Review : Kuhn Rikon's NEW Ecomatic Pressure Cooker

Thursday, September 30, 2010

If you would like to have meals ready in less time, you may wish to try a pressure cooker.
            The new 6-quart Kuhn Rikon Ecomatic can quickly cook up to ten servings of soups, stews, rice, beans, meat, poultry, vegetables and more.
            I loved how it could turn out foods in less time that I was making them in before.

The new Ecomatic Pressure Cooker offers high-quality function at a great value price, and Kuhn Rikon’s Swiss design team has incorporated many of the features found on Kuhn Rikon’s premium pressure cookers.

Now anyone can enjoy the numerous benefits of pressure cooking from healthy results to saving time and money. Cooking in the new Ecomatic is healthy because foods are cooked in a closed system where nutrients will not evaporate or boil away. It saves time, since most pressure cooker recipes take one-third the time to complete versus conventional cooking. It also saves energy, because pressure cooking has been proven to save more than 60 percent of energy versus conventional cookware.

The most economical meals — from homemade soups to lentils and potatoes or gourmet beans and rice — are ideally suited for the Ecomatic. In less time than it can take to drive to a restaurant for a high-priced meal, the Ecomatic can cook up healthy fare that’s temptingly delicious.

The new Ecomatic is manufactured in India utilizing a high-quality Swiss valve to ensure maximum safety and results, following strict Kuhn Rikon quality guidelines.

The Kuhn Rikon Ecomatic Pressure Cooker has a suggested retail price of $129. It is sold at specialty and online retailers including

Review and Giveaway:( Canada only): Nova Scotia Guide to Frugal Living by Carol McDougall

I love reading about frugal living. My kids always say things like: " you got another money saving book!". I always tell them that everyone has a different story to tell and everyone writes different, so they are all interesting to me.
I  was sent a copy of : "Nova Scotia Guide to Frugal Living" by Carol McDougall.
I liked this book more so as it was from a Canadian perspective of things, and I myself am a Canadian.
This book has a wealth of information, 134 pages-and I would highly recommend it. Carol writes about getting more for your hard earned dollars and living well on less.

In The Nova Scotia Guide to Frugal Living, Carol McDougall—nicknamed “Frugal McDougall” by friends for her propensity for penny-pinching—offers a wealth of advice for living thriftily in the Bluenose province. Going beyond the common-sense mainstays like clipping coupons or giving up frivolities, McDougall has searched out the best money-saving suggestions for all aspects of daily life—from economical food buying and preparation to travel on the cheap to wallet-conscious gift-giving and philanthropy. As well, each section of the book is jam-packed with helpful tips, local bargain-hunting resources, amusing anecdotes, and accent illustrations. Thorough, accessible, and convenient, The Nova Scotia Guide to Fugal Living is a must-read for anyone interested in cutting back without cutting corners.

Carol would love to give away one of her books to one lucky Canadian reader of Stretching the One Income Dollar.
A random draw will be made by on October 8,2010 from all entries recieved.

To Enter:
Please tell me if you have ever visited Nova Scotia?

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An Opportunity to Travel For Free

Do you or someone you know travel to Europe, Africa, the Middle East or India for organizations doing Volunteer, Service, Adoption or Missionary related travel? offers special fares valid only for individuals doing these types of travel.

Start saving on travel as you make a difference

Humanitarian is a travel company specializing in travel for people who want to contribute

to making the world a better place through person to person interaction.

They provide special pricing for individuals who are travelling

with the purpose of providing service, volunteering, doing

missionary work, helping in orphanages, working toward

adoptions and more. Humanitarian can coordinate

travel for individuals and groups of various sizes.

Saving Money On Halloween Candy

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Find the Best Deals on Halloween Candy

Ready or not, trick-or-treaters will be arriving on your doorstep as the sun sets on October 31st. Here are a few ways to be prepared with a generous load of Halloween candy without straining your budget!

Set a Goal

If you’re not prepared, Halloween candy can cost a lot of money. This can be stressful if you’re already on a tight budget. Instead of avoiding the prospect of buying Halloween candy, set a goal for how little you’d like to spend. Usually my goal is $10, and with my money-saving strategies, I generally get pretty close!

Price Per Ounce

With the different kinds and package sizes of the candy out there, it can be hard to tell a good deal when you see it. I like to use a common measurement when comparing the prices of candy, and I tend to use the “price per ounce.”

For example, there are two bags of candy, one that is 11 ounces for $2.19 and another that is 15 ounces for $2.49. The smaller bag is cheaper by $.30, but is it really a savings? When comparing them at price per ounce, the first bag costs $.20 an ounce versus the second bag at $.16 an ounce. Once you factor in manufacturer or store coupons you could use for that larger bag, the savings are even more dramatic.

Store Deals and Coupons

Use the deals and coupons at stores where you currently shop. My favorite stores on my route put out weekly ads. I’ll be looking closely at their candy sales over the next few weeks, combining any store sales and coupons with manufacturer coupons from the Sunday newspaper.

Another way to keep Halloween Candy from straining your budget is to apply any extra bonuses toward the candy purchase. Many times, drugstores and grocery stores run promotions that result in a coupon that prints out at the register when you purchase a specific amount of items – a good example of this is “buy $15 of bathroom products, get a $5 coupon,” which can be used like cash on your next purchase. I often purchase products through a promotion (I know I’ll use them and I have coupons for them) in order to get these bonus coupons to “buy” some free Halloween candy!

Go Early and Recycle

My kids are younger, so it benefits us to take them out trick-or-treating the minute the sun goes down. When we return home, the candy is dumped on the table and inspected while each person gets to pick out their favorites.

Inevitably, there is the pile of “The Candy That Nobody Wants.” Usually, there are still plenty of trick-or-treaters coming to the door, so the pile of unwanted candy goes into the bowl for us to hand out at no extra cost!

Kelly Wilson is a busy mom, freelance writer and editor for Teaching Resource Center, a Teacher Store offering high-quality, low-cost Teacher Supplies for over 25 years.

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2010 Holiday Gift Guide

The Holiday Season will soon be upon us and at Stretching the One Income Dollar we'd like to feature some of the best, hottest and newest Christmas gift ideas to suggest for you and your family for the 2010 holiday season. In our 2010 Holiday Gift Guide you’ll find gifts for all members of your family and friends. It's good to plan ahead for Christmas, and we have great gift ideas.

Gift Guide Product Submission
You can become a Sponsor and have your product featured in 2010 Holiday Gift Guide posts, by contacting me at

How To Save a Bundle By Eating At Home

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

If your life and your budget have come to the place where frugality must take priority over convenience, then the quickest way to stretch your dollars is to cut out the take out. Fast food is not only expensive as it inevitably adds up, but also adds inches to your physique faster than healthy, home-cooked meals. And if you’re thinking about a family of four dining at a restaurant, the bill goes even higher, with gratuity added. Consider a few alternatives to make opting for quality time at home in your own kitchen a pleasant and thrifty way to go!

1. Avoid coffee bars.

Hitting up your favorite Starbuck’s can quickly become a daily habit. That delicious cup of java in on the way to work can also extend to a three o’clock pick-me-up, sliding into overspending plus calories. Check out the great coffee makers on the market today, from the single cup espresso machine to the old-fashioned percolator. Add your flavor shot if you must, but set it up to give you that steaming mug of satisfaction before you leave the house. You’ll make your wallet and your waistline happy.

2. Make Your Own Pizza.

You get home from work and are met at the door by a hungry family that wants food and wants it now, so you reach for the phone and order a pizza, loaded to the max. Pizza is the take-out of choice for the average American family, and usually the one dinner that no one will argue with. But for pennies on the dollar, making your own pizza can be scrumptious and fun. Easy recipes are available on the internet, while chilled pizza dough plus ingredients can be found at your local market. Make it a Sunday afternoon culinary adventure and invite the kids to help. Freeze two or three for the coming week. They’ll come in handy sooner or later.

3. Brown Bag It.

When you take that extra five minutes to pack your own lunch, you save money and help your health too. Throw together a sandwich with whole-grain bread, your choice of fillings, some tasty mixed greens, and a little spicy mustard, with a side of fresh fruit instead of a dessert. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can acquire this habit, and pleased at the effect it has on your budget. Last night’s leftovers can be even better the second time around if your workplace offers a microwave.

4. Bake Some Bread.

The smell of fresh bread wafting through the house can be intoxicating. Online sites make discovering a variety of recipes easy, and a bread machine makes the process even more convenient. Making several loaves at a time isn’t much harder than one, and they can easily be popped into the freezer to give you one per week. You may find it to be as relaxing and therapeutic as it is appetizing.

5. Free Food Samples.

A quick online search for food samples brings a variety of websites that offer name brand products at no cost, and often with no survey necessary. From breakfast cereals to taco sauces to exquisitely creamy chocolate, the sky’s the limit. Give your financial resources a break by availing yourself of the many offers out there. These companies want your business and they are happy to tempt you into becoming a regular customer by letting you try.

Kyle Simpson writes for Financialized, an investing and finance blog that offers an unbiased perspective on personal finance topics.

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What Would You Like To Learn More About?

Are there any certain topics on saving money you would like to read more about? We have guest writers that often ask us what content we would like to have, and at times we are stumped as we don't really know what our readers want to learn more about. So if there are any frugal topics you would like to read more about, please add them to the comments section and we will do our best to get some articles for you.
Perhaps you feel your spending too much on groceries and want to learn how to cut back more.
Maybe you spent way too much last year on your winter heating bill and would like to cut back this year.
Whatever it may be, we'd like to know- and do our best to help.

-P.S - Don't forget our archives have a ton of useful posts if you are new to this site.


Just Eyewear- Coupon Code

Monday, September 27, 2010

Simple. Affordable. The Way Glasses Should Be.

Just Eyewear is offering our readers a great coupon code good for a free polycarbonate (the thinner) lenses upgrade, plus free shipping. This will expire on October 31, 2010.
Use Coupon Code: FREEPOLY1010

Review and Giveaway:( USA only) Temple Touch Thermometer

   Although I have no babies or toddlers at home anymore, I still think it's good for anyone to have a good, reliable, and easy to use thermometer in the house.
I have one of those digital ones that you stick in your mouth, and although it works fine, I always worry about having it sanitized well enough for the next person that has to use it.I was given a new temple touch one to try.
           The Temple Touch Thermometer is great because it can be used on the temple to get an accurant reading.I can see why moms would love this, as they wouldn't have to fight with their children to have them keep it in their mouth long enough to get a reading, as they wouldn't have to put it in their mouth in the first place.

          TempleTouch Thermometers are a brand new kind of device and aim to set the new standard in fever measurement. Exclusive, patented R.A.T.E. technology powers TempleTouch, making them reliable, quick, easy and more affordable than other kinds of thermometers. TempleTouch devices are not be confused with temporal scanning or forehead scanning thermometers, which measure infrared heat radiating from the body, or with forehead strips.  They can be bought online or from retailers.

          Temple Touch would like to give away one of these thermometers away to one lucky reader from the USA.
A random draw will be held by on October 9,2010 from all entries received.

To Enter:
Tell me what style thermometer you have? Old style or digital?

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CSN Stores-Upcoming Review

   Have you heard of CSN Stores?  It has been growing rapidly since its inception in 2002 with over 200 online stores! Each online store focuses on a wide-range product selection that covers various price points and styles. They  have become what is now one of the top three home and office goods e-tailers in the United States.
  So if your looking for a nightstand for your bedroom, or a set of table lamps for your living room, you'll be sure to find it in one of their great stores.
  Stay tuned when I post again on a great product I reviewed from one of their online stores.

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Time To Renovate- The Living Room Update

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The renovations continue on the living room this weekend as Gerry stripped the walls of the mouldings, and now putting drywall up.He saved $5 a sheet by going with a thicker drywall than a thinner sheet.

Total cost of renovations so far: $526.24


Canadians : Do You Have UPC's/Coupons I Can Have?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Am looking for anyone that has Canadian coupons that they aren't using- as I use and also trade with my sister and my daughter.
Also looking for Kids Futura upcs: This is the current list till the mid part of December:
They must be Canadian upcs and Canadian coupons.
If you can help out, I'd gladly reimburse postage if you wish.
Please email me for my address.

Your One Income Story by Joshua of La.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I am 28 and I live with my mother. I lost my job and I have been collecting unemployment. For several months, my mother did not have a job either. During that time, we lived off of my one income. It was rough. I had to pay the water, sewage, telephone, cell phone, electricity, and gas bills. Also, I had to pay for groceries, auto repairs, and other items/services. I was making about $800 a month. Supporting two people out that type of pay put a lot of stress on me. Some tips that I used to help with this stress was to pray, relax and think positive thoughts, and spend very wisely I only bought necessities. My mother finally got a job. The job does not pay that much. However, it certainly helps out. I thank God those one income earner days are over. There was a bright spot in this ordeal. I appreciated that both persons in the household having an income. Like they say, you do not miss it until you do not have it. I also learned never take income for granted no matter how small it is. It can be taken from you in a blink of an eye.

Las Vegas-Update on Savings

We will be in Saskatoon, Sask on October 29, for my doctor appt, the day before we fly out to Vegas and area, and gone till November 6/7.
Was able to book an overnight hotel stay today for free, using Gerry's Areoplan points.
Also, plan on using my Scotiabank Scene card for a free night at the movies while overnighting in the city. We don't have a movie theatre here,( just the drive in),so collect points when using our debit cards and use the free points when we go out of town, to enjoy the movies.
Also was able to send for a  $50 Red Lobster gift card with points I have on my Wyndhman Rewards card.
Will keep you updated on savings towards our getaway.
Have some points cards I still have to go through, but planning on using our Petro Canada points card as well for gas to get to Saskatoon- we've been saving for a while and I know we have enough points to use towards gas as well.
Saskatoon, Sask is a 6 hour drive south of where I live.It's the city we have to fly out from.
Stay tuned....for updates.

Vacationing on a Budget in Your Own Backyard

Tough economic times have changed the way that many people view vacations. You used to save money and days off of work all year for your big vacation. Whether it was a quick vacation across the state or country or a big International vacation, you always had something planned for those days off work that included the whole family. Now you find yourself removing vacations from the yearly calendar rather than adding them.

You don’t have to sacrifice taking your family on fun vacations each year if you plan them right. You may not be able to afford flying you, your spouse and all of your children to Australia for an extravagant journey through the outback, but with some careful financial planning, you can still afford to take them somewhere special during those vacation days. Maybe there used to be a time when you would fly your entire family across the country to walk the Hollywood stars of Los Angeles, but that time has passed for now and you find yourself struggling to afford the cable so your children can watch the Hollywood stars on television - let alone walk along their stars in Los Angeles.

If you’re looking for something you can do with your family during your vacation days that doesn’t cost a lot of money, all you have to do is look in your own backyard. You should start saving a little bit of extra money each chance you get and set it aside for a simple vacation in your own town. You can get online and research campsites close to your house. All you need to do is find a reasonably priced tent for your family to stay in and save enough money to fill your gas tank for the drive to the campsite. Spend a little bit of money on hotdogs and marshmallows and your family will be able to enjoy a simple vacation without flying somewhere expensive and far from your house.

Camping is an inexpensive way to vacation as long as you don’t purchase expensive camping equipment. Your children can enjoy roasting hotdogs with sticks they find around the campsite and making s’mores out of marshmallows, chocolate and gram crackers. You can develop a simple budget a few months before your camping trip to ensure you don’t spend too much money on the vacation. Ask your friends and family members if anyone has a tent you can borrow to cut down on the financial cost even more. If you don’t have sleeping bags for everyone to sleep in, you can use blankets and sheets from your house and make beds in the tent for your children.

Finding a vacation spot close to your house will save you on the travel expenses and allows you to have more money available for food and beverages. Camping is one of the least expensive forms of vacationing and can still be fun for the whole family. Just remember to budget for bug spray!

About the Author: Victoria Crowdell loves creating articles to help people with day-to-day life. She writes on a variety of subjects including DIY, fitness and credit control services, and wishes she was a bit better at practicing what she preaches on all three counts.

Review- New Tide with Acti-Lift

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When I first pick up a laundry soap I open the lid and take a sniff...don't you?
I recieved from Tide, their Acti-Lift  Mountain Spring aroma. First thing I do? Open the lid and sniff- then Gerry sniffs. Says: "wow- that smells nice enough to take a bath with". I said: " yeah- it sure does."
But Tide is also well known for getting clothes clean. Some people will use no other brands but Tide.I have tried many brands but I will say Tide does get my clothes cleaner and brighter and now Tide with Acti-Lift gets stains out much better than before.

Tide with Acti-Lift technology consists of cleaning ingredients that help lift stubborn stains:  

Cleaning enzyme—helps provide deep cleaning of fibers so stains lift off easily.

Cleaning polymer—designed to boost Tide’s already great cleaning abilities to help break-up dry stains and lift them from fabrics.

Whiteness booster—helps to give a great whitning result—even in just one wash.

Review and Giveaway:(US only): Namaste Foods

Who is Namaste?
They are a small  manufacturer of fine foods that contain no wheat, gluten, corn, soy, potato, dairy, casein, peanuts or tree nuts. In business since 2000, they continue to strive to be the best at what they do so that you can enjoy all the foods you’ve known and loved all your life.

They also sent me 2 of their product mixes. As pictured, I made their cookie mix and added some chocolate chips to it.( Please note this is only a few of the cookies it made- the bag will make more than what I have on the plate. The others were in the oven baking.) Gerry and I liked the taste of the cookies and didn't find them much different then any other types of cookies. When one gets used to eating the store or bakery brands, you will notice a slight difference in the taste, but we found  it very minimal. They mixed up nice and baked nicely as well.I'm even giving some to my niece's bake sale she is having at the school, since they are nut free, AND with so many children having food allergies nowadays, I thought it would be something different to add to what I already baked.

I also recieved a pasta and cheese mix, but we weren't too keen on it.One has to remember that with allergy free foods, I am told, the taste won't be exactly a comparison to what you've had before, but it's always worth trying if you are looking for that substitute. It's no different than buying no name. You either like it or you don't.

As you may know, I have food intolerances, and currently avoiding a few foods till I see the specialist at the end of October.

We do believe that Namaste has a great line up of products here and does offer great price comparison's to their competitors- costs per ounce.

Namaste is celebrating 10 years and is know as one of the most respected manufacturers of gluten and allergen free foods in the USA.
They offer free allergy free and gluten free recipes on their web site, as well as living well information about food allergies.

Namaste Foods produces products free of as many allergens as possible for a good reason. Allergen-free diets are an every day part of the lives of millions of people who struggle with many chronic health disorders. Discovering a hidden food allergy can make a world of difference in your health. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. Food allergies cause inflammation and poor nutrient absorption, resulting in a variety of health problems including Celiac disease, Colitis, Crohn’s disease and many more. An allergen-free diet is often beneficial to those with Autism, GERD, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, food sensitivities and Lupus, just to name a few.

Nasmaste would love to give away to one  of our lucky readers in the USA, one of their prize packs as pictured.
A random draw will be made by on October 3, 2010 from all entries recieved.

To Enter:
Please tell us if you or someone in your family has food allergies or intolorances and what kind?

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Inexpensive Sophistication

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finding dating ideas are, at times, work in itself, and finding unique dating ideas that you and your partner can do, and not demolish your entire entertainment budget for the month in one shot, are even more of a chore. Or are they? There are so many great ideas out there just waiting to be discovered. All you have to do is use your imagination and have a sense of adventure. Sure you might strike out once in a while and not have fun trying something new, but most times people I've talked to are pleasantly surprised when they have been adventurous and taken a chance on trying something they've never done before.

It's all about how you approach the date and your time together. Be up for anything and, most importantly, keep in mind why you are there - to spend time with your partner and have fun together. If you are in the right frame of mind and determined to have fun no matter what than you can never have a bad time. Thinking out of the box is important when trying to think up unique ideas for your dates. Give these ideas a go the next time you are stuck. They are romantic and, who knows, you may actually learn a thing or two in the process!

Go to a foreign movie matinee. You may not consider yourself a foreign movie person but believe me there is some fantastic cinema overseas. Great foreign movies like La Vita e Bella(Life is Beautiful) or Amelie have proven that the movie doesn't have to be from Hollywood in order to move and entertain. Foreign movies have a different style to the way they are shot and a certain flavor to their cinematography which makes them artistic and a pleasure to sit through. And if romance is what you are looking for than hearing Italian or French on the big screen is the thing for you.

Most foreign films are not usually screened at the local movie theater. You tend to find them at smaller theaters specializing in independent or foreign films. This makes them perfect for a one income budget because they usually charge less per entrance. Now, if you take your partner to a matinee you are really saving the dollars and stretching that budget because matinees are cheaper than going in the evening. Plus, matinees are a great twist on the usual movie night routine. If you are so inclined, take your partner for a cup of coffee after the film at a quaint little European style coffee house and relive the romance by pretending you are in Italy or France enjoying a tasty cappuccino or latte. Have fun with it!

Another great cultural activity that will save you some money but not skimp on romance is going to an art exhibit at your local cultural center. There are always tons of local artist always putting on exhibits and showcasing their work for a minimal cost to the amateur art connoisseur. Find something you and your partner might be interested in and spend the evening strolling through the art with them on your arm. Enjoy the art, culture, and each other. If the mood should strike, afterwards go and enjoy a glass of wine with your partner, either at nice little restaurant or at home.

Don't allow the desire to save a dollar or two in these tough economic times to put a damper on your romance. Think out of the box and try some things you maybe thought you would never be interested in. They do not need to be expensive and actually quite the opposite is true. There are great ways to come in under budget and still have a romantic, intimate time with your partner. Who knows, you may find something you enjoy and even become a little bit more cultured in the process. That's really not a bad thing! There are plenty of really great things out there just waiting for you to discover. A great foreign film or perhaps a love for art or a fascination with sculpting. When you get out and try new things, even with a budget, great things happen.

If you are looking for more romantic gifts or intimate ways to enhance your relationship try where you will find great and affordable romantic gifts for her or him.

Review and Giveaway: Oneida

If you are currently in the market for flatware,dinnerware,kitchenware,drinkware, baby and gift items, may I suggest that you look at the fine quality items from Oneida.

I recently had the opportunity to review a few of their fine items, from a set of measuring spoons to a dinnerware set, and must say am very impressed with the quality.

The kitchen measuring spoons are a heavy stainless steel and offer a lifetime warrenty, so you know they will be good. The children's tye dye cupcake kit is a hit with my niece, and we love the new dinnerware.
The Evergreen set  includes 4 each: dinner plates, salad plates,soup bowls, and mugs. 
They are so, so heavy and such good quality, and are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.
What I'm going to have to get used to is that they are breakable.I've been too used to my unbreakable dishes I guess.

Those looking for a bargain can find a great sale section as well.

Oneida would like to offer one lucky winner from the USA or Canada, a chance to win their own set of stainless steel measuring spoons.
A random draw will be made by on October 2,2010.

To enter:
Tell me if you own anything by Oneida.

Extra Entries:

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A Review On Weekly Breaks From The UK

If you live in the UK then ferry should be an economical and comfortable method of getting to the rest of European continent. Using the popular cross channel, a family group of four plus car can reach France for only £19 each way. As 2010 has already been titled as the season of Eurohop, don’t miss the chance to make a great holiday across the channel with Dover ferries to France. With airlines increasing their charges on booking processes and utilities on the flight, ferry travel offers a fixed price ensuring you're not trapped by any unforeseen costs. Ferry travel is economical than flying within the continent as a family of 4 plus car can travel crossing the channel from just £19 each way. Dover ferries can be your best choice to reach the rest of Europe from the UK. However, a ferry to France should be also another good option for your ferry travel where you will have ample choices of exploring Europe in a better way.

Dunkirk is more ideally situated than Calais out of several destinations in France, Belgium, Germany and Holland, which is easily reachable from the UK. Hardly any other ferry operator provides legal assistance to Dunkirk making the port less congested than Calais and you are on your way much faster compared to other routes. The roads too are quieter in this region. Whilst you might be restricted to carry luggage according to the norms in flights, with ferry travel you are able to take on board the maximum amount of luggage as you choose. On ferry, you've got space simply to walk around on-board and take the good time at the various eateries and gift shops in comparison to the tight conditions experienced in flight travels.

Your pets also must not be forgotten. Those sad days are gone when you had to leave them alone and you can now take your pets on your holidays! Pets can travel on-board while using Pet Travel Scheme. Unlike flight travel, you need not munch cold sandwiches and wafers during ferry trips. Norfolk line offers a most wonderful choice of mouth watering food and drinks in its on-board restaurant, deli, lounge bar and café bar at reasonable prices ensuring that you are not left hungry. Get ready to experience luxury travel but not paying luxury prices. Ideal for business or travelling at leisure, passengers can travel inside exclusive and spacious seating space where they may be offered complimentary coffee and tea and newspapers, priority boarding plus great value shopping facility.

Review and Giveaway:( USA only) Staples- Sustainable Earth

Monday, September 20, 2010

I recieved a new multi purpose cleaner today to try- called Sustainable Earth, by Staples.
This is a great product as it environmentally friendly and it has a nice light scent.
• A healthier approach to cleaning, the eco-conscious glass cleaner and multipurpose

 The Sustainable Earth cleaner products provide powerful cleaning action and leave surfaces streak free.

They offer:

• Superior cleaning on floors, walls, countertops, desks, cabinets, glass, porcelain,

and other water-washable surfaces

• Ammonia and phosphate free

• Products that  have been formulated in partnership with EPA Design for the

Environment Formulator Initiative

• Meet the Green Seal™ environmental standard for household cleaners

• Available in 32 oz bottles and 1 gallon refill bottles

• $2.99 each for 32 oz bottles, and $9.99 each for 1 gallon refill bottles

• Available now in retail stores and on
If you would like the chance to win two bottles of this cleaner, we are having a giveaway for one winner from the USA.
A random draw will made on October 1,2010 from all entries recieved.
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Just enter your email address.
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Review and Giveaway: The Little Book of Living Frugal by Dr. Charlotte Gorman

               Well, they really are right when they say this is the "The Little Book of Living Frugal".
I recieved to review, this little book , that will fit into the palm of your hand. It is quite cute.At first I didn't think there was much to it, but there are alot of handy little tips in here.
Chapters included: Saving on Automobile Expenses,Clothing,Energy,Food and Water- most of our main expenses.

               In The Little Book of Living Frugal, noted thriftiness authority Dr. Charlotte Gorman offers consumers a pithy yet practical guide for managing their money and their lives. Complete with concise instructions and aphoristic quotes, such as Mr. Franklin's wise words found above, The Little Book of Living Frugal features more than 100 simple and sensible tips.

Our sponser would love to give away one of these little books to another frugal reader such as myself.
One lucky winner from Canada or the US will be drawn by a random draw on October 1,2010 from all entries recieved.

To Enter:
Which of the following topic to you feel you need the most help in saving money in:
Automobile Expenses,Clothing,Energy,Food and Water

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Today's Winner

Today's winner of this giveaway:

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Our Backyard- And a Bit of A Makeover

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gerry cutting sidewalk blocks.

Layout lines for re-located sidewalk.

Finished sidewalk.
Cost- 0


Time To Renovate-The Living Room-Update

Wanted to share with you all some pictures I've taken with things going on around our place lately..( most of Gerry's handiwork.) The living room renos continue. Here we got our wallpaper in but ran short-grrr.
Had to order another roll to finish off the top - and may use some of that roll for the bottom half as well.
Unfortunately, it's on a bit of a back order from Sears, so we won't get it till mid October...but will post again when we get more done.
Wanted to do some drywalling and painting. We have a brown shade picked out.Once we make a sale on a few things we are selling, we will be able to pick those materials up.


Today's winner!

is today's winner for the following giveaway:

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** thank you to everyone who entered!

Who Wants Pizza?

I want to thank Tawra from Living on a Dime, for a great pizza recipe that she recently posted.
I have always gotten frozen pizzas,but with troubles with heavy spices and a bunch of other unknowns in some frozen meals, I don't usually eat too much of it..and although lactose intolerant, pizza  cheese doesn't seem to bother me.
I do like the taste of take out pizza better than frozen, but the price is crazy.
So I've been meaning to try my luck with yeast and making my own pizza for a while now.
Made a go of it, and we love it! Better than frozen, and cheaper than take out. Probably healthier than both.
You too can make the same pizza I made here.
If it's your first time making homemade pizza, I'd love to hear how it turns out for you.


Reunion Island Coffee Promo Code

Friday, September 17, 2010

Readers may use this code  for Free Shipping on everything available on the Reunion Island Coffee website and is valid for the entire month of October, only for Stretching the One Income Dollar readers:

Las Vegas Here We Come-But I Need Some Help..

As my regulars may know, Gerry will be 50 at the end of October, so I wanted to do something special.
We thought about a cruise but I heard negative reviews- or shall I say I read quite a few and I changed my mind. I would however like to hear from anyone who did go and good and bad experiences please, as it may be something we will consider in the future, but for now, we are going back to Las Vegas.

We were there when I frst got together with Gerry, 4 years ago, but hadn't rented a car and didn't see more than the strip.
This time we are renting a car and going to The Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon.
Since we are still RCI timeshare members, we were able to get a one week timeshare stay for $340-and that included the tax.
I am looking for any deals on car rentals right now. If you know of any-no specific ,rental company that has great rates or perhaps online codes?
Any help appreciated.
We need to do this as cheap as possible.
The timeshare place we rented will really help as it comes with a kitchenette so that will save on eating meals out.

I look forward to your replies.
P.S We are leaving October 30th, the day after my doctor appt. in the city.

We have a Winner- Blogmania!

  First of all, thank you to everyone who took the time to entering my Blogmania giveaway for the Miraclebody Jeans! We had almost 300 entries- and the winner was :

We hope that everyone had fun- and we do hope you will continue to be a follower of Stretching the One Income Dollar.
We welcome all new followers and thank our regular followers for continuing to support us!

Review and Giveaway: Flat Iron Experts KQC X-Heat

I was quite happy to have the opportunity to review a top of the line flat iron from Flat Iron Experts.
Since I have natural wave in my hair, it can get a bit bumpy most days, and just regular brushing with a wet hairbrush doesn't do the trick. However, a  KQC Flat Iron will straighten it nicely.
I've tried the cheap ones you can buy from Walmart and Avon, but they really are nothing compared to the good quality you can get by buying a quality hair straightener.
The KQC X-Heat really is a great product!

With KQC X-Heat you can straighten, flip, curl and tame frizzy or rebellious hair for long-lasting results. Equipped with a ultra powerful Korean Ceramic Heaters that provides precise and stable temperature. Heating up to 410 F in less than 30 seconds. You just cant go wrong with the KQC X-HEAT recommended with 100% confidence by Flat Iron Experts.

***Be sure to check out their demo videos online.

KQC X-Heat Features:
•Professional Styling Iron with Ceramic TOURMALINE technology, plate width 1''

•Produces a dark red color when it reaches the maximum temperature in less than 30 seconds

•Ultra powerful Korean Ceramic Heaters that provides precise and stable temperatures

•Tourmaline ceramic plates and multi-layer ceramic heating elements

•X-Heat generates negative ions to retain hair moistured and reduce frizz

•Far-infrared heat styles faster and softens hair

•Heats up in seconds

•Variable heat settings from 140° to 410° F

•Ergonomic design to straighten, flip or curl hair with a twist of the wrist

•For all hair types

•Creates a shiny, smooth finish

•Professional 360° swivel cord to prevent tangling

•AC 110V 60Hz for use in USA/Canada

•One year limited warranty
Flat Iron Experts would love to giveaway the same flat iron to one lucky winner from Canada or the US.
A random draw will be made by on September 30,2010

To Enter:
Tell me if you win, would this be for yourself or someone else who straightens their hair.
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Living Frugal Without Compromise

It can be hard to live the frugal life – no joke. Sure you can find generic alternatives for food, medicine, and brand name clothing (hooray for knock-offs!). You can even get discount tickets for movies, concerts, and travel. And there are plenty of items you can buy reclaimed (also known by the more common title of second-hand). But there are some products you greatly desire that don’t seem to have any option for discount divas. For example, you will have a very difficult time locating a suitable (and cheap) alternative to the iPad, the PS3, and a number of other high-end items for which a lower price-point is simply not in the works. However, you can stay true to a frugal lifestyle while still getting almost any item you covet. Here are a few examples of how you can stick to a budget when you buy luxury items.

Automobiles. Cars are just plain expensive, but there are ways to get the same thing for less if you know what to look for. Used cars can be a hassle, but certified used vehicles are often only a year or two old (generally coming off a lease), cost anywhere from 10-50% less than original, and still come with a full warranty. Throw in an AAA discount and you could get an amazing price on a car that is certified by dealers to run like new.

Diamonds. If you crave the real deal but just can’t bring yourself to throw down the dough, there are a number of alternatives. Cubic zirconium is certainly the cheapest (although not too good looking), but you’re better off asking for lab-created diamonds. You can get them for a fraction of the cost, and the best part is that they’re actually real diamonds! Although they’re not formed naturally over billions of years (and therefore not technically “real”), they are otherwise no different from natural diamonds.

Leather. The only way to get discount leather products is to buy them used (although vintage leather can sometimes cost just as much) or go for fake. Now, most fakes (naugahyde, pleather) don’t look too much like the real thing. But more and more faux leather manufacturers are turning to microfiber substitutes that are so much like the real thing (mimicking the texture and weight of leather) that it can be hard to tell the difference.

Designer handbags. Knock-offs can be almost as good as the real thing and no one need be the wiser if you shop smart. And you can feel pretty darn smart carrying around a $50 bag that your neighbor paid upwards of $1,000 for.

Designer clothing. You don’t even have to go for knock-offs when it comes to discount designer clothes. Check out stores like T.J. Maxx to find great deals on the luxe brands you lust after or check out the designer lines at superstores like Target (Zac Posen, Isaac Mizrahi) and Kohl’s (Vera Wang, Lauren Conrad).

Of course, not everyone is a slave to fashion or the material things in life and most of us can get by without name brand items. But there are going to be times when you want items that are well beyond the scope of your budget. And if you want to continue to live an uncompromisingly frugal lifestyle, you can certainly find ways to do just that while still obtaining reasonable facsimiles of the expensive products you love.

Kyle Simpson writes for TotallyMoney where you can find information on financial products and browse through  credit cards to find the card that meets your needs.

Tip: Getting it for Free

Never turn down anything you can/do get for free.Whether it's someone's over abundance of garden produce or hand me down clothes. If you don't use it, you may know someone who will.
Some people throw things away if they can't "get rid of it", and it really is a shame.
Take it anyways- you'll think of something for it.
I have had things given to me that I have been able to resell at garage sales, so it's money in my pocket.

Review and Giveaway: Mareblu Naturals( USA only)

                                                    We were  recently  sent a selection of Mareblu Naturals.
                 The collection included a collection of bite sized, lightly sweetened clusters packed with combinations of almond, pistachio, blueberry, pomegranate, walnut, cinnamon, cashew, cranberry, acai, and more. These were absolutely one of the better nut products we have tested. It's like you cannot put the bag down once you start eating. These nut snacks are delicious, all natural , crunchy nut cluster snacks that are made in the USA, Peanut-Free, 0g Trans fat.
                   You can see their complete line on their site of all their delicious products or see what's on sale.
                                    Mareblu Naturals was founded on the idea that healthy food can be delicious food- and they do make it healthy food!

Mareblu Snacks are:

All Natural


100% Vegan


Low in Sodium


Peanut free

Wheat free

Preservative free

Cholesterol free

No Trans-Fats

A good source of protein

We  truly feel you too will love these natural nut snacks.

Mareblu Naturals would love to give away a prize pack to 2 US winners.
A random draw will be made by on September 27,2010.

To Enter:

Tell me which is your favorite nut: almonds,pistachios,or cashews.

Extra Entries:

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How To Save Money On Your Child's Halloween Costume

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Halloween is just around the corner, which can be a nuisance for some parents who have waited until the last minute for costume ideas. For any parent who takes a trip to the local Halloween store, costumes seem to be getting more and more expensive every year with elaborate gruesome masks to super hero accessories. It is no longer acceptable for your child to sport an old bed sheet to pass for a ghost, your kids want the best and coolest costumes out there. It is a good thing that in this day and age there are many ways to provide your children with an amazing outfit without spending a fortune. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of planning, some creativity, and time to find the perfect costumes for your little gremlins.

Try shopping at the end of the Halloween season. Although this may take some foreseeing into the future, some costumes like vampires, and super heroes never go out of style. All costumes hit the clearance rack at the end of the seasons, which means prices could be cut to even half of the original price. Plan ahead by considering what your child’s size will be next year and be sure to make purchases that are age appropriate. You don’t want anything so frightening it will scare the other children. When you end up making a decision on the right costume, store your costume out of site until the next Halloween rolls around. Chances are your child will have forgotten about it by then and it will be like new.

Consider rummaging through your parent’s closet to find items that could be used for a costume. Start brainstorming and get creative about putting together items that are original and unique. Several costumes, like a hippie, or flapper can be made out of clothes, or accessories you already own. Be open-minded and try out several combinations of items on your child to find the perfect look. Sometimes adding an oversize pair of sunglasses, or bellbottom jeans can be the final touch to your kid’s costume. In the end, this will help you save a significant amount of money and can be still used from day to day.

The best and most affordable place to find costumes is any second-hand shop. Many children’s thrift stores carry used Halloween costumes during the fall season. Be sure to carefully select your costume and look out for any stains, or damaged fabric. Most of the time the costumes are gently used because they are typically used only one day of the year. Try your best to shop early in the season to allow yourself a wide selection of sizes and costumes.

To save money on Halloween costumes, consider organizing a local Halloween costume swap. This can be a fun and exciting opportunity for you and your children to socialize with friends while selecting their Halloween costume. Ask other parents to help you organize the event and make flyers to post around your community. Costumes are typically left in great condition and can be worn again. Chances are kids of a similar age group would be interested in the same kind of costumes. Swapping will allow for everyone to leave with a costume of their choosing without having to spend a nickel.

Kyle Simpson writes for a website that specializes in audio books where you can find audio book reviews and read the latest industry news.
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