Grass/Plant Seed Gets Stuck In Our Yorkie's Foot- Causing Problems

Friday, September 29, 2017

I wanted to share a story on what happened to *Jake. ( *Our 6 year old Yorkie) a few weeks ago, when this all started.
We noticed out of the blue a lump on the top of his paw, about the size of a pencil eraser.

We didn't know what it was. I Google searched it and seemed like it could be a cyst or something like a piece of grass got stuck in there. He was licking it all the time, and making it red. I tried putting Polysporin on it and keeping it clean.
I emailed the vet with photos and she told me he was too young for it to be a cyst and also suggested that something could be in the paw.
Gerry squeezed it a bit and it a bit of blood and pus came out.
So we continued to keep it clean. But he continued to lick it.
We knew he was going to the dog groomer today so had her look at it.
Well, we got lucky! She was able to squeeze a piece of grass seed out of it.

She put some hydrogen peroxide on it and he seems to have left it alone now.
Another call to the vet and they said now that the seed is out of the foot, he should heal.

We also want to share this link with others to read of the things that can actually happen when grass seed gets stuck in a dog's paw, and something that should be checked after their daily walks.

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