Happy Birthday To Me....And An RV

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Looks like I have a birthday coming up tomorrow but did have to chuckle the other day as I thought I was going to be a year older than I am going to be! I told Gerry maybe I SHOULD start saying I'm older than I am. Maybe tack on a few extra years- then people would say : "You look good for your age ." LOL

Have been spending more time I feel with posting on Instagram still. More giveaways on there so if your not on Instagram check us out there. Oneincomedollar

We bought ourselves a Class C RV- paid only $6,100 for it. Its a 1990 Ford Citation. Needs work. Not the end of it with regards to running but more so an updated look- new fridge, new fans, new mattress, new for all of that. When nothing has been done to a camper in 30+ years- well yeah it needs some help. Good thing Gerry can do everything, but I do feel he feels overwhelmed at times. We do want to get the main things done though so we can take it out on a trip sometime hopefully this month. We did also get alot of things that came with the RV that the previous owner didn't want to be bothered with taking out or selling, so made at least $400 on those items. We are thinking it will be a few thousand to fix it up to a good standard, but in the end we will still come away with an RV that we still got a good deal on. Since we had also sold our other one for more, we will come away with money in the bank.

With buying the RV, we found out that re -doing all the cushions and chairs would cost us about $3,000- hold up! no way! So we got rid of one small chair in there that was just taking up space, and I think we are going to just put seat covers on the front chairs and Gerry will buy some fabric on Amazon and make the covers for the booth and upper bed. Since we didnt have a sewing machine though, we found this used one on Facebook for less than $70

So stay tuned and will update with more photos as time goes on...

And on the topic of buying used and get it for free- look at the storage shed we got for free! It had to be un-assembled and hauled home but in the end and with some sweat, Gerry saved himself $1300 !

Also won us a few concert tickets last month for the months ahead... and our daughter is getting closer to her due date with her baby due in 3 months!

Would love to hear about great deals and free stuff you may have gotten recently!


  1. That RV is gonna be amazing when you fix her up!!
    Happy birthday!!! Enjoy another turn around the sun!

    1. yes spending some money but since we made more on the last one, and this one was alot less, we have the room to do some spending on some things. Sure needed alot of TLC though....


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