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Friday, August 26, 2022

In only another week we will be in our new home. It's been a long time waiting. We certainly didn't expect finding a home would have been so hard - the market has been tough. We are also finding insurance is more, our mortgage is more, and we now have to pay a water bill here, where we didn't pay for water usage back home, in small town Saskatchewan. Although, here in Alberta we pay no tax, and gas is lower, so perhaps things will balance themselves out. We also have a garage, so I can't wait to start having garage sales, although our back lane is quite narrow.  It will be nice to get out of the RV for a bit, and have a home once again to live in. We love the city for all that it has to offer. Although I still haven't perfected city driving in a long shot...I probably need more practice! I let Gerry do alot of the driving so I guess that's why.

It's been extremely hot too here in southern Alberta. I won't be sad to see Fall arrive! The stores are already pushing it- and Halloween!

We attended Rib Fest today- got to test award winning BBQ sauces and Gerry picked himself up a great rib dinner - I'm not a big meat eater so it was all for him today! The wasps were out in full swing force because of the sauces and the beer that was everywhere.

Last week we were at a Motocross Show- and although it had a wow factor in the first hour, we left at intermission. We found it dragged out by the announcer - but quite cool to see the bikes and even the snowmobiles doing jumps and stunts! Also having little kids kicking the back of our seats by not sitting still, didn't help matters either. It would be nice for parents to tell their children something though. I have back issues too, so.....

Mom had her hip replacement 2 weeks ago and is doing well.. but still- a big surgery and she struggles alot with muscle spasms. 

Once we get our home we can start doing some stocking up on good food deals. The RV doesn't have much for space so I miss out on buying deals on produce, and meats- items for freezing. I also miss baking. I used to bake quite a bit and freeze it too- but in the RV the last couple of months, and its been so hot to bake in here, even with the AC.. and my small freezer holds so little as it is. But soon enough!

Hope everyone has a great weekend though- and thank you for following. Please feel free to share our blog with others ...

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