trans fats. With all natural ingredients, vitamin fortified and in snack friendly sizing they can be a great and healthy addition to any lunch or bite.

Look for them in gluten-free or cereal section of your grocery store.

Enjoy Life Foods would love to have one of our lucky readers have the opportunity as well to try these chewy granola bars. One winner from Canada or the US, will win two boxes of their choice of flavor.
A random draw will be made by on March 17, 2012 from all entries received.

To Enter:
Tell me if you have tried Enjoy Life products before, and leave your email.

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Best of luck to all!

Make A Break For The Breakout Kings on DVD March 13th

Make a break for it, and check out season 1 of the Breakout Kings which will be making its way to DVD on March 13.

A team of federal marshals makes a deal with current prisoner that if they agree to help and bring in fugitives currently on the run, their sentence will be reduced by each fugitive that they bring in. However, any attempt at an escape will be punished with all of them returning to their prison cells and their sentences being doubled. Outstanding ensemble cast featuring a wide variety of intriguing character that you cannot help but care about, the show keeps viewers glued to the seats, often cheering for bad guy...or is it the good guy?

A&E’s hit show has lured viewers since its premiere and is fused with twists and turns. It is a great guilty pleasure for any fan of fast paced crime shows.

Wednesday-March 3

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I can see another month flying by with it already being the 3rd of March today.The weather is starting to warm up around here,( melting on the roads)  and it's that time of year when I start Spring cleaning. It's usually NOT alot of work for me though, since I declutter and clean all year round. Things like outside windows, carpet cleaning and those outdoor things will wait till Summer. I mostly just have things to clean like inside closets and cupboards. I've already breezed through half of our home on my "slow" days around here.It will be nice once the weather is warm enough to open the windows and let everything freshen up.

Gerry is getting a good tax refund back so we will be putting a small part towards our trip fund and I know this year he has talked up putting the siding on the workshop. Not sure what else at this point.We decided this year not to take the cash back option offered by H&R Block. We did last year. Must have needed the money as far as I can remember as this year, it would have costed us over $300 to take that option and we said we could wait to get the refund back. After all that is alot of money. In May his company gives a yearly bonus as well to all their workers, which is another boost. We need the roof redone on our mobile home, so that will be a for sure thing that needs to get done. We were told it was pretty bad.We had priced out a contractor for it before and it was quite high so Gerry is talking about checking around for pricing and doing it himself. I personally think it's too much work for one person, plus alot of up an down on the ladder.Hard on the knees and the body. Has anyone else did their roof by themselves?

We still have the travel bug. After getting back from our vacation, and always on the lookout for a super flight deal, Gerry said he'd love to go somewhere again. I would love to hear if you are going on a Spring Break this year or have a Summer holiday planned.


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