Reviewing the Nexus 7

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The technological world is ever changing, and after the soaring popularity of smart phones and laptops computers, it appears that tablets are the next big thing. There are many reasons as to which tablets are very convenient, one of them being their portability. With all the travelling that Gerry and I try to do we know how inconvenient it can be to bring along a computer, tablets are light and portable and can even fit into your purse without weighing it down. Unlike smart phones ,tablets allow you to connect to free wi fi when it is available, without the constant worry that you did something wrong and will soon get stuck with huge roaming charges. Finally, tablets are the ideal device for entertainment on the go or at home. You can load movies or books onto your tablet and watch them on the plane, on your morning public transit commute or even curled up in your bed.

Recently provided me with Nexus 7 tablet for review. The tablet is pretty great for all my needs, with over 9 hours of HD play back, 10 hours of e-reading and 10 hours of web browsing it is great to take on your journeys without having to constantly attempt to locate the nearest plug for a recharge. The 7 inch tablet fits conveniently in your hands and has hundreds of apps available. These apps are a great thing and can make using the tablet for your needs much more easy and accessible. This is a little entertainment system all in one. With amazing picture quality, great value for your money and weighing less than a pound it is such a great and convenient device that you can take along on any journey big or small. It is safe to say that tablets are here to stay.

Full disclosure: provided met with these items for review. The thoughts and opinions expressed are strictly my own. Feel free to shop their entire line of Tablets online.

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