Tuesday November 25th

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sorry for the lack of personal messages lately, but been busy with our Holiday Gift Guides, and getting ready launch the new site soon.

Well, I hate to be the one to say it but the cold weather has set in- well, at least here it has. Temps are already dropping to the mid -30's at night. Jakey gets out with me for his car ride at mail pick up time,(we don't have home delivery so go to pick up our mail at the post office). He also goes out after supper for a very short walk to the back gate and not much further on the back lane and he freezes up, (even with his winter coat on- it's feet that are freezing up), and I'm carrying him back in. I'm tired of winter already and it really has only begun. We spend so many months in the house in the winter too, that we'd really like to have more of a life.

Gerry is ready to retire and we both are ready to head south. Although I don't think we'll get out of here now. Stuck here till Spring at least. But it's coming, and next winter I DO NOT want to be here. We both want to be somewhere in the southern USA with our RV. But enough of my complaining for now. At least we weren't snowed in like New York was. We both think living down south will be cheaper too. The cost of living is so high here- and now with winter, the electric and heat bills are going to be eating up alot of $$. Trying to eat healthier too because of health issues and cost of all the healthy food is so much. Sometimes I will "cave" and buy 1-2 things  but alot of times I have to say no.  I pick and choose.  Living up North really is hard on the pocketbook.

Gerry has been in Toronto the last 2 days- glad he is home tonight- I HATE being alone in the evenings. My mom said: "well you have the dog". Sure mom- a little Yorkie really makes me feel secure-lol. Gerry had to go for some company negotiations. More like a 3 hour meeting. 2 planes, 3 hours+ flight time and 2+ hours layovers- seems like so much hassle. Jakey misses him as well. Has been watching for him out the window during his usual times he comes home- lunch and at 5. In the day he sits on Gerry's spot on the couch and sleeps and waits. Poor little guy.

I just got my desk top computer back last week- had a virus that totally shut me down. Yes, I do have anti virus but something happened and was powerless to fix it on my own. Took it in, and was without it for a few days, but was nice to have the lap top for back up, and only ended up paying $50 ( tax included) and lost nothing.

Till next time though- Gerry home soon and t.v/relax time for me.


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