Push, Pull Rotate- with Brinks Home Security

Friday, July 10, 2015

Pictured below is the Glenshaw Privacy Lever from  Brinks Home Security. This lever door handle features the new push and pull technology. A technology that offers a  new hands free way to open doors and only door lock that opens 3 ways. You can push it, pull it or rotate it. It is easily opened with a hip, finger or elbow, etc. The door can be opened by simply pushing or pulling on the knob or lever. But despite being so easy to use, they still maintain the high security standards that you would expect from Brinks.

They are perfect for front and back doors, and for all interior doors too, which is why it also works great for the RV bathroom door. And doing renovations in the RV we decided to change the handle and make it more convenient for our usage.

This was very, very easy to install. It took Gerry less than 5 minutes  minutes to install and he only needed a Phillips Screwdriver. We also much prefer not only the look of the new "lever" to the old door "knob", but ease of use. Highly recommended for your next at home project.

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