5 Innovative Ways To Save On Home Improvement Living On A Single Income

Sunday, October 25, 2020

When your home is in need of repairs, it is important to complete them as quickly as possible in order to avoid other problems. However, saving money for repairs can be difficult if your family is living on a single income. Luckily, there are some things you can do to save cash faster so you can complete necessary upgrades or fixes in a timely manner, as well as visiting the Ultimate Home Remodeling & Renovation Guide.

1. Have a Portion of Your Check Direct Deposited to Savings

Direct deposit is a great tool for saving money. Most companies allow employees to have their paycheck deposited directly into multiple accounts; you could have a dollar amount or percentage of your pay automatically go into a secondary checking or savings account each month. Many employers have a company portal where workers can change direct deposit options. If you do not, contact your HR or payroll department. Once you find out how to make the change, you need to decide how much you want to save. 

2. Host a Garage Sale

Having a garage sale is a great way to get some extra cash together and one that is often overlooked by people in need of money. It is easy and affordable to have a garage sale. A great way to get the most out of a garage sale is to ask several friends or family members to join you. You and your frugal friends can make eye-catching signs and take an ad out in the paper. Saturday and Sunday ads are usually the best for exposure. 

3. Eat at Home and Bring Your Lunch

A quick way to save cash is to eat at home and bring your lunch to work. Stopping before work to grab breakfast and going out to eat during lunch wastes a lot of money that could be used for home repairs. Bring bread and deli meat to work. When lunch hour rolls around, make yourself a sandwich. Cut back on beverage spending, too. Bring a large bottle of your favorite juice, tea, or soda instead of stopping for drinks at convenience stores and gas stations. You will be pleasantly surprised by how fast you are able to save. 

4. Return Unwanted Items

Do you have a closet full of items you meant to return but you have not gotten around to it? If you do, return them! Returning unwanted items that have been sitting in the closet is a great way to rack up the cash you need really quick. Even if you do not have the receipt, a lot of retailers will still issue you a refund. Make sure you bring your driver's license because that is almost always required when you do not have a receipt. 

5. Can't Return Them, Sell Them

Sell any items you do not want that you are unable to return. Use eBay, Etsy, Craigslist, Facebook, or any other tools to sell the things you no longer want or need. Many times, items with the tags still on them sell for more on eBay or Etsy than what you originally paid. 

These great ways to save up some cash are simple and easy. So, if it is time to replace your HVAC unit or you want to remodel your bathroom, follow these simple tricks and you should get the job done faster.

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