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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Haven't done an "about us" post for a while. But do post more frequent tidbits on Facebook- so please follow us on there if you aren't already.

We have our oldest daughter coming from Honduras to stay with us for over a month, and Gerry will be going to pick her up at the airport- ( 5 hours+ away) next weekend.

Another daughter will be coming to stay for a week in July. Ria, the one staying for the extended visit will be staying in the house, and the other daughter, Erika will be staying a few days at the lake in our RV and then a few days at home.. they wanted to have the camping experience out at the lake in the we treated them to a few days out there. They'll come with their 2 pets - a dog and rabbit, and come from Calgary, Alberta- another far drive for them.

Gerry has been super busy with renovating the RV. We have changed out all the green carpet and the lino almost, and replacing with laminate and carpet. We got great deals on both so happy with that.. but alot of work. The RV has also been completely re-painted in beige, and he has been painting fixtures that were once gold, as well as door handles and hinges. It is our second home after all. Also,going to be building some shelves in one of the cupboards. Need more staorage for canned and dry goods. Will be traveling again down south this Fall although we haven't yet decided which way we will be heading. 

Looks like we are also planning a trip to the west coast either in July or August to  B.C- would be Victoria, and as well wanted to go up the B.C coast out of Vancouver to see Squamish and Whistler. So at least 6 days we're thinking.So watch for posts soon on what we're planning on seeing!

We're having to spend a few dollars soon as well on re-doing our front fence and gate.. it's really not seeing good days.. the wood is rotting so going to replace that and paint it. We have alot of fence around our yard and in the front, but everything is from original owners  that Gerry bought the place from years back... and he said they never used treated lumber so it's had it's troubles from the weather. He's looking for someone though to dig some of the holes though for the fence posts as they will be about 4 feet down, and too hard to do by hand.

Staying busy though.

See the US dollar for us Canadians has been dropping. We are planning to buy $$ when they are more to our advantage but we're not happy with it being .76 to our dollar right now and hoping it will get better.

However, on to other things today. Selling some things, doing some housework, some blog posts, and maybe after that doing some sitting around in the sun! Love the heat of the sun- we need more days like this up north!



  1. Wow, you guys are pretty busy! Glad to hear you are going out again in the fall, sadly we have have to sell the RV due to health issues, it's exactly like yours inside but it's Itasca Sunrunner not sure what yours is, has 29,000 km om it and if we get 23k I will be happy to let it go even though losing money, so if you know anyone would appreciate you letting them know, although 23k is rock bottom lowest, scared to have people come to the house also I can't walk good right now. thanks and looking forward to another of your adventures :)

  2. Sorry to hear Doris- it's become a big part of our life- fixing it up and planning our travels. It's sure nice to have your home on wheels.
    Take care of yourself.


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