Gerry's New Red "Toy"- Troy-Bilt's Storm 2410

Sunday, December 13, 2020

This year Gerry began doing snow removal for some of the seniors he cuts grass for in the summer, as a few are single females that like to still remain in their homes, but have no one to help them clear snow. 

With being 60 years old, and having our own snow to remove, as well as providing snow removal service for a local business, having to shovel all this by hand becomes too much to do for one person.  Therefore, it soon began apparent that he was going to need to get himself a snowblower, to make things easier. As he has Troy-Bilt equipment for his lawn maintenance he does in the summer, he wanted to go with the Troy-Bilt brand for a snow blower and chose the 24", 208cc unit, 2 stage gas.

Fast forward to getting the snowblower and after manually shoveling snow from 2 major snowfalls this winter Gerry is quite  impressed with this machine. What a workhorse. After spending less than 10 minutes assembling the unit and filling the gas tank with fresh premium fuel, 1 pull and he was off! It never missed a beat, blew all the snow he wanted to move and more.

It is small enough to clean narrow sidewalks and big enough to clean a driveway with little to no effort. He even tested it by getting into foot and half deep snow, where it proved it was quite worthy, and living up to the Troy-Bilt reputation.


#AskTroy @TroyBilt_Canada

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