And Now We Have Two!

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

And now we have two! 

So we had started renovating the rv we had showed you all last time....and realized it was just too small for us so we decided to hault the renovations and look for another bigger one. We found another at a nice price that was decent for us..but still stuck with number 1. The first one was a 24 foot and the new one is 28.

Despite the sweet deal we got with the first one, we still needed to put $6,000 into it to get it to something decent and reliable. End of season now though and we are still trying to sell.  We have added a bit onto the selling price for the 2 months of labor Gerry did on it..but no luck yet. Planning a trip out of town in a couple of days though with the second one. It didn't need as much work done to it.. and some things are cosmetic and can wait. We're planning a trip into the USA for some shopping..( Walmart USA LOL) but also see the exchange rate is $1.35 for us so don't think it will be too far into the USA with those rates. It's been almost a year since we were there last, when we went as far as Kentucky and changed our minds- didn't stay the winter- and came home. 

Our daughter is also back staying with us now again. Moved from back home. She has a room in the basement but unfortunately the spiders also like to live there so we are doing our best to keep them away! And it's colder there.. but its not a dungeon lol.  Has a separate bath, living area and fireplace .

A few more days and it's our daughter's 1st wedding anniversary, and next month is the new baby boy!

Gerry and I also have health tests to do next month, the bull riding event, motocross event, and a show or two.

Weather has been staying relatively nice...but some leaves are turning yellow in the park..but not too bad. We're still having days where it's really still nice in the afternoon to still wear shorts even.

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